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Bait and switch! standard (free) members are constantly encouraged to update their membership by taking out a subscription. If you click on a members picture or name you are taken to an upgrade page with the members thumbnail, handle age and area. However they have now changed this page so it no longer includes previously displayed information that told you when last that member signed into their account.

The have deliberately withheld this information now so potential customers are unaware that an account may be inactive until after they pay for a subscription to contact that person. As Alt and other sites are full of inactive accounts this is poor business practice and I suggest anyone caught by it demand an immediate and full refund.

Bait and Switch.

Ever time a Standard (free) member signs in to Alt and other dating sites they are offered the opportunity to purchase Gold or Silver membership subscription packages. I particular they tell customers that Gold will allow them to; Be the FIRST to contact new members, and they tell silver they can; Contact new members. In actual fact they can only contact new members who have also taken out a subscription. They fail to mention that new standard (free) members who form the vast majority are unable to view contacts made to them within their first 50 days of membership. As standard members mails are only held on record 30 days any lost sent is lost before it can be read.

On contacting customer support about this I was advised that they would be able to read and reply to my contact if I purchased Standard contacts (a service only described as allowing standard members to read your profile and INITIATE contact). So they ask you to pay to contact new members yet when you do so they then tell you need to pay for an extra service to enable these new members to actually see the contact. Nowhere in the advertising or in the help pages of the site is this explained, this is all kept from the prospective customer until they have their money.

This is Bait and Switch. is part of the FFN network. I’ve had significant issues with this company for many years. Rather than detail all of the issues, I thought I’d share with you some advice on how to deal with complaints. Firstly some facts.
1) There is no customer service. I have 15 years worth of emails logged that proves this. Your complaint will never be addressed through their stated process.
2) Staff are shared resources across many online businesses. It;s a very low cost business and their a no KPIs for staff that are geared towards Customer service.
3) The culture cannot be changed, The lack of customer service stems from middle to senior execs in the company that have been with the company for so long, that they don’t know any other way and are blinded to any cultural change.
4) They will never call you. Ever. I’ve beem trying to get them to call me for 15 years to address my concerns.
Here are some pointers to influence FFN to resolve your issues.
1)LOG everything. Only use Email so you have an Audit trail. Do not use the online webform means of contacting them.
2) If your issue involves unauthorised recurring charges, and ALT.COM are not listening, email your bank or financial institution and have the charges reversed. If you choose to call your bank, make sure you record the call, Emailing is better as you have an Audit trail. This was a major issues for me for years. Your bank will always reverse it.
Advise of your actions, and ask them to confirm that the issue is over, and that you can continue using your payment method as you require. They have a culture of banning people who reverse payments that have been fraudulent from ALT.Com. Once again this is a cultural issue of FFN never admitting any liability, or billing error.
If your still not having your issue addressed, my advice is as follows.
A) Find the top 3 institutional shareholders of FFN and email them with a text file of your correspondence. If you word your email politely, and your FFN emails confirm a lack of customer service, then the shareholder will move quickly to contact ffn. Any good investor will always be on the paying customers side.
B) Update your profile on requesting everyone to send a message to ffn to resolve your issue.
C) Send a message to each FFN director and senior executive via Facebook or Linkedin asking them to adress your issue.

Hope this helps

The site is for ugly gay cross dressers only

12th of Jun, 2013 by Dazd

As many of you know is an affiliate of the ffn network. There’s another major problem that I feel someone should address because it seems to me its illegal at best. I found that ffn is creating fake acct profiles of women to attract new members. I know this because I live in a very small town. The women that they say were members in my town I know for a fact don’t exist because believe me if some of these women really lived in my town I would have said forget the website and introduced myself in person.
These websites need to be held accountable for their actions since they are making tons of money taken from hard working people who deserve to get what they paid for. This is America isn’t it?

29th of Jul, 2013 by W1A

I was urged to renew my Gold membership before it expired. The maximum renewal period available was 6 months. As soon as my membership lapsed, I was offered an 18 month renewal at only a slightly higher cost!

And the very day my sub expired, I received THREE “emails” from members expressing interest in me – all sent within 15 minutes! What an extraordinary coincidence. In the UK, this is called fraud.

29th of Jul, 2013 by Dazd

Oh there relentless. I cancelled my membership and turned all my email settings to off and Im still getting sent offers to renew my membership. As if. Plus I now know some of their ads are fake. That site really needs to be looked at hars by the FCC. Its a shame too because it did used to be a fun site and they screwed it all up..

Alt .com is the same company as FriendsFinder. com and it is the same management team that is reposnible for the misleading and fraudulent marketing practices. In particular they claim that you can use search function to search for matching people.
Here is how their search works. You tell it you want people in radius of 20 miles. So you expect few people. What you get is you get people from 400 miles away so they can fluff up their results. Frequenty the people who are supposed to be from neighboring cities are from out of state and occasionally Canada and Mexico. Some of the profile look like they are generad by writers. For 4 weeks I am talking with Margie Lyn P. and the stupid person is telling me to remove cookies (which I have done just so I can continue my argument) which of course does nothing for fixing their search function. So if their search function does not work on something this simple you can imagine how useless that is. Here are some phone numbers you can try to tell them what you think: all are 408 and they are in Sunnyvale 745 5400, 470 3930, 543 0024, 702 1040. Unfortunately, the ods are you will get an idiot on the phone who will tell you to remove cookies.

As soon as I signed up on ALT.COM I started to get loads of spam sent to the unique address I gave them.

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