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Christian Singles Connect Online at ChristianMingle

  1. The largest online dating site for Christian singles, with hundreds of thousands of members
  2. A profile creation process that highlights what makes you unique
  3. Strengthening the Christian community locally and across the globe

It’s never been easier to find someone who wants what you want out of life and love. See why so many Christian singles are singing ChristianMingle’s praises! These Success Stories say it all.

ChristianMingle Turns Online Dating into an Exciting Journey

ChristianMingle’s mission is to help you make meaningful connections with Christian singles based on shared values and beliefs. You can complete your ChristianMingle profile in a snap, yet it says everything about you – from your interests and goals to exactly what you want out of a relationship. You might be looking for a loving marriage. Or maybe you just want to share dinner with good company. If you’ve recently returned to the dating world, you could be looking for Christian singles who want to go at a slower pace. It’s your choice! ChristianMingle members span the globe! You can find someone amazing right in your own neighborhood. Are you moving or traveling, and looking to connect in another city or country? A simple search by location is the fastest way to find the right person in the right locale.

ChristianMingle: A Better Way to Meet Christian Singles

ChristianMingle understands that there are different places on what we call “the faith spectrum.” You have an individual approach to your beliefs, customs and traditions. It’s often easier to “click” with someone who shares your particular “faith spectrum” place, so we make sure you can search Christian singles according to religious denomination.

ChristianMingle is all about creating and maintaining relationships, so we offer the latest expert tips and advice on online dating, offline relationships and marriage. And with a deep devotion to the worldwide Christian community, we are strongly aligned with Christian thought leaders, organizations and non-profits.

There’s no time like the now to begin your online dating journey. When you register at and create your quick and easy profile, a whole universe of Christian singles will unfold. And browsing is FREE!

A Real Success: Brooke Bryan

After years of healing from painful past relationships, Bryan and I didn’t know if we would ever love or marry again. With our futures completely in God’s hands, we both took a big leap of faith by joining ChristianMingle.

It seemed almost impossible to meet someone on our little island in Hawaii, but we found each other right away! We began messaging, and we met for our first date within a week of our first message. On our first date we felt as if we had known each other forever. We both walked away from the date with a shocking, but exciting, sense that we had just met our future husband or wife.

We talked to or saw each other every day from that point on, and as we prayed, God continued to give us assurance that He had brought us together. Bryan proposed on a romantic sunset cruise just three weeks after our first date! We both felt very strongly that God didn’t want us to wait to start our lives together. We set a wedding date, and we were married less than three months after our first contact on ChristianMingle. We made the sacred covenant of marriage before God and our closest friends and family on November 1st, 2014.

Since being married, God has continued to show us how He perfectly wove our paths together. We are still overwhelmed daily by what He has done, and we love sharing how God used ChristianMingle as part of our story. Our first year of marriage has been absolutely wonderful, and we are closer than we ever imagined two people could be in just a year’s time. We are best friends who are grateful every day for this second chance at true love and happiness, and God gets all of the glory!

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