Sep 30 2017

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Colocation Data Centers

Scale your business, not your data center.

Give your business a foundation to grow on by hosting your infrastructure in an interconnected data center. Our colocation services give you a secure environment for your hardware and access to network connectivity that lets you meet operational and customer needs around the world.

Meet today’s infrastructure needs while planning for tomorrow’s.

Complete your digital transformation by enhancing your IT infrastructure with reliable facilities, operational expertise and flexible service options that can easily expand with your business.

We work with global providers such as Equinix to deliver a communications and interconnection platform that allows your business to respond to modern customer demands and helps you scale for growth. Verizon Colocation Services give you a dedicated environment for your IT hardware in a secure and globally connected facility. When you host your IT equipment with us, you get:

  • Physically secure structures to help protect your investments.
  • Evolving product upgrades that help you keep pace with the market.
  • Optional support services for installation, networking, monitoring, security and more.
  • Direct access to our IP network and leading telecom carriers around the globe.

Need help getting started? Our expert technicians can offload the work to set up your colocation project, so your teams can get back to business.

Using our colocation services, you can build hybrid solutions that leverage multiple network carriers and Verizon-owned or third-party data centers. With a cohesive, multi-cloud environment, you can:

  • Securely connect globally dispersed customers and partners.
  • Speed up content delivery to help improve user experiences.
  • Virtualize critical network functions for agile, automated solutions.

The right infrastructure for
all of your IT needs.

Build a custom solution that fits your current needs—then add more servers, storage and services as you grow. We help customize your solution to match your computing, communications and application needs. Choose what suits your business and budget—cabinets with locked racks, caged space for your racks or cabinets, or private suites with solid walls. Then, decide what access you need. Data centers are connected to domestic fiber backbones, undersea cables and, depending on the data center, multiple carriers, giving you access options to virtually any location in the world.

Having trouble aligning your colocation solution with other computing resources? Our team can help. See how a hybrid cloud solution gives you even more control over your IT resources.

Meet all of your IT needs with an integrated strategy.

Take the work out of managing your enterprise network resources. Our hybrid cloud solutions bring together colocation services, cloud computing and managed hosting into a single solution. This helps you control costs and maintain security where it’s needed most.

More than server space: data centers engineered
for your enterprise IT.

We provide colocation around the globe through Verizon-owned or third-party data centers, all of which are designed for performance, connectivity and uptime. That means you can work confidently knowing your IT infrastructure sits in a facility that successfully hosts a variety of critical and complex IT solutions. Each location has access to global IP networks with multiple connectivity options.

Connect your applications to
speed and performance.

Deliver fast, consistent applications across a global content delivery network. Handle rich content, large downloads and dynamic websites with ease. With our application acceleration and performance solutions, you get the tools you need to support your applications around the world. We help you:

  • Speed up your enterprise applications.
  • Consolidate data center resources to maintain response times during peak demands.
  • Identify the best network paths for smooth application performance.

Learn about our additional application acceleration services and how to find the right content delivery network for your business.

Our additional application acceleration services include:

  • Website acceleration services: Speed web experiences, increase conversion rates and drive page views to help improve brand equity.
  • Mobile acceleration services: Enhance mobile experiences for your customers and customize applications for a variety of devices.
  • Media delivery solutions: Securely deliver interactive, high-definition video to connected devices and reach more audiences.
  • Internet security solutions: Protect your applications from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and web attacks.

Get the facts

We offer secure colocation services around the world through Verizon-owned and third-party data centers. See how they can meet your infrastructure needs.

Hybrid IT is here.

Learn how industry leaders are blending cloud and traditional IT to gain big business benefits.

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