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Best Dating Sites of 2016

Is Online Dating Really For You?

A big question that a lot of people ask is whether or not online dating is really the best option. To be honest, that s actually a pretty difficult question for us to answer since the answer can be different for everyone. However, we want to share with you our opinion on this question from what we have seen and experienced during our time in the industry.

First of all, years ago many people looked at dating sites as being the very last resort for a desperate single trying to find love. That idea has changed dramatically over the past several years and for many online dating is actually the first place the go to when wanting to find a new relationship. The reason why is actually very simple it has proven to work! Millions around the world have found their significant other by using and online dating site.

Below you can see the statistics done by a research study on online dating and the numbers behond it.

  • Number of singles in the US 54,250,000.
  • Total number in the US who have tried online dating 41,250,000.
  • Percent of marriages in the last year that began online 17%.
  • Percent of current committed relationships that started online 20%.
  • Annual revenue from the industry $1,249,000,000.

As you can see the numbers don t lie and these numbers are only based on people in the United States. It is now the #1 way of meeting new people and it has proven to work for millions of people.

The real truth though is that even though it has worked for many people out there, the only way to actually find out if it s the right option for you is to sign up with a site and try it out. You might find out that you absolutely love it and you meet someone early on. However, you may realize that you d simply rather go out to meet people and leave the online stuff to other people.

Either way it really doens t hurt at all to give it a try. At most dating sites they allow you to sign up for free and even search for potential matches. If you are really ready to go full steam with it then we suggest signing up with one of our recommended services because these are without a doubt the places that will give you the best shot of meeting the right person for you.

Other than that all we can say is good luck with whatever you choose to do and have fun with it. Remember, relationships are meant to bring you enjoyment!

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