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Elite Matchmaking

To all those who are contemplating on using Elite Matchmaking Ft. Lauderdale– Save your money and do a diligent through research. They are… Read More

To all those who are contemplating on using Elite Matchmaking Ft. Lauderdale– Save your money and do a diligent through research. They are the same company as Elite Personal Search which has tons and tons of complaints– just do a google search.

Contrary, to what is sold to you on the initial interview a) they do not solicit clients, clients come to them, b) their clients earn $100K and up, c) you are paying thousands of dollars for a service but you can feel confident that those clients are in your same situation, d) when people come to them its because they are ready to commit and be in a serious relationship.

All that is a fabrication to how they truly conduct and operate their business.
I know from my own experience with them, they a) do NOT do a compatibility analysis b) they offer FREE services to your potential dates because they do not have an inventory of clients meanwhile YOU PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, c) they do not do a background research since I was fixed on a date with someone who was still legally married, d) they go out and solicit people to have a clientele base– I know of someone who was solicited by them while on a dating site.

In other words, they promise you elite service, with single men who come to them for the same HIGH PRICED services you BOTH are paying for— this is ALL A LIE.

Trust me, I m speaking from my personal experience and have all documentations stating these facts—-

Take my advise and DO NOT spend you HARD earned money on a company who lies and deceives you out of it.

PS. I gave it one star because I had no other choice. If not I couldn t proceed to the next step. if not they would have received a negative star.

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Elias G.

Met with Nicole and absolutely loved her energy and the time she took to get to know me. I was very embarrassed about going to ask them for help but Nicole quickly put me at ease. After 3 years of dating on my own they matched me to my current girlfriend after only 5 introductions. Clearly I needed their help. Would absolutely recommend Elite, Nicole and their staff to anyone seriously looking to meet someone.

Lorin G.

I have tried many dating websites online but have been unsuccessful at meeting someone whom I have a deep connection with. A friend told me about Elite Matchmaking and after being on websites for years, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something new. I met with Roni who immediately made me feel very comfortable. She has a high success rate and numerous clientele so I was excited the second she gave me a brief background on herself and the company. She asked me personal questions and made an effort to get to know me in order to set me up with my perfect match. I’m on my 3rd date with one of the matches she set me up with and couldn’t be happier!

Forest W.

Roni and her team in S. Fl are really Tops at what they do. Roni has matched me up with some really great women and even though I have not met “the one” yet I know she takes the time in matching me with the type of woman I outlined in our first meeting. She responds quickly to my emails and really cares about her clients. I highly recommend Elite to anyone looking to try a match making service

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