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Document size and Code density

Lipperhey analyzed the HTML code to see how the page was built up. The HTML size is the size of all the HTML code on this page. This size does not include images, external javascripts or external CSS files.

The code density is the ratio between HTML code (81.52%) and the actual readable text (14.84%). If a page contains a high code density, that means a lot of code is used to display the text. At best, 30% of the page has actual readable text (in your case this is 14.84%).

This is why we recommend minimizing the amount of code to a maximum of 70%. CSS and JavaScripts should be used in external files. It is recommended to alter pages with a code density above 70%.


We didn’t detect Flash technology on this page.


Flash (Adobe) is a multimedia platform used for vector graphics, animation and internet games. Flash is frequently used to add video or audio players, advertisement and interactive multimedia content to websites. Only use Flash for graphical presentations or effects. Never use it for navigational purposes. If Flash is used for navigation, make sure the destination page can also be reached using text links.


We didn’t detect any Frames or iFrames on your website.

Frames and iFrames

Despite the fact that most search engines do index websites with frames, we recommend not using frames. Using the NoFrames element makes your website visible even to visitors who cannot view frames. However, the NoFrames element can have a negative impact in search engine rankings. Decide what is more important for your website. Never use iFrames unless you have a very good reason (such as advertisements or payment solutions).

Index all the pages of your website.

Let us automatically index all the pages of your website to:

find those nasty dead links, slow pages and duplicated content

check if search engines can index all the pages of your website

create a sitemap.xml, PDF reports or CSV’s with page details

Keyword in subheadings (H2,3,4,5,6)

The subhead lines of a page are called subheadings (H2,3,4,5 and H6) and are found at the top of the paragraphs. As in print media such as newspapers and magazines, the subheadings on a website are meant to draw the attention of a viewer. Subheadings are the titles of paragraphs and should contain the keywords that summarize the paragraphs. Subheadings H2 to H6 can contain more words then a H1 heading.

The keyword ‘elitedating ‘ is not found in all subheadings. Add the keyword to available subheadings and reload this page by pressing F5 (Windows) or + R (Mac) to validate the implementation.

Add the highlighted “Hx” tag (where “x” stands for a number), inside the “BODY” tag, like this: !DOCTYPE html html lang=”en” head meta charset=”UTF-8″ / /head body h1 Main heading /h1 p A paragraph /p /body /html

  • Keyword found
  • Task for: Copywriter
  • Implementation time: 5 min

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