Nov 20 2019

Green stocks to invest in 2019

Green stocks to invest in 2019-Green stocks to invest in 2019
Green stocks to invest in 2019-You don’t have to be a tree hugger to believe that climate change and energy efficiency will be significant investing themes for years to come.

25 Stocks to Invest in a Cleaner World

Not all greentech is speculative. We’ve identified solid companies that should profit big from addressing climate change and encouraging the use of alternative fuels. And you’ll profit, too.

By David Landis, Contributing Editor and Andrew Tanzer , Senior Associate Editor
October 1, 2007

The National Petroleum Council, a U.S. government advisory body, says existing supplies of oil and natural gas may not meet soaring global demand over the next 25 years. A shortfall could be a windfall for companies that can supply cheaper alternatives to fossil fuels.

Clearly, these trends will produce stock-market winners and losers, but not all of them are obvious. Makers of wind turbines and biofuels will surely benefit. But so will makers of rail cars and auto-emissions controls.


We’ve sifted through the implications and put together the Kiplinger Green 25, a list of companies we believe will get a big boost from the growing focus on climate change and the move toward alternative fuels. Our picks vary widely in size, and four are based overseas. Some of the stocks may be expensive, and shares of some of the smaller companies may be volatile. But we think all will do well over the long term. In addition, check out our separate profiles of five up-and-comers — small (with market values of less than $1 billion), more-speculative companies that someday could grow into green giants.


Green stocks to invest in 2019


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