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Illinois lottery ^ Video

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Illinois lottery ^ Video, REMMONT.COM

Illinois lottery

Illinois (IL) Lottery Results

Illinois (IL) Lottery Results : -Illinois Lottery was started in the year 1974 and during its initial years, passive games were sold via weekly drawings. Auditing firm Mayer Hoffman verifies the accumulation while accounting firm E.C Oritz manages the accounting of the drawings.

Illinois Lottery

It is one of the 44 million lotteries which offer the multi-jurisdiction games like Mega Million and Powerball. Also, it proffers small games which are drawn on the night of every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. While games like Pick 3 and Pick 4 are drawn twice on a daily basis.

In 2009, it passed the law which enabled Illinois Lottery to sell tickets of Mega Million and Powerball on the internet. Due to the failure of passing the budget including the lottery fundings, Illinois Lottery was suspended from the sale of Mega Millions of tickets. Also, it has become the first lottery jurisdiction which has allowed the sale of lotteries over the Internet.

Illinois Lottery Results

Mega Millions

Midday Lucky Day Lotto

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Illinois Funds Distribution

Proceeds from the Illinois Lottery are shared majorly in the below three areas:

State’s common School fund

Capital projects fund which helps in enhancing the infrastructure as well as the creation of jobs

Special causes, it includes breast cancer charities and research, assistance to the people living with AIDS/HIV and multiple sclerosis research

How To Claim The Prize

  1. Winning amount less than $600: It can be claimed via authorized local retailers. The lower denomination can also be claimed at any of the Prize claim centers.

Address of The Illinois Lottery Department:

P.O. BOX 19080
SPRINGFIELD, IL 62794-9912

  1. Prizes over $600: One has to fill out the claim form which is available at any retailer and can mail it to the Illinois Lottery headquarters.

Photo ID is mandatory in case the prize money is more than $600 along with your Social Security card which should contain your Social Security number.

  1. How to claim the online winning amount: If the prize amount is less than $600, then it would be automatically credited in your account. While if the winning amount is more than $600, then it has processed by the Illinois Lottery Claim Department.

Money Distribution:

64% of the amount is paid to the winners, 5% is used as the other expenses, 6% is used as the retailer’s commission and 25% is transferred to the good causes.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. If Illinois Lottery suspects fraud in any players account then it can terminate, suspend or cancel the account at any time
  2. Funds of your player account will be different from the funds of the Illinois Lottery
  3. No party will use your funds for the operational purposes
  4. One has to keep its username and password of the account as secret and failure to do so will result in any cost, charges, expenses etc and Illinois Lottery will not be responsible for it

Payment method:

One can use the option of a debit card as well as a credit card in order to facilitate the ticket purchase. You can check more USA lottery Result.

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Illinois lottery ^ Video NEF6.COM

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