Nov 19 2019

Journeys kids promo code

Journeys kids promo code-Journeys kids promo code
Journeys kids promo code-Anyone have Dreamhost promo codes? To sustain this free service, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. This doesn’t affect rankings. Our review process. I’ve heard it’s

Anyone have Dreamhost promo codes?

To sustain this free service, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. This doesn’t affect rankings. Our review process.

I’ve heard it’s possible to get as much as 50% off a Dreamhost hosting package with the right coupon code. I don’t suppose there’s any web rockers is out there that would be willing to share one?

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Dreamhost is Still Entirely Employee Owned

Dreamhost is unique in the hosting world as a company that has stood out from the crowd with its down to earth friendly and silly attitude. It is entirely employee owned, and their main message is that they haven’t, and won’t, sell out to the big boys. Just take this quote on their “About Us” page, comparing the Dreamhost work environment to that of the corporate (“sell out”) bigwigs:

Wearing cologne in the DreamHost office is grounds for a firing. Or at least a solid 8 hours of harassment.

You get the idea. Dreamhost is all about down to earth, no frill hosting. But more importantly, they are one of the few hosts that can legitimately call themselves “green.” Check out our article onDreamhost is carbon neutral for details.

Dreamhost Has Been Hosting Websites Since 1997

Dreamhost has been in action since April 1997. What began as a small post-college startup has grown into a powerhouse hosting company with over 1500 servers, a state-of-the-art data center, and a full time staff of 70. Their servers are connected via redundant connections with multiple carriers to ensure continued connectivity in case a carrier goes down. Dreamhost also has enough network capacity on hand to double the load should they need to.

Dreamhost Offers an Unconditional 97 Day Money Back Guarantee

Regardless of the service you sign up for, you will be given an unconditional 97 day money back guarantee. This includes any setup fees. Unlike some larger, corporate hosts and registrars, Dreamhost doesn’t have hidden fees and there is no minimum monthly contract on any of their plans.

We Rock Your Web Visitors Get $50, and up to 47% Off Any Dreamhost Hosting Package

In order to get the full 47% discount, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Click here to access Dreamhost.
  • Choose “Pay Yearly” (1 year) – this will waive the $50 setup fee and save you 9% off the annual cost of $131.40, bringing it down to $119.40.
  • Use promo code We Rock Your Web50 to automatically get an additional $50 off (for a total of $62 off the yearly plan, that’s 47.2% off the original price!).
  • Bottom line – you’ll get an entire’s year worth of hosting for $69.40 instead of $131.40. Not a bad deal!
  • You can save even more by selecting to pay for more than one year.
  • You’ll notice some fine print below the coupon code box that sounds rather confusing. In plain English it’s saying you can’t use the promo code on a domain name that’s been previously hosted by Dreamhost. All that is saying is they don’t want people recycling this code over and over. If you’ve never used Dreamhost or are using a new domain name you don’t need to worry.
  • Note that the promo code will apply to every plan, even the monthly one. If you choose the monthly plan, you will still save $50!

Dreamhost promotions change often, so we can’t guarantee this discount will be in effect forever. Take advantage of it while they’re still offering it.


Journeys kids promo code


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