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Paramount Insurance
The Paramount Insurance Company has been in the automobile insurance industry since 1938. We are dedicated to giving our agents and customers the best quality service and products. We only write automobile insurance and only in Maryland and The District of Columbia.

If you are looking for the Paramount Insurance Company that writes Workers Comp, Home Owners and other Property Casualty insurance other than Auto in Maryland and The District of Columbia, click here.

Our primary line of business consists of non-standard automobile Liability and Physical Damage Insurance. We also sell Additional Coverages such as Full Window Glass, Towing & Labor, and Rental Reimbursement.

We have a great commission rate, which is higher than MAIF, and we also give you the opportunity to earn additional commissions by selling our Additional Coverages, as mentioned above, along with the Comprehensive and Collision Coverages.

Our experienced underwriting staff will make sure you have the correct coverage listed on your application and that you receive all of the many discounts we have available that you may qualify for.

Our Claims handling is done in-house, at our convenient Baltimore location by professionals with years of experience.

Echo Sign Link – Agents Only

Click Here for the link to the Paramount Echo Sign Login. When the login page appears bookmark the page or add to your favorites.

We hope that you will use The Paramount Insurance Company for your non-standard insurance needs.

For here at Paramount we are�

�The company that appreciates your business

There is no relationship of any kind between The Paramount Insurance Company located in Maryland and Paramount Insurance Company in New York who offers Workers Comp, Home Owners and other Property Casualty Insurance. If you are seeking assistance regarding a Workers Comp, Home Owners, Commercial Policy or an Auto Policy outside of Maryland or The District of Columbia, please contact them directly.

New York, NY 10016.

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