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7 Ways to Keep Retail Employees Happy

The employees you have working in your store are just as important (if not more important) than what you have in it. These people are the ones who have a direct effect on sales, customer satisfaction and ultimately the success of your store.

Top Myths About Working in Retail

Myth: Most retail workers are teens who don’t need to rely on the income from their retail job. Reality: The average retail worker is in their thirties and over half of full-time retail workers contribute a significant portion of their earnings to their household’s total income.

4 Ways to Be an Outstanding Retail Employee

A job in retail can be a great option for anyone who loves working with people. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you truly want to succeed in this profession. A career in retail can be extremely rewarding, as long as you are up to the challenge and capable of handling the necessary details.

Retail Resume Bloopers

Resumes are the first impression before employers consider you for an interview. With all of the work and care that goes into writing those resumes, it is unfortunate, when errors slip through to the final draft. Have you reviewed your resume lately? Check out these real-life retail resume bloopers.

Practice Tips: Top Interview Questions

After all your efforts to work on your resume and finding the right jobs to apply to, you have now landed an interview! That much desired moment can also make you rather anxious. You never know what to expect when you walk into an interview, but you can most certainly predict some of the most commonly asked questions and prepare yourself with what you are going to say.

What to Expect from a Retail Interview

Interviews are crucial in retail. They are the best way for an employer to get a feel of your personality, and the best way for you to portray qualities that don’t shine through on paper. As you head into your retail interview, here are few things you may be asked and some of the key qualities your new employer might be looking for.

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