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Woman Sues Matchmaker For Bad Date

Two of Us is a matchmaking service with 15 offices nationwide.

Jeanne McCarthy, 65, thought she would meet a “quality” man when she paid $7,000 for a professional matchmaking service. Instead, she said she got one date with a man with three drunk driving convictions and an outstanding criminal warrant.

McCarthy is suing her local Lawrenceville, N.J. branch of Two of Us. a brick and mortar matchmaking service with 15 offices nationwide. Instead of the online dating services, like eHarmony, Two of Us offers professional matchmakers and “promises to arrange ‘matches’ with another member for the purposes of arranging a dating relationship between those individuals.”

Two of Us “would merely collect a fee from anyone who signed up and would simply match members at random,” the suit states.

McCarthy, a technical writer living in New Jersey, learned of Two of Us through its advertising campaign and went to the local office for a consultation. The advertising stated that the company screens its members and performs a criminal background check, according to McCarthy’s lawsuit, filed on June 4 in the Superior Court of New Jersey in Mercer County.

She said she was told by a representative that “Two of Us would provide quality matches at the rate of one or two during every two-week period.”

McCarthy and her attorney, David Knapp, declined to comment.

McCarthy is suing PMM Inc. which is doing business as Two of Us in Lawrenceville, for breach of contract, fraud and consumer fraud, and requests her money back plus unspecified punitive damages. The suit states Two of Us breached their agreement by failing to “provide one or two matches over a two month period as promised and by failing to adequately evaluate and screen the matches” referred to her.

On Jan. 13, 2011, she signed up for a membership agreement for a non-refundable fee of $7,000. The agreement states, “Two of Us provides for the initial member interview, member testing, background checks and overall evaluation and screening. “

But she said Two of Us provided “only two matches over a five month period which yielded only one date.”

“To her horror, [McCarthy] determined that this one date involved a man with three drunk driving convictions and [an] outstanding criminal warrant in Arizona,” the suit stated.

Her date was a 73-year-old widower from Arizona who told her he received the convictions after his wife died and was moving to New Jersey so he could get a driver’s license, according to The Trentonian.

McCarthy wanted a man 58 to 67 years old with an active lifestyle like her, according to the newspaper.

McCarthy “terminated the agreement and demanded an immediate refund of her fee. Despite repeated requests, [Two of Us] has refused to do so,” the suit states.

Ethan Baker, Two of Us’ vice president of operations and general counsel, said the company has not been served yet and could not comment on the specific allegations of the lawsuit.

“We are providing a service that deals with peoples’ emotions,” he said. “It’s not like you have one product and you can tell if it’s defective. Each person and result varies dramatically. One person may be disappointed with one introduction but the next can lead to a lifetime with someone else.”

Baker said introductions are provided every four to eight weeks on an available basis.

“They’re never told they’re going to get one every two weeks,” Baker said. “That flies in the face of our contract.”

Each Two of Us office is individually owned and operated, according to Baker, but a management company in Glendale, Calif. oversees all offices. Baker said the owners have been in the business of matchmaking for about 23 years.

Basic packages start at about $2,290 for five introductions. The company’s motto is, “Because two is always better than one.”

“We don’t guarantee dates, we guarantee introductions,” Baker said. “After we provide the exchange of information for two members, it’s up to them to talk to each other, set up a date and do what they need to do. That’s clear in the contract as well.”

Baker said there is a “no refund” clause in the “binding” contracts.

“We have thousands of happy members throughout the country who use the service on a daily basis,” Baker said. “We’re a customer service business. That’s the goal of what we do. It doesn’t do us any good if we have unhappy members. We do what we can to make our members happy so that we can all work together toward finding suitable and appropriate introductions for them.”

Baker would not specify the number of clients the company has but said that it has “thousands of members nationwide” and several thousand in New Jersey.

Over 50 and Looking for Love? New Dating Site for the Older Crowd – ABC News #relationship

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Mention AARP and most people think of Social Security, Medicare and senior discounts. Now the group is getting into the dating business.

The organization has launched an online dating channel, and an online dating site for the over-50 crowd. It can be found at

“AARP wanted to get into the game because one, we know isolation is a very big issue for our members as they age,” said Nataki Edwards, Vice President of Digital Strategies and Operations at AARP. Edwards said a quarter of the group’s 37 million members are single and many have been asking the organization to help them link up with others.

“It’s not necessarily about getting married,” Edwards told ABC News. “It’s about the companionship and having fun things to do with someone else.”

AARP’s new venture is not the first dating site geared toward this age group. It’ll be competing with OurTime. which bills itself as the premier online 50+ dating service. AARP is partnering with whose philosophy is to get people out on dates early on to see if they hit it off, rather than spending a lot of time getting to know each other online, only to find there’s no chemistry when they meet in person. Edwards calls it “dating like they used to date.”

That appeals to Shelley Kilburn, who describes herself as a “54-year-old SWF (single white female).” Kilburn said she likes the idea of meeting face-to face, telling ABC News, “When you talk to someone in person you get a better image or feeling, you have that ability to use a (woman’s intuition), that sixth sense.”

Kilburn, a Southern California resident and a former news colleague of this reporter, has been divorced for five years. She hasn’t tried online dating yet, but says she might gravitate to an AARP site because to her the group has a trustworthy “history and reputation, (so) I would be comfortable.”

Carol Siflinger agrees, writing in response to a Facebook question about the new site, “It is a great idea! I would hope singles going to this site would be of a better caliber than ‘meat market’ sites!”

For those 50 and older, trying to date again can be daunting.

“It’s not so easy for people because many of them haven’t dated for 30 years or more”, said relationship expert Pepper Schwartz, who’s written extensively on sexuality. Schwartz, who is also AARP’s Love and Relationship Ambassador, says online dating can be especially unnerving. “Honestly, I think most of them go kicking and screaming. They wouldn’t do this if there was another option.”

Schwartz, who is 67, says she met her fiancé online. “It’s not easy: you have to work at it. You have to be resilient.” Of course, Schwartz adds, that’s not necessarily age-related. “Who ever found dating easy,” she says, “even when they were younger?”

Looking for a companion online worked wonderfully for Becky Hedlund Lemaire, of Breaux Bridge, La. who met her husband of six years through an online service. She says no matter which dating site you rely on, it’s important to take safety seriously.

“Always meet in public”, says Lemaire, “Don’t give out personal information and make sure someone knows where you are going to meet.”

AARP has tips too for the more mature dater – the group suggests you don’t spend the first date talking only about your children or grandchildren, or your aches and pains. The organization says its new online dating channel will help with dating advice.

Those popular senior discounts will come into play too. AARP is offering a seven-day free trial, then half off the dating service price for its members.

AARP’s Edwards said she won’t be using the new service because “I am married myself.” However, she laughs, “I have sent it to every single friend that I have who is looking.”

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Speed Dating? Watch Your Mouth

According to a study published in the American Journal of Sociology, a date can click or fizzle in just minutes.

Do you know how long it takes for a guy and a gal to “click” in the first stage of building a bond that may lead to a lasting relationship? Seconds, according to numerous studies.

But new research suggests that connection can be strengthened — or blown away — within four or five minutes, because what people say, and how they say it, may be nearly as important as how they look.

“We’ve all met somebody we thought looked amazing, and then they open their mouth and you realize, wow, that was different than I thought,” sociologist Dan McFarland of Stanford University, coauthor of a study published in the American Journal of Sociology, said in a telephone interview.

McFarland teamed up with Dan Jurafsky, professor of linguistics at Stanford, to study “speed dating,” the current rage among many singles, and more specifically, the role of communications during that brief encounter.

First impressions are important, and McFarland concedes that appearance is the leading factor in that first click. Women like taller men, males prefer slimmer women, and so forth. But just simply asking a question during a four minute “date” can change that.

“We found that questions were used by women to keep a lagging conversation going, and they were used by men who had nothing to say,” the study notes. (Come here often?)

Speed dating has been around for more than a decade now, and it is especially popular on some web sites. The basic idea is to let singles meet lots of potential mates and pick which ones they would like to get to know.

“It’s nice to shop,” McFarland said. “I never knew this thing existed” back in the days when he was still on the prowl.

The researchers recruited graduate students at Stanford, one of the nation’s premier universities, for their experiment, so we aren’t talking about losers here, and some findings may not apply to everybody. The participants participated in nearly 1,000 “speed dates,” so there were lots of opportunities to click, and they were wired for sound.

Transcripts were completed of the entire conversations between all males and females, providing a warehouse full of chitchat as they tried to decide whether they liked or couldn’t stand the person in front of them.

“Scorecards,” post-test surveys, and follow-up interviews helped the researchers draw broad conclusions, including:

“Women are significantly less likely to select a partner than are men.” In short, they were pickier.

Both genders express excitement when they connect, but often by different means. “Men vary their loudness, increase laughter and become monotone. Women raise and vary their pitch and vary their loudness.”

“Both genders experience a sense of connection when they mutually render the female a point of focus and men act in a supporting role.”

Women don’t like questions. They “feel disconnected when they have to ask men questions, or when men ask them questions.”

And the words each participant used, like how many times the pronouns “I” or “you” came up, appeared to be an effort to shift the focus of the conversation back and forth, but both genders thought the session was most successful if it focused on the female.

That may be partly due to how the experiment was set up. In this case, as in most speed dating experiments, the male moves from female to female, trying to click. That’s usually the way it works in a bar. That puts the woman in charge.

All she has to do is sit there and judge her date. The study concedes the result might be different if the woman takes the offensive and the male awaits each supplicant.

Researchers at Northwestern University reversed the roles and found when the females went from male to male, thus putting the guys in a position of power, there was no gender difference in pickiness.

“The mere act of physically approaching a potential partner, versus being approached, seemed to increase desire for that partner,” psychologist Eli Finkel said in releasing that study in 2009.

The ideal result of speed dating, of course, is to have both participants decide they would like to take the next step.

Then an email address or phone number could lead to a real date.

But it doesn’t happen all that often.

McFarland said only about 20 percent of the Stanford dates resulted in a “match,” but of those only about 9 percent actually contacted each other. And a month later, only nine “pairs” were actually dating. That’s after nearly 1,000 speed dates.

So the odds may not be all that great, at least among sophisticated, well educated, and probably wealthy and beautiful grad students. McFarland had this bit of advice:

“Females are more selective than males, and if you really want to hit it off with a female, you make her engaged, you support what she says.”

And remember, in the long run, “it’s more than just what you look like.”

So watch your language.

Blind Dates and Matchmaking for Babies in China – ABC News #100 #gratis #dating

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Matchmaking for Babies in China

Courtesy Deng Family

WATCH Twin Babies Rock Out to Dad’s Guitar

Earlier this week on a day celebrated in China as Bachelors’ Day, Duoduo was already dressed shortly after sunrise. It was her big day and she was going to look for a boyfriend. She is little more than 2 years old.

Duoduo arrived at the party with her parents in downtown Changsha, Hunan province a little after 9 a.m. Besides Duoduo, there were 30 babies between the age of 1 to 3 accompanied by their parents.

Parents in China are so worried about their children finding a spouse they often arrange blind dates or pressure their children to attend matchmaking events. But some parents are taking it to a new extreme. They are starting to look for a future spouse for their children while they are still using pacifiers.

This baby matchmaking event was organized by a website called BB Groupon, which sells baby care products. The matchmaker, Deng Peng, is the market manager of the website and Duoduo’s father.

He explained that the parents born after China’s one child policy became law in 1979 don’t have siblings. As in many families, Duoduo lives with her grandparents during the weekdays while her parents are working. Most of the time she plays alone, and it is difficult for her to make friends her own age. He says she is lonely and getting depressed.

“I’m very worried about my daughter being alone. We want to organize this event to offer a platform for babies to meet and play together. It is very difficult for me to meet new people and it took me a long time to meet my wife. On the Bachelors’ Day, adults are trying to find spouses. The babies shouldn’t be alone either. It is too early to talk about marriage, of course, but it would be a welcome miracle if they really got married one day,” said Deng Peng.

Parents believe this is a great way for their children to practice their social skills and gain experience with the other sex. A 24-year-old father, Mr. Yao, said “Through this kind of event, I hope my baby boy can build up his confidence and learn how to introduce himself properly in public. After he gained those skills, it would be much easier for him to find a spouse in the future.”

Duoduo was overwhelmed by how many boys were at the party. Besides her, there were only two other little girls and 27 boys. The gender imbalance in China has soared since ultrasound technology became widely available in the 1980s and millions choose to abort baby girls in favor of having a son. The Chinese Academy of Social Science estimates that by 2020, 24 million Chinese men will be unable to find a wife. The gender imbalance leaves parents fearful of their children finding a good future spouse.

Gu, a mother of a 1-year-old boy, says all of her colleagues gave birth to boys this year. She is very worried about the future competition. Guo met her husband through a blind date that her parents set up. She brought her son to the event and hope he would end up with holding a girl’s hand. But unfortunately, the competition was fierce on this day. Gu’s son lost out to the guys who weren’t wearing diapers.

After a few throws and kicks of the balloons, Duoduo was holding hands with a handsome toddler. Only time will tell if it is a true love match.

“We will try to arrange the two of them to play together often in the future. Maybe they can go to pre-school together,” said Duoduo’s father.

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Welcome to the Age of Extreme Niche Dating

WATCH ‘FarmersOnly’ Dating Site Connects Singles in the Country

Are you a lovelorn farmer? A passionate Persian? A smoldering smoker? An Ayn Rand fan hoping to hook up with someone else Ayn-inclined? Then there’s likely an online dating site for you, where you can find a fellow farmer, Persian, smoker or Objectivist (as subscribers to Rand’s philosophy are called).

Welcome to extreme niche-dating online.

The Niche Dating Directory offers hundreds of sites sliced and diced every which way, for every conceivable type of love-seeker: HIV-positive, HIV-negative, bodybuilders, the deaf, American Indians, Indian Indians. Indian Indians who live in Indiana.

The appeal of these sites, those who use them say, is obvious: Why not just cut to the chase? If it’s important to you to date only other people who are gluten-intolerant, then why tolerate anything less?

As the GlutenfreeSingles’s site explains, “Living a gluten-free life can be challenging, especially in a world where gluten-soaked foods are just about everywhere. At GlutenfreeSingles, you are not alone!” Here, “You never have to feel awkward or a burden” and can find gluten-free dating partners.”

The Niche Dating Directory was started by two friends, one with celiac disease and the other with gluten intolerance, who recognized the need for a dating service for singles with similar afflictions. By creating the site, its founders say they hope to help the 3 million people with celiac disease find “long, fulfilling gluten-free relationships.”

Likewise, Smoking Passions exists to help smokers light one another’s fire. Self-described as “specifically for singles who love smoking,” it caters to romance-seekers “tired of people making faces when you light up.”

The maestro of online niche dating is Michael Carter, who operates (as of today) 246 dating sites under the umbrella of Passions Network Inc. He calls what he offers super-niche dating.

“We’ve got probably some of the more unusual ones,” he tells

Stache Passions. for example, is a Carter-created site for mustache wearers and the people who love (or aspire to love) them. Like all of Carter’s sites, Stache Passions is subdivided into still-more-specialized subgroups, so that someone seeking love with a mustache-wearer can zero in on exactly the type of mustache they prefer, for example, Dali, Walrus or Pencil.

Carter says about 3.5 million people have created profiles on his sites. Any single site is free to join (and is supported by advertising). People who want to join more than one site — or for that matter, join the entire network — pay $4.95 a month. Asked if his operation is the largest of its kind, Carter says, “I can’t imagine there’s anyone who’s bigger.”

He explains the appeal of super-niche dating this way: It’s easier to break the ice with someone else if you have something in common — a thing for vampires, say, or bodybuilding or ice-fishing. “It gets you over that first hurdle,” he says. “With a generic dating site, how do you say hello? What do you talk about?” If, however, you sign up on Vampire Passions and find somebody in the Barnabas Collins subgroup who looks cute, you say, “Whoa, how about that Barnabas Collins?”

Carter says he’s amazed by which sites manage to catch fire.

“Brony Passions is probably the most unique site I have. It’s for people who are into the cartoon My Little Pony.”

When someone first suggested the idea to him, Carter says he thought they were pulling his leg, but he looked into it. “It’s mostly guys in college.” On its first day in operation Brony Passions registered 10 Facebook “likes.” On its third day, the number rose to 3,500.

Dating Secrets: Body Language Do s and Don ts, How to Tell If He s Interested – ABC News #photo #dating

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Most singles know the basics of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to attracting members of the opposite sex. But could scoring that second date really lie in the blink of an eye, the subtle positioning of hands in a pocket or the flip of the hair?

The answer from body language expert Tonya Reiman is a resounding yes. Reiman, the author of a new book, ” The Body Language of Dating ,” says we send out subtle signals all the time without knowing it, and those nonverbal signs are stronger than any pickup line.

“It could be as simple as looking down and then suddenly looking up. … Maybe we’ll hold a glass in a way that kind of looks somewhat sexual. … Those are signals,” she told ” Good Morning Americ a.” “I don’t necessarily have to be a 10 appearance-wise, but if I can be a 10 confidence-wise and send out those signals that say, ‘I’m interested in you,’ you’re much more likely to say, ‘Hey, I like you! I don’t know why I like you, but I like you!”

“Good Morning America’s” Cameron Mathison sent two brave female volunteers out to a New York City bar to see firsthand what works and what doesn’t in today’s dating world. Reiman analyzed their body language from the hidden cameras and gave us her tried-and-true do’s and don’ts for single women to keep in mind, plus what women should look for in a man’s body language to gauge how interested he is.

  • Be self-aware. It’s the No. 1 most important fact to know what signals you are sending.
  • Smile. It’s infectious.
  • Hair flipping or primping is a known turn on. “We might be playing with our hair, but we’re really saying, look at me. Those are the little signals that hit off on a man’s paternal instincts,” she explained to “GMA.”
  • Be more open.
  • Be engaged.
  • Stand tall and hold your head high.
  • Look your interest in the eye and break eye contact by looking down and looking back up.
  • Touch as often as possible on nonsexual areas.
  • Wear natural scents such as vanilla and lavender.
  • Expose your wrists – they are but one of several erogenous zones.
  • Point your body in his direction.
  • Tilt your head to the left (studies show this is more sexually attractive).
  • Nod your head when he is speaking.
  • Limit texting, as it is a one-person sport.
  • No sitting on your hands.
  • Hunched shoulders are a turn off.
  • Dart your eyes all over the room – it makes you look insecure.
  • Cross your arms in front of your body (not only does it indicate you are defensive, but studies have found we absorb less information when we close our body language).
  • Keep your hands in your pockets.
  • Stand with your legs crossed (scissor stand).
  • Get too close until you gauge his interest.
  • Don’t rub your hands together.
  • Rub or touch your nose.
  • Slouch in a chair.
  • He looks at you and his eyebrows go up – this indicates interest
  • His pupils dilate (recognize lighting).
  • His lips part slightly.
  • He looks you up and down slowly.
  • You are his sole focus of attention (you are the only one in the room, metaphorically).
  • He touches himself, anywhere, while looking at you (runs his hands through his hair, fixes his socks, brushes his suit jacket, etc.).
  • A shoulder flash (which is a speedy lifting of the shoulders) conveys interest by demonstrating harmlessness.
  • Posturing – erect stance, chest out, shoulders back, stomach in.
  • Leans his upper body toward you.

How to Date Online Safely, From World s Top Web-Security Expert – ABC News #elite #online #dating

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Lucky in Love Meets Careful Online

As if looking for love weren’t intimidating enough, online dating can have shattering consequences. Take Carole Markin, a TV producer in Hollywood who recently sued a dating website claiming she was brutally attacked at her home by a man she met online who, she later discovered, was a convicted sex offender. Thankfully, Markin’s experience is not the norm. but it contains lessons for online daters.

Meeting someone in cyberspace is significantly different from meeting someone in person. In the real world, your dating “site” is made up of friends, co-workers, family and acquaintances. While this network of “real” people doesn’t ensure that you’ll never have a bad date, having that personal and human connection is vitally important.

Seeing the whites of their eyes might be a cliche, but it’s a cliche because it remains relevant. It gives you a sense of the person. Because we don’t have the benefit of that personal contact online, there are some extra safety measures that need to be taken.

In the real world, you might meet potential dates at parties or bars, and often go out on group or double dates. You are in the unfortunate position online of not having enough information to determine whether you should trust the information you have. Can you trust that the picture really is of that person, that the person is even real to begin with and that all the person’s information and communications are legitimate?

A safe encounter can often depend on a safe dating website. Not all sites are created equal. Here are some questions to ask to help find a site that is right for you:

Does the site screen-vet candidates?

How does the site lower the chances of abuse?

How does the site handle abuse if it happens?

Do the terms of service allow explicit content?

Does the site review webcams, chats and videos?

Does the site provide users with tips on how to safely and successfully navigate the site to avoid predators and scammers?

Does the site provide an emergency phone number?

Does the site run all users through a registered sex offender database such as SSP Blue’s RSO SAFE?

It’s comforting to think that everyone on dating sites is just as earnest as you are: looking for love and hoping to find a soul mate. Sadly, even the online dating world has scammers.

One of the more common scams involves a lovely woman with a gorgeous photo looking for a new love in America. Her story is a poignant one: no family to speak of, a big heart, a desire to see men she meets online. Eventually, this woman asks for money, perhaps to help with a ticket or because she has been detained trying to leave her home country.

The man wires her money, and then she disappears. This is disheartening, heartbreaking and all too frequent. This is one of many scams. Learn more here.

If you wind up making an online connection and want to meet in person, meet in a public place, preferably well-lit, familiar to you and in an area with which you are comfortable. While these suggestions apply strongly to women, men would do well to take note as well. Predators and scammers are not all men.

Engaging in safe dating online, in some ways, is no different from dating safely in person. But because you can’t see the whites of his or her eyes online, your own eyes and ears need to exercise extra precaution.

This work is the opinion of the columnist and in no way reflects the opinion of ABC News.

Dating Site Hooks Up Women Looking for Men Willing to Pay For Free Travel – ABC News #meet #singles

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Dating Site Hooks Up Women Looking for Men to Pay For Free Travel

WATCH Going on a Free Romantic Getaway With a Stranger

Kesslyn was getting ready to jetset off to Miami Beach for a romantic weekend getaway with her date Dave, who was paying for the whole trip, from salsa dancing lessons to fine dining.

The only thing is, Dave and Kesslyn had never met before.

“I am actually going on a date with a guy and we are traveling to Miami and we are going to meet up for the first time he’s paying for this entire thing,” Kesslyn said.

Dave, a 26-year-old outside sales representative from Santa Monica, California. and Kesslyn, a 21-year-old neuroscience major at Tulane University, are like a growing number of couples seeking spring break romance with the help of, an online dating website that pairs “attractive” women with “generous” men willing to foot the bill for trips all over the world.

“I just expect to have a good time,” Dave said.

Kesslyn said she had no intention of telling her parents that she was about to spend a week with a guy she had never met.

“My dad might have an issue with it because… I’m his only girl and he’s my dad,” she said. “He loves me and wants to make sure I’m safe.”

Although offers background checks, Kesslyn felt comfortable enough going along with the free vacation because she had been chatting with Dave for a few weeks.

The two met for the first time at their Miami Beach hotel, where Dave had arranged for them to have separate rooms. He would also pay for all their meals and outings together. But even after spending all this money on a stranger, Dave insists that he isn’t expecting more than someone to hang out with.

“It’s nothing like a sugar baby/sugar daddy kind of thing,” Dave said. “It’s, like, two adults, one who is financially stable enough and generous enough where they would offer to take care of a girl and take them on vacation but without expectation.”

Brandon Wade, the founder and CEO of, who also founded the sugar daddy/sugar baby website,, said is about connecting women who want free trips with men who want to provide them.

“A lot of people look at MissTravel and think, ‘wow these guys are taking advantage of the naïve young women,’ when in reality the opposite could be true,” Wade said. “The women [are] actually making use of the system to take advantage of the guy for a free trip.”

There are about half a million profiles on, many with people hoping to find a match, but also millionaires, looking for “no strings attached fun” and girls seeking financial support.

Some critics say is akin to an escort service, which Wade denied.

“When we go out for dinners on the first date the guy will pick up the tab and sex might be involved, so do we then equate the flowers that he gives her, the gifts that he gives her, the dinner that he pays to be a monetary exchange for sex? The answer is absolutely not,” Wade said.

Even if Dave had secretly hoped for a hook-up, his prospects weren’t looking good in the beginning. Things were awkward at first and the two didn’t seem to have much chemistry. During their time together, Kesslyn came down with bronchitis and Dave had to take her to the hospital.

But later, the couple had a private salsa lesson and things seemed to heat up. Afterwards, they hung out together poolside, went to a romantic dinner and watched the sunset.

“If I wasn’t sick, then I don’t really know if we would’ve gotten as, like, close as we are I feel like now,” Kesslyn said. “He really stepped up to the plate and showed me that he is a super caring person.”

At the end of their trip, the two hugged goodbye, and shyly admitted they shared a more intimate goodbye in private. Dave said he wanted Kesslyn to visit him in Los Angeles, but they haven’t set a date yet.

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Find This Man a Girlfriend and He’ll Pay You $10K

Courtesy Ren You

Ren You, 29, has offered $10,000 to anyone who can find him a long-term girlfriend.

Ren You is a 29-year-old with a Harvard MBA and a job at a private equity firm. He is also someone who does not like to be inefficient and does not want to miss out on opportunities. Those two character traits led You to develop a novel way to find love.

The Birmingham, Alabama, resident is offering $10,000 to anyone who can find him a girlfriend of six months or more. He is accepting applications now on his website,

The website of Ren You, who has offered $10,000 to anyone who can find him a long-term girlfriend.

“I’ve done dating websites and I’ve met people through friends,” You told ABC News. “I’m sure if I stuck with those ways that, down the road a few years, maybe I’d find someone, but that seems very time consuming and not efficient.”

“I don’t know if this is an improvement,” he said of “But it’s something new so I thought I’d give it a shot.”

Ren says he is consumed by 12-hour days at work, leaving little time for dating and even less time for fun and relaxation, “the bottom tier items” that “usually get cut.”

“Look at it this way: if you work 12 hours/day, how would you want to spend the few waking hours you have left?,” You explains on “Probably not standing around in a bar with your fingers crossed. This is way more fun for me.”

The University of Virginia alumni says he received a handful of submission after launching the website earlier this week but now has around 400 potential dates in his inbox thanks to media coverage from around the world.

“Apparently it got picked up by a news outlet in China so I’ve gotten bombarded with a lot of mothers recommending their daughters, which is a new thing ,” You said. “One mom linked to her daughter’s Rhodes Scholar write-up.”

You says his own mom is supportive of his unique approach to love, as is his dad.

“They’re’ a little bit a-typical as far as Chinese parents go,” he said. “They’re relatively hands-off and no pressure to get married. Whatever I’m doing is of my own volition.”

You also ran the idea by his coworkers and his bosses before putting himself in the spotlight.

“They’re pretty open-minded and they thought it was hilarious and a creative idea,” he said. “So when this surprisingly got picked up and got back to them, it wasn’t a shock.”

You had been replying to each submission individually because he knows, “how crappy it feels to not get a reply on a dating website,” but now is weeding through to reply yes or no to the most thoughtfully-written messages, and may hire an intern to sort through them all.

The replies so far are about half from women nominating themselves, and half from friends, or moms, recommending someone. To You’s surprise, many of the entries have said they would not take the $10,000 should their nominee find love with You.

“They’ll say, ‘I just want this person to meet a good guy…I don’t care about the reward,’” You said. “I’m happy to pay if it works out because it’s a small amount of money for a big reward, but if someone preemptively says no, then it gives me some comfort that they just think I’m a pretty good dude.”

“The $10,000 offer made me come off rich but my family is very middle-class,” he added. “I did a lot of stuff for my parents after I graduated, of transferring their credit card debt, helping pay off loans, buying them a house…they know I have things under control. “

Instead of listing his most desirable qualities or what he wants in a woman, You says he just wants everyone to know he is a very normal guy who has taken an abnormal approach to hopefully finding love.

You also has an answer for those wondering if he could be defrauded by a girl who breaks up with him the day after their six-month anniversary.

“I think given the six months, I’ll be able to tell if you’re a fraud because that’s a long time to be my girlfriend and spend time with me,” You said. “If two people are going to split the $10,000 and one work basically to spend time with me, it’s a lot of time over six months.”

“If you do the math, I’m not sure who is willing to do this in lieu of a minimum wage job when you could probably make more in the job,” he said.