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Prominent Cases

$6.9 Million Fraud Embezzlement Verdict – Civil Litigation

In 2009, Sanford Law Firm secured a verdict in excess of $6.9 million for a corporate client in the Circuit Court of Pope County, Arkansas. A complex case with multiple defendants, the claims included multiple counts of breach of contract; breach of duty of good faith; breach of fiduciary duty; tortious interference with business contract and business expectancy; fraud; conversion; trespass to personal property; misappropriation; unjust enrichment; and civil conspiracy.

FLSA Lawsuits and Settlements – Civil Litigation

In 2012, Josh Sanford and others secured a $32,000 settlement for a Sharp County, Arkansas, bar manager who had been misclassified by her employer as “exempt” from the overtime requirements of the Arkansas Minimum Wage Act (AMWA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Employers do this so that they can work the employee more hours but not pay additional money. This is an all-too-common apporach to “cost savings” by employers. It is illegal unless the employee fits into some narrow categories of applicable exemptions to the overtime requirements. Collectively, cases filed by the Sanford Law Firm since 2009 have resulted in more than $9,000,000 in settlement money for wage and hour violations for more than 300 clients.

Over $300,000 Awarded in Corporate Dissolution Case – Civil Litigation

In 2010 and 2011, Sanford Law Firm represented three members of a four person limited liability company during the disputed and contentious dissolution lawsuit. After several hearings, we secured a judgement for our clients in excess of $300,000.




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    Jonesboro Nursing Homes Information

    Jonesboro Skilled Nursing Homes

    Our site wants to help seniors and their loved ones better understand the many aspects of nursing care, so they can be prepared to find quality skilled nursing care that matches their financial, emotional and medical requirements.

    Jonesboro nursing homes offer the most intensive medical, social and custodial care one can find outside hospital care. Nursing homes, or skilled nursing facilities, are places of residence for patients who have various types of medical issues. Sub-acute, acute, terminal, serious and chronic health conditions are treated through a comprehensive and collaborative effort on part of a facility s interdisciplinary team of caregivers. Doctors, nurses, nursing aids, specialists, therapists, social workers, recreational planners and non-medical personnel all try to fulfill the specific needs of each patient.

    While nursing care offers numerous services and plans, they are all contained in the two most general forms, short-term and long-term care. Certain institutions are also equipped to offer specialized care for patients with specific health concerns.

    Short-term care looks to help patients rehabilitate from acute medical trauma like surgeries, strokes, falls, aneurisms and heart attacks. About three of every four short-term patients were required to pursue nursing care by their doctor while in hospital care. Short-term care’s main objective is to be the intermediate stage of a patient s recovery process. Once patients have recuperated to a certain point, discharge planners help patients find a less inclusive care option. To restore patients functioning to pre-trauma levels, nursing personnel often have patients undergo occupational, physical, respiratory or speech therapy. Frequently, patients move to assisted living or in home care after finishing a short-term stay.

    Since hospital care precedes many short-term nursing stays, it helps set an important base for the rest of a patient s rehabilitation process. Quality hospital care can affect how long a patient needs to spend in short-term care. High quality health care services in Jonesboro, based on patients previous hospital experiences, are delivered by St. Bernard s Medical Center and NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital.

    Long-term care admits patients who have extended and extensive needs. These patients have diagnoses and illnesses, like cancer, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, dementia and Alzheimer s, which are often in a deteriorating state. In order to stabilize, maintain or improve the health of these patients, nursing professionals must respond to quickly changing conditions and collaborate with each other to provide the proper and requisite services and supplies. Nurses and doctors evaluate and observe patients through periodic to continuous health management and perform medical procedures like medication adjustments, blood testing, wound care, dialysis, tracheostomies and injections. Non-medical personnel assist patients who cannot complete activities of daily living by themselves. Social workers and recreational planners coordinate nursing facility social services like dinners, events, games and outings.

    Jonesboro skilled nursing facility residency bears a monthly cost that is well under the national average and about $200 less than the Arkansas median level. Private and semi-private SNF accommodations cost $4,747 and $4,238 per month, respectively.

    About 50 percent of all nursing home residents must use private funds to pay for the cost of nursing care. This places a considerable strain on seniors and families who may be able to pay for a short stint but cannot afford prolonged nursing care stays. These patients are usually not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid and have not taken the precaution of buying or cannot afford the high cost of long-term care insurance. They are left with resorting to measures like breaking open their savings or retirement funds or selling off or borrowing against their assets. For patients who have medical needs that require long periods of nursing care, they are sometimes driven into eligibility for Medicaid because their private means of financing care have been spent.