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Terms of Service Agreement

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Courses – Derby Adult Learning Service #basic #skills, #esol, #return #to #work #and #learning, #learning #difficulties, #maths #gcse, #business, #book-keeping, #teacher #training, #computers, #clait, #ecdl, #word #processing, #it #courses, #hospitality, #sports #and #leisure, #aromatherapy, #mendhi, #sugarcraft, #aerobics, #fitness, #keep #fit, #badminton, #wine #appreciation, #yoga, #pilates, #tv #repairs, #health, #social #care #and #public #service, #counselling, #deaf #awareness, #early #years #education, #pre-retirement, #visual, #performing #arts, #art, #dancing, #woodwork, #pottery, #singing, #song #writing, #embroidery, #craft #and #jewellery, #guitar, #painting, #rug #making, #sewing, #languages, #communication, #english #as #a #foreign #language, #english #gcse, #creative #writing, #french, #german, #italian, #spanish, #greek, #sign #language


Derby Adult Learning Service provides hundreds of courses in Derby for you to choose from in a whole range of subjects. Select one of the learning areas below for a list of related courses available:

Computing for beginners, Internet and Email, European Computer Driving License (ECDL), Digital Photography, Various entry level courses

Cookery and Baking
Introduction to Cookery, Italian, Indian Cookery, All about Chocolate, Wine Appreciation

Education Training
Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
City and Guilds – Train the Trainer Level 3 Award in Education and Training and Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

English and Maths
Brush up on your English, Improve your maths skills, English GCSE, Maths GCSE

Hospitality, Sports and Leisure
Wine Appreciation including WSET (Wines, Spirits, Educational Trust) Level 2 and 3 Qualifications, Italian Cookery, Indian Cookery, Yoga, Tai Chi for Health and Relaxation, Keep Fit – Mature Movers, Keep Fit – Seated Exercise

Jobseeker’s Learning Programmes
Improving your skills for gaining employment, Adult Learning Service Work Club, Creating and updating your CV, Building up your confidence, interview skills and techniques, presentation skills, job applications

Languages and Communication
Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Also includes British Sign Language (BSL)

Psychology GCSE

Skills for Life (Foundation)
Basic Skills, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Return to work and learning, Programmes for those with learning difficulties

Visual and Performing Arts
Life Drawing, Watercolour Drawing, Painting and Drawing, Pottery, Woodwork, Silversmithing, Embroidery, Textiles, Jewellery, Mixed Crafts, Singing, Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele

Christian Cafe Exposed As The Best Christian Online Dating Site For Singles #herpes #dating

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Christian Cafe Exposed As The Best Christian Online Dating Site For Singles

Christian Cafe, a leading dating network for Christian folks, also known as a top christian online dating site for singles.

Online Christian Dating Site

(Newswire.net — September 9, 2014) — Dating advice for christian singles; In all probability, personal peace and fulfillment is the utmost desire of every single looking for a date through the power of online dating sites; but then, such an innate desire might be cut short in the face of insincerity that has proliferated the industry at such a time like this. With a view to providing a good platform to date and befriend the followers of Christ, Christian Cafe, a Christian dating site, now shows that Christian singles are prone to heartbreak and regrets in a love life relationship.

As of today, Christian Cafe boasts of a large following when it comes to active users of its dating network, and the management has taken time to study different classes of singles in the typical American society. In her observations on the increasing online search for faithful dates among the believers, Isabella J. J. the Dating Counselor of Christian Cafe, states that because only a few singles attend church today, it would be somewhat hard to find a date in such a religious environment. “As a result, most singles choose to avail themselves of Internet dating,” she adds.

Furthermore, with respect to many Christian singles that have gotten burned in their dating experience, studies have revealed the causes of heartbreak and regrets that follow breakups. Isabella J. J. confirms, saying, “It’s been noted that there are ninja singles in most Christian dating sites out there. These are people that post dishonest profiles so as to play a cheat on innocent users. This phenomenon is common to most free dating networks.”

She points out, in her own opinion, that dating differs from Christian dating to a large extent. She then defines the latter as a step toward finding a person with whom one can build a lifetime relationship. Ordinary dating permits friendship with more than one persons in an effort to find someone that would be compatible with the seeker, she affirms.

Confirming the essence of the studies, Isabella J. J. concludes that it’s in the best interest of the users of Christian Cafe so that they could pursue godly virtues that would make them a faithful date for other singles. “Singles should not just jump into dating anyone without an assurance of sincerity, spirituality, devotion, and attraction. They should be aware that Christian dating entails emotional investments,” she advises.


Medical Social Work Careers #medical #social #work #careers,medical #social #work #career,medical #social #work #as #a #career,become #a #medical #social #worker,medical #social #work


Start a Medical Social Work Career

What Is Medical Social Work?

Today, the medical and healthcare system in this country can be utterly overwhelming and confusing for many people, not to mention extraordinarily expensive. In fact, today’s healthcare system is enough to intimidate and frighten even the strongest and most competent people. Serious illnesses and injuries are sometimes even enough to devastate and ruin some patients for years.

Medical social workers, however, are there to help patients navigate the world of healthcare. These social workers can help individuals do everything from find medical care to help pay for medical care to recover from an illness or injury. This might include offering advice, acting as a patient advocate, or referring a patient to facilities or programs.

In general, medical social workers work with all types of patients. Individuals that may benefit from the help of medical social workers might be any age and from all walks of life. If you choose to start a medical social work career, you will generally work closely with children and their parents, adults, and the elderly. You might also work with poverty-stricken patients, along with those with average to high incomes as well.

Knowledge of medical procedures, such as diagnosis and treatment methods, is generally recommended if you’re looking to become a medical social worker. In addition, you should also be able to communicate effectively with patients, families, doctors, nurses, and healthcare facility bureaucrats. Organizational skills, patience, and an understanding disposition are also excellent traits to have when pursuing a medical social worker career.

Why Do We Need Medical Social Workers?

The medical and healthcare world can be confusing and intimidating, both emotionally and financially. In fact, some individuals in need of healthcare may even avoid going to the doctor or the hospital purely for these reasons. Leaving serious injuries or illnesses untreated is often dangerous, and can even be fatal at times.

Instead of floundering around in the dark, stressing about the quality of their medical care, or wondering how they’re going to pay for it all, patients can seek the help of medical social workers. These professionals work hard to help ease patients’ minds by acting as patient advocates and supporting them every step of the way. In short, a medical social worker can help simplify the medical world for patients and their families.

What Do Medical Social Workers Do?

A career in medical social work also often involves informing patients of their rights. In general, a patient’s rights typically include – but, aren’t limited to – such things as

  • the right to be treated with respect and dignity,
  • the right to make decisions regarding healthcare,
  • the right to choose a doctor that can give adequate care,
  • the right to ask questions and have them answered in easy to understand terms,
  • the right to be free of abuse, neglect, or exploitation,
  • the right to know how much medical treatment will cost before undergoing any procedures,
  • the right to access one’s own medical information, and
  • the right to emergency medical treatment regardless of the ability to pay.

Medical social workers typically work closely with a number of different individuals, including doctors, nurses, patients, and patients’ families. Assessing the needs of a patient is usually the first step that a medical social worker will take. This might involve interviewing the patient, his family, and his doctors.A thorough patient assessment will help a medical social worker determine what a patient’s needs are, and how these needs can be met. The social worker will also answer any questions and address any concerns that a patient and his family may have. Besides offering advice and support, a medical social worker will also help patients overcome any obstacles or hurdles regarding their medical treatment.Financial issues are some of the most common issues that medical social workers are faced with each day. These social workers will often be charged with attempting to ease the financial burdens of medical care. They will often work with patients with inadequate or non-existent health insurance. In these cases, a social worker might help patients figure out how to pay for medical treatments, by helping them apply for assistance programs or setting up payment arrangements.

Adequate care and understanding medical caregivers are also concerns that many patients may have during treatment. A medical social worker can help patients find the proper care, by referring them to medical facilities and specialists that cater to their needs. If a doctor is not a good fit for a patient, a medical social worker can also help the patient find a different doctor or caregiver that may be more understanding of the patient’s specific condition.

A medical social worker’s job doesn’t always stop after a patient is discharged from the hospital either. Once a patient returns home, a medical social worker might also make sure that the patient’s needs are being met at home as well. A medical social worker may be responsible to coordinate post-treatment resources, if a patient needs additional help at home because of his medical condition. For instance, he might help set up necessary services, such as home healthcare services or assisted living services.

Where Do Medical Social Workers Find Employment?

If you’re interested in pursuing a medical social work career, you’ll most likely be able to find employment in facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, emergency clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Some medical social workers might also be able to find employment in government offices as well.

What Are the Education Requirements for a Medical Social Work Career?

The majority of these professionals start their medical social work careers by completing a bachelor’s degree program in social work. Graduates that hold degrees in nursing might also be able to pursue medical social work careers.

Although some facilities may hire medical social workers with bachelor’s degrees, most require applicants to have master’s degrees in social work. Most employers also require medical social workers to be licensed as well, which typically requires completion of around 1,000 hours of supervised clinical fieldwork.

What Is the Salary for a Medical Social Worker?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics splits social workers into four categories. One of those categories is healthcare social workers. In this instance, medical social workers count as healthcare social workers and according to the BLS. as of May 2014, the average annual salary of a medical social worker was $53,590 with the top 10 percent of child social workers earning $76,940. Those that worked in specialty hospitals earned a annual average salary of $66,640.

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ESL (English as a Second Language) School – ESL Programs, Classes – amp; Courses – The Boston Language Institute #the #boston #language #institute, #ma, #esl #school, #learning #english #as #a #second #language, #esl, #classes, #courses, #programs, #lesson #plans


ESL (English as a Second Language) School in Boston, MA

Since 1981, The Boston Language Institute has served the most demanding clientele: students and professionals who must make rapid progress in speaking and writing English. For some, their English skills will in large measure determine their quality of life in the United States.

More than 55,000 students and professionals have completed English as a Second Language Course and over 160 foreign languages at New England s most prominent foreign language and English language school. The environment at The Boston Language Institute is at once American and international.

At The Boston Language Institute, expert instructors create a challenging and stimulating, yet relaxed and enjoyable learning environment in small classes of four to twelve students. The result is unusually rapid advancement — students have progressed from complete beginner to solid intermediate in as little time as four weeks. More advanced students of ESL course also thrive in the learning environment of the Institute. Indeed, through such programs as English for Foreign-Born Professionals and the MBA Preparation Program for International Students, The Boston Language Institute has developed a specialty in teaching advanced students, who often have difficulty finding effective programs at their level.

Our Instructors

Instructors at The Boston Language Institute are native speakers of English with years of teaching experience in the United States and abroad. All of our instructors are certified to teach English as a foreign language. Many have been trained in The Boston Language Institute s internationally acclaimed TEFL Certificate Program and most have experience learning a second language themselves. Many of our instructors have masters degrees and a couple have PhD degrees. In class, teachers highlight the differences between written and spoken English, for example, between How did you like them? and Howdja like em? When students learn the natural way English is spoken, their listening comprehension improves dramatically. Our instructors enliven classes and enhance students conversational ability by explaining frequently used slang and colloquial expressions. To read about our teachers, click here.

The Communicative Approach

Drawing on the Institute s TEFL Certificate Program, we employ the most modern methods in the field of language acquisition. Through the Communicative Method, which views each aspect of language learning — grammar, conversation, reading and writing — as a necessary support for the others, students learn new vocabulary and grammar while enhancing their English communication skills in a discussion-based and interactive class. Class themes focus on high-interest topics that present language in context and stimulate conversation.

This differentiates us in important ways from schools that fragment language learning into, for example, a vocabulary hour, a reading hour, and a conversation hour, since we adhere to the modern view that each aspect of language learning is a necessary support for the others.

Writing assignments are often given as homework to further build language competence. Grammar, vocabulary and idioms are taught using textbooks, current articles from newspapers and magazines and materials specially prepared by instructors to reflect student interest. Students make use of the Institute s Multi-Media Lab to supplement class work.

To Begin an ESL Program

Before beginning a program, each student is given a comprehensive oral interview and written placement test. To assure that progress meets student expectations, each student s instruction is continually monitored by the Department of English as a Second Language.

Contact Us


You are invited to our next Open House on
Thursday, June 15, from 5 – 7 p.m.

Location: The Boston Language Institute, Inc.648 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215.

Join our staff and teachers for refreshments
and a helpful discussion of your needs.


Difference Between PAAS and IAAS #platform #as #a #service #vs #infrastructure #as #a #service


Difference Between PAAS and IAAS

Cloud computing is a style of computing in which resources are made available over the internet. Most often these resources are extensible and highly visualized resources and they are provided as a service. Cloud computing is broken down in to few different categories based on the type of service provided. PaaS (Platform as a Service) is the category/application of cloud computing in which the service providers deliver a computing platform or a solution stack to their subscribers over the internet. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is the category of cloud computing in which the main resources available as a service are hardware infrastructure.

PaaS is the category/application of cloud computing in which the service providers deliver a computing platform (a hardware architecture and a software framework) or a solution stack (computer subsystem needed to run a software). This makes it possible for the subscribers to deploy an application without having to buy and manage the necessary software and hardware requirements. The responsibility of maintaining the necessary hardware, operating systems, helper applications and databases is the sole responsibility of the service provider. The PaaS subscribers can make use of the delivered platform to build and ultimately deliver web applications and services. PaaS services typically offer complete set of facilities for designing, developing, testing and deploying applications to team collaboration, web service and database integration, version control and configuration management of software. All these facilities are usually available as a single integrated development environment making it very convenient to the developers or the users. Four popular types of PaaS are Add-on, Stand alone, delivery-only and open platform PaaS.

IaaS, sometime know as Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS), delivers equipments needed to cater operations, storage, hardware and networking components (including servers) to their subscribers, over the internet. In other words, IaaS deals with offering (in a virtual, on demand manner) computing resources like servers, storage and other low-level n/w and h/w components. It is the sole responsibility of the service provider to house, run and maintain all the hardware resources. Subscriber will pay on a per-use basis based on the utility computing billing model without having to buy those infrastructure resources. The subscriber will get the feeling of acquiring network/server resources in zero time and space. Popular commercial IaaS service providers are GoGrid and Amazon’s EC2.

What is the difference between PaaS and IaaS?

Even though, PaaS and IaaS are two applications/categories of cloud computing, they have their key differences. PaaS is the category of cloud computing in which the service providers deliver a computing platform or a solution stack, while IaaS focuses on delivering computer infrastructure such as hardware resources available over the internet. Important difference between these two services can be identified from the type of subscribers. PaaS is typically used by application developers, while IaaS is used by network architects. In other words, PaaS provides a mechanism to develop applications whereas IaaS provides only the infrastructure necessary to run the code developed by application developers. Therefore, IaaS offerings by themselves may not be useful without a suitable PaaS offering running on top of it. PaaS can be thought of as an additional layer of abstraction on top of IaaS. If you already have a working code as a package then an IaaS is more suitable, while if you do not have a software solution in place (or the current available solution is too expensive) and you want to build a solution from the scratch, subscribing to a PaaS is the way to go.

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How to Become a School Counselor #school #counseling #career,school #counseling #careers,school #counseling #as #a #career,become #a #school #counselor,school #counseling


School Counselor Careers

What Is School Counseling?

A person’s school years are often very influential on the rest of his life. It is during these years that a child will grow into adolescence, then into his teenage years. During this time, a person will often further develop his personality, make and break friendships, and decide what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

School, however, can also be a very stressful time in a person’s life. Students today have to worry about getting good test scores, completing copious amounts of homework on time, excelling in extracurricular activities, and getting along with their peers. Being pulled in so many directions and having this much on their plates can be very overwhelming for just about anyone, regardless of their age.

Depending on his experiences, a person’s school years might be either the best years of his life, or the worst.

School counseling, however, is a type of counseling that focuses on helping students make the best of their education. Professionals in this field are typically referred to as either school counselors or guidance counselors. They typically work with several different students over the course of a school year, and help them with a variety of different problems, from class scheduling to substance abuse.

Today, school counselors are some of the most important and prominent members of a school’s faculty. They’re caring, compassionate, and genuinely concerned with the well being of the children they deal with. if you’re looking to make a difference in a child’s life and want to help him form his future, a school counseling career might be exactly what you’re looking for.

How Do I Become a School Counselor?

To become a school counselor you will need to go through a rather rigorous amount of schooling. This includes obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree. then a Master’s Degree. and finally entering into a Doctorate or PhD program. Visit our school counseling degree page to learn more about the educational pathway.

Featured School Counselor Master’s Programs:

Why Do We Need School Counselors?

While in school, it can be very easy to feel lost, confused, alone, and overwhelmed. School counselors, though, exist to help students through the maze of academia.

The main goal of a school counselor is to help mold today’s young minds into tomorrow’s productive members of society. These professionals work with students on a daily basis in order to help them make the right decisions, meet challenges, and move in the right direction. Without school counselors, a large number of students might slip through the cracks as they struggle with academics or make less than wise decisions.

What Does a School Counselor Do?

A school counselor has a number of different job duties and responsibilities; perhaps more responsibilities than any other member of a school faculty. On any given day, these professionals will usually work closely with students, teachers, parents, and school administrators.

Students are typically a school counselor’s first priority. In general, these professionals are trained to keep the best interests of each and every student in mind.

A school counselor will often start by evaluating a student’s skills, strengths, weaknesses,career goals, and interests. From there, the counselor can then help the student choose which classes to take. The counselor is also usually responsible for creating each student’s class schedule, which needs to include all of the necessary classes that are required for graduation.

Career counseling is also another important responsibility of a school counselor. These professionals can help students who are unsure of their career goals choose some possible careers that are right for them. They can also help students take courses and participate in activities that will help them get into good colleges or career programs after graduation.

Social, behavioral, mental, and emotional problems are also often addressed by school counselors as well. For instance, school counselors will often help students who are struggling academically; being bullied by peers; abuse drugs or alcohol; or experiencing abuse or other problems at home. School counselors might also help students who are dealing with issues such as low self-esteem and time management.

School counselors will also usually stay in close contact with the parents of each student. Parents are usually informed of any problems that students may be having in school, for example. School counselors may also send parents periodic progress reports and give them advice on how to help their children succeed in school and in life.

Teachers may enlist the help of school counselors at times as well. They may ask for help with a problem student, for instance, or work with a school counselor to help a student with a particular problem. School counselors may also be asked to help with ho to discipline students as well.

The advice and concerns of a school counselors are also usually taken into consideration when school administrators are creating or reorganizing school policies.

Where Do School Counselors Work?

As their title suggests, school counselors work in educational institutes of all types. They are employed at both public and private schools, from the elementary levels to college levels.

What Are the Education Requirements to Become a School Counselor?

In general, most school counselors begin their careers with a bachelor’s degree in areas such as counseling, education, or psychology. When pursuing a school counseling career, you’ll most likely also be required to earn at least a master’s degree in school counseling or education psychology.

Before becoming licensed, an aspiring school counselor will also usually need to complete a certain number of hours of supervised on the job training.

What Is the Median Annual Salary of a School Counselor?

According to the Bureau of labor Statistics, the median salary of all school and career counselors was $53,380 in 2011. Salaries vary by location and are often dictated by the budget of your school system.

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Dating Site – Find people with similar interests as your #uk #dating

#cupid dating



Cupid.com is a fresh, new way to make friends, find a date, or start a long term relationship. Designed exclusively for singles ages 18 and over, Cupid online dating site allows members to find people they are interested in and communicate with them. Other websites use computers and your personal information to find people with similar interests as your and match them to you.

Perfect for Beginners

Many people have never tried online dating before, but they just want to test the waters. If that describes you, then you will fit right in at Cupid.com. Getting started is absolutely free and you can maintain a Cupid.com service membership as long as you want for free. Additionally, you do not have to answer a lot of questions prior to meeting people. On Cupid.com, you have the freedom to search people who interest you. You may want to talk to someone who is similar to you or completely different from you. Either way, starting a conversation is very simple.

Straightforward Profile Builder

Building your profile on Cupid dating site is super easy. All you have to do is describe your gender and sexual orientation. Then you must provide your date of birth and zip code to determine your age and location. Finally, create a screen name for yourself that defines who you are or what you would like other members to know about you. Or, for your convenience, you can sign into Cupid.com using your username and password from a social network. But of course, none of your private information will be exposed on your social network profile. From there, you are ready to start searching for amazing people like you.

Easy and Effective Member Search

Searching for members to communicate with is as easy as 1-2-3-4. Just four easy steps are all it takes to start finding people to connect with for friendship, dating, or a serious relationship. The first step is to identify you gender and the second step is to specify the gender you are seeking. Thirdly, choose the age of the individuals you would like to meet. You can choose people between the ages of 18 and 65. Finally, enter your local zip code and a list of Cupid website members in your area will appear. Browse through the list and choose people that interest you. From there you can begin reaching out to them.

Once you find someone that you would like to talk to, you can easily send them a private message or instant message. People will also send you private messages and instant messages, so you can feel free to respond to them in your own time and start building friendships and relationships. You do not have to worry about passing any compatibility tests before talking to someone. No, as soon as someone catches your eye, you can send them a message right on the spot and start getting to know them.

Maximum Versatility and Availability

Now that Cupid.com dating site is available for most cell phone and tablet operating systems, you can access your account from practically anywhere. This versatility will give you even more opportunity to connect with people and get back in touch with people who are trying to contact you. Consequently, you can instant message with friends at any time.

In addition to all these features, Cupid.com members also enjoy reading and commenting on Cupid blogs. It covers topics including writing, poetry, arts, relationships, dating advice, friendship, goals, plans, hopes, quizzes, surveys, life, society, etc. All of these topics will help you to integrate yourself into the Cupid site community, and of course, meet more new and exciting people.

Excelsior College #associate #degree #liberal #arts, #associate #in #liberal #arts, #as, #human #services, #degrees, #degree, #earn #degrees, #affordable, #accredited, #degree #completion, #degree #programs, #associate #degree, #online #degrees, #distance #learning, #earn #credit #by #exam, #transfer #credits, #classes, #courses, #excelsior #college


Human Services

Build your resume with an online Associate in Science in Liberal Arts (Human Services) from Excelsior College. This online associate degree can help you break into growing industries such as health services, elder care, and family services.

Designed for working adults who need to balance college with work and family commitments, Excelsior’s online format enables you to complete your degree, build your skills, and advance your career.

A national innovator in distance education, Excelsior has been helping working adults get college degrees since 1971. You’ll be able to earn an associate’s degree quickly, affordably, and conveniently by:

  • Taking online classes from your own computer, at the time and place that works best with your schedule.
  • Getting maximum transfer credit for your college work at other accredited institutions.
  • Receiving academic credit for certain forms of military education, professional training, and work experience.
  • Paying low tuition and student fees that keep the cost of an online associate’s degree within almost any budget. (Visit our tuition page to find out how much you can save. )

If you want to build on your associate’s degree and work toward a bachelor’s degree, Excelsior makes it easy. All the credits from your associate degree will count toward a bachelor’s degree from Excelsior.

An Associate Degree That Can Help You in the Job Market

Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. (Learn more about the MSCHE accreditation and programs specialized accreditations on our accreditation page. )

In our associate’s degree program, you’ll work with outstanding faculty while interacting with classmates via Excelsior’s advanced online portal. You’ll also get personalized support from our nationally recognized team of academic advisors.

The human services concentration provides you with an excellent foundation for a wide variety of jobs in human services. Possibilities include mental health aide, case management aide, and life skills counselor.

How to Become Successful As a Single Parent: 11 Steps #dating #and #single

#single parent


How to Become Successful As a Single Parent

Have a positive outlook on life – This step applies to anyone in any situation. As a single parent you will encounter many challenges, struggles, and joys. Facing and going through these experiences might change your outlook on life, either in a positive or a negative way. Keeping a positive attitude is key in becoming a successful single parent.

Be patient – patience is the number one rule when it comes to kids. Don’t worry about the little things like dirty hands or dishes; you will get to them. You want to be able to spend all the time you can with your child/ren playing, teaching and learning in a positive setting.

Show love and affection – don’t be afraid to give your child/ren lots of hugs and kisses. They need to know that you believe they are the most important thing in your life. Show them and tell them how special they are each and every day.

Research your Childcare – as a single parent the option of not working is off the table; you will have to trust others to take care of your child/ren when you can’t. If your family or friends can’t watch your child/ren, make sure you research the daycare places you are looking into. Check their backgrounds and ask all the needed questions; this will help provide a safe environment for your child/ren.

Accept help from others – as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. If family members and/or friends are willing to help, don’t turn them down, thinking that you can raise your child/ren on your own. Any extra help from people you trust will help with the challenges that arise.

Manage your time wisely – create a schedule that works for you and your child/ren. This schedule should focus on making time for your child/ren and work. Then pencil in other priorities and activities.

Acquire a strong work ethic – you need a strong work ethic to become a successful single parent. Remember: you are not only working for your needs and wants, but your child’s as well. You want to be able to provide your child/ren with the best life and that requires money in most societies.

Be supportive of your child/ren’s hopes and dreams – let your child/ren know that they are capable of anything they put their mind to, even if it is not something you are interested in. Go to your child/ren’s activities to show them that you support what they are doing. Be there for them when it doesn’t work out exactly the way they wanted to.

Let your child/ren know how important education is – keep the lines of communication open with your child/ren’s school. Make talking to teachers a priority and then make sure you communicate with your child on ways they can improve their education. Children need to see that home to school connection so that they take it seriously.

Take some time out for yourself – everyone needs time to themselves to stay sane. This time might be taking a relaxing bath, watching your favorite television show, or spending the day at the spa with your friends. Whatever it is, make sure you are doing it for yourself.