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English League Championship Tips

AsiaBookie. Asian Handicap Betting

AsiaBookie make up of a team of soccer experts who works to bring you free cutting-edge soccer betting tips, picks and predictions. AsianBookie provides free soccer betting tips, picks and predictions based on the AsianHandicaps Odds for major european leagues and cup competitions worldwide, namely English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, World Cup 2018 Qualifiers etc. Our main aim is to help wagers all over the world obtain highly consistent profits over long term basis. Our unique blend of odds reading, team knowledge, past historical statistics, computer-generated estimations and extensive access to street rumours etc. allow us to maintain very high levels of accuracy and consistency.

Beside soccer betting, fans may like to try their luck playing at among the top online casinos. For our Italian fans, if you are looking for more bonuses, you can check out bonus senza deposito casino for more offers.

What is Asian Handicap Odds?

Asian Handicaps Odds Betting, as the name implies originates from Asia by bookmakers, or more popularly known as “bookies” who offer a better chance of winning than conventional fixed odds (1X2) betting. Before you go betting, you might want to research which games give you the best odds and chance of winning. For more information about the best and worst real money casino game odds see this guide. If you are placing bets with bonuses, see these steps for bonus clearing techniques to maximize your winning odds. The popularity of this form of betting which has started in Asia has spread to the West, especially in the UK, with many online bookmakers catering for this type of betting odds. Beside soccer, you can also check out online casino uk.

An Asian Handicap is an advantage for the better by reducing the number of outcomes from three to two, similar to an online casino bonus. For a casino offer see details of Royal Vegas’s $1200 bonus offer. For more about 888 Sport bonuses see this piece courtesy of our friends at

Norwegians, like many other people all over the world, love the excitement that online casinos bring, and there are many great portals where they can seek help and tips.

Important Info

AsiaBookie Asian Handicap Odds are obtained directly from, the World’s Leading Online Asian Handicap Odds Bookmaker. All Asian Handicap Odds posted hereby are available online with, so there’s no need for viewers to look elsewhere for Asian Handicap Odds! Asian Handicap Odds tends to fluctuate according to punters buying pattern and other market forces, so please check with for the latest Asian Handicap Odds before making your final decision or placing your bets. Time Zone: GMT +8. Local Time in Hong Kong, Malaysia & Singapore.

Asia Tips
Increased Profitability Predictions. Boost Your Hit Rate, Join Today!

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Heart of Asia Blog:
Webmaster Answers Questions on International Dating vs Mail order Brides

Letters from our clients

I want to let you know that I have develop a successful relationship with a lady from China, which was the first lady I looked at, and the first lady I wrote. I just wanted to say thanks. I think you are running a good service for those of us who are tired of all the games and are looking for true relationship. Charles

I am sending this E-mail because myself and Julie got married on July 10th of this year. We both want to thank you very much for us being able to find each other through your service. We can not tell you how much we appreciate the opportunity to have found each other and we will always be grateful to you and your service as we would not have met otherwise. I am attaching a photo of our reception at the Butchart Gardens in Canada. Thanks for all you have done. Rick & Julie

I’d like to thank you for your great website and trusted service. I used your service a year ago for the first time. I’ve been to the Philippines 3 times to visit the 2nd girl I met by using your service. Her name is Liza and we are now engaged. I’ve never been in a hurry to get married (I just turned 39), but since I have a brother and sister-in-law that are missionaries in the Philippines, I wanted to meet some girls while I visited there to see if all the good things I heard about Filipino women were true. So far, they are everything and more than you and others have said. Brent

American Men Find Asian Women Marriage #date #dk

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American Men Find Asian Brides for Marriage

American men should give their thanks to the Internet because it brings them online brides and ends up their lonely single life. With the booming of online dating services, more and more single men in USA go online to find their soul mate or perfect match. For some guys, it seems that Asian girls are more compatible with them than American women for marriage. Although Asian women have different cultural background with American men, they’ve something attractive to each other and that will help them be happy couples.

* Asian ladies always take care of her husband and family. Apart from the beautiful face and slender sexy body, these exotic females have the quality of being a good housewife. Nowadays most American women spend more …

American Men Find Asian Brides for Marriage

American men should give their thanks to the Internet because it brings them online brides and ends up their lonely single life. With the booming of online dating services, more and more single men in USA go online to find their soul mate or perfect match. For some guys, it seems that Asian girls are more compatible with them than American women for marriage. Although Asian women have different cultural background with American men, they’ve something attractive to each other and that will help them be happy couples.

* Asian ladies always take care of her husband and family. Apart from the beautiful face and slender sexy body, these exotic females have the quality of being a good housewife. Nowadays most American women spend more time on their jobs and socialization than their marriage and family. They think money can buy everything including love. While Asian females would like to turn themselves to household chores to offer the best care to her family, a comfortable home to her husband.

* USA men are strong and romantic. This is one of the main reasons for why Asian women want to marry American men. South Asian women feel safe with big guys, so your strong body can be attractive advantage. And all women in the world love romantic stuffs because life will be more colorful with them. Probably influenced by films, western men are romantic in the eyes of Asia women.

So sign up to meet these beautiful Asian girls NOW!

Newest Ladies

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Asian Mail Order Brides Costs

In the past, mail-order brides listed themselves in catalogues and magazines with the intention of attracting a man for marriage. These days, with the advent of new technology, Asian mail order brides are typically found online.

Generally, international marriage agencies (as they re commonly referred to as) will sell men the contact details of their female clients and encourage them to correspond and meet up with the ultimate goal/intention being marriage.

These agencies also offer the opportunity to visit a foreign country and meet potentially hundreds of women at specially designed events which are organized by the agency thus giving the men a chance to meet a large selection potential partners up close.

So how much do Asian brides cost?

The price depends on several things, such as the country they re coming from, their family, as different families will request different prices and how old she is (with younger brides tending to be more expensive).

That being said, expect to pay anywhere between $4,000 and $40,000 for a bride. This figure includes agency fees, although you may need to pay to fly out to your brides local country to meet her and her family to get engaged.

Mail-order brides from Asia are incredibly popular these days, as many Western men are looking for a traditional wife who will stay at home during the day, cook the meals, take care of the children and keep the house clean, rather than the typical career-driven Western woman.

For Asian women, the prospect of a better, higher status life is often too good to turn down, which is why they apply to these agencies with the hope of meeting a nice Western man to sweep them off of their feet.

Contrary to popular belief, you don t need to be a mega-rich entrepreneur to attract the attentions of a mail-order bride. Because many Asian mail order brides live in such poor areas/countries, even a modest home and income in the Western world is far more than they could ever have dreamed to imagine having back home.

Of course, you must have a sustainable job that pays the bills, and it is often stated that you must be a homeowner (or have a renewable tenancy agreement with your landlord) in order to apply for a mail-order bride.

When looking for an Asian mail-order bride, it is best to do so by getting in touch with a well established agency that prides itself
on properly vetting the women it takes on.

Often times, you ll find agencies that don t have any kind of quality control (or who don t properly investigate their client s backgrounds), meaning you re very much playing a lottery where you could end up meeting a woman who isn t being totally honest with you about her life, her age, her profession, etc.

Another reason why Asian brides are so popular is that a lot of Asian women (in particular those from Thailand) have a good grasp on the English language, making communication between the two of you much easier.

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Filipina Brides – Dating Asian Women #christian #personals

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Filipina Brides Online

Filipina Brides Online is the premier international introduction and tour service and we’re based in Phoenix, Arizona. Men from all over the world want to date and marry a Filipina. There are very few women quite as popular as the women from the Philippines. Here you can meet beautiful single Asian and Filipina ladies for marriage and international online dating. Meet hundreds of Philippines women on our dating tours for single men to the Philippines and meet your Filipina bride. Most of the single Philippine women on our site are from Cebu City or Davao City. Register for free and start to communicate with single Asian women online.

REAL Success Stories


  • Hundreds of group and individual tours every year!
  • Long tours, but shorter ones available upon request
  • Airfare, transportation to Filipina Brides Online functions, and daily breakfast buffet
  • Ongoing introductions to hundreds of beautiful women!
  • 4-star accommodations with single occupancy and private bath
  • Three fully catered, invitation-only socials with complimentary interpreters!
  • Guided sightseeing tour!
  • Metro/city orientation tour (for the best and safest way to navigate the city)
  • 24-hour hospitality and guidance from American and foreign staff
  • Courtesy interpreters daily (9a.m.-9p.m. in hotel)
  • The absolute BEST package available!


  • Use our search engine, picking qualities you desire in a potential bride
  • Be patient! We have over 20,000 beautiful, sincere women to choose from!
  • Don’t limit yourself to a few ladies – you might miss that SPECIAL ONE!
  • Do not place too much emphasis on the woman’s photo
  • DO read the ladies’ bio information – are you compatible?
  • Write to your selected ladies – they love a personal note!
  • Consider phoning your selected ladies – it’s fast, fun and easy!
  • Send a beautiful lady some flowers and let her know you care!
  • Sign up for one of our Romance tours and MEET your selected ladies!

Filipina Brides Online is so successful at international introductions and tours that we average more than five engagements a day! Sixty percent of our business is generated from referrals! We have hundreds of previous tour clients who are eager to share their experiences with you. We welcome all your foreign bride questions and look forward to assisting you!

Upcoming Singles Tours:

Now, How Do Asian Brides Mail Order in US Live? #dating #after #divorce

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Now, How Do Asian Brides Mail Order in US Live?

There are thousands of Asian brides mail order online who come to America by getting married with American men. When we mentioned about American men, we meant all men who are American citizens. Some of them are Vietnamese, Chinese, Thailand, Filipinos, Korean, Japanese, Indian Americans and others who have lived in USA and who are US citizens.

These men come back to their original countries to get married with girls and bring them back here to live. For example, Vietnamese single men come back to Saigon to get married with beautiful girls there. After married, he sponsored her to the United States to live. We called the girl as an Asian mail order bride. She is a bride of an American citizen.

Asian brides online are included other races such as Indian, Japanese, Philippines, Korean, Thailand, Vietnamese. However, the most Asian mail order brides who come to America are Filipinas, Thailand, and Vietnamese. Every year, there are thousands of these Asian brides come to USA to live with their husbands. How do these brides get connected with men? You can figure it out. Some of them are introduced by their friends, relatives. And the rest of them are introduced by online Asian brides mail order services. You may be familiar with Asian dating service, then you know for sure the mail order bride services. They are almost the same thing. There is not much difference between the two services, just a little.

Asian brides online mail order services are to help men with women online to meet with each other. Asian dating service provides the means for single men to meet women and vice versa. So, both services are almost the same. The only difference from Asian bride service is that some of the women are registered by the webmasters because they do not know English at all, or they just know a little of English. So, the website owner registered for them. Some Asian mail order bride services have the translation service to help to translate letters from American men who write for these brides. So, mail order bride services are like that. Asian dating services are different in which all members must register their personals ads by themselves.

In USA, there are thousands of Asian brides online to search for and to get married. They are easy. You can see many couples from an older man with a young girl. They are nice couples. They love each other. So, they come together and got married and live happily. In Bangkok, you can see many American men to come here to marry these girls. They just want a better life in USA so they are willing to get married with older men. In Saigon or Manila, the same thing applies for these brides. They want to live in the United States to have a good future, not only for themselves but for their children. Anyway, Asian free brides are honest and faithful to the love and the marriage that are given by their men. They are ready to meet you online.

How do Asian mail order brides adapt to American lifestyle?

Chinese bride and husband in China

First of all, they go to the English as a Second Language (ESL) school to study English for a few months. At this time, they get the driving learner s permit to learn how to drive a car. After about 6 months to 1 year, they find a job and work full time or part time. Some of them decide to go back to school to study for a Bachelor degree (BS) and some just go to work because they have responsibilities to help their parents and siblings back home.

They can accept any work that they can make money, such as cleaning, laundry, cashier, and so on. The salary for these low-paying jobs is about $10 per hour. It is different from each state. That means, they can earn about $80 per day if they work 8 hours a day. So, the total income is about $1,500 to $2,000 a month when they work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. They can help their husband for the home expenses and help their parents and siblings back home.

Asian bride in California

That s how all Asian brides do when they first come to the US. Anyway, most of Asian people work hard and save money well so they can adapt to the US lifestyle at ease.

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Indian Bridal Wear, Asian Bridal Wear, Indian Wedding Outfits #dating #black #women

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Indian Bridal Wear Asian Bridal Wear by Sonas Haute Couture

Welcome to Sonas Haute Couture, an experienced design house for high end quality Indian wedding outfits. At Sonas we aim to provide you with your dream outfit to make your wedding unique and an unforgettable experience. We design Asian bridal wear to suit any occasion, at every different stage of your wedding.

Take time to browse by occasion and you will find a range of fashionable outfits along with traditional Indian bridal wear suited for different occasions. Find the perfect outfit for your Mehndi/Sangeet such as churidar suits or concept sarees that will make you feel like royalty, adorned with lavish embroidery and use of luxury fabrics you deserve in the exhilarating days ahead while you are preparing yourself to embark on the start of your new life.

Choose from our wide collection of Indian wedding outfits for the wedding ceremony, featuring elegant traditional sarees, lenghas, fusion wear and stylish sherwanis that are all finely embellished and perfectly cut to your specific measurements.

Complete your ideal Asian bridal wear with some impeccable accessories that are sure to value as a priceless momentos for years to come. We can offer you an excellent choice of Asian bridal bindis, beautiful handbags, Indian bridal shoes and stunning Asian wedding jewellery sets to compliment your bridal outfit in an image of pure opulence and taste. We also provide a great selection of menswear accessories like decorative shawls, head piece pagris and matching mojri shoes.

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the Asian Industry, announcing a new Asian bridal wear collection every season. We are confident, when you buy Indian bridal wear from us, that you will be able to find the bridal outfit for your dream wedding, enjoying the wedding ceremony dressed in the very height of contemporary fashion with our exquisite Indian wedding outfits.

Our numerous testimonials show that we are leading designers that strive to provide exceptional customer service. Book an appointment with us today so that we can discuss how we can help to make your unforgettable wedding day as picturesque celebration of unimaginable bliss.

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Philippines and Asian dating #local #singles

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Philippines and Asian dating

100% Free Philippines and Asian dating

Our dating site is completely 100% free:

  • No cost to view profiles
  • No cost to sign up
  • No cost to chat, send winks, create favorites and interact.

Translation into multiple languages
Everything on our website is multilingual and available in many languages including Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai or Indonesian.

Chat freely in real time with all users.

Philippines, Thai, Vietnamese and other Asian Girls

asiadatingspace features Filipina, Vietnamese and other Asian girls and ladies, sometimes incorrectly called brides, from Philippines. Indonesia. Thailand. Vietnam and China. Mostly the girls on this site are from the Philipines, Indonesia, Vietnam and China and are searching for men from Europe and America.

Many Asian ladies, whether Filipina or Philippines girls, Vietnamese, Chinese or Indonesian are on this site to search for their partner or future husband. Please join for free, contact the ladies on this site. We wish you success in your search and future relationship.

Find your true love in Asia
Essential tips and advice for online dating

Information about the Philippines

Opportunities available

We are looking for people to help develop of our dating site. You may not need experience however if you have skills in marketing, social media or article writing related to dating or Philippines they will be very useful. You should be good with computers and the internet and have language skills such as Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Filipino / Tagalog as well as good English skills. View more information here

13 Best Free Asian Dating Sites (2016) #gay #online #dating

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13 Best Free Asian Dating Sites (2016)

EliteSingles is a go-to choice for quality Asian dating prospects, as over 80% of their users have a university degree. They provide a fun yet safe dating experience and do that through their laid-back atmosphere and exclusive fraud detection system. EliteSingles’ free features include profile creation, search filters, and various communication options. Over 65,000 singles join the site every week, and more than 2,500 members find love every month — you could be next!

What’s Free: Post a profile and pic, search users, and send flirts

The Cherry Blossom Asian dating site, most commonly known as Blossoms, operates on the motto of “Bringing the World Together, One Couple at a Time!” and they definitely do that. The site has helped more than half a million men and women from all over the globe meet for dates, love, and even marriage. Blossoms was founded in 1974 and has been offering a worthwhile, affordable dating experience ever since — it’s free to join, create a profile, upload up to 12 photos, send flirty virtual smiles, browse members, receive matches, and ask those matches up to 10 questions.

What’s Free: Create profile, search singles, and communicate


Boundaries are a thing of the past on AsianDate, where over 20 million members exchange more than 1.5 million messages every day. It’s easy — not to mention free — to join in on the fun, too. You can even use Facebook for quick signup. Once you find someone who catches your eye, the site allows you to chat, send letters, make phone calls, and share photos without paying anything!

What’s Free: Sign up, browse profiles, send chats, letters, and virtual gifts

ThaiJoop is often given the title “Best Asian Dating App” among single Asian men and women, proven by their 4.5- and 4.1-star ratings in The App Store and Google Play, respectively. There’s also a desktop version if you’re more of the laptop-on-lap-on-couch kind of dater. This free app is great for local Asian dating, not international, because matching is based on where you are. Set your preferred distance (e.g. 10, 20, or 50 miles) and age range, upload some high-resolution photos, and get to chatting.

What’s Free: 100% free download, registration, and unlimited communication

All That’s Left is to Get Started!

A lot of research went into finding not only the best Asian dating websites overall but also the ones that don’t come with a steep price tag. These services are also addressing the needs of a large group of people, and that’s really great to see. So whether you’re into dating Asian women or dating Asian guys, you’re sure to find the right match on one of the sites above. Have fun!

About The Author

As the editor-in-chief of, I oversee content strategy, social media engagement and media opportunities. When I’m not writing about cheese or my 18-year love affair with Leonardo DiCaprio, I’m listening to The Beatles, watching Harry Potter reruns (I’m a proud Slytherin!) or drinking IPAs. Connect with me on Google+ and Twitter .


10 Best Free Asian Dating Sites #matchmaker

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10 Best Free Asian Dating Sites

If you are looking for an Asian girlfriend without spending a dime, then knowing the 10 best free Asian dating sites is a must. The great news is that these sites are absolutely 100 percent free with no catches. Let s review these free Asian dating sites for details.

  1. Single guys from all age groups can search for love directly nationwide and worldwide through this site. You can find the Asian girl of your dream based on her origin.
  2. Users are mostly in their early 20s or above. You can find your Asian love in your favorite country. This search can also be done by your favorite city as well.
  3. If you are in your 30s to 40s and are searching for a serious relationship, this site will definitely fit your bill. You can locate that special Asian lady within or outside the United States.
  4. Single men of all ages love using this site because they can look for romance or just for friendship. You can meet up with someone locally or internationally.
  5. Just like, any single men would enjoy using this site. Besides having the power to find someone locally and internationally, you can look for all kinds of relationships here.
  6. Regardless of what age and race you are, single men come from all walks of life are using this site to seek serious relationships. These Asian single chicks from all over the world can t wait to talk to you.
  7. Single guys who are in their mid 20s to mid 40s will love this site to death. Believe it or not, it has plenty of young and charming Asian women from all around the world waiting for your connection.
  8. Single men who are in their 30s to 50s might choose this site to meet their Asian princess. These Asian women are very mature, and they are looking to get serious with someone from any country.
  9. No matter how old you are and how unlucky in finding the Asian woman of your dream, this dating site will cater to you. There are thousands of profiles for you to choose from worldwide.
  10. If you are in your early 20s or late 30s and don t want to go through thousands of profiles, you must check out this site to find an Asian lady. You can hook up with someone decent and sincere locally or internationally without too much hassle.

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