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Online Dating Service for the Blind?

Posted by TheBlind.US on 2/2/2013 at 8:48 AM

Most of the organizations in my area are open only during the time that I work M-F in my FT position and I would very much like to meet and date someone who like me is partially sighted or fully blind so we have more in common.

Does anyone know of any decent sites online for the blind interested in dating other blind people?

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Re: Online Dating Service for the Blind?

Posted by angel54 on 6/9/2016 at 5:42 PM

Hi can anyone help me find the site for the blind who dates blind people

Re: Online Dating Service for the Blind?

Re: Online Dating Service for the Blind?

Posted by tmratwork on 11/6/2015 at 11:24 AM

we would like our online dating service to work seamlessly for the non-sighted. how to find a few non-sighted folks to join our beta program? the beta program works on website, iphone and android platforms.

we view today?s online dating as a terrible experience, but it does not have to be, and the non-sighted can lead the way for all of us. our approach is based on realtime voice-only pre-dating in place of profiles and pictures.

“you fall in love with the voice first, there?s so much richness and intonation within a voice that gives clues to a person?s personality” (Kevin Satizabal, Royal London Society for the Blind)

i am leaving out our company name to prevent this looking more like an advertisement. i can provide our email address or company name if it is allowed and requested.

Re: Online Dating Service for the Blind?

Posted by stonecutter3000 on 2/27/2014 at 3:59 PM

Re: Online Dating Service for the Blind?

Posted by stonecutter3000 on 2/27/2014 at 3:53 PM

Re: Online Dating Service for the Blind?

Posted by stonecutter3000 on 2/17/2014 at 9:06 PM

There are many dating sites for disabled, blind are welcome, but usually not just for the blind. maby 1 or 2 yahoo groups are dating groups but thin most people do not bother with those group anymore.

Re: Online Dating Service for the Blind?

Posted by wordsmithing on 2/7/2013 at 7:08 PM

I lack any personal knowledge about these sites and have never been on any of them. Now that is out of the way, here goes.
You are computer literate since you talk about being a webmaster. So, let’s assume that you put “dating service for the blind” into bing or google or some other search engine.
When I searched, I got
About Blind Singles Dating Sites | › … ›
About Blind Singles Dating Sites
By Tara Dodrill, eHow Contributor
Online dating websites for the blind and visually impaired offer a chance to socialize
and “cyber-flirt” with peers. Nearly all dating websites for the blind and physically
disabled offer free membership.
Online dating websites for the blind and visually impaired are creating a presence
on the Web. Although barely a dozen dating websites for the blind are currently available,
the number of registered members on the
live chat
sites is increasing.
The For the People dating website for the blind is a free
social networking
site. Users need a microphone and a sound card to interact on this website. Users
create a screen name and password upon registration. Personal identities are not
shared unless site members choose to offer the information with other users. Graphic
language is not permitted on this dating site. Downloading “Simple Software” is necessary
to interact in the site’s chat rooms. The website will prompt users to download the
free software when registering for membership.
Members need to press the left Control key to speak with other chat room participants.
A beeping signal from the website will note when a member can take a turn to speak
in the chat room. An online shopping link and donation option is available for site
BlindSpots, Dating 4 the Disabled
BlindSpots is a free dating and social networking service for the blind and visually
impaired. Specialized website tools allow members to create blogs and chat with potential
dates. For additional information visit their website (see Resources below).
The Dating 4 the Disabled website offers social networking tools to aid in communication
for adults with physical disabilities. This free dating website allows members to
communicate in
chat rooms
with instant messages, blogs and via webcams. The website
features almost 10,000 members.
Zone BBS
The Zone BBS website offers social interaction for the blind and visually impaired.
This website offers free registration and use of all features at no charge. For additional
information visit
Adults with multiple types of physical disabilities can use the Friends Like Me website.
The blind and visually impaired can cyber flirt via an audio link provided on the
website. Additional Friends Like Me resources include chat rooms and message boards.
A membership fee of $60 is charged for a year subscription. For additional information
visit offers some chat and socializing options for the visually impaired.
Free registration allows members to browse the site. Fees are charged for interaction
among members. For additional information visit
Cyber Dating for Adults with Disabilities
The Disabled Passions website offers free social interaction and dating for adults
with disabilities. Site features also include links to topics related to disability
services and care. For additional information visit
The Disabled Dating World website allows free membership for adults with disabilities
and caregivers. Members can add photos to their site profile, send instant messages
and tour chat rooms. For additional information visit
Whisper 4 U
The Whisper 4 U blind dating website offers free member interaction and multiple
chat rooms for users. This dating website boasts approximately 16,000 members. Whisper
4 U members can also upload video profiles and communicate via webcam with other
Further down on the bing search, I came to an announcement of a service, posted on the AFB message boards some years ago. To read it, follow this link.

Community Center

Dating Sites for the Blind – Disabled World #find #singles

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P ublished 2009-02-18 (Rev. 2010-10-22 ) — Online dating sites and information for the vision impaired and people who are blind and seeking partners.

Contact Details: For further information please contact Dating Sites for the Blind

Main Document

My intentions were to do a review of online dating websites for blind and visually impaired persons, however a search for such sites revealed there are none, or none that I could find.

OK, If Disabled World, or another website, was to create a dating service for the blind what requirements would be needed? You can add to this list by using our form below. The form has a spoken captcha for the blind.

Criteria to Develop a Free Online Dating Website for Blind and Vision Impaired Users.

1. The site would need to be mainly text only – with pictures kept to a minimum. Profile pictures could still be posted so that a sighted person could describe how a person looked to someone with a vision impairment.

2. More descriptive fields would need to be added for items such as hair and eye color, clean shaven or bearded, height, body build etc. This would give a member a better idea of a person for those that can not see a profile photo.

3. Any anti-spam captcha’s would need to be able to “speak” the captcha letters or numbers.

4. The website would need to be designed to be readable by a large number of different screen readers .

Please add to this list using our form below. If we get enough interest from people we may create a dating area on our site for the blind and visually impaired.

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Why I – m dumping OkCupid – s blind dating app #russian #ladies

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Why I m dumping OkCupid s blind dating app

OkCupid CEO Sam Yagan wants to bring back a vestige of the past: the blind date.

So we decided to give OkCupid s new app, Crazy Blind Date. a whirl.

VentureBeat teamed up with ABC7 News reporter Jonathan Bloom for this project: I would go on an actual blind date, and the San Francisco network affiliate of ABC would interview my date on the spot.

See below for the video.

Setting up the app and the service is easy: Just download the free app on your iPhone or Android and connect to OkCupid if you re already a member (or create a new account if you re not). You ll only need to reveal a few basic details: first name, age, whether you re into men or women, and a profile pic, which the app will subsequently scramble (see left).

A word of warning: San Francisco is one of those cities where everyone knows everyone in their sector, particularly in the tech community, and the image scrambling is pretty easy to see through, so I was able to discern a few familiar faces when browsing the app.

Next, the app prompts you to create a date ( 8 p.m. at Peet s Coffee ). And then watch the offers fly in. Alternatively, you can browse a dozen or so existing dates and pick the one that s most convenient. You ll need to wait for confirmation from your potential date. Typically, this takes a few hours if they respond at all.

My first impression? I was a bit underwhelmed by the sheer number of dudes whose ideal first date involves Dunkin Donuts or Peet s Coffee. Step it up, people! Please!

After a few tries (my first blind date candidate never got back to me, and the second couldn t meet up before 8 p.m.), I locked down a date with Bobby, a twenty-something with brown hair. His choice for the blind date impressed me: a taqueria in San Francisco s Mission District known for its margaritas.

You can t contact your prospective date until an hour beforehand, when the app lets you message back and forth. I received a note from Bobby confirming that he was actually planning to show up and informing me he d be wearing a blue sweater.

Feeling duplicitous ABC7 News was already on its way to televise the date I ventured over to the restaurant. On route, I even considered writing down conversation topics on the back of my hand in case we had nothing in common. Bobby and I had arranged to meet at the bar. He gave me a quick hug, and I promptly informed him about the news crew waiting outside.

Bobby aka Robert Leshner, the cofounder of Internet privacy company Safe Shepherd took it like a pro. He s startup guy, and is wise to the ways of the tech press. As it turned out, he had a bit of a heads-up about who I was. A few hours prior to our date , a mutual friend recognized me from my scrambled photo. Bobby had a feeling I d be writing a story.

Three margaritas later, I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and I learned all about Bobby s startup. Still, I m unlikely to use the app again.

OkCupid may address some of my initial concerns over time. A few bugs prevented me from booking a last minute date the app would tell me that I m already busy on a particular night. I had to delete and reinstall it several times. And then there s the chance someone might recognize you despite your scrambled photo. This is especially true for one of San Francisco s thriving business sectors the app s early adopters are primarily tech folks. Not ideal if you re in the startup world and want to expand your horizons.

Above: I met my blind date at a taqueria in the Mission.

Yagan is convinced the app will take off in time. To celebrate the launch, OkCupid went dark for a day, turning all of its profile photos black, so users would have to make their dating decisions based on words and wits rather than abs and, well, other body parts,” the company said in a statement. In an interview with ABC7 (see below), Yagan claimed the app has already been used hundreds of times.

It s a nice idea in theory, but when OkCupid introduced a similar blind dating service in 2007, it was a complete bomb. People weren t all that comfortable meeting a complete stranger from the Internet with only a name, age, and scrambled photograph to go on.

I m not surprised it failed. There is something both terrifying and awkward about going on a date with a mysterious stranger. Blind dates only seem to work out when it s a set-up and you have a friend or two in common. Thankfully, Bobby and I had some common ground and could talk about tech, so we ll end up as friends.

Check out my crazy blind date on ABC7. Online dating fans: Would you give Crazy Blind Date a shot?

How To Blind Date – Successful Blind Date #dating #sites #dk

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How to Have Blind Date Success

A few years ago, Internet dating seemed like a gift from the matchmaking gods. Where else could a single chick gain access to a gazillion eligible bachelors? Fast-forward to 2010: With so many men misrepresenting themselves online (“Oh, did I say 6 feet 2? I meant 5 feet 6”), women are burning out on the Internet mating game.

These days, more and more women are adhering to the “everything old is new again” adage and relying more on being set up. Though blind dates can yield blissful results, there’s also the potential for a real bust. “Often, friends or family will just fix up two people because they’re both young and single, without really taking into account whether they’re compatible,” says psychologist Edward A. Dreyfus, PhD, author of Someone Right for You. “In order to be successfully matched up on a blind date, you have to take steps that will ensure you’re only going out with people who actually have potential.” Cribbing these tips will help:

Be Clear About Your Specific Criteria

“You have to guide matchmakers when they’re trying to come up with someone you might like,” says Dreyfus. And citing qualities such as cute, intelligent, and nice won’t cut it. You need to be as detailed as possible about what you’re looking for. and what you’re not. For example, if you love to jog and work out at the gym, don’t just say you want someone who’s athletic — it’s not specific enough. Or if you’re a dedicated liberal democrat, be adamant that you’re not at all open to meeting a conservative republican.

If you’re having a hard time nailing down the specifics, “reflect on the qualities you’ve loved in past boyfriends,” suggests Dreyfus. “You can even think about your friends’ boyfriends’ admirable traits.” And corny as it sounds, if you need help getting all of your thoughts organized, write it all down on a list for yourself.

Don’t worry about being too superficial either. While it’s unlikely you’ll find someone who meets all of your requirements, you do need someone who passes your must-haves. So if things like tall, successful, and great dresser really matter to you, put ’em on your list. “It doesn’t make you shallow — it means you’re realistic about who will actually pique your interest,” says dating agent David Wygant, author of Always Talk to Strangers.

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Pick the Right Matchmaker

Blind dating is a numbers game. The more options you have, the better your chances of scoring a great guy are. So you have to put the word out that you’re available and looking. “A lot of women are afraid that if they ask to be introduced to single guys, they’ll come across as desperate, but it couldn’t be further from the truth,” says dating
coach Patti Feinstein. “By asking to be set up, you’re sending the message that you want to date smartly and see men who come recommended, not just settle for any random guy you happen to meet in a bar.”

Okay, here’s where it gets a little tricky. Yes, you want to network, but you still want to be picky about who’s fixing you up. Obviously, your core group of friends knows your situation so you’re not likely to meet someone new through them. The solution: Cast
a wider net. though still be selective.

“If your hairstylist comes across as really cool and you feel like you and your trainer are on the same page, hit them up for dating help,” suggests Wygant. “Not only are they people you feel a connection to, but they’re in professions where clients tend to get personal with them, so they get a sense of someone’s character and dating status.” On the other hand, you probably don’t want to mention your quest to your soccer-mom dental hygienist. Her definition of a “great guy” might not be in sync with yours.

Once you’ve narrowed down your potential matchmakers, you still have to suss out their setup skills. To do so, simply give them a test. “Find out the kind of guy they think you would be attracted to,” says Dreyfus. Ask them to give you specific qualities that they think you’re looking for in a boyfriend. You’re not only checking out their taste in men, you’re also ascertaining how well they’ve read what you’ve told them. “If their criteria seem to be in line with yours, you can likely trust their judgment in who they’ll set you up with.”

Get the Dirt on the Dude

Once all the pieces are in place, potential suitors should start popping up. Just keep in mind that you’re not obligated to go out with every single, available prospect. So screen out any no-gos by posing a few questions about the guy to your matchmaker.

First off, is he actually looking to pursue a relationship or is he into playing the field? “You don’t want to waste your time with a man who just went through a breakup or is looking only for a fling, because it likely won’t go anywhere,” warns Wygant.

Another way to get pertinent info on a guy without giving the matchmaker the third degree: Find out what he does on the weekends. “His downtime activities usually reveal a lot about a guy’s personality and lifestyle, which can help you determine if the two of you might actually hit it off,” says Dreyfus. For example, a man who invites a group of friends over every Tuesday night for dinner and Lost screenings is clearly very social and into entertaining.

If you decide that a dude isn’t dateable, it’s okay to turn down the offer. Just do it delicately. Instead of saying “Nah, not for me,” which may insult your matchmaker and put an end to any future setups, say something like “He sounds amazing, but I’m not sure I’m right for someone who just got out of a relationship/studies molecular biology/doesn’t exercise at all. But keep me in mind if you think of someone else who might be more my type.” That way, it’ll be clear that you’re weighing potential compatibility and not just slamming the guy.

No girl should have to suffer through a heinous blind date. Use one of these genius game plans to give a lame companion the slip.

Thanks to the vibrate feature on cells, you don’t need a friend to fake an emergency. Pretend your phone is ringing, “take” the call outside, then return to tell the guy, “I’m so sorry, my roommate is locked out. I have to run.”

If you know right away that he’s not for you, set the stage for your escape. Say you’re getting over the flu and may have to leave early. After half an hour, tell him you feel faint and need to split. Don’t forget to apologize profusely.

One surefire way to cut the date short: become confrontational about something he says and aggressively debate him. Men hate fighting with women, especially on date one, so don’t be shocked if he yells, “Check, please!”

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10 Ways to Have an Awesome Blind Date #muslim #dating

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10 Ways to Have an Awesome Blind Date

April 14, 2010 4:00 am

Yesterday my good friend was complaining about a string of lame blind dates she d just been on (she is online dating). I could tell she was losing sight of the point (understandably), but in her frustration, she was blaming all the guys and the universe. I told her that she plays a part in some of this, and that she could have better dates if she changed a few things on her end. Here s how to enjoy a blind date:

1. Throw out any and all expectations. The fastest way to kill a blind date is to walk in expecting Bradley Cooper and then feel nothing but disappointment when it s someone other than Bradley Cooper (and I guarantee it will be). Even if you had an amazing, two-hour phone conversation and his online profile was custom written for you, do not expect Mr. Perfect. No one can live up to that. To make sure you don t build up the date in your mind too much, stay busy beforehand. Also, I don t mean you should have low expectations ( He s going to suck ) just have no expectations. Quick! Think about something else.

2. Wear something you love. Sometimes I m just happy to put on my fancy high heels. On my last blind date, I was excited to be dressed up, and I arrived in a good mood. (It didn t hurt that three different guys checked me out before I d even hailed a cab outside my building. I think we forget that dates are about feeling attractive, not just, Will I be attracted? )

3. Open your mind. You can t know everything about a person up front, so don t be quick to judge. Remember: chemistry can grow; people will grow on you when you get to know them; and some people are nervous on dates. As long as you re not a total misanthrope, you re capable of enjoying almost any human being you just have to keep an open mind.

Totally random caption alert: Check out this tree I found in Central Park on Sunday. Dude! Usually I m not a huge nature lover but hey, take the blinders off and look what you discover.

4. Don t complain. Stay positive and keep things light. If he complains, change the subject.

5. Watch the alcohol.The Millionaire Matchmaker s Patti Stanger says not to drink more than two cocktails because you need clarity. I agree about the clarity; you don t want to sober up after a month and realize you re not attracted to the guy. However, two drinks isn t much, especially if it s a long date. Depending on your tolerance, who s driving, and whether or not you eat, I think it s okay to have three or four.

6. Leave your insecurities at home. If I sense a guy is not interested in me, I don t focus on that fact (it won t help anybody). Just try to find out what does make him smile (Your jokes? Talking baseball?). (P.S. Why worry he ll be too good-looking and won t think you re cute? Super hot people never go on blind dates.)

7. Try something new or weird. Last weekend, I tried frog legs on one date and kumquat grappa on another. When two people share a novel experience, it bonds them.

8. Find the funny. Laughter is the best medicine for a crappy date. What s humorous about your surroundings? If the guy has the sense of humor of a wet mop, take notes and laugh later with your friends.

9. Learn more. If you don t care to learn anything about this guy, what can you learn from him? Can you get some investment advice? Industry gossip? Maybe he can fix the settings on your camera.

10. Get up and do something. If the guy is repulsive, uninteresting, and/or extremely unintelligent, try not to sit and stare. You ll fixate on whatever it is that s bugging you. Get up and get him involved in an activity you enjoy no matter what pick out songs on the jukebox, play pool, order ice cream, take a walk, or place bets on the teams playing on the bar s TV. If you re at dinner, well chew fast.

If you forget everything else, just remember to have zero expectations and an open mind. I always have a good time when I m on a date with no expectations. (No Expectations in one good-looking guy, haha!) A bottle of wine never hurts, either.

What do you do to enjoy a blind date? What was your best blind date ever?

More Ways to Get Glamour

Visit for cute stuff starting at just $10!

Modern Manners Guy: Blind Date Etiquette #russian #dating

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Blind Date Etiquette

Hands down, one of the top relationship questions I m asked is how to handle blind dates. As I read email after email from panicked daters, I can feel their anxiety about meeting a stranger in such a charged, awkward situation..

It s only natural to be nervous. After all, this meeting is a big deal and you should be prepared to bring nothing less than your A-Game. So make sure you wear plenty of deodorant because you will surely be sweating the small stuff.

Check out my top 3 quick and dirty tips for a successful blind date:

Tip #1: Your Interview You

A common misconception is that the just be me philosophy works in all situations.

Yes, it s wrong to project a false idea of who you are, but a blind date is not the time to let all the skeletons out. The goal is to present the best version of yourself.

A Modern Manners Guy Facebook friend. Jeremy, recently met Melissa for the first time after his brother set them up. Jeremy is a catch. He s good-looking, smart, has a great job, owns his own house, has a clean record, and even fought for our country. But all that does not mean that Jeremy should simply to float through the date. Even though his brother spoke highly of him to Melissa (and about Melissa to him), there will always be a level of skepticism from both parties at a blind date. This is only natural. That s why we have to monitor our actions closely to make a great first impression.

This is the time to bring out what I call the Interview You. Not a false you, just your best you. The Interview You changes your whole demeanor; you sit up straighter, you don t drink as much, you don t stuff your face with rigatoni, and you watch your speech, ditching the sailor mouth. Again, this is not being phony, it s being an adult.

If you want this blind date to lead to a second date, you need to bring out that polished adult out for the evening. Remember to smile more, engage in conversation, and ask your date questions – just like an interview. Well, not about the salary of course.

Tip #2: Do Not Take Charge

A while ago Adrienne emailed me about her blind date with Tony. Even though Adrienne and Tony were strangers, she knew who he was through mutual friends and had been dying to go out with him. Adrienne admits that she is a Type A Personality, control freak, micro-manager who does not like surprises (her words, not mine).

So being Adrienne, she put her best Type A self forward and planned the entire night. Without asking, she chose an expensive seafood restaurant, picked the time, and made a reservation. As well, she called ahead, asked for a specific table, and pre-ordered the meal for them. You know, because she s a go-getter.

Yes, just a smidgen.

In her attempt to impress Tony, she came off like a complete control freak.

Had Adrienne stepped back and let things come together naturally, she would have learned that Tony is allergic to seafood and prefers to order for himself – like an adult.


Blind Date – Making Online Dating Easy And Fun #flirting

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blind date

There are different types of Asian dating sites, some focus only on girls of a particular country while offering profile f girls from different countries.
How good are these sites twinning people? You d be surprised how many of these agencies free online dating services have made successful matches for singles on their website.

blind date

Making the first in an online dating service can put you first in line for a hot date.�If you are in search online for a life partner, try and insert your hunt for the perfect mate online with a little fun. They are not only looking for that special soul mate, but also aspire for good friendships with other Christian singles who are fun-loving and likeminded.

blind date

Blind date Call meetings and research services in your area and even do some online research to better understand.

Sometimes words are interpreted in different ways, so try to be as clear as possible to avoid any misinterpretation.

blind date

BLIND DATE – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre #women #dating

#blind date



Irresistible a cheeky and charming evening.

New York Daily News

There’s nothing like the thrill of a first date… anything can happen! In this reimagined version of Rebecca Northan’s smash hit play, the saucy Mimi and the handsome Mathieu take turns finding love with a different person every night plucked right from the audience.

Following sold out runs across North America, this fast and funny fusion of improv, theatre, and clown takes its first-ever journey into queer romance to welcome a whole new community of romantic heroes that will have you falling in love every night.

Performed for the very first time with queer couples, this Blind Date celebrates and explores the peculiarities of queer romance. Our sexy French clowns revel in our quirky queerness in a way that is sure to make you fall in love with them and their audience-member-turned-romantic-hero.

Performers Julie Orton and David Benjamin Tomlinson take turns in the starring role. Check the schedule below to see who’s performing when.

photo of Julie Orton and David Benjamin Tomlinson by Tanja-Tiziana .

See more for less with Buddies Rewards

Earn Buddies Rewards when you buy tickets to this show click here to learn more

I shrieked with laughter… This show is a don’t miss, even if you’ve seen it before.
-Paula Citron, Classical 93.6FM

A perfect marriage of theatre and comedy
-Now Magazine

A must-see performance … the theatrical equivalent of walking a tightrope.
-The Calgary Sun

One of the most daring and exhilarating undertakings in the scope of contemporary theatre.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do, because I once spent 90 minutes under the spell of Rebecca Northan. I m willing to wager that no matter who this gifted woman selects by chance from the audience, the end result is likely to contain the same mixture of uproarious laughter, honest sexuality and genuine emotion… a flight of theatrical fancy that is absolutely magical.
-The Toronto Star

It’s a risky thing to do…. i t wasn’t an ordinary evening. It made me want to see the show again. Each evening is unique because there’s a different date every night.
-Mooney on Theatre

Very funny
-The New York Times

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre presents


a Spontaneous Theatre Creation by REBECCA NORTHAN
in collaboration with EVALYN PARRY and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

creator/producer REBECCA NORTHAN

JULIE ORTON Mimi / Scenographer
BRUCE HORAK Scenographer

stage manager / sound improviser MARCIE JANUSKA
lighting designer ADRIEN WHAN
house technician SUZIE BALOGH


Tuesday, September 20 // 8pm (preview)
Wednesday, September 21 // 8pm (preview)
Thursday, September 22 // 8pm (opening)
Friday, September 23 // 8pm
Saturday, September 24 // 8pm
Sunday, September 25 // 2:30pm

Tuesday, September 27 // 8pm (preview)
Wednesday, September 28 // 8pm (preview)*
Thursday, September 29 // 8pm (opening)
Friday, September 30 // 8pm
Saturday, October 1 // 8pm
Sunday, October 2 // 2:30pm

Tuesday, October 4 // 8pm
Wednesday, October 5 // 8pm
Thursday, October 6 // 8pm
Friday, October 7 // 8pm
Saturday, October 8 // 8pm
Sunday, October 9 // 2:30pm

*ASL interpretation will be provided for the September 28th performance of Blind Date. Click on the accessibility tab for more details.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is a physically accessible venue, with washrooms located on the lower floor accessed by elevator.

Washrooms at Buddies are not separated by gender.

On September 28th, ASL interpretation will be provided at the 8:00pm performance. ASL Interpreters are Andrea Kraus and Jamie O Connell. The show will be performed by David Benjamin Tomlinson. Tickets are $25 in advance and Pay-What-You-Can tickets will be available for purchase at the door for patrons wishing to access ASL interpretation.

by Johnnie Walker on September 26th, 2016

7 Blind Date Survival Tips #uk #dating #site

#blind date


Swipe Right: The Only Blind Date Survival Guide You ll Need

Read this if you want to survive that blind online date. (Photo: Getty Images/StyleCaster)

Once upon a time, a blind date usually meant a mutual friend set you up, but these days, apps and dating sites tend to do the legwork for us. Yet regardless of how much you’ve been texting, talking, or Snapchatting beforehand, it’s really no different than a “blind” date of yesteryear—the other party is still basically a stranger.

To that end, the first IRL encounter with a new potential partner should be handled with a high dose of openness and a low dose of expectations. Because what if he’s just plain weird or the conversation is about as scintillating as watching paint dry?

To help you master the art of blind dating, we ve come up with seven handy survival steps to save you from those first-date jitters.

Be equal parts curious and cautious.

Your mentality going into date number one should be one of discovery. You’re meeting this person to learn more about him or her and to see if you have chemistry. Sujeiry Gonzalez . a relationship columnist and host of Love Sujeiry on SiriusXM, says it’s good to be open but to balance that with being cautious, too, as you’ve never met this person before. “Tell friends where you are; tag your location on Facebook; choose a well-lit, busy place; and always meet your blind date at the location,” she says. Because, sadly, you can never be too careful.

Skip doing dinner.

Having a first date at a white-tablecloth restaurant puts a lot of undue pressure on both parties, so choose a place that is casual. Coffee shops, cafés, and pizzerias are all easy and no-pressure places that remove the (kind of outdated) formality typically associated with a dinner date. “Dinner dates set you up for the ‘dating interview’ as you sit across from each other,” says dating coach Hunt Ethridge of the old-fashioned method. “It can be expensive and time-consuming for someone that you’re not sure about yet. Keep the formality for your next job interview, not your next blind date.

Keep expectations low (no, really).

It can be really exciting meeting someone for the first time, especially if you’ve already developed some chemistry through texting or (no judgment) stalking his Insta profile. Still, if you build up a potential partner before you even meet, you might end up self-sabotaging by creating a person who can’t live up to your out-of-this-world expectations. “Go in with the goal of learning about this other person,” advises Ethridge. “If your goal is to learn about him, then you can always succeed.”

Be OK with gaps in conversation.

If your nerves get the best of you and you can’t think of one intelligible thing to say, don’t worry—and don’t assume that moments of silence mean a lack of interest. Barbie Adl er . matchmaker and founder of Selective Search, says lulls in conversation are totally normal, especially because of first-date jitters and the pressure you’ve likely put on yourself to come across as effortlessly cool. But don’t fall into the trap of babbling just to fill up dead air. “At the end of the day, you’d probably rather have a couple seconds of silence that lead to a great conversation instead of frantically trying to fill the void,” says Adler.

Don’t be quick to dismiss.

In the annals of blind date success stories, there’s some sort of magnificently great instant connection the second you sit down for drinks. But for the rest of us, the connection takes time to build. Remember: Once you tell someone you’re “not feeling it,” it can’t be unheard. “You might not feel a true connection at the beginning or even on the whole first date,” says Ethridge. “But you may find it on the second or third.” That s not to say you have to keep dating ad infinitum if you’re not into the person, but it’s good to give a date a solid try.

Keep it short and sweet.

The first date is more of an exploration to see if you have chemistry, enjoy being with each other, and can build fun and friend rapport. But dates—just like food—have an expiration date. “The longer the date goes on, the more difficult it becomes to keep up the energy,” notes Ethridge. So keep the date between one and two hours to keep that energy going. “You want to part with both parties excited to see the other again, not exhausted after hours of conversation.” Keeping the first date short also ensures that you won’t need an escape plan (see below!) should the date go flat.

Ditch the escape plan.

Don’t go all high school and have a friend call you with an “emergency.” We’re all adults here, and that’s some sophomoric behavior at best. If you’ve made time for this person and he s made time for you, follow through with the (fairly brief) commitment. “If you are really not feeling it and doubt any connection ever, respectfully tell your blind date,” says Gonzalez. Then, meet up with some friends afterward to talk about it, preferably over drinks.

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How to Survive a Blind Date

Contact your date. Get the other person’s e-mail address through your mutual friend. Contact the other person using a friendly tone. Don’t ask for the phone number or make plans to meet right away. Exchange a few e-mails, then the man should politely ask if it would be okay for him to call to make plans to meet for a drink.

The man usually chooses two to three places to meet and asks the woman to choose among them, but it doesn’t have to work this way.

Prepare your date. Set a specific day and time you will meet. Dress well for your date. Prepare a few questions you might ask in case there’s a blank in the conversation. Some of these questions might stem from the email conversations you’ve been having.

Don’t set your expectations too high. Remember, you don’t know this person yet, and just because they agreed to go on a date with you doesn’t mean they have to necessarily be the love of your life. Go to your date with the idea to have fun and get to know the other person, instead of testing whether they are a potential life partner. That way, you will probably feel more relaxed and conversation will be more fluid.

Arrive five minutes early for your date. Reserve a place to sit and talk, and avoid looking bored while you’re waiting for the other person to arrive. Read a book, talk on the phone, or look at the menu (if it’s a dinner date).

See how the date goes. Ask questions, but nothing too personal. Try to ask open-ended, engaging questions instead of one’s which will just require a “yes” or “no” answer. Get to know them, smile and laugh a lot, and at least look like you’re having fun, even if you’re not.

Make a decision to see them again. Don’t mention anything about meeting again unless you really mean it. If there is really no attraction, then politely decline. Since there is a mutual friend involved, dragging something on could cause some problems.

Plan an escape route. Plan for a friend to call you 45 minutes into the date. If its going terribly tell your date its an emergency and you have to go. If its going great just say you accidentally left something at your friends house and they were calling to see when you could get it. That way you don’t have to sit through a terrible date.

Tips Edit

Be yourself. If you’re not that funny, don’t try to be too funny. If you don’t usually dress that trendy, don’t dress trendy. The other person will be able to tell if you’re uncomfortable in your own skin. And remember, this person is your friend’s friend and might have already asked him about you: what if his first impression of you was completely different? Your date would probably be very confused.

Men: As in most dating situations, it is important for you to take initiative here. Women are generally attracted to men for this characteristic.

Watch the movie “Blind Date” with Bruce Willis and do the exact opposite of everything that happens on the date.

For your first meeting, go for a drink, not a full meal. This way, you’re not bound by the time commitment of an entire meal. A drink can be quick if it doesn’t go well, or can lead to more hanging out afterwards if it does go well.

Smile and make an effective use of body language. Remember: first impressions are important; you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

If you don’t want to be set up, then don’t complain or be rude to the person with whom you’re being set up. If the connection is already made, just give it a try to make the most of it. If the connection has not been made yet, tell your friend to stop setting you up.

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