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Residential Windows, Doors and Skylights

Current Specification Effective Date: January 1, 2015

  • The current criteria were finalized in January 2014.
  • New performance levels (PDF, 238.86 KB) are effective as of January 1, 2016 for windows, doors, and skylights in all climate zones.
  • Windows, doors and skylights must meet U-Factor and, where applicable, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) requirements based on climate zone. In addition, doors must meet U-Factor and, where applicable, SHGC requirements based on glazing level (amount of glass).
  • Windows, doors and skylights originally qualified for the ENERGY STAR label in March, 1998.

What should I look for when buying windows, doors skylights?

Every ENERGY STAR window, door and skylight is independently certified and verified to perform at levels that meet or exceed energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA. But how do you know which windows work in your climate? The following tips will help you buy with confidence.

Purchasing Tips

Shopping for new windows, doors, and skylights can be a confusing process. ENERGY STAR makes it simple! Follow these five tips to ensure your windows, doors, and skylights deliver savings and comfort you’ll enjoy.

Look for the ENERGY STAR label for your climate zone. All ENERGY STAR certified products must display the ENERGY STAR label. Check the label to make sure the product you are considering is certified to meet the criteria for your area. The ENERGY STAR label appears on the product next to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label:

in Highlighted Regions

Official ENERGY STAR label (and NFRC Label) for a window qualifying in the Northern and North-Central climate zones.

in All 50 States

Ask for ENERGY STAR when ordering. When you’re ordering in a showroom, make sure to ask for a product that is certified to meet the ENERGY STAR criteria for your climate zone. You can choose ENERGY STAR certified windows in a variety of framing materials to suit your needs.

  • Get a deal. In addition to the long-term energy savings you’ll enjoy, you may be able to take advantage of financial incentives that lower your initial investment:
    • Many utilities provide financial incentives for purchasing ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors and skylights. Look for local rebates and other promotions in your area .
    • Claim federal tax credits for installing ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors or skylights or making certain other energy efficiency improvements to your home.
    • Keep in mind that the cost of complete window replacement can vary. Be sure to get quotes from several installers. Different dealers may quote difference prices for the same product. When interviewing contractors, ask them to break down the price quote by labor and materials. ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors and skylights may cost more than non-certified products, but the labor involved should be comparable for both.
    • If your house is older than 1978, be sure to look for contractors who are certified to handle lead paint .

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    Call Center Construction Project Showcase

    Call Center: A facility or part of a facility with substantial telephone or fiber optic cabling infrastructure, where employees provide technical support or respond to account or sales enquiries in high volumes by phone.

    Bob Moore Construction has served as general contractor in the construction of several call centers and multi-use buildings with call center operations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and in Houston and San Antonio, Texas. Our project managers are experienced with the intricacies of call center design and can manage the construction project with a clear understanding of the specific needs for this type of commercial building. One recent multi-use building construction project was the Coaster Company of America, which housed distribution center, call center, office and retail operations.

    If you are interested in building a call center or would like more information, Please contact Kyle Whitesell or Larry Knox at (817) 640-1200. Or if you prefer, contact us online with our contact form.

    Below is a list of call center projects where Bob Moore Construction served as design / build contractor, construction manager or general contractor.

    Coaster Company of America Distribution Center
    Fort Worth, Texas
    405,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: Seefried Properties
    Architect: Realacorp America

    FT Mortgage Companies Office Building
    Irving, Texas
    300,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: Koll Development Company
    Architect: PGAL, Inc.

    Mouser Electronics Office / Warehouse
    Mansfield, Texas
    231,800 SF + 192,415 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: Mouser Electronics
    Architect: FRS Design Group

    UPS Parcel / Freight Center
    Fort Worth, Texas
    175,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: United Parcel Service
    Architect: Halff & Associates

    Cigna Call Center / Office Building
    Denison, Texas
    140,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: CMC – Commercial Realty Group
    Architect: Hardy McCullah / MLM Architects

    Medtronics Call Center Parking Garage
    San Antonio, Texas
    117,936 SF
    Role: Design / Build Contractor
    Owner / Developer: Medtronics
    Architect: Alliance Architects, Inc.

    UPS Parcel / Freight Center
    Fort Worth, Texas
    175,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: United Parcel Service
    Architect: Halff & Associates

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    Contents insurance

    Get the cover you need for your contents with our standard home insurance. The excellent level of benefits include:

    • Automatic new-for-old cover replacement as new, with no depreciation applied to the value.
    • Accidental damage cover for non-portable home entertainment and electrical and gas equipment including televisions, cookers and satellite dishes.
    • Contents in your garage, shed or outbuildings up to 3,000 cover.
    • Replacing and fitting new locks if the keys are lost or stolen up to 1,000 cover.
    • Fridge or freezer up to 500 damage cover for spoiled contents.
    • Money stolen from your home up to 750 cover.
    • Garden hedges, lawns, trees, shrubs and plants that you own up to 1,000 cover for loss or damage.
    • Garden contents, including patio furniture, lawn mowers and paddling pools up to 1,000 cover.
    Worried about the cost of switching home insurance?

    We’ll refund up to 25 for contents cover and 25 for buildings cover if your current insurer charges you.

    Home contents calculator

    Do you know the total value of your contents? You can see how much cover you ll really need with our home contents calculator.

    Buildings insurance

    Cover the structure of your home against incidents such as fire, theft, storm, flood, burst pipes, subsidence and explosion.
    Accidental loss or damage cover for household goods

    You can extend your accidental damage cover to include household goods, including furniture and furnishings.

    This provides cover for accidents such as an iron scorch mark on the carpet or red wine spilled on the sofa.

    Accidental loss or damage cover for your personal possessions in and away from home

    Get cover against accidental loss or damage for your money, valuables and personal belongings in and away from the home up to a maximum of 1,500 per item.

    You ll be covered for items such as:

    • watches and jewellery
    • cameras
    • laptops and tablet computers
    • mobile phones
    • portable music players
    • clothes and luggage

    It includes accidents like dropping a laptop and breaking the screen, or losing a camera on holiday.

    Cover for valuables and personal belongings worth over 1,500

    Add items worth over 1,500 to your contents policy, to cover them against accidental loss or damage anywhere in the world.

    This covers things like losing an engagement ring on a night out, or accidentally dropping a watch and cracking the glass.

    The Contents Insurance Policy Booklet has full details of standard home insurance cover and additional accidental damage and away from home cover.

    Legal expenses cover

    Home Legal Expenses provides up to 50,000 cover for legal expenses, giving you protection against the cost of being sued or making a claim against someone. Plus you’ll have access to a range of free legal documents including a free online will, checked by a qualified lawyer.