Reed Brothers Insurance – Somerset, KY – Insurance Carriers #mobile #homes, #business, #home, #bonds, #workers # #compensation, #life, #long #term #care, #insurance #carriers, #administrative #position #president, #auto #insurance, #life #insurance, #direct #life #insurance #carriers, #insurance #companies, #by #name, #automobile #insurance, #president, #insurance, #insurance #automobile, #insurance #life


Reed Brothers Insurance

Reed Brothers Insurance in SOMERSET, KY – Pulaski County is a business specialized in Farms, Boat and Health. Reed Brothers Insurance is listed in the categories Insurance Carriers, Administrative Position President, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Direct Life Insurance Carriers, Insurance Companies, By Name, Automobile Insurance, President, Insurance, Insurance Automobile and Insurance Life and offers Mobile Homes, Business, Home, Bonds, WORKERS’ COMPENSATION, Life etc. If you did business with Reed Brothers Insurance, please leave a review and help us improve and help other people. Also, don’t forget to mention Hubbiz.

Insurance Carriers, Administrative Position President, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Direct Life Insurance Carriers, Insurance Companies, by Name, Automobile Insurance, President, Insurance, Insurance Automobile, Insurance Life

Farms, Boat, Health

Business, Home, Bonds, WORKERS COMPENSATION, Life, Long Term Care

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Why we are different and better

We represent a wide range of companies that specialize in insuring people with different “risks”. If you’re a pilot, diabetic or scuba diver, for instance, we’ve got you covered. As a result, the companies we represent are often able to insure Ottawa residents who could not get term insurance other places.

No one else has our experience in finding your “best buy” from the insurance companies that we represent or in making the entire buying process customer friendly. That’s why we are by far the most experienced independent brokers for Mortgage Protection and Term Life Insurance in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Licensed Life Insurance Broker and CFP since 2007.

Customer Service

Recommendations are always in your best interest period. Our priority is to make sure your family is properly protected and be in the best financial position possible.


We take the time to clearly explain the recommendations so you can make an informed decision.

Independent Broker

We find the products and services that meet or exceed your needs at the lowest cost. There is no conflict of interest or company bias with our recommendations.

Advice you can trust

In the event of your death, improper financial planning could result in your family being faced with economic hardship, debts struggles and an inadequate income. We offer strong, reliable and affordable ways to protect your family’s financial well-being after you’re gone.

We’re committed to helping Ottawa families prepare for the future. Our trustworthy life insurance specialists can help you achieve financial protection with reliable, secure, and affordable insurance planning and policy structuring that works for you. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately – we’re here to help.

Ottawa No Medical Life Insurance Quotes – Free online instant Ottawa no medical life insurance quotes from Life, a life insurance broker licenced in Ontario, your online source for the best accurate, competitive and affordable life insurance rates in Ottawa, Ontario and surrounding areas

Our Standards


Your information submitted is kept confidential. It is never sold or shared with other life insurance agents or third parties.


Our business model is built on providing fast life insurance quotes and utilizing technology to get policies issued & delivered quickly.


By representing over 35 of the top life insurance companies we consistently save our clients over 50% on their insurance premiums.


Licensed Life Insurance Broker and CFP since 2007.

Internet Providers 61108 ZIP Code #broadband #internet #providers #by #zip


Internet Providers 61108 ZIP Code – ROCKFORD

  • $34.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Download speeds up to 15Mbps and upload speeds up to 1Mbps
  • Access to 300,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
  • Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software
  • 10 email accounts and 2 GB of space
  • $44.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Download speeds up to 20Mbps and upload speeds up to 2Mbps
  • Access to 300,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
  • Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software
  • 25 email accounts and 5 GB of space
  • 54.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Download speeds up to 30Mbps and upload speeds up to 5Mbps
  • Access to 300,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
  • Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software
  • 25 email accounts and 10 GB of space
  • 64.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Download speeds up to 50Mbps and upload speeds up to 5Mbps
  • Access to 300,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
  • Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software
  • 30 email accounts and 10 GB of space

Charter Cable Internet Plans

  • $39.99 per month for 12 mon.
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  • Surf, stream and share on more devices with the fastest in-home WiFi.
  • Cox Security Suite Plus and McAfee Family Protection
  • With access to over 300,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide
  • 5 GB Cloud Drive
  • $54.99 per month for 12 mon.
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  • Surf, stream and share on more devices with the fastest in-home WiFi.
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  • $64.99 per month for 12 mon.
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  • 150 GB Cloud Drive

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Penpal by Dathan Auerbach #blind #dating




Penpal began as a series of short and interconnected stories posted on an online horror forum. Before long, it was adapted into illustrations, audio recordings, and short films; and that was before it was revised and expanded into a novel!

How much doMore Penpal began as a series of short and interconnected stories posted on an online horror forum. Before long, it was adapted into illustrations, audio recordings, and short films; and that was before it was revised and expanded into a novel!

How much do you remember about your childhood?

In Penpal. a man investigates the seemingly unrelated bizarre, tragic, and horrific occurrences of his childhood in an attempt to finally understand them. Beginning with only fragments of his earliest years, you’ll follow the narrator as he discovers that these strange and horrible events are actually part of a single terrifying story that has shaped the entirety of his life and the lives of those around him. If you’ve ever stayed in the woods just a little too long after dark, if you’ve ever had the feeling that someone or something was trying to hurt you, if you remember the first friend you ever made and how strong that bond was, then Penpal is a story that you won’t soon forget, despite how you might try. Less

Get a copy

Friends’ Reviews

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up .

Community Reviews

Sandhouse rated it did not like it

This is like reading a exceedingly long reddit post. That’s because it started as one. Most of this author’s fans are redditors and I guess they think it merits five stars because they’re used to reading reddit comments all day and yes, as a reddit comment it is exception. Read full review

Mike F rated it it was ok

almost 3 years ago

After reading Penpal, I really can’t understand the high ratings or the glowing reviews.

The book is written with a formality of language that is unnatural. It seems that words are often used in a manner to attempt to impress the reader more than clearly or fluidly relay s. Read full review

Dulcetpurr rated it it was amazing

about 4 years ago

Recommends it for: people who play slender, people looking for a good halloween read

I finished this book in two days, and when I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about it. I stayed up until midnight last night just to finish it, and then when I was done, I did something I haven’t done in decades. I left a lamp on when I went to sleep. I’m 31 years old a. Read full review

Aaron Wittwer rated it it was ok

over 3 years ago

There is a ridiculous amount of hype around this book. Just look on amazon. There are 216 five star reviews right now and only 21 one/two star reviews. Reviewers fawn over how disturbingly horrifying the story is. How original it is. The gut-wrenching ending. Etc. My inte. Read full review

Pam Grimes rated it it was amazing

almost 3 years ago

I read Penpal in 100 degree weather and still got chills, now that’s great storytelling! Dathan grabs the reader’s attention with the tenacity of a dog in possession of a juicy bone and doesn’t let go until the final climax. Every chapter ends on a cliffhanger that leaves. Read full review

Melissa rated it it was ok

over 2 years ago

I wrote a review of this yesterday that I wanted to let simmer a bit before posting. Of course, now I can’t find it on my computer I’m sure it was totally much more brilliant than this attempt is, but I’m so tired of thinking about my own thoughts, I’m putting this. Read full review

Tim rated it did not like it

almost 4 years ago

I made the mistake of buying into the hype of almost 100% 5 star reviews on Amazon, knowing full well that the book started as a Reddit Thread and that those reviews were probably the full-throated support of the community. I really wanted to like it, but this isn’t a nov. Read full review

Courtney Wells rated it it was ok

Well, I wanted to like this – I did. It’s an interesting story with some genuinely creepy moments but the execution left a lot to be desired.

1) All the reminiscing and waxing philosophical really bogs down the action and suspense.

2) Only a handful of interesting and scar. Read full review

Ashley rated it it was ok

about 3 years ago

A potentially great creepy story hidden beneath a steaming pile of deuce. The writing is bad. Like, really bad.

The author attempts to use nonlinear progression to tell the story, which can be incredibly effective if it is well-executed. In this case, though, it creates a. Read full review

Heather V

The Other Heather

rated it really liked it

over 2 years ago

Recommends it for: people who like being scared the old-school way.

Maybe it’s a North American thing, or a generational thing, or. something. but here’s what I believe makes PENPAL so masterful at getting under a reader’s skin: It could’ve been your childhood in these pages.

Take mine, for example. A Canadian child of the ’80s who grew. Read full review

Pychics #psychic #mediums, #online #psychic, #psychic #love #readings, #famous #psychics, #best #psychic #readings, #most #gifted #psychics, #telephone #readings, #readings #by #phone, #clairvoyant, #empath, #tarot, #astrology, #accurate #psychic.



Readings Spirit Messages

with Craig Jane Hamilton-Parker

Enjoy spiritually very uplifting articles, video and live phone readings with some of the world’s best psychics, astrologers and mediums. This is the home site of world renowned psychics Craig Jane Hamilton-Parker, stars of television and best selling authors. Book a psychic reading now or browse the site and be inspired by our mystic messages, charitable work and free psychic chat and forums.

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Top Phone Psychics

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Watch videos of A List celebrities talk about the mediumship of Craig Jane. Our phone psychics reviews are by real clients who willing to share their extraordinary experiences of our psychics. Find out what type of reader suits you. Read More

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We are so certain that you ll enjoy our services that there s a 100% money back guarantee. We set up our website, forums and community in 1996 and are the most established and trusted site of its kind on the Internet. Read More

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Craig is a best-selling author and psychic medium. Read his mind-boggling books about astrology and clairvoyance. Discover the course of Destiny and lost secrets of India in his book. Read More

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What happens to pets after death?

One of our many popular articles about the Afterlife and what happens after death. Craig Jane share their insights as psychic mediums to help you come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Read More

World Psychic Predictions for 2017

Craig uses his powers of clairvoyance and precognition to make predictions about the destiny and fate of the world. He often has remarkably accurate results. Read More

Astrology: Who is your perfect match?

Visit our extensive astrology section to find your perfect love match. Read in-depth Zodiac information or compare star signs to find out your perfect astrological partner. Read More

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Our Mystic Mission:

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker are well known television psychic mediums who communicated with the Spirit of Princess Diana on live TV to a worldaudience.They have had their own TV shows and written 15 books on spirituality. Craig and Jane are now trying to use their mystic gifts to reach out and help others.
Jane and I now do our public work for free. The proceeds from our conferences and teachings now goes to help the poor and destitute though the contributions we make through our charitable foundation, says Craig.

Our ultimate goal is to open a spiritual center that will be the platform for our mediumship and the focus of our spiritual teachings and workshops. With the secrets we have been given by the secret master of India we hope to share our knowledge to help steer the destiny of spiritual seekers through these troubles times.
This site gives many free resources to help you to navigate your path. You can post comments and get answers on our articles and forums or you can enjoy live discussion in our chat rooms and online psychic school.

Psychic Telephone Service Provider Regulator

Streamlive Ltd SE1 1JA United Kingdom. For Customer Services please Telephone: 0800 0673 330
Disclaimer: Live dial a psychic services cost £1.50 per min plus your network access charge. Live Text cost £1.50 each plus standard network rate and you will receive a maximum of 2 messages. Callers must be eighteen years old or over to use this service and must have the bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only. For training purposes all calls are recorded. This service is regulated by the PSA Phone Paid Service Authority .

Q.K.E. Ltd T/A Q.K.E. Limited Registered In England No: 4321058 Registered Office: 130 Bournemouth Road. Chandler’s Ford. Hampshire. UK SO53 3AL
StreamLive Customer Service for Psychic Readings: 0800 0673 330

Mormon Match – Dating Site Fights Trademark Claim Filed By LDS Church #dating #secrets

#lds dating


‘Mormon Match’ Dating Site Fights Trademark Claim Filed By LDS Church

When Jonathen Eller attempted to get his dating website, “Mormon Match,” off the ground, he encountered an unexpected problem – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, of which he is a member.

The Church’s business arm, Intellectual Reserve, Inc. handles its intellectual properties, and it has made numerous trademark claims against Eller for the use of the term “Mormon,” reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). a nonprofit which defends digital civil liberties.

The EFF has submitted an amicus brief to a federal judge on Eller’s behalf, which urges the court to quickly resolve the dispute for the sake of the small business, as well as to “help deter future trademark ‘bullies’ from abusing the legal process solely to deter lawful conduct.”

Eller’s introduction for Mormon Match, hosted on the URL declares:

Let me be the first to welcome you to the future home of Mormon Match! I want you to know that this site is being built by actual LDS singles. Like you, we’re a little worried about the lack of local options in our ward, we’ve already tried the other “LDS” dating sites (not built or maintained by LDS peeps) with only battle scars and creepo stories to show for it, and we aren’t getting any younger!

Indeed, the average marrying age for Mormons has gone up which is perhaps one of the reasons that Eller feels there is a need for his site. LDS men and women are encouraged to date with marriage as the end goal, and there are even single churches in Utah which can help members find like-minded partners with fast-growing congregations. A pastor for a singles church, Robert Norton, told HuffPost Religion reporter Jaweed Kaleem, “When I started in this position three years ago, we had 229 members. Today, we have 800.”

Robert Schick, an attorney for Intellectual Reserve Inc. told The Houston Chronicle. “We believe we are well within our rights to protect both the use of the name of the church and the image of the Salt Lake temple and to make clear that the plaintiff’s business has no connection whatsoever to the church.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ website states. “‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,’ ‘Liahona,’ ‘Book of Mormon,’ and ‘Mormon’ are trademarks of Intellectual Reserve, Inc.”

The landing page initially featured a photograph of the temple in Salt Lake City, which has since been removed.

“The name of this service simply describes what it’s doing – matching up Mormons,” commented EFF Intellectual Property Director Corynne McSherry. “Trademarks are supposed to be used to protect from unfair competition, not to stifle a small business or to control language.”

“This case can and should be dismissed now,” added EFF Staff Attorney Vera Ranieri. “The specter of expensive litigation shouldn’t be a tool used to coerce Internet entrepreneurs and other content creators into succumbing to meritless infringement claims.”

Also on HuffPost:

FILE- In this April 27, 2006, file photo, the sun sets behind the Mormon Temple, the centerpiece of Temple Square, in Salt Lake City. The annual spring ritual of bank shareholder meetings is starting this week, and two major banks, San Francisco-based Wells Fargo and New York-based Goldman Sachs. are decamping from their hometown cities to Utah’s capital. This is the first time that either has pulled up stakes for Salt LakeCity. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

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‘Mormon Match’ Dating Site Fights Trademark Claim Filed By LDS Church


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Meet – Idioms by The Free Dictionary #latin #dating



By law, numerically significant student subgroups within a school must also make improvement for a school to meet its API targets.

Many organizations conduct education activities that would not meet the SOP’s criteria because they do not include a call for action.

Most dual meets are considered warm ups for the conference, regional and NCAA championships to follow.

The swap meet opened in 1983, a track record long enough to qualify it as a San Fernando Valley institution since it has survived economic cycles and a changing retail landscape that forced some bigger centers out of business or into major makeovers.

Quartz Hill High School increased its API score by 11 points to 729 but did not meet its AYP criteria because fewer than 95 percent of students in the low socioeconomic subgroup were tested: 93 percent in English and 94 percent in math.

Johnson and Stevens were first and second in the first league meet but are expected to be challenged today by Hart junior Whitney Russell, the 1999 league champion who was third in the first league meet .

Treadway, the 1998 league runner-up behind teammate Lauren Fleshman, the eventual state Division I champion, won the first league meet by 30 seconds over Russell on the same 3-mile course for today’s finals.

1 in state Division II, swept the first four places for the second straight league meet as senior Nick Zoetewey covered the 3-mile course in 16:24, followed by juniors Jameson Mora (16:28) and Luke Llamas (16:30) and sophomore Ryan Morgan (16:30).

Saturday – Meet designer Catherine Malandrino at noon at Bloomingdale’s, Beverly Center, Los Angeles.

April 10 – Meet designer Catherine Malandrino presenting her spring fashions at 2 p.

We comply with the regulations,” said Sandobal, manager of the Plaza del Sol Swap Meet on Van Nuys Boulevard near Gilroy Street, which does not have a conditional use permit.

While at the junior national meet. Cirincione participated in time trials to qualify for the summer junior nationals.

Chad Troxler set a school record for wins in a season and earned a berth in the State wrestling meet at the Southern Section Masters Meet at Fountain Valley High Saturday.

Bereavement groups: grief recovery and support, meet weekly, (818) 365-8051, Ext.

6, which includes new features designed to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and increase security surrounding credit card transactions.

Seek – Idioms by The Free Dictionary #nyc #dating



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hide and seek

A situation in which one party is constantly evading or avoiding another. (A reference to the children’s game “hide and go seek.”) Often used with the verb “play. The police have been playing hide and seek with the suspect all night long. It’s been a game of hide and seek trying to get definitive answers out of the governor.

in quest of someone or something

and in search of someone or something

seeking or hunting something; trying to find something. They went into town in quest of a reasonably priced restaurant. Monday morning I’ll go out in search of a job.

*on the trail (of someone or something)

and *on the track of someone or something

seeking someone or something; about to find someone or something. (*Typically: be

.) I’m on the trail of a new can opener that is supposed to be easier to use. I spent all morning on the track of a vendor who can meet our requirements.

seek after someone or something

to keep looking for someone or something. I will continue to seek after the thief who stole my car. The thief was seeking after a late-model sedan.

Seek and ye shall find.

Prov. If you search hard enough for something, you will find it. (Biblical. Can imply that the only thing you need to do to get something is look for it.) The bookstore on the corner is an excellent one. Any book you want, just seek and ye shall find.

seek professional help

Euph. to get psychiatric or psychological treatment. If you are seriously thinking of suicide, now is the time to seek professional help. His friends suggested that he seek professional help.

seek revenge

(against someone) Go to take revenge (against someone).

seek someone or something out

to search for and find someone or something. We will seek someone out to do the work for us. Liz sought out a helper for Karen.

seek something from someone or something

to pursue something from someone or something. We will seek an injunction from the judge. My lawyer sought an injunction from the court to try to stop the building project.

take revenge (against someone)

and seek revenge (against someone) ; get revenge against someone ; take revenge (on someone) (for something)

to get even with someone. Linda planned to take revenge against Ellen. I intend to take revenge on Paul for what he did. I will not seek revenge.

birds of a feather (flock together)

Individuals of like character, taste, or background (tend to stay together), as in The members of the club had no trouble selecting their yearly outing-they’re all birds of a feather. The idea of like seeks like dates from ancient Greek times, and “Birds dwell with their kind” was quoted in the apocryphal book of Ecclesiasticus. The full saying in English, Birds of a feather flock together. was first recorded in 1545.

play hide and seek

Evade or seem to evade someone. For example, Bill is hard to pin down-he’s always playing hide and seek. This expression alludes to the children’s game in which one player tries to find others who are hiding. It has been used figuratively since the mid-1600s.

seek out

To try to locate or discover someone or something: The fish sought out sheltered pools to lay their eggs. The teacher will only give help to those who seek it out.

Dating books for men – reviewed for you by Dating Books For Men #dating #personals

#dating book


Observe any man who enjoys high status – be it Brad Pitt, or the CEO of the place at which you work – and you will likely notice how he moves differently than the rest of us. Learn how to do this properly, and women will get soaking wet over you as well.

In the course of my research into a guide to style for men, I assembled a focus group consisting of 6 randomly chosen hot, single women aged between 21 and 33 years. My goal was to discover what styles in men they considered turned them on.

As you stand at the magazine rack thumbing through Cosmo, you notice she has the most gorgeous face you have ever seen. Her hair is silky brown, her skin radiant and so soft. If you could pick up this girl you would be on top of the world. But how?

Recently I experienced the easiest pick up and lay of my life, and it all began with me walking by a complete stranger and saying to her (in a clear, resonating voice and disinterested, but relaxed and sexual body language), “Hey.”

You know the scenario. You start dating a woman. At the end of your first date, all you get is a peck on the cheek. For the life of you, you cannot understand why it has to take so long to have sex with this woman. So what exactly DOES it take?

Are your friends crimping your style when it comes to your opportunities to meet women? It may be time to ditch them and try going solo. Not only will you be able to practice your approaches without their eyes on your back, but you’ll actually meet women!

Picking up women at the gym can be a challenge. They are usually so focused on their workout that if you disturb them you’d better have a really good followup ready. Otherwise stick to your bench press. In this article I’ll discuss possible approaches.

If you consider yourself a Nice Guy and you are finding that your success with women is basically nil, then that’s only to be expected because you are committing one of cardinal sins of dating behavior. If you want FIX that problem, then listen up.

Many men who find it difficult to approach a women often turn to dating guides in an effort to improve their chances of opening a woman. And yet, even with instruction, they sabotage themselves by failing to follow through and initiate the opening.

When it comes to the ABCs of dating, one of the most important lessons to be learned is that members of the opposite sex are waiting for YOU to come to them. So you need to get out of the house at least once a week. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Many men find it difficult to approach women that they have never laid eyes on before. But in this article you will learn about a method of “laying on the eyes” that can literally force a woman to approach you and initiate friendly conversation.

Conversation excellence when talking with women can be achieved many ways. In this article I am going to discuss my response to a client who continues to have difficulty striking up conversations with women.

I’m going to be talking in this article about how to control your anger if you happen to be a male who has been rejected by a woman recently – or in the far past, since the sting can carry forward for a very long time.

Recently, two clients of mine asked a similar question about how you make that vexing first contact with a woman. See what you think of my answer to this common problem that deals with being rejected by a woman.

The primary driving force that pushes men to greater and greater heights is their Ego. It is a force to be reckoned with. So what happens when something this powerful backfires on us when it comes to dating?

Have you ever allowed a chance encounter ripe with romantic possibility just slip away, because you were scared to proceed? Fear that your romantic advances may be rejected by a woman can sink your ship before it ever leaves port.

First dates will usually be nerve-wracking for most men, but they need not become a growing collection of hurt feelings and misused opportunities if you simply avoid the first-date landmines outlined in this article.

Is summer approaching in your neck of the world? If so, that old addage “love is in the air” will soon be coming your way. Or you hope it will. Read on to find out how you can improve your chances of summer loving!

For guys who have failed to successfully apply the pick up line in their dating efforts, the story featured in this article may strike a conciliatory note.

What do women really mean when they say they just want to find a nice guy? Doesn’t that contradict what we know about the nice guy who always finishes last with women?

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A Latino woman or girl.

[Spanish, feminine of Latino. Latino ; see Latino .]

Usage Note: The nouns Latina, Chicana, and other words ending in -a in reference to women are now common in American English, and many women prefer them over forms ending in -o when referring to themselves or to other women or girls. It should be noted, though, that constructions such as She is a Latino and a group of Chicano women cannot be considered incorrect in English, because English grammar does not require agreement in gender between nouns and adjectives the way Spanish and other Romance languages do. Thus the use of an ethnic name with a feminine ending is a matter of personal choice rather than grammatical necessity. Similarly, the decision whether to call a novel by a woman of Latino heritage a Latino novel or a Latina novel depends on the writer’s personal preference, or on the speaker or writer’s intended emphasis, rather than on any requirement of grammar.

La·ti·na 2

A city of west-central Italy southeast of Rome. It is a commercial and industrial center.


(Placename) a city in W central Italy, in Lazio: built as a planned town in 1932 on reclaimed land of the Pontine Marshes. Pop: 107 898 (2001). Former name (until 1947): Littoria

La ti na

(l ti n , læ-)

a Hispanic girl or woman.

[1945 50; American Spanish, feminine of latino Latino ]

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Contract notice: A call for tender by open procedure for the award of the shipping service interospedaliero sick from acute care facilities in post acute care facilities and vice versa, should the asl latina for one year, renewable for a further year.

And the younger demographic ranks even higher with 84% of Latina millennials and 83% of general market millennials who consider social media the tool of choice to learn about today’s latest beauty trends.

For the third year in a row, LATINA Style Magazine has named the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) as one of the top 50 companies that are providing the best career opportunities for Latinas in the U.

Caption: Technology teacher Heather Shockey helps Lizbet Aguilar paste a link onto the Latina Summer Academy website on June 25, 2013.

Devious Maids,” a Lifetime series created by Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives) and executive produced by Eva Longoria, is under fire from critics who say the show perpetuates negative Latina stereotypes, according to (http://www.

Popular Latina experts and professionals Evette Rios, Maria Marin and Maribel Lieberman join forces to provide ongoing dialogue and tips to women throughout the U.

com)– The Women’s Institute of Negotiation and The National Latina Business Women Association, Los Angeles Chapter (NLBWA-LA) have joined forces with Bank of the West in a strategic partnership to help promote and develop Latinas in the skills and strategies of effective negotiating.

The New Latina ‘s Bible: The Modern Latina ‘s Guide to Love, Spirituality, Family and La Vida provides a fine survey offering advice on a host of topics of concern to Latina women, from family and body image to careers, and gathers the stories of modern Latina women as examples of special challenges affecting this group.

Applications are being accepted for the Miss Latina Worcester County cultural and scholarship pageant.

Of these nearly 2 million Latina workers, many are concentrated in lower-paying administrative support and service jobs, as well as those that present occupational and environmental hazards.

Latina to assess damages to be awarded to the plaintiff.