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About Us

iSpot4u platform is designed & developed by AppBell Technologies Pvt Ltd. iSpot4u is a Mobile based platform which can be used by various businesses. iSpot4u applications help in improving Efficiency & Effectiveness of various business processes in addition to improve security aspects by Timely Communication. iSpot4u is one stop platform to manage Security, Tracking & Communication. We provide solution for all types of tracking systems like School Bus Tracking System, Vehicle Tracking System, Car Tracking System, Taxi/Travles Tracking System.

Features Of iSpot4u platform

  • Location Tracking: Gives real time location information
  • Image Tracking: Captures pictures using front & back camera and makes it available on portal in real time manner
  • Speed Tracking: Tracks speed of the vehicle
  • Distance Tracking: Tracks distance covered for a trip
  • Inquiry Capture & Reporting: Captures queries from field and reports it in real time manner
  • Communication: Business chat application to communicate with various business participants
  • Order Management System: Captures orders from field and reports it in real time manner
  • Payment/Recovery System: Intake of payment & recoveries done and notifies required parties regarding the same
  • Visit Reporting: Captures and reports visits by employee to customer location
  • SOS/Emergency: Reports emergency situation with location information & photos
  • Security Notification/Geo-fence: Sends notification in case taxi/bus moves out of defined route or city limit.
  • Proximity Notification: Automated mechanism to send notifications based on proximity of pickup points
  • Pickup/Drop attendance: Attendance using smart cards
  • Transportation Logistics: Rich Android application to handle pickup/drop process which includes scheduling, navigation, taking attendance, handle absentees etc
  • Reports: Strong reporting framework to generate various historical reports

Use Cases

  • Business Owners can track on field employee locations
  • Business Owners can use iSpot4u application to find out travel allowances
  • Business Owners can use iSpot4u application to gather leads/inquiries generated by on field employees
  • Business Owners can use iSpot4u application to get real time view of orders made by field employees
  • Business Owners can use iSpot4u application to get real time notification on payments & recoveries made by on field employees
  • Business Owners can use iSpot4u application to get the information on visits done by on field employees at customer locations
  • School Transportation School Management & Transport vendors can use iSpot4u to take care of School Bus Security
  • Schools can use iSpot4u application for school attendance, library & canteen attendance
  • Travel Buses/Taxis companies/owners can use this application to track location, to see internal pictures of car/travels, to track speed, distance & arrival/departure report
  • Security agencies, banks can use this system to track for money movements
  • Delivery Companies can use this in order to know where all its delivery trucks are
  • Office Buses/Cabs: Office Transport administrators can use this application for Scheduling, Tracking, Transport logistics & Communication.


Onfield Business Application

iSpot4u is Mobile based application which can be used by business owners to manage various business activities done by on field staff.

Onfield Business Application

iSpot4u is Mobile based application which can be used by business owners to manage various business activities done by on field staff. It has following applications;

  • Location Tracking gives real time location information of on field staff
  • Chat application to communicate with various business participants
  • Application to capture inquiries done by field staff. These inquiries are available to the business owners in a real time manner.
  • Application to capture orders taken by field staff from customers. These orders are available to business owner in real time manner.
  • Application to capture payments done & recoveries made by field employee. SMS notification of the payment or the recovery done by the employee goes to the Customer as well as the Business Owner.
  • Application to capture visits by employee to customer location
  • Field employees can use SOS/Emergency to reports emergency situation with location information & photos

School Bus Security Application

iSpot4u is one stop platform to manage Security, Tracking & Communication. This platform can be used by School Administration, Parents & Transport Admin.

School Bus Security Application

iSpot4u is a one stop platform to manage Security, Tracking & Communication at an affordable price. This platform can be used by School Administration, Parents & Transport Admin to get required information in real time & transparent manner. How it works?
Mobile Device with iSpot4u software will be installed in the school bus. This device captures information like location of the bus, its speed, photos inside the bus, student attendance, security violation, etc. It also acts as an assistant to bus attendant for Pickup/Drop. This information is recorded on server. School administration & parents can view various type of information at www.ispot4u.com from any devices like mobile device, laptops or desktops. Smart phone users can access information using iSpot4u App. All the security violation alerts goes to required parties in timely manner as SMS.
Security & Tracking Features

  • SOS/Emergency Alerts
  • Security Alerts for route/area violation
  • Pre pickup/drop SMS Notification to parents
  • Student attendance for bus using ID Cards
  • Image/Photo recording of inside bus view
  • Real time information on location, speed, images etc
  • Audit Reports (Location, Speed, Distance, Photos etc)
  • Feedback feature (Driver/Bus) for parents
  • Android App for Pickup/Drops
  • Trip Reports for Auditing

Taxi/Travels Tracking & Reporting Application

iSpot4u platform can be used by Travel companies to track the movement of vehicle. Features include Location Tracking, Speed Tracking, Distance Tracking.

Taxi/Travels Tracking & Reporting Application

iSpot4u platform can be used by Travel companies to track the movement of vehicle. Features include Location Tracking, Speed Tracking, Distance Tracking, Image Tracking, Emergency Notification, Arrival/Departure report of various pickup/drop points.

Office Transport: Scheduling, Security & Tracking

iSpot4u application can be used for Office Transportation activities including scheduling, communication, security & tracking.

Office Transport: Scheduling, Security & Tracking

Office Transport – Security & Tracking:
iSpot4u platform can be used for improving security aspects of office transportation. Features include emergency notification/SOS, unscheduled halt notification, route violation notification, area violation notification, speed violation notification, live tracking(location, speed, images) and audit reports(location, speed, distance).

Office Transport – Transportation Logistics & Communication :
iSpot4u platform can be used for automating office transportation activities. Features include Booking, Reminders to avoid NO SHOWS, Scheduling, Android application to manage pickup/drops(roster, attendance, navigator, proximity alerts) & trip specific audit reports (location, speed, pickup/drop attendance, security violation)

School Bus Demo

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Triumph TIGER 100 for Sale on Car and Classic UK, tiger car.#Tiger #car


Latest Classic Cars and Bikes

  • Tiger car

This 500cc twin cylinder single carb Triumph was extensively restored over 10 years ago by a previous owner as a competition machine for entering long distance classic trials (such as The Motorcycling

  • Tiger car

    pair of prewar triumph tiger 100 crankcases.these have had the Magneto platform cut off and other bits of damage but a rare set of cases

  • Tiger car

    Selling my rigid frame 1953 Triumph Tiger 100. Matching numbers. Very original and in beautiful condition. It is an older restoration which now has a nice light patina. 1 owner since 1993. All alloy

  • Tiger car

    Triumph T100SS 1967 500cc , Single Carb Model , In Beautiful Blue And White Colour Scheme , With Matching Numbers , Recent New Rims , Spokes , Exhaust System And Paintwork ( Including the frame , Forks

  • Tiger car

    Tiger car Fully Refurbished Tiger 100 (1962)

    2011 rebuild of engine (new pistons, rings, valves and guides, bearings-correctly reamed in, oil pump, pressure relief valve, primary drive, clutch plates

    Very good original condition, owned by myself for 20 years. Runs and goes well. I have spares for it. Also have a Tiger 100 engine (not complete ) for above motor cycle.

  • Tiger car

    Triumph Speed Twin 1947 , In T100 Colour Scheme . Currently Fitted With A Sweet Running Tiger 100 Engine , But The Original Speed Twin Engine Is Included , If You Would Like To Refit It , Then Could Sell

  • Tiger car

    Tiger car 1958 pre unit Triumph Tiger 100

    This is a non standard alloy engined Pre unit Triumph Tiger 100 that retains its original registration number.I purchased this bike 10 years ago and much

  • Tiger car

    Tiger car Triumph Tiger Ninety (500) (1963)

    Tiger Ninety 1963 non matching numbers upgraded to Tiger 100 spec. Bills for nearly £3000 the list of new parts is endless. From a professional spray

  • Home, Auto & Business Insurance – Garry Insurancenter #insurance, #auto #insurance, #home #insurance, #car #insurance, #homeowners #insurance, #business #insurance, #commercial #insurance, #garry #insurancenter


    Home, Auto Business Insurance in North St. Paul, MN

    Garry Insurancenter

    We re a locally owned and operated agency in North Saint Paul, Minnesota and we deliver insurance and risk management solutions. We ve served individuals and businesses for more than 35 years and we believe in being a well-rounded agency. We stay current on trends and developments that relate to our clients and that relate to the policies that we write, and we advocate for our clients. These efforts help us give clients the best possible products and services for the right prices. They also make finding, maintaining, and using insurance as convenient as can be for clients.

    Our Insurance Offerings

    We have a wide variety of insurance options, and in fact there is almost nothing that we can t give you. Home . auto . life . and health policies are among our options, and these and all of our other options can be custom-tailored to fit your needs. Southeast Minnesota is a high-flood-risk area, so flood insurance is common among residents of the area. We provide this insurance with attention to detail and with full consideration for clients needs. We ll do this for you.

    Minnesotans like to get outdoors and be adventurous, and we honor this. We do so by providing policies through our recreational vehicle program. Whether you ride a boat. motorcycle. ATV. or other non-car vehicle, we can insure you fully. This will help you adventure freely.

    Our business program keeps virtually any commercial enterprise with fewer than 250 employees secure for the right price, and our programs for specific industries do the same. The coverages contained in these programs are unique to different lines of work, and for this reason the specific-industry programs are important to a lot of businesses. No matter where you are in The North Star State, if you run a business then we can protect you.

    Our Approach

    In order to give you the greatest protection in the most cost-efficient ways, we ll build a meaningful relationship with you. We ll nurture this relationship, and this will make having, keeping track of, and using insurance easy for you.

    We ll consult with you on an in-depth basis in order to identify the right coverages and to create the best policies. Once these policies are in place we ll monitor them regularly and we ll keep you informed. We actively manage risk, and this helps reduce your chances of sustaining losses and of having to use your insurance. If insurance is used and you file claims, we ll manage the claims.

    We re reachable at almost any time, so if you need to get a hold of us, you can.

    Please contact us or give us a call to learn more. You can get started by requesting a quote .

    additional insurance information:

    Evening appointments are also available.

    Accommodating, professional, helpful, and quick. Very comfortable experience and I was impressed by their capabilities. Highly recommended.

    I feel lucky to have found an agent willing to provide this level of service. No need to look anywhere else!

    Over the years we’ve never once had to worry about our coverage. My husband and I are long-time customers and proud to be.

    Surprisingly flexible and in-touch with my needs as a small business owner. Can’t ask for more.

    They have strong ties with the community, and it shows. It’s nice to do business with people that really show they care about you and your family.

    Least Expensive Cars to Insure #used #car #insurance #rates


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    Top Ten Least Expensive Cars to Insure

    Cheapest Cars To Insure

    We all know that not all cars cost the same to insure, and we likely even understand why. Cars that are fast, expensive or more likely to be stolen are naturally going to cost more money when it’s time to pay for car insurance.

    Our data comes from Insure.com, and it includes pricing information from Allstate. Farmers. GEICO. Nationwide. Progressive and State Farm in 10 ZIP codes per state. For the purposes of this list, Insure.com assumes full coverage for a single 40-year-old male with a clean record, a 12-mile daily commute, policy limits of 100/300/50 ($100,000 for injury liability for one person, $300,000 for all injuries and $50,000 for property damage in an accident) and a $500 deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage.

    Click through to find out which vehicles will save you money on car insurance.

    Honda Odyssey

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,113

    This makes sense. You’d expect that people who buy minivans are likely doing so to fill them with family members, and with such precious cargo on board, you’d also expect a minivan like the Honda Odyssey to be driven safely.

    Research the Honda Odyssey

    Honda CR-V

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,170

    The Honda CR-V is a very sensible choice. It’s high projected reliability and resale value ought to appeal to those looking for a good investment, and those same senses and sensibilities make it relatively inexpensive to insure.

    Research the Honda CR-V

    Dodge Grand Caravan

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,174

    Right, a minivan. The Dodge Grand Caravan kicked off the whole minivan craze way back in the early 1980s, and it’s been going strong ever since. The Grand Caravan is on the way out, being replaced by the Pacifica, but its low price continues to make it popular with families. And as a family-mobile, rates stay low.

    Research the Dodge Grand Caravan

    Jeep Patriot

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,180

    SUVs and crossovers from the Jeep brand offer surprisingly low insurance costs. While the Patriot may not be your best option from America’s best-known off-road brand if you plan to actually use it as intended (off-road, that is), it’s still a capable vehicle with which to explore a little bit off the beaten path.

    Research the Jeep Patriot

    Jeep Wrangler

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,181

    The Jeep Wrangler. specifically in Sport guise, is one of the cheapest vehicle to insure, at least when assuming the set of criteria as outlined at the outset. If you don’t want a somewhat stripped-down Sport model, we’re happy to report that other, more expensive and better-equipped versions, including the Sahara and Rubicon, are also considered cheap to insure. Have some fun!

    Research the Jeep Wrangler

    Jeep Compass

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,190

    The Compass may be Jeep’s least off-road-oriented offering, and that might have something to do with its low insurance costs (and you may be at least partially right). It joins a surprising number of other Jeeps on this list.

    Research the Jeep Compass

    Ford Escape

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,194

    The Ford Escape. specifically one in the base S-model guise, is the 10th cheapest vehicle to insure on our list. It’s a crossover that isn’t likely to actually leave the pavement, so we can understand why it’s average insurance rate is in the bargain bin.

    Research the Ford Escape

    Buick Encore

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,200

    The diminutive Buick Encore is a big hit. It joins a whole heap of other small- and medium-sized crossovers on this list, reflecting a general trend towards crossovers in general. Its natural habitat is the suburbs, keeping rates low.

    Research the Buick Encore

    Jeep Cherokee

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,203

    Despite some legitimate off-road chops, the Cherokee is still a front-drive based crossover, and the insurance rates reflect that. It’ll stay mostly on pavement, and mostly in the hands of families and non-risky owners. Hence the reasonable insurance premiums.

    Research the Jeep Cherokee

    Nissan Frontier

    Average insurance rate for 12 months: $1,204

    The Frontier is the only truck on the list, and the most expensive vehicle to insure of all. But the spread is meager; only $91 separates this from the Odyssey in the lead. The Frontier has been on the market for a very long time, and that may have something to do with its reasonable cost to insure.

    Research the Nissan Frontier

    Learner driver car insurance #learner #driver #car #insurance


    Learner Driver Insurance from just 1.87 per day

    Provisional Marmalade Limited is the award-winning insurance for learner drivers to practise without risking the No Claims Bonus of the car owner.

    Marmalade’s Learner Driver Insurance is a separate policy in the name of the learner driver. Should anything happen whilst the learner is practising and a claim is made against the Marmalade’s Learner Driver Insurance policy the car owner’s insurance isn’t affected.

    Immediate cover from just 70.46 for 30 days *

    Get a quote now – all you need is your age and postcode.

    Save even more on Learner Driver Insurance if you take out cover for more than 30 days at a time.

    The quoted Learner Driver Insurance premium is identical for all cars from insurance group 1 to insurance group 32, with a market value under £30,000 and under 20 years old.

    Learner Driver Insurance is available for 30, 60 or 90 days and you may renew as often as required or even take a break in the renewal if you are away during term time – just restart it when you want to.

    Thousands of learner drivers have taken out Marmalade’s Learner Driver Insurance to become better drivers; you can join them TODAY.

    * 1.87 per day is based on purchasing a 90 day policy at 168.22 by over 500,000 households in the UK. Prices for a 30 day policy start at 70.46. Price and cover dependent on location.

    Copyright Provisional Marmalade 2017

    2017 Marmalade All Rights Reserved. Marmalade is a trading style of Young Marmalade Limited (registered in England under company number 04627884) and Provisional Marmalade Limited (Registered in England under company number 06779950). Registered office for both companies is Marmalade House, Alpha Business Centre, Mallard Road, Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8AF. Young Marmalade Limited is an Appointed Representative of Provisional Marmalade Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Reference Number 542063. You can check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting fca.org fca.org

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    Cheap car insurance: How to get it, cheap car insurance in louisiana.#Cheap #car #insurance #in #louisiana


    Cheap car insurance: How to find it

    Cheap car insurance in louisiana Cheap car insurance in louisiana Cheap car insurance in louisiana Cheap car insurance in louisiana

    Have you seen the ads for auto insurance for $39 a month? That s only $468 annually, which is quite a bargain. But who are the lucky drivers actually getting this kind of rate?

    We decided to investigate. We looked at more than 52,000 car insurance quotes given to our users to see what combination of factors would result in a quote of $39 a month or less.

    Not all of our findings will surprise you you may already know that buying minimum liability coverage (like 25/50) helps keep your rate low. And you ll probably have to skip collision and comprehensive coverage in order to score a bill of $39 a month.

    Still, our research revealed that other factors play important roles in getting you a rock-bottom rate. If you’ve compared car insurance quotes and found that your numbers are a little higher than you’d like, noting the keys below may help.

    Keys to getting cheap car insurance

    Based on our analysis of quotes, here s how to get auto insurance for $39 a month or less:

    • Don t ask for an SR-22. This is a form required by many states when you ve got a bad driving record and will be required to prove financial responsibility. It s a big black mark, so don’t expect a $39 a month rate if you need one of these.
    • Own your vehicle outright. Maybe you re a superior driver, but if you ve got a car loan it may keep you from getting the very best rates. This is because most lenders require you to carry comprehensive and collision insurance on cars that aren’t paid off.
    • Insure only one vehicle. This makes sense the more vehicles you put out on the road, the more possible claims. Our analysis found that in 91.1 percent of the cases where drivers received quotes for $39 a month or less, they had no SR-22, owned their cars and insured only one vehicle.
    • Don t have any lapse in auto insurance coverage. This will make you an less-desirable customer to carriers. It suggests you may be bad at paying bills, or that you were possibly driving around uninsured. Either one of those traits makes you a riskier driver in the eyes of insurance companies.
    • Have no past claims. In many cases, a driver with no past claims equals a desirable customer for insurers.
    • Have no driving violations, license suspensions or revocations on your record. Again, customers with clean driving records are the likeliest to get ultra-low rates.
    • Have a credit score of 650 or higher. In most states, auto insurers are allowed to use your credit score in pricing your policy. Our data show that many of the drivers offered the best rates have scores of at least 650.

    How comparison shopping can lead to low insurance rates

    Are you a match to the qualities above? Remember, it all means nothing unless you find an insurer that s pricing policies competitively for your particular combination of qualities. Quotes given to even the best drivers can vary by hundreds of dollars.

    However, if you know you have the above advantages, you know you deserve a great price, and you can likely find it by getting quotes from multiple carriers.

    Are your traits as a driver preventing you from getting the lowest rates? Here are some other ways to save money on car insurance.

    Cheap car insurance in louisiana Cheap car insurance in louisiana Cheap car insurance in louisiana Cheap car insurance in louisiana

    Definition of Pink Slip – The Economic Times #car #pink #slip #loans


    Pink Slip


    Definition of ‘Pink Slip’

    Definition: If there’s one colour that’s in fashion these days, it’s pink. But don’t look to Paris for why. The current ubiquity of pink has its roots in the American expression ‘pink slip’ used to describe the termination notices issued by employers to employees. In these times of layoffs, the job place is awash in pink.

    People speculate about which company will let loose pink slips. They trade horror stories about how people got to know that they were getting pink slips (by email, by SMS, by a news item in the paper that the company was closing, by the queues of people outside the office waiting to buy the office PCs). Those who have got them go for pink slip parties where they sip pink champagne, eat pasta in pink sauce, and cake with pink frosting.

    There are pink slip support groups. At this moment, there are probably laid-off dotcommers writing angry novels about how the Pink Slip Generation was betrayed.

    Description: But why pink?

    The irony is that while the term has hit the big time, its origins are still a mystery. Peter Liebhold, a curator at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History who heads its work culture archive, has spent almost ten years trying to find the original pink slip – with no success. The term is not a new one. The first reference to it recorded by The Oxford English Dictionary goes as far back as 1915: “And have Murphy hand me the pink slip tonight,” urges one character in ‘Covering The Look In Corner’, a pulp novel with a baseball theme by Gilbert Patten, a prolific writer of the time.

    That reference suggests it was established slang, and sometime back Liebhold thought he had nailed down its origin. He came across a story tracing the term to the Ford Motor Company, where shop floor supervisors had a crude system of recording employee performance. Those they thought were worth keeping got a slip of white paper in the pigeonhole for their work card; those who saw a pink slip instead knew they might as well leave. Unfortunately, Liebhold was not able to find any evidence to back this, so has concluded the story is apocryphal.

    This lack of knowledge of pink slips is part of a wider problem. The study of the history of work has as yet paid little attention to the history of sackings or ‘termination practices’ as scholars refer to it. One of the few interesting bits of information is that different countries have used different colours.

    In Germany, those dismissed were said to ‘get the blue letter’ (den blauen Brief bekommen), while in France, military dischargees were said to have got their cartouche jaune, or yellow papers.

    Also See: 360-Degree Feedback, Competency Mapping, Conflict Management, Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), Job Description, MBO, MBWA, Mentoring, VRS

    • 360 Degree Feedback

    360-degree feedback is a feedback process where not just your superior but your peers and direct reports and sometimes even customers evaluate you. You receive an analysis of how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Description: Benefits of 360-degree feedback: To the individual: This helps the person understand his or her own personality from an outsider’s perspective Developm

    Employee Stock Option Plan

    An Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) is a benefit plan for employees which makes them owners of stocks in the company. ESOPs have several features which make them unique compared to other employee benefit plans. Most companies, both at home and abroad, are utilising this scheme as an essential tool to reward and retain their employees. Currently, this form of restructuring is most prevalent in IT

    Competency mapping identifies an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to enable the person to better understand himself or herself and to point out where career development efforts need to be directed. Description: Competencies are derived from specific job families within the organization and are often grouped around categories such as strategy, relationships, innovation, leadership

    If there’s one colour that’s in fashion these days, it’s pink. But don’t look to Paris for why. The current ubiquity of pink has its roots in the American expression ‘pink slip’ used to describe the termination notices issued by employers to employees. In these times of layoffs, the job place is awash in pink. People speculate about which company will let loose pink slips. They trade horror stori

    Mentoring is a relationship between a senior and a junior where the elder person guides the younger person through difficult times, gives advice and support. In an organization, the senior helps the junior through his early career. He gives guidance, suggests training if required, and helps make the right career choices. Description: In India, not too many organizations have an active mentoring p

    Voluntary Retirement Scheme

    Voluntary retirement scheme is a method used by companies to reduce surplus staff. This mode has come about in India as labour laws do not permit direct retrenchment of unionized employees. Description: VRS applies to an employee who has completed 10 years of service or is above 40 years of age. It should apply to all employees (by whatever name called), including workers and executives of a com

    MBO is a management practice which aims to increase organizational performance by aligning goals and subordinate objectives throughout the organization. Description: MBO requires all levels of management to agree on clearly defined quantitative and/or qualitative objectives. These targets then need to be periodically reviewed by higher levels of management. In other words, MBO involves focusing

    Creating a job description is a key step in the hiring process. You must be able to accurately describe what a new employee will do in order to decide how to divide the work between yourself and your employee. Description: A job description is helpful in evaluating whether you need a full-time employee or a part-timer. It can form the basis of advertisements that you run, and can be used to prese

  • Management By Walking Around

    It is Management by Walking Around. MBWA basically refers to managers spending some part of their time listening to problems and ideas of their staff, while wandering around an office or plant. Description: Management by Walking Around is a term coined by management guru Tom Peters. Apparently, from his study of successful companies and their practices, Tom Peters noticed that good managers tend

    Triple talaq verdict great victory for progressive personal laws, says Jaitley

    TRAI mulls proposal to phase out IUC: Sources to ET Now

    Sensex ends marginally higher; Nifty fails to hold 9,800

    Bandhan Bank IPO in early 2018?

    Sensex rises over 150 points; Nifty above 9,800; Lupin, Infosys top gainers

    ‘BUY’ or ‘SELL’ ideas from experts for August 22, 2017

    Stocks in news: ACC and Adani Enterprises

    Exclusive: Sachin Bansal on life after mega SoftBank funding

    Sensex slumps 266 pts, Nifty50 tests 9,750; Infosys tanks 6%

  • Indiana Auto Insurance Coverage #indiana #auto #insurance #coverage, #indiana #car #insurance #coverage, #full #coverage #auto #insurance #in #indiana, #full #coverage #car #insurance #in #indiana


    Indiana Auto Insurance Coverage

    Learn about your coverage options so you can choose the Indiana auto insurance that’s right for your needs, goals and budget.

    Indiana car insurance coverage your policy must have

    Liability coverage

    As a resident of Indiana, there are two types of liability coverage your insurance policy must include: property damage and bodily injury.

    • Bodily injury safeguards your assets if you are found legally responsible for a covered accident. It covers certain damage you may cause to the property or vehicle of another party.
    • Property damage safeguards your assets if you’re found legally responsible for a covered accident, including certain expenses associated with bodily harm sustained by the other parties.

    The minimum amount of Indiana auto insurance coverage is $25,000/$50,000/$10,000. In the event of a covered accident, your limits for bodily injury are $25,000 per person, with a total maximum of $50,000 per incident. It also covers up to $10,000 for damage to another person’s property.

    Liability coverage also provides for your legal defense if a lawsuit is brought against you as a result of a covered accident.

    Indiana auto insurance coverage that’s smart to have

    It’s often a good idea to add the following coverages to your policy so you can enjoy the security of being protected on the road:


    This type of Indiana auto insurance coverage is used to repair your vehicle when physical damage occurs from non-collision related incidents (subject to deductible). Such incidents include theft, fire, vandalism, glass breakage, and contact with animals.


    Collision coverage is used to repair your vehicle when physical damage occurs from collision with another vehicle or object (subject to deductible).

    Uninsured/underinsured motorist

    Protects you in the event of an accident where the other party is at-fault and either doesn’t carry insurance or is underinsured.

    • Property damage helps pay for property damage to your vehicle that you are legally entitled to from another driver who is not insured. (This option is part of uninsured motorist coverage only.)
    • Bodily injury helps pay for damages due to bodily injury that you and others are legally entitled to from another driver who is not insured or is underinsured.

    Medical payments

    Helps pay expenses for medical and essential services for you and others in the event of an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

    Tailor your policy with these options

    Accident Forgiveness

    With this optional coverage, Nationwide will not raise your auto insurance rates following your first at-fault automobile accident. Learn more about Accident Forgiveness .

    Roadside Assistance

    Nationwide Roadside Assistance coverage is available in two different levels, Basic and Plus, so you can choose the one that works best with your budget. Get covered for fuel delivery, lockout service, jump-starts and more.

    Rental reimbursement

    If you can’t drive your car due to a covered loss, this coverage helps pay for a rental car or other transportation expenses so you can get back on the road.

    Insurance terms, definitions and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which control coverage determinations. Such terms may vary by state, and exclusions may apply.

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    Car insurance comparison: How it works

    Car insurance comparing

    Car insurance comparing

    Car insurance comparing

    Car insurance comparing

    Car insurance comparing

    Car insurance comparing

    You may be leaving hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on the table if you don t regularly compare car insurance rates. Many factors affect your car insurance rates, and if any of them changed, it s possible that the cheapest policy will come from a different insurer.

    You should compare car insurance rates at these times, when your rates are likely to change significantly:

    • You bought a car
    • You added a teen driver to your policy
    • You got married or divorced
    • Your credit score changed
    • You bought a house or moved
    • You got cited for a DUI or major violation or caused an accident

    Even if your status remains the same, you should do some car insurance shopping every six or 12 months. Insurance companies use different formulas to set your rates, so the price for the same policy can vary significantly even if you don t have a life-changing event. That means you can wind up overpaying if you don t compare insurance rates from several companies at least once a year.

    Save by comparing car insurance rates

    The chart below shows the highest and lowest rates from six insurers for each location. You ll see that savings of over 50 percent can be had from doing an auto insurance quotes comparison:

    * Averages are based on insurance for a single 40-year-old male who commutes 12 miles to work each day, with policy limits of 100/300/50 ($100,000 for injury liability for one person, $300,000 for all injuries and $50,000 for property damage in an accident) and a $500 deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage. Data for CarInsurance.com provided by Quadrant Information Services.

    Now that you re ready to save, we ll walk you through the process of reviewing your coverage, gathering the personal information you ll need, comparing rates and vetting potential insurers.

    Five steps to take when car insurance shopping:

    1. Get an idea of what you can expect to pay.

    If you ve moved or if you just want to get a feel for what car insurance costs in your neighborhood or are a new driver, you can get an idea of what people in your area are paying by using our car insurance comparison tool, showing the average car insurance rate in each ZIP code.

    2. Review your existing policy and assess coverage.

    While you shop around for the price and insurance company that is right for you, you should know what coverages are right for you too. If this is a new policy you need to meet at least your state’s minimum liability car insurance requirements. If you simply want to find the cheapest car insurance possible when comparison shopping, you would look for liability coverage only, and in the smallest amount your state will accept. (Legally required minimum liability coverage amounts vary by state.) Bear in mind that some states require so little coverage that an accident might leave any other assets you have, such as a home or savings, vulnerable to lawsuits.

    If you re replacing a policy, review the information on your policy to see if your existing coverage is still the best for you.

    The four main types of car insurance you should understand are:

    • Liability car insurance Covers others property damage and medical expenses. If you have few assets, you don t need high limits. If you own a home or have savings, you do — 100/300/30 is recommended. That means $100,000 per person, up to $300,000 an accident and $30,000 for property damage costs.
    • Uninsured motorist coverage Comes in two forms: uninsured motorist bodily injury pays for medical bills if you re injured in an accident that an uninsured driver causes. Uninsured property damage pays to fix your car. Some states require these coverages, but if yours doesn t, ask yourself if you would have the money to pay for damages yourself should you be hit or injured by a driver without car insurance.
    • Collision coverage Covers damage to your car. This pays out only up to the actual cash value of your car. If your vehicle is old, you may not need this optional protection.
    • Comprehensive insurance Covers theft and damage to your car from hail, floods, fire, vandalism and animal strikes. Like collision coverage, this will pay you up to the amount your car is valued by the insurance company. If you drive a beater, you may not need the extra coverage.

    Comprehensive and collision coverage are typically not budget-busters. A comprehensive car insurance comparison analysis by the Insurance Information Institute shows the national average cost per year is $139. For collision, it s $297.

    Also, decide now what deductible makes sense for your situation. One of the best ways to save on car insurance is to raise your deductible for collision and comprehensive insurance, but remember that if you have a claim, that deductible will be your out-of-pocket expense to repair or replace your car. If you have more than one claim, you’ll have to pay the deductible each time. We recommend you choose an amount that you can pay from savings. Your car won t be repaired until you pay your share.

    3. Gather your personal information.

    If you compare car insurance rates online, it s easier to compare quotes side-by-side, which saves you from having to repeatedly give out the same information and write down quotes on your own. Once you know what coverage you need, gather the following information to request a car insurance quote.

    • Name, birth date and driver’s license number of all drivers to be covered.
    • Make and model of each car to be covered.
    • Driving history, including accidents and driving violations, of all drivers to be covered by the policy.

    4. Start comparing multiple auto insurance quotes.

    Now you can begin collecting online car insurance quotes. Request rates from at least three different insurers. Be careful to compare the same coverage by using the same liability limits, identical deductibles and optional coverages.

    Also be sure to follow up with potential insurers about any car insurance discounts you may qualify for. There may be additional discounts offered that are not part of the online quote process. For instance, you may be asked how many miles you drive a year to see if you re eligible for a low-mileage discount, but you may not be asked what your teen driver s grades are, which could snag you a good-student discount.

    5. Research potential car insurance companies before you buy.

    When you re ready to buy, research the insurers that offered you the lowest rate. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recommends that when you compare insurance companies you take the following steps:

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    Tennessee Insurance

    Discounts for the Family

    • Bundle Discounts – You could enjoy multi-policy discounts when you bundle your Farmers Auto policy with any of the following Farmers products:
      • Home
      • Renters
      • Mobile Home / Specialty Dwelling
      • Farmers Specialty (Motorcycle, boat, motor home, etc.)
      • Life
    • Business and Professional Group – If you’re an employee or a retiree from an approved occupational group, you may be eligible for this discount. Contact us to see if you qualify.
    • Distant Student – If your child at college is single, under 23-years-old, and going to school at least 100 miles from your home without regular access to the covered car, you may be eligible for this discount.
    • Multi-Car – Earn a multi-car discount when you cover more than one vehicle under the same Farmers Auto policy.
    • Teen Driver – Your teen drivers (19 and under) save on their Auto insurance rates when you add them to your plan, as long as your policy has been in effect for at least 2 years.

    Planning Ahead Discounts

    • Alternative Fuel – Because you help the environment by driving a hybrid, electric, or other new alternative fuel car, Farmers offers you this discount.
    • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Choose to pay your premiums electronically and we’ll reduce your rate.
    • Pay In Full – Pay your entire term premium in one lump sum, and we’ll reduce your rates.
    • Homeowner – Tennessee policyholders are eligible for an additional discount if they own their home.

    Classroom Discounts

    • Good Student – If you are a student younger than 25-years-old and meet one of the following requirements, we may applaud your dedication by granting you a discount.
      • High school student with at least a B average
      • College student with a 3.0 (out of 4.0) grade point average or higher
      • Dean’s List or Honor Roll student
      • Student ranked in the top 20% of their class or in the top 20% in national standardized tests

    Please be ready to submit proof of eligibility (a copy of a report card, grade-point average, etc.) when requesting this discount.

    • Mature Driver – Tennesseans 55 and older can lower their Auto insurance rates after completing a state-approved Safe Drive Program. This discount is valid for 3 years, so if you’ve taken the course recently, please let us know!