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HP s Data Center Mega-Consolidation

Rich Miller on May 22, 2006

Hewlett-Packard has unveiled one of the most ambitious data center consolidation projects yet, which will consolidate 85 data centers worldwide into six larger centers located in three U.S. cities.

HP s announcement is great news for Atlanta, Houston and Austin, which will each be home to two new huge data centers. The facilities are being designed as lights out data centers, capable of being managed remotely by HP s adaptive infrastructure solutions. The company is also implementing smart cooling technologies that optimize airflow for cooling of the data centers, leading to utility cost savings of up to 25 percent.

HP will invest $600 million in two 200,000-square-foot data centers in metro Atlanta, according to the Atlanta Business Journal. A new data center in Suwanee, Ga. will create 140 new jobs over the next five years. A second data center will be built in Alpharetta, Ga. at the site of an HP campus. That data center also will employ 140.

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The Austin data centers will measure about 400,000 square feet and will include 50,000 square feet of raised floor space. One center will be located at Ed Bluestein Blvd. and the other will be located at its existing campus in Wells Branch, according to the Austin Business Journal .

The consolidation will help HP reduce its IT spending by approximately $1 billion in the coming years. The facilities also will serve as a showcase for HP Adaptive Infrastructure products and services.

Consolidating our data operations into six state-of-the-art centers will provide HP with strengths that are unmatched in the industry, said Randy Mott, executive vice president and chief information officer, HP. The data centers will provide our business with more dependable, simplified operations. This effort will enable faster delivery of new technologies, services and information and provide room for growth and improved business continuity, while significantly reducing costs.

The three data center locations were selected based on availability and affordability of space, power and network bandwidth, as well as a lower probability of impact from natural disasters. Each location will host two separate physical sites with more than 50,000 square feet of useable floor space within 15 miles of each other, enabling them to be serviced centrally.

The data centers are being designed as a series of modules that can be arranged in various configurations. The modular design will facilitate rapid build times and significant efficiencies in maintaining, managing and upgrading the environment. Space, power and cooling will be rapidly scalable and optimally balanced, with utilization targeted at 70-80 percent per module compared with average utilization of 50 percent in less sophisticated environments.

The capabilities that we deliver will not only be the right solution to meet our own business requirements, but will also provide the best environment for our customers to see first-hand what HP technology and services can do for them, said Mark Hurd, HP chief executive officer and president. These facilities will serve as a model of the next-generation data center that HP believes represents the future of enterprise computing.

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Telemarketing Dialer
Automatic Telemarketing Phone Systems

Telemarketing Phone Systems

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of automated call center phone systems and outsourcing services including auto call dialing systems.

Our auto dialers broadcast pre-recorded phone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has both commercial and community applications. Business messages can be sent to your customers or emergency notifications can be delivered to community members.

Messages can be delivered to both individuals and answering machines. If our voice broadcasting system detects a no answer condition or busy signal, the message can be scheduled for delivery at a later time. Complete online reports are available to view the effective delivery of messages in this fashion.

Contact DSC to learn more about our voice broadcasting services and phone systems.

Telemarketing and Voice Broadcasting

DSC offers both an affordable and expandable voice broadcast auto dialer system. This solution includes a modern Windows PC with Dialogic computer telephony cards. When combined with our extensive IVR software, these phone systems can perform both inbound call distribution as well as outbound IVR call campaigns – concurrently.

The WIZARD Voice Broadcast system is our entry level call center phone system that supports up to 48 analog phone lines. If your outbound calling center requires more lines, our PACER voice broadcast system can be used to deliver voice messages over hundreds of digital phone lines.

Voice Messages On Answering Machines

Our telemarketing phone system not only can detect answering machines but has the distinct ability to leave a pre-recorded message on this machine without the nuisance of truncating the delivered message. Statistics have shown that an individual is 2 to 3 times more likely to respond to a message left on an answering machine than to respond to a mass mailer.

Our message dialer not only detects answering machines, it also detects the end of the machine’s greeting prompt. Unlike other dialers, we only begin playing your message AFTER the answering machine prompt has ended.

Most traditional predictive dialers just discard these calls or at best, schedule this number to be redialed later. These dialers are ignoring the potential of getting additional leads and business by leaving a targeted message.

Different Telemarketing Dialing Techniques

Our telemarketing dialer calls numbers from a computer managed phone list. The DSC autodialer delivers messages to individuals or answering machines or can distribute the calls to live operators. There are several types of autodialing techniques that are supported by our contact center phone systems.

  • Voice Broadcasting delivers a pre-recorded message to live answers and answering machines. If another call status is detected (busy, etc.), our phone systems can reschedule the call for a later time. Simple messages can be delivered or the call recipient can be presented with an IVR script that accepts touch phone responses.

The remaining telemarketing autodialer techniques are used in conjunction with call center phone agents. These agents are either local to the contact center or can be working from home or in remote locations.

  • Preview Dialing allows your phone agents to view the call information prior to the call being placed. The agent can decide not to initiate the call.
  • Progressive Dialing passes the call information to the agent at the same time the number is being dialed by the phone dialer. The agent usually has a few seconds to view the call information, but cannot stop the call process.

  • Predictive Dialing is more sophisticated because the phone dialer automatically calls several numbers and only passes a call to your agent when a person has been contacted. This eliminates busy signals, answering machines, etc.

  • Smart message dialing places calls, plays recorded messages and prompts, and passes the calls to your agents only when the called individual requests a contact.

Call Us Today

Contact DSC for a FREE analysis and quote and to learn more about our telemarketing products and services.

Telemarketing Services
Telemarketing Outsourcing
Telemarketing Software
Telemarketing Dialer
Inbound Telemarketing
Outbound Telemarketing

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If you have questions about Drug Rehab Options or are ready to place yourself or a loved one into treatment, please call 1-800-610-4673 for immediate help. Don’t wait, speak to an addiction treatment counselor right now.

Drug rehab enables men and women with drug addictions to learn how to abstain from drug use and live happy and productive lives. Drug rehab (also drug rehabilitation ) is not a cure for the disease of drug addiction, but rather a powerful tool for arresting and reversing the progression of the disease. It aims to teach addicts and alcoholics ways to cope with daily stresses, pressures, disappointments, and dramas without resorting to further substance abuse. The lessons taught in a drug rehab program are intended to be applied and practiced on a daily basis.

Drug Rehab – What is it?

Drug rehab is a supportive approach to treatment and recovery from chemical dependency through the guidance of experts and the support of peers. It is the umbrella term given to the process of biological, psychological and social rehabilitation from addictive substances for drug addicts and alcoholics. No matter what the substance abused, treatment is usually the key to recovery for individuals and families suffering from drug abuse and alcoholism. For drug rehab programs to be effective addicts must enter the rehabilitation process with honesty, open-mindedness, and most importantly, willingness ; treatment only beomes effective when an addict becomes willing to surrender to the reality of his or her current condition.

The key to effective rehabilitation is a program’s ability to help an addict gain an understanding of what’s driving the addiction in the first place – namely the unmanageable behaviors and thought processes inherrent to addiction. Drug rehab centers offer levels of care ranging from detoxification and basic outpatient programs through intensive long-term residential treatment. The ultimate goal of all of these is to enable the individual in recovery to live a life free from the negative conseqences of drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug addiction is a disease, and like any other disease, it requires treatment to arrest it’s progress and reverse it’s negative effects. Drug rehabilitation is therefore an essential first step in the recovery process. Most treatment methodologies teach addicts that the process which takes place in a rehab center must continue long after the completion of formal treatment for the best chance of success, and that long-term recovery requires vigilance and continuing practice for the remainder of the recovering addict’s life. Addicts who find success in recovery are those who commit themselves honestly and wholeheartedly to the struggle for sobriety and freedom from the chains of addiction.

Drug Rehab Programs

The most successful drug rehab programs take a multidisciplinary approach to the comprehensive health of the addict, focusing on helping addicts to develop and practice the mental and emotional skills necessary for long-term recovery. There are thousands of drug rehab programs and alcoholism treatment centers located throughout the United States and the world, employing widely differing methodologies for treatment. Examples of different types of drug rehab programs include outpatient, day treatment, full-hospitalization inpatient, residential short-term, and residential long-term treatment. Short-term residential drug rehabilitation programs offer intensive but relatively brief (usually 28-30 days) treatment, commonly based on a 12-step approach. Short-term drug rehab programs intensively focus on the most basic aspects of recovery, including detoxification, life skills building, abstinence and relapse prevention. Long-term residential drug rehab programs focus on the same issues, but are more comprehensive over a longer period of time, and also tend to focus more heavily on relapse prevention and goal setting in recovery for success post-treatment. Long-term drug rehab programs often last six months or longer, and most offer an aftercare program for continuing support following the individual’s stay at the drug rehab center itself.

The Drug Rehab Process – Detoxification

The drug and alcohol rehab process should always start with detoxification and medical stabilization as its first step. Detox is the process of withdrawing alcohol and drugs from the brain and body. Detox from alcohol and most drugs requires medical supervision, and often includes one on one and group counseling in which the addict in withdrawal can discuss and receive support for the feelings they encounter during the detoxification process. Before they can begin the actual treatment phase, an addict must rid their body of the poisons and chemical byproducts produced by drugs and alcohol (in fact, alcohol and many drugs are technically poisons in their own right). The detox portion of the rehabilitation process can take days, weeks, or in rare cases even months, depending on the drug of abuse and length of the abuse, and the addict’s tolerance to the drug.

Drug Rehab Philosophy and Methods

Drug rehab programs differ in their treatment philosophies, methodologies, rehabilitation services offered, and populations treated. For a drug rehab program to be successful, it must incorporate intensive addiction counseling and education services, with a focus on nurturing personal growth and life skills. The most successful centers offer aftercare or continuing care programs in which some degree of counseling services or group recovery continues post-treatment. Aftercare is an essential part of the rehab process as it helps the addict to apply what they’ve learned in rehab to real life. When choosing a drug rehab program, it is important to do comprehensive research to understand the similarities and differences between individual centers, and the rehabilitation philosophies and methods they employ.

Inpatient and Residential Drug Rehab Programs

Inpatient or residential drug rehab is the most successful form of treatment for long-term drug abuse. Inpatient treatment is where a person actually checks in and lives at a drug rehab facility exclusively for a period of time and learns to apply recovery tools, studies relapse prevention and identifies relapse triggers, and participates in an intensive counseling and therapy intended to arrest the progress of drug addiction. At inpatient drug rehab centers, professional treatment and counseling is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Inpatient treatment centers are especially effective because they provide environments in which addicts with a common goal of recovery can support one another in the rehabilitation process daily.

Questions about Detoxifiction or Treatment Programs? We are here to answer them. Call 1-800-610-4673

Outpatient Drug Rehab Programs

Low-intensity outpatient programs may offer little more than drug education and admonition. Some outpatient models, such as intensive day treatment, can be comparable to residential drug rehab programs in services offered and clinical effectiveness, depending on the individual addict’s specific needs.

Getting Help

Drug rehab is in a very real fashion an addict’s best hope for recovery, and as such, self-realization is an indispensable part of the addiction recovery process. Drug addiction is an equal-opportunity disease, affecting people regardless of race, color or creed, and anyone who makes the mistake of believing that a drug rehab program is for “the other person ” is walking a very fine line. Here at treatment-centers.net, we offer comprehensive, no-cost services for assessment and referral to drug rehab centers. If you are in need of drug rehab services, please explore our site, fill out our confidential online drug and alcohol assessment. and by all means, CALL US – we’re here to help.

Please don’t wait, call 1-800-610-4673 for immediate treatment help.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Twin Cities #alcohol #and #drug #treatment #centers


Alcohol Treatment Centers Twin Cities (612) 276-3773

Alcoholism is the downside of habitual drinking. Fortunately, Alcohol Treatment Centers Twin Cities offers customized treatment solutions that can prevent a negative drinking problem to become a lifetime addiction. Seeking treatment at the onset of an alcohol use disorder is always recommended by the addiction clinicians at Alcohol Treatment Centers Twin Cities. And, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), habitual substance abuse over a long period of time impact memory systems, reward circuits, decision making processes and cause brain shrinkage in alcoholic men and women.

The good news is treatment, particularly long term comprehensive treatment offered at facilities like Alcohol Treatment Centers Twin Cities has been shown to re-engage neurological functions hijacked by alcohol abuse. Call us today and get your life back on track at (612) 276-3773 .

Benefits of Long Term Residential Treatment

Alcohol Treatment Centers Twin City provide short and long term residential treatment for patients at varying stages of addiction. The words “Residential” and “Inpatient” are used interchangeably to describe the addiction care option that necessitate living at the treatment facility for the duration of a planned recovery program. Although this treatment model is not necessary for everyone, it has been shown to significantly reduce recidivism rates in those who participate in this process.

Various studies, in recent years, has also highlighted the multiple benefits of long term residential treatment for addiction. For example, scientists at Yale University have documented, what they refer to as, the “sleeper effect” that occurs to the front cortex of an addict’s brain after participating in a 90 day rehabilitation model. This treatment period, they suggested, is what it takes for the brain to reset itself. Other benefits to long term residential treatment includes…

  1. Consistent protection from the opportunity or temptation to resume daily alcohol consumption.
  2. Provides inpatient medical detoxification and continuous monitoring and assessment to address any lingering effects after the detox process is completed.
  3. Enable sufficient time to identify and stabilize physical and psychological conditions exacerbated by alcohol use disorders
  4. Enables patients to be fully engaged and focused on their recovery process long enough to effect changes.
  5. Facilitate in-depth review and treatment of underlying conditions such as unresolved trauma, poor coping skills, anger, communication and relationship issues that are often triggers to alcohol abuse.
  6. Provide ample time for patients to learn and develop relapse prevention skills.
  7. Allow sufficient time for patients to exchange negative patterns of behavior for healthier more positive ones that promote sobriety.

Whether you are in need of long term residential treatment or outpatient care, the treatment strategy at Alcohol Treatment Centers Twin City is comprehensive and integrates various evidence-based addiction treatment models such as holistic, pharmacology and conventional therapy. This enables us to select from a range of treatment protocols that can be incorporated into a customize treatment program for each patient. Treatment programs that are tailored specifically for each patient respect their individuality and unique challenges with addiction. It also help patients to achieve recovery at their own pace and with the treatment processes that are most amenable to them.

If you or a loved one is battling an alcohol use disorder, please do not hesitate to seek help as soon as possible. Early treatment can reduce the damaging effects alcoholism has on the physical body and mental functions. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Twin Cities today at (612) 276-3773 to speak confidentially to an addiction specialist about your particular concerns.

About Twin City

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul comprises the Twin City area. These are metropolitan cities built around the Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix rivers. Twin City is also referred to as the seven county region. The geographical proximity of these two cities makes them a classic example of twin cities. Despite their “Twin City” definition, Minneapolis and Saint Paul are independent municipalities with clearly defined borders. Visitors however can enjoy two distinctly different cities without having to deal with varying weather patterns. While the southern location of the Twin Cities makes it the warmest location in Minnesota, the northerly latitude and inland location of these cities also makes them colder in the winter months than many other metropolitan area in the United States. The major differences between the Twin Cities has to do with their architecture. According to Richard Moe, President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, few cities in the Midwest or elsewhere can match the rich architectural history of St. Paul. By contrast, Minneapolis, being a younger city, is distinguished by its many modern skyscrapers.

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Call2Customer an outsourced call center in India

Globalization has shrunk the world and expanded the market. Due to which we have to face hard competition for which we have to spend more money. But on another hand, we have got the facility of outsourcing our work offshore which is less expensive. The ultimate choice of the leading companies especially for outsourcing call center services is India as it is rich in resources at reasonable rate.

Why is India ideal for outsourcing call center services?

  • India has a large number of highly qualified people with good British and American accent than any other country.
  • Companies settled outside Indian Time Zone has extra advantages of providing 24/7 services. Moreover, the Indian government has given permission of opening call centers for 24 hours .
  • Indian government has aided for software technology parks. So India has the latest technology to provide high quality call center services.
  • Indian policies are simple and allow duty free exports of capital goods. Indian Government has exempted tax on the export of ITES.
  • India has reduced tariff of internet services telecom and cellular services which reduce cost of call center services.
  • We are one of the leading call center in India who provides high quality call center services at low cost.
  • India is first nation of the call center outsourcing industry.

Call2Customer has experience of more than 5 years in smoothly running a call center. We provide outsourcing call center solutions to small, mid and large enterprises. Our company delivers all types of customer care services including Inbound, Outbound, Back-office jobs, Web Designing and Online Marketing. Our call center is located in India with all world class infrastructures and technology with all power back-up to provide work without any interruption.

Why outsource call centers services to Call2Customer?

  • We have a large number of qualified, IT literate, trained, skilled and experienced professionals. We have a high performing team of certified call center executives and marketing professionals.
  • We offer a number of call center outsourcing services, such as inbound call center services, telemarketing services. technical Support services, disaster recovery services, helpdesk services, accounting services, transaction processing services, remote network management and end-to-end processing amongst others.
  • We provide round the clock services to your customer that helps you to be ahead of your competitor.
  • We have technology, software and infrastructure to provide high quality customer support services.
  • Our agents study your product details deeply with market trend to response promptly to all queries. They are able to resolve queries instantly.
  • Our skilled agents polite and friendly behavior helps to give personal attention to each customer.
  • We provide high class services within the given time limit at affordable price. We have record of completing the work before the time with more than 99% accuracy.
  • Our effective communication with customer builds trust for your brand. We have successfully accomplished result in generating leads.

Call Center Construction Projects – General Contractor Bob Moore Construction Company #call #centers, #call #center #design, #data #centers, #warehouses, #distribution #centers, #industrial #buildings, #retail #stores, #flex #tech #buildings, #office #buildings, #manufacturing #facilities, #commercial #building, #commercial #general #contractor, #construction #manager, #design #build #contractor, #property #developer, #construction #company


Call Center Construction Project Showcase

Call Center: A facility or part of a facility with substantial telephone or fiber optic cabling infrastructure, where employees provide technical support or respond to account or sales enquiries in high volumes by phone.

Bob Moore Construction has served as general contractor in the construction of several call centers and multi-use buildings with call center operations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and in Houston and San Antonio, Texas. Our project managers are experienced with the intricacies of call center design and can manage the construction project with a clear understanding of the specific needs for this type of commercial building. One recent multi-use building construction project was the Coaster Company of America, which housed distribution center, call center, office and retail operations.

If you are interested in building a call center or would like more information, Please contact Kyle Whitesell or Larry Knox at (817) 640-1200. Or if you prefer, contact us online with our contact form.

Below is a list of call center projects where Bob Moore Construction served as design / build contractor, construction manager or general contractor.

Coaster Company of America Distribution Center
Fort Worth, Texas
405,000 SF
Role: General Contractor
Owner / Developer: Seefried Properties
Architect: Realacorp America

FT Mortgage Companies Office Building
Irving, Texas
300,000 SF
Role: General Contractor
Owner / Developer: Koll Development Company
Architect: PGAL, Inc.

Mouser Electronics Office / Warehouse
Mansfield, Texas
231,800 SF + 192,415 SF
Role: General Contractor
Owner / Developer: Mouser Electronics
Architect: FRS Design Group

UPS Parcel / Freight Center
Fort Worth, Texas
175,000 SF
Role: General Contractor
Owner / Developer: United Parcel Service
Architect: Halff & Associates

Cigna Call Center / Office Building
Denison, Texas
140,000 SF
Role: General Contractor
Owner / Developer: CMC – Commercial Realty Group
Architect: Hardy McCullah / MLM Architects

Medtronics Call Center Parking Garage
San Antonio, Texas
117,936 SF
Role: Design / Build Contractor
Owner / Developer: Medtronics
Architect: Alliance Architects, Inc.

UPS Parcel / Freight Center
Fort Worth, Texas
175,000 SF
Role: General Contractor
Owner / Developer: United Parcel Service
Architect: Halff & Associates

KCI R ?>

Louisville Drug Treatment Centers (502) 909-3938 Alcohol Rehab #drug #rehab #louisville #ky, #louisville #drug #treatment #centers


Louisville Drug Treatment Centers (502) 909-3938

Louisville Drug Treatment Centers is helping to change the conversation about addiction from a negative to a more positive one. Language that is focused on prevention and treatment rather than outdated stereotypical beliefs can help more people to get the specialized care that can save their lives. At Louisville Drug Treatment Centers we recognize scientific evidence that support the fact that addiction is a disease caused in part by genetics, social behavior and environmental factors. These studies have helped to advance treatment protocols and enhance the recovery process for millions suffering with addiction.

Services provided at Louisville Drug Treatment Centers incorporate the most advanced evidence based addiction interventions with other time tested holistic and traditional programs. We are licensed and accredited dual-diagnosis Drug Treatment Centers specializing in the treatment of a range of addictions and behavioral disorders such as prescription pill, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, gambling and eating disorders to name a few.

Our clients can expect to receive individualized treatment from our multidisciplinary boar certified doctors, nurses and psychiatrists who are focused on helping you to achieve a full and sustainable recovery. Our treatments teams are also qualified to provide emergency medical intervention and administer medication to stabilize severe symptoms of withdrawal.

Treatment Services

We believe recovery treatment must commence with a thorough physical and psychological evaluation in order to make an accurate diagnosis of the medical and emotional issues facing the patient. Getting to the root cause of addiction help us to tailor treatment programs that address the addiction and other surrounding issues that are unique to the individual.

We also recognize that gender and age contribute to the impact that difference substances, duration of use and volume used have on the individual. As such our customized treatment programs are designed based on the patient’s health, medical history, environment and genetic factors and provide a unique recovery experience for each patient.

At Louisville Drug Treatment Centers. we embrace all evidence based modalities such as medical detoxification. cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, art therapy, equine therapy, spiritual therapy and much more. Individual, group and family counseling is also an important part of the treatment process. Woven into our every rehabilitation program is the goal to achieve full recovery as well as restore balance to body mind and spirit.

In addition to our medical interventions the ambience at our state-of-the-art facility help patients to feel safe, stress free and fully supported throughout the treatment process. Patient enjoy sumptuous cuisine, carefully prepared by world class chefs with experience in creating nutritious and delicious meals for every dietary need.

Based on the needs of the patient, our treatment options at Louisville Drug Treatment Centers include:

  • Inpatient medical detox,
  • Residential rehab and
  • Partial hospitalization programs.

Our primary goals include helping our patients to safely withdraw from habitual drug use and address the underlying causes of addiction. We also provide programs that patients can incorporate into their everyday lives to create a sense of balance. Relapse prevention education and training develop important coping strategies that enable abstinence after rehab.

The services provided at our rehab facility are culturally sensitive and meet linguistic standards of competence. We are an adult based center and welcome patients without regard to race, creed, color, gender or sexual preference. At Louisville Drug Treatment Center we provide a continuum of care that goes beyond the treatment of addiction.

Louisville Drug Treatment Centers offers specialized services and tools that can help you to overcome addiction. Call us today at (502) 909-3938 . We can help.

About Louisville

As one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains, Louisville Kentucky is big on history. Nowhere else in the United States, has more preserved Victorian homes than Louisville. It also has one of the largest historically preserved districts in America today. This city of over 600,000 lure visitors for more than their well-preserved Victorian homes.

Louisville is home of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the greatest baseball bat, the greatest horse race, the greatest boxer (Muhammad Ali) and Bourbon. Louisville produce approximately one third of all bourbon from major distilleries that are headquartered there. Many say Louisville has so much to offer that visitors have a difficult time deciding what to do first.

*Not all insurance policies are the same. Insurance coverage varies based on individual policies. All logos

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Cloud where you
need it.

Built for the enterprise.

Virtustream cloud technology and services were created with a single purpose: To help transform all of enterprise IT starting with the most complex, mission-critical enterprise applications.

  • Cloud Overview
    • Transform your entire IT estate—including your existing mission-critical applications—with an enterprise-class cloud that’s been battle-tested by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations.
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    • For IT leaders, Virtustream shows up with the tools and experience to facilitate the migration process, so you can focus on realizing your vision and mission.
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    • Object Storage
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  • Technology Partners
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Youth Regional Treatment Centers (YRTC), Indian Health Service (IHS), youth treatment centers.#Youth #treatment #centers


Youth Regional Treatment Centers (YRTC)

Youth treatment centers


The IHS provides recurring funding to 10 tribally and federally operated Youth Regional Treatment Centers (YRTCs) to address the ongoing issues of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders among American Indian and Alaska Native youth. Through education and culture-based prevention initiatives, evidence-based and practice-based models of treatment, family strengthening, and recreational activities, youth can overcome their challenges and recover their lives to become healthy, strong, and resilient leaders in their communities.

The YRTCs provide a range of clinical services rooted in a culturally relevant, holistic model of care. These services include: clinical evaluation; substance abuse education; group, individual, and family psychotherapy; art therapy; adventure-based counseling; life skills; medication management or monitoring; evidence-based/practice-based treatment; aftercare relapse prevention; and post-treatment follow-up services.

Youth treatment centers

Office Mail Stops

Office of Clinical and Preventive Services – 08N34 A B

Office of the Director – 08E37A

Office of the Director/Congressional and Legislative Affairs Staff – 08E37A

Office of the Director/Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity Staff – 08E61

Office of the Director/Executive Secretariat Staff – 08E86

Office of the Director/Public Affairs Staff – 08E73

Office of Direct Service and Contracting Tribes – 08E17

Office of Environmental Health and Engineering – 10N14C

Office of Finance and Accounting – 10E54

Office of Human Resources – 11E53A

Office of Information Technology – 07E57B

Office of Management Services – 09E70

Office of Public Health Support – 09E10D

Office of Resource Access and Partnerships – 10E85C

Office of Tribal Self Governance – 08E05

Office of Urban Indian Health Programs – 08E65C

Alcoholism Treatment, alcohol treatment, alcohol rehab, alcohol treatment, alcohol treatment centers, alcohol treatment center #alcoholism #treatment, #alcohol #treatment, #alcohol #rehab, #alcohol #treatment, #alcohol #treatment #centers, #alcohol #treatment #center


Alcoholism Treatment ,

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Alcoholism is a serious disease. There are over 75,000 deaths in the United States each year that are related to alcohol. When a person becomes addicted to alcohol, they often feel the urge to drink at any given time throughout the day. Those who suffer from alcoholism lose their self control and become dependent on alcohol. Once a person is addicted to alcohol, they will do whatever they can to get the alcohol because without it, they will suffer from serious withdrawal symptoms. It is important for those who suffer from alcoholism to get the necessary treatment. Those who are in. can call (860) 506-3403 to take some of the first steps toward alcoholism treatment.

The first step of alcoholism treatment is for the person to admit that they have a serious problem. While this is the first step, it is often the hardest step to take. Those who suffer from alcoholism usually do not realize that they have a serious problem which is one of the reasons why it can be hard for them to admit it and begin their treatment. However, with a support group composed of family and friends, the addicted person will likely have the strength to admit that they have a problem and begin the road to recovery.

Alcoholism cannot be cured but it can be treated. After treatment, some people will relapse and will then believe that they failed in treatment. However, that is entirely untrue. Many people suffer from relapse when being treated for an addiction. It can be hard to overcome alcoholism completely but with determination, it is possible. Alcoholism treatment will typically start with counseling. Some people become addicted to alcohol because they are using it to hide their true emotions and feelings. A counselor can work with the person to find the underlying issues that may be causing their alcoholism in the first place. Alcoholism treatment may also include prescribing antidepressant medications.

Alcoholism treatment has a high success rate and tends to work for many people. With the right treatment, a person suffering from alcoholism can kick the habit and live a healthier life. It is important that the person who suffers from alcoholism has a support system to help them throughout their journey. The support system may consist of family members, friends, or counselors at an alcoholism treatment facility.

Because alcoholism is such a serious disease, it is important to get the necessary treatment as soon as possible. If you or someone you know in. is suffering from alcoholism, you should call (860) 506-3403 immediately. The sooner that you make the phone call, the sooner you have the opportunity to turn your life around and start over fresh. Beating alcoholism is not an impossible task. If you truly want to make changes and stop drinking, start the alcoholism treatment now. The journey may become challenging at times but you can beat alcoholism.

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