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Since 1943, Case Paper Co. has provided incomparable service to the printing and packaging industry. The foundation of this service rests on maintaining one of the largest inventories of coated paper and board in both rolls and sheets in the United States; providing swift delivery of custom-converted products from state-of-the-art equipment; and and the ability to process custom sizes.

In fact, Case Paper has an extensive inventory of over 75,000 tons of paper and board available for immediate delivery, warehoused in over 1.25 million sq.ft. of storage space across the U.S. We also provide state-of-the-art converting, warehousing, shipping, and logistics from several North American locations.

With a broad range of equipment—from Maxson, Marquip, and Goodstrong sheeters, up to 90″ Jagenberg and A F slitters, and up to 110″ Lawson guillotine trimmers—Case Paper can handle virtually every need, from small to large-format sheet sizes to narrow- to large-format digital rolls.

Our well-coordinated team of over 60 sales representatives and local customer service representatives serves U.S. domestic markets as well as Canada, Mexico, and South America. We have 24/7 access to real-time, nationwide inventory, and offer round-the-clock customer service.

Our Products

  • Coated Paper — for brochures, annual reports, book covers, and catalogs.
  • Uncoated Paper — for financial reports, direct mail, and newsletters.
  • Paperboard — for packaging, displays and signage, and board games.
  • Litho C1S — for labels, posters, corrugated lamination, foil/film lamination.
  • Carbonless Paper — for forms in duplicate, triplicate, etc.


At the annual Printing Industry of the Carolinas (PICA) awards banquet on April 29, 2017, the Case Paper Award for Best Brochure or Broadside was awarded to TCG Legacy for Aralex’s Yosprala brochure. Considered to be the best of this year’s 32 entries in the brochure/broadsides category, and one of more than 670 entries from [ ] Read more

In November 2016, John R. Cumming joined the Case Paper Co. team as Director of Sales, Northeast. With over a quarter century of experience running companies that sell paper and board to the commercial print and packaging industries and a degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Cumming has experience in all aspects of the paper business, [ ] Read more

Case Paper recently announced the purchase of a MarquipWardUnited dual-rotary sheeter for their Philadelphia, PA plant. Able to sheet up to two rolls at a time, the new sheeter will provide custom-sized sheets of both paper and paperboard. The ninth sheeter and the tenth converting equipment purchase over the past seven years, Case Paper’s latest [ ] Read more

In September 2016, Case Paper completed the installation of a new Maxson MDH dual knife rotary sheeter at its manufacturing facility in Philadelphia, PA. Supported by skilled sheeting experts, the new sheeter increases capacity by 20 million pounds annually. For printers and packaging companies that have to turn around a job quickly, it also shortens [ ] Read more

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How To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant – Certified Nursing Assistant Online, certified nursing classes.#Certified #nursing #classes


How To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing classesThinking of becoming a certified nursing assistant? Then you ve come to the right place. Employment opportunities for CNAs continue to rise, but unless you have the proper training and sufficient experience, you could be missing out on those jobs. It s a good first step for those intending to grow in the healthcare industry. Training is shorter than most healthcare occupations, and it s mostly skills and common sense. However, it really pays to have a guide to help you get started.

Here, we ll help you get a better grasp of certified nursing assistant as a career, the training required, where to find work, how much to expect in terms of salaries and growth opportunities. We ve thought of the questions you could be asking and found as much of the the answers for you. This way, you ll have an easier time making the decision to finally go for it and get ready to be part of the growing number of CNAs in the country.

CNA Training

The first step to prepare for this profession is get the proper certified nursing assistant training. That means finding the CNA courses most suited to meet your goals, checking for accreditation and ensuring the CNA training offered will meet the standards of the industry so you can sit for the assessment exam. Pass this test and you become a full-fledged certified nurse aide ready for employment.

CNA Classes

You ll want to know what courses CNA students take up to get ready for the job. And how long or short you can complete them before you can be eligible for work. Certified nursing assistant classes run from 6 weeks to 6 months. They can either be taken on campus or online. However, because there is a practical component, only the theoretical portion are available as CNA courses online. Arrangements for internship must be made either by the student or the school. Clinicals are an essential component of all accredited CNA programs. Get first hand info about what you ll be facing in the nest several weeks or months.

CNA Certification

What do you need to become a CNA? Why is certification a must if you want to work as a nurse aide? We guide you through this as well. The certified nursing assistant certification process will be discussed and tips on how to successfully pass it will be provided.

CNA Salary

How much is the typical salary of certified nursing assistants? That s the foremost question most people will have even before deciding to pursue training for this career. There are articles to answer CNA salary question as well as other queries in relation to wages and how to make more as a professional.

CNA Jobs

Where do you find job opportunities after completing your CNA training? Nursing homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities are some of the options. You ll be responsible for front-line patient care so that means you ll be in direct contact with patients most of the time. You might learn of other possibilities where CNA jobs are available that are not the usual workplaces. And you can also find out the challenges faced by nurse aides at work.

Information at your fingertips is what we aim for. We hope getting ready to be a certified nursing assistant will be much easier with the directory of nursing schools we ve provided for your convenience.

->Click Here for Free Info from Nursing Schools Near You Certified nursing classes

Benefits of CAPM Certification Training, Certified Associate In Project Management #benefits #of #capm, #capm #certification, #capm #certification #training, #certified #associate #in #project #management, #capm #certification #mumbai, #pune, #bangalore, #india


Understanding the process of writing your CAPM exam

“With billions being invested in large projects, a shortage of 6 million skilled project professionals is expected by 2013. What’s more, of the 20 million people participating in projects worldwide, just one million have professionally recognized formal project management training.”
Source: Indicus Report, Feb 2010

2008 study projects avg. of 1.2M Job Openings Per Year in project-oriented professions.”
Anderson Economic Group

“One fifth (1/5) of the world’s GDP (us $ 12 trillion) is being spent on projects.”

“Out of the 20 million people participating in projects worldwide, just 1 million have professionally recognized formal project management training”

“Certified Project Managers are in demand across various industry segments including IT/ITES, Construction, Infrastructure, Engineering, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Service Industries.”

Benefits of CAPM

PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification provides you with a globally recognised project management credential.Your CAPM certification will automatically indicate to prospective employers that you are well versed in global project management processes and terminology.

Among other things CAPM will equip you with:

  • Skills to initiate a project
  • Project preparation and planning proficiency
  • Executing, monitoring, controlling and completing a project
  • Estimating activity costs
  • Planning for quality at every stage
  • Performing quality assurance
  • Hiring, leading and managing a project team
  • Foreseeing and planning for the unexpected

Whether you’re new to project management, changing careers, or already serving as a subject matter expert on project teams, the CAPM can get your career on the right path or take it to the next level.

If you are a project manager with less than 2 years experience, looking to demonstrate your commitment to project management, improve your ability to manage larger projects and earn additional responsibility, & stand out to potential employers, the CAPM certification is right for you.

The CAPM certification offers recognition to practitioners who are starting their career in project management as well as project team members who wish to demonstrate their project management knowledge. This certification denotes that the individual possesses knowledge in the principles and terminology of A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) , the standard of project management’s generally recognized good practices.

The knowledge a practitioner gains from earning the CAPM certification can be applied to on-the-job experiences which help develop growing levels of competence in the practice of project management.

2010-2017 Project Management Institute

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Residential Windows, Doors and Skylights

Current Specification Effective Date: January 1, 2015

  • The current criteria were finalized in January 2014.
  • New performance levels (PDF, 238.86 KB) are effective as of January 1, 2016 for windows, doors, and skylights in all climate zones.
  • Windows, doors and skylights must meet U-Factor and, where applicable, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) requirements based on climate zone. In addition, doors must meet U-Factor and, where applicable, SHGC requirements based on glazing level (amount of glass).
  • Windows, doors and skylights originally qualified for the ENERGY STAR label in March, 1998.

What should I look for when buying windows, doors skylights?

Every ENERGY STAR window, door and skylight is independently certified and verified to perform at levels that meet or exceed energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA. But how do you know which windows work in your climate? The following tips will help you buy with confidence.

Purchasing Tips

Shopping for new windows, doors, and skylights can be a confusing process. ENERGY STAR makes it simple! Follow these five tips to ensure your windows, doors, and skylights deliver savings and comfort you’ll enjoy.

Look for the ENERGY STAR label for your climate zone. All ENERGY STAR certified products must display the ENERGY STAR label. Check the label to make sure the product you are considering is certified to meet the criteria for your area. The ENERGY STAR label appears on the product next to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label:

in Highlighted Regions

Official ENERGY STAR label (and NFRC Label) for a window qualifying in the Northern and North-Central climate zones.

in All 50 States

Ask for ENERGY STAR when ordering. When you’re ordering in a showroom, make sure to ask for a product that is certified to meet the ENERGY STAR criteria for your climate zone. You can choose ENERGY STAR certified windows in a variety of framing materials to suit your needs.

  • Get a deal. In addition to the long-term energy savings you’ll enjoy, you may be able to take advantage of financial incentives that lower your initial investment:
    • Many utilities provide financial incentives for purchasing ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors and skylights. Look for local rebates and other promotions in your area .
    • Claim federal tax credits for installing ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors or skylights or making certain other energy efficiency improvements to your home.
    • Keep in mind that the cost of complete window replacement can vary. Be sure to get quotes from several installers. Different dealers may quote difference prices for the same product. When interviewing contractors, ask them to break down the price quote by labor and materials. ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors and skylights may cost more than non-certified products, but the labor involved should be comparable for both.
    • If your house is older than 1978, be sure to look for contractors who are certified to handle lead paint .

  • Medical Billing – Coding Schools in Louisiana #certified #coding #classes #online


    Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Louisiana

    Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Louisiana

    Three significant employers of medical billing and coding professionals in Louisiana are:

    Abbeville General Hospital

    • Address: 118 North Hospital Drive, Abbeville, LA 70510
    • Email Address: Click here to access their contact form.
    • Phone Number: 337-898-6118
    • Website:

    Abbeville General opened with 40 private rooms in 1935 under the name Palms Hospital. A handful of physicians purchased the hospital in 1945 and ran it for more than 20 years. Today, Abbeville General is a 60-bed care facility, offering a variety of services such as behavioral medicine, cardiopulmonary, diagnostic imaging, 24-hour emergency care, infection control, surgical inpatient care, and obstetrics. Benefits include ten paid vacation days per year, sick leave one day per month, life insurance, group health insurance, participation in the Abbeville General Retirement Plan, and much more.

    Alexandria VA Medical Center

    • Address: 2495 Shreveport Highway, Pineville, LA 71360
    • Email Address: Click here to access their contact form
    • Phone Number: 1-800-375-8387
    • Website:

    Alexandria VA Medical Center played a large part in assisting victims of Hurricane Katrina due to its location. They have a DIGMA (Drop In Group Medical Appointments) clinic, a Social Detoxification Residential Treatment Program (SDRT), a homeless program, community residential care, an adult day care program, and more. Benefits of working at Alexandria VA include sick time, bereavement leave, retirement plans, 12 paid vacation days per year, tuition assistance, and more.

    Allen Parish Hospital

    • Address: 108 6th Avenue, Kinder, LA 70648
    • Email Address: Click here to access their contact page
    • Phone Number: 337-738-2527
    • Website:

    Allen Parish is a specialty and acute care facility offering a range of services: emergency, general surgery, primary care, psychiatric recovery, respiratory care, telemedicine, and specialty clinics. Benefits of working at Allen Parish, for full-time employees, include major medical insurance with prescription benefits from the first day of employment, employer paid life insurance in the amount of $10,000, dental, life, and vision insurance, AFLAC, 457b retirement plan (State of Louisiana deferred Compensation Plan) with employer match, paid time off, an extended illness bank, and more.

    Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Louisiana

    Louisiana s job market shows encouraging signs of recovery thanks to its position in the energy and oil business, which has consistently generated jobs in the state, according to U.S. News World Report . Also, business- and research-friendly tax credits available in Louisiana make it an attractive home base for new businesses, medical research centers, and hospitals. Significant growth in Louisiana s medical and research industry is expected, which is an exciting prospect for medical professionals at every level.

    As Louisiana s medical industry grows, more opportunities in medical billing and coding should become available. Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest-growing medical industry professions with a projected growth of more than 20% over the next few years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) .

    Salaries for medical billing and coding professionals in Louisiana can vary widely. To be eligible for more advanced positions in the field, many professionals earn the AAPC certification for medical coding and billing. A credentialing exam is required to complete the certification and some online preparation programs include the exam as part of the course.

    Top Cities in Louisiana for Medical Billing and Coding Careers

    The list below is of the top Louisiana cities for medical billing and coding professionals. The information comes from the BLS .

    New Orleans – Metairie – Kenner, LA

    Not surprisingly, Louisiana s largest city employs the largest number of medical billers and coders, having 580 total. Their average annual wage is $32,600, or $15.67 an hour. The 10th percentile of coders earn $24,410, while the 90th percentile earns $44,660.

  • Baton Rouge, LA

    Baton Rouge employs 470 medical billers and coders, and they earn an average of $30,830 per year, or $14.82 per hour. The 10th percentile makes $19,100, which is the lowest in the state for this category of workers, but the 90th percentile makes $46,390, which is among the highest in the state.

  • Lafayette, LA

    There are 200 billers and coders in Lafayette making an average of $31,610 per year, or $14.72 per hour. The 10th percentile of workers makes $20,540, while the 90th percentile makes $45,680 per year.

  • Alexandria, LA

    Alexandria has just 100 medical billers and coders earning $14.81 per hour, or $30,810 annually. The 10th percentile earns $17,980 and the 90th percentile earns $51,360, which is one of the highest salaries for this field in the state.

  • Shreveport – Bossier City, LA

    Despite Shreveport – Bossier City having a high number of medical billers and coders, 340, workers in this area receive among the lowest wages. On average, they earn $12.54 per hour, or $30,230 annually. The 10th percentile earns $18,420 while the 90th percentile earns $47,250.

  • Houma – Bayou Cane – Thibodaux, LA

    This three-city area is home to 130 medical billers and coders that make an average of $12.74 per hour and $26,500 per year. The 10th percentile earns $18,360, while the 90th percentile earns $38,280 annually.

  • Monroe, LA

    Monroe s 90 billers and coders earn $27,910 per year, which is equivalent to $13.42 per hour, on average. The 10th percentile of workers makes $18,410 per year, while the 90th percentile earns $37,600 per year.

  • Lake Charles, LA

    The 90 medical billers and coders in Lake Charles earn $13.94 an hour, or $28,980 per year. The 10th percentile makes $19,910. The 90th percentile makes $40,510 annually.

  • Medical Billing Coding Degree Finder

    Find your online degree in 2 easy steps:

    Download our free e-textbook

    Expand your medical billing and coding education with the MB CC E-book.

    Find the program for you

    Search our directory of all medical billing and coding schools

    Projected Salary in Louisiana

    Find out what you can expect to earn as a medical biller and coder in Louisiana.

    • What is Medical Billing Coding
    • What is Medical Coding?
    • What is Medical Billing?
    • MBAC at Work
    • Certification Prep
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    Hospital CNA Job Duties #hospital #cna, #cna #jobs, #nurse #aide, #nurse #aide #duties, #certified #nurse #aide, #nurse #assistant, #cna #work


    CNA Job Duties in a Hospital

    A Day in the Life of a Hospital CNA

    A nurse aide working in a hospital is normally assigned to a specific unit and most of the time she will only work on that unit. Sometimes a CNA may be asked to replace another coworker on a different unit if they previously worked there and are familiar with a particular hospital floor. The tasks assigned to a nurse aide in emergency room, intensive care and medical-surgical units are the same, but some environments may be more overwhelming than others especially if the CNA has never worked in a hospital. Emergency room can become quite hectic at times, as can the intensive care department, especially when compared to lower key units such as medical-surgical floors. A hospital may choose to rotate nurse aides through several of these units in order to familiarize them with the different settings and environments.

    A nurse assistant working on a labor and delivery unit or postpartum floor is comfortable with providing basic care to female patients who have delivered an infant. The CNA working on this unit may also rotate to other hospital units, especially medical-surgical ones. A nurse aide working in a hospital’s emergency department will encounter patients of many different ages, from children to the elderly, and will develop valuable skills of providing care to each age group. In intensive care units the nurse aide assists registered nurses who take care of acutely ill clients. These patients are usually hooked up to ventilators, heart and oxygen monitors, and receive many types of intravenous medications as well as parenteral nutrition. The nurse aide is guided and helped by the registered nurse in providing complete baths and other basic care to these critically ill clients.

    Every nurse aide starts the work day with an assignment, which specifies the room numbers where their clients are located as well as the registered nurse they need to report to. In a hospital environment it is normal for the CNA finishing up her shift to give the oncoming nurse aide a brief report regarding each client’s status, and this is usually referred to as going on “rounds”. Unlike clients in long-term care who are residents of a nursing home for an extended period of time, hospitalized patients are discharged as soon as they are stable. The brief report a CNA gives to another CNA during rounds prepares the nurse aide to better care for a given patient. In addition to the heads-up received from a fellow CNA, a nurse aide will also speak with the registered nurse to find out about any special needs their clients might have. The shift consists of measuring and recording vital signs at certain time intervals, assisting with toileting and bathing, making the beds, measuring and recording output, answering call lights, and providing the patient with clean gowns, linens, and hygienic supplies.

    Some hospitalized clients may require special supervision and monitoring. When a nurse aide provides care for diabetic patient, the CNA will use a special blood glucose monitor to test blood glucose levels. These tests are usually performed by the nurse assistant at the beginning and end of their shift. Furthermore, the nurse aide will ensure that diabetic patients follow the required diet by monitoring the foods they receive. Keep in mind that only some hospitalized patients need complete hygiene care. Most of the clients are able to use the bathroom and perform activities of daily living as long as the nurse aide provides them with hygienic supplies.

    Nursing home patients on the other hand are highly dependent on the care provided by the CNA from washing to eating and turning. One of the duties a nurse aide will frequently perform in the hospital is transferring patients to other units and helping with discharging. Transferring a client who cannot ambulate requires some physical effort since the CNA needs to push the client’s bed to the new location. Even though they have wheels, these beds might be hard to maneuver for someone who has never performed this task.

    Before a client is discharged, the CNA gathers the resident’s property and belongings in one place to be inventoried by the nurse and if needed, provides a wheelchair and escorts the client. A nurse aide working in a hospital does not have ample time to get to know a particular client. In a long-term care facility the CNA cares for the same patient over a long period of time and thus learns each client’s needs, likes and dislikes as well as the patient’s family. Studies have shown that this type of knowledge results in a better quality of care for clients. The CNA employed in a hospital must be a quick learner and always strive to achieve continuity of care for every patient.

    Questions, Comments, Suggestions

    Kathleen S. on August 08, 2014 at 04:22 PM
    Can you share any tips or advice regarding CNA job interviews?

    Admin on August 10, 2014 at 08:41 AM
    Please take a look at the Job Interview Tips page for advice that will help you prepare for a certified nursing assistant job interview.

    Olin Plumbing #plumbers #tampa, #tampa #plumbing #company, #tampa #plumber, #certified #plumbing #contractor, #tampa, #florida, #fl, #olin #plumbing


    Plumbers Tampa

    Seeking a Tampa Plumbing Company? Call Olin Plumbing at (813) 443-5820

    What Sets Us Apart From Other Plumbing Companies?
    We Send Real Plumbers and Not Service Technicians!
    We Offer Up Front Pricing With No Hidden Charges!
    24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, Even On Holidays!
    No Overtime No Trip Charges!

    If you have been searching for a reliable and trustworthy plumber in Tampa, your search is over. As one of the Tampa Bay Area’s premiere plumbing companies with over 40 years of experience, we offer professional quality plumbing services you can count on. When Experience Counts, know you can count on Olin Plumbing!

    Over 300 Five Star Reviews
    Smart Shoppers Read Reviews

    5 Star Review

    Reviewed Olin Plumbing, Inc. on Facebook
    April 5, 2017 at 2:15pm

    My new townhouse came with a lot of plumbing issues and Olin Plumbing came through for me with flying colors!

    My project required multiple service calls over several days; Olin sent Joe who stayed with the project from start to finish. Joe was always on time, presented himself in a very professional and friendly manner which is a great reflection on the high standards set by Olin Plumbing. Every step of the way Joe explained not only what he was doing, but why. to a layman like myself that goes a long way in helping me understand exactly what I am paying for.

    I highly recommend Olin Plumbing (ask for Joe!). I certainly won’t hesitate to call them again.

    Each Month We Give Away $100 In Our Monthly Drawing.
    Could You Be The Next To Win?

    2013 – 2016
    Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner

    HomeAdvisor Awards Achivements

    Chamber Memberships BBB Accreditation

    Who We Are?

    We’re a family owned operated Certified Plumbing Contractor located in Tampa, FL. We’re licensed, insured bonded and also State Certified in Backflow Testing with a dedicated Backflow Department. Founder, Derek Olin, has been a Master Plumber since 1983, he learned the skill of the plumbing trade by working along side many master plumbers.

    What We Do?

    Servicing both residential and commercial customers throughout the Tampa Bay Area. We offer a wide range of plumbing services and are State Certified in Backflow Testing. We are one of the few Tampa plumbing companies to has a dedicated Backflow Department. Learn more about all of our plumbing services, check out our services page for a complete.

    Why Choose Us?

    Why choose us over another Plumbing Company? We believe that the people who call us deserve a plumber, not a service technician. Plumbing is one of the oldest trades known to man-kind. It takes years of study and hands on experience to master the trade of plumbing. With Olin, you will get a Master Plumber every time. Don’t take our word for it, just read our reviews.

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week and NO overtime charges!

    Money Saving Coupon

    Online School for Certified Public Accountants #online #school #accounting, #online #school #for #certified #public #accountants


    Online School for Certified Public Accountants

    Get info about online programs in CPA training. Read about program requirements, course topics and degree levels, and check out.

    Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, as well as graduate certificate programs, are available to prospective CPAs through.

    Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a chief tax officer. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as.

    There are dozens of certifications available to attest to the qualifications of finance professionals. For ease of discussion.

    • Master
        • Master of Business Administration – Personal Financial Planning
        • Master of Business Administration – Executive Management (Virtual Format)
        • Master of Business Administration – No Specialization
    • Bachelor
        • B.S. Accounting
        • B.S. Business Administration – Personal Financial Planning
        • B.S. Business Administration – No Specialization
        • B.S. General Studies – Business
    • Associate
        • A.S. Accounting
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        • A.S. General Studies – Business

    Get Started with Indiana Wesleyan University

    • Master of Business Administration – Personal Financial Planning
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    • Master of Business Administration
    • BS – Accounting
    • BS – Business Administration – Finance
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Organizational Behavior
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Business Development
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    You may often find yourself asking the question “How do I distinguish a capital purchase from a repair expense”? There has been much debate and controversy not to mention a number of court cases regarding whether, or to what extent, the amounts paid to restore or improve property are capital expenditures or deductible ordinary and necessary repair and maintenance expenses. Well, on December 23, 2011 the IRS provided guidance to help us answer this question by issuing temporary and proposed regulations (T.D 9564; REG-168745-03). These regulations are effective on January 1, 2012 and provide some “bright-line” tests to clarify what is capital as opposed to what would be considered a repair and routine maintenance.

    General Principle of Capitalization:

    The IRS indicates what constitutes a real property capital improvement as follows:

    • Fixing a defect or design flaw
    • Creating an addition, physical enlargement or expansion
    • Creating an increase in capacity, productivity or efficiency
    • Rebuilding property after the end of its economic useful life
    • Replacing a major component or structural part of the property
    • Adapting property to a new or different use

    The proposed regulations require capitalization of amounts paid to acquire, produce, or improve tangible real and personal property, including amounts paid to facilitate (closing costs) the acquisition of tangible property. Amounts paid to repair and main property and equipment are deductable if those amounts are not required to be capitalized under §1.263(a)-3, which states in part that any amounts paid for permanent improvements or betterments made to increase the value of such property must be capitalized. Under the proposed regulations these improvement standards are applied to the building itself and individually to its structural components such as heating and ventilation, plumbing, electrical, fire protection and security systems and escalators and elevators. Also the new regulations will allow the dispositions of component parts of a building resulting in the recognition of a gain or loss upon the retirement of such component.

    The proposed regulation also provides a “safe harbor” for routine maintenance. It indicates that recurring activities (inspection, cleaning, testing, replacing parts, and so on) that are expected to be performed as a result of the use of property to keep the property in its ordinarily operating condition aren’t capital improvements. The activity is considered routine if, at the time the property was placed in service, the taxpayer reasonably expected to perform the activity more than once during the property’s life.

    The following table summarizes many of the factual considerations used by the courts. These factors, although not exhaustive, should be considered in your analysis to distinguish between capital expenditures and deductible repairs.