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How to Form an LLC in Colorado

Here are the steps you need to take to form an LLC in Colorado. For more information on how to form an LLC in any state, see Nolo’s article How to Form an LLC .

1. Choose a Name for Your LLC

Under Colorado law, an LLC must contain the words or abbreviation limited liability company, ltd. liability company, limited liability co., ltd. liability co., limited, l.l.c., llc or ltd., Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” or the abbreviation “L.L.C.,” “L.C.,” “LLC,” or “LC.” The word “Limited” may be abbreviated as “Ltd.,” and “Company” may be abbreviated as “Co.”

Your LLC s name must be distinguishable from the names of other business entities already on file with the Colorado Secretary of State. Names may be checked for availability by searching the Colorado Secretary of State business name database .

An available name may be reserved for 120 days by filing a Statement of Reservation of Name with the Colorado Secretary of State. The form must be filed online at the Secretary of State website. The filing fee is $25.

2. File Articles of Organization

A Colorado LLC is created by filing articles of organization online with the Colorado Secretary of State. You can view and download a sample articles of organization form on the Secretary of State s website.

The articles must include the LLC’s name and address; the name and address of LLC s registered agent, the name and address of the person forming the LLC whether the LLC will be run by a manager or members, and a few other details.

The articles of organization must be filed online and the filing fee is $50.

All of the paperwork and procedural steps to start a limited liability company in Colorado can be done online using Nolo’s Colorado Online LLC Formation application.

3. Appoint a Registered Agent

Every Colorado LLC must have an agent for service of process in the state. This is an individual or business entity that agrees to accept legal papers on the LLC s behalf if it is sued. The agent should agree to accept service of process on behalf of the limited liability company prior to designation. The registered agent may be (1) an individual who is a full-time resident of Colorado, (2) a Colorado business entity with its principal place of business in Colorado, or (3) a foreign entity authorized to do business in Colorado and that has a usual place of business in the state.

4. Prepare an Operating Agreement

An LLC operating agreement is not required in Colorado, but is highly advisable. For help creating an LLC operating agreement, see Form Your Own Limited Liability Company. by Anthony Mancuso (Nolo) or use Nolo s Online LLC. If an operating agreement is created, it need not be filed with the Articles of Organization.

5. Publication Requirements

6. Comply With Other Tax and Regulatory Requirements

Additional tax and regulatory requirements may apply to your LLC. These may include:

EIN: If your LLC has more than one member, it must obtain its own IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN), even if it has no employees. If you form a one-member LLC, you must obtain an EIN for it only if it will have employees or you elect to have it taxed as a corporation instead of a sole proprietorship (disregarded entity). You may obtain an EIN by completing an online application on the IRS website. There is no filing fee.

Register with Department of Revenue: In some cases, for example if you will be selling goods and collecting sales tax or if you have employees, you ll need to register with the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR). For more information on state LLC tax registration, see Nolo’s article LLC Annual Report and Tax Filing Requirements: A 50-State Guide .

Business Licenses: Depending on its type of business and where it is located, your LLC may need to obtain other local and state business licenses.

7. File Periodic (Annual) Reports

Colorado LLCs must file a Periodic Report with the Colorado Secretary of State each year. The report must be filed online at the Secretary of State website. The filing fee is $10. The periodic reports are due during the three month period beginning on the first day of the anniversary month of the month when the LLC was formed. For example, if you formed your SMLLC on June 15, the report would be due each subsequent year between June 1 and August 31. You can also file the report up two months early. You may sign-up for email notification from the Secretary of State to alert you when the Periodic Report is due.

8. Foreign LLCs Doing Business in Colorado

All LLCs organized outside of Colorado must register with the Colorado Secretary of State to do business in Colorado. Foreign LLCs must appoint a registered agent for service of process physically located in Colorado. To register, file a Statement of Foreign Entity Authority. The application may must be filed online. The filing fee is $100.

Before filing, make sure the LLC s name is available in Colorado by checking the Colorado Secretary of State s business name database. If the name is not available, the LLC must provide an assumed entity name for use in Colorado.

Talk to a Business Law attorney.

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Welcome to Renewal Surgery Center . a newly renovated cosmetic surgery facility designed to redefine the way aesthetic services are delivered. Owned and operated by renowned Colorado Plastic Surgeons, Renewal Surgery Center offers state-of-the-art surgical equipment and a highly skilled staff with over 60 years of combined experience. Patients can expect a new class of personal care and support throughout their cosmetic transformation. Our objective is to create a soothing environment for your surgery as well as your recovery.

Discover the unparalleled health, beauty and fitness facilities that Renewal Surgery Center has to offer in one unique location. Take the tour!

Get in touch with our staff at Renewal Surgery Center for more information on services or for questions on your visit.

At Renewal Surgery Center, our surgeons are raising the bar and setting the standard for the quality and attention regarding patient care. Each one of our practicing surgeons, who perform within the Renewal Surgery Center, is Board Certified and practicing within their certification. We have personally selected each physician based on their specific dedication to cosmetic surgery in order to guarantee that our patients receive a positive experience during their visit. Backed by years of continuous research and educational ventures, all of our surgeons are at the forefront of the newest technology, ground breaking procedures, and most recent techniques. The outstanding reputations of the Renewal Surgery Center physicians is supported by their many professional memberships, honors, and awards. To read more about their individual accomplishments please visit “Our Doctors” page.

In 2008 a dream was brought to life when two Colorado plastic surgeons broke ground on this sophisticated surgical facility. Because of that vision, we now offer our patients an aesthetic surgery center that provides the ultimate advantage in comfort and care. Each of our qualified personnel is ACLS trained ensuring the highest level of patient safety. With progressive surgical equipment and cutting-edge technology, our patients are guaranteed to receive the most enhanced methods of cosmetic surgery.

Renewal Surgery Center
9777 South Yosemite Street, Ste. 210
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124

We are proud to invite you to the only multiple OR, fully licensed ambulatory surgery center, totally dedicated to plastic surgery in the state of Colorado. We stand out against other facilities by offering VASER, SmartLipo, Mentor, and Cynosure. Renewal Surgery center has been designed to recreate the way aesthetic services are delivered. Our entire staff is 100% committed to cosmetic surgery, so our patients know they are being cared for with favorable acceptance. Each of our Registered Nurses is devoted to making sure that you and your loved one receive a comfortable experience and a full understanding of the surgery process.

We look forward to meeting you soon and if there is anything we can do to make you more at ease during your visit to Renewal Surgery Center, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Welcome to Integrity Mortgage Financial Inc.

Looking for a Colorado Springs mortgage lender that has reliability, expertise and is accommodating to your schedule? Integrity Mortgage Financial Inc. is your answer!

As a leading Colorado Springs mortgage lender broker, rest assured your questions and concerns are addressed with knowledge, compassion and honesty. President and CEO, Russell Rowe, founded Integrity Mortgage Financial Inc. in 2002. With many years in the financial industry, Russell has taken the Integrity Team to one of the leading mortgage lending firms in the state of Colorado. In addition, Integrity Mortgage is now licensed in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Alabama.

What makes Integrity Mortgage the Colorado Springs mortgage lender of preference?

Not all mortgages are “one size fits all”. That is why Integrity Mortgage holds regular training exercises for employees to keep up to date and informed on the ever changing industry. The mortgage lending industry is federally and state regulated, therefore each mortgage loan originator is required to complete 20 hours of mortgage education and pass an exam on both the federal and state level. To familiarize yourself with the licensing of the Integrity Team, go to

Understanding the process is important to consumers. However, not all consumers are “experts” in this field. Our staff will walk you through each step of the way, ensuring your comfort and understanding of the process. We know your life is busy enough as it is, we make every effort to accommodate your schedule, meeting with you at convenient times and locations. In addition, we utilize the most recent technology to facilitate the signing and sending of secure documents with electronic means to fully accommodate a busy lifestyle.

Our name says it all! The team at Integrity Mortgage prides themselves on maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This rating speaks for the impeccable habits of Integrity Mortgage. If a loan is not beneficial for the client, it is not beneficial to us. You will always find honesty, loyalty, respect and genuine attention from all aspects with Integrity Mortgage.

THAT is why we are the Colorado Springs mortgage lending elite!

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Colorado Springs renters insurance companies provide coverage for residents renting homes in the Colorado Springs area. Colorado Springs is the county seat of El Paso County near the geographic center of Colorado, and the second-largest city in the state. Thousands of renters live in and around the city and the metropolitan region surrounding Colorado Springs. Renters insurance is a sometimes overlooked, but critically important, form of coverage designed especially for the needs of those in Colorado Springs who do not own their home. Whether you are living in a house or apartment or any other rental, Colorado Springs renters insurance represents a great value and is well worth considering as an investment to protect you and your belongings against the risk of loss. Plus, it is quick and easy to get free renters insurance quotes when using this website.

What’s Included in Colorado Springs Renters Insurance

The first component of Colorado renters insurance is its personal property insurance coverage. Colorado Springs renters who buy this coverage get their belongings insured against loss due to any number of covered events, such as storm, vandalism, fire, theft and many others. You can obtain a comprehensive listing of covered claim events as a part of a free quote for coverage on your condo or loft from any Colorado renters insurance provider. The coverage included in each part of your renters insurance plan is determined at the outset, when you determine the maximum amount of coverage you want to carry.

A default Colorado Springs renters insurance policy might include $20,000 to $30,000 worth of personal property coverage, but you can increase the amount if you so desire. As a general rule, you should carry as much Colorado Springs renters insurance as you can afford, making sure to buy enough coverage to replace everything you own. It is very important to know what you are getting into when you look for coverage from different providers, so take the time to figure out exactly how much you own and what it would take to start over in the worst-case scenario. The easiest way to do this is to take inventory of your valuables and belongings. Your Colorado Springs renters insurance premium will vary based on how much property coverage you need and how high you set your deductible.

The same is true of the other portion of a basic Colorado Springs renters insurance plan. Personal liability coverage shields you from having to personally bear the financial brunt of certain types of liability situations that may transpire. One example is injury occurrences at your rented condominium or townhouse. If a non-relative visitor to your home gets injured while on the rental premises (from a slip and fall, a bad cut, etc.), it is quite possible you may be looking at a liability situation.

Many Colorado Springs residents will never face this type of situation, but it does happen, and it pays to be prepared. If an injury does occur at your rented home, you might end up being held responsible for financial losses incurred by the victim, such as medical bills, lost wages, and even legal fees if the case goes into litigation. Ideally, all of us hope we never have to face this type of circumstance with our friends and acquaintances, but again, it pays to be prepared.

Benefits of Purchasing Colorado Springs Renters Insurance

One great benefit of this insurance plan for Colorado Springs tenants is that it follows you when you leave home. The coverage you buy does not just protect you in your apartment or condo. Wherever you go, you can file a claim under covered circumstances. For example, if you are traveling out of town and experience a covered loss to your personal property, your Colorado Springs renters insurance will kick in no matter ho far from Colorado Springs you go. If you run into a liability situation involving property away from your rented domicile, your Colorado Springs renters insurance can help you in that circumstance as well.

Whether you are a Colorado College student renting an off campus apartment, a senior citizen living in a rented condo, or anywhere in between, you can see the advantage of carrying coverage that’s as comprehensive as it is economical. A young person working her way through school and renting her own place is normally no longer covered under her parents’ insurance policy. If you are a young person getting out on your own and tasting freedom for the first time, remember the responsibility that comes with that freedom. You have no one to answer to but yourself if something goes wrong and you have no fall-back plan to rely on. A simple Colorado Springs renters insurance policy is a wise component of a disciplined financial lifestyle that will pay off in the long run.

Someone in mid-career or an individual reaching retirement age needs the assurance provided by Colorado Springs renters insurance just as much as a young person, if not more. The further you go through life, the more possessions you tend to accumulate, and the more difficult it would be to start from scratch if you were forced to do so by circumstances beyond your control. When you become a senior and begin living on a pension or other fixed income, the trouble increases even more, making reliable renters insurance even more important for you as a Colorado Springs resident.

A single renter or a large family sharing a rented home each can gain a great deal of peace of mind for a relatively small price. The average cost of renters insurance across the state of Colorado is only around fourteen dollars a month [1], certainly a figure most of us can work into our budgets. Times are tough for a lot of us these days, and extra money is scarce, but investments like this require thinking long-term and understanding what it is you are getting for the upfront cost of coverage. To find out more specifics, do the research and look into getting some coverage.

Where to Look for Colorado Springs Renters Insurance

If you already have a good relationship with an agent, your first move should probably be to your agency. Find out if your current provider carries renters coverage, and if so, get yourself a quote taking into account any multi-policy or loyalty discounts you can dig up. At the very least, this price can be the baseline for your search. Next, use your computer to search online for insurance coverage. In many cases you can solicit multiple quotes free of charge. Use our site to get started. You may be surprised how many companies offer coverage to Colorado Springs residents. The whole online process is fast and easy, and company websites are usually fairly informative and helpful sources of information to help you narrow your options.

Renters within the city and all across the state of Colorado would be wise to equip themselves with a plan that goes to bat for them when unfortunate circumstances come their way. None of us can predict when trouble may arrive, but each of us can do a better job to prepare to respond and move forward when troublesome events do transpire. From storms to fire to liability, Colorado Springs renters insurance helps you get ready expect the unexpected in your life as a renter.

Request a comparison from leading Colorado insurance companiees today. Our service provides free renters insurance quotes throughout the Colorado Springs, Colorado areas of Monument, Manitou Springs, Black Forest, Calhan, Cascade, Ellicott, Falcon, Fountain, Palmer Lake, Peyton and more.

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Window World of Colorado

Replacement Doors Denver, CO

It s time to upgrade your exterior!

Is your home in need of an upgrade? If you’re looking for a noticeable change—without having to go through a complete overhaul—a new door might just be the answer. Let Window World of Colorado be your personal guide to everything you need to know about beautiful replacement doors and how they can positively impact your exterior.

Benefits of Window World Doors
Replacement doors from Window World of Colorado offer many benefits including protection from the outdoor elements and added curb appeal. Browse through our options below and request a free in-home estimate today!

Storm Doors

Strong. Versatile. Reliable. Weather the storm with this door style from Window World.

Front and Entry Doors

Impress your guests as they enter your home with a breathtaking front door. Window World offers a variety of ways to truly personalize your entryway, from paint colors to glass designs.

Patio Doors

Patio doors give you the best of both worlds, by offering you a beautiful view of your outdoor area, while allowing you to relax comfortably inside.

French Rail Doors

Made to slide for easy operation, French rail doors incorporate a traditional look to further enhance your space.

French Doors

An elegant addition and a smart investment, French doors offer style and functionality.

Contact us today to request a free in-home estimate. where we ll have a seasoned Window World professional come out to your Denver home and discuss with you the perfect option, while keeping in mind you style and budget. We look forward to working with you!

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Bankruptcy in Colorado

Bankruptcy is a legal procedure governed by federal law and handled in the federal court system. It helps people who cannot pay their debts get a fresh start. There are two types of bankruptcy procedures for individual debtors:

  • Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the courts can liquidate your nonexempt assets to pay your debts
  • Under Chapter 13, you file a plan with the court detailing how you will pay off your debts over a specified time period. Living in Colorado impacts certain aspects of your bankruptcy case.

Where to File for Bankruptcy in Colorado

You must file your bankruptcy case in Denver, Colorado’s only federal district court, by mail or in person. If you have an attorney authorized as an electronic filer, he or she may file your case documents electronically. Four satellite locations exist for holding creditors meetings, in Pueblo, Grand Junction, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

Who Can File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

You are eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Colorado if your average monthly income for the past six months is less than the state’s median monthly income of $4,071 ($48,856 annually) in 2012 for a single-person household. If your income is greater, you may file for Chapter 7 only if you pass a strict, complicated means test.

How Long Will You Be in Chapter 13?

The duration of your Chapter 13 repayment plan will depend on your average monthly income. If it is less than Colorado’s median income, you will have to repay your creditors within 36 months, and the court may extend that time to not more than 60 months if it finds good cause. If your income is at least as high as the state median, your Chapter 13 repayment plan may cover 60 months, but the court may agree to a shorter plan if you can pay your unsecured debt in less time.

Exemptions Available in Colorado

Exemptions are assets that you may legally exclude from bankruptcy. Federal law allows states to opt out of the federal exemptions and set their own, and Colorado has done this.

Colorado’s exemptions include personal items such as clothing, jewelry, family pictures and school books up to a maximum value set by law. You may also exclude burial sites, tools of your trade and one motor vehicle, subject to statutory equity limits mdash;the amount of money you have invested in the property as opposed to its market value.

The state also exempts up to $60,000 of equity in a homestead occupied by the owner or the owner’s family. If occupied by elderly or disabled persons, the maximum homestead exemption in Colorado is $90,000 of equity. Special rules apply if you have moved recently, if you have lived in Colorado for less than two years, your previous home state’s exemptions may apply.

Talk to an attorney

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  • Thanks for a thrilling season! Head coach Bill Tierney and the men’s lacrosse team make Denver fans Pioneer proud.
  • Over 2,200 students, alumni and donors joined forces to exceed expectations for One Day for DU. raising over $400,000 in less than 24 hours.
  • Countdown to Commencement. As the academic year comes to a close, it’s time to celebrate the graduates of 2017.
  • The Denver Advantage: In the interests of creating a holistic student experience, the University embarks on three campus projects to address pressing needs in student housing, career development and community building.

Locally, nationally and internationally

In newspapers and magazines, on radio and television shows, via blog posts and social media commentary, DU faculty members share their expertise and help us make sense of an often confusing world.

Summer internships in aerospace

Maddy Drosendahl and Racheal Erhard, students at the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, will spend the summer interning at NASA. The experience is made possible by their work in DU’s Unmanned Systems Research Institute.

Alumni shaping the Mile High City

Two years ago, alumna Nicole Mattson and her husband opened an upscale jazz club in Denver’s River North neighborhood. Already, the club has received accolades from music lovers far and wide.

Meet the graduates of 2017

As a computer science major, Kendall Weistroffer learned to put her varied skills to work on a wide array of challenges, including developing a video game to help students studying Hebrew improve their language skills.

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Accredited Nursing Universities and Colleges | Peer Reviews

Have difficulty deciding which nursing school to attend? Trust your peers. See what they got to say. Do they recommend the school? How was their experience? What do they think of the instructors? Is the school affordable? This is what you will find here. Answers. Our goal is to help you in selecting the best school for YOU.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Regis College – School of Nursing

Just 12 miles from Boston and the home of the Red Sox, Regis College, a leading Catholic.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Emory University, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

The Emory University, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, is the number one school of nursing.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado Accredited nursing schools in colorado

University of Colorado (CU) Denver Anschutz Medical Campus College of Nursing

The University of Colorado School of Nursing, celebrating 115 years of contributions in nursing.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Simmons College School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SNHS)

Simmons College, located in Boston’s renowned Longwood Medical Area, has been educating students.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Excelsior College School of Nursing

You can realize your nursing potential at Excelsior College of Nursing. Excelsior’s online nursing.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

La Salle University School of Nursing and Health Science

La Salle University, founded in 1863 as a private Catholic university, is based in Philadelphia.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Colorado Mesa University Department of Health Sciences

Colorado Mesa University offers Practical Nursing certificates, undergraduate BSN, graduate MSN.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado Accredited nursing schools in colorado

University of Maryland School of Nursing

The School of Nursing at the University of Maryland offers a unique educational experience for.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Roane State Community College (RSCC) Nursing Division

Roane State Community College (RSCC) offers the Associate of Applied Science and the Associate of.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Crown College Department of Nursing

Crown College, located west of Minneapolis, provides nationally ranked nursing programs including.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Boston College Connell School of Nursing

Boston College Connell School of Nursing offers undergraduate BSN nursing programs, several MSN.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is well known for assisting thousands of nurses who are just beginning their.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Bellevue College Department of Nursing

The Bellevue College Department of Nursing offers a two-year associate (ADN) degree in nursing as.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Holy Name Medical Center School of Nursing

Tracing its beginning to 1925, Holy Name Medical Center’s School of Nursing offers a highly.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing offers the degree programs, options, and resources necessary to.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

The focus of Vanderbilt University School of Nursing is summed up into five words: innovation.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

The University of Southern Mississippi College of Nursing

The University of Southern Mississippi, a public institution founded in 1910, has two campuses: a.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Walden University

At Walden University, you can complete your degree in the time frame that you want! Our faculty can.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Grand Canyon University (GCU) – College of Nursing and Health Care Professions

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is one of the highest rated programs in Arizona because of its.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Herzing University

Herzing University provides a nursing education that is career-focused for real-world situations.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado Accredited nursing schools in colorado

West Coast University (WCU) College of Nursing

West Coast University College of Nursing contributes to the advancement of healthcare in the.

Accredited nursing schools in colorado

Colorado Lottery, CO Lotto Winning Numbers Archive, Games, Past Results # #co #lottery,colorado #lottery,co #state #lottery,powerball,mega #millions,colorado #state #lottery,co #powerball,mega #million,colorado #powerball,mega #million,co #cash #5,co #lotto,colorado #lotto,co #cash #3,colorado #cash #3


Colorado Lottery, CO Lotto Winning Numbers Archive, Games, Past Results

Colorado (CO) Lottery General Information

The Colorado Lottery is empowered under Colorado Revised Statute 24-35-201 and all rules contained within the statute define the Colorado Lottery’s powers, responsibilities and duties. Any changes to the current statute governing operation of the Colorado Lottery must be made by way of legislative action.

The Colorado Lottery sold its first ticket in January 1983, with Lotto beginning in January 1989, Keno in September 1991 and Cash 5 starting in September 1996 and Perfecto Games in April 1998.

The Lottery’s product mix includes three On-Line games, Lotto, Cash5 and Perfecto Games, along with a mix of Scratch games.

Lottery proceeds are distributed to four fund recipients; the Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation (state parks), the Conservation Trust Fund (local parks and recreation), the Capital Construction Fund (public buildings), and the Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund (open space, wildlife, parks and recreation, and environmental education programs).

The Colorado Lottery is a highly computerized operation. Computers are used to monitor over 2,700 retailers, including 100,000+ validations daily making it the largest computer network in the state.

A five-member oversight commission governs the Colorado Lottery, with each commissioner appointed by the governor. Lottery headquarters is located in Pueblo; other offices are in Denver, Fort Collins and Grand Junction.

Colorado lottery offers 3 online games:

  • Powerball: drawn twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday
  • Lotto: drawn twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday
  • Cash 5: drawn daily except Sunday. – About (CO) Colorado Lottery

  • Colorado (CO) state(lotto) lottery official websites:,,,,,,, We also provide these information about Colorado lottery: contact, address, phone number. Please refer to Resource Center.
  • Colorado (CO) lottery currently offers these lottery games:
    • Powerball is drawn twice a week Wednesday and Saturday 8:59 PM
    • MEGA Millions is drawn two times a week Tuesday and Friday 8:59 PM
    • Lucky For Life is drawn 2 times a week Monday and Thursday 8:38 PM
    • Lotto is drawn two times a week Wednesday and Saturday 7:35 PM
    • Cash 5 is drawn everyday 7:35 PM
    • Pick 3 Evening is drawn daily 7:36 PM
    • Pick 3 Midday is drawn daily Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1:30 PM

    We also provide these information for the games above: winnning numbers, hot/cold/overdue numbers, jackpot, how to play, how to win, most winning numbers, prizes, winning odds, payout, frequency chart, lotto wheels, etc.

Last Updated at Sat Jul 29 20:44:33 2017

Affordable Child Only Health Insurance – My Childs Policy #colorado #child #health #insurance


Affordable Child Only Health Insurance

Thanks to Obamacare, many more families can purchase affordable child only health insurance in 2017 as well as adults. This is because the ACA offers tax subsidies for private health insurance plans on the marketplace to families with moderate incomes. These tax credits can be used to defray the cost of these plans immediately.

If you need to buy child only health insurance, you should also be relieved to know that all plans also have to conform to the following guidelines:

  • Private marketplace plans must provide essential health benefits, and these include doctor’s visits, preventative services, treatment for chronic conditions, and required immunizations.
  • Marketplace plans cannot decline any applicants for having pre-existing conditions.
  • All qualified plans also offer dental and vision benefits for kids under 19.
  • Families with an income of between one hundred and four hundred percent of the federal poverty level, or between $23,850 and $95,400 for a family of four, might qualify for subsidies in the form of federal income tax credits. Families with access to another inexpensive child only health insurance plan might not qualify for these subsidies.
  • Because of these features, some people will purchase marketplace plans even though they earn too much money to qualify for tax credits.

At Secure Health Options, our professional and experienced child only health insurance agents want to help you find the best possible medical coverage for you and your entire family. You can compare prices with our free online health insurance quotes or call us for help at any time. If your family qualifies for a health insurance subsidy, you may end up paying less than the quoted price that you see on our website. In any case, we can help you find health insurance for babies, young kids, teens, and adults, and we can even assist you with the enrollment process.

Who Needs Child Only Health Insurance?

Lots of families buy one policy that covers both parents and children, but that is not a requirement. There are many reasons that parents need to find child only health insurance. Some of these reasons include:

  • Divorces and court orders might compel a non-custodial parent to buy insurance for kids.
  • A parent only has network coverage in the different state than the one the child lives in.
  • Employer-sponsored medical plans may be too expensive to extend to dependents, and individual insurance costs less.
  • Parents lack medical insurance, but they need to buy health insurance for kids because of school or outside activities.
  • Parents may not have excellent coverage, and they want to provide their offers with more protection.
  • Children might have special needs that are not covered by employer-sponsored coverage.

Some expectant parents may also lack coverage. You can buy infant health insurance for your baby. However, you should know that ACA plans also have to cover pregnant women. Typical pregnancies can be very expensive, and any complications can drive the bill up a lot more. Instead of buying infant health insurance, it might be prudent to get the mother insured. That way, her baby will also be covered, and the parents have 30 days to let an insurance company know about the birth.

Assurant Health Insurance Company Provides CHild Health Insurance

You can buy health insurance for children only, and Assurant Health Insurance provides a variety of plans that cover essential benefits under the ACA. Additionally, these plans are offered in all of the “metal” levels, and this includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The company also offers a health insurance for children only child only health insurance catastrophic plan for individuals who want lower premiums.

You can select low deductible and high deductible major medical child only individuals insurance plan, and that means that you should be able to tailor a plan to suit your needs and budget. Typically, a low deductible plan means that premiums cost more, but your out-of-pocket expenses should be lower.

Some features and benefits of Assurant child only health insurance plans include:

  • Some include prescription and office visit copays, so you do not need to meet your deductible to take advantage of benefits.
  • In-network preventative care is covered at 100 percent.
  • The emergency room access fee is only $100.
  • Some plans are compatible with tax-deductible health savings accounts.

What Type of Health Insurance is Best for Your Kids?

These are some different types of coverages that you should understand if you are comparing health insurance for babies, children, or adults.

  • HMO: HMO plans use a network of medical service providers to help control costs and make access to medical providers simpler, but they require members to use that network of medical providers for almost all medical services to get them covered. Typically, network restrictions are waived for emergencies.
  • PPO: These plans also use a network to help control costs, but they will cover non-network medical services too. They just cover out-of-network health services at a lower amount, so they will end up costing more.
  • HSA: These are high-deductible major medical child only health insurance policies that work with a health savings account that might help earn tax deductions and lower the cost of medical services.

Assurant has a very strong network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical providers. You will save the most money if you choose to use this network. If you choose a PPO, you can also decide to get covered medical services outside of the network, but you will have to pay more. This type of plan can help you control your medical costs and give you the freedom to choose your doctors and other health providers.

HSA plans are good for people who can use an extra tax deduction because contributions to the savings account may be tax deductible. They work well for people who have the discipline to make regular contributions to the savings account, This money can also be used on some services that major medical does not cover, or to pay bills before the plan deductible has been satisfied. Because deductibles are higher, premiums may be lower. Unspent money in the account will roll over from year to year.

When selecting the right medical child only health insurance coverage, you always have to balance your monthly premium against the benefits that your policy provides. We can help you select a plan with an affordable premium that will also cover your child’s medical needs. Families who want to predict and control their medical expenses may want to choose a plan with a greater level of coverage, but families with somewhat healthy kids might save money by choosing a less expensive policy and paying for some minor health services out of their own pockets.

Let Us Help You Find Affordable Health Insurance for Children

At Secure Health Options, our licensed and experienced brokers work with Assurant and other highly-rated child only health insurance companies to provide the right solution for each of our clients and their families. We hope to help you if you need to buy major medical insurance for yourself, your children, or your entire family.

You can compare prices for individual or family major medical insurance with our free online quotes, and all you need to do to begin shopping is enter your ZIP code. After you research different options, you can contact us to ask questions or get help enrolling. We will work hard to find you the right child only health insurance coverage at a budget-friendly premium.