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The 6 Biggest Life Insurance Companies in Canada (GWO.TO, SLF)

Nearly 22 million Canadians owned some form of life insurance in 2014, according to industry figures. In the same year, 97 independent life insurers competed in the Canadian market, including domestic and foreign companies. In total, these insurers reported premium income amounting to about $13.7 billion for the year. About $8.3 billion of that total, or more than 60%, was captured by the six biggest life insurers in the market. These top insurers are all diversified financial services companies offering their customers much more than life insurance. This list introduces each of these top companies, with notes on market position and product offerings.

Manulife Financial

Manulife Financial is Canada’s biggest life insurance company as measured by revenue, but it is the second biggest as measured by domestic life insurance premiums. The company reported consolidated revenue of $40.4 billion in 2014, placing it among Canada’s 10 biggest companies in any industry. It also reported $2.2 billion in life insurance premium income in the Canadian market. In addition to the Canadian premiums, Manulife’s American subsidiary, John Hancock, reported written life insurance premiums of more than $4.7 billion in the United States.

Alongside an array of life and health insurance products, Manulife offers group benefits and retirement plans, investment products and wealth management services. Manulife Bank is a federally regulated bank serving customers in every Canadian province and territory. Manulife also operates a global real estate business and a global reinsurance business. The company has substantial business operations across North America and Asia.

In 2015, Manulife completed the acquisition of The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada, adding 1.4 million additional customers and mutual fund and pension assets totaling nearly $20.5 billion. The company also announced the purchase of New York Life’s American retirement services division, which will add another $50 billion in pension assets once the transaction is complete.

Great-West Lifeco, Inc.

Great-West Lifeco, Inc. (TSX: GWO.TO) is an international financial services giant headquartered in Canada. The company had consolidated revenue of $29.7 billion in 2014. It reported premium income on Canadian life insurance policies of $2.7 billion, the most of any company in the country. Great-West Lifeco’s wholly owned subsidiary in the U.S. Great-West Life and Annuity Insurance Company, reported additional written life insurance premiums amounting to just under $1.5 billion on U.S. policies.

Great-West Lifeco operates as a holding company for six subsidiary companies that market insurance and financial services products in North America, Europe and Asia. In the insurance area, Great-West Lifeco subsidiaries offer a wide variety of life and health insurance policy options, including general health, disability and critical illness insurance products. Other major business areas include investment services, savings and retirement income products, pension plans, wealth protection and management services. Great-West Lifeco subsidiaries also participate in international reinsurance markets.

Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial, Inc. (NYSE: SLF ) ranks as the third-biggest life insurance company in Canada, reporting consolidated revenue of $19.5 billion and Canadian life insurance premium income of $1.7 billion in 2014. The company’s U.S. subsidiary reported additional written life insurance premiums amounting to more than $1.1 billion in the American market.

Sun Life Financial is a global financial services company with substantial operations in North America, Ireland and the United Kingdom, and valuable businesses in India, China, the Philippines and more than a dozen other countries. Its products are also available through independent agents in countries around the world. In addition to life insurance, Sun Life Financial offers health, dental and disability insurance, investment and retirement savings products, and financial planning services. The company has 37 million customers and nearly 28,000 employees working at dozens of subsidiary and joint-venture companies worldwide.

IA Financial Group

In contrast to the international giants that make up the top three spots on this list, Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. (TSX: IAG.TO), which operates under the IA Financial Group brand, conducts about 97% of its business in Canada. It reported consolidated revenue of $7.3 billion and $940 million in life insurance premium income in the Canadian market in 2014. The company’s U.S. subsidiary, IA American Life Insurance Company, reported about $151 million of written life insurance premiums in the U.S. market.

IA Financial Group offers a variety of insurance products and financial services to customers across Canada. In contrast to its larger competitors, IA Financial Group offers property and casualty insurance. in addition to life and health insurance products. It markets savings and investment products, group pension plans and financial planning services. The company also operates a lending arm offering mortgages and other types of loans.

RBC Insurance

RBC Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada (NYSE: RY ). The company reported $457 million in Canadian life insurance premium income and total revenue of $3.76 billion in 2014. Its parent company is Canada’s biggest bank and one of the largest banks in the world, with about $25.8 billion in consolidated revenue in 2014 and a market capitalization of about $75.5 billion.

RBC Insurance offers a wide array of domestic insurance products, including many types of life and health policies, as well as home and auto policies and travel insurance options. Wealth management products, such as annuities and segregated funds products. are available to meet retirement planning needs. The company also offers credit protection plans for eligible mortgages, loans and credit card balances held with the Royal Bank of Canada. Additionally, RBC Insurance operates a global reinsurance business offering annuity, accident, and life and health reinsurance products.

Empire Life

Empire Life Insurance is a subsidiary of the publicly listed holding company, E-L Financial Corp. Ltd. (TSX: ELF.TO). Empire Life reported consolidated revenue of $1.46 billion in 2014. Life insurance premium income amounted to $300 million. The company does not have any substantial international business operations.

The Empire Life product mix includes three main categories: individual insurance products, group benefit plans and wealth management products. The company offers a full selection of life insurance options, in addition to critical illness insurance. Group benefit plans provide flexible options to meet the health care needs of small and medium-size businesses and their employees. Wealth management products include mutual funds, annuities, segregated funds and savings plans.

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Roofing, Bathroom Remodeling, Replacement Windows, Siding More for Homeowners in Portland, Vancouver, Gresham, Camas, Washougal Nearby Areas in Oregon Washington

Welcome to EcoBest Home Improvements, a veteran-owned home improvement contractor serving Portland, Vancouver, Gresham, Troutdale, Washougal, Camas, and neighboring communities in Oregon and Washington. We specialize in roofing, replacement windows, siding, and bathroom remodeling – improvements that can beautify your home, make it more comfortable, and/or bolster its energy efficiency. By hiring EcoBest Home Improvements to re-roof your home, install replacement windows, remodel a bathroom, or put up new siding, you are sure to get exceptionally good value for your money. In addition to having an “A” rating from Angie s List, we have earned many positive customer reviews and have an excellent reputation in the Portland community. And whether we are roofing a home, remodeling a bathroom, installing replacement windows, or installing new insulated siding, our objectives are the same: provide top-quality craftsmanship, keep our services affordable, and help our customers reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

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To learn more about our company and the many home improvement services that we offer, contact EcoBest Home Improvements today. We are a local, veteran-owned company serving Portland, Vancouver, Gresham, Washougal, Yacolt, West Linn, and other nearby communities in Oregon and Washington State.


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What’s New in Version 5.0

Installation without a CD

  • RT systems software installs from any media to any hard drive on your machine. No longer are you tied to installation from a CD or only to the C:\ drive.
  • Registration is required during installation and easily done via the Internet.
  • Not Internet connection on the machine you’re installing on. no problem. Easily take information to another machine with your Internet connection, fill in the blanks and return with the final piece needed to complete installation.
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Programmers run separately

  • No longer are you confused by which program is open. Click the icon for a particular radio programmer and only that one opens.
  • You can run more than one at a time. They will appear on your screen in separate windows making it easier to tell which is which.
  • You can still copy and paste between the programmers. even those for different radios. even radios from different manufacturers with the RT Systems programmers for each installed.
  • A Version 4.5 file can be opened with the RT Systems Version 5 programmer for the same radio.


  • RT Systems Programmers are now available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.
  • Customize your Programmer with any font installed on your system without making a global change to your computer. Adjust font size for easier viewing!
  • Alternate row color for easier viewing across columns.
  • Set Memory Defaults for easier data entry into memory channels.
  • Hide columns you don’t use, or hide columns for printout.
  • Options for using multiple settings files.
  • Click here to learn more about using Preferences to customize your radio programming experience.

Links to External Data

  • More ways to get the data you want to program in your radio. Quick. Easy. Create a file in 4 mouse clicks!
  • ARRL Travel Plus.*
  • Radio Reference.**
  • Repeater Book.
  • RFinder Worldwide Data Base.**
  • Options for using multiple settings files.

* Separate Purchase. ** Subscription Required.

USB Cables No More Comport Setup!

  • RT Systems USB cables make it easier to transfer data between the radio and the computer.
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Open several files at once.

  • Files can be for the same or different radios (Version 4.50 Programmer for each radio required).
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New Editing Features

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  • Copy and paste one or many channels. Select all to copy. Select only one to paste. Copied channels are pasted beginning with the selected channel.
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  • Learn more about Copy and Paste with this 10 minute tutorial.

Easily enter details for those Special radio functions.

  • Learn more about D-Star setup using the built-in D-Star Calculator. The D-Star Calculator is part of the RT Systems Programmer for many Icom D-Star Radios. Check the Icom page on our site for a complete list of these radios
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What our customers are saying about us.

“I’ve been using RT Systems programming software and cable for years and have always been 100% satisfied. Monday for the first time, I ordered the electronic download version for my Wouxun KG-UV5D. The download and installation only took a few minutes and within 15 minutes I was entering data.

I use RT systems software for my Kenwood, Yaesu and now Baofeng and Wouxun radios. These cables ALWAYS work and ALWAYS find the COMM ports!”

– K9RRX in Kalamazoo, MI

“You guys really saved me! I recently purchased a Yaesu FT-8900r for my vehicle to replace the flakey TYT radio I had. I copied the memories, and only the memories, from the TYT to my new Yaesu using CHIRP and then pasted them into the blank file I got from the Yaesu. At that point, EVERYTHING went sideways. Nothing worked correctly. I couldn’t get into the menus! The radio was basically a brick!

A friend I reached out to for help (KB3AYY) pointed me in your direction. He HIGHLY recommended your software. I received it today and the glowing endorsement he gave you is well earned! Since your software enables access to the radio’s menus, I immediately found where the CHIRP software screwed up. I was able to correct it and be back on the air in under 20 minutes.

So I’m just writing to say thank you for saving me, and my shiny new FT-8900R! I’ll be recommending your software to EVERYONE. ”

– KC3DXS in Tamaqua, PA

“I am a retired guy who often has issues with software and computers; but even I had my Baofeng UV-5R connected and talking to your software literally within 10 minutes after I opened the box! This software is very cool, I spent the afternoon downloading repeaters from the RepeaterBase to RT Systems and then to my radio for an upcoming RV trip. Thank you for making this process such an easy experience, it makes me feel very empowered that I can talk to my radio all by myself. All I can say is WOW! What fabulous customer service and products!”

– K6HOM in Sacramento, CA

“Thank you RT Systems for providing excellent software, cables and tech support. You are the first company that I’ve found in many, many years of buying ham radio items that actually takes the time with your tech support to insure that each customer’s questions are completely answered. On every occasion that I’ve called or emailed, your support was instant as well as complete. Many companies claim that they support their software and hardware, then say, ‘Your lack of knowledge of how to use your radio is not our problem’. By contrast, RT Systems asks ‘What radio are you using?’ and walks the customer through each step to get the job done, providing EXCELLENT SERVICE!”

– KD0ZK in Boynton Beach, FL

Programmers Available Through
RT Systems or Local Dealers

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Reed Brothers Insurance

Reed Brothers Insurance in SOMERSET, KY – Pulaski County is a business specialized in Farms, Boat and Health. Reed Brothers Insurance is listed in the categories Insurance Carriers, Administrative Position President, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Direct Life Insurance Carriers, Insurance Companies, By Name, Automobile Insurance, President, Insurance, Insurance Automobile and Insurance Life and offers Mobile Homes, Business, Home, Bonds, WORKERS’ COMPENSATION, Life etc. If you did business with Reed Brothers Insurance, please leave a review and help us improve and help other people. Also, don’t forget to mention Hubbiz.

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Farms, Boat, Health

Business, Home, Bonds, WORKERS COMPENSATION, Life, Long Term Care

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Why we are different and better

We represent a wide range of companies that specialize in insuring people with different “risks”. If you’re a pilot, diabetic or scuba diver, for instance, we’ve got you covered. As a result, the companies we represent are often able to insure Ottawa residents who could not get term insurance other places.

No one else has our experience in finding your “best buy” from the insurance companies that we represent or in making the entire buying process customer friendly. That’s why we are by far the most experienced independent brokers for Mortgage Protection and Term Life Insurance in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Licensed Life Insurance Broker and CFP since 2007.

Customer Service

Recommendations are always in your best interest period. Our priority is to make sure your family is properly protected and be in the best financial position possible.


We take the time to clearly explain the recommendations so you can make an informed decision.

Independent Broker

We find the products and services that meet or exceed your needs at the lowest cost. There is no conflict of interest or company bias with our recommendations.

Advice you can trust

In the event of your death, improper financial planning could result in your family being faced with economic hardship, debts struggles and an inadequate income. We offer strong, reliable and affordable ways to protect your family’s financial well-being after you’re gone.

We’re committed to helping Ottawa families prepare for the future. Our trustworthy life insurance specialists can help you achieve financial protection with reliable, secure, and affordable insurance planning and policy structuring that works for you. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately – we’re here to help.

Ottawa No Medical Life Insurance Quotes – Free online instant Ottawa no medical life insurance quotes from Life, a life insurance broker licenced in Ontario, your online source for the best accurate, competitive and affordable life insurance rates in Ottawa, Ontario and surrounding areas

Our Standards


Your information submitted is kept confidential. It is never sold or shared with other life insurance agents or third parties.


Our business model is built on providing fast life insurance quotes and utilizing technology to get policies issued & delivered quickly.


By representing over 35 of the top life insurance companies we consistently save our clients over 50% on their insurance premiums.


Licensed Life Insurance Broker and CFP since 2007.

What Is The Cloud? (And Why Small Businesses Need To Care) #types #of #cloud,small #business,deployment #models,cloud #computing,cloud,information #technology,saas,american #express,cdw,small #business #owners,open,business #gold #rewards,security,technology,productivity,what #is #cloud,the #cloud,companies #that #use #cloud #computing,business #cloud #storage #security,cloud #computing #for #small #businesses,small #business #cloud #services,best #cloud #service #for #business,what #files #get #shared #in #the #cloud,what #is #the #cloud


What Is The Cloud? (And Why Small Businesses Need To Care)

Cloud computing has come a long way to become a mainstream technology tool for business.

Earlier this year, Parallels, a software company that enables companies like and Sprint to offer cloud services to small and medium businesses (SMB), reported that the cloud services industry grew to $45 billion worldwide last year. Helping to drive that were 6 million SMBs purchasing their first cloud service last year.

And, the report projects that the market is expected to grow annually at a rate of 28 percent through 2015 to be a $95 billion industry.

The cloud does for IT what companies like UPS and Federal Express did for the shipping industry, Stephen Braat, senior director and general manager of cloud and managed solutions for CDW, said.

“When it comes to getting product to customers, their technology enables them to do it on a larger scale at a lower cost,” he said. “The cloud is the great technology equalizer.”

Technology is a huge driver of competitive advantage, and historically, technology that larger companies used was not available to smaller companies, who typically have 50 employees or less.

“The technology that Wal-Mart was using for its supply chain was one that smaller businesses couldn’t keep up with,” Dan Levin, chief operating officer of Box, said. “Now, for the first time, there is technology available that doesn’t require hardware or technical expertise and gives small companies the same technology as a big company. That gets rid of the technology advantage, and that’s a huge change.”

Rather than thinking of the cloud — computing capability delivered over a network — as a type of technology (because there are at least three dozen categories of cloud computing), Braat recommends seeing it as a way of delivering consumer technology.

Many small businesses typically don’t have an IT staff or technical expertise in-house, so folks making decisions don’t always know what questions to ask about their company’s tech infrastructure, Eric Diamond, CEO of Tribeca Cloud, a company that helps small businesses understand how to implement cloud services, said.

“One of the biggest things we see is that they don’t define the requirements of their business needs,” he said. “What are you trying to obtain? Do you want to save money, use a new application, access an enterprise-level app? Then you have to do your research.”

There are four deployment models of cloud. Public (available to the general public over the Internet), private (within a corporate firewall), community (shared between organizations) and hybrid (a combination of the three).

Braat said benefits of the cloud are that it is on demand; burstable, meaning a lot of it can be used; elastic, can use very little; and metered, so a business only pays for what it consumes. In addition, businesses that use the cloud have seen employee productivity increase, which in turn drives innovation and speeds technologies to market, he added.

Levin said the public cloud is a “game changer” for small businesses because it gives them access to enterprise-level applications. The private cloud is reserved more for larger companies that have their own IT staff, data centers and are investing large amounts of money in infrastructure, like computers, to increase the flexibility of assets.

Small businesses don’t have any of those things typically, and therefore don’t need access to all of that technology, he added.

However, for businesses that like the idea of a private cloud, Levin said there are private clouds hosted by companies like Rackspace, Amazon and Microsoft that give small businesses their own dedicated equipment on a dedicated network; so in a sense it is private, but the company wouldn’t have to keep all of that in-house. He cautioned, however, that it requires companies to write their own software and applications.

At CDW, it sees its small business clients using the cloud’s three service models: Software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service.

Saas is predominantly used for office productivity such as email, word processing, crunching numbers, online file sharing and basic forms of communication, not to mention security purposes (i.e. downloading spamware, malware and intrusion protection software). Iaas functions like storage and computing, Braat said. It can be used to store intellectual property like documents, drawings, applications and code proprietary to a business.

“Typically, technologists think about Iaas in scenarios, such as what can I do for backup in the event of a disaster,” he said. “Small businesses are getting to the point where they no longer store documents locally in anticipation of an unforeseen event, so while performing disaster recovery, they can get to them quickly and inexpensively.”

Platform as a service, meanwhile, can be used to develop and run a website in the cloud or build applications.

Small business silver lining

CDW’s market research shows that security, performance and integration are the barriers most often cited by small businesses.

Despite the issues, customers are indicating a steep growth in implementing cloud technology of between 27 percent and 39 percent year-over-year, he added.

John Zanni, vice president of service provider marketing and alliances for Parallels, said he has seen huge opportunity and growth of small businesses consuming cloud services.

“It’s less relevant what technology is being used, but more relevant if the services are using well-known brands,” Zanni said. “That way, you are comfortable that the technology is the latest, the best brand, the most efficient and most secure software. Owners should care about what the cloud is doing to enable them to focus time on customers and make them happy.”

One step at a time

While there are lots of technologies that make up the cloud, he cautions owners not to think they have to do everything the cloud has to offer or none at all.

“Take it in over time,” he added. “Many of the services have a try-before-you-buy model which is a good way for small businesses to test the waters without taking on too much risk.”

Just like any other new product or service, Tribeca Cloud’s Diamond said small companies should do their due diligence. One of the pitfalls is relying on third-party services to tell business owners what they should be using. Another is providers trying to push a long-term contract.

“Some Saas providers will try to get businesses to use their proprietary software, but on a long-term contract,” he said. “You need to be looking out for a service that is month-to-month. Let them prove they are doing what they say they are doing.”

There are perceived trade-offs for the cloud that include control and security, but really there aren’t any depending on business, said Box’s Levin, who has worked with small businesses and the cloud for six years.

“Realistically, those companies are going to get much better security, reliability and performance with much lower costs and hassle,” he said. “I’ve see a number of small businesses lose data because it wasn’t backed up or living on an old machine slid under the desk of some manager.”

Today, companies can trade that in for the cloud and get world-class infrastructure maintained by some of the best companies on the planet, and get it for $50 a month or less, Levin added.

If a company does it right, cloud services will enable them to get enterprise-level information technology at a cost that is aligned with their own business model, Parallels’ Zanni said. Because cloud is pay-as-you-go, owners may pay between $5 and $10 per user versus several thousands of dollars for servers and specialists to run them.

Another benefit is being able to reach out to employees and customers, collaborating in ways a company could not before, such as using a webpage and online chatting function to expand a company’s reach, he added.

“We are in a deeply connected world today,” Zanni said. “What is happening in the consumer world should be happening in the business world.”

This article is part of a series in partnership with American Express OPEN. With the Enhanced Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN you can earn 2X points on U.S. purchases made directly from select computer hardware, software and cloud computing providers. Terms and limitations apply. 2X applies to purchases up to $100,000 per year, then 1 point.

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Motorcycle Insurance

We’re the # 1 motorcycle insurer. Here’s why.

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We will always return your bike to pre-accident condition or better. Let’s say that your five-year old front tire with 10,000 miles on it gets damaged. Based on the tread remaining, its depreciated value is $50, but you need a new one that costs $150. We pay the full $150 and not the depreciated value. That’s a real $100 difference.

Total loss coverage for a brand new bike

Available if your bike is no more than one model year old on a new policy, and two model years old during a renewal of a TLC policy. If it’s totaled, we’ll give you the full MSRP for a brand new motorcycle, minus your deductible.

Let’s say that you bought a bike for $15,000, and it’s now only worth $10,000. If it’s totaled, and the latest model costs $15,000+, we’ll give you $15,000+. That’s a $5,000 difference. If your bike is no longer eligible for total loss coverage at renewal, your policy will still cover the actual cash value for what it’s currently worth.

Coverage for gear and personal belongings

You can add coverage for just about all of the personal property you carry on your motorcycle if it’s damaged or stolen. This includes camping gear, safety gear and even your phones.

Save when you start & when you need us

You can get motorcycle insurance starting at just $75 a year. * And we’ll kick in plenty of extra discounts (automatically applied during your motorcycle insurance quote). Plus, we’ll cover and pay for more if you do ever have a claim. That means you can pay less now to start and during a claim.

Ways to Save


You could save 5% extra if you have (or get) another Progressive policy. It could be for anything: a car, second motorcycle, ATV, etc.

Pay On Time

The easiest possible way to save. Just pay your premium on time for a full year, and we’ll pay you back with a discount at renewal.


Got a home, mobile home or condominium you own? Fantastic! You got another discount, even if it’s not insured by us.

If your bike is legal, we’ll likely insure it

If it’s cool enough for you to ride, it’s cool enough for us to insure. Overall, we insure 99% of all motorcycles. Here are some of the common types we insure. Check out all the different types of motorcycles and bikes we insure.

Something completely unique?

Don’t see your bike listed in our motorcycle insurance quote? Just give us a call and we’ll try to figure it out.

Join the # 1 insurer now for just $ 75 /year*

25 Best Home Security System Companies – Dallas TX #alarm #companies #dallas


Home Security Companies in Dallas, TX

Type of Video Surveillance. Recorded, Exposed cameras

Request Stage. Planning & Budgeting

Desired Completion Date. 1 – 2 weeks

What kind of location is this?. Business

Comment: We would like to add security cameras to our warehouse. We are planning in using 8 cameras. We want everything to be recorded in a hard drive (or cloud option). Ideally, we want to have remote access to what is happening via a desktop and/or smartphone app.

Project: Monitor Alarms from Security System

Location: Dallas. TX

How System Was Acquired. It was in the house when I moved in

Features. Securing doors, Securing windows

Changes needed?. Yes

Request Stage. Ready to Hire

Desired Completion Date. Within 1 week

What kind of location is this?. Home/Residence

Comment: Help with Security Monitoring

Project: Install, Service, or Repair Surveillance Cameras – For Business

Location: Dallas. TX

What kind of location is this?. Business

Is this an emergency?. No

Comment: I need an estimate to have a surveillance system installed at my store

Project: Install, Service, or Repair Surveillance Cameras

Location: Dallas. TX

Is this an emergency?. No

Need for Camera. Protection from property loss

Number of Cameras Needed. 6-10

Type of Video Surveillance. Recorded, Exposed cameras

Request Stage. Planning & Budgeting

Desired Completion Date. 1 – 2 weeks

What kind of location is this?. Home/Residence

Comment: Home in North Dallas. It seems that 6 cameras would suffice. Would prefer them to be wired with remote ability to monitor.

Project: Install an Alarm or Security System

Location: Dallas. TX

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A Creative Design Agency & Printing Press

KS Designers simply believe to serve better which makes us the leading service provider in the market. Our team of experts, core services Book Designs, Children Book Design, Layout Design, Brochure design, Magazine Designing, DTP Work, Branding, Magazine Printing, Web Design, Web Development, SEO and CMS Service, Offset Printing Press, Digital Printing, Print on Demand, Advertising-and-promotion, Package Design and objectives support you to achieve ultimate goal of your business. We have been a key contributor to the business growth of many successful and emerging companies in the market. Whatever you think we can do with perfect quality and affordable price.

KS Designers we will be here for you and will create you design according to your expectation. Think beyond of expectation. We are different and will make you different in this competing world.

KS Designers is the name of quality and brand, we have big majority of the clients Worldwide. We have been in this field since 2006. Client satisfaction is our objective and quality product is our commitment.

Professional thoughts, ideas, planning and sincere efforts have all gone into the evolvement of KS Designers. After a careful study of the client’s specific business requirements, we deliver quality solutions with speed and skills.

Graphic Designing is our creativity and Printing press is our passion. So what you are thinking now Contact us to get proper and complete solution of your problem.

Our aspiration is to provide total solution in the holistic manner. For providing these services we worked hard and achieved our unique reputation in the eyes of the customers.

KS Designers provide high quality and tension free product under one roof which have been greatly appreciated by our clients. We assure confidently that you won’t need to go anywhere else once you work with the KS Designers.

Graphic Design

Our team produces the creative graphic designs final result of a project by utilizing typography, visual arts and page layout techniques in the various scales. We provide professional, affordable, high quality graphic design services to clients spread across the globe. We specialize in working with small to medium businesses and understand their unique needs.

Book Design | Page Layout | Cover Design

KS Designers will be your great option for book design, page layout and cover designs. We possess a team of professional graphic designers who have designed dozen of book page layout and book cover design.

Children’s Book Design

KS Designers offer for an innovative, creative and professional design service to create highly visual books layout and book cover for children. Illustration, especially for Children, is that every drawing must be unique and unforgettable. It has its own character, its own look, and its own story.

Magazine & Journal Design

Design of a Magazine and Journal depends on the client requirements of an organization. The size of a Magazine and Journal depends on the counting of the pages. The Magazine and Journal of your organization reflects your propaganda for your services, products and the vision for future. KS Designers have various Magazine and Journal which is best suited for various industries that contains the most happening visual carriage and thus defy all the most commonly used designers.

Branding Design

Companies corporate identify is seemed to be in its brand. KS Designers will provide you a effective brand design that represents your companies identify and goals. A successful corporate brand design will give you instant credibility and lasting recognition.

Web Design and Development

KS Designers have successfully create countless web designs for clients all across the globe at affordable Pricing. We provide web design solutions for companies of all sizes, with all budgets and with various needs.

Advertising and Promotion

The main objective of advertising and promoting your products is to attract the attention of customers and subsequently persuade them to purchase from your business. It is a way of communicating the benefits of your products to your target audience. Similar to other areas of business, advertising involves setting clear goals and objectives.

Printing Press

We are a reliable printing firm that can provide you with amazing printing services suitable to any product requirement or budget. Along with this, we showcase a very comprehensible offset printing technology as well as online printing service to match the everyday printing necessities of wide-ranging customers. We are your primary source material when it comes to exceptional quality printing supplies and advanced printing presses.

Print on Demand

KS Designers offers print-on-demand services for publishers, self publishers and educational institutions in India and abroad. KS Designers uses digital printing to meet the demand for easily production of books – 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500. Order to delivery of short run print jobs is only 24-72 hours.

Digital Printing Press

KS Designers offers a wide range of digital printing solutions to meet the various requirements for printing. Easily print top-quality Magazine, Calendars, Journals, Catalogue, Childrens Books, Annual Reports, Manuals, etc on all paper and sizes. We offer a wide range of finishing and binding options.

Graphic design and printing companies

Real Estate Portfolio Management & Asset Management Jobs – Real Estate Job Site #real #estate #portfolio #and #asset #management #page #jobs,real #estate #portfolio #and #asset #management #page #job,top #companies,jobs,real #estate #portfolio #and #asset #management #page #career,real #estate #portfolio #and #asset #management #page #careers,real #estate #portfolio #and #asset #management #page,hub


Real Estate Portfolio Management & Asset Management Jobs

Real estate Asset and Portfolio Managers have the responsibility of maximizing the performance and value of the company’s portfolio of real estate assets that are owned and/or managed through acquisitions, dispositions, or operations. They are responsible for formulating and implementing a long-range real estate asset management and/or fund management strategy. While Asset Managers typically focus on a single property type, e.g. office properties, within the company’s real estate investment portfolio, Portfolio Managers would be responsible for all the product types within the fund, which may include office, retail, and multi-family.

Information on this page provided courtesy of Cornell University Baker Program in Real Estate

Real Estate Portfolio Management & Asset Management Jobs

Related Job categories:

Real Estate Portfolio Management & Asset Management Professional Reading and Resources

  • “Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management” By American Real Estate Society
  • “Modern Real Estate Portfolio Management” by Susan Hudson-Wilson
  • “Institutional Real Estate Letter”
  • “Handbook of Commercial Real Estate Investing” by John McMahan

Organizations for Real Estate Portfolio Management & Asset Management Professionals

Industry Segments

  • College Degree in Business or Finance; Advanced degree preferable
  • AAMS: Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation awarded by the College for Financial Planning
  • CCIM: Certified Commercial Investment Manager designation awarded by the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute
  • CIMA: Certified Investment Management Analyst designation offered by the Investment Management Consultants Association
  • CIS: Certified Investment Specialist designation offered by the Investment Management Consultants Association

Skills Required

  • Advanced Excel
  • Advanced Argus
  • Effective Oral and Written Communication
  • Customer Service

Looking to the Future

Opportunities will be abundant in the future for Asset and Portfolio Managers. With less new development projects in the mix, investment owners will be more focused on increasing the profitability of their existing assets and will turn to Asset and Portfolio Managers to make it happen. Demand for employees with the ability to maximize property/portfolio performance, i.e. Asset and Portfolio Managers, will increase sharply in the coming months and years due to the ever changing real estate market. Even as acquisitions increase, asset managers will be involved in the due diligence process as owners are more focused on operating performance.

Top Real Estate Portfolio Management & Asset Management Companies