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Courses for sociology major

Tomas Delgado is the recipient of the 2017 Highest Grade Point Average Award.

Courses for sociology major

Cokie Caviness is the recipient of the 2017 Ida Harper Simpson Award. The Department of Sociology presents an award, named after an emerita professor, to the sociology major writing the best senior thesis.

Courses for sociology major

A study by three Sociology doctoral candidates — Patricia Homan, Lauren Valentino and Emi Weed — was published in the March issue of Social Forces. This study provides a new look into how Americans think about poverty.

Courses for sociology major

Our Ph.D. program offers an intensive program of study, a supportive research environment, and the opportunity to learn the craft of scholarship from Duke’s productive and highly educated faculty.

Courses for sociology major

Professor Jim Moody was cited in Duke Today about the Scholars @ Duke competition highlighting different approaches to visualizing the collaboration across the University.

Courses for sociology major

Our courses aim to develop both the analytical and critical skills necessary for understanding and evaluating social institutions and social change. Emphasis is upon contemporary research and the use of sociological data in tackling social problems.

Featured Courses

Courses for sociology major

Sociology of Racism in America

Examines social history of major racial groups in the US and relationships to contemporary standing. Discusses central concepts sociologists use to analyze racial matters. Central theme: “racism” is not mere “prejudice,” “ignorance,” or intolerance, but a comprehensive historical system of racial. read more

Courses for sociology major

Social Determinants of U.S. Health Disparities

Introduction to how social factors influence health and well-being, with a particular focus on contemporary U.S. society. Topics include obesity, aging, socioeconomic disadvantage, access to health insurance, public health systems, the role of the media, and racial/ethnic and gender inequalities. read more

Courses for sociology major

Sociology of Immigration and Health

An in-depth exploration of how global migration processes impact population health with particular attention to the social determinants of health. Course focuses on different immigrant groups in U.S. as well as refugee and migrant labor populations in other parts of the world, namely Middle East. read more

Courses for sociology major

Gender, Work, and Organizations

Research and theories on gender issues in the work organization. The socio-historical causes of gender segregation in the workplace and the contemporary consequences for wages and occupational status. Organizational and governmental work and family policies. Case studies of specific work. read more

Latest News

Martin Ruef wins Jane Addams Award
Tiantian Yang named Kauffman Foundation Junior Fellow
Mueller Successfully Defends Ph.D.
Professorship named for Linda George and John Wilson

Upcoming Events

Ridhi Kashyap- Nuffield College, Univ of Oxford
Gabriel Rossman – Jensen Series
Meira Epplein, Duke University

Undergraduate Offerings

Minors in Sociology

Students majoring in other disciplines see a Sociology minor as an effective way to round-out their skill set. Sociology broadens your education and helps you think more analytically. We offer a minor in Sociology, a minor in Medical Sociology, and will work with you and your advisors to design a program to meet your specific needs.

Major in Sociology

Sociology majors at Duke are equipped with a diverse skill set, including research proficiencies, analytical expertise, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, that can be applied to tackle many of the most important questions facing society today. The major can be an effective stepping-stone on your way to a number of professional careers — including business, law, government, medical, teaching, and more.

Graduate Degree

Ph.D. Program

Our highly competitive Ph.D. program provides an intensive program of study, a supportive research environment, and the opportunity to learn the craft of scholarship from our productive and diverse faculty. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where differences are respected, valued and integrated into every facet of the graduate experience. Through our commitment to diversity, we have an atmosphere conducive to high quality education and research that supports the broad spectrum of differences of our students, faculty and staff.

Hire A Duke Ph.D.

Courses for sociology major

Jonathan Morgan

Research Teaching Interests: Affect Control Theory, Social Networks, and Social Psychology

Courses for sociology major

Jaemin Lee

Research Teaching Interests: Social Networks, Political Sociology, Mathematical Sociology, Computational Social Science

Courses for sociology major

Felicia Arriaga

Research Teaching Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, and Crimmigration (criminalization of immigration policy and procedure).

Courses for sociology major

Bryce Bartlett

Research Teaching Interests: Population Health, Medical Sociology, and Quantitative Methods

Courses for sociology major

Carlos D. Tavares

Research Teaching Interests: Race and Ethnicity; Medical Sociology; Social Stratification and Inequality; Aging and the Life Course; Religion

Courses for sociology major

Brent Curdy

Research Teaching Interests: Survey Methods, Experiments with Human Subjects, Cross-Cultural Surveys, Identity theory, and Social Problems

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At Walters State, you can take classes online anytime or enroll in a fast-track program. If you’re a high school junior or senior, you can even get a head start on earning your college degree.

The Division of Distance Education coordinates academic credit classes at off-campus centers, at all campuses during evening hours. Distance Education, in conjunction with academic divisions, also builds, schedules, and tracks cohort programs such as College Express and Learning Strategies Express. The Division of Distance Education coordinates with high schools in our area of service to offer high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to take college courses through dual enrollment. All classes are consistent with the college’s overall mission to provide affordable, quality higher education opportunities for residents of Upper East Tennessee. Distance Education also houses Instructional Design that assists faculty with course development and provides faculty training needed for course delivery utilizing technology. The Division of Distance Education strives to offer both accessible and flexible education within and beyond the traditional classroom. The Division supports classes utilizing varying forms of delivery, and strives to provide lifelong learning to individuals seeking professional growth or personal enrichment in a society coping with rapidly changing lifestyles.

Admission requirements for evening and distance education students are identical with requirements for students in the regular daytime program. The quality of instruction governing credit course offered during the evening on campus and at off-campus locations is equivalent in all academic considerations to day courses.

Effective June, 2015 the state of Tennessee was approved by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) to join the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).

SARA is an initiative of states nationwide to make distance education courses more accessible to students across state lines.

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At Cambridge English Online we’re creating a wide range of innovative educational resources for a growing number of clients and learners around the world. Specialising in cutting-edge English language/ELT learning materials, we now create an increasing amount of resources for other subject areas, both for educational and edutainment uses, as well many that are purely for fun. Since starting in 2002 we’ve produced hundreds of interactive online educational songs, stories, games and courses for all ages, abilities and needs, from young learners and teachers, to business professionals and Peacekeeping forces. Working with some of the biggest publishers and educational organisations around the world, including The British Council, BBC, Scholastic and Cambridge University Press, we have built a reputation for providing creative, cost-effective, quality online educational solutions. Whether you have just a basic idea or a comprehensive brief, our full-service team can work with you at every step of the process to deliver your resources on time and on budget. Let us help you put the fun into learning. Games Stories Songs Illustration Courses & resources CD-ROMs Instructional Flash tours Flashcards Worksheets Mobile Flash resources EFL Materials writing Characters Online promotion Event promotion add searched terms from google CUP Scholastic Learnenglish Learingenglish Kids British Council Phonetics English phonetics Flashcard maker Flash card maker Phonetics sounds Printable flashcards Printable flashcard maker English phonic alphabet Online flashcard maker Phonetic games Phonetics of English English phonetics for children English phonetic alphabet for children Flashcard maker online Make flashcards online Sounds of phonetics Cambridge online activities Cambridge online resources Cambridge young learners Make your own flashcards Phonetics online English Flashcards UCLES Young Learners Cambridge Young Learners Year of the Tiger Chinese new year English idioms Idioms Valentine��s English Valentines day Cartoon maker Magic gopher Flashcards

Online MBA in General Management at Pondicherry University #online #courses,online #education,online #degree #courses,online #courses #in #india,online #study,online #learning,online #certificate #courses,online #education #in #india,online #classes


Onine MBA in General Management

Two years, four semesters ₹ 45,500

The popularity of MBA Distance Education in General Management can be gauged by the different specializations that have developed over the years within the field. General Management MBA Distance Education covers all aspects of management and equips aspirants with the necessary know-how for managing all kinds of business ventures.

The distance MBA in General Management from Pondicherry University looks into the core aspects of management like investment, marketing, administration, sales and human resource management, extensively. The General MBA distance education course provides a general overview of the management scenario, as well as examines, in detail, the different features of these core topics.

Managers today aren’t just limited to the defined roles of management — the rapidly evolving industry requires them to develop creative solutions to address different organisational challenges. This course teaches candidates methods of executing these responsibilities and more, in a productive and efficient manner.

We bring in content developed by experts in fields ranging from marketing to advertising, so that the students have their finger on the pulse and are up-to-date with the different trends. Moving forward, the Distance Learning MBA in General Management course transforms candidates into effective business managers, who become assets for any venture they associate themselves with. If the student is looking for growth in specific segment like improving their skills for International Business field, they can even opt for Distance MBA in International Business courses.

Download Brochure

Please provide a name and email address, and a phone number if you’d like us to call and assist you through the process.

*Please note that by filling the form, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions in the disclaimer section .

Onlinepondiuni.edu.in is a top 10 central university to pursue distance education for PG (postgraduate) programs with online delivery support. Pondicherry University is currently accepting applications for a wide array of post-graduate programs with excellent online education delivery support that includes MBA in Finance. Marketing Management. Human Resource Management (HRM). International Business and General Management .

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Masters In Economics Degree #online #courses #american #university


Online MA in Economics, Applied Economics Specialization

Click Here for Video Transcript

KARA REYNOLDS. My field especially is international trade policy, so I like to look at why do countries pass certain trade policies, and that’s really looking more at the intersection of politics and economics. But then I also look at what impact do those trade policies have on firm decision making?

MARY HANSEN. The agenda that takes up much of my time right now is a big program on the history of bankruptcy. I’m collecting data from the court records of thousands of bankruptcies going back to about 1900. My second research agenda is about the policies that protect abused and neglected children. I’ve spent several years studying what incentivizes the adoption of kids from foster care.

MAHMUD YESUF. Econometrics helps us to sort out sound ideas from crazy ones and to find quantitative answers to important quantitative questions.

KARA REYNOLDS. To me, economics is macroeconomics. That’s the part of economics that I really love. And I guess in particular what I like is the role that policymakers play in making macroeconomic policy decisions. And whether it’s a central bank or a government, they all face a complicated set of trade offs between the political interest and the economic interests.

Cultivate Your Potential to Make a Quantifiable Difference

Any thriving society relies on a healthy economy. To make an impact as an economist you need a solid understanding of economic theory, the analytical skills to interpret how policies will affect markets and the ability to translate these complexities for a wide audience.

American University offers an online Masters in Economics with a specialization in applied economics to give you the knowledge, credentials and analytical and communication skills to make a difference in your career—and in the world.

This online economics master’s degree is taught by a group of esteemed economists and scholars. Their research accomplishments and experience influencing policy bring real world application into the online classroom. They will prepare you to quantify and analyze human and organizational behavior, interpret economic models, test hypotheses, apply statistical and mathematical theories and know the financial system—to ultimately make a positive impact on the economy.

As an online MA in Economics student, you understand the time value of money. In our innovative and flexible online program, you can graduate in as little as 20 months while continuing to meet your personal and professional commitments. As a result, you will qualify for economics degree jobs with the potential to increase your earning power and have the opportunity to make pivotal economic decisions locally, nationally or globally.

Accepted applicants to the online master’s program in economics may be eligible for scholarship opportunities. Request more information to learn more .

Master the Analytical Skills to Change Your World

Based in Washington, DC, the epicenter of economic policy, American University s online Master of Arts in Economics provides a policy-oriented curriculum with hands-on statistical guidance. This graduate program is influenced by its location in the nation s capital, connecting you with the people and organizations impacting the global economy today.

The curriculum will prepare you to analyze data, apply your analysis to economic policy and translate its meaning for a wide audience. This meld of theory and practical application coursework will enable you to interpret complex mathematical concepts in order to solve real-world challenges and solidify your skills for leadership roles.

In this MA in Economics program you will learn to:

  • Solve complex mathematical economic models
  • Communicate the reasoning behind construction of economic models
  • Interpret and explain the meaning of solutions to economic models
  • Utilize models to predict the changes in various economic indicators (such as price, output, growth, employment, inflation and welfare) and impacts to the economy
  • Use economic models to develop clear and specific research questions and hypotheses
  • Employ the appropriate data and statistical tools to test your hypotheses
  • Use Stata. a state-of-the-art statistical software tool employed throughout the industry, to analyze data.

Graduates of this online economics degree will emerge with the ability to understand and predict how policy changes will affect economic markets—a skill that is highly valuable in jobs for economics in government agencies, corporations, think tanks, NGO s and financial institutions alike.

Master s Jobs in Economics – Prepare for Extensive Opportunities in Diverse Organizations

This graduate degree provides a clear understanding of economic growth concepts along with exploration of domestic and global fiscal and monetary policies. As a result, graduates are prepared for economics jobs in a variety of settings:

  • Government agencies
  • Congressional committees
  • Financial institutions
  • Economic consulting firms
  • Think tanks
  • Multilateral organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Business finance

Nearly all (98 percent) of the graduates from American University s MA in Economics program are working in the field, in graduate school or both. This master s degree enhances your marketability in a field that is growing at a rate of six percent a year.* Graduates work at organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice, AARP, Deloitte, Federal Reserve, JP Morgan Chase, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Master’s in Economics Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual economist salary in 2016 was $101,050, and typical entry level education was a Master’s degree.* Learn more about jobs for economics degrees.

Learn from First-Class Scholars

Our highly credentialed faculty of scholars, with varying backgrounds, policy and international expertise, will bring D.C. to you in this online MA in Economics. You will learn from experts who prepare you to answer pressing questions at the forefront of economic debates. You will engage in on-screen problem demonstrations, interactive media and documentary style case studies influenced by real-world economic issues and current events.

You will find the thought leadership of American University faculty members published repeatedly in the most selective peer reviewed industry journals including the Review of International Organizations. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization and the International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management. They have also been quoted in The Los Angeles Times. CNN. The Boston Globe. and The Peninsula .

In addition to being world-class scholars, this faculty has cultivated a reputation for being dedicated, responsive teachers with their students best interests and success as the backbone of their instruction. To learn more about the online master s in economics influential faculty, click here .

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-2017 Edition. Economists, on the Internet at http://www.bls.gov/ooh/life-physical-and-social-science/economists.htm

Take the first step to advance your career in economics. Call us at 855-725-7614 to speak to an admissions representative, or request more information here .

National Certificate: Paralegal Practice, Legal Courses, Boston City Campus – Business College, paralegal courses.#Paralegal #courses


National Certificate: Paralegal Practice – Human Relations & Employee Relations

Paralegal courses

This is offered by Boston City Campus Business College as a Learnership Programme ONLY.

Please request the additional information from the Learnership Department.

If the Learner has passed NSC or NCV with Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, the Learner need not register for Business Mathematics (ito the CAT Policy)

  • Human Resource Management 1 (OHRM11615)*
  • Paralegal Practice Module 1: Legal Principles and Practice**
  • Paralegal Practice Module 2: Business Principles and Practice**
  • Paralegal Practice Module 3: Office Support and Administration**
  • Paralegal Practice Module 4: Research Methodology**
  • Paralegal Practice Module 5: Aspects of Finance and IT**

All modules are compulsory and must be passed

*Formative Assessments are undertaken and the highest grade achieved in Formative Assessment is retained. The final grade is based on the Summative Assessment only. A maximum of one (1) additional supplementary assessment opportunity is provided for the Summative Assessment, which will be charged for.

**Each modules requires a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) that includes Formative and Summative Assessments. Both are used to assess Competence against Specific Outcomes (SO) and Assessment Criteria (AC). In addition, Learners complete a Final Integrated Assessment (FISA) and must be found Competent in this assessment.

SABP Learner Management fee, Student Membership fee and Occupational Programme Assessment Fee will be charged separately.

  • Operate effectively in the workplace using a number of Windows-based end-user applications
  • An understanding of South African Law and the legal system with specific emphasis on Paralegalism
  • Insight into democracy as a form of governance
  • Ability to apply fundamental legal concepts, principles, theories and values within a Paralegal Sector
  • An understanding of procedure in courts and other forums
  • Ability to guide and refer clients in terms of legal enquiries
  • Ability to apply the principles of ethics and professionalism to a business environment
  • Ability to monitor, reflect and improve on own performance
  • Improved service to customers
  • Ability to apply workplace communication skills
  • Ability to negotiate an agreement or deal within an authentic work situation
  • Ability to create, maintain and update record-keeping systems
  • Ability to plan, organise and control the day-to-day administration of an office support function
  • Ability to gather and manage information for decision making
  • Ability to plan and conduct a research project
  • Ability to perform financial planning and control function for a small business
  • Ability to use technology effectively in the practice of Law

National Senior Certificate (NSC); or National Certificate (Vocational) (NC(V)); or prior to 2009, Senior Certificate; or Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate; or equivalent qualification.

On successful completion of both the theory and practical components the Learner will be issued a Boston Statement of Results indicating the unit standards covered

Boston will apply, on behalf of the Learner, to the SABPP for verification of the Learner’s results. On successful verification the Learner will be issued a National Certificate: Paralegal Studies with specialisation Human Resources and Employee Relations SAQA ID 97229, NQF Level 5, 131 credits from SABPP


On successful completion the Learner may apply for admission with advanced placement to an accredited Boston Higher Education Programme.

Travel Health Insurance: International Travel Medical Insurance, HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance #health #insurance #courses #online


  • Quote Buy
    • Single Trip Medical
    • Multi Trip Medical
    • Long Term International
    • International Student
    • Trip Cancellation
    • Group Options
  • Products
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Travel Health Insurance

TRAVELGAP – Travel Health Insurance

Travel medical accident protection, offering pre-existing condition coverage, evacuation insurance: plans up to $1,000,000 in medical benefits are available. If you’re planning to travel for 6 months or less, this is the plan for you.

GLOBAL CITIZEN – International Medical Insurance

Customize your medical insurance plan to suit your international living needs. Worldwide health insurance for international living and travel exceeding a six month period. You can choose a doctor or hospital anywhere in the world in or out of our elite network.

GLOBAL STUDENT – Student Health Insurance

International health insurance designed to meet the needs of U.S. students and faculty abroad and international students and faculty in the U.S. This is the leading health plan for international education.

TRIP PROTECTOR – Travel Insurance

All-inclusive international travel insurance that protects against trip cancellation and interruption, medical evacuation, baggage loss protection and more.

Single Trip Health Insurance

Long Term International Medical Insurance

International Student Health Insurance

Trip Cancellation Protection and More

Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC (Worldwide Services Insurance Agency, LLC in CA and in NY) offers a variety of travel medical insurance across the U.S. under leading brands.

We offer a wide selection of travel health insurance plans that include coverage for hospital care, surgery, office visits, prescription drugs and medical evacuation.

Travel the world with confidence knowing that you have convenient access to our community of trusted English-speaking physicians in more than 180 countries.

When you Get A Quote. you will see travel health insurance products for the brand available in your area.

Travel Health Insurance Testimonials

Frequent world travelers, Robert and Margaret, recount Robert’s accident and how his medical care was handled.

No matter where you roam, use our convenient mobile apps to find carefully-selected local healthcare resources.

100% Free Pharmacy Tech CE @ #pharmacy #tech #courses #online


CEU4ALL – Your #1 Source for 100% Free Pharmacy Tech CE

CEU4ALL offers a collection of free pharmacy tech CE courses gathered all of the internet your license renewal needs. Before you get started, it is highly recommended that you register for the CPE Monitor through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). CPE Monitor is an online system for pharmacists and technicians to track their continuing education credits. Many providers of free pharmacy technician CE courses accredited by the Accreditation Counsel for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) are now requiring licensees to submit their NABP e-Profile ID to receive CE credit.

If you wish to help our fellow pharmacy technicians and contribute your source for free pharmacy tech CE, please contact CEU4ALL through our contact page. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: CEU4ALL do not own nor directly offer any of these courses and is not responsible for any misinformation you may receive from these courses.

How many CEs do I need for license renewal?

According to the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), licensees must complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours of continuing education (CE) during each two (2) year recertification cycle. Below is the direct quote from the PTCB :

Certificants must complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours of continuing education (CE) during each two (2) year recertification cycle. Any CE hours earned after January 1, 2015 must be in pharmacy technician-specific subject matter. For recertification candidates, one (1) hour of the twenty (20) hours must be in the subject of pharmacy law and one (1) hour must be in the subject of patient safety (refer to the ACPE definition of patient safety in the ACPE Policy and Procedures Manual. topic designation 05). For reinstatement candidates, two (2) of the twenty (20) hours must be in the subject of pharmacy law and one (1) hour must be in the subject of patient safety. A maximum of fifteen (15) hours of the twenty (20) hours may be earned by completing a relevant college course with a grade of “C” or better. A maximum of five (5) hours may be earned by completing in-service projects.

CPhTs must complete all CE hours within the two (2) year recertification cycle (on or before the expiration date). No CE hours completed before certification is granted may be used to satisfy recertification requirements. CE hours can only be applied to the recertification cycle in which they are completed, and cannot be carried over and applied to future cycles.

Budget and Financial Management Training Course #online #financial #management #courses


Budget and Financial Management course

My expectations with regard to the information and documentation were met. In addition I appreciated the exchange of experiences with the other participants and also found the expert knowledge from teacher are most helpful. This gives you the opportunity to compare with your current professional work and also to take lessons learned from other projects companies back home

Sandra Waibel ,
Project Office, European Central Bank

Understand the links between budgets and finance, and meet the increasing demand to show how your projects or departments contribute to your organisation’s bottom line.

In a global business environment, employees are increasingly tasked with responsibilities outside of their traditional job roles. Finance is the fastest growing area where senior managers are looking to department staff and leaders for insight, understanding and recommendations. This course will help you understand the “macro” big picture and “micro” line item context and trends of finance—as well as the mechanics of developing budgets. Whether your goal is to stay on budget, increase overall cost-savings or meet specific profitability targets, real-world exercises will help you become familiar with standard financial documents, and use budget and estimating methods and tools more effectively. Specifically, you’ll review and discuss commonly used financial metrics to not only understand the numbers, but also to explore the not-so-obvious financial impacts of typical operating decisions and actions—from a project to organisational level. After completing this course, you’ll know how to gather, compile and prioritise financial data to develop, execute and manage a budget.

Recommendation: Please bring a calculator to class.

Is this course for me?

This course is for technical and skilled professionals who need to understand the role of accounting and financial management principles within projects.

What will I learn?

  • Utilise ESI’s Mindset Model to understand how finance and accounting influence management decisions
  • Ask the right questions to successfully create, present, monitor and manage a budget
  • Persuasively negotiate for financial resources
  • Communicate financial information and results to stakeholders, executives, colleagues and project teams
  • Correlate budget success with its presentation in financial reports
  • Recognise the relationships between primary financial statement line items by calculating and examining relevant financial ratios

What is included in the price?

All Digital Course Materials

CIT – Cork Institute of Technology – Evening and Weekend Courses #weekend #photography #courses #in #bangalore


Evening and Weekend Courses

Information/Registration for Adult Evening Courses

Online Application:
The majority of the part-time courses have an online application process. Please visit your chosen course and click on the Apply Tab to begin the application process. There is also a designated contact name for each course should you have any queries. Early application is advisable as numbers of places on courses are limited.

Paper Application:
A small number of part-time courses require a paper registration form. Registration forms must be completed in full. It is particularly important that each applicant clearly identifies the course and subjects for which he/she is registering. The onus is on each applicant to ensure that this information is accurate.

Information/Registration for the academic year beginning September 2017 will take place from 6.00pm to 8.00pm on the following dates:
(Institute staff will be in attendance during each session to offer career guidance and assistance)

Tuesday 5th September 2017

CIT Bishopstown Campus

Business Studies Accounting, Media Production, Radio Broadcast Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Cookery, Bar Operations, Hospitality Management, and Counselling Psychotherapy.

Wednesday 6th September 2017

CIT Bishopstown Campus

Engineering: Biopharmaceutical, Civil, Structural Environmental, Good Manufacturing Practice, Construction, Mechanical, Biomedical, Advanced Manufacturing Manufacturing Systems, Supply Chain Transport Management, Transport Automobile, and Welding.

Science Informatics: Applied Physics Instrumentation, Quality Assurance/Management, Computing, and Mathematics.

Thursday 7th September 2017

CIT Crawford College of Art Design

Please note: Enrolment will take place at the CIT Crawford College of Art Design, Sharman Crawford Street, Cork, from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.Art Therapy, Art Design Education, Teaching Visual Arts for Primary Early Years Education, Weekend Courses, and Short Courses (Life Drawing/Painting/Photography/Pottery/Stained Glass/Portfolio Preparation).

Fees / Tax Relief / Refund Policy

  • For important information regarding Fees, Tax Relief and CIT Refund Policy please CLICK HERE