Review: The 2015 MacBook Air’s once-trailblazing design is showing its age #macbook #air #design


Review: The 2015 MacBook Air’s once-trailblazing design is showing its age

Enlarge / The 2015 MacBook Air.

The current design of the MacBook Air was a big deal when it was unveiled back in 2010. Its construction and design were a major improvement over previous Airs, it was Apple’s first Mac to go with solid-state storage across the lineup, and it came with a price drop that made them palatable to people who otherwise would have just bought a vanilla MacBook. The MacBook Pro soon imitated the Air by getting thinner, moving to standard SSDs, and dumping stuff like FireWire and the optical drive. And the new MacBook takes the qualities of the Air—thin, light, minimalist—to their logical extremes.

Unfortunately, as the rest of the MacBook lineup and the wider PC industry has shifted around it, the Air’s design has stood still. Visually, there is absolutely nothing to distinguish the 2015 MacBook Air from the 2013/2014 model that preceded it. Functionally, the differences are relatively minor. You swap out Intel’s Haswell processors for newer Broadwell equivalents, which provide a speed increase but not a big one. The Thunderbolt port now uses Thunderbolt 2. Battery life, the biggest improvement in the 2013 Air, is about the same.

There are a few notable things about this update—we ran the Air through our standard battery of tests and have all the data you need below—but unfortunately it doesn’t do much to bring this once-forward-thinking design into an era where its best qualities have been co-opted and improved upon by other laptops.

2010’s laptop in 2015

Dell’s latest XPS 13 fits a 13-inch screen into a substantially smaller body.

Dell’s latest XPS 13 fits a 13-inch screen into a substantially smaller body.

  • Its footprint is more similar to a 12- or 11-inch laptop, which is helpful on planes or other places where space is limited.

  • The two are of similar thicknesses—a little more than half an inch at their thickest points.

  • Apple still ships the same old reliable trackpad and keyboard, which is a good thing. The keyboard is a bit firmer and nicer to use than the Dell’s.

  • Right side: SD card and USB 3.0 port for both. The Air has one Thunderbolt 2 port and the Pro has a full-size HDMI port.

  • Left side. Both laptops have a headphone jack and another USB 3.0 port. The Pro adds two Thunderbolt 2 ports.

  • The Air’s tapered chassis makes it thinner than the Pro, though it has a larger footprint.

    Webcam, backlit keyboard, dual integrated mics

    In many ways it’s a credit to the 2010 MacBook Air’s design that it has only really started to feel its age in the last 12 to 18 months or so. Certain elements remain class-leading: the keyboard is firmer and has a bit better travel than most chiclet-style keyboards in PCs. The trackpad is still accurate, and OS X and its trackpad gestures take good advantage of it. It’s made well, as Apple’s aluminum unibody notebooks always have been, though some people don’t care for the way the hard metal edge of the wrist rest feels while you’re typing. It’s got a fine port selection compared to other laptops in the general size and price range, and Thunderbolt 2 is something few others offer.

    Of the many PC Ultrabooks out there now, Dell’s latest XPS 13 is probably the frontrunner from a design standpoint. A slim bezel around most of the display allows Dell to shrink the rest of the computer, delivering a screen the same size as the 13-inch MacBook Air’s in a body that’s closer in size to the 11-inch MacBook Air. Anyone trying to work on an airplane while the person in front of you is reclining knows that you don’t always have a lot of clearance for a lid.

    The XPS 13 doesn’t actually weigh much less than the Air—something like a third of a pound—so you know Dell is still squeezing most of the same parts in there. Between that and the tricks Apple is using in the Retina MacBook, it definitely seems like Apple could shrink this thing down without an appreciable loss of functionality or quality.

    The bigger problem is the screen. Retina screens (and desktops capable of 4K output) are slowly rolling out across the Mac lineup. The Airs remain stubbornly non-Retina, and unlike the other non-Retina Macs in the family the Air doesn’t even use high-quality IPS panels. You’re still looking at 1440×900 and 1366×768 TN panels. These are pretty good TN panels, and compared to contemporary laptops in 2010 and 2011 they were actually nice. Now they’re the worst displays Apple ships in any of its products.

    On the PC side of the fence, many of the Ultrabooks starting in the $800 or $900 range ship with 1080p IPS screens as a baseline, and offer QHD or QHD+ resolutions as upgrade options. Some of those systems, the XPS 13 included, give up battery life when you pump up the pixel density, an undesirable tradeoff. But Apple’s battery life estimates for the Retina MacBook suggest that it could overcome that hurdle if it had wanted to.

    The MacBook Air is still a good laptop. The problem is that its design has stood still while other laptops have evolved. The Retina MacBook addresses some of these complaints, but not everyone will want to give up performance and ports to get a lighter computer with a nicer screen. You give up something either way.

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    KS Designers offer for an innovative, creative and professional design service to create highly visual books layout and book cover for children. Illustration, especially for Children, is that every drawing must be unique and unforgettable. It has its own character, its own look, and its own story.

    Magazine & Journal Design

    Design of a Magazine and Journal depends on the client requirements of an organization. The size of a Magazine and Journal depends on the counting of the pages. The Magazine and Journal of your organization reflects your propaganda for your services, products and the vision for future. KS Designers have various Magazine and Journal which is best suited for various industries that contains the most happening visual carriage and thus defy all the most commonly used designers.

    Branding Design

    Companies corporate identify is seemed to be in its brand. KS Designers will provide you a effective brand design that represents your companies identify and goals. A successful corporate brand design will give you instant credibility and lasting recognition.

    Web Design and Development

    KS Designers have successfully create countless web designs for clients all across the globe at affordable Pricing. We provide web design solutions for companies of all sizes, with all budgets and with various needs.

    Advertising and Promotion

    The main objective of advertising and promoting your products is to attract the attention of customers and subsequently persuade them to purchase from your business. It is a way of communicating the benefits of your products to your target audience. Similar to other areas of business, advertising involves setting clear goals and objectives.

    Printing Press

    We are a reliable printing firm that can provide you with amazing printing services suitable to any product requirement or budget. Along with this, we showcase a very comprehensible offset printing technology as well as online printing service to match the everyday printing necessities of wide-ranging customers. We are your primary source material when it comes to exceptional quality printing supplies and advanced printing presses.

    Print on Demand

    KS Designers offers print-on-demand services for publishers, self publishers and educational institutions in India and abroad. KS Designers uses digital printing to meet the demand for easily production of books – 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500. Order to delivery of short run print jobs is only 24-72 hours.

    Digital Printing Press

    KS Designers offers a wide range of digital printing solutions to meet the various requirements for printing. Easily print top-quality Magazine, Calendars, Journals, Catalogue, Childrens Books, Annual Reports, Manuals, etc on all paper and sizes. We offer a wide range of finishing and binding options.

    Graphic design and printing companies

    Online Design Tools For Personalized Banners, Best Poster Design & Online Sign Designs #best #poster #design, #personalized #banners, #design #own #posters, #online #sign #design, #custom #magnetic #signs, #banner #designs, #free #graphic #design #tools, #online #design #tools


    Design Online

    User Instructions

    Want to create a banner, poster or sign? Just follow the basic instructions given below on how to make a banner, poster or sign with Quick Step Design.

  • “Whether you want to design a sign, banner, poster or sticker. First of all, choose the type of product that you want to design or opt for a blank canvas “CHOOSE TEMPLATE”.
  • Choose a sub category such as birthday banners or business banners then select a design template that you want to customise
  • To design a poster. banner or sign; choose a background color or leave it blank.
  • Click on an element on the template to edit it .
  • Click on Text. Select font that you want to use to design a sign or banner. Text that you have selected to design a poster will appear in right hand design window. Click on the text in the right hand design window to move it around and open the tool box. Type the text you want in the edit text box. You can type in sentences (if they don’t fit reduce the size or drop words onto a different line by using return on your key board). Click change color and select the fill you want. To create posters, you can add more text by selecting a font again from the left hand box and following the same procedure to customize it.
  • To design magnetic sign. banner, poster or sticker; if you would like to use your own image, you have to register (it’s free and quick). Once you have registered you can upload any number of JPG images to create a banner .
  • Click “go on”. You will be prompted to save you design so that you can come back and edit it in the future if you require. Once you have given the design a name click proceed. Then “GO ON” .
  • At the payment gateway you will see all your designs and have the change to edit, add to basket or delete your designs.

    Good PVC banner design in a word is KISS. Keep it simple. you only have seconds to attract passers by. You might find this article on designing PVC banners PVC banners useful. Eye-catching personalized banners are a very cost effective way to promote your brand, celebrate a birthday, wedding or retirement.
    Personalized banners offer you a great way, to tell the visitors about your products or announcing special offers and sales. Our PVC banners are also popular as sports event banners, festival banners, golf day branding, birthdays, stag do’s weddings. Easy to transport, they can be put up anywhere and give you real impact for the money.

    Looking for a best poster design? look no further.
    Quick step design offers you a collection of poster templates that you to customise or for the really creative start you poster design from scratch. Need inspiration? you’ll find some classic poster on this marketing blog inspirational posters Our website offers you a collection of indoor posters, outdoor posters and backlit posters. All are ideal for your business. With our free graphic design tools, you can design own posters quickly & easily.

    For any type of business, accurate sign design is very significant. Quick step design offers you free graphic design tools that assist you in online sign design. Now, you can design your custom magnetic signs from your home computer easily. Our company offers you magnetic signs that are perfect for a temporary vehicle branding. It also offers you foamex signs that are perfect for outdoor & indoor sign requirements. All of our custom magnetic signs use vinyl lettering. With our online sign design facility, you don’t have to wait for the other person to design a sign for your company. You don’t require any designing background to use our online design tools, you can quickly do it yourself.

  • Cloud, Colocation, Data Center: Plan, Design, Lease, Finance #data #center, #data #center #real #estate, #data #center #broker, #data #center #design, #data #center #finance, #data #center #research, #data #center #project #management, #modular #data #center, #wiredre, #wired #re, #wired #real #estate


    WiredRE has advised two of the top three global telecom firms and half of the most
    admired banks in the US.


    By Josh Symonds, March 7, 2017, AppDynamics. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s best-in-class cloud services offering, had downtime of only 2.5 hours in 2015. You may think their uptime of 99.9997 percent had something to do with an engineering team of hundreds, a budget of billions, or dozens of data centers across the globe—but you’d [ ] READ MORE

    At the moment of this writing it is 119 degrees here in Arizona where I sit. In case you thought data centers were the power consuming scourge we’ve heard of in the past, the broader market of consumer and industrial users suck up huge amounts of unmanaged power when mother-nature decides it’s going to be [ ] READ MORE

    Revenue per employee is not a metric for company performance assessment, but it is reflective of the cost of doing business for various business models or vertical markets. In the data center industry each provider has a slightly different mix of pure-play data center, connectivity and managed services that affects revenue per employee. DuPont Fabros, [ ] READ MORE

    The Florida Legislature and Governor put the final signatures on its tax package (HB 7109) that includes a sales and use tax exemption for property and equipment and electricity for qualifying data centers. With this legislation, Florida becomes the 27th state to have data center tax exemptions and is one of only four states to [ ] READ MORE

    VC investment activity jumped in 2014 by 53% over 2013, growing from $45 billion to $69 billion. The market has sustained momentum with $79 billion in 2015 and $71 billion in 2016. 2017 activity is anyone’s guess at this early stage. Software companies are some of the biggest consumers of data centers. For Q1 2017, [ ] READ MORE

    2016 wrapped up for the data center Big 6 public providers (EQIX, DLR, CONE, DFT, QTS and COR) with stable to modestly improving price dynamics, and a supply/demand balance in most markets. While pricing has been stable for the last few years, it is the industry’s continued commitment to underwriting deals based on sustaining ROIC [ ] READ MORE


    Hiring WiredRE was the single smartest move we ve made in developing our site.

    – Colorado Springs Data Center, Vince Colarelli, CEO, Vineyard Data Center Park

    I would recommend WiredRE to anyone looking for data center information and analysis.

    – Mark O Connell, Manager, Verizon Telecom

    WiredRE knew the data center and network requirements of gaming companies and really added value to our operations.

    – Susan Choe, CEO, Outspark

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