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Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) Program

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is the highest professional degree for men and women already successfully engaged in ministry. This program enables leaders in Christian ministry to increase their effectiveness in the church, parachurch organization or mission in which they minister.

Graduates of this program will have improved their skills and understandings in a specialized area of ministry to such an extent that they can impact their congregation or community more powerfully for God.

Why Seminary? Read David Currie s article, IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE CHURCH?!

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    Online Doctorate Programs

    CalSouthern’s Online Doctoral Degree Programs

    CalSouthern’s Online Doctoral Degree Programs

    You’ll find exceptional online doctorate programs in CalSouthern’s Schools of Business, Law and Psychology. Each offers an applied doctoral degree or a professional doctorate. Unlike academic doctorates (e.g. the PhD), applied or professional doctorates are less oriented toward research and scholarly publication, and more devoted to the advanced, practical application of theory in a professional setting.

    The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is an excellent option for business leaders looking to develop knowledge of the highest order in a particular business discipline, and to set themselves apart from other executives in a highly competitive workplace. It’s an extremely personalized and focused program. In fact, up to 25 percent of the program can be devoted to a doctoral project of your own selection and corresponding to your particular business interests and areas of expertise—it’s a great way to distinguish yourself as a leading expert in a specific area of interest.

    The Juris Doctor (JD) is designed to provide students with the educational foundation and professional training to succeed as a practicing attorney in the state of California. In fact, once you earn your JD degree, you can be eligible to sit for the California Bar Exam. The California Southern University School of Law is registered as an unaccredited correspondence law school with the Committee of Bar Examiners (CBE) of the State Bar of California. This allows graduates of the JD program who have complied with Title 4, Division 1 of the Rules of the State Bar of California (Admissions Rules) to sit for the California Bar Exam.

    The CBE requires CalSouthern to refer all current and prospective JD students, as well as applicants, to and current students to required disclosures. Please click here to review the disclosures.

    The Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) is the online doctoral degree program in CalSouthern’s School of Behavioral Sciences. Unlike the research-intensive PhD, the PsyD is far more clinically focused. Emphasizing counseling and therapy, the PsyD can prepare learners for virtually any position in any organizational hierarchy within the field of psychology. It can also lead to a career in academics, particularly if the program is clinically focused.

    For those looking to practice as a licensed clinical psychologist, CalSouthern’s PsyD meets the educational requirements for licensure in the state of California and numerous other states. (Since states’ policies are subject to change and/or dependent upon the circumstances of each case, each student must confirm with the appropriate regulatory body that CalSouthern’s degree will be accepted in a particular state. For additional information about the PsyD and state licensure, click here .)

    Regardless of your area of interest—be it business, law or psychology—CalSouthern offers an online doctoral degree program that is truly exceptional. It’s CalSouthern’s collegial and responsive community of personalized support that distinguishes the university from its peers. It’s the CalSouthern difference and it’ll be apparent from the moment you speak with any of our dedicated education professionals. We urge you to experience it for yourself.

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    Online PhD Degree Programs

    • Ph.D. in Religion. or Ph.D. in Religious Studies
    • Ph.D. in Metaphysics
    • Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling. or Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling
    • Other Religious Ph.D. tailored specifically to your work


    If you are a spiritual counselor or healer, author, speaker, researcher or independent scholar in the field of religion and spirituality, including emerging, alternative, esoteric, or contemporary spirituality, you are perfectly suited to our online Ph.D. degree programs.

    The Esoteric Theological Seminary is unique in our lack of dogma, and cutting edge with our emerging spirituality studies and flexible distance learning program. Degrees earned here are religious degrees, not academic (not to be confused with a Ph.D. in English or Chemistry, which are academic fields).

    Become a Rev. Dr.

    Our Doctoral Degrees are conferred only to ordained ministers, so if not already an ordained minister, Rabbi or other clergy, you will apply for no-cost ordination at the same time as applying for the degree. Ordination tuition is completely waived since you are seeking the PhD doctorate degree at the same time. Step by step instructions below.

    You will be able to write your name two ways:
    Rev. Dr. Terry Smith or Rev. Terry Smith, Ph.D.

    You may customize your religious PhD to suit the work you are doing. Other PhD’s we’ve conferred are: the PhD in Spiritual Philosophy, Religious Education, etc.
    Just ask if you are seeking a religious PhD not listed here

    Benefits to You Your Clients:
    Those you counsel will be reassured by your advanced religious credentials. The PhD is the most respected degree in the world. The PhD in Metaphysics gives the added advantage of enabling the degree holder to be called a metaphysician. It is uniquely suited not just to religious philosophers but to spiritual healers and metaphysical healers. Metaphysician means beyond [physical] healing . If this is what you do, why not get the credentials you deserve and put
    Rev. Dr. Terry Smith, Metaphysician on your business cards.

    Once you become an alumni of the Seminary, you can join the Seminary’s exclusive forum to meet and network with your many fellow alumni. You also receive life-time letter of recommendation and reference service, transcript service (transcripts require a fee) and free support / guidance for starting your own spiritual practice, center, church, research or teaching center including friendly advice on tax-exempt status, incorporating, etc. Here at the Esoteric Theological Seminary you will experience the human touch from faculty, staff and alumni, and may be asked to contribute your skills and time to your spiritual community in a leadership position.

    We are living in a spiritually-starved and struggling world. Many people feel disconnected and downright confused about life’s ultimate questions. Be one of the light-holders helping fellow humans make sense of it all, helping them step up to the next level. Being the best of the best means you must serve, must minister to a higher, nobler cause than mundane life.

    More on the legality and legitimacy of our degrees below

    Note the Doctor of Philosophy originally was a religious degree and still can be obtained in its original form only in seminaries and religious universities around the world. The Esoteric Theological Seminary, the educational institution of the Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. is part of that unbroken heritage of religious schools, and is one of the few places you can get the original religious Ph.D. (See the History of the PhD if you are interested in the historical evolution of the Ph.D. from religious degree to academic degree).

    Just follow these Steps:

    1. Fill out the Ph.D. Application. Ordination as a minister is FREE with your PhD.
    2. We notify you of acceptance usually within 24 – 48 hours of receiving your Ph.D. application. Pay one-time Tuition Fee of $890.00, which includes everything: Ph.D. degree diploma, Certificate of Ordination, wallet cards showing both your new credentials in miniature, and free shipping.

    PAYMENT PLAN: Our tuition costs are the lowest among Seminaries, but still we recognize some applicants may not be able to submit the entire $890 tuition up front, so we have a Payment plan available .

    The following steps can be completed in any order:

    3. Email scanned copy or snail mail to the Seminary any college level transcripts you may have. Previous college or seminary training is not required, but we want to see transcripts if you do have them. If you can’t scan and email, you may snail-mail your transcript(s) to us at: Esoteric Interfaith Church Seminary, Inc. 2753 E. Broadway Rd. Suite 101-408, Mesa, AZ 85204-1574
    4. Email your reasons for desiring the Ph.D. and how you will use it. Describe any work and experience in the field of spirituality.
    5. Submit by Email your spiritual history (tell the story of religion spirituality in your life from childhood to present)
    6. Submit by Email your 4000 (or more) word thesis / dissertation paper. Write on any religious, metaphysical or spiritual topic. We prefer you submit your paper by email as a Word document or PDF file, but you can print it out and snail mail it, if you prefer.
    7. OPTIONAL: Take our enjoyable online Ph.D. Religion course (not required depending on your field experience, life experience and previous religious education). Upon application you will be sent links to our other online PhD courses you may complete.

    Your Degree Diploma: Once the above steps are all met, we will send you your beautiful bonafide diploma — with raised seal, official logo, signed in person. not by a computer. It is very suitable for framing, and we also send you a wallet card showing your new Ph.D. credentials. Transcripts are available for a transcript fee. We send them directly to the institution of your choice, and to you. Here is a photo of one of our graduates holding her PhD diploma.

    Legality Legitimacy
    Our institution is a legally recognized non-profit 501(c)3 organization permitted by our state law to grant religious degrees. We are exempt from accrediting requirements because we confer only religious degrees, not academic ones, degrees designed for working clergy. You may wish to read our FAQ page for more information on our legal and accreditation status.

    Other Online Doctoral Programs
    If the Ph.D. requirements are too much for your schedule, you might wish to receive the theological equivalent of the Ph.D. the Doctor of Theology –Th.D. Or you may wish to pursue a Doctor of Divinity or Doctor of Ministry degree from our Seminary. These are time honored religious doctoral degrees which take less time and have lower tuition fees, but still allow you to attach Dr. to your name and letters after your name (post-nominal letters). We also have Bachelors and Masters degree programs in Religion, Divinity, Theology, etc.

    School Colors: The colors of the Seminary are emerald green and ivory. You may wish to order a cap and gown and a doctoral sash for an official portrait photograph. (The Seminary store does not carry these items, but you may order them from cap and gown companies).

    PAYMENT PLAN. Our tuition is the lowest among Seminaries around the world, both distance learning and brick and mortar. But we know some degree candidates may have special circumstances which prevent them from submitting the $890 tuition all at once. We have a Payment plan available .

    What Are the Benefits of Earning a Doctorate? #doctorate #in #education #technology


    What Are the Benefits of Earning a Doctorate?

    Related Articles

    The decision regarding whether or not to pursue a doctoral degree is not an easy one; the pursuit requires a commitment of time and energy unrivaled in educational settings. However, the benefits — both practical and personal — are numerous. Doctorate degrees are available in many forms, and are either research or practice-based, though your specific career path may warrant a fair amount of overlap in either direction.

    Earning Potential

    While the benefits of a doctorate are not limited to monetary compensation, the pay grades for academic achievement holders of doctoral degrees have the highest earning potentials of all other degrees. The reason for this is because a doctorate qualifies you for the highest positions in academic and research settings, which in turn have the best pay grades. For example, according to an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, in 2011 the average salary for instructors (non-doctorate holders) of Legal Professions and Studies was $64,785, while new assistant professors (doctorate holders) in the same field earned an average of $91,828.

    Career Flexibility and Security

    Doctorate degrees also offer the most flexible career paths because they qualify you for the highest positions in academic settings as well as some of highest positions in non-academic settings. For instance, doctorate holders who choose to remain in academia can work as professors, department heads and other top-level administrative positions, researchers and practitioners. Furthermore, according to the McNair Program at California State University Bakersfield, holders of doctorate degrees have the lowest unemployment rates and the highest lifetime earning potentials of the various levels of degree holders.

    Scholarly Respect and Leadership Benefits

    Because the doctoral degree is the highest level of academic achievement in any field, degree holders receive the accompanying scholarly respect. Holders of doctorates are considered leaders in their fields and regularly contribute to innovation and the development of relevant knowledge and practices. For example, analytical texts written by doctorate-level literary critics are more likely to be published in scholarly journals than those written by those with master’s degrees.

    The Intangibles

    Aside from the practical benefits of the degree, earning a doctorate allows you to pursue an unrivaled level of understanding in your field, which in turn can help to improve society. Furthermore, you will develop the tools which allow you to contribute to your field’s body of knowledge in ways that are deeply satisfying: either by means of your research contributions or aiding the development of students and professionals in your field.

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    Online Accredited Juris Doctor (JD) Degree Programs

    Harvard University started awarding these degrees in the 19th century as a more advanced version of the old European doctor of law degree. It will not be wrong to say that Juris doctor degree is an end result of the evolving thought process of the scientific study of law. Usually; it is a degree which is a primary specialized training for lawyers – a three year program in general everywhere.

    United States host a lot of School of law with Juris doctor degree courses and some of the best online law colleges for J.D. and LL.M. degree Programs. Online accredited law degree programs for Juris doctorate degrees and attaining JD Degree Skills are also very popular.

    What exactly is a Juris Doctorate – is it a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral Degree?

    Juris Doctorate is a first professional degree. It is not a terminal degree alike PhD which is the highest degree one can dream to attain in a respective field. This is an entry level degree or a first degree. It is also called a professional doctorate degree alike M.D program in the medical field.

    Juris Doctor is a first professional Doctorate degree in law. Colleges and universities in the United States of America and common law countries offer the Juris Doctor degree. These degree holders are the qualified and certified individuals who practice law dedicatedly. Primary responsibilities include seeing that the laws are maintained and endorsed in varied situations. They practice in a variety of fields including

    • Criminal Law
    • Personal Injury
    • Family Law
    • Corporate law

    Juris doctor degree requirements are to clear an examination to attain a license for practicing law in the respective jurisdiction. All those who clear the bar examination as a prerequisite; are then recognized as attorneys or lawyers and add up a suffix esquire (Esq.) or J.D. It is not necessary that all the Juris doctor degree holders appear for the bar examination, hence not necessarily all the Juris doctor degree holders are licensed lawyers or attorneys – varied jurisdictions may take their own call.

    Initially the idea behind introducing a Juris doctor degree was to replace the degree of Juris doctor bachelor of laws. Juris doctor degree represents the professional recognition that the degree holder has attained doctoral in law. Considering the tenure of study in order to attain the degree; usually lawyers in America – the name change carried and showed its significance.

    It also serves as a prerequisite fulfillment for some of the designations and programs in the financial world. Recent trend is of colleges and universities offering joint degrees and dual degrees – MBA and Juris Doctor. It is helpful to students for completion of both the degrees in less than required tenure separately for each one of it and also is considerably cost effective.

    It is a three year program with syllabus is taught with the help of logic and analysis theories – which may vary from institute to institute. To everyone s surprise the syllabus has not changed since inception which happens to be a rigorous study of the significant law and its skilled application. It is a entry level to skilled law practice.

    Legal expertise have become and inevitable aspect to success and hence Juris doctor degree holders have ample opportunities and are employed mainly with

    • Consultative firms
    • Hospitals
    • Law firms
    • Not-for-profits
    • Politics
    • Private corporations
    • Various levels of government

    Juris Doctorate Career Opportunities

    • Banking and finance
    • Civil defense attorneys
    • Communications
    • Corporate counselors
    • Entrepreneur
    • Human resources
    • Politics
    • Professional litigators
    • Public service

    Top online accredited Juris doctor degree programs Joint Degree – Dual Degree

    As said above; recently a few of the colleges and universities have initiated offering dual degree programs along with Juris doctorate degree. Individuals who are interested in making careers in other fields and not law – or want to specialize within the segment of law may enroll themselves for such programs which are complimentary to a Juris doctor program. LL.M – Master of laws happens to be a good example of such programs.

    Joint Degrees include:

    • Master of Arts in International Law – Legal principles and practices of various cultures and countries
    • Master of Criminal Justice – Court systems, Enforcement services and correctional institutions
    • Master of Laws – Specialized field of law Taxation, Finance, Environmental law and many more
    • Joint JD Master Degree Programs
    • J.D./LL.M. in Taxation
    • Juris Doctor and Master of Science in Public Service Management
    • Master of Social Work – Juvenile representation, Family law mediation, Child support enforcement and many more

    Dual degrees include:

    • Master of Arts in Political Science – Public policy, Political office, International law and many more
    • Master of Education – Careers in legal academics
    • Master of Science in Labor Relations – Corporate law and human resource management
    • Master of Sports Administration – Contract negotiation, Legal compliance and Sports management
    • Juris Doctor Master of Business Administration – Leadership and Legal skills to unite the management
    • Certificate in business law
    • First professional degree in law
    • J.D./LL.M. in International Law
    • J.D./M.A. or Ph.D. in (Economics, History, Philosophy, or Politics)