Feb 15 2019

Gently Detox With 4 Superfoods To Remove Toxins From Chem Trails, Heavy Metals, Noxious Chemicals, Pesticides, Drugs, GMO By-Products

#chemicals,chemtrails,detox,detoxify,drugs,gmos,heavy #metals,pesticides,superfoods,toxins,alternative #lifestyle,alternative #medicine,food #as #medicine,green #living,home #remedies # Send email Mail Detoxing can be hard on your body and cause a wide variety of alarming side effects. After all, the substances being removed are usually pretty horrible, consisting of toxic chemicals from Teflon, vaccines, pesticide residues, pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy residue, heavy metals, aluminum, radiation, and even by-products from GMO foods. There are numerous detoxing agents and methods available some more costly than others and some producing very intense experiences with potentially dangerous side effects. However, there are several ways to remove these noxious substances gently, with kindness to your …