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Target your advertisements effectively with search engine marketing (SEM) services

Search engine marketing is a form of paid marketing to promote your business through short advertisements appearing on the first pages of search engines. These will be labelled Ad and will often appear at the top of the page when people search for your targeted keywords. Having your business promoted as a paid advertisement on search engines often doubles the chances of having your website clicked on as compared to ranking high through organic keyword optimisation.

To get your business advertised you will need to purchase them through a bidding process. Search engines will determine the placement of your ads based on this as well as your website s Click Through Rates (CTR). This entire process is referred to as Pay-per-Click or PPC advertising, where you will pay only if your ad is clicked on.

At Synotive, Australia s leading paid advertising company, we offer our clients a comprehensive result-oriented strategy at minimal cost and profitable returns to drive your business growth. Leverage the power of our search engine marketing services and attract just the customers your business should target.

Search Engine Marketing

Can businesses enhance performance and maximise benefits through search engine marketing?

Absolutely. Synotive s SEM services include our experts coming up with a solution built around your business to achieve just that. We focus on customised paid marketing strategies that are guaranteed to put you on the top of the page.

Right target audience

Through deep analysis and research of the demographics of your target audience, our search engine marketing experts will build a strategy to prioritise your needs and develop a plan accordingly.

Customised marketing strategy

As a diverse and adaptable PPC advertising company, we provide experts who develop a strategy that is tailored to perfectly suit your business needs. Our customised solutions will be within your budget and will definitely improve your conversions to sales.


Your SEM campaigns can easily be tweaked and transformed according to the desired results, ensuring that you can reach a wider audience for more profitable outcomes. As a leading paid advertising company, you can be assured that our methods have the flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.

Brand awareness

Our paid marketing strategies include local PPC advertising as well as Bing advertising. The end result is increased exposure on multiple platforms for better reach and enhanced brand awareness.


You may have visitors who did not convert to sales or enquiries on their first visit. Capture their incomplete transactions and display your advertisements to them again through paid marketing to encourage them to revisit your site.

Cost-effective outcomes

We take great care to ensure that your SEM campaigns do not exceed your budget. Our professional SEM services include a strategy that will suit your requirements and will not exceed your budget limits while helping your business realise increased exposure and sales.

The success of your website lies in making your visitors do what you want them to do. If they do, then you have maximised every penny spent on search engine marketing services while your customers are provided with some value from your website.

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My Car Needs an Engine. Should I Sell it, Fix it or Junk it?

I n my Change Your Mindset and Save a Fortune: 200,000 Miles is the New 100,000 Miles post, I bragged about my plans to save fortune by driving my sweet 1999 Cadillac DeVille at least 200,000 miles. Well, we have trouble in paradise: my Caddy has an engine flaw…a head gasket leak that cannot be repaired; i.e. “I need to replace my engine.”

To my credit, I did factor in the possibility of a major repair in my 200,000 mile post. In fact, I used a $10,000 “worst case scenario”, assuming that both the engine and the transmission needed to be replaced. My premise was that one could still come out fine by spending the repair money and continuing to drive the car.

Now I am going to find out if I put my money where my mouth is.

Read along with me as I think this through. I will be asking for your thoughts at the end of this post.

Factors to consider:

I really do. It drives like a dream and makes me feel like a king every time I get behind the wheel.

Yes, that is a lot, but not for an 11 year old car.

  • The replacement engine will cost … gulp … $5,700.

This is the cost of a Jasper rebuilt engine. including installation. Northstar engines have a design flaw that makes head gasket problems quite common, but the Jasper rebuilt engine will have corrected the flaw. It will have a three year, unlimited mileage warrantee with it.

It still runs great. But because it is slowly losing anti-freeze, I can’t trust it on any long trips without chancing it to overheat. It is therefore relegated to short trips.

My choices are:

  • Continue to drive it on short trips and spend no money on it.

I imagine the leak would gradually get worse, but I could probably milk it along for months or maybe years.

There are many sealant type products available which claim to fix a leaking head gasket. My understanding is that they might work for a while, but can t be depended on as a long term solution. Besides, they might not work and could clog the heater core or damage the engine. At least the Caddy is drivable now. Experimenting with a miracle cure could render it inoperable.

Obviously, it is worth very little maybe $1,000. Who would want an 11 year old car that needs an engine? But there is merit in scaling back to one car. It would take some sacrifices for both of us, but Janice and I could make it work. Her car is older than mine, so the money I would be spending to repair the Cadillac could go toward an upgrade of our newer family car.

I was not able to pin down a junk value, but I am assuming it would not be much more than $1,000.

Follow my logic here: if, while shopping for a car, I found a near mint 1999 Cadillac DeVille De Elegance (premium model) for $5,700 with a rebuilt and warranteed engine, I would be inclined to buy it. It is difficult to assign a Kelly Blue Book value to a car with a rebuilt engine, but this model with this mileage with original engine books at about $4,900 Private Party or $6,400 Retail. A newly rebuilt engine would make it more valuable, but how much more? Would it compare to the same model with 50,000 miles, which is about $6,900 Private Party or $8,300 Retail? Not sure. Interestingly, the same car at 200,000 miles books at $3,400 certainly more than I can get for it now.

Simple math is this. if I spend $5,700, drive it for about 90,000 miles and sell it for $3,400, I would be getting 90,000 miles for $2,300 about 3 cents a mile.

On the other hand, if I could sell it now for $1,000 and add that same $5,700, I would be able to purchase a $6,700 used car. With no engine warrantee. And with no assurance that there are not other hidden problems, which brings on another factor: I know this Cadillac. I have babied it for years and am confident there are no hidden “surprises” waiting to be discovered.

We would still be needing to upgrade Janice s car, but if the Caddy is fixed and reliable, that upgrade would not need to happen immediately.

And remember: I love the car.

What will we do?

We are not sure yet, but Jan and I agree that we will be on the same page before we decide. Right now we are leaning toward upgrading Janice s car, milking the Caddy along at least till spring, and then deciding whether to replace the engine at that time.

OK. Now tell me what you think. What did I overlook? I confess that it is difficult for me to be totally objective because I have an attachment to this Caddy, so I covet your thoughts. Would I be throwing good money after bad? What do you think I should do? What would you do?

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Search Engine Optimization

Easy SEO For Your Legal Website

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is the best way to market your practice online. SEO essentially entails configuring your website to achieve a high natural search result so that Internet users can find your website. Today, SEO is considered by many to be the best use of a marketing budget having your website appear high in search results can greatly increase the visibility of your practice. LegalWebPro prides itself on fast, efficient, and affordable SEO for attorneys and law firms.

LegalWebPro offers Basic SEO and Advanced SEO Online Marketing :

Basic SEO. This is included in LegalWebPro s regular website package ($19.95 per month one time $49.95 setup fee). Basic SEO utilizes content on the website along with meta data to rank the website with search engines. Many lawyers find that Basic SEO is sufficient for their legal practice.

Advanced SEO Online Marketing. This is an aggressive custom online marketing package created for your practice. Each client gets a unique SEO campaign focused on driving traffic to the website and prices start at only $250 per month. LegalWebPro s Advanced SEO Online Marketing boasts the best prices in the industry and does not require a long term contract. Note that you do not need to have a website with LegalWebPro to utilize our Advanced SEO Online Marketing services.

Advanced SEO Online Marketing is ideal for attorneys in competitive markets and is a great choice for attorneys looking to:

  • Target a specific market of potential clients; and
  • Have a high natural search rank for their website for relevant keywords; and
  • Dramatically speed the natural SEO process; and
  • Validate their online presence ; and
  • Drive more traffic to their website.

Please note that not all attorneys require Advanced SEO Online Marketing. Depending on your practice areas and location, LegalWebPro s Basic SEO may be more than sufficient. Advanced SEO Online Marketing is simply an additional service that LegalWebPro offers clients interested in aggressively marketing their legal practice and website.

What is Advanced SEO Online Marketing?

Advanced SEO Online Marketing is focused on achieving a high natural search result (in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for your website. LegalWebPro s SEO Marketing Team will work with you to customize a campaign and to determine which specific keywords or phrases to target. Example of search keywords include Los Angeles Estate Planning Attorney or New York Personal Injury Lawyer.

Once a strategy and keywords are determined, LegalWebPro s Advanced SEO Team will optimize your website for the phrases and keywords with the goal of quickly achieving a high organic search result for the website. Typical results usually begin to appear in search engines within one to three months. Additionally, LegalWebPro will provide strategic online marketing through pay-per-click (Google Adwords) to speed the SEO process and to guide prospective clients to your website. Advanced SEO Online Marketing is a great way to generate leads for your legal practice.

SEO is a complex area of the Internet. Questions? Give us a call at (877) 292-5955 or contact us here and we will be happy to explain how the process works and answer any questions.

SEO Is The New Yellowpages

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing have rapidly become the preferred method for finding local services, especially legal services. More traditional sources of advertising, such as the yellowpages, print and radio do not reach clients as effectivly as the Internet. SEO and Online Marketing allows prospective clients to find your website from any computer, cell phone, or Internet connection at any time. LegalWebPro s Advanced SEO Online Marketing will help you accomplish your goals of being found on the Internet!

As for pricing, many of LegalWebPro s competitors charge from $500 to $5,000 a month and offer less services and slower results. Almost all competitiors require long term contracts and have fluxuating fees. LegalWebPro s services start at only $250 per month* and require no long term contract!

*Note that actual price depends on keyword choice as some phrases are more competitive and require higher fees. It is impossible for LegalWebPro to provide a one size fits all service as every attorney has a specific set of needs that requires a custom solution. Contact us for a quick and free consultation, including price quote. LegalWebPro is also happy to work within your marketing budget.

Advanced SEO Online Marketing Services Include:

Free Custom Keyword Analysis Quote
Keyword Placement Optimization For Search Engines (including Google, Yahoo and Bing)
Placement Progress Report
Search Engine Accessibility Checks
Content Optimization
5 Star Customer Support
Much More!