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Business Phone Call – Interactive Practice

Click on Listen All and follow along. After becoming comfortable with the entire conversation, become Person A by clicking on the Person A button. You will hear only Person B through the audio file. There will be a silence for you to repeat the sentences of Person A. Do the same for Person B. The speed of the conversation is native speed. Use the pause button if the pause between each sentence is too fast for you. After practicing several times, you will be able to speak as fast as a native.

A: “Hello? This is Steve.”
B: “Hi Steve, this is Mary from ABC Company. I’m returning your call.”
A: “Hi Mary. How are you doing?”
B: “I’m doing great thanks.”
A: “Thanks for returning my call. I couldn’t figure out why the ending balance on fiscal year 2003 didn’t match the beginning balance on of 2004.”
B: “When I checked, it was matching. How much is the difference?”
A: “The amount is exactly $42,000.”
B: “Oh. I know what the problem is. We opened another bank account at the end of fiscal year 2003. I might not have included the new bank statements when I sent over the information.”
A: “That makes sense. I’m just glad it wasn’t out of my miscalculation. Can you send over the statements? I should be done by end of day since everything looks good.”
B: “Sure. I’ll fax them to you immediately. Is 555-123-4567 the number I should fax it to?”
A: “Yes. That is the correct number.”
B: “I’ll do it right now.”
A: “Thank you for your help.”
B: “I should have sent them over to you the first time. I apologize for that.”
A: “No problem.”
B: “Thank you.”
A: “Thank you. Bye.”

A: “Hello, ABC Company.”
B: “Hi, this is Janet from Consult R Us. May I speak with Alex please?”
A: “He’s in a meeting right now. Would you like to leave a message?”
B: “Yes. Can you have Alex call me back when he is available? My name again is Janet, and he can reach me at 555-987-6543.”
A: “It’s Janet at 555-987-6543. Can I tell him what this is regarding?”
B: “He sent over a fax, and the last page didn’t print out. I will need for him to resend the fax to me.”
A: “I’ll let him know.”
B: “Thank you.”
A: “Thank you for calling ABC.”
B: “Good bye.”
A: “Bye.”

A: “Microsoft, this is Steve.”
B: “Hi Steve, this is Richard from Third Hand Testing. I’m calling in regards to the MSN assignment. Do you have a minute to answer a couple of questions?”
A: “Sure. What can I help you with?”
B: “We originally agreed on 5 testing procedures, but our program manager received a mail indicating 4 testing procedures. Is 4 the correct number?”
A: “Yes it is. We found that we can do the last one here.”
B: “Great. Does the timeline change because we reduced one of the testing procedures?”
A: “We don’t have to change the timeline. Our original timeframe was very aggressive.”
B: “That makes our job a little easier.”
A: “Do you have any other questions?”
B: “No. That’s all I had. Thanks for your time.”
A: “No problem.”
B: “Ok. Good bye.”
A: “Bye.”

Sheppard Software: Fun free online learning games and activities for kids # #free, #games, #kids, #fun, #learning, #math, #homeschool, #multiplication, #children, #grammar, #education, #english, #science, #e-learning, #language, #schools, #k-12, #curriculum, #fractions, #parents, #teachers


I stumbled upon your fun interactive geography games from a link on the Massachusetts Geographic Alliance Website. Since then, your games have become quite a hit with my competitive colleagues!
–Candice Gomes, Education Outreach Coordinator, Boston Public Library (Sheppard Software’s geography games were featured in the Boston Public Library’s 2006 Exhibition on Mapping)

Terrific online educational games, especially geography.
–Dallas Children’s Museum

First, let me say I love your website! I have students with learning disabilities that need multiple way to learn math, and your site fills the bill! – Darrin, Rose Park Elementary in Billings, MT
Awesome site. it is the only reason I am passing my World Geography class! –Stephen
Our preschool teacher just sent us homework with this new website on it! My twins love it – they are 4 1/2 and can’t get enough! The sounds, the action, so many choices and things to do. I bookmarked this for them and have sent the website to numerous friends and best of all it’s FREE!
Thank you for such a wonderful learning tool. — -Cherie Ventola

Let me say that you guys have an awesome website. I stumbled across your site one day, and it has been the easiest, most effective, and really the most fun method for learning geography that I’ve found. –David Weaver

I am thrilled to have stumbled upon your site! As a homeschooling mom, I love to find sites that encourage brain activity and reinforce the facts I teach during learning time!
The range of information is wonderful. Keep up the fantastic work!
-Mrs. JaNell Hancock

Your games are AMAZING!

Your website has SO much to offer!

This site is exactly what I have been looking for! I have four children within five years of age and they can all play your games! I love that you can choose your level of difficulty. The games are colorful and simple, not cluttered like some. The instructions are easy to understand and they cover basic learning that can be neglected with other “too busy” games. I can’t believe what a blessing it is to have stumbled upon this site! I looked up “kindergarten math games online.” This is the first one that I actually enjoyed navigating around in and that actually kept the kids’ attention without discouraging them.

This site will be a daily part of our learning! The kids were fighting over who could take the next turn at the learning game! It is reinforcing everything I am trying to teach.


Shipping – Returns: Wood Warehouse, Wood cutouts for crafters #animals #words #english #fruit #& #vegetables #fashion #christmas #woorde #afrikaanse #crosses #misc #transport #alphabet #& #numbers #fantasy #trees #& #other #mirror #frame #key #/ #towel #holders #music #cake #topper #gift #tags #photo #frames #( #glass #excluded #) #canvas #(wood) #plain #scratch #patch #cartoon #hearts #sport #canvas #(wood) #with #design #mobiles #trays #boxes #wedding #mosaic #& #other #products #clock #birds #butterflies #& #dragonflies #bird #cages #religion, #misc #flowers #coasters #& #placemats #equipment #garden #completed #products, #wood #finish #buttons #classes #& #workshops #chalk #paint #birthday #board #& #cup #cakes #stencils #( #re-usable #) #arts,crafts,woodwork,decoupage,mosaics #shipping # # #returns


Shipping Returns

Shipping Collections

Postal Delivery

The cost of postage will be added to the order total, and must be paid along with the order amount before goods are posted. From past experience, the Post Office will deliver your parcel within 5 to 7 working days after it is posted.

Parcels will be posted to South African addresses only.

We accept no responsibility for postal delays or lost parcels.

In Store Collections

Orders will be prepared for collection after payment has been recieved, and will be available for collection within 5 to 7 days. You will be notified when the order is ready for collection.

Courier Services

Should you wish to make use of a courier service to collect in store on your behalf, you will need to make arrangements with the courier of your choice and pay them directly.

Physical Address

cnr Asquith Trichardts Road ( No 10 ) – Ravenswood – Boksburg – East Rand – Gauteng

Trading Hours

Monday – Friday 9.00 – 17h00. Saturday:- 9.00 – 13h00.

Closed Public Holidays and Sunday


  • BEFORE MAKING PAYMENT . We will Confirm via E.Mail that ALL Stock Items are available immediately. Although we do carry a Large Range of Stock Items BUT Should an Item not be available at the time of Placing the Order. You will be notified. This avoids you incurring any unnecessary Bank Charges.
  • On Placement of Orders:- Orders are Picked.
  • Payment is required within 5 Working Days. Otherwise Orders are assumed as being cancelled.
  • Please use Your Name as a Reference when Depositing Payment .
  • Client AddR 16.50 for Cash Deposits to Cover Bank Charges.



Notify Us within 7 days of receiving the product. If you are not satisfied with any Product. We will gladly exchange the Product at NoExtra Cost to yourself if it is due to our fault.

Sorry we cannot refund Shipping Charges on delivery and return of goods.

How to make a Return

Return the product in its original condition with its packaging.

Returns Information Required

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Courses – Derby Adult Learning Service #basic #skills, #esol, #return #to #work #and #learning, #learning #difficulties, #maths #gcse, #business, #book-keeping, #teacher #training, #computers, #clait, #ecdl, #word #processing, #it #courses, #hospitality, #sports #and #leisure, #aromatherapy, #mendhi, #sugarcraft, #aerobics, #fitness, #keep #fit, #badminton, #wine #appreciation, #yoga, #pilates, #tv #repairs, #health, #social #care #and #public #service, #counselling, #deaf #awareness, #early #years #education, #pre-retirement, #visual, #performing #arts, #art, #dancing, #woodwork, #pottery, #singing, #song #writing, #embroidery, #craft #and #jewellery, #guitar, #painting, #rug #making, #sewing, #languages, #communication, #english #as #a #foreign #language, #english #gcse, #creative #writing, #french, #german, #italian, #spanish, #greek, #sign #language


Derby Adult Learning Service provides hundreds of courses in Derby for you to choose from in a whole range of subjects. Select one of the learning areas below for a list of related courses available:

Computing for beginners, Internet and Email, European Computer Driving License (ECDL), Digital Photography, Various entry level courses

Cookery and Baking
Introduction to Cookery, Italian, Indian Cookery, All about Chocolate, Wine Appreciation

Education Training
Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
City and Guilds – Train the Trainer Level 3 Award in Education and Training and Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

English and Maths
Brush up on your English, Improve your maths skills, English GCSE, Maths GCSE

Hospitality, Sports and Leisure
Wine Appreciation including WSET (Wines, Spirits, Educational Trust) Level 2 and 3 Qualifications, Italian Cookery, Indian Cookery, Yoga, Tai Chi for Health and Relaxation, Keep Fit – Mature Movers, Keep Fit – Seated Exercise

Jobseeker’s Learning Programmes
Improving your skills for gaining employment, Adult Learning Service Work Club, Creating and updating your CV, Building up your confidence, interview skills and techniques, presentation skills, job applications

Languages and Communication
Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Also includes British Sign Language (BSL)

Psychology GCSE

Skills for Life (Foundation)
Basic Skills, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Return to work and learning, Programmes for those with learning difficulties

Visual and Performing Arts
Life Drawing, Watercolour Drawing, Painting and Drawing, Pottery, Woodwork, Silversmithing, Embroidery, Textiles, Jewellery, Mixed Crafts, Singing, Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele

Vocabulary Games, English Vocabulary Word Games #vocabulary, #vocabulary #games, #learn #english


Learning English Vocabulary is a leading vocabulary website worldwide with the best flash online word games. The vocabulary games include an online word search, an online crossword puzzle, and hangman online (our version is called HangMouse). Users choose the vocabulary list that the online word game will use in the word game. The vocabulary games are popular for use on smart boards for word games to build vocabulary skills in classrooms.

Many people build their English vocabulary through a blend of methods by taking English classes, reading books, watching movies in English, and studying English with English language software. Playing word and vocabulary games is a valuable part of learning English. There are thousands of vocabulary words in our vocabulary lists. is a fun educational website dedicated to helping you build reading, phonics, or English language skills. We offer Free Online Word Games which are specifically designed to build vocabulary skills and to motivate people to learn through fun practice in spelling, phonics, and vocabulary.

Whether you are studying vocabulary as part of a homeschool curriculum. for afterschool enrichment. or a summer academic skills program. Vocabulary Learning Fun provides the premier free vocabulary-building resources and games.

If you are applying to American universities, you will probably have to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL test. Most American colleges, as well as schools in England, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand require all non-native English speakers to take the TOEFL exam, and a high score can be critical to admission. can also help build vocabulary skills for other high-stakes, vocabulary-rich exams such as the GRE, the SAT. and PSAT.

Many of Vocabulary Learning Fun s vocabulary word games are organized with dozens of categories of vocabulary lists. By making connections between words and ideas, and between words and pictures, we build vocabulary skills. Connections between vocabulary words make the process of building vocabulary skills faster and more efficient. This grouping of knowledge by topic is a cornerstone of the learning website.

The fun of English vocabulary games can help both native and foreign speakers of English build their English language vocabulary skills. There are vocabulary word games for all levels of English.

For more vocabulary fun and games, visit our sister site VocabularySpellingCity. Students can learn literacy skills, in addition to word study. You’ll find engaging vocabulary games like HangMan. Word Search and Word Find .

Please contact us with any questions.

Plumber Surname, Family Crest & Coats of Arms #the #family #plumber, #plumber #family #crest #coat #of #arms #surname #history #origin #english


The name Plumber finds its origins with the ancient Anglo-Saxons of England. It was given to one who worked as a seller of plumes and feathers. Occupational names that were derived from the common trades of the medieval era transcended European cultural and linguistic boundaries. Occupational names have remained fairly commonplace in the modern period. This is attested to by the continuing appearance of occupational suffixes at the end of many English surnames. Some of these suffixes include: herd, monger, maker, hewer, smith and wright.

Plumber Early Origins

PDF Coat of Arms
+ Extended History

The surname Plumber was first found in Durham where they held a family seat from early times. The family name Plumber first appeared on the early census rolls taken by the early Kings of Britain to determine the rate of taxation of their subjects.

Plumber Spelling Variations

Plumber Spelling Variations

The English language only became standardized in the last few centuries; therefore, spelling variations are common among early Anglo-Saxon names. As the form of the English language changed, even the spelling of literate people’s names evolved. Plumber has been recorded under many different variations, including Plumer, Plummer, Plumber and others.

Plumber Early History

Plumber Early History

This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Plumber research. Another 189 words (14 lines of text) covering the years 1190, 1686, 1767, 1736 and 1822 are included under the topic Early Plumber History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.

Plumber Early Notables (pre 1700)

Plumber Early Notables (pre 1700)

Another 34 words (2 lines of text) are included under the topic Early Plumber Notables in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.

The Great Migration

The Great Migration

Some of the first settlers of this family name were:

Plumber Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century

  • Edwin Plumber, who arrived in Port Phillip aboard the ship “Madawaska” in 1849 [1] CITATION [CLOSE]
    State Records of South Australia. (Retrieved 2010, November 5) “MADAWASKA” 1849. Retrieved from



The motto was originally a war cry or slogan. Mottoes first began to be shown with arms in the 14th and 15th centuries, but were not in general use until the 17th century. Thus the oldest coats of arms generally do not include a motto. Mottoes seldom form part of the grant of arms: Under most heraldic authorities, a motto is an optional component of the coat of arms, and can be added to or changed at will; many families have chosen not to display a motto.

Motto: Consulto et audacter
Motto Translation: With prudence and daring.

Plumber Family Crest Products

Plumber Family Crest Products

Most Popular Family Crest Products

See Also

See Also

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  1. ^ State Records of South Australia. (Retrieved 2010, November 5) “MADAWASKA” 1849. Retrieved from

Other References

  1. Hanks, Patricia and Flavia Hodges. A Dictionary of Surnames. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988. Print. (ISBN 0-19-211592-8).
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  3. Bede, The Venerable. Historia Ecclesiatica Gentis Anglorum (The Ecclesiastical History Of the English People). Available through Internet Medieval Sourcebook the Fordham University Centre for Medieval Studies. Print.
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  10. Burke, Sir Bernard. Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry: Including American Families with British Ancestry. (2 Volumes). London: Burke Publishing, 1939. Print.
  11. .

The Plumber Family Crest was acquired from the archives. The Plumber Family Crest was drawn according to heraldic standards based on published blazons. We generally include the oldest published family crest once associated with each surname.

This page was last modified on 16 February 2016 at 08:20.

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Injuries attorney #injury, #online #dictionary, #english #dictionary, #injury #definition, #define #injury, #definition #of #injury, #injury #pronunciation, #injury #meaning, #injury #origin, #injury #examples



1. destruction, ruin, impairment, mischief. 1–3. Injury, hurt, wound refer to impairments or wrongs. Injury, originally denoting a wrong done or suffered, is hence used for any kind of evil, impairment, or loss, caused or sustained: physical injury; injury to one’s reputation. Hurt suggests especially physical injury, often bodily injury attended with pain: a bad hurt from a fall. A wound is usually a physical hurt caused by cutting, shooting, etc. or an emotional hurt: a serious wound in the shoulder; to inflict a wound by betraying someone’s trust. Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2017.
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Examples from the Web for injury Expand


“Insult to injury ,” her attorney, Steven Turano, said afterward, insisting that his client is innocent.

Even before his injury. the strain had begun to tell on him.

I would have chosen absolutely any other kind of injury or disease but this.

Failing to vindicate a loss or injury is a sign of faulty moral character.

But there has been no mistake,—and there shall be no injury.

In an hour or so, there would be no visible trace of the injury.

If the injury be extensive, the best thing the farmer can do is to slaughter the animal.

Failure in respect to age is considered an injury to the customs of the country.

Folkways William Graham Sumner

The injury that his mind had sustained now assumed an aspect that was serious indeed.

British Dictionary definitions for injury Expand

ESL (English as a Second Language) School – ESL Programs, Classes – amp; Courses – The Boston Language Institute #the #boston #language #institute, #ma, #esl #school, #learning #english #as #a #second #language, #esl, #classes, #courses, #programs, #lesson #plans


ESL (English as a Second Language) School in Boston, MA

Since 1981, The Boston Language Institute has served the most demanding clientele: students and professionals who must make rapid progress in speaking and writing English. For some, their English skills will in large measure determine their quality of life in the United States.

More than 55,000 students and professionals have completed English as a Second Language Course and over 160 foreign languages at New England s most prominent foreign language and English language school. The environment at The Boston Language Institute is at once American and international.

At The Boston Language Institute, expert instructors create a challenging and stimulating, yet relaxed and enjoyable learning environment in small classes of four to twelve students. The result is unusually rapid advancement — students have progressed from complete beginner to solid intermediate in as little time as four weeks. More advanced students of ESL course also thrive in the learning environment of the Institute. Indeed, through such programs as English for Foreign-Born Professionals and the MBA Preparation Program for International Students, The Boston Language Institute has developed a specialty in teaching advanced students, who often have difficulty finding effective programs at their level.

Our Instructors

Instructors at The Boston Language Institute are native speakers of English with years of teaching experience in the United States and abroad. All of our instructors are certified to teach English as a foreign language. Many have been trained in The Boston Language Institute s internationally acclaimed TEFL Certificate Program and most have experience learning a second language themselves. Many of our instructors have masters degrees and a couple have PhD degrees. In class, teachers highlight the differences between written and spoken English, for example, between How did you like them? and Howdja like em? When students learn the natural way English is spoken, their listening comprehension improves dramatically. Our instructors enliven classes and enhance students conversational ability by explaining frequently used slang and colloquial expressions. To read about our teachers, click here.

The Communicative Approach

Drawing on the Institute s TEFL Certificate Program, we employ the most modern methods in the field of language acquisition. Through the Communicative Method, which views each aspect of language learning — grammar, conversation, reading and writing — as a necessary support for the others, students learn new vocabulary and grammar while enhancing their English communication skills in a discussion-based and interactive class. Class themes focus on high-interest topics that present language in context and stimulate conversation.

This differentiates us in important ways from schools that fragment language learning into, for example, a vocabulary hour, a reading hour, and a conversation hour, since we adhere to the modern view that each aspect of language learning is a necessary support for the others.

Writing assignments are often given as homework to further build language competence. Grammar, vocabulary and idioms are taught using textbooks, current articles from newspapers and magazines and materials specially prepared by instructors to reflect student interest. Students make use of the Institute s Multi-Media Lab to supplement class work.

To Begin an ESL Program

Before beginning a program, each student is given a comprehensive oral interview and written placement test. To assure that progress meets student expectations, each student s instruction is continually monitored by the Department of English as a Second Language.

Contact Us


You are invited to our next Open House on
Thursday, June 15, from 5 – 7 p.m.

Location: The Boston Language Institute, Inc.648 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215.

Join our staff and teachers for refreshments
and a helpful discussion of your needs.


TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) – Vancouver Community College #vcc, #vancouver, #college, #education, #study, #learning, #community, #colleges, #vancouver #community #college, #canada, #international, #british #columbia, #vancouver #schools, #international #education, #canada, #arts, #sciences, #programs,courses, #learn #english, #language #schools, #esl #programs, #esl #canada, #english #language #schools,language #schools #canada, #disabilities, #homestay #vancouver, #vancouver #bc, #english #language #training #courses, #esl #programs #in #vancouver, #canada #esl, #vancouver #esl, #academic #upgrading #and #high #school, #apprenticeship #training, #business, #design, #health #sciences #and #human #services, #high #school #plus, #hospitality, #instructor #and #teacher #training,languages #and #writing, #music, #sign #language #studies, #students #with #disabilities, #technology, #transportation #trades, #university #transfer, #first #year #courses, #full-time #programs, #part-time #programs, #continuing #studies, #culinary, #culinary #arts


TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Vancouver Community College’s TESOL Certificate program is an intensive program consisting of a balanced curriculum of both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching English, as well as a supervised teaching practicum. This program is recognized for professional certification (Level 1) by TESL Canada..

Program Status.
Accepting applications

Program one-pager

Part- or Full-time

February, May, October

Fees and Other Costs

Contact Us / Request Info

If you’re ready and know the program you want, apply now.

After you apply, you can check application status to see if all of the requirements have been met or to update contact information. Please use the temporary login ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you used to complete your original online application.

This intensive 6.5-week program has been designed to involve the student in a variety of learning environments and instructional delivery methods. Students participate in lectures, demonstrations, group work, micro-teaching sessions and lesson presentations. There is a supervised practicum.

English requirements for this program indicate the need for demonstrated proficiency in the English language with excellent oral and written communication skills.

This program is recognized for professional certification (Level 1) by TESL Canada.

For additional information, please contact:

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department
School of Access
Vancouver Community College
1155 East Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.
V5T 4V5
Phone: 604.871.7000, ext. 7258


VCC welcomes applications from Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

As Vancouver Community College is a post-secondary institution committed to educating adult learners, applicants should be 18 years of age or older or a graduate of a secondary school.

Please note that you must submit official transcripts and educational documents to support your application; unfortunately, we cannot accept photocopies or fax versions.

Program Specific

Missing prerequisites? VCC offers courses in Adult Upgrading and English as an Additional Language to help you meet your goals.

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • 1st Year University English with a minimum ‘C+’ or equivalent
  • Applicants whose first language is other than English, who are presenting foreign documents, must achieve the following scores on one of the following English language proficiency tests:
    • A minimum score of 88 on the internet based TOEFL with no score lower than 22, or
    • A Band 6.5 or higher on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS – academic stream) with no band score less than 6.0 with a minimum score of 6.5 on the speaking and listening band, or
    • A minimum score of 145/200 on the VCC English Language Assessment Test with minimum scores as follows: Listening: 27/30; Speaking: 27/30; Essay: 17/20; Reading: 50/70. The ELA score must be free of a pronunciation recommendation.

    Recommended Characteristics:

    • Solid academic background with an excellent standard of spoken and written English
    • An awareness of the English language and approaches to teaching
    • An understanding of cross-cultural values and beliefs
    • Experience in working or volunteering with people of other cultures
    • Experience in learning a second language or volunteering in an ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) class
    • Warmth, empathy and a desire to teach and help others learn English
    • Self-disciplined and motivated

    Note: Applicants who present a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution without an English course may be considered for admission by approval from the Department/Program area.

Accredited Online Masters in English Education #online #english #degree, #accredited #online #masters #in #english #education


Accredited Online Masters in English Education: Program Overviews

Essential Information

The program requirements for online master’s degrees in English education are quite similar, if not identical, to on-campus degree plans. While many of these programs are fully online, on-campus seminars are sometimes required. Such English education programs provide students with the skills to teach writing, literature, grammar and reading. Students also explore psychological, social and cultural perspectives of education. Admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree in English or a bachelor’s degree in a different field with some English coursework, depending on the school.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • American Literature
  • British Literature

Online Master’s in English Education

While coursework offerings may be in keeping with on-campus programs, online English education programs do have some differences worth considering. Master’s-level work in this field of study requires considerable amounts of reading, analysis and writing; online students must develop their own schedules and devote hours each week to their academic work without the in-class guidance typical of campus-based classes. That said, today’s technology offers multiple ways for online English education students to discuss teaching issues, literature and writing methods with professors and fellow classmates. Classes can be conducted both synchronously and asynchronously and may involve the use of multimedia and video conferencing applications.

Information and Requirements

In addition to standard coursework, online master’s programs in English education may include faculty-led independent study or educational research, and students may be required to attend campus-based seminars. Students generally complete comprehensive oral and written exams in their final term of study. Some online programs offer the option to complete a thesis or non-thesis track; the former is a usual requirement for admission into a doctoral-level program.

Some schools offering online master’s degrees in this field of study may require students to have earned a minimum number of undergraduate credits in English in order to be prepared for graduate study in the subject. This requirement could be met by completing an English major or minor.

List of Common Courses

Courses in a distance learning master’s program in English education provide in-depth knowledge of written and oral communication, as well as pedagogy techniques. Students might take courses in critical reading, literacy development, writing instruction and computer-assisted learning, as well as the following classes:

Creative Writing

This course features an overview of the basic practices and methods for discussing and analyzing creative writing. Students will also be equipped with the tools to generate their own creative pieces.

Literary Theory Criticism

Students in this course will learn about literary analysis. Course topics include an overview of literary analysis methods and an introduction to the standards of literary appreciation.


This course often prepares students to teach college writing. Students explore the history of composition as well as the impact of new technology on writing.

Employment Information

Graduates with a master’s degree in English education typically are qualified for teaching positions at high schools and community colleges or with community-based adult English education programs. In most cases, a doctoral degree is required for full-time English professorships at the university level.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expected job growth of 6% and 13%, respectively, for secondary and postsecondary teachers between 2014 and 2024. As of May 2015, the BLS reported annual mean wages of $60,440 for secondary teachers and $71,210 for postsecondary English language and literature teachers.

Fully online programs in English education are available at the master’s degree level. These programs prepare students to teach English by emphasizing creative writing, literary theory and composition.

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