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Go auto insurance number

Go auto insurance number

Go auto insurance number

Go auto insurance number

Go auto insurance number

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Go auto insurance number

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Navigating life together

Go auto insurance number

Flexible solutions for real life

Go auto insurance number

Coverage you can count on for your vehicle

Go auto insurance number

Benefits that work for how you work

I am interested in:

I want to find a MetLife:

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Apply for MetLife Rapid Term life insurance for coverage up to $500,000, with no medical exam required, just a few health questions.

Part of our U.S. business has separated from MetLife to become its own company.


The descriptions below may help you identify your dental network. If not, log in to MyBenefits to find a dentist.

  • Supports the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program, a Dental PPO plan
  • Visit any licensed dentist or specialist (however, out of pocket costs are usually lower when you go to a participating dentist)

PDP Plus

  • Offers the greatest selection of participating dentists and specialists for the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program, a Dental PPO plan
  • Visit any licensed dentist or specialist (however, out of pocket costs are usually lower when you go to a participating dentist)
  • Federally Facilitated Marketplace customers, please select this plan if you reside in one of the following states: AZ, FL, GA, IL, MI, MO, NC, NJ, OH, PA, TX, VA, WI. (Note: this listing of states on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace where MetLife has filed to be a participating SHOP dental carrier is subject to change)
  • State based marketplace participants from the NY State of Health and DC Health Link, please select the PDP Plus Network

Dental HMO/Managed Care

  • Available only to employees living in CA, FL, NJ, NY and TX
  • Enrolled members pre-select a primary care dentist for all dental services
  • Federal or State Marketplace customers, please select this network for Dental HMO/Managed Care Plans. Plan names begin with your state abbreviation (Ex: FL Family Basic Plan for Florida)
  • State based marketplace participants from the NY State of Health and DC Health Link, please select the PDP Plus Network

Federal Dental (FEDVIP)

  • Supports the MetLife Federal Dental Plan, a Dental PPO Plan
  • Available only to certain Federal government employees and their dependents
  • Visit any licensed dentist or specialist – however, your out-of-pocket costs are usually lower when you go to a participating dentist

Don’t know your vision plan?

The descriptions below may help you identify your vision network. If not, log in to MyBenefits to find a vision provider.

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Pop Up Banners

We manufacture every Pop Up Banner in the UK to guarantee quality and to ensure they retain their reliability for many years to come. Our Pop Up Banner Stands are designed to be compact and lightweight to make travelling to and from different events absolutely effortless. The joy of the Pop Up Banner Stands is literally in the name as setting up is simply a case of pulling up the banner and linking it with the pole.

For anyone who regularly takes part in any kind of events; from exhibitions, sales presentations, up to important conferences and many more, it is imperative to present yourself in a fully professional yet stylish way. There is nothing better to achieve that than well-designed, eye catching Pop Up Banner Stands.

At Go Displays we take pride in manufacturing Pop Up Banner Stands with the best quality graphics available. To achieve this, we only use the highest quality inks and laminates available when printing onto the Pop Up Banner Stands. For this reason, we include a three year guarantee with all of our Pop Up Banner Stands, so you can rest assured your pop up is designed to be used at multiple events for years to come.

Why use Pop-Up Banner Stands?

Pop-Up Banners provide a very cost effective way of marketing your business and getting your message out there. Here at Go Displays we dispatch your Pop Up Banners within 48 hours from receipt of order and artwork. We design and manufacture all of our Pop Up Banners from start to finish on site and all in-house, meaning we can offer lightning quick services without compromising on the quality of the Pop-Up Banner stand. All printing, laminating and graphic design for your Pop Up Banners is completed at our premises in Peterborough.

All of our Pop Up Banner Stands are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport to your shows and exhibitions, with each of the Pop Up Banner only weighing 5kg making them so quick and easy to assemble. The design size and shape of your Pop Up Banner Stands give you flexibility, making them suitable for literally any industry or business. Pop Up Banner Stands are a true favourite at Go Displays because of their ease of use, taking only one person a matter of seconds to set up the banner stands.

Pop Up Banner are a great way to promote your business in any area, whether that’s on site, in the office, at a trade show or window display. Pop Up Banner Stands allow you to display all of your company information, current offers etc. capturing the attention of your potential customers easily and quickly, making Pop Up Banner Stands the ideal tool for first time exhibitors, and local clubs and events.

Need help designing your Banner?

Here at Go Displays we offer a complete in-house Graphic Design service for the Pop Up Banner Stands that�s available for all of our customers. Whether you�re looking for individual Pop Up Banner Stands or a full scale Display Stand we can help make sure your design promotes your business in the best possible way. We know that designing the artwork for your Pop Up Banner Stands can be the most stressful part of the order process, so our aim is to make this smoother for the customer by working closely with you to create your perfect Pop Up Banner Stands, giving you a display you are proud to use to present your business.

Not sure what kind design you want for your Pop Up Banner Stands? We offer a Graphic Design service for banner stands, which means you can choose from our ready-made templates that have been specifically designed for each Pop Up. We add in your logo, the text of your choice and your images, and it�s as simple as that. This is a great service for anyone working on a tight budget!

If you can�t source your own images for the Pop Up Banner Stands or you�re worried that what you have won�t work on your Pop Up, then Go Displays have a solution! By using our Graphic Design service you have access to our extensive image library, consisting of a variety of images to suit all sectors, all of which are of the highest quality and can be used on any of our Pop Up Banner Stands.


For instant ship items ordered by 11.00 we dispatch the same day. All other items are manufactured to order. View Delivery Information

If you want to get off the singles market, here s where to go dating online #miami #dating

#dating in london


If you want to get off the singles market, here’s where to go dating online

You might already have nixed some of your new year resolutions but if you re committed to finding love in 2012 there s still time to sort yourself out before Valentine s Day. For time-pressed singletons purposefully looking for partners, one of the best ways to find dates is through online dating sites.

As a seasoned online dater, I ve done considerable market research over the years in my quest to find the future Mr CTS. Sadly hasn t been activated yet, so instead I ve examined the other potential suitor-yielding sites to see which ones worked best for me. If you re raring to date, this guide should help you find the perfect partner.

Even if you re new to online dating, you ve probably heard of one of the most popular paid-for sites in the UK. It attracts a broad selection of singletons and it s easy to search and get in touch with other solo surfers.You ll need to pay for membership if you want to do more than wink at random strangers across cyberspace, but this is a good all-rounder.

If you re of a nervous disposition and find the prospect of making contact with attractive strangers intimidating, then you might want to try eHarmony. It s pricey, it offers gentle guidance as you prepare your profile, select suitable matches and send ice-breaker questions before attempting that all-important first email. If you love taking surveys and jumping through virtual hoops, this site may work for you. If you re impatient and like to cut to the chase, the continual box-ticking might just drive you to distraction.

Dating profile-writing is a tricky activity, so modest types might appreciate which requires a trusted mate to provide an affectionately biased account of who you are. Although you can t amend the write-up yourself, there is a handy right to reply section where you can thank the author, verify key facts and challenge any embarrassing revelations. The main boon when perusing Mysinglefriend is that you know your potential date has at least one real-life friend.

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If the prospect of an unimaginative date in a chain pub bores you senseless, then check out This great up-and-coming site is perfect for anyone who wants an activity-led date, be it checking out an exhibition, going cycling or wrestling a picnic off some pigeons in a park. Simply post your desired activity on your profile, rather like a Facebook status update, and your potential suitors contact you if they fancy coming along. Ingenious.

There is a wealth of free dating sites out there for you to sign up to, too, and Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid are two of the most popular ones. They re chock full of singletons, but as they re free for all to use make sure to exercise slightly more caution when selecting prospective dates. Last year I learnt the hard way: a guy I d been speaking to from a similar site turned out to be a fabricated identity which used stolen pictures, created by someone else to groom me. Luckily I found out before we met in person.

There are plenty of other sites for those with more specific requirements from their potential partners. I can t speak from experience on these, but the options range from religiously themed websites to sites for those with learning difficulties to sites for herpes sufferers, to name but a few.

So whatever it is you re looking for in a potential partner, the web can help you. Just make sure that you exercise sensible precautions when meeting strangers in real life. But you re all grown ups and know all that already, don t you? Good.

Wedding Rings, which hand does the wedding ring go on.#Which #hand #does #the #wedding #ring #go #on


Wedding rings? Think again!

What is the real meaning of a wedding ring? There are countless ideas of the origin and significance of the wedding ring, and this page introduces a few.

But please don’t take anything on this page too seriously, except this paragraph of course. Whatever caused rings to evolve into such a central part of wedding ceremonies in most cultures, is not important. What is important, is your reason for wearing a wedding ring.

“A wedding ring is like a tourniquet worn on one’s finger to stop circulation” Anon

Which hand does the wedding ring go on

Since ancient times, marriages have been symbolised by the wearing of a ring. Usually worn by the wife, they were given as a token of possession. Being ringed (rung?) into wedlock, she was no longer available to circulate amongst other men.

You’ve heard the term ‘husbandry’, a task performed by a farmer, in particular when raising livestock. Is this the origin of the term ‘husband’? Ever wondered whether ‘groom’ and ‘bride’ come from the idea of a horseman (groom) taking control of his animal property by using a bridle? Does the ring symbolise a bondage manacle?

Which hand does the wedding ring go on

Nose-ring: Useful for controlling movement of livestock

‘Wedlock’ is from the ancient word wedlac; formed from wed, which meant a pledge or security, and lac was suffixed to enable use as a verb. So wedlac was the act of making a pledge or vow. By the 13 th century, the suffix lac disappeared from English usage, the pronunciation of wedlac evolved into wedlock, and the handcuff jokes flourished.

‘Husband’ most likely stems from the medieval Scandinavian locution hus meaning ‘house’, and bondi meaning ‘dweller’. In 14 th century England, most house dwellers were peasant farmers, and married, so the term ‘husband’ was a general word used for both. (And now you know some Viking language.)

‘Groom’ comes from the Old English guma, which means ‘man’. Guma changed to gome, then goom, and finally groom. Bridegroom therefore means ‘man of the bride’.

‘Bride’ is from the Old English bryd and related to Old Norse bruthr and Old High German brut. It could be from the times when the main job of a young wife or daughter-in-law was to make the broth for the household.

‘Bridal’ (adj.) began as the noun phrase ‘bride ale’, which was drunk by the bucketful at wedding celebrations. Today we are more civilised, aren’t we.

So. None of these words are anything to do with grooming horses or raising cattle. In any case, a removable ring wouldn’t be as suitable as a more permanent mark, such a brand or a tattooed bar-code on the forehead.

“Of course I’ll ring you. What’s your phone number?”

So what about the ring?

It’s true that a wedding ring is a token of possession, but rather than symbolising a man possessing a woman, it is the woman’s possession of something valuable given by the man. Hence the current practice of using a precious metal, such as gold, platinum or titanium.

Which hand does the wedding ring go on

And it’s quite often a ring rather than any other token because a ring is nicely round and smooth, and that has a profoundly natural appeal.

Typhoons, convection currents, the arc of a rainbow. circles appear over and over again in nature. Roundness is a very natural shape and appears much more frequently than straight lines.

Which hand does the wedding ring go on

Perhaps because of this, we find roundness has aesthetic appeal just for being round.

“Glory is like a circle in the water,

Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself

Till by broad spreading it disperse to naught.” br>(William Shakespeare)

Ring symbolism

The unbroken circle is an age-old symbol of eternity. It’s easy to see why such an ancient symbol should be incorporated into a wedding ceremony, when ‘everlasting love’ is the hope of the couple, their families and friends. Nice idea, but sadly, a ring is not an elixir of everlasting love; rather it’s a vestige of ancient magic.

Which hand does the wedding ring go on

Which hand does the wedding ring go on

“The soul is a circle” (Plato)

A ring is a circle (as you’ve noticed) and a circle has very strong magical connotations. The circle is endless and timeless suggesting a repetitive unbroken wholeness in time and space. It even suggests reincarnation to some people.

“The soul is a circle”, said Plato. (Ponder that if you wish, but bear in mind that any quotation sounds more profound if it’s ascribed to a dead philosopher.) “Everything tries to be round” said Black Elk (1863-1950), an Oglala Sioux holy man.

A circle is the strongest and most ‘natural’ shape. Eggs and most fruit are round (especially when dissected in the middle). A bird builds its nest in a circle. Fairy rings. Crop circles. Sharks and vultures circle their dinner. The earth is round, rotates, and orbits. Small wonder that we get dizzy sometimes.

Our lives move in repeated and interwoven circles. We leave home, go to work, return home. Work until we are tired, sleep until we are refreshed, work, sleep, work. We are born of dust, live, and return to dust. Our blood circulates in our bodies.

Each of us operates on a circadian rhythm of about 24 hours; our ‘biological clock’ which some people call biorhythms. With the orbiting of the earth and moon, our day moves in a circle, as do our months. Because of this, astrology had a huge influence on the way our ancestors perceived the world and the meaning of life. (See also Rokuyo and Days, Months and Seasons)

Which hand does the wedding ring go on

talk of circles, triangles,

The figure I prize

is a girl with bright eyes,

that’s formed by her arms.”

Stonehenge is a 5,000-year-old circle of huge stones in southern England, which may have been a pagan temple, built on top of a cemetery. An equally old stone circle in Scotland was, until recently, used in nuptials. (See World’s Biggest Wedding Ring.)

Circle studies have been around for years.

  • In Greek mythology, Hesiod (c. 700 BC) wrote about Prometheus, son of a Titan, and brother to Atlas and Epimetheus. Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to humans to play with.

Zeus was flaming mad about this and chained Prometheus to a rock as punishment. Not much of a punishment, you might think, but there’s an added twist: An eagle, or some other great bird, descended on Prometheus and ate his liver. The liver regenerated itself overnight, only to be eaten again by the eagle the following day. The eagle must have become quite plump because this went on for thirty thousand years.

And if that wasn’t enough punishment, Zeus also sent Pandora to Prometheus’ brother, Epimetheus. She brought him a jar, which Epimetheus assumed was a wedding gift, but on opening it, saw it contained “evils, harsh pain and troublesome diseases which give men death”. She snapped the lid shut but not quickly enough. All the evils had escaped and were free to inflict themselves on mankind. She only managed to retain one element, the one real gift, the gift of hope.

Eventually Hercules released Prometheus from the rock but as a reminder of his crime, he was forced to wear a link of the chain on his finger with a bit of the rock attached.

Legends, as we know, often evolve into superstitious customs. For example, the Romans forced worn-out slaves to wear an iron finger-ring as a reminder that although they were released from work, they were never completely free from bondage. Even today, some parolees and house-arrestees are forced to wear electronic ankle bracelets. They might not like it but accept the ankle monitor is better than having their livers eaten by an eagle.

The Romans were also the first to use the ring to mark a betrothal, which was considered more significant than the actual commencement of the marriage. The practice was yet another legacy of an earlier pagan superstition, where a man tied cords around the waist, wrists and ankles of the girl he wanted to marry, to make sure that her love did not drift to any other suitor.

Precious stones in rings are not only connected with the legend of Prometheus. As we see in days, months and seasons, the Romans named days of the week after planet deities. Those who could afford it wore a different ring each day, mounted with a stone favoured by the day’s deity.

Pythagorean philosopher Apollonius (1 st century) recommended the following stones:

Dating After 50: Why You Should Go Offline #date #girls



Dating After 50: Why You Should Go Offline

Navigating the online dating world can be intimidating – and for newly single women over 50, it presents its own set of challenges. Sites like eHarmony and Match are brimming with photos of 20-somethings and old profile pictures taken 15 years ago. Because men tend to gravitate towards younger women on the Internet, it’s both daunting and difficult for a mature woman to get back in the game.

The good news is, modern day dating spans far beyond your computer screen. In fact, according to Kim Samuels ( ), senior dating expert and author of He’s Just NOT. unplugging might be the best way to get back out there.

Here, Samuels shares her expert advice (and personal experience) for expanding your horizons and dating again with confidence.

Get up and get out

Online dating is appealing and “easy” because you can hide behind your laptop. However, we come across better in person, so it’s important to leave the house and meet people face-to-face. Embrace your single status and use it as a springboard to discover yourself; join the YMCA, signup for a class at the community college, or take your grandkids to museums. These are all fun and enriching activities that will get you out and away from the computer desk.

But if you are going to use the Internet, Samuels suggests logging onto Meetup or Eventful – sources that keep you in-the-know about upcoming (and mostly free) events in your area. Says Samuels, “Meeting people who share your interests in a group setting is much less stressful than one-on-one setups.” If you’re having good time, meeting someone new whom you’re compatible with will happen naturally.

Age is just a number – and that applies to both you and men of interest. Don’t pigeonhole yourself and only date within your age group. You can absolutely seek out an older partner or a younger guy in his 40s. Being open-minded allows you to meet that many more interesting people.

Start more conversations

Get your self-confidence back and practice striking up convos with more people, even when you’re at Starbucks or the bus stop. Talk about your kids or crack a joke about a tabloid headline – that way, when a certain person does catch your eye, you’ll have the nerve to speak up. “Don’t think that you always have to be coming on to someone,” says Samuels, who’s been asked out by suitors she’s chatted up at the phone store and supermarket. “Instead, say hello to as many people as you can and make it a game to just have fun.”

Pack your bags and treat yourself to a vacation – it’s just the ticket for celebrating this new stage in your life. Samuels, who has flown solo to Mexico and Jamaica, suggests choosing an all-inclusive resort – on-premise restaurants and nightly shows make it a safe and convenient option. Plus, you never know who you’ll meet at the swim-up bar.

Be confident and don’t give up

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Online Dating Business Files to Go Public – The New York Times #free #date

#online dating business


Online Dating Business Files to Go Public

AC’s Match Group is the home of Tinder, and OkCupid. Credit Richard Perry/The New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — While the market for initial public offerings has been unfriendly in recent weeks, IAC/InterActiveCorp is betting that investors will still flock to buy a piece of a top online dating company.

IAC’s Match Group, the home of Tinder, and OkCupid, filed to go public on Friday. setting the stage for the company to gain at least some distance from its corporate parent.

IAC said in June that it would split off Match, with the Internet conglomerate’s founder, Barry Diller, saying that it was “healthy to give them separation and independence from a mother church.”

Match has shown steady growth over the past three years. Its net earnings for last year rose 64 percent from 2012, to $148.4 million. Its revenue for the same period rose almost 25 percent, to $888.3 million.

As of Sept. 30, the company had about 59 million monthly active users and roughly 4.7 million paid members.

Unusually, Match isn’t entirely devoted to facilitating dates: It also owns the Princeton Review, the test-preparation service.

IAC will still hold a majority stake in the dating business, rendering it a “controlled company” by regulatory standards.

Other elements of the stock offering, including how many shares Match will sell and at what price, were not disclosed.

Match is set to be listed on the Nasdaq stock market, trading under the ticker symbol MTCH.

Its offering will be led by JPMorgan Chase, Allen Company and Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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MagicJack GO VoIP Adapter with 12 Months of Service K1103 – Best Buy #magicjack,go #voip #adapter #with #12 #months #of #service,k1103,voip #adapters,computer #accessories


MagicJack – GO VoIP Adapter with 12 Months of Service

Home phone for $3 a month+free mobile calling app Posted by: modalsystem from: on I have been using magicjack for 5 years and have used all 4 versions of the device.You need a high speed internet connection to use this device.The magicjack GO includes 1 year of phone service.After that it is $35 a year($3 a month).It also includes use of the magicjack app on your android or apple phone or tablet,as well as on an ipod touch or kindle fire hd.I use the magicjack app on my android phone and tablet and get free phone service wherever I have a WiFi connection. The magicjack app is ideal for mobile phone plans where you have limited talk minutes.It is also ideal for when you can’t get a cellular signal but can get WiFi.If you get WiFi almost anywhere like I do, you can also use the app on a mobile phone with no phone plan at all and use it as a free WiFi phone.If traveling out of the country,you can call back to the U.S. or Canada for free with the app or device.Magicjack to magicjack calls are free worldwide. Unlike other free calling apps,the magicjack app allows you to connect with almost any landline or mobile phone in the U.S. or Canada for free,not just other people with the same app. I have the app set to use my home number so when someone calls my home number it also rings on my mobile phone and tablet as long as they are connected to WiFi. Many tablet/ipod touch owners are unaware they can use their device as a free WiFi phone.It works like a speaker phone and if you want a private conversation,just plug in earbuds/headphones as the mic will still pick up your voice.No special headset needed.I actually prefer to have longer conversations on my tablet with lightweight headphones for comfort as well as the microphone and speakers having better sound quality than a cellphone or cordless home phone. I use prepaid minutes on a tracfone android mobile phone for rare occasions when I am away from home and don’t have access to a WiFi connection.My total phone bill for all phone services comes out to about $10 a month(magicjack and magicjack app for $3 a month and tracfone with minimal minutes for $7 a month).The more I use the magicjack app over WiFi,the more tracfone minutes I build up as any unused tracfone minutes carry over when I add a $20 tracfone card every 3 months.Very happy with magicjack and tracfone service as both have worked well for me for several years.

112 out of 114 found this review helpful.

Working well – can’t beat the price Posted by: PaulGr from: on In an effort to get around the bundled Internet/tv/phone price racket, I decided to have my phone number ported to the MagicJack. Now if I get some fantastic offer to come back to Fios, I’ll just get Internet and basic tv only (I have Netflix and a Roku which provides all the tv anyone could want). MagicJack cost $40, which covers the unit and the entire first year or service. Thereafter it’s something like $36/yr. Porting your phone number, if you want to keep your number, was around $20 one-time cost. Alternatively, you can just get a new phone number for free, one that telemarketers aren’t aware of, and not have to put up with them. The quality has been fine. The unit can either be used with your computer, or cabled to your router, as I did. I have a winter home in Florida, so that tiny piece of hardware will come with me, allowing me to have my long-time phone number down there also. So far, no problem with quality, dropped calls, etc.

35 out of 35 found this review helpful.

Fantastic product service- home or on the go Posted by: MobileConsultant from: on I was paying AT T U-verse or $45 per MONTH for a voip phone service. I dumped ATT for Magic Jack Go and kept my home number. for the same price per YEAR. Also, I set up Magic Jack so that all my voicemails are automatically forwarded to both my wife’s and my email accounts, so we both get voicemails via audio files with email – no more complaints that my wife doesn’t get voicemails. (To be clear, Magic Jack forwards to my Hotmail account, and then with a rule in my Hotmail account, it automatically forwards to my wife’s email.#. Finally, the Magic Jack app is the KICKER. I can make and receive home phone calls on my iPad anywhere around the world #or iphone Android). It was great for when we were travelling in Europe making calls back to the US, or for cheap local calls in Europe – no need for expensive cell roaming. Also great for answering the phone when I have the iPad already in front of me at home. Excellent sound quality. I frequently work from home and use Magic Jack on average for two hours a day. No dropped calls, good call quality. Finally, for advanced networking people, I also configured my home router to prioritize Magic Jack traffic on my home network – I don’t think it is needed but was fun to do.

29 out of 29 found this review helpful.

Great item Posted by: Jmel316 from: New Hampton NY on After purchasing the magic jack I don’t understand why folks still pay full rate for phone service.

31 out of 31 found this review helpful.

The Magic Jack Posted by: Mike from: Texas on I’ve had this for a little while now and I have to say so far, I love it. I got rid of my CRAZY expensive monthly phone bill. This came with one year of free service. When I registered this on line to keep my original phone number that I have had for years, I paid $118 to transfer my number and an addiition 5 years. So now I don’t have to worry about a another phone bill for 6, that’s right, 6 years. Phone quality is great, honestly you can’t tell the difference. Great investment and MAJOR money savings. Plus the bonus is when my home phone rings, it also rings on my iPhone and Apple Watch no matter where I’m at. I always saw this on TV and thought it was cheesy, boy was I wrong. I wish I had got this years ago and saved all the Money I was throwing away on phone bills. Converting my parents next.

25 out of 25 found this review helpful.

Nice for the money. be careful when porting # Posted by: InSC from: on I bought the MagicJack Go planning to replace my phone service with my existing carrier. Tested it out and the call quality seemed very good, with nice features for the money. I wanted to retain my home phone number, so after the MagicJack tested successfully, I ported my home number to the MagicJack. I did not intend to cancel my carrier’s internet and TV coverage. Surprise! This morning my carrier cancelled my complete account with no advanced warning. No internet, no TV. When I contacted my carrier (Frontier) I was told they automatically discontinue the whole package when the number is ported. One would think that if they had any level of customer service they would contact you before cancelling the contract. Fortunately, thanks to the bundled MagicJack app and voicemail, I’m still able to get calls on my cell, even without my internet service.

25 out of 25 found this review helpful.

Excellent Replacement for Landline Phone Fax Posted by: KuduMan from: on MagicJack has proven to be an excellent replacement for my land line phone/fax. Before purchase I was skeptical about voice quality and fax compatibility, but no more. MagicJack has proven itself to have perfectly clear and unbroken voice transmission. Fax transit/receive has also been working great. I use my Epson multi-function printer/scanner/fax, and it does require occasional adjustment of settings depending on the recipient’s fax machine settings; not a flaw of MagicJack, but rather idiosyncracies of fax machines. Another benefit was getting caller ID, and simultaneous incoming call ringing on my home phone and cell phone. I highly recommend MagicJack.

24 out of 24 found this review helpful.

It works! Posted by: MovieSnacker from: Boston on In use for a month now with no issues after initially being a bit of a pain to set up. Call quality is good. Only $35/year for service including caller ID, call forwarding, and an app if you want calls sent to your mobile. Be aware: Magic Jack charges $10 to port your existing # and takes about 5 days to complete. Your router has to always be powered on. Included ethernet cable is very cheap.

21 out of 22 found this review helpful.

plug and go Posted by: Greg from: on I am really pleased with the performance and ease of use. I was able to select a phone number in my area code and my fax machine works fine with it. I now have a landline phone for a full year for about what my cable company wanted to charge for 2 months. Make sure you have decent bandwidth on your internet connection

9 out of 9 found this review helpful.

Great Bang For The Buck Using Cable Internet Posted by: bearinparadise from: on I thought that telephone service over the internet would not equal what I had from A.T.T. telephone services for most of my life. I was completely surprised when I received as good of quality service with MagicJack GO K1103 VoIP adapter at a much lower cost of about $3.00 per month versus the A.T.T. $30.00 basic service a month and local calls only. I also canceled my second voice over IP Telephone Service with Comcast at $30.00 per month for local and long distance U.S. only. I now have local, long distance and Canada for $3.00 per month and I can also take the on vacation or business and use it anywhere there is a WiFi Network available through my laptop or Tablet Computer. If you have a family member, friend or favorite charity it would make a great gift or donation to lower their phone bills as long as they have a Computer or Tablet and WiFi or Cable Modem Internet Service!

7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

How to Go from Dating to Being Friends Again: 5 Steps #russian #ladies

#dating friends


How to Go from Dating to Being Friends Again

How to Ask a Friend on a Date

How to Deal With Being Dumped when You Want to Remain Friends

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Dating a Divorced Man – Should You Go Out with Divorced Men #together #dating

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11 Reasons You Should Consider Dating a Divorced Man

Many daters associate divorced people with excess baggage. While there can be some red flags (like if his relationship ended because he was unfaithful ), people who’ve been through a divorce tend to have a deeper, more realistic perspective on marriage than those haven’t. We asked experts and women who’ve dated (and even married!) divorc s to explain the many upsides to seeing a formerly married man.

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1. He’s aware of his past mistakes and shortcomings. As a marriage unravels, “wives are pretty verbal about what they perceive their husbands did wrong,” whether it be too much time at the office or being an awful communicator, says marriage and family therapist Rachel Sussman. That’s why, Iris, 62, who met her previously married husband on JDate, sees “being divorced as a strength if the man has learned about himself and is able to embrace change,” she says.

2. He can communicate and cooperate. Joining lives can go more smoothly with someone who’s done so with someone else. “Divorced men have experience sharing finances, a home and schedules. These can be great perks,” says licensed psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina. PhD. They’re also more “willing to share their feelings and tackle the tough topics,” says relationship expert Lori Bizzoco, founder of These are all so crucial to a successful union.

3. He’s not afraid of commitment. Talking about the future doesn’t prompt most divorced guys to run for the hills the way it might lifelong older bachelors. “Men who are divorced enjoy companionship that they were familiar with having been married before,” says LaPronda, 43, who’s dated both never-married and divorced men. “They don’t shy away from a conversation about relationships, marriage, love and intimacy.” Adds Bizzoco, “Even though his previous marriage didn’t work out, dating shows he’s willing to open himself up to love and that he’s interested in something serious again.”

4. He’s determined to create a strong relationship. Men naturally want to “fix” things and problem solve, life coach and dating expert Brooke Lewis points out, which can translate into a post-divorce desire for a successful new relationship. “Many men have openly shared with me that they’d love to ‘make a marriage right this time.'” Andrea, 47, who met her husband on, experienced this phenomenon first-hand. “Our previous marriages and subsequent divorces taught us what’s important to fight for and how not to sweat the small stuff,” she says.

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5. He’s honest about his wants and needs. “Many marriages fail because men didn’t realize that they wanted a woman with certain traits the first time around,” says relationship expert April Masini,author of Date Out of Your League. “Now they do, and you benefit from a man who’s clear on this.”Divorc s’ straightforwardness can save you a lot of dating guesswork, adds clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, PhD .”They may be more upfront about their limitations and strengths resulting in less game-playing and time wasted in relationships that won’t work.”

6. He’s sexually experienced. Consummating a marriage gives divorced guys a leg up on pure bachelors in the bedroom. “If nothing else, they may have learned appropriate bedroom chivalry: Ladies first,” says professional matchmaker and dating coach Karla Moore. These men “tend to be more patient, less self-centered and more inspired to please a woman.” Dating expert Scott Carroll. MD, who’s a formerly divorced, now married man, agrees. With any luck, “his ex taught him about the female body, what it takes to get a woman interested and how to give her an orgasm,” he says.

7. He has reasonable expectations for marriage. If he imagined post-wedding life to be perfect before he was divorced, he knows better now. Divorced men are no longer living in fantasy land,”Dr.Tessina says, noting that she andher husband had both gone through splits when they married 32 years ago. “They have a more realistic picture of what it takes to have a successful relationship.”This makes for a more grounded union, Dr. Carroll explains. “When you get married a second time, your expectations are a lot lower.” But that’s a good thing because he’s less likely to be disappointed.

8. He’s more sensitive to your needs. Divorced men have the gifts of hindsight and feedback, which make them more attentive partners in their next relationships, Sussman says. Lewis addsthat she has actually seen this in her own dating experiences. “I have dated divorced men who’ve admitted they wish they had been more romantic, listened more, brought their wives flowers more often or had been more complimentary to their women,” she says. “Well, ladies, guess who benefits from those lessons? We do!”

9. He’s “house-broken.” Already having been married, divorced men come “trained,” as Lewis puts it.”They seem to naturally offer to do things that a lot of never-been-married don’t think to do for another person,” taking her car for an oil change to bringing her breakfast in bed. Dr. Carroll adds, in addition to being less attentive, men who have never been married typically need time to learn basic things like putting the seat down to letting their partners cry it out without trying to fix the issue.

10. If he has kids, he’s more accepting of yours or your childless status. On the one hand, Masini notes that these men won’t amplify your ticking biological clock. “Divorced men may be done having kids after one marriage,” so if you don’t want any, he won’t push the issue unlike some single, childless men, she says. On the other hand, Lewis says that divorced men tend to be more open to moms. “Men with kids understand your schedule, lifestyle, priorities and responsibilities because they have a similar life experience,” she says.

11. He’s likely financially independent and stable. In most cases, Dr. Carroll says, divorced men are more established professionally and may make more money than single guys who’ve never been married. At the very least, Moore says, divorc s are more money-savvy than pure bachelors. Odds are, “the divorced man has completed his education and is more settled in his career,” since he had already hit the married life stage.

Why Online Dating is Struggling to Go Global – The Daily Beast #executive #dating

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Why Online Dating Is Struggling to Go Global

“I was in love—and leaving in four days.” Leemore, a native New Yorker, was in Paris, of course.

“I met Nicolas at a party in Montmartre,” she tells me. “On our first date, we went to the theater, where he held my hand the whole time. He then took me to dinner, where we kissed in the terrasse as the waiter literally sang to us.”

Such is Paris, where men, Leemore says, take a spontaneous approach to romance—her date with Nicolas was typical of her time there. American men, she said, “simply aren’t romantic.”

That might be true. But French spontaneity is bad news for proprietors of online dating, especially American and British online-dating companies that have struggled to appeal to international consumers. Cupid PLC, the U.K.’s No. 1 dating agency and the owner of burned a lot of money when it tried to expand its BeNaughty website with in France and in Germany. sold its entire European business to the French site [Editor’s note: and Newsweek and The Daily Beast are owned by IAC.]

These companies were sometimes felled by practical idiosyncrasies. For example, Henning Wiechers, from Leading Dating Sites. said many American online dating companies initially offered credit cards as the sole payment method in Europe, not knowing that only 25 percent of Germans own them.

Local attitudes towards online dating can also be difficult to parse. The French don’t really “do” online dating, a Parisian woman told me—that is, aside from “which is kind of for one-night stands,” she says. “It’s not OK to use that website.”

Australians take a more relaxed approach to dating. “In Australia, you can never really be sure if you are on a date or you are just hanging out as friends,” says Katrina, an Australian who spent a year in Texas. “In America, you know you are going on a romantic date, because you are asked to do so in this surprisingly formal way.” Another Australian, Andrew, told me that he found it hard to meet new people because of the lack of a formal dating culture. He tried online dating, but he says that it is a taboo for young Australians. “People are really ashamed to try it,” he says. “They won’t admit to it.”

Taiwan offers a more conservative scene. Potential partners are mainly set up through friends, and romance must be found within one’s social circle. “The whole culture of going to bars and flirting with strangers is considered kind of weird,” explains Kevin, who is from Taiwan.

“Without a strong understanding of Chinese users’ behavior, which is influenced by Chinese culture, tradition, and economic development, a foreign competitor would really struggle to get it right,” warns Shang Koo, the chief financial officer of China’s largest online-dating platform.

According to David Evans, an industry consultant and the editor of Online Dating Insider. cyberromance will rapidly develop across Asia and throughout the rest of the world in the next few years, due to increasing Internet access. Mark Brooks, another industry consultant and the editor of Online Personals Watch. predicts that the Chinese online-dating industry alone will generate $350 million in revenue in 2014 and forecasts growth in such developing markets as Russia and Latin America.

That’s why stories of idiosyncrasies and romantic aspirations of the local consumer do not just interest anthropology students. To maximize chances of success, online dating companies have to tailor their websites to specific customs, and uncovering those quirks can require arduous research. Gian Gonzaga, chief scientist for eHarmony, sent out thousands of questionnaires in countries including Brazil, Australia, and the U.S.

“We found Brazilian couples value passion the most,” Gonzaga says. “The importance of similar levels of spirituality is highest in the States.” EHarmony then adjusted its websites’ algorithms to reflect Gonzaga’s findings.

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Paul Hollander, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, attributes the popularity of online dating in America to its unique national character. “Americans are a somewhat unusual combination of the romantic and practical. They are great believers [that] if they use the proper methods—in dating or getting rich—they will succeed.”

Sometimes an online-dating company is surprised to find that its product appeals to a demographic it did not originally intend to target. David Evans explained that StepOut originally launched in New York—until it noticed that traffic from India kept rising. Now it has 4 million users there. Indians are accustomed to arranged marriages, and StepOut focused on “friendship,” a term young Indians are comfortable with.

The online-dating industry is continuing to expand its borders, and the science of online matchmaking is advancing in tandem. Helen Fisher, an anthropology professor at Rutgers University and the chief scientist for is researching how traits linked with the activities of testosterone, dopamine, estrogen, and serotonin influence attraction—with the goal of facilitating matches between people with similar or complementary brain chemistry.

Fortunately for, Ficher’s research will be applicable across the globe. “When looking at love across different cultures, our basic biology doesn’t change,” Fisher said. Finally, a romantic thought for Valentine’s Day. Dating behavior may differ internationally, but we are all chemically identical in love.