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Industrial Hygienist Degree Program Overviews #industrial #hygienist #degree #online, #industrial #hygienist #degree


Industrial Hygienist Degree Program Overviews

Essential Information

Degrees for aspiring industrial hygienists are offered at the bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. levels. These programs address occupational and biological hazards, pollutants, toxicology and health regulations.

To become an industrial hygienist, you will need to take bachelor’s level courses in chemistry, biology and physics. To become certified, you may need to obtain a master’s degree. Doctoral studies prepare graduates to pursue research or academic careers. It generally takes two years to complete a master’s program; a doctoral program could take 2-3 times as long to complete. Program specializations include workplace safety and risk management.

Prerequisites for a bachelor’s degree program include a high school diploma or GED, where an undergraduate degree is required for admission to graduate level programs.

Courses and programs in industrial hygiene are available online.

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Hygiene

Bachelor’s degree programs for prospective industrial hygienists include training in an array of disciplines. Industrial hygiene students must become fluent in the physical and biological sciences, in addition to learning about public health and environmental regulations and laws. They prepare for entry-level employment in the field by learning to test work environments for problems such as air pollution, physical dangers and chemical hazards. Applicants to industrial hygienist bachelor’s degree programs should have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Many programs also require submission of ACT or SAT scores.

Students in industrial hygienist bachelor’s degree programs study chemistry, biology and public health law. These topics are then integrated into the study of workplace safety through courses such as the following:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Airborne pollutants
  • Sampling and analysis techniques
  • Industrial toxicology
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Evaluating physical hazards

Master’s Degree in Industrial Hygiene

Master’s degree programs in industrial hygiene are often intended for health and safety professionals seeking career development and advancement; however, some programs are open to those with little experience in the field. Students are trained to evaluate workplaces for various hazards and legal violations. Most programs include courses that specifically prepare students for industrial hygienist certification exams.

Industrial hygienist schools offering master’s degree programs require applicants to possess a bachelor’s degree. College-level coursework in chemistry, organic chemistry, biology and physics is typically required. Some programs require documentation of work experience in industrial hygiene or a related field. Most programs require the submission of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

Students in industrial hygiene master’s degree programs learn to analyze and manage a variety of hazards affecting workplaces, in addition to examining ways to reduce risks. Common courses include the following:

  • Occupational health regulations
  • Fundamentals of toxicology
  • Radiological health
  • Air pollutant analysis
  • Epidemiological methods
  • Risk assessment and management

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Community Health and Preventive Medicine
  • Environmental Health
  • Health Physics
  • Health Services Administration
  • International Health
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Medical Scientist
  • Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene
  • Public Health Education
  • Public Health Medicine, Treatment

Ph.D. in Industrial Hygiene

Ph.D. programs in industrial hygiene primarily prepare individuals for careers in research and education. Students spend extensive time researching with the intention of contributing to the field of workplace safety. Many programs encourage specialization in areas such as ergonomics, environmental law or epidemiology. Industrial hygienist Ph.D. programs require applicants to possess at least a bachelor’s degree, with most requiring extensive prior coursework in science, mathematics and other related fields.

Students without a master’s degree in industrial hygiene may be required to take master’s-level coursework before beginning their doctoral studies. Coursework at the Ph.D. level might include the following:

  • Exposure assessment
  • Airborne particles
  • Biological hazards
  • Principles of toxicology
  • Research methods in industrial hygiene
  • Environmental law

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

Industrial hygienists, along with other occupational health and safety technicians, held approximately 15,100 jobs in 2014, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov ). This included individuals employed by the government, public hospitals, private companies and independent contractors. Employment opportunities in the field are projected to grow 9% between 2014 and 2024. This growth is expected as a result of overall growth in business, changing regulations, and an increased demand for safe workplaces. Industrial hygienists and other occupational health and safety technicians had median annual wages of $48,070 in 2015.

Certification Information

Most employers require a bachelor’s or master’s degree for work as an industrial hygienist. Certification is often preferred, though infrequently required. The leading certification organization is the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH), which offers certification as both a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist (CAIH). While both certifications require experience, formal training and successful completion of an examination, the CAIH requirements are less stringent and mandate less of a background in science.

Bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in industrial hygiene are available for individuals interested in the field. While bachelor’s programs prepare students for entry-level positions, master’s programs are intended for professionals in the field who are seeking career development and advancement. Doctoral programs prepare graduates for careers in research and education.

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Industrial hygienists play an important role in occupational health and wellness, typically having earned a bachelor’s degree.

Find out how to become a certified industrial hygienist. Research the education and training requirements and learn about the.

An industrial systems career involves considering production costs, examining machinery and looking at product requirements.

Looking for industrial production career and education related information? Get a list of colleges offering programs in.

  • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
  • MS in Nursing: Public Health
  • MBA: Health Systems Management
  • MS in Health Care Administration
  • Master of Public Administration – Health Care Management
  • BS in Health Care Administration
  • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science
  • View more
    • Master of Public Health
    • Master of Business Administration – Health Care Administration
    • B.S. Healthcare Administration
    • B.S. General Studies – Life Sciences
    • A.S. General Studies – Life Sciences

  • Call Center Construction Projects – General Contractor Bob Moore Construction Company #call #centers, #call #center #design, #data #centers, #warehouses, #distribution #centers, #industrial #buildings, #retail #stores, #flex #tech #buildings, #office #buildings, #manufacturing #facilities, #commercial #building, #commercial #general #contractor, #construction #manager, #design #build #contractor, #property #developer, #construction #company


    Call Center Construction Project Showcase

    Call Center: A facility or part of a facility with substantial telephone or fiber optic cabling infrastructure, where employees provide technical support or respond to account or sales enquiries in high volumes by phone.

    Bob Moore Construction has served as general contractor in the construction of several call centers and multi-use buildings with call center operations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and in Houston and San Antonio, Texas. Our project managers are experienced with the intricacies of call center design and can manage the construction project with a clear understanding of the specific needs for this type of commercial building. One recent multi-use building construction project was the Coaster Company of America, which housed distribution center, call center, office and retail operations.

    If you are interested in building a call center or would like more information, Please contact Kyle Whitesell or Larry Knox at (817) 640-1200. Or if you prefer, contact us online with our contact form.

    Below is a list of call center projects where Bob Moore Construction served as design / build contractor, construction manager or general contractor.

    Coaster Company of America Distribution Center
    Fort Worth, Texas
    405,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: Seefried Properties
    Architect: Realacorp America

    FT Mortgage Companies Office Building
    Irving, Texas
    300,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: Koll Development Company
    Architect: PGAL, Inc.

    Mouser Electronics Office / Warehouse
    Mansfield, Texas
    231,800 SF + 192,415 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: Mouser Electronics
    Architect: FRS Design Group

    UPS Parcel / Freight Center
    Fort Worth, Texas
    175,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: United Parcel Service
    Architect: Halff & Associates

    Cigna Call Center / Office Building
    Denison, Texas
    140,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: CMC – Commercial Realty Group
    Architect: Hardy McCullah / MLM Architects

    Medtronics Call Center Parking Garage
    San Antonio, Texas
    117,936 SF
    Role: Design / Build Contractor
    Owner / Developer: Medtronics
    Architect: Alliance Architects, Inc.

    UPS Parcel / Freight Center
    Fort Worth, Texas
    175,000 SF
    Role: General Contractor
    Owner / Developer: United Parcel Service
    Architect: Halff & Associates

    KCI R ?>

    Physical Therapy – Sports Rehabilitation Centers in Atlanta GA #atlanta #physical #therapy, #atlanta #physical #therapist, #atlanta #athletic #training, #atlanta #sports #medicine, #atlanta #rehabilitation, #atlanta #sports #performance, #industrial #rehabilitation, #sports #specific #training, #vestibular #rehabilitation, #georgia, #decatur, #duluth, #dunwoody, #lawrenceville, #snellville #


    What Our Patients Say

    . “I observed that you have each patient your effort as you focused on their particular ailments. As a patient who had some unusual post-op recovery issues, I can tell you that no matter what my pain level was, I always felt better after having a session with you. Your level of expertise in your field is rivaled only by your obvious care and concern for your patients.

    Performance Partners

    The Athletes Advantage

    Atlanta Rehabilitation Performance Center is the official physical therapy providers for all Goldin Athletics Training Association clients

    Georgia Sports Performance

    Atlanta Rehabilitation Performance Center is the official provider of physical therapy for all Georgia Sports Performance (GSP) clients. You can reach GSP at 404-430-8016 or visit

    We Provide the Best Solution to Fit Your Needs

    We work together with you to pinpoint your biggest challenges, and turn them into opportunities for improving safety, workforce wellness, and major cost reduction.

    Benefits of Our Services

  • Reduction in lost work days
  • Reduction in worker’s compensation costs
  • Job analysis and work placement assistance
  • Recommendations to reduce workplace risk factors
  • Ongoing and timely written and verbal communication with employers, case managers, insurers and others
  • Promotion of health and safety through education and activity

    Our Services

    Risk Assessment

    We offer a Best Practice Risk and Culture Engagement Assessment. This employee survey covers 4 key areas: 1) Engagement, 2) Risk Factors, 3) Comfort and 4) Health Baseline. It is an anonymous 45 question survey that takes 7 – 10 minutes to complete and is accessible on hand-held mobile devices. There are 3 custom questions for the employer to develop. From this information we produce insights you can use to improve the work environment, safety and health of your employees.

    Injury Prevention in the Workplace

    We offer intervention before an injury occurs on the job. Our physical therapists, athletic trainers and occupational therapists, specializing in work injury management, go to the work site to assess the job and educate the employee. Our goal is to prevent work-related injuries and promote a healthy and safe workplace.

    Job Site Evaluations

    We offer programs that help employers plan and implement injury prevention measures. There are two primary types of job site evaluations available to employers: work risk assessment and physical demands analysis.

    Work Risk Assessment

    This is an assessment of the industrial or office workplace to determine job specific requirements. Components include:

  • Evaluation of work activities, sequence of tasks, specific machines and tools used, and required physical demands
  • Recommendations for tools, job modifications and/or workstation set-up
  • Identification of physical stressors and solutions to prevent or reduce the risk of injury

    Physical Demands Analysis

    This analysis determines the essential physical demands of the job. Essential tasks and percentages, physical demand and percentages, forces, environment, equipment and shifts are evaluated. Goals include:

  • Identifying the physical demands of a job to help employers determine essential job functions and write job descriptions
  • Acquiring information that can be used to develop pre-employment/post-offer screens
  • Helping an employer identify appropriate transitional duties for an injured/restricted worker
  • Obtaining information to help create appropriate job simulations in our Return to Work Program
  • Helping an employer appropriately implement a job rotation program, set pay rates and assist with disability determinations

    Employee Education Services

    These services promote the practice of safe work habits. This is achieved through:

  • Job coaching
  • Identifying alternative methods of performing work tasks
  • Encouraging employee responsibility
  • Educating employees on body mechanics, cumulative trauma, and back/neck injury prevention
  • Developing employee stretching and exercise programs

    Pre-Employment/Post-Offer Screening

    This assessment determines an individual’s ability to perform the essential and/or high risk tasks necessary to perform a specific job. This enables employers to choose appropriate placement for job applicants. For the best decision support, to make sure you don’t hire your next injury.

    Physical Work Performance/Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

    A systematic evaluation of functional capacities is essential for an accurate assessment of the worker’s ability to perform a job. The goal is to determine an individual’s safe maximal capability to perform various job tasks. The results of this evaluation are compared with the employee’s actual job demands.

    The Industrial Rehabilitation program at Atlanta Rehabilitation Performance Center offers a structured, comprehensive, goal-oriented program designed to help people identify work capacities, regain functional skills, and safely return to work after an injury.

    Dizziness and disequilibrium are significant problems, second only to low-back pain complaints in frequency of occurrence among adults. Vestibular rehabilitation is a safe, effective, and conservative treatment of these symptoms.

  • VDI Tool Holder – Evermore Machine Co, Ltd #vdi #tool #holder, #cnc #tool #holder, #tool #holder, #tool #holders, #evermore #tools, #cnc #robot #arm, #industrial #robots


    Since incorporation in 2008, EverRobot Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. started its operation in the manufacturing and integrated distribution of professional industrial robots, as well as relevant planning and design of automated production systems. Through years of development and research, we launched a series of industrial robot models suitable for ordinary load applications, ranging from 6kg to 60kg, for option by our customers. In addition, we also render the design and manufacturing services for the automated end-gripping systems and parts clamps.

    With our specialization in hardware and software design, we are able to provide satisfactory solutions in helping customers lower cost, enhance production efficiency and product quality in the hope that they may alleviate the corporate competitiveness in the market. Our philosophy is to satisfy customer demands with whatever we offer.

    Product Group:Brand names Evermore and Golden Goose. Specializing in the manufacture of VDI rotary and static tool holders、CNC TOOL HOLDER、HSK TOOLING SYSTEM、BORING TOOL HOLDER、and Keyless Drill Chucks、and other precision machine accessories.

    US TOOL GROUP #cutting #tool #reconditioning, #tool #reconditioning, #cutting #tool #regrinding, #cutting #tool #resharpening, #industrial #vending #machines, #aerospace, #military, #manufacturing, #government, #gsa, #tool #regrind, #carbide #tool #sharpening


    Integrated Supply

    INTEGRATED SUPPLY US Tool provides customized product and process management solutions for our metalworking and manufacturing Customers

  • INTEGRATED SUPPLY US Tool provides customized product and process management solutions for our metalworking and manufacturing Customers

    Integrated Supply

    US Tool is a leading Integrated Supply partner to the aerospace, defense and metalworking industries for the planning, procurement, warehousing, management and point of use delivery of cutting tools, abrasives, and other tool crib and MRO items. US Tool is a “Pure Integrator,” meaning that we represent our customers in the marketplace, providing products and services to meet our customer’s specific needs and focusing on customers who are looking to reduce costs and improve productivity by engaging a partner who is an expert in managing the indirect materials supply chain.

    For cutting tools, US Tool provides the unique ability to supply new tooling from most major and specialty manufacturers as well as special aerospace cutting tools that we manufacturer or modify. Combined with the largest cutting tool reconditioning service in the industry, US Tool offers a unique vertically integrated cutting tool solution. Supported by US Tool ’s proprietary Cutting Tool Manager software, US Tool offers an unparalleled capability to manage cutting tools throughout their life cycle from “new to dull to sharp again.” The Cutting Tool Manager solution produces significant cost savings resulting from increased reground tool utilization, reduced cost per use and decreased inventory requirements. Click here for more information regarding the Cutting Tool Manager solution .

    In addition to supplying cutting tools, US Tool is also a leading provider of coated and bonded abrasives, hand tools, power tools, safety products, aircraft specialty products, chemicals and other production consumable/MRO items. Click here to see a summarized list of US Tool’s manufacturer partners.

    US Tool provides our Integrated Supply program customers with a variety of customized solutions and financial business models, including a management fee/no mark up approach where program costs are supported by a program fee that is fixed for the term of the agreement. In the management fee model, program material is delivered at US Tool ’s net delivered cost. In a typical management fee program, the support costs are significantly less (as a percentage of spend) compared to other Integrated Supply and Distributor programs where a traditional mark up is used. Other Integrated Supply business models are also available.

    US Tool ’s Integrated Supply programs often include on site tool crib management and staffing, industrial vending, tool presetting, incoming cutting tool inspection, power tool repair, customer print management, FOD control and point of use kitting and other popular services.

  • Splunk: Guggenheim Excited That Competitor ArcSight May Be Starved of Funds #analytics,big #data,global,ma,software,hewlett #packard #enterprise,hpe,ownership #changes,acquisitions,mergers,divestments,corporate #actions,corporate,industrial #news,computers,consumer #electronics,applications #software,networking,lan,wan #hardware,computing,security,privacy #software,technology


    Splunk: Guggenheim Excited That Competitor ArcSight May Be Starved of Funds

    Shares of Big Data and analytics software maker Splunk (SPLK ) are up $1.48, or 2.6%, at $58.61, after Guggenheim ’s Nate Cunningham this morning raised his rating on the shares to Buy from Neutral, as he thinks the company can steal business from ArcSight. a competitor that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE ) is divesting to Micro Focus International PLC (MCROL ).

    Cunningham, who raises his price target a buck to $70, writes that he was concerned last October, when he downgraded the stock, about the “model transition” of Splunk, as it moved further into cloud computing.

    Now, however, he sees a “jump ball worth $300 million in the form of ArcSight, whose operations he expects to be suddenly underfunded and vulnerable as ArcSight takes over.

    Since going public, Splunk has rapidly grown into one of the largest providers of security information and event management (SIEM) software, and today IBM (IBM, NEUTRAL, $153.79) is the only vendor with more revenue in this category. Coming in third is HPE’s ArcSight, which Gartner estimates generated nearly $300 million in revenue in 2016. In September, HPE is scheduled to divest its Software business, including ArcSight, to the British infrastructure software provider Micro Focus (which already has a small SIEM offering). Micro Focus has publicly declared its intention to reduce costs in the software business, and we expect ArcSight’s product development investments to suffer as a result. While we believe that ArcSight’s installed base has been fertile ground for Splunk’s customer acquisition in recent years, we see the impending spin-out of the HPE Enterprise Software business as a potential catalyst for further installed base disruption, which should benefit Splunk.

    Cunningham expects Micro Focus itself may help Splunk to lure away business, by starving the business of funds:

    When HPE announced last fall that it would be divesting its software business to Micro Focus, the latter company made no secret of its intention to optimize the business for cash flow. In the text of its transaction announcement, Micro Focus stated that it plans to bring the operating margins of solutions representing

    80% of HPE Software revenue from 21% to Micro Focus’ group- wide 46% within four years. This led The Telegraph to posit that job cuts were imminent at HPE Software, as Micro Focus’ acquisition playbook has typically involved using headcount reductions to take costs out of underperforming businesses. This leads us to believe that ArcSight’s product development costs–and thus potentially the quality of its products–are likely to decline following the divestiture.

    Industrial organizational psychology graduate programs online #industrial #organizational #psychology #graduate #programs #online


    M.S. Industrial/Organizational Program


    The Master of Science Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology provides a comprehensive slate of I/O-specific courses designed to prepare students for immediate entry into careers in applied settings. Academic coursework is supplemented with an applied externship completed for academic credit. The program requirements provide excellent preparation for those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. upon completion of the MS. The course of study also includes a strong, five-course quantitative sequence in research methodology, statistics, and measurement. I/O students are expected to become competent in theory, research, and application of psychology as each relates to human behavior in private and public organizations.

    The primary objective of the industrial/organizational program is to provide students with the skills to apply the principles and methods of psychology to organizations, public and private, and to settings where people are engaged in work. To be successful in this application, the graduate must have developed knowledge and appreciation of psychological theory and research as they apply to organizations and people at work, and mastery of the measurement and research technologies which are commonly used in the discipline.

    Externship Program

    The externship program is currently under the direction of Dr. Ken Shultz. The standard externship experience is at least half-time work over a three-month period. It is typically completed during the summer after the first year’s coursework. Southern California’s urban areas provide a wealth of opportunities for hands-on experience. Students have completed externships with such organizations as Sempra (Southern California Gas Company), The Los Angeles Unified School District, the Betty Ford Center, Edison International, and Fleetwood Enterprises. We believe the externship experience is a major contributing factor to the marketability of our graduating students.

    Note. The forms listed above require Microsoft Word to view. If you need the reader, you can the Microsoft Word Viewer for free.

    Student Programs

    Dr. Mark Agars is the current faculty sponsor of the I/O student group “Students Promoting Industrial/Organizational Psychology” (SPI/OP). SPI/OP hosts guest speaker presentations on compelling themes in human resource management. Through committee work, newsletter contributions, and interaction with business student organizations, active members can develop connections with regional business organizations and can become a part of the SPI/OP network of future I/O professionals.

    Selected I/O students also contribute their time and energies to a mentoring program for new undergraduate students. Dr. Agars is the current director of our student mentoring program. Upon selection, entering students are assigned to a second-year student who can provide information and advice.

    For students seeking admission in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Option, the following also are required for classified status:

    1. Completion of the following prerequisite courses or their equivalent:
      1. PSYC 100. Introduction to Psychology
      2. PSYC 210. Psychological Statistics or MSCI 210. Applied Business Statistics
      3. PSYC 311. Introduction to Experimental Psychology
    2. The following courses (or equivalent) are recommended:
      1. PSYC 302. Management and Organizational Behavior or MGMT 302. Management and Organizational Behavior
      2. PSYC 355. Industrial Psychology or MGMT 455. Human Resources Management
      3. PSYC 377. Tests and Measurements Program of Study for the Industrial/Organizational M.S. Degree

    Degree Requirements (75 units)

    1. PSYC 581A. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Current Professional Issues (2)
    2. PSYC 581B. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Organizational Leadership (2)
    3. PSYC 581C. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Processes of Work Groups (2)
    4. PSYC 581D. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Training and Executive Development (2)
    5. PSYC 581E. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Ethical Issues in Organizations (2)
    6. PSYC 581F. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Diversity in Organizations (2)
    7. PSYC 581G. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Legal Issues for the I/O Professional (2)
    8. PSYC 601. Performance Assessment (4)
    9. PSYC 602. Organizational Development (4)
    10. PSYC 603. Personnel Selection and Validation (4)
    11. PSYC 604. Work Motivation and Organizational Reward Systems (4)
    12. PSYC 611. Advanced Independent Study (2-5) for a total of (5)
    13. PSYC 640. Advanced Methods in Psychological Research (4)
    14. PSYC 641. Analysis of Variance (5)
    15. PSYC 642. Regression and Nonparametric Statistics (4)
    16. PSYC 643. Multivariate Methods (4)
    17. PSYC 644. Applied Psychological Measurement (4)
    18. PSYC 675. Practicum in Applied Psychology (4)
    19. PSYC 689. Externship in Applied Psychology (2-5) for a total of (4)
    20. PSYC 699. Thesis (5)
    21. Four units chosen from: PSYC 650. Advanced Cognitive Psychology (4)
      PSYC 652. Advanced Learning and Motivation (4)
      PSYC 654. Advanced Life-Span Developmental Psychology (4)
      PSYC 656. Advanced Biological Psychology (4)
      PSYC 658. Advanced Personality and Social Psychology (4)
    22. A minimum of two units chosen from: ACCT 503. Financial Accounting (4)
      ECON 503. Economic Analysis (4)
      FIN 503. Financial Management Concepts (4)
      MGMT 601. Organization Theory and Behavior (4)
      MGMT 641. Managing Human Resources (4)
      MGMT 642. Communication and Interpersonal Processes (4)
      MGMT 644. Industrial Relations (4)
      MGMT 655. Leadership for Modern Organizations. (4)
      MGMT 660. Managing Teams in the Workplace. (4)
      PSYC 612. Directed Readings (2-5)
      PSYC 636. Cross-Cultural Counseling (4)
      PSYC 665. Psychopathology (4)
      PSYC 679. Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (4)
      May choose only one of the following two courses:
      PSYC 540. Work, Retirement, and Leisure(4)
      HD 540. Work, Retirement, and Leisure(4)

    An advanced writing course (306) is also required. This class is typically taken during the first year and must be completed before students can advance to candidacy. Qualified students may waive this requirement by demonstrating comparable level work from their undergraduate curriculum.

    To apply to the MS Industrial/Organizational Psychology program, please visit our Graduate Admissions webpage for deadlines and step-by-step instructions.

    Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration & Engineering #industrial #refrigeration, #ammonia #refrigeration, #refrigeration #engineering, #anhydrous #ammonia #refrigeration, #aqueous #ammonia #refrigeration


    Refrigeration Engineering & Contracting Co. Inc.

    People have long struggled with ways to preserve food. In fact, it dates all the way back to ancient times when Romans and Chinese attempted to find ways to keep food fresh. Ice seemed the most practical way to keep foods cold. However, it wasn’t exactly the most advantageous with many struggling to keep a steady flow of ice on hand as well as preventing it from melting.

    Early inventors tinkered with creating more efficient iceboxes, which eventually pointed the way toward refrigeration since ice shortages were becoming a cruel reality. It was a Scotsman, William Cullen who invented the first refrigeration device in 1755. Ben Franklin got into the act in 1758, working with chemistry professor, John Handley, to find other way to cool objects without relying on ice.

    Today, industrial refrigeration has indeed come a long, long way with businesses from the food and beverage industry to cold storage facilities to pharmaceutical companies and ice rinks all needing efficient and effective refrigeration systems and engineering to operate.

    RECCO has been in the business of industrial refrigeration since 1969. We offer expert services in refrigeration for food and beverage industries, cold storage and distribution, ice rinks as well as commercial HVAC systems for offices, homes, apartment complexes and other retail establishments. We are the refrigeration engineering experts and are ready to assist you with installing the most effective system for your business, providing repairs as well as service 24/7. RECCO even has an extensive inventory of refrigeration and HVAC parts that will keep current commercial refrigeration systems up and running.

    RECCO is also on top of all the latest research in green technology and is equipped to provide immediate HAZMAT response in the event of an ammonia leak.

    Let the refrigeration experts at RECCO handle your commercial or industrial refrigeration and HVAC needs.

    Top 10 American Architecture Schools: US University Ranking 2015 #top #ten #industrial #design #schools


    Top 10 American Architecture Schools. US University Ranking 2015

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    US University Ranking

    The Greenway Group have released the 16th edition of DesignIntelligence . a compilation of different rankings for accredited architecture schools in the United States in 2015. The report attempts to create a level playing ground upon which to rank the universities by polling thousands of students, talking to deans and administrators, interviewing successful designers in private practices, and visiting each university campus. A closer look after the break.

    On the undergrad level, Cornell University’s B.arch. program came in No. 1. While a year ago, the University of California, San Luis Obispo, knocked Cornell off a roost it had long held, Cornell wrested back its prime spot for 2015. Again, Harvard University’s graduate building design program comes at the top of the list.

    Greenway’s chair, James P. Cramer, clarifies that there are numerous factors behind the ratings, which show up in point of interest in the company’s November/December issue of Designintelligence. Two essential factors, he says, are the number of firms responding to the survey, and the involvement of those architectural offices with their alma maters.

    “It seems that architectural education is still attractive as a serious pursuit. The most recent data from the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)—for the academic year 2012–13—lists 49 B.Arch. programs, down from 50 in the academic year of 2011–12. At the same time, the number of Master of Architecture programs, tallied at 102 for 2012–13, went up from 99 programs in 2011–12. Enrollment of students in B.Arch. programs, however, has decreased in the 2012–13 NAAB findings—to 14,418, down from 15,187 in the previous year. Nevertheless, at the graduate level, 11,412 students were enrolled in 2012–13, a slight rise over the 11,277 seeking an M.Arch. in 2011–12.”

    The Top 10 Undergraduate Programs