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A Design Professional will come to you:

Decorating Den Interiors brings 47 years of interior design experience right to your home or office. Our design professionals are equipped to help you determine the products and design that work best for you within the colors and lighting of your surroundings. Since our meetings take place in your home or office, we ll work with you to help visualize a design solution that aligns with your taste, space, and budget. Our personalized approach ensures that everything we recommend will fit perfectly within your existing furnishings and space.

Complimentary design consultation:

We know every project presents its own unique set of circumstances. We will take the time necessary to help establish the scope of your project and the style you desire. Don t worry about the time; our initial design consultation is always complimentary.

What to expect:

Our first appointment will last about an hour. We will tour your home to assess your lifestyle and design taste. We will then discuss our design ideas, similar spaces Decorating Den Interiors has transformed in the past, along with our product recommendations for your space. Decorating Den Interiors offers a wide variety of quality products that range from traditional to contemporary and everywhere in between. We have thousands of samples of top quality home furnishings products from drapery, blinds, shades, furniture, bedding, lighting, accessories, artwork, floor covering and wall covering from which to choose. We may set up a second appointment in order to pull together all the products and create a design presentation. On our next meeting we will present a variety of design and product options all personalized for you. We will work with you from the idea stage all the way through delivery and installation of products.

The budget:

We will work with you to determine a budget that accomplishes your overall project goals whether it is one room at a time or the entire home. Our extensive variety of products means we can satisfy almost any budget, and because our consultation is complimentary, your budget focuses only on the products that you purchase. Additionally, from time to time we offer special discounts on selected products that can help you stretch your decorating dollar.


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This DB4 interior was completely retrimmed.

stripped down to bare metal. All new foam and padding was installed. New door panels were fabricated. The Connolly leather hides were meticulously cut, sewn and installed by our leather craftsmen. Wilton wool carpeting was fitted and bound in leather. The dash panel was recovered in the correct black vinyl. A wool headliner was installed and then glass was reinstalled using new rubber seals

Here is a rare DB5 convertible with a new top installed, that was hand made here at Coachtrim.

Of course the top frame and side glass were properly adjusted. Then the frame was lubricated and new rubber seals were installed.

Coachtrim also retrimmed the complete interior on this beauty.

This magnificent specimen went on to win Best of Show at Lime Rock 2007

Another complete retrim of an Aston. This time a DB6 Volante.

Again the interior and trunk were stripped to bare metal and were trimmed with the correct materials to the original patterns. A new convertible top was also fabricated and installed. Note the top boot made in the same leather as in the interior and fitted with the correct Tenax fasteners.

Pictured here is our DB7 Rear Seat Conversion.

Unless you have small children the rear seat in a DB7 is basically useless. We fabricate a parcel shelf to replace the rear seat. Coachtrim can build this shelf to suit your needs. It could be just a simple straight shelf, or one with lockable storage compartments, or it can house a subwoofer. On the convertible the original rear seat components are removed but not modified so that they may be reinstalled to original in the future.

After purchasing this Aston DB7

the owner decided that the two tone leather upholstery was not to his liking. So the Aston was delivered to Coachtrim and all the leather seats and interior panels were recovered

Here is the condition this DB6 was delivered to our shop from a paint shop. The interior had been

removed and was stored in boxes.

This was not a problem at Coachtrim.

We have over 20 years experience working with Astons.

As you can see in these after

photos we knew where every part

went and how they should look.

Not all Aston interiors are restored to factory original. Here an Aston V8 is

trimmed in a non-

original leather color.

Also not original, we installed a leather headliner, quilted leather rear deck, and a new sound system. In the next photo we see an early V8.

This upper door

modified to accept Factory wood inserts as found in later Aston V8 models.

Yes we recover Steering Wheels and Gear Shift Knobs

Floormats available for your Aston

Coachtrim floormats are made with Wilton Wool carpet to match your Astons carpet.

A durable heelpad and embroidered logo are stitched to the carpet and then the mat is attached to a heavy nonslip rubber backing. Finally a leather binding matched to your interior is stitched around the edge. These floormats are guaranteed to stay in place and not bunch up.

Rolls Royce quality Lambswool floor overlays are also available to fit your Aston

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Online Interior Design Courses – Rhodec International


Whether you’re looking to improve your interior design skills or contemplating a complete career change, we have the interior design course to suit you.

Try our FREE “sampler” course first, with no obligation, to get a taste of the contents of the full Interior Decorator course.

A thorough introduction to the subject, comprising 10 detailed lessons with accompanying assignments.

Trains you to know, understand and put into practice the essentials of professional interior design. The course of study is structured in ten units.

Now you can study Computer-Aided Design (CAD) INSTEAD OF. or in addition to, Drafting in our Diploma Course.

Learn Revit Architecture for Interior Design 100% online with our partner college, CAD TRAINING ONLINE.

Upgrade to Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design status with just one further year of study on graduation from the Diploma Course, 100% by distance learning. Hands-on project and dissertation work.

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Estimating Interior Paint

Textured Walls

When a wall is textured or rough-troweled, it will require more paint than if it were a smooth wall. This is because the texture represents added surface to be covered, even though it does not contribute to the size of the area. Just how much more surface area there is depends on just how textured the surface is, but for medium-rough, porous, or previously unpainted walls, you can safely estimate 300 to 350 square feet of coverage from a gallon of paint.

Doors and Windows

Most walls have doors or windows or other areas that are not painted. If the nonpainted area is a single window or door, ignore it in your calculations. Two or three windows, a door and a window, multiple sliding doors, or a fireplace reduce the paint you’ll need. By how much? Multiply the lengths by the widths of these nonpainted areas to get the total square footage that you can subtract from your overall surface figures, or you can subtract about 15 square feet for typical windows and 21 square feet for typical doors. (These figures also can be used to estimate the paint you’ll need for each if you plan to use a different color or surface finish.) If you’re painting the ceiling, figure its square foot area at width times length, too.

Keep Reading Below

Speed Factor

Estimating the time you’ll have to put in on any given paint project is less precise. Some people work faster than others, so there’s no way to estimate individual differences in speed. On the average, you should be able to cover about 120 square feet of flat surface in about an hour. For bare wood or plaster, figure about 100 square feet. In a typical 12 X 15-foot room, you’re likely to spend four or five hours on the job, including trim work, for the first coat. The second coat, if it’s necessary, will go faster, but you’ll have to wait for the first coat to dry, anywhere from 2 to 36 hours.

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a data-track-gtm Byline href http author-fix-it-club.htm Fix-It Club a Estimating Interior Paint 12 March 2007. br lt http home-improvement home-diy painting estimating-interior-paint.htm gt 29 July 2017″ href=”#”>Citation Date

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The design of the built environment transcends physical form, shaping our lives, our communities and influencing behaviors and interaction. Our architects, interior designers and planners are with you every step of the way, from initial concept through design and construction to completion. Whether we are designing a commercial environment to enhance brand and drive revenue; a healthcare facility that is comfortable and supports healing; an educational or research space that sparks discovery; a transportation or aviation hub that gets you to your destination with a smile on your face; a hospitality space that makes you feel at home or a mixed use development that promotes a healthy balance of live-work-play, our goal is to apply our technical expertise and creativity to enhance everyday life. At Stantec, we’re interested in building stronger communities. How will we achieve that? We believe it will be through a focus on clients, creativity, and community.

1K+ Communities Transformed

  • 1.4K+ Design Staff

  • What constitutes a rich design culture?

    What drives us? Purpose, passion, and the power to affect change through design.

    Transcript of the video follows

    p b Eric Weyant /b : A culture of design really requires a lot of dialogue between people that are leading the firm and leading the direction of the firm as well as the ability to harness and take advantage of all the ideas that lots of people that work at the firm and participate at the firm have. /p p b Amber Luther /b : Every office seems to have their sort of uniqueness that allows them to develop their process and utilize that process on projects. When you start to use an interdisciplinary or interoffice team, that sort of evolves and becomes something entirely different. /p p b Anton Germishuizen /b : Design culture comes from leadership. It comes from youth. It comes from talent. and I think it comes from driving a strong dialogue in an organization on the subject. /p p b Larry Weeks /b : Today more than ever successful environments are multi-perspectival. I think the messy vitality that happens in places that are loved by people, that are successful and urban places – it s very difficult for one person to get that. I think the ways to get that is to entertain and nourish and fuel lots of voices coming together. I think that s one reason that we focus on lots of disciplines within our office. In fact, every individual in our office can work across these disciplines, so we speak with lots of voices. /p p b Justin Perdue /b : I think what s important in our healthy design culture is that you re always asking questions and you re never accepting what has been done before as the truth. You should always be looking for new ideas and making sure that you re doing it the right way, not just the way it s been done before. /p p b Michael Moxam /b : An environment where people feel that the dialogue around ideas is the most important thing in the office. /p

    Bringing Clarks into the future

    An expression of the Clarks brand, this workplace inspires creativity and fosters collaboration

    Transcript of the video follows

    p b TITLE: nbsp; nbsp; /b Clarks Americas Headquarter Office b /b /p p b DESCRIPTION: /b /p p An expression of the Clarks brand, this workplace inspires creativity and fosters collaboration. /p p b TRANSCRIPT: /b /p p b Tammy Diorio: /b nbsp; Everything about what Clarks wanted to do was mix the old and the new to bring our heritage, but make it modern. We were in an old mill building. It was very industrial, which we liked, but as we grew we were very disconnected. That impacted how we could, uh, work together and collaborate. We were using a lot of space, but not very effectively. We didn t have a lot of open areas to gather and feel like one company. We made a strong effort to try to make this new building something that Clarks could be proud of and also bring Clarks into the future. /p p b Steve Basque: /b nbsp; nbsp; It s all about that connection. The atrium brings people into the space and then we ascend up the stair, or you get off the elevator, and you can see work being done in all of the spaces around the atrium. /p p b Tammy Diorio: /b nbsp; I think the biggest change is that our product was not displayed in the best way in the old building. We worked together to really develop new spaces to showcase the product and for the designers to design the product. /p p b Steve Basque: /b nbsp; nbsp; The hand craftsmanship of the product and the attention to detail was probably the most important thing that we ve tried to focus on. That it doesn t have to be old to be crafted. /p p b Steven Kelly: /b nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; We understood Clarks history. You, you ve got a shoe company that has been around for almost 200 years. They ve got the highest grade technology available to you. They re still taking wood blocks and putting it on the wood lathe like they did 100 years ago and then machine by hand with files to perfection. So it s a great story that combined their history with their present with an eye to the future. /p p b Tammy Diorio: /b nbsp; The employees have stopped me in the hallway just saying how much they love the building. They love the collaboration. /p p b John Daine: nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; /b For us, as the model makers, it s been a vast improvement. We ve got the north light, which we didn t use to have. We used to have to close the light out with blinds because of the direct sunlight in the summer. /p p b Patrick Grace: /b nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; As a designer, what we need is definitely lots of natural light, which we are provided with here. It s nice that on each floor on each end there s a convenient little kitchenette that we all have access to with coffee. And it s great because you run into people that you may have had the opportunity to run into in the previous building. That has been a great, great change. /p p b Donna Leung: /b nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Now that we ve been working in this building for about six months, it really has reinvigorated everyone to work more closely together because the open nature of this building really fosters creativity and collaboration. We can go off into a little nook and come up with creative ideas, brainstorm ideas. /p p b Gary Champion: /b nbsp;It s a really well thought out, well-designed building. Usually it takes some time to get familiar with the new surroundings, but when we walked in, it was immediate and you can see a significant difference in the way we operate our organization just by moving into this building. Terrific! /p

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    Interior Decorating Ecourse

    Interior Decorating course Learn for Free with an eCourse

    Hi Lee Brown, interior decorating course coordinator here to offer you a no lose scenario. I am a soft touch and due to popular demand from the readers of, I have written and compiled a two week ecourse on interior decorating.

    The best part is that I am offering it to you for free.

    What s the catch?
    There is none.

    This web site is about sharing interior design and decorating information to you. If you want to learn, you can at this web site. It is crammed with information and ideas on all aspects of interior design and decorating.

    The free interior decorating course provides you with a structured way to learn and refers you back to the web site when required for further reading on a topic. It is so easy. NEW development it is also online for an enhanced learning experience with photographs. Sign up for your free ecourse below.

    Lee Brown, interior decorating ecourse coordinator and fantastic teacher of basic interior decoration skills to everyone who will listen to me. (yes I did write this myself!)

    Signing up is easy and we will never pass on your information, we value your privacy and promise only to send you great interior decorating information that will help you learn and make positive changes to your life. Now the serious stuff ..

    The interior decorating eCourse is structured as follows:

    • Part 1 How to Get Your Client or Project Brief
    • Part 2 How to Brain Storm Your Style Ideas
    • Part 3 How to Use Color Well
    • Part 4 Making Fabrics Work for You
    • Part 5 How to Choose Fittings and Fixtures
    • Part 6 What to Look for in Home Finishes
    • Part 7 Furniture Placement Guidelines
    • Part 8 How to Pull your Decorating Scheme Together
    • Part 9 The Finishing Touches
    • Part 10 Taking Decorating a Step Further

    Create interiors like a professional. Here s what some of our readers who have taken the free decorating eCourse have said:

    Yes I had great time, I really learnt a lot. Thanks a million. Eyiaro

    Hello there, Thanks for your comments and follow up after the course. I must say that this course was very informative. The lessons came a little too quickly, however the good thing is that we can always go back. The links to various sites were fabulous. Again, very informative and educational. I have learnt a lot. Thanks again. Regards Lisa

    Dear Lee I would like to thank you for all your emails which I found so helpful and felt they were very practical and not very fussy, which is what I had been looking for. I recently bought my home and kept everything neutral but did want to add certain colour in certain areas, hence I found your advice great. Lorna It s so nice that you share interior design and decorating stuffs for free. I have visited your site a dozen times and it s amazing how broad it is. I graduated a degree in Interior Design here in the Philippines and is about to take the licensure exam this october that s why I ve been into online ID stuffs again to refresh my memory before I take the exam. So far, your site and your e-course have provided quite a big resource for references! Thank you very much! Roma Philippines

    Dear Lee Brown, thanks so much for the ecourse,and may God bless and prosper you. I must say it was a great help to me as i have thinking on how to go about becoming a designer .I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks once again. Obinna

    Just to let you know I thought your course on interior decorating was brilliant. Loads to take on board, but that s interior design anyway it is never an exact science, but that what I love about it. I live in the UK and am studying for a diploma with Rhodec International and thoroughly enjoying the course as well as your courses. Your web site is brilliant and jam packed full of fantastic information on any aspect of interior design you should be proud of yourselves. I would love to work and do an apprenticeship with you, it s just a pity we don t live closer! Keep up the good work and please keep me on your mailing list. Kindest regards Moira UK

    I am so very pleased that I found your web site and signed up for the e-course. The fact that you provide the course free helped me tremendously because at this time I do not have the money to pay for courses. Because of the knowledge I gained through your course, I am putting together a lesson plan to teach women in homeless shelters and those who are getting their first place, how to decorate and redo used pieces to make their places look uniform and give them a sense of accomplishment to keep them inspired to keep moving toward whatever their goals are. Once again, thank you and when I start my own REAL business, I will send you pictures, etc. Please keep providing your service, there are probably thousands of people you are inspiring that you do not know about. Janice

    Hi Lee! It s been great doing this course.yes interior decoration was my dream come true through your course.lots of interesting things and now i have decided to do the properties of my a small one to start with .ur course is very helpfull as how to go step by step Ranjeet

    Hi Lee Thank you for your e-course on Interior Decorating. The timing was absolutely superb as we are currently rebuilding and I am ready to start choosing furniture, etc. Our new tourist units will showcase what I have learnt from your course. Thanks again. Kind regards Marlene Hi Lee Brown, Thank you for your series of mails regarding interior designing (free courses). I found it very much supportive to me as an interior designing student. with regards, kusum

    Hi Ya As an interior decorating student (mature age had to put that in I had been referred to your site from another web site and had been receiving your newsletters regularly. It was only when I was prompted by your renewal of membership and survey that I took a good hard look at your site (mainly cause I have been too busy in the past studying, working etc bla bla) Just had to tell you what a brilliant site (especially for students) and WOW how much information. I probably could have saved myself thousands with all the add on courses I have done and just got the info from your site. Well Done- brilliant site. Go You Guys Jill

    Hi Lee, Thanks for enrolling me in the Interior design Courses, I should congratulate you and of course tell you that U have really got a very gud sense of designing. Just read ur blog, and was majorly impressed by ur views. Great work. keep going. Best Regards Janani

    That was just some of the happy feedback we have had. Why don t you sign up now and take advantage of this free ecourse and you too could be sending me rave reviews about how it has changed your life! It doesn t cost you anything except some time on your part to read the emails. So sign up below and you will receive your first lesson Part 1 How to Get Your Client or Project Brief within minutes and be on your way to learning about interior decorating, for free! I look forward to working with you on your free interior decorating ecourse.

    A great place to learn for free Join the many satisfied readers today Get your first lesson within minutes

    Join our global decorating community

    P. S. What are you waiting for? You shouldn t be reading down here. There are no extra special offers, this is a special offer on it s own, so sign up on the form above and start learning for free right now.

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    Lee Brown is the co founder of, she has worked in the Interior Design Industry for over 23 years, specializing in commercial, hospitality, high end architectural homes and retail design. Over the past 13 years Lee and Chris Brown have been collating their wealth of design knowledge to provide free interior decorating education to the world. Make sure you register for your free ecourse today. Free Interior Decorating eCourse