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Internet Safety! –Creating Savvy Citizens: Current Resources for Digital Citizenship Instruction

Brochure: #SocialMedia: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.


Internet Safety

Due to the Broadband Data Communication Act and Fayette County Public Schools board policy, 08.2323, internet safety and digital citizenship must be taught to all FCPS students in grades K-12. This site serves as a resource for Internet Safety Coordinators on the school level. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Paula Setser-Kissick .

Responsibilities of Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship Coordinators:
  • Make students’ digital safety a priority for both you and your staff.
  • Attend district training each year — either beginning or refresher.
  • Share all district information with your principal.
  • Mark the deadline for completing all instruction on your calendar (always in December).
  • Compile age-appropriate lessons, etc. for delivering the content. (Note: FCPS purchases iSafe where you can access its curriculum. However, you may use any combination of resources as long as the topics are covered with students.)
  • Submit FCPS School Internet Safety Instructional Plan with the district by the due date.
  • Complete your iSafe training. if you are a new coordinator, and submit your certificate to the district person in charge of Internet Safety.
  • Check periodically with staff members in your building who are also responsible for teaching lessons and make sure the instruction is being delivered.
  • Understand that ALL responsibility on the school level for following federal law and board policy ultimately falls on you and the principal.

Submit your school’s Internet Safety Instructional Plan below. There are two parts:

Important Dates

  • September 29, 2017 –Instructional Plans due.
  • September 29, 2017 –iSafe Certificates due for new coordinators.
  • December 19, 2017 — Internet Safety instruction completed.

PD for 2017-18

  • August 8- -Internet Safety Coordinator Training (9:30-11:30)
  • August 8 — Internet Safety Coordinator Training (1:00-3:00)
  • August 24 –Internet Safety Coordinator Training (4:30-6:30)
  • August 30- -Internet Safety Coordinator Training (9:00-11:00)

Click here to access the online PD menu for location information and to enroll.

Did You Know?

Looking for a job? You might want to clean up your social media accounts. Click here to learn more in this article.


Instructional plans are due September 29, 2017.

FCPS Internet Safety • 701 East Main Street • Lexington, Kentucky 40502
Phone (859) 381-4144
Contact Webmaster

Rock River Internet: Best Local Internet Service Provider – ISP – Rockford, Illinois #internet #isp #provider


Nov-01-2013. No more residential connections. We are no longer offering residential Internet connections. We will continue to service business locations and offer hosting and colocation services at our data center.

With today’s regulatory environment, it is no longer possible to compete with the franchised cable Internet services offered by Comcast in the Rockford metropolitan area. If you live outside of the Rockford area and do not have a cable option, there are wireless alternatives offered by rural ISPs.

We want to thank the many customers that we were able to serve over the years. We appreciated getting to know many of you and wish you the best.

Thank you Rockford. Rock River Internet was voted Rockford’s Best Local Internet Service Provider – ISP – in the People’s Choice section of What Rocks in the Rock River Valley 2003 published by the Rockford Register Star.

Mail Server switch completed. March-30-06. As of March 30th we have moved all accounts to our new mail server and they are working properly. The new server is bigger, faster, and more reliable, with many new features. It sports a totally new webmail interface. We now support POP3, IMAP4, and WebMail for reading mail along with SMTP and Authenticated SMTP for sending mail.

Personal mail accounts, virtual mail accounts
(e-mail with a company’s domain name), and mail filtering can now be self-managed and administered through a simple web interface. Configuration help can be found here .

Rock River Internet is a full service, locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider (ISP). We can provide you with whatever level of Internet access and services you need. From personal dial-up accounts to dedicated business connectivity to commercial web site hosting and server colocation, we can do it.

We can deliver your connection on 56K, v.92, v.90, ISDN, xDSL, T1. or Dedicated Wireless. We design, install, and configure routers, Windows 2003 or Linux based mail, web, and FTP servers. Whatever your Internet needs are, give us a call today!

SPAM and Virus filtering will be more tightly integrated between the three mail servers. Two servers are used for filtering mail. The new mail server handles storage, delivery, and user interfaces. Improved monitoring will alert us to delivery problems within minutes. The transition is underway now. We have already started moving the virtual domains. There will be no lost mail. We expect the move to be completed in early April 2006.

October 2, 2005. RRI combats SPAM! Rock River Internet has just added a very effective SPAM filter to our mail servers. We have found that the majority of SPAM is sent from servers that are not properly configured with forward and reverse DNS records. We can’t just delete this mail since a few servers that are meant to send valid mail might also have a bad configuration. Our new custom software has a unique solution for this problem. Read more.

New phone system. April 10-04. We have just installed a new voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone system with auto-attendant and voicemail at our Rockford NOC (network operation center). Read more.

Virus and SPAM filtering for company mail servers is now available! Select Mail Services or for more detail, select How it Works .

Free SPAM and virus filtering! We are now running SPAM and virus filtering on our mail servers. The majority of SPAM will be deleted before delivery. All suspected SPAM which has a possibility of being valid email will be tagged with ***SPAM*** in the subject field of the message. You can create a filter with your mail client to store these marked messages in a SPAM folder or send them right to the Trash. All mail that contains a known virus will be bounced from our servers. You will not receive any notification that a virus was sent. Click on the following links for more information on SPAM and viruses .

Why switch to Rock River Internet? – We can think of at least four good reasons.

No more busy signals. We constantly monitor our equipment and connections. We add capacity as needed, to assure our customers a connection and bandwidth when they want and need it. not when they can get through.

Faster connections. We use all digital lines and equipment throughout the Rockford area and we are connected to the Internet backbone with big pipes from multiple tier one providers. This means faster connect speeds, faster downloads and unmatched reliability. Unlike the national and area “bargain” ISPs, we don’t overload our backbone connections. Your high-speed connection with us will be high-speed all the way to the Internet.

No forced hang-ups. If you are at your computer and using your Internet connection, you won’t have to fight to stay connected. We don’t over-sell our circuits and we don’t try to kick users off when they are using their connection.

Local Service and Support. We offer fast, friendly, local support; no “800” number required. You can be assured that your web site and e-mail is hosted in Rockford and backed-up automatically on a daily basis. Although we do specialize in business connections and hosting, we don’t discriminate. All of our customers receive the same, high level of service that our business customers have learned to expect.

Good news for area Verizon/GTE customers! – Flat-rate phone service is here now for Rockford and most surrounding communities. Click here for details.

Rockford area SBC/Ameritech Calling Rates – in simple terms.

See services for pricing on Internet access.

Effective Mar-06-02 v.92 is here! After several months of delays and testing, we have turned on the v.92 features in our state-of-the-art Lucent Access Server. Rock River Internet is the first Rockford area ISP to support the new standard.

RRI is now running on a dual DS3 backbone! On October 28, 2002 we turned up our AT ?>

Internet Connection and Access Methods, cable internet filter.#Cable #internet #filter


Internet Connection and Access Methods

There are several ways or methods of connecting to the Internet.

There are two access methods direct and Indirect and these can be either fixed or mobile.

Indirect Access

This is most common method used in home and office networks.

The device e.g. computer connects to a network using Ethernet or WiFi and the network connects to the Internet using ADSL, cable or fibre.

Direct Access

This is most common method used when traveling.

The device e.g. smart phone connects directly to the Internet using 3G/4G mobile networks or public Wi-Fi.

Cable internet filter

Fixed Internet- Home/Office

Fixed access is usually much faster and reliable than mobile, and is used for connecting homes/offices. The main Access mechanisms are:

  • ADSL over traditional Phone Lines (most common).
  • Cable (limited to cable TV areas)
  • Fibre broadband – Currently being Rolled out
  • Very Fast and reliable
  • Good for streaming video
  • Cheap when compared to Mobile
  • Can easily share the connection
  • Requires a fixed connection
  • Not usable when at a remote location

Fixed access is the most common way that businesses and home uses use for connecting to the Internet

Mobile Internet

When traveling away from the fixed location mobile access is used.

Mobile Internet tends to be mainly a secondary access mechanism. The main access methods are:

Note 1: Broadband is a generic term and in communications. It refers to a channel with transmission rates above 256kbits/sec but typically (UK) above 4Mbits/s (for ADSL). Wi-Fi is classed as broadband.

Note 2: Although this article mentions UK providers as I am UK based the same access mechanisms are used in North America and other countries.

  • No fixed connection required
  • Available from remote locations
  • Not as Fast and reliable as Fixed Access
  • Not good for streaming video
  • Expensive
  • Can t easily share the connection

ADSL Broadband over Existing Phone Lines

This is probably the most common way to connect to the Internet for home and small business users.

Connection to the Internet for home/home offices is usually accomplished with ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) which uses the existing telephone cabling infrastructure.

In the UK BT (British Telecom) provide the familiar telephone connection to most homes, and these same telephone wires are used to provide broadband internet using ADSL technology.

The broadband connection and the standard phone service share the same telephone lines without interfering with each other.

Cable internet filter

It is the job of the broadband filter to split the phone signal from the broadband signal.

A filter must be installed on a telephone extension that has a telephone connected.

The Internet Signal from the filter is feed into a broadband router/Hub which can be used to form a home network.

BT provide their own broadband services using these telephone lines, and must also provide access to these lines to third party providers.

Other providers that utilize these BT lines are:

  • SKY broadband
  • Talk Talk broadband
  • Virgin National Broadband

Broadband speeds quoted by providers are the maximum that is possible over an ADSL connection, and the speed you actually get depends mainly on how far you are from the local telephone exchange.

Cable Broadband

Cable connects you to the Internet through a coaxial cable usually using the same line as your TV service.

Cable connections offer very high connection speeds, but the connection may be shared with other users.

This means that you can experience much slower speeds due to congestion.

In the UK Virgin Media are the only suppliers of cable broadband which they market as fibre broadband.

However it is not fibre all the way to the home but fibre to the cabinet, as the last part of the connection utilises the old coaxial cable connections.

Despite this download speeds of up to 152Mbs are being offered on broadband packages.

Fibre or Fiber Broadband

This is currently being rolled out in the UK by BT, and offers download speeds of 76Mbit/s.

BT offer two types depending on your location:

Fibre to the home is the fastest and means that the connection from the home to the exchange is all fibre. This service require new hardware.See Preparing for install .

Fibre to the cabinet is slower than fibre to the home as the entire connection isn t fibre but only the connection from the exchange to the street cabinet.

In the diagram below cable section 1 is fibre and cable section 2 is twisted pair copper cable (old telephone lines)

Cable internet filter

You can check the availability in your area on the BT site

Other UK Providers

Just as with ADSL broadband other operators have access to the BT fibre network and will offer fibre services that use the BT infrastructure.

Virgin Media are the only other UK provider of fibre connections.

Although probably not as common as ADSL this is the best way to connect to the Internet if it is available in your area.

Mobile Broadband 3G and 4G

3G and 4G networks are provided by mobile phone operators.

3G mobile phone networks are the most common, and have the widest coverage area,whereas the newer 4G networks are less common with restricted coverage area.

Mobile Internet services are available on a contract or pay as you go basis.

3G mobile networks were designed mainly for phone calls (voice) but with improved internet access speeds when compared to the earlier 2G standard.

A 3G mobile phone can make voice calls, and also access the Internet using a data channel.

Mobile phone operators usually have two separate plans standard voice plans and a data plan.

Data plans tend to have restricted download limits and exceeding them can be expensive.

Internet access speeds will vary depending on technology and location, but you can expect between 200kbps and 7.2Mbps.

4G Broadband.

This is currently in the initial phases of being rolled out in the UK. It uses HSPA+ access mechanism with speeds of up to 168 Mbit/s in the downlink and 22 Mbit/s in the uplink.

4G networks are expected eventually to offer download speeds of up to 1Gbits/s (LTE advanced).

4G mobile networks are designed primary for carrying data using the IP protocol.

Capability is already built into Google Nexus 7 (mobile data model) and the Nexus 4 mobile phone.

Due to the excellent speed potential 4G networks may replace fixed line networks in some rural areas.

In developing countries and new build areas it could become the main connection type.

Public Wi-Fi -Wireless Broadband

The wireless technology used is the same as is used in home wireless networking, and hence if you have laptop/pda that is equipped for connection to a home or office wireless network then it will also work on a public wireless network.

The problem with this is that it is only available only in limited areas usually public areas like airports, train stations etc, and it poses a very strong security risk see public wi-fi for more details.

Old Methods- Not Really Used Any More

These types of access date back to the early days of the Internet, and may no longer be provided by most ISPs.

Dial-Up Analogue Connection -56K

Monthly Cost: Varies from 1p per minute to £13 per month (unlimited access)

Hardware Requirements: 56k modem included in most modern PCs (approx. £25-£50 )

Broadband Internet Service Provider Orlando FL #orlando #wireless #internet


Broadband Internet Service Provider Changes Internet Access in Orlando, FL

Broadband Blue, the leading Orlando, FL broadband Internet service provider is changing Internet access for the better. Offering both satellite Internet and wireless 3G/4G Internet in a variety of different packages, you now have the choice of two completely different fast and affordable high speed Internet services available where you live†. No matter what kind of Internet service you want, Orlando, Florida broadband Internet service provider Broadband Blue can deliver.

Broadband Blue Internet Service Lets You Do More

Broadband Blue brings you the option of the highest speed Internet service in Orlando, FL. Its affordable satellite Internet service HughesNet Gen4 is 15X faster than ever before. It lets you enjoy quick downloads of data, software and more, streaming music and video and an always-on, always-fast connection to the World Wide Web. You get to do all the things other high speed Internet users worldwide do, thanks to a reliable service that gives you online freedom. If you need portable Internet or gaming options this broadband Internet service provider gives you an alternative – wireless Internet also from Broadband Blue.

Get a Fast High Speed Internet in Orlando with BroadbandBLUE

Upgrade now to high speed wireless Internet access and experience the web the way it should be experienced. Contact our BroadbandBLUE team today at 1-855-312-9675 to ensure our rural internet service in Orlando, Florida is available where you live†. And if you have questions, our experienced, knowledgeable team would be happy to answer them.

HughesNet Gent 4 Satellite Service: Best Alternative to Wireless Internet in Orlando, FL

BroadbandBLUE offers an exciting alternative to wireless broadband internet service – satellite Internet by HughesNet. Wireless Internet and satellite Internet are the two best rural high speed Internet options; however they serve very different customers. Wireless is perfect for heavy Internet users and those who travel regularly. Satellite Internet in Orlando, Florida access is perfect for households or businesses with specific Internet usage needs. Lower costs and higher download speeds also make satellite broadband Internet an attractive option for those in Harvey who don’t need portability or unlimited Internet access. Check out HughesNet satellite Internet options from BroadbandBLUE today.

DIRECTV in Orlando, Florida Gives You More!

DIRECTV is the leading provider of satellite TV in the United States, with over 315 channels of every type imaginable. The array of packages available to DIRECTV customers ensures that there is a perfect fit for every household and every budget. Get more sports, HD channels, International programming, and movies than with any other provider. The Genie whole home DVR ensures that you get complete flexibility in watching your favorite shows when you want to and from any room in the house. One device records and stores your programming, so you can play it back from any TV.

Exceptional customer service is a part of every package with DIRECTV, as the company has led TV providers nationwide in customer satisfaction for more than a decade. Even our courteous professional installers deliver impeccable customer service when they set up your new service. We offer DIRECTV packages in Orlando and Internet bundles that provide you with the very best in home services available. Our bundles let you save money and time with one convenient bill for fast Internet and an impressive TV package.

Cable Internet in Orlando, Florida and DSL Options

Broadband BLUE offers you the most options for internet access in Orlando, Florida. there is no other choice when it comes to rural access, affordability, customer service and technology than Broadband BLUE. Compare affordable service in Boone with Time Warner, Dishnet, Verizon, CenturyLink, Cox Cable Internet, Comcast, Windstream DSL, Frontier, Charter, HughesNet and AT ?>

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Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet

wireless broadband service | rural internet

More high speed Internet access coverage nationwide!

Call us now at 888-774-2007

What is our 3G/4G Unlimited Wireless Internet Service?

Simply put, 3G/4G wireless broadband service is the answer to all your high-speed Internet needs. We offer Unlimited Wireless Internet Service throughout the country. Regardless of where you live, we can provide you with the fastest Internet connection speeds possible. In most locations, unlimited wireless Internet is not only possible, but affordable, and available right now. We also offer non-Unlimited data plans at both 3G and 4G speeds if you’d like to save a few dollars.

A007 is one of the most reliable internet service provider offering several options for high-speed internet access for home use in rural areas. Our Unlimited Wireless Internet Service takes advantage of local cell phone towers. This allows us to bring Internet to your home with no complicated wiring or professional installation necessary. Just plug it in, and you’re ready to access the Internet at modern speeds.

We are so confident that our 3G/4G unlimited wireless Internet service will work for you that we offer a 10-day trial period. If you are unhappy with our service for any reason during the trial period, you can cancel with no penalty and receive a full refund.

If our standard 3G/4G plans don t work for you, we also offer affordable satellite Internet service. Satellite service is available in many locations that cell towers can t reach. Our recent partnership with Verizon also brings our wireless Internet to more cell towers across the nation than any other wireless Internet service provider.


How it Works

3G/4G Wireless Internet Wireless Broadband is powered by cellular towers. Our extensive nationwide coverage ensures that no matter where you are, you’ll have access to our blazing fast network. With your install kit, you will receive a wireless aircard and a powerful booster antenna which allows you to receive a signal in many areas which would normally not be covered. Even if you happen to be outside the range of our towers, 3G/4G Wireless Internet offers satellite service anywhere in the US where in the US where you have a clean view of the southern sky.

Call Now: 888-774-2007

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Internet Providers 61108 ZIP Code – ROCKFORD

  • $34.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Download speeds up to 15Mbps and upload speeds up to 1Mbps
  • Access to 300,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
  • Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software
  • 10 email accounts and 2 GB of space
  • $44.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Download speeds up to 20Mbps and upload speeds up to 2Mbps
  • Access to 300,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
  • Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software
  • 25 email accounts and 5 GB of space
  • 54.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Download speeds up to 30Mbps and upload speeds up to 5Mbps
  • Access to 300,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
  • Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software
  • 25 email accounts and 10 GB of space
  • 64.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Download speeds up to 50Mbps and upload speeds up to 5Mbps
  • Access to 300,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
  • Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software
  • 30 email accounts and 10 GB of space

Charter Cable Internet Plans

  • $39.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Up to 15Mbps download speed
  • Surf, stream and share on more devices with the fastest in-home WiFi.
  • Cox Security Suite Plus and McAfee Family Protection
  • With access to over 300,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide
  • 5 GB Cloud Drive
  • $54.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Up to 50Mbps download speed
  • Surf, stream and share on more devices with the fastest in-home WiFi.
  • Cox Security Suite Plus and McAfee Family Protection
  • With access to over 300,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide
  • 50 GB Cloud Drive
  • $64.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Up to 100Mbps download speed
  • Surf, stream and share on more devices with the fastest in-home WiFi.
  • Cox Security Suite Plus and McAfee Family Protection
  • With access to over 300,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide
  • 100 GB Cloud Drive
  • $79.99 per month for 12 mon.
  • Up to 150Mbps download speed
  • Surf, stream and share on more devices with the fastest in-home WiFi.
  • Cox Security Suite Plus and McAfee Family Protection
  • With access to over 300,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide
  • 150 GB Cloud Drive

Last Updated on 06/23/2017

University of Denver #best #internet #denver


  • Research teams from engineering and computer science are working to make unmanned aerial vehicles more flexible.
  • In a bid to make measurable progress toward addressing significant issues facing our community, DU kicks off a Grand Challenges initiative.
  • The selection for One Book One DU. a common-reading program for first-year students, invites the Class of 2021 to explore different perspectives.

Revisiting a once-viable transit system

For his master’s capstone project, geography student Ryan Keeney pored over maps and narratives documenting Denver’s now-dormant streetcar lines. Using GIS mapping software, he then digitized every streetcar line that existed within Denver. His project is a boon for history buffs and urban planners. Learn more

Trustees endorse sustainability resolution

The University of Denver Board of Trustees has endorsed a resolution encouraging new actions and backing continued efforts at embracing sustainability and addressing climate change on campus.

Four new trustees join the DU board

As it guides the operations of the University and the implementation of the DU IMPACT 2025 strategic plan, the University of Denver Board of Trustees welcomes four new members to its ranks. Their experience promises to help the University expand its impact.

Alum lands slot in astronaut program

Alumnus Robb Kulin, who studied mechanical engineering at DU, is one of just 12 Americans selected for the 2017 Astronaut Candidate Program. More than 18,000 applicants vied for the opportunity.

ShaPlus Bandwidth meter – Free bandwidth monitoring software #internet #bandwidth #monitor, #bandwidth #monitoring #software, #internet #monitor, #bandwith #monitoring, #broadband #usage, #free #bandwidth #meter, #bandwidth #freeware, #free #bandwidth #monitor, #network #traffic, #internet #bandwidth, #bandwidth #usage


ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter 1.4 (Freeware)

Simple to use bandwidth monitoring software to track Internet bandwidth usage. It remains in tray and displays the bandwidth usage in current session, day and month. This will be helpful for those with limited bandwidth broadband/adsl connection.

  • Option to make meter always visible.
  • Transparency of meter can be adjusted.
  • Option to exclude bandwidth during certain period of day (for those having free usage periods).

Download ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter 1.4.2 (117 KB)
Last updated. 01 Feb 2016 (Version history)

If you find this useful, please consider making a donation.

  • Changes in version 1.4.2
  • Fixed bug not showing year 2016 in Monthly Totals
  • Changes in version 1.4
  • Fixed bug causing runtime error in some Window 7 and Windows 8 installation
  • Option to display counter in GB (previously only KB or MB)
  • Option to reset “Now” Counter in Tray menu
  • Changes in version 1.3.1
  • Fixed bug not displaying monthly usage for previous years months
  • Changes in version 1.3
  • Added Monthly Totals listing (see “Monthly Total. “ in menu)
  • Fixed. menu not closing when focus is elsewhere
  • Changes in version 1.2.1
  • Fixed bug. meter getting stuck after 2 GB in one session
  • Changes in version 1.2
  • Configurable month start day for those having billing cycle start day other than 1st of month
  • Remembers last closed meter visibility on startup
  • Fixed problems when connecting new networks
  • Fixed bugs in excluding free time usage
  • Changes in version 1.1
  • Added option to set transparency of meter
  • Option to select network interfaces to monitor
  • Option to exclude usage during specified times (for those having free usage times)

Security Control – Wholesale Central Station – Alarm Monitoring, Burglar, Fire alarms, 2-way voice, AES Long Range Radio #security #alarm #monitoring #center, #central #station #monitoring, #dmp #internet #monitoring, #broadband #alarm #communications, #communicator, #long #range #radio, #radio #backup, #medical #alarms


  • All Reporting Formats Supported
  • Two Way Voice Support
  • FM Approved for Commercial Fire Monitoring
  • AES Long Range Radio (Phx, Tucson & most places between)
  • AlarmNet-A/GSM/i Services
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Real Time On-Line Access
  • Wide Variety Of Activity Reports Available
  • Digital Voice Logging
  • Fully Automated Technician IVR Touch Tone Access
  • Interactive Telephone Access for Technicians
  • Real Time E-Mail/SMS Messaging


Arizona Security Control is a leader in 2 way voice technology. We’ve been handling 2 way voice since before it was popular. We’ve developed specialized hardware and software for quick and reliableaccess to two-way voice events.No operator guessing games, only consistent response each and every time. Our equipment WON’T allow a system to be accidentally disconnected by operator error. We CAN’T hang up a 2 way call until the subscriber end does.


In addition to having dealer and customer online interface capabilities, we also allow different levels of access to be granted to different users. So your alarm technicians have access to account info, but may or may not have access to edit the alarm monitoring information, or your customer service department can add messages into the account activity REAL TIME at the alarm monitoring central station with the click of a button.

Watch real-time activity for your accounts that refreshes every 15 seconds. The moment our operators are done handling your customer’s alarm, you see a full activity log for the account that displays all the actions that were just taken on the account, the account name, address, number, and a link to the account itself. Check out our ONLINE ACCESS pages for more details on Remote Dealer and Customer access.

Tired of getting STUCK with a alarm monitoring dispatch procedure that doesn’t fit your customers or business? At AzSecurity Control YOU can determine how we handle every type of alarm monitoring event that comes into us, whether it is a two way voice burglar alarm or a fire alarm.

We know that no two alarm dealers are alike, nor are their customers. We didn’t write our software for OUR way of doing business, we wrote it for EVERYONE’S way. There are so many customizable options available from our software to our operator responses, that you’d need a guide to show you everything. Speaking of which. call us. we’d LOVE to guide you through our dealer options. You’ll be glad you did.

Want to keep track of minor details for your alarm monitoring accounts? With our Customizable Activity Reports. you have access to ALL the information we have about your alarm monitoring accounts. You choose how much (or how little) you need on a daily basis.

Do you have accounts that need more than one test signal supervised? Our software can check for any number of tests on every account. If you have multiple panels (i.e. digital and uplink) reporting to the same account, it can be set up to check for multiple tests during a set period of time.

Customize the Actions: Do you want us to call on trouble signals only during certain times? Do you want to be notified on every alarm every one of your customers has? Do you want to be able to change procedures yourself on a per account basis? With our online access, you have complete control of your accounts.

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Internet made
for students.

Canada’s best national network is now up to 2x faster in select areas.

Completely awesome.
Completely affordable.

Amazing Samsung bundle.

View additional details

(1, *) Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScore TM ) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks of combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage.

(+) With a new activation or upgrade on a Premium or Premium Plus plan. A $25 one-time connection charge applies. At participating locations. Must be 18 yrs or older and legal owner of the phone traded in. Max. 1 phone per trade-in. Rebate applies at the time of purchase on the price of the device and/or accessories in-store after taxes. Eligible devices min. model (or newer): Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 5C, LG G3, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, HTC One M8, HTC One M9, HTC 10, BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Classic, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Sony Xperia XA, Sony Xperia X Performance, Moto X Play, Moto Z. Amount of rebate depends on the value of the phone. Device must power on and be functional. See for details.

(†) With new activation on a 2-year Tablet Flex plan or Tablet Share plan with installments. Data cannot be shared with other devices. A $25 one-time connection charge applies.

**Limited time offer. With new postpaid consumer (or small business) activations or hardware upgrades on a 2-yr Unlimited Canada & U.S. Share Plan. You must keep your Unlimited Canada & U.S. Share Plan for the duration of the term. Subscriber must be (and remain) a Canadian resident and the majority of your usage must be in Canada. Max. data usage per user may be capped at 10 GB/ billing period. Includes texts sent to a Canadian or U.S. phone number while in Canada and U.S. texts received while in Canada or the U.S. and excludes premium texts. Taxes and pay-per-use charges (including additional airtime, international long distance and roaming beyond the coverage of your Unlimited Canada & U.S. Share Plan) are extra. While in the U.S. calls or texts to numbers that are outside of Canada and the U.S. are not included and will be billed at $1.45/min for calls and $0.15/text. Roaming outside Canada and the U.S. not included. Additional data usage charges are $0.07/MB. Sending and receiving picture or video messaging in the U.S. and Push-to-Talk services use data from your promotional data feature and will incur additional data usage charges if you have exceeded your promotional data feature allotment.

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Bell Canada

Bell is Canada’s largest communications company, providing consumers and business with solutions for all their communications needs.

The leader in digital TV

Bell Fibe TV provides stunning picture and sound quality. It’s not cable or satellite – it’s the first of its kind. Using the latest fibre optic technology, Bell Fibe TV brings the best TV experience right to your door – no dish required.

Bell Satellite TV provides a great variety of HD channels. the best receivers and the best image quality – making it the leader in digital satellite TV service in Canada.

The latest superphones, smartphones and cell phones.

Choose from the latest Android phones. Apple iPhones and LG smartphones. Stay connected on the Bell network, with blazing-fast speeds, coast-to-coast coverage, and clear reception.

Wireless and high-speed Internet that’s perfect for sharing

Command the fastest upload speeds with Bell Fibe Internet. Bell’s high-speed Internet lets you share photos, videos with upload speeds of up to 7 Mbps and download speeds of up to 25 Mbps. That’s an upload speed 3 times faster than any other service.

The most reliable home phone service

If you are looking for reliable home phone services, Bell Home phone guarantees exceptional services at all times or you get your money back.

Promotions and offers

Looking for new products and services from Bell? See the latest Bell promotions and offers or visit a Bell store to learn more.

Communications solutions for businesses

As Canada’s leading trusted technology advisor, Bell Canada delivers end-to-end solutions to our small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers, from business Internet to phone service solutions and long distance solutions .

Bell Business Markets is committed to delivering the integrated solutions large organizations need to increase productivity, sustain profitable growth. maximize service differentiation and minimize risk in today’s challenging environment. With the unmatched expertise, Bell offer a comprehensive portfolio of reliable products and enterprise services such as Security Solutions. Video Conferencing solutions. Search Marketing solutions. contact centre solutions. Web Analytics solutions. Digital User Experience. and much more.

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