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MagicJack – GO VoIP Adapter with 12 Months of Service

Home phone for $3 a month+free mobile calling app Posted by: modalsystem from: on I have been using magicjack for 5 years and have used all 4 versions of the device.You need a high speed internet connection to use this device.The magicjack GO includes 1 year of phone service.After that it is $35 a year($3 a month).It also includes use of the magicjack app on your android or apple phone or tablet,as well as on an ipod touch or kindle fire hd.I use the magicjack app on my android phone and tablet and get free phone service wherever I have a WiFi connection. The magicjack app is ideal for mobile phone plans where you have limited talk minutes.It is also ideal for when you can’t get a cellular signal but can get WiFi.If you get WiFi almost anywhere like I do, you can also use the app on a mobile phone with no phone plan at all and use it as a free WiFi phone.If traveling out of the country,you can call back to the U.S. or Canada for free with the app or device.Magicjack to magicjack calls are free worldwide. Unlike other free calling apps,the magicjack app allows you to connect with almost any landline or mobile phone in the U.S. or Canada for free,not just other people with the same app. I have the app set to use my home number so when someone calls my home number it also rings on my mobile phone and tablet as long as they are connected to WiFi. Many tablet/ipod touch owners are unaware they can use their device as a free WiFi phone.It works like a speaker phone and if you want a private conversation,just plug in earbuds/headphones as the mic will still pick up your voice.No special headset needed.I actually prefer to have longer conversations on my tablet with lightweight headphones for comfort as well as the microphone and speakers having better sound quality than a cellphone or cordless home phone. I use prepaid minutes on a tracfone android mobile phone for rare occasions when I am away from home and don’t have access to a WiFi connection.My total phone bill for all phone services comes out to about $10 a month(magicjack and magicjack app for $3 a month and tracfone with minimal minutes for $7 a month).The more I use the magicjack app over WiFi,the more tracfone minutes I build up as any unused tracfone minutes carry over when I add a $20 tracfone card every 3 months.Very happy with magicjack and tracfone service as both have worked well for me for several years.

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Working well – can’t beat the price Posted by: PaulGr from: on In an effort to get around the bundled Internet/tv/phone price racket, I decided to have my phone number ported to the MagicJack. Now if I get some fantastic offer to come back to Fios, I’ll just get Internet and basic tv only (I have Netflix and a Roku which provides all the tv anyone could want). MagicJack cost $40, which covers the unit and the entire first year or service. Thereafter it’s something like $36/yr. Porting your phone number, if you want to keep your number, was around $20 one-time cost. Alternatively, you can just get a new phone number for free, one that telemarketers aren’t aware of, and not have to put up with them. The quality has been fine. The unit can either be used with your computer, or cabled to your router, as I did. I have a winter home in Florida, so that tiny piece of hardware will come with me, allowing me to have my long-time phone number down there also. So far, no problem with quality, dropped calls, etc.

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Fantastic product service- home or on the go Posted by: MobileConsultant from: on I was paying AT T U-verse or $45 per MONTH for a voip phone service. I dumped ATT for Magic Jack Go and kept my home number. for the same price per YEAR. Also, I set up Magic Jack so that all my voicemails are automatically forwarded to both my wife’s and my email accounts, so we both get voicemails via audio files with email – no more complaints that my wife doesn’t get voicemails. (To be clear, Magic Jack forwards to my Hotmail account, and then with a rule in my Hotmail account, it automatically forwards to my wife’s email.#. Finally, the Magic Jack app is the KICKER. I can make and receive home phone calls on my iPad anywhere around the world #or iphone Android). It was great for when we were travelling in Europe making calls back to the US, or for cheap local calls in Europe – no need for expensive cell roaming. Also great for answering the phone when I have the iPad already in front of me at home. Excellent sound quality. I frequently work from home and use Magic Jack on average for two hours a day. No dropped calls, good call quality. Finally, for advanced networking people, I also configured my home router to prioritize Magic Jack traffic on my home network – I don’t think it is needed but was fun to do.

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Great item Posted by: Jmel316 from: New Hampton NY on After purchasing the magic jack I don’t understand why folks still pay full rate for phone service.

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The Magic Jack Posted by: Mike from: Texas on I’ve had this for a little while now and I have to say so far, I love it. I got rid of my CRAZY expensive monthly phone bill. This came with one year of free service. When I registered this on line to keep my original phone number that I have had for years, I paid $118 to transfer my number and an addiition 5 years. So now I don’t have to worry about a another phone bill for 6, that’s right, 6 years. Phone quality is great, honestly you can’t tell the difference. Great investment and MAJOR money savings. Plus the bonus is when my home phone rings, it also rings on my iPhone and Apple Watch no matter where I’m at. I always saw this on TV and thought it was cheesy, boy was I wrong. I wish I had got this years ago and saved all the Money I was throwing away on phone bills. Converting my parents next.

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Nice for the money. be careful when porting # Posted by: InSC from: on I bought the MagicJack Go planning to replace my phone service with my existing carrier. Tested it out and the call quality seemed very good, with nice features for the money. I wanted to retain my home phone number, so after the MagicJack tested successfully, I ported my home number to the MagicJack. I did not intend to cancel my carrier’s internet and TV coverage. Surprise! This morning my carrier cancelled my complete account with no advanced warning. No internet, no TV. When I contacted my carrier (Frontier) I was told they automatically discontinue the whole package when the number is ported. One would think that if they had any level of customer service they would contact you before cancelling the contract. Fortunately, thanks to the bundled MagicJack app and voicemail, I’m still able to get calls on my cell, even without my internet service.

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Excellent Replacement for Landline Phone Fax Posted by: KuduMan from: on MagicJack has proven to be an excellent replacement for my land line phone/fax. Before purchase I was skeptical about voice quality and fax compatibility, but no more. MagicJack has proven itself to have perfectly clear and unbroken voice transmission. Fax transit/receive has also been working great. I use my Epson multi-function printer/scanner/fax, and it does require occasional adjustment of settings depending on the recipient’s fax machine settings; not a flaw of MagicJack, but rather idiosyncracies of fax machines. Another benefit was getting caller ID, and simultaneous incoming call ringing on my home phone and cell phone. I highly recommend MagicJack.

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It works! Posted by: MovieSnacker from: Boston on In use for a month now with no issues after initially being a bit of a pain to set up. Call quality is good. Only $35/year for service including caller ID, call forwarding, and an app if you want calls sent to your mobile. Be aware: Magic Jack charges $10 to port your existing # and takes about 5 days to complete. Your router has to always be powered on. Included ethernet cable is very cheap.

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plug and go Posted by: Greg from: on I am really pleased with the performance and ease of use. I was able to select a phone number in my area code and my fax machine works fine with it. I now have a landline phone for a full year for about what my cable company wanted to charge for 2 months. Make sure you have decent bandwidth on your internet connection

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Great Bang For The Buck Using Cable Internet Posted by: bearinparadise from: on I thought that telephone service over the internet would not equal what I had from A.T.T. telephone services for most of my life. I was completely surprised when I received as good of quality service with MagicJack GO K1103 VoIP adapter at a much lower cost of about $3.00 per month versus the A.T.T. $30.00 basic service a month and local calls only. I also canceled my second voice over IP Telephone Service with Comcast at $30.00 per month for local and long distance U.S. only. I now have local, long distance and Canada for $3.00 per month and I can also take the on vacation or business and use it anywhere there is a WiFi Network available through my laptop or Tablet Computer. If you have a family member, friend or favorite charity it would make a great gift or donation to lower their phone bills as long as they have a Computer or Tablet and WiFi or Cable Modem Internet Service!

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