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Email Marketing

Updated September 20, 2016


Basically email marketing is the use of email to promote products and/or services. But a better definition of email marketing definition is the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients. Email marketing is one segment of internet marketing. which encompasses online marketing via websites. social media. blogs, etc.

Much of the spam email we all get proclaiming deals on this and that is a good example of email marketing at its worst; the mindless email barrage.

Someone somewhere buys an email list (or several!) and sends an email along the lines of “Get ___________ (the product name) for only $_____! (the amount) to everyone on the list – sometimes repeatedly. All this does is annoy everyone and give email marketing a bad name.

At its best, email marketing allows businesses to keep their customers informed and tailor their marketing messages to their customers.

Email Marketing Can Be Personalized

Particular groups of customers can be targeted or even individuals. Offering individual customers special deals on merchandise and/or services on the customer s birthday, for instance, is one example of email marketing personalization (a restaurant in my town sends an email to customers on their birthday, offering 50% off an entree). Email marketing helps a business develop and maintain a relationship with a customer over time that hopefully results in increased sales and increased customer loyalty.

Email marketing best practices include developing one s own email list rather than buying an email list(s), and making participation in your email list opt-in rather than opt-out (using permission-based email marketing). Email should also be optimized for mobile usage, as according to statistics over half of emails are opened on mobile devices.

The Advantages of Email Marketing

The two big advantages of email marketing are price and ease. Emailing is an inexpensive way to advertise your company and its products and/or services compared to many other types of marketing. It s also extremely easy to set up and track an email marketing campaign. making it a very accessible type of marketing for small businesses.

Newsletters can be sent to the email list you ve built from the people who provided the necessary information on your website, for instance, providing these potential customers with news updates about your company, upcoming events and/or special offers – and, of course, reminding them that your business exists and that maybe it s time for another visit.

Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

In an age of increasing usage of Social Media for advertising, email marketing still rules the roost, according to a study conducted by HostPapa :

  • 94% of Internet users use email, while only 61% use social media
  • 75% of adult online users say that email marketing is their preferred marketing method
  • the opt-in feature of email allows marketing by consent
  • email marketing allows targeting by demographics (age, income, etc.)
  • email messages have a much wider range of formatting possibilities than social media messages
  • email offers more reporting and analytics capability, such as click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions

Ideally, email marketing should go hand-in-hand with social media. Adding social media Like or Share buttons to your marketing emails gives an additional way for customers to connect with your brand. Snippets of positive reviews from social media fans can be included in emails, and conversely social media postings can be used to encourage fans to subscribe to your email newsletters.

For more on email marketing and other online marketing strategies, see:

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New Blog Post: Keeping KPIs Simple

Like so many things, the old adage works all too well when it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs): Keep It Simple, Stupid!

As much as I love social advertising for the targeting capabilities, I’ve watched many marketers get lost in the weeds. So let’s go back to basics. I tell my clients and anyone else who talks to me about marketing analytics that KPIs are what will tell you whether or not your business is burning to the ground.

Data Cleansing

We can clean your data so your marketing campaigns make the best use of every dollar spent.

At Massa Company, we process millions of records through our data cleansing software each year, including our in-house tools, NCOA (National Change of Address) and ECOA (Email Change of Address). We find and eliminate duplicates and inaccuracies in your customer data.

Predictive Analytics Infographic

What is Predictive Analytics, anyway? Check out our new infographic for a quick intro to predictive analytics, then let s talk about how Massa Company can help your business leverage data to decrease marketing costs and increase sales.

Your Data + Our Expertise = Bigger Revenue

The data collected on your customers holds the key to their buying habits.

But crunching numbers is not enough. Our experts use your data to predict your customers’ behavior, which helps you optimize your marketing efforts, slash your budget, and increase your marketing ROI.

Skyrocket Your Retail ROI

Our retail clients have enjoyed staggering increases in marketing ROI since 1999. Could your business be our next success story? Find out here.

Predictive Analytics Will Increase Your Revenue

How much easier would your job be if you knew exactly which customers to target with your marketing tactics and when? What if you could predict when and if they were going to buy your product?

Chances are you’d be able to increase your revenue exponentially while lowering your marketing costs, practically overnight.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. With the power of Predictive Analytics, it’s effortless. Here’s how

No Marketing Analyst on staff? No budget? No CRM? No problem!

What is Inbound Marketing? #inbound #and #outbound #marketing #definition


If you’re unhappy with your current marketing program, or you’re not seeing the types of sales results you want, then let’s connect and talk about the what’s and why’s of your situation.

We’ve delivered tens of thousands of leads and millions of dollars in new sales for our clients, so we may have a solution to the challenges and obstacles you’re facing.

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Lead Generation Case Study

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Lead Generation Case Study

Learn How Hiregy Successfully Implemented an Inbound Marketing Program.

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MLM Website Replication Software you can use.

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Matrix (Forced, Recycling, etc.)

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Automatically track recurring fees

Automate every aspect of membership billing

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Create a database of products, which can contain as many custom fields as desired. Define commission values for each product, which can be automatically added when the product is ordered.

Custom product fields

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With support for consolidated customer accounts, you can manage all customers and orders with ease. Customers can also have access to a password protected Customer Area, where they can manage every aspect of their account.

Fully featured Customer Area

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Customizable customer database

Several detailed reports are available with the Shopping Cart, allowing you to oversee all orders through the system. The reports include:

Payment method report

Professional handle customer support with many features, such as categories, departments, multiple support techs, plus more.

Multiple support departments

Provide efficient customer support with the easy to use interface developed to handle support requests. Support requests resemble a message board format, allowing for easy management.

Message board format, for easy management

Separate pool for every support tech

Several administrative functions have been developed into the Support System, allowing you to oversee all support requests and operations.

View details on support techs

The server must also either, allow Perl modules to be installed locally, or already have the following Perl modules installed:

The Simple MLM Software fully supports SQL as database back-ends. Crontab is required for many different functions, such as automated backups, recurring transactions, and so on. Most standard LINUX servers meet all requirements of the Simple MLM Software.

Marketing Plan Outline, web marketing plan template.#Web #marketing #plan #template


web marketing plan template

Web marketing plan template

Web marketing plan templateWeb marketing plan template

Web marketing plan templateWeb marketing plan template

I. Executive Summary

A high-level summary of the marketing plan.

II. The Challenge

Brief description of product to be marketed and associated goals, such as sales figures and strategic goals.

III. Situation Analysis

  • Number
  • Type
  • Value drivers
  • Decision process
  • Concentration of customer base for particular products
  • Subsidiaries, joint ventures, and distributors, etc.
  • Political and legal environment
  • Economic environment
  • Social and cultural environment
  • Technological environment

A SWOT analysis of the business environment can be performed by organizing the environmental factors as follows:

  • The firm’s internal attributes can be classed as strengths and weaknesses.
  • The external environment presents opportunities and threats.

IV. Market Segmentation

Present a description of the market segmentation as follows:

  • Description
  • Percent of sales
  • What they want
  • How they use product
  • Support requirements
  • How to reach them
  • Price sensitivity

V. Alternative Marketing Strategies

List and discuss the alternatives that were considered before arriving at the recommended strategy. Alternatives might include discontinuing a product, re-branding, positioning as a premium or value product, etc.

VI. Selected Marketing Strategy

Discuss why the strategy was selected, then the marketing mix decisions (4 P’s) of product, price, place (distribution), and promotion.


The product decisions should consider the product’s advantages and how they will be leveraged. Product decisions should include:


Discuss pricing strategy, expected volume, and decisions for the following pricing variables:

  • List price
  • Discounts
  • Bundling
  • Payment terms and financing options
  • Leasing options

Distribution (Place)

Decision variables include:

  • Distribution channels, such as direct, retail, distributors & intermediates

  • Motivating the channel – for example, distributor margins

  • Criteria for evaluating distributors

  • Locations
  • Logistics, including transportation, warehousing, and order fulfilment
  • Promotion

    • Advertising, including how much and which media.
    • Public relations
    • Promotional programs
    • Budget; determine break-even point for any additional spending
    • Projected results of the promotional programs

    VII. Short & Long-Term Projections

    The selected strategy’s immediate effects, expected long-term results, and any special actions required to achieve them. This section may include forecasts of revenues and expenses as well as the results of a break-even analysis.

    VIII. Conclusion

    Summarize all of the above.

    Calculations of market size, commissions, profit margins, break-even analyses, etc.

    Bangs, Jr., David H. The Market Planning Guide: Creating a Plan to Successfully Market Your Business, Products, or Service

    Web marketing plan template

    The articles on this website are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced,

    stored on a computer disk, republished on another website, or distributed in any

    The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading #top #social #media #marketing #blogs


    The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

    As we kick off a brand new year and everyone heads back to work, we have tried to find a way to fill up those commuting hours once again. So we put together our list of the best digital marketing blogs that we think are informative, entertaining, and essential to the marketing community. Some light reading to help the time pass on the train. So take a look at one (or all) of them, and see if any of your favorites made the list.

    The Moz blog is undoubtedly one of the best to read if you’re looking to stay on top of industry news related to SEO or inbound marketing initiatives. Any good digital marketer understands the importance of SEO, and how ever-changing the guidelines, rules, and regulations associated with search results can be. The Moz blog covers everything you need to know with the right amount of detail to make it comprehendible without being overwhelming. Even if you’re a beginner with SEO, their content is quite digestible.

    Each of their posts provides real value, offering actionable insights or even “how-to” articles related to SEO. Every Friday, they post a “Whiteboard Friday” video as part of a recurring series, diving into different topics under the giant SEO umbrella. Whether it’s an analysis of an announcement from Google about a recent algorithm update, or a guide for keyword planning, the MOZ blog should be a go-to for any marketers or business owners looking to deepen their knowledge of SEO and learn how they can better integrate it into their overall marketing plan (if they aren’t already).

    Content is an essential aspect of any digital marketing campaign. The Content Marketing Institute offers some of the best advice around in terms of how content can help your brand. From industry trends to best practices, their posts offer helpful advice on how to create the best strategies for your business and how your content marketing should play a role in the “bigger picture.”

    One of their main objectives is to provide education to marketers, so there are plenty of events and research documents, as well as access to a lot of resources including eBooks and whitepapers. Any successful content marketing plan has undoubtedly utilized some of the expertise shared through the Content Marketing Institute—whether they realize it or not!

    Marketing Land provides a lot of quality content on different topics and industry news. From updates in content management systems, to new features on social media platforms, their posts are informative and relevant.

    Recently some of their posts covered the CES Tech event in Las Vegas by posting panel discussions and blogging about different topics that were covered throughout the event. This live blog allowed people, who may not have been able to make it to the actual event, stay informed and become a part of the discussion even though they were not in attendance. Their blog lets you interact with various industry leaders, while providing their audience with content that is engaging and educational.

    The insights on the Econsultancy blog range from the entire digital marketing spectrum, and even dive into more specific niche industries. The resources they offer provide practical advice for brands to market themselves online in a way that follows best practices but also integrates innovative trends.

    When it comes to innovation and the latest and greatest in digital marketing, Econsultancy always has it covered. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, or work in fashion or healthcare, Econsultancy offers advice for marketing that nearly any business can apply to their tactics to help reach their own objectives.

    The Kissmetrics blog offers analytics and testing insights on everything you’d ever need when it comes to marketing. Data-driven marketing is truly their expertise. The team at Kissmetrics regularly examines statistical trends to create reports that can better inform brand’s online performance. These posts help create solutions for companies looking to improve their online marketing, and a lot of their findings can help to shape the decisions made for a lot of companies as they try to achieve their marketing goals.

    Arguably the best part about their insights, and their real differentiator in comparison to blogs that are seemingly similar, is that nearly all of their thoughts are backed by corresponding metrics that support and provide reasoning for the advice they’re giving.

    Convince & Convert offers a variety of resources including a website, blog, podcast, books, and ebooks. They are digital marketing advisors led by Jay Baer, and it is the perfect stop to learn more about digital advertising. Each of the articles are short and simple that get to the point of what they are discussing, while still remaining insightful and informative.

    Their articles help you look at your own content in a new way, and think outside of the box in regards to what opportunities you could be incorporating into your own digital marketing strategies. Their content, can help your own content.

    What is great about Socialfresh’s posts is that many of them include alternative media embedded in them. Most of them are podcasts covering the topic of the blog post that it is within, but others include videos and speeches or presentations at various events.

    This is a great blog for someone who may not have the time to sit and read multiple articles at a time. This offers you more than one way to consume the content that the blog is providing. It’s an obvious choice to include some digital media in a blog that highlights digital marketing, and a welcomed alternative way to consume the information being presented. The diverse topics that are covered focus a lot on the power of social media and how the industry is evolving.

    PR Daily News combines industry-related news with other top stories going on throughout the world that day. It keeps all the information you need to stay on top of things in one easy newsfeed as opposed to switching to a bunch of different outlets to learn about news topics from different industries.

    It hones in on communication and PR conversations and topics by highlighting tools, trends, and techniques to make you sharper, while making your job easier. It offers a nice blend of readings on content marketing, as well as tech information. This balance makes for a blog that is easy and enjoyable to consume a variety of topics at once, without anything getting too repetitive.

    This amazing blog is one step ahead of the game. From gadget and tech coverage to marketing campaign insight and analysis, they offer a lot of quality information. Aside from being visually appealing, they pose questions and topics that are interesting and engaging to the curious reader.

    They provide interesting technology focused articles, and some predictions for the industry, while constantly remaining ahead of their field. They have a section of their blog that includes a number of downloadable trend reports that discuss “ the future of…” a number of different industry-related topics. And forget about discussing marketing trends for 2016, these guys already have forecast for 2017.

    Of course we have to include our very own ROI Factor Blog. We take pride in our work, and we enjoy discussing a number of different topics that shape the industry in which we operate. Our digital marketing blog prompts a number of different conversations from digital trends, to marketing innovation and best practices.

    We balance the scale between the importance of technical and results-driven marketing, and creative campaigns, and work to highlight everything in between through our bi-weekly posts. From strategy, design, and marketing, to website and mobile app development, you can find it all here at BFM.

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    Just one more

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  • Dental office marketing

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  • Dental office marketing

    Have a dental Emergency?

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    Emergency Walk-ins welcome.

  • Dental office marketing

    locally owned Throughout the Region

    Dental office marketingSince 1981, Florida Dental Centers has proudly carried on a long-standing tradition of delivering great value in dentistry, including crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions, and more, to patients who live and work in the Greater Tampa Bay, FL, area. The overriding objective of our private group dental practice, and the personal goal of each of our highly skilled dentists, specialists, oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, hygienists, and other staff members, is to provide the community with affordable dentistry services performed in a caring and compassionate manner during the fewest number of appointments possible, and all under our own roof.

    A locally owned and operated dental practice, Florida Dental Centers has offices in Clearwater, Bradenton, Largo, Pinellas Park, and St. Petersburg, Florida. At each of these convenient locations, we offer reasonably priced solutions for emergency dental needs, x-rays, cleanings, teeth whitening, fillings, oral surgery (including the surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth), veneers, periodontal treatment (gum disease treatment), implants, root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures, and more.

    We welcome emergency walk-in patients, or if you prefer, you can call ahead to schedule an appointment with a dentist at any one of our five offices, which are easily accessible to Dunedin, Countryside, Eastlake, Westchase, Oldsmar, Trinity, FL, and other nearby cities. We are available to see patients every weekday – including Friday – from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    Our Dentists Offer Affordable Dentistry Solutions, including Emergency Treatment, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Extractions More, to People in Largo, Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, Carrollwood, FL Other Nearby Cities

    Florida Dental Centers is an established dental practice serving Tarpon Springs, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Hudson, Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Wesley Chapel, FL, and the surrounding communities. Our dedicated team of experienced dentists and dental professionals has a wealth of knowledge about teeth and oral hygiene, including emergency treatments, root canals, implants, whitening, and more. But, what truly sets us apart is that we have a full range of specialists on staff, along with a centralized crown and bridge lab and an on-site denture repair lab in each office, which enable us to focus on the complete dental care of our patients while keeping our costs down.

    We understand that many people dread going to the dentist, whether they are suffering from a toothache, are overdue for a cleaning, need a crown re-cemented, or face an emergency denture repair. At Florida Dental Centers, our professional and personable staff will put you at ease and help you relax during your treatment, which will be performed with a gentle touch to minimize the possibility of any discomfort. We aim to make your time with us anxiety-free, and you will never feel uncomfortable or rushed while you are in our care.

    Contact Florida Dental Centers today to learn more, or feel free to stop by any of our conveniently located offices throughout the Tampa Bay, Florida, area.

  • How E-mail Works #email #address #marketing


    How E-mail Works

    E-mail gives us the ability to contact any person in the world in a matter of seconds. Find out how e-mail works and how e-mail servers deliver messages. See more Internet connection pictures.

    Every day, the citizens of the Internet send each other billions of e-mail messages. If you’re online a lot, you yourself may send a dozen or more e-mails each day without even thinking about it. Obviously, e-mail has become an extremely popular communication tool.

    Have you ever wondered how e-mail gets from your computer to a friend halfway around the world? What is a POP3 server, and how does it hold your mail? The answers may surprise you, because it turns out that e-mail is an incredibly simple system at its core. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at e-mail and how it works.

    An E-mail Message

    An e-mail message has always been nothing more than a simple text message — a piece of text sent to a recipient. In the beginning and even today, e-mail messages tend to be short pieces of text, although the ability to add attachments now makes many messages quite long. Even with attachments, however, e-mail messages continue to be text messages — we’ll see why when we get to the section on attachments.

    E-mail Clients

    You’ve probably already received several e-mail messages today. To look at them, you use some sort of e-mail client. Many people use well-known, stand-alone clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or Pegasus. People who subscribe to free e-mail services like Hotmail or Yahoo use an e-mail client that appears in a Web page. If you’re an AOL customer, you use AOL’s e-mail reader. No matter which type of client you’re using, it generally does four things:

    • Shows you a list of all of the messages in your mailbox by displaying the message headers. The header shows you who sent the mail, the subject of the mail and may also show the time and date of the message and the message size.
    • Lets you select a message header and read the body of the e-mail message.
    • Let’s you create new messages and send them. You type in the e-mail address of the recipient and the subject for the message, and then type the body of the message.
    • Lets you add attachments to messages you send and save the attachments from messages you receive.

    Sophisticated e-mail clients may have all sorts of bells and whistles, but at the core, this is all that an e-mail client does.

    Print |
    a data-track-gtm Byline href http about-author.htm brain Marshall Brain a amp a data-track-gtm Byline href http hsw-contact.htm Tim Crosby a How E-mail Works 18 October 2007. br lt http e-mail-messaging email.htm gt 11 June 2017″ href=”#”>Citation Date

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    Why Six Eleven?

    • Six Eleven Global Services has been successfully delivering Inbound and Outbound outsourced Services ranging from Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Sales, Inbound Customer Support and Retention using voice or chat since 2005.
      We provide simple yet accurate and reliable solutions to all BPO needs.

    Our Core

    • We believe that the year over year growth of our organization is a testament to the quality or work we do and our commitment towards work excellence!
      The graph represents our growth pattern from day 1 at 10 seats to currently 1000 seats capacity and the different verticals we currently work on.

    Redundancy and Business Continuity

    Welcome To Six Eleven Global Teleservices

    Quality the first time, Everytime.

    We understand the importance of delivering the basic: attention to instructions accompanied by an accurate and timely response to the problem. We provide simple yet accurate and reliable solutions to all your BPO needs. As a strategic partner, SixEleven provides a 24/7 inbound and outbound support enterprise than can improve your company’s position in today’s very competitive and highly technologically involved market.

    Reliable solutions to all your BPO needs.

    You can depend on us and the service we provide to help your business succeed. Our Team is backed by more than 10 years or real world BPO and call center experience. We infuse our ideas and insights to help elevate each and every program we undertake.

    Your Trusted Outsourced Partner.

    We value your business as our own. We will make sure that the program succeeds, we will work to make sure that the goals and expectations are met. Service with a Smile!

    Service Delivery Centers




    Why choose Six Eleven?

    Operational Excellence

    Clients with sales and lead generation programs were among our very first clients over 9 years ago and are the very programs that built our company. After such we have diversified into other verticals such as inbound customer support, tech support and billing via voice and chat support. We also have transcription and back office projects.

    We help our clients grow and manage their business by providing real and tangible results. With more than 1000 people working in our various service delivery centers, we have a ready and able workforce ready to serve any business needs. We have a proven track record that we can make projects work.


    We were one of the first call centers in Davao City, Philippines way back in year 2005. We started our office with a 20 seat capacity upon its inception and have grown to over 1000 seats in terms of capacity at the present. We have an experience team that is prepared for any challenge that is presented. We have a stable and reliable workforce ready to meet demands and requirements of clients. Out infrastructure is redundant, from having an industrial size UPS (uniterupted power source) for all our equipment to having an onsite generator and also multiple ISP (internet service provider) lines in each of our offices.

    Ability to Scale

    Presently we have a capacity of over 1000 seats and plans to grow to over 1,500 seats by 2016. We carefully plan and forecast client behavior and demand to be able to meet the needs of our clients now and in the future. We can scale up quickly when the need arises.

    Innovation and Analytics Utilized

    Our team is equipped with different performance monitoriting tools such as call reports, disposition reports, agent reports and so on. Upon request, we can create custom variable based reports depending on the desire of our customers to track and manage production of our workforce. We use these tools to optimize and maximize the performance of each agent in their respective projects.

    Continuous Improvement

    We believe that for us to be relevant to our clients, we need to produce the results they desire, not only that but to build upon what was given to us and improve in totality. We want to bring our own experience to the table to contribute towards client goals. We want our clients to value the services we provide. This is a must. Thus, we strive to continuously work with our clients and offer suggestions based on our previous experiences to help improve performance for the program.

    Loyal Customers

    We don’t just work for clients, we partner with them and treat their business as our own. From 20 workstations during 2005 to currently 1000, we are very thankful towards our loyal customer base.

    Our clients grew their business and we were able to grow along the way with them. With some clients, we started with a single facet of their business to multiple facets at the moment.

    We believe that the year over year growth of our organization is a testament to the quality or work we do and our commitment towards work excellence! And we will continue with such in the years to come.


    Company Summary

    PCI and HIPAA accredited

    Keep in touch

    Quality the First Time, Everytime.

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    About Virtual Business Solutions

    From interactive websites to advanced social media practices, Virtual Business Solutions specializes in
    creating, marketing and managing a complete online presence for businesses of all sizes.

    When you work with us, we become an extension of your business, values and practices. Whether on-site or online,we partner with your company, meet you where you are at and grow your business with you.

    Led by company Founder and President, Laura Gonzalez. Virtual Business Solutions is comprised of a highly skilled team of experts in web development . graphic design . video and audio creation . brand identity and copywriting . Together, the Virtual Business Solutions team have over 25 years of experience in business solutions, marketing, brand identity and full integration of all online and social media tools. Our team members have worked with some of them most recognized companies in the world.

    Services Offered

    From ala carte menu options to full packages, we will customize a strategic plan for your company.

    Business Consulting Coaching
    • Industry, company and audience discovery
    • Strategic planning
    • Project Management

    Business Software Online Solutions
    • Recommendation of software and online solutions
    that best suits the need of a company
    • Training staff “how to” use new
    software and online platforms
    • Online classes webinars in
    the Learning Center with 24/7

    Website Solutions
    • Interactive and integrated
    website creation and/or makeovers
    • Custom Programming
    • e-Commerce
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • RSS (Really Simple Syndication Feed)
    • Blogs – specialize in WordPress
    • Podcasting
    • CMS (Content Management System) specialize in
    Joomla Drupal
    • LMS (Learning Management System) e-learning
    • Newsletter, email subscriptions
    • Landing Pages
    • Integrate Social Media Tools such as Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, You Tube, etc.
    • Mobile Integration

    Social Media Solutions
    • Set up, support, training and
    management of social media
    • Business profiles
    • Creation of custom backgrounds
    on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
    • Powerhouse short content
    writing on social media pages
    with SEO optimization
    • Well-managed and strategized campaigns

    Brand Identity Solutions
    • Logo Design
    • Taglines/Slogans
    • Website header and supporting graphics

    Content Creation Services
    • Audio and Video Production
    • Scriptwriting
    • Website and Social Media Content
    • Social Media Posting
    • White Paper Reports
    • Newsletters, Blogs, Articles, Sales Letters
    • Press Releases
    • Digital Media Kits
    • Email Blasts and Ad Design

    Print Media Solutions
    • Printed Media Kits
    • Brochures and Sell Sheets
    • Business Cards and Letterhead
    • Ad Design

    What makes us better than the rest

    • Hand Picked Talented Team of Industry Experts and leading authorities in their fields, averaging 25+ years of experience.
    • Offering a complete set of services, so that you can work with one company for all your business needs.
    • Online Learning Center provides ongoing support and training.
    • Virtual Business Solutions’ Online Training brings the help to you so you can learn at your location and at your own pace.
    • We provide video with full audio, screen captures and written text, all to help you maximize your effectiveness in learning.
    • Access 24/7 to your Online Classes. Providing easy to understand the “How to’s” with Video and Audio Tutorials.
    • Provides consistent business strategies and end results for your business company and services.
    • Build easy to use websites that allow you to access your site and make changes yourself so you don’t have to be at the mercy of your website designer.