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Inpatient Hospital Coding Career Opportunities

Medical coders who work in the inpatient hospital setting utilize a different skill set than medical coders in other healthcare settings. The rules that govern medical billing and medical coding in hospitals require that a specific skill set be practiced that is different from those used by other professional medical coders and professional medical billers. Because the financial transactions that result from the decisions that inpatient hospital coders make have a greater monetary amount than outpatient professional coders, hospital medical coders need additional training and experience to be at the top of their field.

Because the amount of money involved in each inpatient hospital claim is so much greater than claims in an outpatient setting, inpatient hospitals are subjected to greater scrutiny for accuracy of the codes reported for appropriate reimbursement. When a medical coder translates a routine follow-up visit to a doctor into code for a patient covered by Medicare Part B, the dollar amount for an average office visit is reimbursable at an average rate of about sixty dollars, according to the published Medicare Part B fee schedule. An equivalent, average inpatient stay can cost several thousand dollars, depending on the patient’s condition.

Because of the amount of money involved in inpatient reimbursement for healthcare services, audits of medical records by third-party payers is more frequent in the inpatient environment. Recovery efforts to detect fraud and abuse tend to focus on high-dollar claims, and both government healthcare programs and commercial healthcare insurers monitor inpatient claims more closely for this reason.

Hospitals Hire Quality Candidates

Medical coding in the inpatient setting falls under the field of Health Information Management (HIM). The coding departments of large hospitals fall under the larger scope of an HIM department. This makes sense, since medical coders are in the business of translating the information contained in a patient’s medical record into the language of universally standardized medical code. With legal and contractual obligations in effect to ensure correct healthcare claim submission, hospitals look for candidates who have successfully completed a formal education program to fill open positions in the coding department.

Many hospital coding positions require that a candidate possess professional credentials. They can be Certified Professional Coders-Hospital Outpatient (CPC-Hs) through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), or they can be Certified Coding Specialists (CCSs) though the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Other professional bodies offer professional coding credentials, but these two bodies offer the most common credentials that employers seek.

In order to obtain these credentials, professional medical coders must pass a written examination to earn the privilege of putting these initials after their names. The examinations cover a gamut of coding and legal issues that professional medical coders are likely to encounter in the field. In addition, after passing the written exam, certified coders must complete Continuing Educational Units every year to prove that they remain conversant in the many issues and changes that effect healthcare reimbursement on an ongoing basis.

Many inpatient hospital coders possess a bachelor’s degree in HIM. While this may not be required for every position, more and more, hospitals require a bachelor’s degree or, at least, equivalent experience. Without adequate formal training, entering the rarified and well-paid world of hospital coding is difficult, at best.

Education Through Experience

While it is possible to get a masters’ degree in HIM, the truth is that this is usually reserved for management positions. After completing a program of study and obtaining certification as a professional, medical coders in the inpatient environment learn on the specific of a particular specialty on the job. Every hospital has systems and protocols in place to assign appropriate codes to describe provided services.

Each hospital also has established documentation standards that are required to be met for services to be billed accurately. Because third-party payers are active in preventing fraud and abuse of the healthcare reimbursement system, and because inpatient services are billed correctly. Professional medical coders are familiar with the ins and outs of federal regulations and commercial payers’ requirements due to their schoolroom training. Once in the field, they become familiar with how each hospital’s compliance department implements these requirements on a specific, case-by-case, basis. Through practice, inpatient medical coders become proficient in the many details that go into reporting medical information.

Other Coding Roles in the Inpatient Setting

The majority of inpatient medical coders work actively with patients’ medical records and the software designed to assign codes. Once they have proven their mastery of the system, there are opportunities for advancement. The next rung up the career ladder is for talented medical coders to enter a hospital’s compliance department, which is usually separate from the HIM department.

Medical coding and billing compliance consists of monitoring how and when codes are assigned. Compliance coders audit individual medical records for coding accuracy. The nature of an internal audit can be focused on one provider or service, or it can be a general audit in which medical claims are randomly selected over a wide range of specialities. Codes are compared to the available documentation. The purpose of these audits is not only to insure correct billing practices, but also to improve documentation on an institutional level. Compliance auditors report their findings to individual healthcare providers and department heads.

When deficiencies are uncovered, compliance auditors conduct educational sessions with healthcare providers to explain an organization’s documentation standards, and to expand a provider’s knowledge of relevant, universal coding rules.

Healthcare providers are trained to deliver medically necessary services. While they receive training in proper documentation, they rarely receive training in coding, aside from the outreach of a hospital compliance program. Healthcare providers rely on professional medical coders to be aware of the many issues involved, and to keep them abreast of changes in the industry. Accurate coding reflects the quality of available documentation, just as the quality of the documentation may reflect the quality of the care being provided.

Coding compliance audits can also be used to track the utilization of services within a healthcare facility. If certain codes are used infrequently, this will indicate that the services the codes describe, while available, may not be appropriate to a given patient population. By tracking code usage, a hospital’s finance and medical departments can conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine if a service is vital to the hospital’s mission, or if it should be discontinued, or if it should be moved to another location. Likewise, a surge in code usage can indicate a need to expand a particular segment of the hospital’s activity to meet demand.

Because of the granularity of data represented by medical codes, they can be used for much more than reimbursement for services. This is why accurate code assignment is essential to the successful performance of a medical coder’s job. Inpatient medical coders who excel in the basics of their profession are prime candidates for promotion into hospital operations that involve more than just reimbursement issues. Since coding compliance is a discipline that performs oversight of day-to-day operations, compliance coders are usually considered to be filling a managerial-level position. The pay is generally higher than that earned by coders who do the routine work, and the positions they hold are reimbursed on a salary, rather than an hourly basis.

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medical transcription (MT)

Medical transcription software download

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Medical transcription (MT) is the manual processing of voice reports dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals into text format.

Medical transcription software download

Medical transcription software download Medical transcription software download

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Healthcare providers voice-record their notes and transcriptionists convert the voice files to text, typically in digital format. Electronic data is increasingly required for compliance with Health IT and electronic health record (EHR) initiatives. Voice streaming is sometimes used so voice files can reach the MT department for immediate transcription.

Transcription was first used in the manufacturing industry. The first process that used transcription was Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), introduced in 1975. The medical field adopted transcription after the transition to electric typewriters, word processors and, especially, computers.

Speech recognition is reducing the need for manual transcription but speech recognition software is still not accurate enough to replace a human transcriptionist.

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Hostile Work Environment / Harassment
Meal Rest Break Violations
And much. much more!


Our Clients Include Employees and Contractors from Various Industries and Positions Including.

Computer IT/IS Professionals
Computer Technology/Engineers
Account Executives Managers
Sales Representatives
Managers/Assistant Managers
Loan Consultants
Commission Sales Employees
Underwriters other Commissioned Bank Employees
Drivers / Couriers / Messengers / Truck Drivers
Hospital Employees
Retail / Restaurant / Supermarket
And many. many more!

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AMRG’s revenue cycle department is a respected EMS Billing service nationwide. We utilize a unique billing approach that has been proven to maximize revenue and decrease patient responsibility. Our goal is to minimize the burden of the billing and collections process so you can focus your attention on serving your community with a valuable life-saving service.

The Revenue Cycle department is committed to providing the utmost professional and HIPAA compliant ambulance billing service available in the industry. We are proud of our record as one of the top billing companies in the Nation. To obtain this status we strive for excellence in:

· HIPAA Compliance
· Continuing education
· Manage accounts with professional/certified staff
· Audit claims for compliance according to state and federal regulations
· Timely claim submission within 24 hours of date of service
· Work closely with insurance carriers for maximum revenue


The AMRG Business Development Department oversees the corporation’s business development, marketing, public relations and membership program efforts. The department ensures that strong relationships are developed and maintained with key decision makers and stakeholders in current, and future, service areas.

The accounting department provides accounting services and financial support to AMRG and its sisters companies. The department records accounts payable and receivable, inventory, payroll, fixed assets and all other financial elements. The department’s accountants review the records of each department to determine the company’s financial position and any changes required to run the organization cost effectively. The accounting department also ensures all reporting requirements for government agencies and private funding sources are met timely.

The membership team oversees all aspects of managing the membership program for each of our participating companies. We participate in community events and promote the program to all eligible community members. Our office team manages all aspects of the application process as well as all communications with our members.

The combined work of our many team members allows us to ensure that when our assistance is necessary, the benefits of a patient’s membership are applied to any services rendered. We strive to offer peace of mind at the moment you need it most.

Our corporate Communications Center staffs 13 dedicated Communication Specialists who provide a combined 80+ years of emergency communications experience. From our Communications Center we facilitate emergent and non-emergent fixed wing and rotor flight requests 24 hours a day. Our Communication Specialists receive patient transport requests from hospitals, clinics, 911 agencies, and other healthcare providers and mobilize the appropriate pilot(s) and medical team to best meet the needs of the patient. Through live satellite tracking technology our Communication Specialists are able to closely monitor the safe execution of each transport and ensure effective communication with ground support and receiving facilities. Our Communication Center acts as a liaison between pilots, medical crews, administration, maintenance, and customers to ensure we are continually providing a safe and efficient air medical resource while maintaining the highest industry standards.

Our Communication Specialists each complete the NAACS Certified Flight Communicator course as well as on-going training in flight following, map reading, radio communication, Federal Aviation Regulations, aviation weather, customer relations, and emergency procedures, ensuring they maintain proficiency to act quickly and efficiently in any situation.

The human resources department at AMRG and its sister companies stands at the gateway to a world of potential and meaningful careers. The human resources team knows that good enough is never good enough for employees. The HR team does everything it can to foster a team atmosphere, help employees maintain a good work-life balance, further the career of employees, and help ensure that customers receive the best care available. The team is passionate about improving what the companies offer employees and is always implementing industry leading best practices.

AMRG, and its sister companies, offers an impressive array of benefits to our employees. These include a choice of different medical plans (including health savings accounts), flex spending accounts, life insurance, supplemental life Insurance, vision coverage, dental insurance, short term and long term disability, and a 401k plan supported by a corporate match. Employee discounts are available for everything from mobile service to purchasing shoes. If the need ever arises, the companies even offer transport on their own planes.

The HR Department understands and supports AMRG and its sister companies by partnering with management, supporting employees and has a clear vision of its potential.

AMRG HR Department Vision

Create an industry leading, strategic Human Resources Department.

HR Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure AMRG and sister companies provide safe, compassionate and efficient air medical transportation and meet strategic financial goals by:

• Innovating processes, procedures, techniques, and methods that push the boundaries of what Human Resources has traditionally contributed to the corporate bottom line, both financially and culturally.

• Developing processes and procedure that ensure predictable outcomes that contribute strategically to company goals.

• Enriching the lives of our employees and customers.

• Partnering with management to consciously design the culture that will ensure AMRG and its sister companies complete their mission and achieve their vision.

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