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Swimming is one of the most popular recreation activities in the world. Our inground swimming pools can provide families with hours of entertainment and the opportunity for healthy recreation. Inground Pools offer a permanent home improvement that adds to the value of your home. If you are thinking about installing a swimming pool in your backyard, you can find a number of different fiberglass pool designs to choose from at

Inground fiberglass pools are built using molded fiberglass and last for many years. Midwest Pools offer different types of Residential Pools and Commercial Pools you can select from. Advantages of fiberglass also include a smooth, non-abrasive finish — no more scrapes, cuts or snagged bathing suits — and an inert composition that helps inhibit algae formation, lowering chemical and maintenance costs.

For Creating a Unique Salt Water Pool Experience – Contact Your No. 1 Pool Builders —

There is nothing as refreshing as taking a dip in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. With a fiberglass pool, you can create an engaging recreational setting in your own backyard.

Are you looking to install a Fiberglass Pool in the greater Midwest area including Canada?

From the basic backyard Fiberglass Swimming Pools of your dream, Midwest Pools can accomplish the entire project from concept to landscaping. We can create any kind of pool, with any specifications that you can possibly conceive! Experience the ultimate revitalizing effect of warm swirling water with Midwest Pools and Spa in your own backyard. Our Spa Pools deliver the most advanced hydrotherapy available.

Midwest pools is an authorized Pool Distributor for industry leaders Leading Edge Fiberglass Pools of Michigan and Viking Fiberglass Pools. Check-out our exclusive new range of finely crafted above-ground spa pools. We have a model suitable for almost any location and budget. We are a worldwide pool builder for residential homes and aquatic facilities, including commercial and institutional pools, splash pads, spas and water-parks. We can install it for you or you can do-it-yourself. With our friendly and professional staff, we offer personalized service from concept to completion with unique and innovative designs.

Browse through our many different Michigan Swimming Pool products to find the one that best suits your home and sense of style.

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Flooding turns deadly in western Wisconsin

GAYS MILLS — Billy Heisz stood in front of his sister’s house on Highway 131 in Gays Mills late Thursday and saw nothing but water from the flooding Kickapoo River surrounding the property as well most of the older part of the village.

“There was no water on the property at 6 a.m, but by 6:30 it was all the way out to the highway,” Heisz said. “It was quick and it’s a problem.”

That scenario played out throughout much of western Wisconsin Thursday — with some catastrophic results — due to heavy rainfall earlier in the week on already saturated ground that led to flash flooding, mudslides and road washouts.

With more rain in the forecast, authorities are concerned that this flood will be worse than the ones that wrecked havoc around the area in 2007 and 2008.

Gov. Scott Walker declared a state of emergency in 13 counties — Buffalo, Chippewa, Clark, Columbia, Crawford, Eau Claire, Jackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Richland, Sauk, Trempealeau and Vernon — after authorities said anywhere from five to nine inches of rain fell in the area this week. Flash flood watches and flood warnings continued throughout the region late Thursday.

In Vernon County near Victory, Michael McDonald, 53, was killed around 5 a.m. Thursday while inside his home that was pushed off its footings by mud from the heavy rain and slid down a bluff and onto Highway 35, which runs along the Mississippi River, the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office said.

Less than two hours later, a Burlington Northern train derailed from an apparent track washout along Highway 35 in Crawford County near Ferryville, about 25 miles north of Prairie du Chien, according to BNSF spokeswoman Amy McBeth.

About 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel leaked from a ruptured fuel tank from one of two locomotives that derailed and some of it reached the Mississippi River, McBeth said.

Trucks and trailers that carried heavy equipment were parked for long stretches along Highway 35 as dozens of crews from BNSF and elsewhere began rebuilding the washed out area and placed containment and absorbent booms at the site to capture spilled diesel fuel.

Five railroad cars also derailed, including two empty tank cars — one that last carried ethanol and the other that last carried vegetable oil — and three cars loaded with wallboard, McBeth said.

BNSF hoped to have tracks reopened late Friday afternoon, she said.

All along Highway 35 and in Richland, Crawford and Vernon counties, crews put snowplows back on their trucks to clear multiple mudslides — caused when saturated ground liquefies — that led to the closure of dozens of roads and one car crash involving a Richland County Sheriff’s deputy racing to a call in Viola, according to Richland County Deputy Sheriff Chad Kanable. The deputy was not injured and the car sustained just minor damage, Kanable said.

Many more roads were closed on Thursday because they were covered with flood waters and made it impossible to reach some villages and towns like Hub City, Yuba, Rockbridge and Woodstock in Richland County and Viola, located in Richland and Vernon counties, according to Pat Metz, Richland County director of Health and Human Services.

It also caused long detours. Patrick Schwingle, who was filling sandbags at the Richland Center Community Center to fill a sinkhole at the church where he works in Richland Center, said that a trucker needed two hours and 20 minutes to make the usually short drive from La Farge to Richland Center.

The Pine River was already two to three feet above flood stage in Viola and was expected to continue rising, Metz said. About 300 homes have already been affected by the flood waters, which were expected to rise to four to five feet above flood stage in Richland Center, he said. Richland Center is protected by a dike but it still could see some damage, especially due to flooded basements, he said.

This flood has the potential to create more damage in Richland Center than both the 2007 and 2008 floods if more rain covers the area over the next several days, Metz said. The 2008 flood caused an estimated $763 million in damage.

The floods in 2007 and ’08 were caused by nearly 20 inches of rain that hit the area over a short period of days, while this year’s flood has been caused by long periods of heavy rain, Metz said.

“This is the third 100-year flood I’ve had to deal with,” he said. “This time our soil is so saturated that there is no place for the water to go. It fills up faster and moves faster. If we get another five or six inches of rain, this will be really bad.”

Late Thursday, Highway 56 east of Viola, Highway 131 at Viola and Highway 80, Rockbridge to Hub City remained closed, according to the Wisconsin Emergency Operations Center.

In Vernon County, Highway 35 was closed at Highway UU near Victory, where the house slid onto the highway, as was Highway 131 at Viola and LaFarge where it meets Highway 56 and Highway 162 at Chaseburg, the Wisconsin Emergency Operations Center said.

In Crawford County, parts of Highway 131 were closed near Soldiers Grove and Gays Mills, and Highway 171 was closed in and east of Gays Mills. Water also was creeping over the road on parts of Highway B where farmers were herding cattle to safety from spots isolated by flooding and dozens of acres of corn and soybeans were flattened by the floods.

Also, in Crawford and Sauk counties, state Department of Corrections inmates filled sandbags for use in flooded areas, according to the Emergency Operations Center.

Back in Gays Mills, the annual Applefest celebration scheduled for this weekend was pushed back two weeks to allow for cleanup from the flooding.

Fortunately, most Gays Mills residents have left the flood plain for homes built nearby on higher ground. But Heisz’s sister, Jessie Cooper, of Lauderdale Lake, has maintained a summer home several yards from the Kickapoo River banks.

Standing on the edge of the flooded waters, Heisz said he was told the Kickapoo was supposed to reach six feet above flood stage sometime Saturday. That would mean the entire first floor of his sister’s home will be flooded.

“We’re hoping it recedes some more before it gets worse so we can save everything that’s valuable,” he said.

The La Crosse Tribune contributed to this report.

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Where is your data center?

Host Color’s main data center is located 90 miles from Chicago at 746 S Arnold St. in the city of South Bend, Indiana. We are also part of the Equinix IT ecosystem, which means we can provision enterprise computing capacity in any 40 other premium IT facilities worldwide.

Does Host Color offer fast Internet connectivity?

Yes! Our network – AS46873 – is among the most connected IT Hosting networks in Midwestern U.S. We are proud to offer U.S. national peering shortest possible routes to 60 million Internet users in Midwestern United States. Host Color has direct connectivity to Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric and Retn. We also have multiple bilateral peering agreements and automated peering through Internet Exchanges with more than 70 international and national ISPs and networks. What does all this means to you? it means that your clients (websites, apps and data storage) will enjoy the lowest possible round trip delay to amy point of North America and fast connectivity worldwide.

How does Host Color Support work?

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is open 24/7. We have data center engineers available onsite and remote NOC support operators. The best way to receive support and fast resolution is to open a Support Ticket in the Account Management Center. We usually respond fast to Support Tickets. You can also reach us at +1-574-367-2393 (101 for Technical Support) and on Skype with ID: HostColor.

Do you do uptime monitoring of my account and applications?

Yes! However, remember that there is a different service framework for each IT Hosting service. For example, Cloud services are very different from the Shared Hosting plans. There are also different types of monitoring services. Some monitor the web hosting service uptime per IP address or domain name. Others monitor application uptime. There is also a Network Monitoring services, which help you to understand the network bandwidth on your Dedicated or collocated server(s). If you need any specific monitoring service, please open Support Ticket in Account Management Center and tell us what you need.

Who are Host Color customers?

We have been hosting website and applications for small and medium-sized enterprises since 2000. Most of customers (70%) are U.S. based entities, that use VPS, Dedicated and Cloud serves a well as various Managed services. We also have many Canadian, UK, Australian, Irish, Spanish, South African and Indian clients. We are friendly and open to customers from different nations and markets as long as they use Host Color’s infrastructure for legitimate purposes, while following the best industry practices.

Is my account, payment details personal data secure?

Yes, as long as you use strong passwords that include special characters, you’re safe. Your Account at is protected by Extended Validation SSL certificate. Certain safety policies apply to the Account Management System at user level. The administrative access to our database is also restricted and it is not directly accessible over the Internet. Please also be advised that Host Color does not store your full financial details in our CRM. We want you to know that Host Color LLC doesn’t share customer’s data with 3rd parties of any kind.

Does Host Color offer Managed Hosting?

Yes, we do. We have Unmanaged and Managed service plans in each IT Hosting niche. Unlike most other web hosting providers that offer Managed Services only with VPS and Dedicated Hosting, Host Color is pleased to offer small business owners a service named Fully Managed Shared Account. It allows to our customer to save thousands of USD per year on IT management (code debugging, web design, system administration, troubleshooting and more), by outsourcing the technical administration and development of their hosting accounts and websites to Host Color.

What kind of web hosting do I need?

If you are a prospective customer who doesn’t know which web hosting service to start with, please go to Account Management Center and open a Sales Ticket. A Host Color’s representativve will help you to make the right decision and will choose the most economical web hosting service for you. We want you to know that we never up-sell our customers! Host Color is a fair IT Hosting provider that drives business to its clients and partners by helping them to improve the IT management operations, and by saving their financial and human resources.

What does High Availability Hosting mean do I need it?

High Availability (HA) is a software service that minimizes any service outage. It provides uniform, cost-effective failover protection against hardware and/or Operating System (OS) failures. HA is active by default for all Public Cloud servers and is available as an add-on service with all Private and Hybrid Clouds. It monitors cloud servers to detect a failure on the underlying physical hosts or an Operating System failure inside the cloud server. If an outage is detected, the High Availability functionality restarts the cloud server on another physical host, part of the Host Color’s compute cluster. The operations resume automatically and services that run on the cloud instance return online. There is no need to reboot the server manually. If you want to make sure that websites, applications and services delivered from your account would return online very fast in case of any outage, you should consider using any of Host Color’s Cloud servers.

Does Automated Fault Tolerance really offer 100% uptime?

Automated Fault Tolerance (AFT) is a Cloud service which eliminates the risk of a service outage. Host Color offers Automated Fault Tolerance as a paid add-on service to all Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds. Unlike the High Availability, which reduces any service outage, the AFT function eliminates it and ensures continuous availability for any websites, applications and other all workloads in an event of cloud server failure. AFT creates a live shadow Cloud server (Failover Cloud Virtual Machine), which is synchronized and always up-to-date with the primary one. In an event of a hardware failure or an OS outage, the AFT automatically starts the failover Cloud VM, ensuring zero downtime.

Do I need a Cloud service?

Most Marketeers and Sales Agents say “Yes, you do!”. We work differently! We will talk to you about your project and will take our time to understand what you want to achieve? HC team will outline any possible IT infrastructure service scenarios for your business and then will compare the Cloud computing to the traditional IT hosting models. Cloud services, especially the Hybrid Clouds are very efficient and cost-effective for businesses, as they help them create flexible IT frameworks and to organize operations more efficiently. On the other hand, traditional computing is simple to understand and in many ways more affordable. Why don’t you Ask your questions?

What is the difference between Cloud traditional IT Hosting?

It is simple. Just ignore the buzzword “Cloud” and focus on its technical specification. Term “Cloud” refers to computer clusters, a networking model of computer systems. In such infrastructures the servers that deal with processing operations (Processing Nodes) are physically separate from the data storage appliances (Storage Area Networks). Cloud computing infrastructures are hardware-redundant. In case of a failure of any physical component, a Cloud system continues to operate on an infrastructure level. Therefore Cloud computing infrastructures ensure operational continuity and guarantee a high service uptime. In order for any IT hosting service or a computer instance to be called “Cloud”, it must be delivered from a clustered server infrastructure. On a user level, the computer instance (Cloud server) itself would feature some form of High Availability or failover scenario, which would increase its operational continuity. If it doesn’t offer anything like that, it should not be called “Cloud”.