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Wireless Security Alarm and Cameras

Wireless security system monitoring

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Wireless security system monitoring

Motion detection alarm system

Motion detection alarm system with 10 zones. Built- in siren and strobe light.

Detect movement, gas leakage, door open and more without wires. Warn you immediately of intruders when you are at home with an built- in loud siren and flashing LED lights. Security alarm systems.

Wireless security system monitoring

Motion detection alarm and SMS security system.

DIY – 16 wireless Zones – 2 wired Zones – NO/NC Alarm Relay. Home alarm systems.

Detect movement, gas leakage, break glass and more without wires. Add 2 wired sensors or trigger your armed response system with the relay alarm output ports. Warn you immediately of intruders with a SMS with zone description.

Wireless security system monitoring

Wireless Gate and appliance controller

Wireless Gate and appliance controller with a FREE call “Missed Call” or SMS

Open Gates, switch on/off machines or pumps with a simple missed call. Output 12VDC and 240VAC at 3A for 0.5- 9.5 seconds.

Wireless security system monitoring Wireless security system monitoring

Wireless security system monitoring

Motion detection alarm and SMS security system.

DIY – 99 wireless zones.

Detect movement, gas leakage, glass break and more without wires. Warn you immediately of intruders when you are at home with an external loud siren and/or via SMS and auto call three set numbers when needed.

Wireless security system monitoring

Motion detection alarm and SMS security system.

DIY – 16 wireless Zones – 8 wired Zones – 2 Relays

Detect movement, gas leakage, break glass and more without wires. Add 8 wired sensors or trigger your existing alarm with the relay output ports. Warn you immediately of intruders with a SMS with zone description.

Wireless security system monitoring

Motion detection alarm and SMS and GPRS SOS elderly guard.

DIY – Waterproof panic button.

Detect movement, gas leakage, break glass and more without wires. Warn you immediately of intruders with a SMS. One button to call for help.

Wireless security system monitoring

Wireless Gate and appliance controller

Wireless Gate and appliance controller with a FREE call “Missed Call” or SMS

Open Gates, switch on/off machines or pumps with a simple missed call. Output 12VDC and 240VAC at 3A for 0.5- 9.5 seconds.

Wireless Systems and Alarm Kits . Do it yourself and easy to install. Protection with SMS and images. Motion detection sensors and beams. Monitor your home and business with PIR indoor and Microwave Outdoor Pet friendly detectors.

Alarm systems and security for all your needs.

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2013 Southern Security of Arkansas – Residential and Commercial Security Systems Lic. E2013-0044

1611 Nelson Road Little Rock, Arkansas 72206

Southern Security of Arkansas is an industry-leading home and business security technology company dedicated to ensuring the safety, convenience and control of your home and business security systems using wireless, web and mobile technology. Southern Security of Arkansas provides innovative and affordable solutions that deliver greater safety, awareness, control, convenience and efficiency inside the home and business from wherever you are. We install leading technology that provide services like Interactive Security, Video Monitoring, Energy Management and Home Automation through a connected platform and accessed through easy to use mobile apps. for any cell phone operating system.

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Faster Networks. Zero Maintenance. Best Prices. Cloud Ready.

Bandwidth Shaping at its best. We are different and better. Our algorithms stand the test of time, and are Cloud Ready. Our traffic shaping appliances use our unique behavior-based Equalizing fairness algorithms to shape both your inbound and outbound traffic. We automate bandwidth management (aka traffic shaping, packet shaping) for your network. Immediately you will see higher QoS and optimal network performance, all while reducing maintenance and customer complaints.

Schedule a Demo with an Engineer

This article is a quick read, and will get you up-to-speed on our behavior-based (aka “Equalizing”) bandwidth shaping philosophy. Includes an overview of Equalizing, our core capabilities, and how the NetEqualizer compares to other traffic shapers. Read the white paper.

The NetEqualizer continues its tradition of cutting edge technology. We are Cloud Ready! Read our cloud blog articles to see how we can help you to optimize your cloud-based application traffic.

Let us walk you through a personalized NetEqualizer Demo to see if the NetEqualizer is right for you.

As of Software Update 7.1. we offer Dynamic Real-Time Reporting (RTR); as of this second traffic monitoring for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. Sortable and searchable reports include Active Connections, Top 10 Flows, Connection Counts (possible P2P), and Penalized Flows. Traffic History graphs displaying from 10 minutes up to 4 weeks of data are also available. For more details on RTR, read the Dynamic RTR section of our User Guide .

We often get asked how NetEqualizer compares to companies that do Application Shaping (aka “deep packet inspection (DPI)”, or “Layer-7” shaping). Our Comparison White Paper will clarify the differences between NetEqualizer’s behavior-based approach and the rest of the pack. Read more.

The video rental industry of the early 80 s was comprised of 1000 s of independent stores. Corner video rental shops were as.

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Real-Time SQL Monitoring in SQL Developer

Jul 2: Real-Time SQL Monitoring in SQL Developer

Features in this post require both Diagnostics and Tuning Pack licenses.

If you haven’t seen 11g’s Real Time SQL Monitoring feature, you need to. It’s one of the most useful Oracle performance troubleshooting tools I’ve seen since I started working with Oracle too long ago. I was first aware of it via Greg Rahn’s blog post .

To date I’ve used it via DB Control for demos and it’s sweet, but one of the problems with any demo based on DB/Grid Control is that it’s use is likely to be limited to those who have DBA access. Yes, you can set up view access to GC so that people can monitor performance of targets that they have sufficient account privileges on, but a lot of sites won’t want the overhead of setting that up for developers and app support teams.

So I was intrigued when I noticed Tom Kyte mention that Oracle have been working on making more of these tools available to developers. After a quick email, a look at his slides and some further help from Sue Harper. I was able to try out RTSM in SQL Developer 1.5.4

Once you have selected Tools- Monitor SQL

you’ll see a grid table of records. This will include all monitored statements, including this example parallel query that I’m running just now.

If I right-click any of the statements and select ‘Show SQL Details’ I’ll see the Real Time SQL Monitoring screen, which is deeply cool.

One criticism, though. On my dinky laptop screen, the execution plan steps don’t display properly as that column’s too narrow. I can resize it

but then it just annoyingly sets it back to it’s original width every time the screen refreshes. Hopefully that’s something that can be fixed, for those of us with dinky monitors Even so, it saved me during my last course teach because 11g DB Control started to play up on my laptop, so I was able to fall back on the SQL Developer option. It’s definitely worth a look.

Thanks to Sue and Tom for their help.

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Integrated network management software for today s networks!

Managing network performance is always a great challenge. This doubles when multiple point-products are used to manage it. Introducing OpManager v12.2, world’s first truly integrated network management software for faster and smarter network management. It out-of-the-box offers

network monitoring

physical and virtual server monitoring, flow-based bandwidth analysis, firewall log analysis and archiving, configuration and change management, and IP address and switch port management, thereby providing all the visibility and control that you need over your network.

Network Server Monitoring

Monitor packet loss, response time, and performance metrics of devices such as routers, switches, servers, VMs.

Bandwidth Analysis

Firewall Log Management

Collect, analyze, and archive firewall logs for security and compliance. Fix security loop holes instantly.

Configuration Management

IP Address Switch Port Management

Manage IP address for space and availability. Track switch ports and the devices connected to it, in real-time.

Fault Management

Set multi-level thresholds to get notified of faults at various stages via email and SMS.

Highlights of version 12

All that you need, now in one screen

Integration between the key network management modules helps you gain more visibility.

  • View the performance, bandwidth consumption, recent configuration changes done on a device in single snapshot page. Be sure on what s causing the trouble and fix it before it impacts the end users.
  • Create racks with devices populated and design data center floors to mimic you data center. Drill down to actual device snapshot page in case of a fault.
  • Create business views with devices and maps of your choice. Visualize device health, traffic flowing between the branch offices, application that is widely accessed on a link, much more.
  • OpManager lets you be the first one to be notified of faults via email and SMS, which makes you gather more information about it and start troubleshooting it, before the end users rings you.

Get a quick overview of OpManager
and all its features. Find out how it meets all your
network management needs.

User-experience redefined with OpManager

Right from installation to troubleshooting faults, OpManager makes it easy for you with its
engineering excellence that makes it standout against the competition.

Discovery (10,000 interfaces)

Monitoring VMware Environment #zabbix, #zabbix #monitoring, #network #monitoring, #free #network #monitoring, #linux #monitoring, #windows #monitoring,monitoring #alerts, #alerting, #gnu, #linux, #aix, #hp-ux, #windows, #integrity #checking, #logging #services, #capacity #planning,snmp, #it #services, #trending, #distributed #monitoring, #web #monitoring, #agentless #monitoring, #sla


The Enterprise-class Monitoring Solution for Everyone

Virtual Machine Monitoring

Monitoring VMware environment

VMware monitoring support in Zabbix includes the possibility of automatically discovering hypervisors and virtual machines as well as monitoring VMware vCenter and vSphere installations for various hypervisor and virtual machine properties and statistics.

Zabbix can use a low-level discovery rule to automatically discover VMware hypervisors and virtual machines. To automate the process fully, host prototypes are first created with the low-level discovery rule. When virtual machines are discovered, the information received is used to turn these prototypes into real hosts. Discovered hosts belong to an existing host and take the IP of the existing host for the host configuration.

The default dataset in Zabbix also offers several ready-to-use templates for monitoring VMware vCenter and vSphere. These templates contain pre-configured LLD rules as well as a number of built-in checks for monitoring virtual installations.

2001-2017 by Zabbix LLC. All rights reserved.

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Alarm Monitoring – Only $8.95 A Month with Alarm Relay

Why Alarm Monitoring Is a Must-Have Home Security Service

Now that we’ve gotten pricing out of the way, let’s talk about why your home security setup is incomplete without alarm monitoring.

When you are away, who is monitoring your system?

So, you’re at work and your alarm goes off in the middle of the afternoon. Do you rely on your neighbors to call you or to call the police? What if they’re not at home either? Wouldn’t you prefer that a team of professionals immediately spring into action to ensure that you (or someone on your emergency list) are immediately contacted and that the police are dispatched to your home, if necessary?

If you are ever the victim of a home invasion, who will you depend on?

Imagine you are at home and your alarm is suddenly triggered. As you get up to take a look around, you are confronted with an armed person who forces you to turn the alarm off. If your system is not monitored, what happens next? What happens to your family? Who, outside of your home, will even know what’s going on and who will come to your rescue?

Now, imagine you’re at home and your alarm is triggered, BUT it is also professionally monitored by Alarm Relay. When you are confronted by an armed intruder who forces you to turn it off, you are able to input a special passcode that deactivates the alarm, yes, but also simultaneously sends a secret code-red message that you are in trouble. By the same token if the alarm goes off for too long and a live monitor calls your home to determine the nature of the alarm, if allowed to answer, you are able to calmly and discreetly give a secret code word that tells your monitor to call the police. Of course, by either method, the intruder does not recognize that you’ve given monitors a secret cue that you are in trouble. Alarm Relay, though, is able to alert the authorities on your behalf and help is immediately sent to your home.

So, which scenario do you feel the safest with?

If a false alarm is triggered when you’re not home, how much will you be fined?

Several jurisdictions have taken to fining homeowners for false alarms. If your alarm is monitored, however, you are contacted by Alarm Relay whenever your system is triggered and is not shut off within a minute or two. Should you be away from home when you receive that call, you can easily disarm the system remotely and avoid a police visit. Note that the $8.95 per month that you pay for monitoring with Alarm Relay includes this courtesy and is far less than the fine your city or town might levy.

Medical Alert Alarm Monitoring

If your alarm system is equipped with a feature for assistance during a medical alert, Alarm Relay can help. By offering the same quality assistance described above, a professional monitor can quickly call a response team when you or one of your loved ones are faced with a medical emergency and are unable to phone for help independently.

Why Alarm Relay?

Now that we’ve established the importance of investing in an alarm monitoring service, you may wonder why we recommend Alarm Relay over all others. Well, consider this:

  • Alarm Relay has met all required safety standards and is a bona-fide UL Certified company. This means that Underwriters Laboratories, a federally approved testing laboratory which has provided safety inspections and certifications for more than 100 years, has given Alarm Relay the thumbs up.
  • Some local law enforcement agencies are not lawfully bound to respond to alarm systems that are not properly registered with them by a monitoring company. And some monitoring companies cannot become registered because they are not properly permitted or they’ve allowed an earlier permit to lapse without renewal. As a UL Certified company, this will never be a problem with Alarm Relay.
  • Insurance companies often give discounts on homeowner policies if an alarm monitoring is installed. Often, companies require that systems also be monitored in order for a homeowner to receive a full discount. With Alarm Relay there will never be a question as to whether or not the monitoring company meets an insurance company’s approval. Not only are they UL Certified, but their clients include the U.S. Government’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Simply put, if the government trusts them enough to use their monitoring services, your insurance company will trust that you have the absolute best monitoring service around.
  • For more than 40 years, Alarm Relay has provided the ultimate in home security monitoring. With an outstanding reputation in the industry, every dispatcher in their employ is a well-trained professional. Not only are their dispatchers able to effectively monitor your system, but they do such a good job at handling security and medical emergencies that they have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • In addition to UL Certification and the highest Better Business Bureau rating, Alarm Relay has achieved industry recognized excellence by leaders such as the Security Industry Association and have been granted Five Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association.

Get Alarm Monitoring For Your Home and Office NOW!

Every day that you delay having your alarm monitored is a day that you and your loved ones are at risk. With affordable service from a company vetted by a global leader in safety, we guarantee that you will not find a better monitoring service to provide your home and your family with 24/7 protection. Call our office today to find out how to sign up with Alarm Relay and save between 50-300% of what other security companies will offer.

Every hour and every day, Alarm Relay is on the job, and it’s been that way for over four decades. Alarm Relay is known for fast, accurate, and responsive alarm monitoring services, providing a high level of protection 24/7 at reasonable prices whereas other monitoring services are at least three times more in cost.


Save between 50-300% off industry standard alarm monitoring costs by connecting to the Alarm Relay central station.

UL Certified Central Station

ShaPlus Bandwidth meter – Free bandwidth monitoring software #internet #bandwidth #monitor, #bandwidth #monitoring #software, #internet #monitor, #bandwith #monitoring, #broadband #usage, #free #bandwidth #meter, #bandwidth #freeware, #free #bandwidth #monitor, #network #traffic, #internet #bandwidth, #bandwidth #usage


ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter 1.4 (Freeware)

Simple to use bandwidth monitoring software to track Internet bandwidth usage. It remains in tray and displays the bandwidth usage in current session, day and month. This will be helpful for those with limited bandwidth broadband/adsl connection.

  • Option to make meter always visible.
  • Transparency of meter can be adjusted.
  • Option to exclude bandwidth during certain period of day (for those having free usage periods).

Download ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter 1.4.2 (117 KB)
Last updated. 01 Feb 2016 (Version history)

If you find this useful, please consider making a donation.

  • Changes in version 1.4.2
  • Fixed bug not showing year 2016 in Monthly Totals
  • Changes in version 1.4
  • Fixed bug causing runtime error in some Window 7 and Windows 8 installation
  • Option to display counter in GB (previously only KB or MB)
  • Option to reset “Now” Counter in Tray menu
  • Changes in version 1.3.1
  • Fixed bug not displaying monthly usage for previous years months
  • Changes in version 1.3
  • Added Monthly Totals listing (see “Monthly Total. “ in menu)
  • Fixed. menu not closing when focus is elsewhere
  • Changes in version 1.2.1
  • Fixed bug. meter getting stuck after 2 GB in one session
  • Changes in version 1.2
  • Configurable month start day for those having billing cycle start day other than 1st of month
  • Remembers last closed meter visibility on startup
  • Fixed problems when connecting new networks
  • Fixed bugs in excluding free time usage
  • Changes in version 1.1
  • Added option to set transparency of meter
  • Option to select network interfaces to monitor
  • Option to exclude usage during specified times (for those having free usage times)

Security Control – Wholesale Central Station – Alarm Monitoring, Burglar, Fire alarms, 2-way voice, AES Long Range Radio #security #alarm #monitoring #center, #central #station #monitoring, #dmp #internet #monitoring, #broadband #alarm #communications, #communicator, #long #range #radio, #radio #backup, #medical #alarms


  • All Reporting Formats Supported
  • Two Way Voice Support
  • FM Approved for Commercial Fire Monitoring
  • AES Long Range Radio (Phx, Tucson & most places between)
  • AlarmNet-A/GSM/i Services
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Real Time On-Line Access
  • Wide Variety Of Activity Reports Available
  • Digital Voice Logging
  • Fully Automated Technician IVR Touch Tone Access
  • Interactive Telephone Access for Technicians
  • Real Time E-Mail/SMS Messaging


Arizona Security Control is a leader in 2 way voice technology. We’ve been handling 2 way voice since before it was popular. We’ve developed specialized hardware and software for quick and reliableaccess to two-way voice events.No operator guessing games, only consistent response each and every time. Our equipment WON’T allow a system to be accidentally disconnected by operator error. We CAN’T hang up a 2 way call until the subscriber end does.


In addition to having dealer and customer online interface capabilities, we also allow different levels of access to be granted to different users. So your alarm technicians have access to account info, but may or may not have access to edit the alarm monitoring information, or your customer service department can add messages into the account activity REAL TIME at the alarm monitoring central station with the click of a button.

Watch real-time activity for your accounts that refreshes every 15 seconds. The moment our operators are done handling your customer’s alarm, you see a full activity log for the account that displays all the actions that were just taken on the account, the account name, address, number, and a link to the account itself. Check out our ONLINE ACCESS pages for more details on Remote Dealer and Customer access.

Tired of getting STUCK with a alarm monitoring dispatch procedure that doesn’t fit your customers or business? At AzSecurity Control YOU can determine how we handle every type of alarm monitoring event that comes into us, whether it is a two way voice burglar alarm or a fire alarm.

We know that no two alarm dealers are alike, nor are their customers. We didn’t write our software for OUR way of doing business, we wrote it for EVERYONE’S way. There are so many customizable options available from our software to our operator responses, that you’d need a guide to show you everything. Speaking of which. call us. we’d LOVE to guide you through our dealer options. You’ll be glad you did.

Want to keep track of minor details for your alarm monitoring accounts? With our Customizable Activity Reports. you have access to ALL the information we have about your alarm monitoring accounts. You choose how much (or how little) you need on a daily basis.

Do you have accounts that need more than one test signal supervised? Our software can check for any number of tests on every account. If you have multiple panels (i.e. digital and uplink) reporting to the same account, it can be set up to check for multiple tests during a set period of time.

Customize the Actions: Do you want us to call on trouble signals only during certain times? Do you want to be notified on every alarm every one of your customers has? Do you want to be able to change procedures yourself on a per account basis? With our online access, you have complete control of your accounts.

Best Media Monitoring Tools for Public Relations: Top 100 #online #media #monitoring #tools


Media Monitoring Tools for Public Relations: Top 100

The Everything PR list of the top 100 free and paid tools for monitoring the media for the public relations industry.

Hundreds of media monitoring tools are available online. But finding the right ones can be challenging. Many are difficult to find, others cost more than you want to pay, and still others aren’t worth the time it takes to look for them. So what’s a media monitoring fool to do? As it used to say in the Mighty Man cartoons (look it up), “Here we are to save the day!

We put our pointed little head to great task searching the web near and far – well, at least on a few different mobile and desktop devices to compile this amazing collection of 100 such sources (software, applications and service providers).

Some of these Media Tools are free, some require a fee, and some let you take a free spin around the block so you can decide if you want to take it home and make it your own. All of them perfect for PR, Social Media, Marketing and communications professionals to use in 2015.

This list gives you a plethora of choices, and just enough information to let you know if it might be a great fit for your specific needs. If we managed to miss one, tell us (and everyone else) all about it in the comments section.

This is an ever-evolving list. New Social Media and PR apps are being offered every day for all kinds of things, including media monitoring, so we expect it will need updating occasionally. That’s where we can always use a little helping hand from our friends and colleagues.

If you’ve discovered a helpful tool, not on our list – shout about it so we can add it to the list, and everyone is benefited. If you are using any of the above and have helpful information to share, do that too – Please!

PR News For You:

Andrew Wilson says

We have just started looking at this a new system that appears to do everything well helps our comms and engagement with our clients and their personnel, allows us to monitor whatever we want or whatever our clients want and we can then transfer what we get to their screens, we can change this as often as we want and to change these on the fly, we can pull in feeds from any campaigns that we set up and can send all of our marketing info to whoever we wish at the press of a single click and we can moderate client feeds automatically to stop abuse and unnecessarily inflammatory remarks I love this last bit as e can set up moderation that can either park the offending remark automatically or it can just tell us that we need to pay attention to something the system sends me an e-mail to warn me Client s like this a lot as it means that anything untoward is immediately notified to everyone who needs to know and we can then make a decision It also does virtually all of the analytics, in real time against the campaigns we run although we also use some Google analytics as well AND it only costs £35/month per person like this!

Probably the biggest omission is VMS s InSight platform. Our company just upgraded to their InSight 3 and it s amazing what you can pull down. Their background is in broadcast media monitoring, but in addition to pulling down news broadcasts that mention my company s product in almost real time, I can get access to print, social media mentions, radio, even outdoor mentions that might relate to us. From what I understand, they re one of the first to do media monitoring and analytics, and while the space has become horrifically crowded, they re one of the few one-stop players.

Hello Liliana What a fantastic list and I am sure an effort to compile. Great content here that we will be sure to pass along.

Another company that you might want to include in this list is Cision, which is the leading provider of software, services and tools for the media and public relations industry.

Cision ( empowers businesses to make better decisions and improve performance through its CisionPoint software solutions for corporate communication and PR professionals. Powered by local experts with global reach, Cision delivers relevant media list information, distribution services via media monitoring, and precise media analysis.

Great stuff, thanks again!

Didn t know if you saw your post on my 10 best SM list for Sept. Just FYI. steve

Liliana, thank you for this incredibly extensive list! I m bookmarking this post for sure.

As PR professionals, we have to remain tapped into digital media at a microscopic level of conversation yet also monitor the mainstream, traditional media like television.

SnapStream makes a TV search appliance, a cross between a DVR and a search engine, to make TV clippable, linkable and accessible. Just like Google News Alerts, you can receive instant TV Alerts with SnapStream via e-mail. This server is something you purchase once, with minimal maintenance fees. ( )

For a freebie option, check out the resource Trends. Type in up to 10 keywords (like your clients) to graph their news coverage across the major networks.

Well done assembling your list that must have taken quite a bit of research!

Another company you should expect to hear more about in the near future is Engage121. Our social media monitoring and engagement application was designed to address the unique communications challenges facing organizations with distributed sales networks (such as franchises and agent-based companies). We offer listening, speaking, and evaluation abilities across all platforms for the Enterprise-level marketer on down to the individual shop owner.

Look forward to making it onto your NEXT list!