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Online Banking

A simpler and more convenient way to bank on-the-go

  • View your account statements securely on the go in your email inbox or OCBC Mobile Banking app. Learn more. ENHANCED
  • With QuickView. now you can access your bank account balances and latest transactions, without a One-Time-Password. Learn more. ENHANCED
  • Pay OCBC cards or other banks credit cards bills
  • Pay bills (with option to scan barcode)
  • Send money securely in Singapore via FAST or send money overseas
  • Place Time Deposit or make a Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) contribution
  • Top up cards
  • Activate ATM/debit/credit cards
  • Update your personal details
  • Request for PIN and more

Bank on-the-go with ease, anytime, anywhere.

Download or update the latest OCBC Mobile Banking app on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile phone.

What’s more? Enjoy all these convenient features. It’s like having the bank in your pocket!

  • First bank in Singapore to let you check your bank balances, latest transactions and credit card overview with just your fingerprint
  • OCBC OneTouch is available on:
    • Touch ID enabled iPhones running on iOS 8 or latest operating systems
    • NEW Now also available on selected Samsung phones with fingerprint recognition feature running on Android 4.4 and above.

OCBC Pay Anyone

  • Use Siri or iMessage to send money via OCBC Pay Anyone with iPhone on iOS10 and above!
  • Pay anyone up to S$1,000 per day on your mobile phone, email and FaceBook contact list, without knowing their bank account details.
  • Recipients do not need an OCBC account to receive money.
  • Its convenient, instant and secure!

Mobile Banking App for Apple Watch

  • Get easy access to your banking information including bank balances, latest transactions and credit card overview at a glance on your wrist .
  • It even shows you the nearest ATMs and branches.

OCBC Internet Banking

All your banking needs in one place, at your convenience

  • View your account statements securely on the go in your email inbox. Learn more. ENHANCED
  • With QuickView, now you can access your bank account balances and latest transactions, without a One-Time-Password. Learn more. ENHANCED
  • Full suite services
  • Invest in unit trusts
  • Manage cards’ overseas use
  • Set savings goals and use Money In$ights to track spending by categories

Invest in unit trusts online NEW

Get fund recommendations

  • Make informed decisions with the help of our Wealth Panel and Advisors
  • We share with you only top fund ideas that we are convinced of ourselves.
  • ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Enjoy promotional sales charge of 0.88% when you buy unit trust online. Valid till 30 Jun 2017. T ?>

Physical Therapist Assistant Salary #physical #therapist #pay


Physical Therapist Assistant Salary

Job Description for Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical therapist assistants are responsible for facilitating physical therapy tasks on behalf of their organization. They are in charge of interacting with patients, asking their medical histories, and providing the best service possible. They have a professional attitude that can help increase patient satisfaction.

They assist with the physical therapy process by ensuring that all the tools and supplies are stocked. Some of their main responsibilities include filling out paperwork and completing administrative tasks. They also provide follow up to ensure that there is progress within a training program. These professionals work proficiently in a team setting with other assistants and therapists to reach all patient goals in a timely manner. However, they are also equipped to work on their own with minimal supervision. They can use a personal computer to record interactions and appointments. They have strong communication skills to explain physical therapy procedures. They have excellent technical abilities to provide massages and follow strict ethical guidelines. They need to be able to stand on their feet for several hours at a time. They help alleviate pain symptoms and provide other rehabilitation services. Physical therapist assistants usually report their progress to the therapist in charge.

An associate’s degree in physical therapy or similar field is usually required for this job. Previous years of work experience in a therapist assistant position can be helpful. Physical therapy certifications are a plus.

Physical Therapist Assistant Tasks

  • Fit and train patients for orthopedic braces, prostheses, and supportive devices, such as crutches.
  • Transport patients to and from treatment areas, lift and transfer them according to positioning requirements, secure into or onto therapy equipment.
  • Monitor operation of equipment and record use of equipment.
  • Observe and document the progress of treatment.
  • Assist physical therapists in providing physical therapy treatments and procedures.

Common Career Paths for Physical Therapist Assistant

Payroll service online #pay,payroll,bureau,jamaica,jamaica #payroll,bizpay,service,mcs #jamaica,mcsystems,finance,salary,business #solution,deductions


W elcome to BizPayCentral.com, Jamaica’s premier Internet based Payroll processing service and another first for Management Control Systems (MCS). one of the Caribbean’s leading technology companies renowned for its innovative, cutting edge business solutions. BizPayCentral.com is a secure Internet based payroll processing service that allows you to enter all relevant data for your employees, process your periodic payrolls and also to view and print your pay-slips and reports all via your Internet web browser.

BizPayCentral.com is part of a suite of payroll solutions offered by MCS which includes BizPay Premium, aimed at medium sized companies who have their own network infrastructure; the soon to be released BizPay Desktop will replace our current desk top application Power Pay. BizPay Desktop is ideal for small companies and not to be forgotten is the Bureau Service where all payroll requirements are handled by a very capable and dedicated team of payroll professionals. This is a favorite of many international companies doing business on the island. It would be remiss of us not to mention that MCS provides the Government of Jamaica with its online payroll service BizPay Gov.

We invite you to explore the site, view our frequently asked questions and answers, apply for a free trial of our online payroll at www.BizPayCentral.com or call our offices at (876) 929-8661 to talk with one of our professionals. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you!

Payments / Subscription upgrades

Need to renew your subscription to our service? Click here to generate your invoice to pay at one of our authorized payment outlets.

View our Online Demo

And all of this is done over the internet. All you need is internet access, and a PC with the minimum configuration .

New Tax Threshold – Effective April 1, 2017

Dear Valued Customers, Tax Administration Jamaica has announced a new Tax Threshold of $1,500,096 to take effect on April 1, 2017. We have made the necessary changes to BizPayCentral.com. The changes will be reflected after you have run the payroll. The changes effected as of April 1, 2017 are:

  1. The new Non-Pensioner’s Tax Credit (threshold) is $1,500,096
  2. The new Pensioner’s Tax Credit is $1,580,096

Lottery Payouts – Selling your Lump Sum Payment #annuity #pay #out


Lottery Annuity Payments

Lotteries Annuity Payments

Before lottery winners can collect their jackpot, they usually must make one important decision: Do they want to collect their winnings all at once or over a long period of time?

The former option is called a lump-sum award, where the winner receives the amount of the lottery winnings after taxes. The latter option, to enter into a long-term payment agreement, is called an annuity. Annuities allow recipients to receive decades of periodic disbursements from an account set up for them by their state lottery commission.

Each state and lottery company varies — Powerball, for example, offers lottery winners the choice of a lump-sum payout or an annuity consisting of equal annual payments over 30 years. Mega Millions offers lump-sum payouts and annuity payments that increase by 5% each start over a 30-year period.

Both lump-sum payouts and annuities have their pros and cons.

Choosing a Lump-Sum Payout

Lottery winners who consider themselves savvy investors typically pick the lump-sum option so they can beat the long-term market returns by immediately investing the money in high-yield financial options, including real estate, commodities, precious metals, stocks or bonds.

On the other hand, taking the money now means they can make extravagant purchases or pay off large amounts of debt with their newfound, upfront cash.

The downside of an immediate influx of cash is that the actual payout is significantly less than the amount won in the lottery.

For example, when three Powerball winners split a $448 million prize in 2013, they didn t individually collect a third of that jackpot roughly $150 million. Instead, the federal government first applied its tax rate of 39.6 percent to the winnings. Many states also tack on their taxes to the remaining total. Each winner in this example was left with about $90 million dollars hardly a bad pay day.

Another downside is temptation — the financially illiterate may squander the funds all at once or not invest it properly, leading many lottery winners to bankruptcy or a financial loss. In 2002, West Virginia lottery winner Andrew Whittaker took a $170 million lump-sum payout and was robbed several times. Now, at 70 years old, Whittaker still has to work to pay his bills. In another example, 1981 lottery winner Lou Eisenberg is now living on his pension in a trailer because several divorce settlements separated him from his $5 million winnings.

Waiting for the Long-Term Payout

One reason to look hard at a long-term annuity is the potential tax benefits. Depending on the amount of the winnings, individuals who choose annuity payments over the lump-sum payment can fall into a lower tax bracket. They also will always receive a larger payout over the long run.

There is a major downside to receiving lottery winnings in an annuity: Unexpected financial emergencies that periodic payments might fail to meet.

Perhaps a lottery winner wishes to live free of debt, but cannot achieve that goal because their periodic payments are too small to completely satisfy all outstanding obligations. Marriage, a new home, sending a child to college, addressing a medical emergency or start a new business might require more liquid funds. Selling one s lottery payments may be the best possible solution.

Selling Your Lottery Payments?

Let us help you get access to your lottery cash today!

Taxes and Lottery Annuities

Taxes largely influence many lottery winners’ decision whether to choose a lump-sum payout or annuity. The advantage of the lump-sum is certainty — the lottery winnings will be subjected to current federal and state taxes as they are now. Once taxed, it can be spent or invested as the winner sees fit.

The advantage of the annuity is the exact opposite — uncertainty. As each annuity payment is received, it will be taxed based on current federal and state rates. Those who choose the annuity option for tax reasons are often betting the tax rates in the future will be lower than the current rates.

For those who choose an annuity predicting lower future tax rates and later regret their decision, lottery winners always have the option of selling their annuity payments for a lump-sum.

Some States Allow Annuity Sales

Many lottery winners who decide to take the annuity have an option to cash in that long-term investment. Currently, there are 28 states that allow these kinds of after-market sales for a lump-sum payment.

A winner does not need permission from those states’ lottery commissions to sell the rights to future award payments. Winners also can decide to sell all or part of their future payments. The terms of the sale, including the total amount, are up for negotiation. In addition to funding an emergency expense or paying off debt, many seniors also sell their annuities because it is illegal to transfer annuity payments from a living winner to anyone else.

However, just like the transfer of payment rights under the provisions of a structured settlement for personal injury. the winner must have court approval for the transaction to take place. A judge makes the decision whether such a sale is in the person’s best interest.

If you are interested in selling some or all of your annuity payments, you should also contact your lottery company to clarify if the annuity can be sold. Some lottery companies only allow for a transfer of the funds when the annuity owner dies .

The Process of Selling Payments

Who Buys Lottery Payments

Typically, two types of companies purchase long-term lottery payouts: Factoring companies and insurance companies. These are the same companies that work in the secondary annuity and structured settlement market that purchase settlements from sellers who collect personal injury settlements and other kinds of long-term payouts.

Selling Lottery Payments

Lottery winners who decide to sell their periodic payments for upfront money first must learn if they are allowed to do so. That is often determined by the state in which the lottery was won and not by the state in which the lottery winner lives. Sometimes there are ways of finding a loophole; a task best suited for a personal attorney.

Call now to discuss your selling options

Tax Obligations of Selling Lottery Payments

Someone who cashes in some or all future lottery payments will owe federal income taxes, and in some instances state income taxes, on the amount of the lump-sum payout. The tax rate will be the ordinary income tax rate .

This differs from someone who sells a structured settlement gained from a personal injury lawsuit. In those cases, buyouts are tax-free.

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Vip Special Time Call Back Request Form:


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Please Read this before you purchase our package. Because the information in our package can be copied and has been copied in the past by dishonest individuals claiming it was lost, but they were practicing the business.

There are no refunds on recurring yearly membership payments. No refunds on earned Residuals Bonuses once paid to your sponsor. All sales are final on membership package sales If your package was lost after we track it. We will send out another to the original address you supplied to us.

Owner Founders

Emanuel Blessings Mark David Siebenmorgen

Co Owner: Mark David Siebenmorgen

CEO Executive Platinum Member:
Emanuel Blessings

RPC-Sales Invoice Billing:
Darreyl Sumpter

Customer Members Support Service
Debbie Stafford
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Pay Per Click Management Pricing #pay #per #click #management #pricing


At Mind Dog Marketing we put no limits on the amount of campaigns, ad groups and keywords included in our pay per click management services. And quite frankly, it’s a mystery to us why any pay per click management company ever would. For businesses with a wide array of services, products and/or dispersed geographical target markets, increasing the number of campaigns and ad groups can often help deliver more targeted ads, increasing click through rates, conversion rates and generate more qualified leads. Why put a limit on your business potential?

No Start-Up Cost and Money Back Guarantee

Whether you’re already running pay per click campaigns or completely new to pay per click marketing, we won’t charge you any start-up fees. We want to engage in long-lasting partnerships based on trust and honesty, and we understand that it takes an investment (beyond empty words) on our part as well – that’s why we don’t charge a start-up fee.
And should you for some reason feel that we don’t live up to your expectations within the first 30 days, we’ll not charge you a single dime.

Month-to-Month Contracts

We don t believe in long-term contract and regardless of your pay per click budget you will always be on month-to-month terms when working with Mint Dog Marketing.

Ownership of AdWords and Bing Accounts

If you don’t already have an AdWords or Bing account we’ll set one up in your name, and should we ever part ways, the account and all its content and settings remain yours. When working with Mint Dog you’ll always have full control over your AdWords and Bing accounts.

It Only Takes One Phone Call!

Give us a call or shoot us a message to tell us about your business and ambitions, and learn more about
our services and approach. Chances are we might be a great fit for one another!

Salary Survey – Compensation Data #eri, #salary #surveys, #salary #data, #salaries, #cost #of #living #relocation #comparison, #compensation #survey #data, #compensation #analytics #software, #executive #compensation, #salary #comparison, #geographic #pay #differentials, #cost #of #labor


Salary and Cost of Living Data at Your Fingertips

Quick Tour Video FAQs

What browser is recommended for viewing the video?

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer to view the video. If you are experiencing issues with Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7, we suggest that you access the video using one of the other recommended browsers above.

The video is still not playing even though I’m using one of the recommended browsers. What should I do?

If the video isn’t playing directly in the browser and is prompting you to open the file using another media player, you may not have Adobe Flash Player installed or have an outdated version. Please click on the link below and follow the instructions to install the latest version.

What is Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player is a cross-platform, browser-based application runtime that delivers uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across screens and browsers.

Still having issues?

“ERI Economic Research Institute is undoubtedly the most accurate provider of salary information in the world.”

Ben Kaiser Compliance Analyst Costco Wholesale Corporation

“It is by far the best market compensation tool I have ever used. Again, it is a WONDERFUL product.”

Denise Flournoy Director HR & Compensation Ruby Tuesday

“We really needed a solid data tool to make sure that we were converting our ranges for where they were. And we knew that we could do that with ERI. What I love most about ERI is just the simplicity.”

Jodie Kelley Compensation Plains Capital Corporation

Military Advance Pay #merchants #advance, #military #pay



Military Advance Pay

The purpose of advance pay is to give funds to a member to meet extraordinary expenses incident to a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). It is intended to assist with the out-of-pocket expenses, not typical of day-to-day military living, that precede or exceed reimbursements incurred in a member’s change of duty locations.

An advance of pay is not authorized for the specific out-of-pocket expenses covered by advances of other allowances and entitlements, if those advances are used (to include travel allowances and per diem. overseas station housing allowance. basic allowance for housing. and dislocation allowance ). The member’s commander has a responsibility to ensure that an advance of pay is used only to help with the financial burden of a PCS.

A member may be paid an advance of basic pay not to exceed 3 months less deductions. Servicemembers are normally required to pay this advance back, in the form of a deduction in pay over a twelve month period.

If you are facing a PCS move be sure to contact your pay office to determine if you will benefit from an advance on your pay.

Military News App by Military.com

Download the new Military.com News App for Android on Google Play or for Apple devices on iTunes .

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    Florida Community Bank: Secure Online Banking and Bill Pay #online #banking, #personal #online #banking, #convenience #electronic #banking, #cib, #ceb, #consumer #electronic #banking, #personal, #consumer, #internet #banking, #net #banking, #bill #pay, #bill #payment, #secure #online, #check #balance, #make #transfer, #pay #bill, #mobile, #text, #alert, #access


    Online Banking Bill Pay | En Espa ol

    Convenience Electronic Banking: Manage your finances more efficiently with Online Banking and Bill Pay in a secure, simple-to-use environment. Online Banking with Bill Pay allows you 24/7 secure access to view balances, browse transactions, make transfers, set up bills to be paid automatically, and much more.

    Already enrolled? Log in to Convenience Electronic Banking
    Are you a business with the need for multiple user-access or to initiate ACH or Wire Transfer transactions? Go to Business Electronic Banking
    Want to learn more or need help? View a demo | or call 1-877-557-3635

    NOTE: When you register for online banking, FCB will ask you for basic registration information, such as your name, social security number, email address, and information to verify your relationship with us (e.g. ATM, Debit Card, Checking or Savings Account information). The bank uses this basic registration information for providing the services and/or accessing the sites customers select on their behalf, monitoring and improving our existing products and services, or for purposes of offering new product and service information of interest to customers.

    Features Benefits:

    MOBILE BANKING | View the demo
    With Mobile Banking from FCB, you can enjoy 24/7 access to your financial accounts in a secure environment on the go: check your account balance(s), review your transaction history, transfer funds between accounts, pay your bills, and locate branches and ATMs. More about Mobile Banking

    SECURE SIGN ON | More on Online Security
    All of FCB’s securely encrypted online banking services utilize technology called Secure Sign On to protect your identity, whether accessing online banking from home, at the office, or on the go. It identifies you as the true owner of your online banking session by recognizing not only your password, but your computer as well. If you’re not recognized by Secure Sign On, we’ll ask you to provide information that only you will know as a strong defense against unauthorized access.

    View balances, transaction history, and other account-related information. Balance reporting includes a convenient balance report of all desired accounts as well as transaction search capabilities. Account names can be customized and transaction history can be downloaded in various file formats.

    eSTATEMENTS | More about eStatements
    Quickly access your account statements and check images in a secure, convenient environment. Statements are archived securely for five years.
    Review our eStatements Disclosure for:
    Personal Accounts or Business Accounts

    Check Imaging technology allows us to capture, archive and deliver electronic images of checks and deliver them through online banking, ensuring unparalleled service and convenience.

    Manage your finances more efficiently with the ability to easily transfer funds in real-time from one FCB account to another. Save transfer profiles for ease with recurring transfers.

    Pay your bills electronically with FCB’s Bill Payment service. Whether you want to set up convenient recurring bill payments or pay bills one at a time – without licking a single envelope, our Bill Pay service is fast, free and convenient. Payments can be scheduled to pay any individual, company, or other recipient in the United States.

    Communicate securely with Florida Community Bank’s online banking-based email channel. From time to time, we will broadcast important online banking related notices through this channel, in an effort to keep you informed of new enhancements and features related to online banking.

    CHECK REORDERS | Reorder checks now
    Online Internet Banking provides convenient, quick access to check and deposit slip reorders. A link to the Harland Clarke reorder site makes it simple to reorder the checks and other forms you need.

    With our online banking services, you can export account information into your Personal Financial Management software, including the Microsoft Money , Quicken (.QIF), Comma-Separated Variables (.CSV), file formats and others.

    Real-time stop payments are available for single check numbers. Stop payment requests are valid for six months.

    Internet Banking Alerts enable you to receive alerts via your personal email or secure online banking-based mail when a pre-determined event occurs in your accounts. Find out more about Online Banking Alerts

    You can make payments online, as well as access current information on loans and lines of credit.

    Need Help or Additional Information?

    Online Banking Bill Pay

    Already enrolled? Log in to Convenience Electronic Banking
    Are you a business with the need for multiple user-access or to initiate ACH or Wire Transfer transactions? Go to Business Electronic Banking
    Want to learn more or need help? View a demo | or call 1-877-557-3635

    NOTE: When you register for online banking, FCB will ask you for basic registration information, such as your name, social security number, email address, and information to verify your relationship with us (e.g. ATM, Debit Card, Checking or Savings Account information). The bank uses this basic registration information for providing the services and/or accessing the sites customers select on their behalf, monitoring and improving our existing products and services, or for purposes of offering new product and service information of interest to customers.