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Photo ID Requirements

Photo ID Requirements

AWS adopts the same guidelines for photos as does the U.S. Department of State for passport photos. The following guidelines are borrowed and modified from the U.S. Department of State website.

Your photo is a vital part of your application. To learn more, review the information below on how to provide a suitable photo to avoid processing delays. The acceptance of your photo is always at the discretion of the AWS.

We recommend you use a professional passport photo service to ensure your photo meets all the requirements.

If you are applying for a Certification, you must provide one (1) passport-style photograph. Your photo must be:

  • In color
  • Printed on photo quality paper
  • 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size
  • Sized such that the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (between 25 and 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head
  • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
  • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
  • With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open
  • Taken in clothing that you normally wear on a daily basis:
    • Uniforms should not be worn in your photo, except religious clothing that is worn daily
    • Do not wear a hat or head covering that obscures the hair or hairline, unless worn daily for a religious purpose. Your full face must be visible, and the head covering must not cast any shadows on your face
    • Headphones, wireless hands-free devices or similar items are not acceptable in your photo
    • If you normally wear prescription glasses, a hearing device or similar articles, they may be worn for your photo
    • Dark glasses or non-prescription glasses with tinted lenses are not acceptable unless you need them for medical reasons (a medical certificate may be required)
    • Glare on glasses is not acceptable in your photo. Glare can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of the glasses or by removing the glasses or by turning off the camera flash

Photos copied or digitally scanned from driver s licenses or other official documents are not acceptable. In addition, snapshots, magazine photos, low quality vending machine or mobile phone photos, and full-length photographs are not acceptable.

Want to take the photo yourself?

While we recommend you use a professional passport photo service to ensure your photo meets all the requirements, you may take the photo yourself. Hand-held self-portraits are not acceptable. Photos must not be digitally enhanced or altered to change your appearance in any way. Please use reliable references for guidance on taking your own photo. There are several online software tools for this purpose. It is your responsibility to ensure the tool you use produces a photo that meets AWS specifications.

Renewals/Recertification – Change of Appearance

If you cannot be identified from your current photo on file with AWS, you should submit a new photo with your renewal or recertification application.

Examination results will NOT be released until we receive the 2 x 2 inch color passport – style photograph. To avoid delays in receiving your examination results, please mail your photo to the address listed below:

American Welding Society
Certification Department Photo Center
8669 NW 36 Street Suite 130
Miami, FL 33166-6672

We recommend using priority mail with tracking options.

For question or concerns, please call the Certification Department 800-443-9353, extension 273.

Photo ID Requirements #photo #id #requirements


Photo Identification Requirements for Vehicle Title Application

When you purchase a vehicle in Texas, you must show the proper photo identification to obtain a title and registration. A list of acceptable identification documents can be found under the Forms of Identification tab.

The vehicle will be titled in the legal name shown on your photo identification.

Identification Requirements


If purchasing a vehicle from a dealer, provide the dealer with your identification.

If purchasing a vehicle from an individual, bring your identification document and all other required application forms and fees with you to your county office when applying for your new title.

If you plan to title the vehicle in more than one name, it is only necessary for one of the owners to provide the proper form of identification.

Businesses and Organizations

Additional identification rules apply for titling a vehicle in the name of a business or organization.

Employees authorized to title a vehicle for leasing companies, government entities, organizations and private businesses must provide the following in addition to one of the acceptable forms of identification listed under the Forms of Identification tab:

  • A letter of authorization on the employer’s official letterhead, or
  • An official business card with the employer and employee’s name

Power of Attorney

If you are applying for a title on behalf of another person. you will need to have a Power of Attorney along with all the documents below:

  • Identification matching the person or employee of the entity named as power of attorney, and
  • Identification of the owner or lienholder.

If you are applying for a title on behalf of another company. you will need to have a Power of Attorney along with an official business card or letter of authorization on company letterhead that matches the identification of the employee.


If applying for a title in the name of a trust, the identification of the trustee must be presented.

Forms of Identification

  • A driver’s license or state identification certificate issued by a state or territory of the United States.
  • United States or foreign passport.
  • U.S. military identification card.
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security identification document.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services identification document.
  • U.S. Department of State identification document.
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) identification.
  • Identification issued under a Status of Forces Agreement.

The acceptable identification documents listed above must include:

  • a photo of the applicant;
  • a unique identification number; and,
  • an expiration date.

Note: “Current” is defined as not expired more than twelve months from the expiration date of the identification document for title and registration applications.

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Do you own a digital camera? Then in no time you will have thousands of images on your computer, and finding that one image you are looking for will become a chore. But Photo Supreme can change all that. Whether you have 1,000 or 500,000 images in your archive, Photo Supreme’s integrated photo cataloging and photo management features will help you quickly find and work with your desired image.

Control your Image Archive

Photo Supreme is cross platform, single and multi user Digital Asset Management software. Photo Supreme makes it possible to manage your image files by categorizing them. It will categorize files based on the available details of the file, this includes technical photo details, but also the location of the file on disk, or other embedded metadata. In addition you can add tags to the images, enrich the files with descriptions, add GEO information, detect face areas, or add custom information. Once you have your archive controlled, you will benefit from the many advantages. With Photo Supreme at hand you will be able to quickly retrieve your images using all kinds of criteria or combinations.

Consider Photo Supreme to be the hub of your image workflow. From within Photo Supreme you will ingest new image files, manage your images, find images, retouch them with third party tools, or send them to your favorite photo sharing site.

Watch a short introduction video

Single-User and Multi-User

Photo Supreme comes in two editions: a Single User and a Server edition. The Single User edition is designed to be used on a single computer, and is completely self-contained. Install and you re ready to go. The Server edition uses a central database and multiple Photo Supreme clients can access the same catalog from Apple and Windows computers. Photo Supreme Server edition can be used with the open source PostgreSQL database system or Microsoft s SQLServer database system. The role based User Access puts you in control of who can make changes and who can only view the content. This makes Photo Supreme Server edition a great solution for workgroups, departments, or creative studios.

Photo Supreme Server Edition uses a Concurrent License model. This model allows you to purchase licenses equal to the largest number of computers likely to be using the software at a given time, rather than the total number of computers that the software has been installed on. You don t pay for licenses that are not needed and when the need arises you can always add licenses.

Extremely powerful yet easy-to-use

From the ground up, Photo Supreme was developed with easy-of-use as the primary focus. We packed all the features into a user interface that is clean and efficient, yet extremely powerful.

Photo Supreme comes with every essential image management feature you ll need to bring structure in your image archive. Assigning catalog labels, importing images to your computer, search features, GEO tagging, face tagging, and more. After you have your images cataloged, you ll be able to find that one image you need within seconds to then view, duplicate, email, share on your favorite photo site, upload to your FTP server, or edit it in your favorite photo editor.

Integrates with your favorite tools

Photo Supreme makes integration with your favorite photo editing tools seaminglessly. At installation it will automatically find and add the most common used image editing tools to the user interface. Simply select an image and click on the application icon to start editing your image.
Import data from other like Apple Aperture, Apple iPhoto, Adobe Lightroom, different Vocabularies and get going where you left off.

Photo Supreme also shows you the essential edits made with DxO Optics Pro, PhaseOne CaptureOne, or Adobe Lightroom so you know what image you re working with.

Unparalleled speed

Digital Asset Management software uses a catalog database and should be optimized to work with thousands of images in the database. We took this seriously and were able to get the speed up, there where it belongs. Searches will return results in just milliseconds. Photo Supreme uses state-of-the-art technology and utilizes all the processor cores that you have installed.

Always take your images with you

With Photo Supreme you have previews of your images stored inside the catalog. So even if your images are physically located on your network or external drive, they travel with you. The size of your previews is configurable. If you are in Travel mode, Photo Supreme remains fully functional. You can even access your images as you are enjoying your Cuba Libre on the beach. Back home you switch off Travel Model and push the changes back to your image files.

Open architecture

From the ground up, Photo Supreme was designed with an open architecture. This means that all your data is also accessible without our software. And should you ever decide to switch applications in the future, then you won t have to repeat the time consuming task of re-cataloging your archive. After all, it is YOUR data, not the application s data.

Share with friends and family

Photo Supreme easily interfaces with popular photo sharing or social networking sites like Flickr, PicasaWeb, Zenfolio, and SmugMug. The way you want your images to appear can all be defined in a Sharing Profile. A Profile includes information for sizing, naming, watermarks, tags, color space, signatures. Once defined, its a matter of activating the Profile to upload your images.

For Flickr users there s also a full synchronization feature which makes it a breeze to keep your Flickr pages up-to-date, without leaving Photo Supreme. By organizing your images in Portfolios you can then synchronize the complete portfolio with Flickr. Photo Supreme will maintain the Flickr collection hierarchies, photo sets, descriptions, tags, etc. And the best part is that the changes made afterwards will automatically re-sync to Flickr.

Get started right away

If you already use some sort of image collection tool then Photo Supreme can help you get your existing data into Photo Supreme, saving you lots of time. There are import feature available for iPhoto™, Aperture™, Lightroom™, MediaPro™, iMatch™, and FotoTime™. At the same time, Photo Supreme is able to read and import meta-data that was written with XMP supporting tools, including Adobe products, Nikon software, iView™, MediaPro™.


In addition there are import features to support market standard vocabularies, including David Rieck s ControlledVocabulary™, UltraTAG™, Lightroom™-Keyword Files, or any other tool that supports exporting to Formatted Vocabulary Files.

Video Tutorials

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How to restore lost deleted formatted photo video files on Seagate hard drive

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Photo ID Required to Vote

Photo ID Required to Vote

About Virginia Voter Photo Identification

Virginia law requires all voters to provide an acceptable form of photo identification (photo ID) when voting in person at their polling place.

There are many different types of photo IDs that voters can use when they vote. All of the acceptable forms of photo ID can be used up to a year after ID has expired. These photo IDs include:

  • Valid Virginia Driver’s License or Identification Card
  • Valid Virginia DMV issued Veteran’s ID card
  • Valid United States Passport
  • Other government-issued photo identification cards (must be issued by US Government, the Commonwealth of Virginia, or a political subdivision of the Commonwealth)
  • Tribal enrollment or other tribal ID issued by one of 11 tribes recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Valid college or university student photo identification card (must be from an institution of higher education located in Virginia)
  • Valid student ID issued by a public school or private school in Virginia displaying a photo
  • Employee identification card containing a photograph of the voter and issued by an employer of the voter in the ordinary course of the employer’s business
  • For a more detailed list of acceptable IDs
  • Virginia Photo IDs Statistics

If you don t have one of these photo IDs, or you do but it s expired, don t worry, we ve got you covered!

Simply go to your nearest Voter Registration Office ( and apply for a free Virginia Voter Photo ID Card.)

You can apply for a Virginia Voter Photo ID Card throughout the year from any local voter registration office, even on Election Day. First, complete the Virginia Voter Photo Identification Card Application (English | Español ) in the presence of a designated Virginia Election Official. Second, an Election Official will then take your picture and have you sign a digital signature pad. Once those two steps are complete, your Virginia Voter Photo ID Card is printed and mailed to your address on file in the Voter Registration System.

In special circumstances 1. a designated Virginia Election Official will print a Temporary Identification Document which you may use while awaiting your Virginia Voter Photo ID Card to arrive in the mail, which usually takes about two to four weeks. Voters who receive a Temporary Identification Document prior to an upcoming election may use their Temporary Identification Document to cast a regular ballot on Election Day. A Temporary Identification Document may also be used when voting in-person absentee prior to the election.

Voters who register to vote for the first time may also apply for a Virginia Voter Photo ID Card when they submit their voter registration application.

Provisional Ballot Process for Voters Who Arrive Without Identification on Election Day

If you arrive at your polling place without an acceptable form of photo ID, you will be given the opportunity to vote a provisional ballot. After completing the provisional ballot, you will be given written instructions from your precinct election officials on how to submit a copy of your photo ID so your vote can be counted.

A voter who casts a provisional ballot will have until noon on the Friday following the election to deliver a copy of their photo ID to the voter registration office in which the ballot was cast. Voters may submit a copy of their ID via fax, email, in-person submission, or through USPS or commercial delivery service. Please note that the copy of the photo ID must be delivered to the electoral board by noon on Friday following the election, or the provisional ballot cannot be counted. A Friday postmark will not be sufficient if the copy of the photo ID is not delivered to the electoral board by noon on Friday.

Partnerships Outreach Toolkit Materials

The Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) is committed to ensuring that every person desiring to participate in the election process has the opportunity and means to do so. ELECT will engage any group wishing to participate in efforts to ensure that this goal is met.

To assist people or groups, ELECT has put together toolkits and resources to aid in effective voter education:

Temporary Identification Documents Information 1 Temporary Identification Documents are provided to Voter Photo ID applicants when an election is less than 21 days away. Voters wishing to receive a Temporary Identification Document must complete the entire application process. Voters who cast a provisional ballot may apply for a Temporary Identification Document up until 12:00 noon on the Friday following the election and from the registration office in which the provisional ballot was cast.

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THIERRY HUET PHOTOGRAPHY T/A PICTURESQUE�WANAKA BASED PHOTOGRGRAPHER, NEW ZEALAND � landscape photography, art photography & image stock library
Born in Paris, France in 1960, I received an artistic education and was influenced and inspired by family members. Since I was a child, I have always loved arts & photography,the outdoors and traveling, so landscape photography really appealed. In 1985, I attended Art school in Gothenburg, Sweden, where I studied painting and photography for a year and put on exhibitions. During my travels, I always tried to capture on film my own postcard of the place, and after, often organized public slide shows, a great way to share my experiences & travels. I moved permanently to Wanaka ,New Zealand in 1993 and spent 10 years in the tourism industry working as a ski instructor in the winter and running my own white-water sledging business (Frogz Have More Fun) in the summer. In 2002, I sold that business and felt the time had come for me to become a professional photographer.

I am a member of PSNZ and have been selling my own landscape postcards through retailers in the South Island since 1995. I am also currently selling A4 Lake Wanaka calendars, framed and mounted photographs, and high resolution digital images on disc. Please contact me for more details about these products or if you need a picture with a little “je ne sais quoi” french touch.
All the “New Work gallery ” photographs are recent digital images.
That includes;
– landscape photography
– fine art photography
– nature photography, love flowers!

If I enjoy a lot Landscape photography, I am feeling inspired and having a great time giving a go to Art photography and create a new picture with adding effects to my photographs. All new images can be printed up to 20″x15″ or poster size.
Digital photography is a whole new world and fun I believe.

I now have a wide range & library of diverse New Zealand landscape images, and all sorts. I also specialize in commercial photography, website photography, advertising, events, real estate, architecture & occasionally wedding photography. Entering photo competitions & art exhibitions is something I find rewarding & challenging. Current photographic exhibition: “DIGITAL CREATURES” Little Gallery, Little Brown House, Little St, Wanaka

I’ve created this easy-to-navigate website so I can share my photography, my journeys, what my eye captures, and hopefully the image gallery will inspire you to travel, to come to visit our picturesque New Zealand, or, become a photographer.

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