KPI Reporting Dashboards from NetSuite OpenAir Help Professional Service #professional #services #automation, #psa, #service #resource #planning, #srp, #revenue #recognition, #project #management, #resource #management, #knowledge #management, #project #accounting, #practice #management, #service #process #optimization, #spo, #pso, #esa, #time #sheet, #time #sheets, #timesheet, #timesheets, #time #tracking, #invoicing #software, #expense #tracking, #invoice


Reporting and Dashboards

Reporting and Dashboards

Your professional services automation solution (PSA) is only as good as the information you can get out of it. With this in mind, NetSuite OpenAir provides robust reporting and analytical tools that are integrated across all modules to deliver on-demand, real-time data.

View Graphical Dashboards

Display the key performance indicators (KPIs) that mean the most to you as soon as you log into the application. OpenAir dashboards enable you to analyze metrics such as resource utilization, profit margin, and project budget vs. actual in easy to read graphs. Better yet, KPIs and dashboards are easily configured to each individual user’s needs, giving everyone instant access to the information that matters.

Intelligent Reporting

OpenAir’s newest reporting sets the bar on convenience, ease of use and flexibility. Built from the ground up, we reimagined how reporting should be done and designed an entirely new experience so the team member can create the report they need quickly and easily, while at the same time supporting the more sophisticated needs of the power user, offering unprecedented controls to build powerful reports that meet your business needs, all though simple drag-and-drop controls.

Predictive Report Selection

OpenAir’s new Guidance capability takes the guesswork out of finding that elusive report you ran last quarter or last year. By entering simple search criteria, OpenAir does a quick analysis of your report usage behavior and recommends the exact report you need. No more fumbling through hundreds of saved reports and wasting time on hits-and-misses. Find the exact report you need. Instantly.

Rapid Report Viewer

Ever need to make a small tweak to a report and find you’re practically rebuilding it from scratch? With OpenAir’s new Report Viewer, you can view or export your reports, but also make quick changes to filters and ranges without having to go into an edit mode. Save time and effort to get the exact view you need.

Improve Metrics Tracking

For many services organizations, managing by metrics is a key component for their success. OpenAir reporting functionality enables users to schedule, deliver, and download reports to make sure key stake holders are always aware of the current status of every facet of your organization.

Case Studies

Contents Business Plan Software, Template, Financial Projections, Cash Flow Plans & Business Planning: excel template, financial modeling, budget, financial projections, budget plans, financial plans, business forecast, financial projection, budgeting software, corporate budget, financing plan, finance analysis, financial forecasts, business projection, financial planning, funding small business, financial planners, business projections software, cash flow spreadsheet, business cash flow, cash flow management, cash flow software, cash flow model, cash flow projections #financial #planning #sheet


Financial Projection Software

    • Introduction. The Exl-Plan range and uses, and how you can gain from using it.
  • Benefits. Why Exl-Plan is faster, easier and better and its key advantages.
  • Detailed Information. Descriptions of the sixteen main versions/ editions of Exl-Plan, facilities and features, variables handled and help/ support provided.
  • Download Trial Free Versions. Links to download all trial and free versions and editions.
  • Buy Use Now. Ecommerce service for purchasing and immediately downloading.
  • Installation Running Notes. Detailed guidance covering installation, familiarization, exploration and use.
  • Support for Users. Details of support and help available to users.
  • Exl-Plan Basic . Details of low-cost version for 5-year projections, download links for trial copy and purchase routes.
  • Exl-Plan Free . Free version for 2-year projections – details, download links and registration form.
  • Exl-Plan Brochure. 4-page brochure in PDF format (420k) describing the Exl-Plan range.
  • Cash Flow Forecast Software. Excel templates for full-integrated 12-month projections for planning and managing cash flows. Includes initial 12-week forecasts and roll-forward facility.

Name: Exl-Plan (nine versions and US/Can & UK/International editions).

Function: Excel template for multi-year income, cashflow balance sheet projections with Word template for business plan.

Uses: Business plans, budgets, raising finance strategic planning.

For: Managers, consultants, entrepreneurs startups.

Benefits: Saves time effort. Easy-to-use. Expandable. Provides know-how improves planning.

System: Windows 95/98/ Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/
Win7,8,10 with Excel 5,7,8,95,97,2000,XP,2003,

Prices (US$): Free, 29, 49, 89, 129, 169, 209, 249 or 289.

See Also: Cashflow Plan for rolling 12-month projections.

PlanWare, Invest-Tech Limited, Ardmeen Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland

International Tel:
+353-1-283 4083

International Fax:
+353-1-288 7805

PlanWare, Cashflow Plan, Exl-Plan, Quik-Plan, Free-Plan, Biz-Plan, Easi-Plan, Cash-Plan, Pers-Plan, Your-Plan and Bank-Plan are trademarks or registered trademarks property of Invest-Tech Limited. Microsoft and the Office logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Plan Write, Quick Insight and Business Insight are trademarks or registered trademarks property of BRS Inc. Copyright 1999-2017. Invest-Tech Limited. All rights reserved.

Monitoring VMware Environment #zabbix, #zabbix #monitoring, #network #monitoring, #free #network #monitoring, #linux #monitoring, #windows #monitoring,monitoring #alerts, #alerting, #gnu, #linux, #aix, #hp-ux, #windows, #integrity #checking, #logging #services, #capacity #planning,snmp, #it #services, #trending, #distributed #monitoring, #web #monitoring, #agentless #monitoring, #sla


The Enterprise-class Monitoring Solution for Everyone

Virtual Machine Monitoring

Monitoring VMware environment

VMware monitoring support in Zabbix includes the possibility of automatically discovering hypervisors and virtual machines as well as monitoring VMware vCenter and vSphere installations for various hypervisor and virtual machine properties and statistics.

Zabbix can use a low-level discovery rule to automatically discover VMware hypervisors and virtual machines. To automate the process fully, host prototypes are first created with the low-level discovery rule. When virtual machines are discovered, the information received is used to turn these prototypes into real hosts. Discovered hosts belong to an existing host and take the IP of the existing host for the host configuration.

The default dataset in Zabbix also offers several ready-to-use templates for monitoring VMware vCenter and vSphere. These templates contain pre-configured LLD rules as well as a number of built-in checks for monitoring virtual installations.

2001-2017 by Zabbix LLC. All rights reserved.

RentMaster Rental Software #rentmaster, #rental #software, #equipment #software, #software #rental, #software #for #rent, #equipment #rental #software, #rental #management, #inflatable #jumpers, #bounce #houses, #rental #management #software, #party #rental #business, #event #planning #software, #moonwalk, #bounce #houses


Don’t Lose The Trust of Your Customers! A good customer is the hardest thing to find and the easiest thing to lose. Your logo may be attractive, your tagline may be clever, but if your service suffers due to a sub‐standard scheduling solution, you will lose the trust of your customers’ along with their business.
Try RentMaster Now – Free for 30 Days!

Devote Less Time on Chasing Down Details and More Time on Your Own Life Organize, Simplify and Master Your Business with RentMaster.

Reduce Time and Optimize Your Business… Today. – More accurate than charts and lists
– More cost effective and time efficient than manual tracking methods
– More reliable and profitable than any “all-purpose” software tool
– Far less complicated than you ever imagined!
Try It Now – Free for 30 Days!

The HELP You Need is Finally Here! The number of items, dates, places, schedules, pickups, deliveries, and endless details you must keep track of can be staggering. Coordinating all this can strain the brain and resources of even the most organized business owner.
Try RentMaster Now – FREE for 30 Days!

Master Your Rental Business WithRentMaster Rental Software

The very best step you can take right now to build your business,
grow your customer base (and keep your sanity!)

Try RentMaster now — FREE — for a full 30 days

Small-to-medium sized party and event rental business owners all agree:

  • If you’ve ever overbooked your inventory
  • If you’ve ever missed a sale because you weren’t sure what was available
  • If you’ve ever lost track of schedules or items
  • If you want to devote less time to chasing down details and more time to your own LIFE!

You need RentMaster rental software to organize, simplify and master your business.

  • More accurate than charts and lists
  • More cost effective and time efficient than manual tracking methods
  • More reliable and profitable than any “all-purpose” software tool
  • Specifically designed for your party and event rental business – to immediately make a positive, profitable impact on your operations.

The number of items, dates, places, schedules, pickups, deliveries, and endless details you must keep track of can be staggering. Coordinating all this can strain the brain and resources of even the most organized business owner.

The Help you Need is Finally HERE.

If you’re using manual charts and lists, or if you’ve ever tried to retro-fit an ordinary database to work with your rental business, now it’s time to step up, streamline and simplify!

Added benefit: The party and events business is supposed to be about FUN, remember? Let us help you get back to the real heart of your business. Consider this – Your customers come to you not just for efficiency and organization, but also because they want a smashingly successful event. When you’re able to work with ease, with full mastery of your inventory and details, you’re much more likely to give the great, positive service that reassures your customers as they plan their fabulous event. PLUS you get to have fun in the process!

We’re so sure you’ll love what RentMaster rental software can do for your business, we’ll even give you the chance to try it now FREE.

With a range of flexible, easy-to-use features, RentMaster allows you to finally have high-powered control over ALL your rentals and schedules.

  • Organize your inventory with as many categories and subcategories as you like
  • Simplify paperwork by having Rental equipment and For Sale items in the same invoice
  • Save time and hassle by entering multiple items with one single click
  • Streamline your orders with
    • Real-time inventory availability check
    • Easy customer database that’s searchable by any field, and simple to update on the fly
    • Custom order status values — reserved, shipped, received, cancelled
    • Payments history – quickly accept and record multiple payments with a full range of different payment options (check, cash, credit card and more)
    • Special order discounts
    • Customizable delivery types
    • Customizable payment methods
  • Serve customers better and more easily with advanced features for storing and retrieving complete customer history and info (even driving directions!)
  • Give accurate quotes for better profit and improved customer service – easily turn quotes into orders. RentMaster automatically detects complete customer info and auto-verifies quotes to assure inventory availability.
  • Increase your profits with accurate reports and tightly controlled, super-organized forms
    • Flexible, easy-to-customize inventory, customer and order lists
    • Customized rental agreement text
    • Powerful records filtering options let you filter and sort the records you need by any field
    • Inventory availability calendar by days or hours
    • Inventory item’s order history
    • Rental/Sales statistics by any date
  • Benefit from dozens of other features
    Easily communicate with your customers, interface with email and accounting software, improve instructions to staff and vendors, and export information in any format you choose.

Best of all, it’s far less complicated than you ever imagined! The easy-to-use interface makes every task simple and intuitive. And if you ever have questions, we’re here to help.

Master the easy-to-use RentMaster program fast.
The last thing you need is another complicated software package to learn, right? That’s why we’ve kept RentMaster rental software very straightforward and simple. It’s easy, yet it’s packed with rich, useful features that truly streamline and profit-power your business .

Here’s the most important thing. We’ve spent years developing software and info tracking solutions specifically for the party rental business. Along the way, we’ve seen lots of companies doing everything the hard way – but YOU don’t have to repeat the school of hard knocks!

Because for all the costly missteps and inefficient methods we observed, we’ve devised ONE single, powerful solution: RentMaster. With a huge amount of time, talent and resources invested into creating this solution, RentMaster rental software is perfect for you and your business. And it’s so simple to learn and use, you can get started the same day you receive it! Get RentMaster Now

Think of RentMaster not only as the complete software toolbox for your business, but also as the compilation of our long years of experience. You get all the benefits and know-how of people who’ve already faced those daily struggles.

We know exactly how you feel, and we know what you need: RentMaster

So what’s all this worth? Do you have to spend a fortune to get all these features, all these capabilities, and all the benefit of this experience?

No! We’ve also made RentMaster a terrific value for you.

RentMaster is the affordable option:
Pays for itself fast in saved time and prevented mishaps!

Try it now for 30 Days FREE

We’ve been there. We know how easy it is to waste valuable time hunting for the right info or item, to have to re-schedule deliveries or pickups due to miscalculation, or to tediously re-enter information and manually generate reports of questionable usefulness.

The amount of time and $ you spend can be staggering just trying to stay on top of everything. But now (finally!) there’s an answer. Thank goodness for RentMaster !

Try RentMaster now: just download the FREE trial version and give it a go for 30 FULL days . You’ll immediately see the value of RentMaster. Your customers will, too!

Garik Mouradian
Founder and designer of RentMaster,

PS: Want a sneak peek? You can check out RentMaster rental software before you download your free 30-day trial. Take a look at screenshots of RentMaster in action here .

PSS: Folks who’ve tried RentMaster even for just 30 days report noticeable gains in profit and efficiency! See for yourself – CLICK HERE to get your FREE download now.

What Is an IRA Rollover? #annuity #rollover, #retirement #planning


Retirement Planning

IRA rollover is a tax-free distribution from one retirement account to an IRA. It allows your savings to continue accumulating, tax-deferred. An IRA rollover comes in handy if you d like to consolidate your retirement plans into one account or if you retire or leave a job. Even if you leave a company, some companies will allow you to keep your money in their plan s account until your retirement age is reached. However, you may prefer rolling over your retirement savings to a better plan that is more advantageous to you.

Employee-sponsored retirement plans often have only a limited number of options for the investor. In contrast, an IRA you choose can be tailored to meet your individual needs and retirement goals. It can include a greater variety of investment vehicles. An IRA can also allow you to put all of your tax-deferred retirement savings from multiple plans into one account, allowing easier management of your retirement funds.

When you choose to do an IRA rollover, your retirement savings are transferred to an account with a private institution, and you decide how to invest the funds. A direct, institution-to-institution transfer is your wisest choice, in order to avoid penalties and the 20% federal income tax.Additionally, the retirement savings must be deposited in the IRA within 60 days of withdrawal from your employer s plan in order for the fund s tax-deferred status to remain in place.

In the past, account holders were only allowed to roll funds over from an employer-sponsored plan to a traditional IRA. Since 2008, however, direct rollovers to a Roth IRA, called a conversion, have been allowed. Income taxes are owed on all amounts rolled over to a Roth IRA, but beginning in 2010, there are no income limits, although limits do apply to Roth IRA contributions.

Just as with any employer-sponsored retirement plans, you must begin taking required minimum distributions from a traditional IRA each year after you turn age Traditional IRA distributions are taxed as ordinary income and if taken prior to reaching age 59½,may be subject to an additional 10% federal income tax penalty.

The mandatory distribution rules that apply to traditional IRAs do not apply to Roth IRAs. Qualified distributions from a Roth IRA are free of federal income tax (under current tax laws) but may be subject to state, local, and alternative minimum taxes. To qualify for a tax-free and penalty-free withdrawal of earnings, a Roth IRA must be in place for at least five tax years, and the distribution must take place after age or due to death, disability, or a first-time home purchase ($10,000 lifetime maximum).

This article is not intended to be tax or legal advice, and the information in it may not be relied on for the purpose of avoiding federal tax penalties. You are encouraged to seek tax or legal advice from an independent professional advisor.

Orlando Family Doctor, Primary Care Specialists #orlando #family #doctor, #primary #care #specialists, #orlando #family #physician, #orlando #family #doctors, #orlando #family #doctor #care, #childrens #doctor, #womens #doctors, #womens #healthcare, #care #for #seniors, #women #doctor #specialists, #women #patients, #high #blood #pressure, #gout, #broken #bones, #shingles, #sore #throat, #house #doctor, #women #specialists, #call #the #doctor, #aging #in #place #doctor, #prescription #refills, #pain #doctor, #mental #illness #doctors, #ear #nose #and #throat #referral, #sinus #troubles, #heart #concerns, #hip #pain, #knee #pain, #arthritis #pain, #joint #pain, #ringing #in #my #ears, #how #to #quit #smoking #doctor, #headache #pain, #migraine #headaches, #cuts #hand, #bleeding #issues #with #asprin, #see #the #doctor #if, #male #doctor #referrals, #eye #problems #advice #and #refering, #specialists, #bruises, #urine, #blood #work, #xray, #home #visit #doctor, #primary #care #specialists, #preventive #medicine, #orlando #family #care, #urgent #care #orlando #florida, #medical #certificates, #recall #system, #prescriptions, #specialist #referrals, #telephone #enquiries, #test #results, #general #health, #health #assessments, #minor #surgery, #medical #reports, #skin #checks, #immunisations, #womens’ #health, #healthcare #for #women #in #orlando, #family #planning, #ecg, #mens’ #health, #veterans #affairs, #childrens’ #health, #travel #vaccinations, #wound #management, #home #visits, #enchanced #primary #care, #cardiac #risk #assessment, #home #medication #review


David F. Cowan. M.D.

Dr. Cowan practices Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and is Board Certified in both specialists. As such, he brings exceptional training and experience to Orlando Family Doctor, Family Medicine Services for all age groups from newborn to Medicare since 1984.

He graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine and served internships and residencies at USF and UF. Dr. Cowan has served in numerous leadership roles in medical groups and at the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. He volunteers at local clinic’s for the indigent.

He enjoys golf, flying and family time.

Allison Barnes. M.D.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Barnes is a native of the Southwest. She moved to Oklahoma, graduating high school from the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics. She received her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering with high honors from the University of Oklahoma. After working briefly as an engineer in Washington, D.C. she decided to enter medical school and graduated in 2008 from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

Dr. Barnes completed her internship in Pediatrics, and loves seeing children learn and grow. It was here where the concept of the Patient Centered Medical Home began to emerge as the model for the care she provided. With an emphasis in coordinated, accessible, preventive care where the patient is a member of the medical team, this model has consistently demonstrated both improved patient satisfaction and health outcomes. She trained in ophthalmology at the University of Texas in Houston, but decided to focus on preventive family care. While working as a physician, she earned her Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in Policy and Management. Her interests are in preventive medicine, community health, and accountable care.

Teri Stapleton. M.D.

Dr. Stapleton was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of North Florida in 2002. Dr. Stapleton graduated from Ross University School of Medicine in 2008. She completed her Family Medicine residency at Southwest Georgia Family Medicine Residency in Albany, Georgia in 2012. Dr. Stapleton moved to Kissimmee, Florida and began practicing medicine in September 2012. She and her husband had their first child, a little boy, in March 2016. They enjoy going to the Disney parks and cruising. Dr. Stapleton joined Primary Care Specialists in September 2016. She feels that for optimum health, the patient and health care provider need to work as a team. Dr. Stapleton looks forward to partnering in your care and providing you with the best health care she possibly can.

Carl L. Sellers. MS, PS-C.

Carl was born in Nashville, Tennessee where he lived the first ten years of his life. From an early age, Carl was bright and an extremely inquisitive young man. A trait that would serve him well all his life. He always wanted to know everything about the things around him and in the world as he saw it. Carl graduated in 1985 from KCMA with an Associates Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.

Carl would then go on to receive a Bachelors Degree in Biology at The University of Dayton Ohio in 1987 and in 1990 got a Master of Science Degree in Microbiology and Immunology. He then became full-time facility at KCMA ultimately achieving Assistant Professor status before deciding to become a Physicians Assistant, completing that training in 1997.

He has been working with Dr. David F. Cowan at Primary Care Specialists since June of 2006. Before that, he worked with several Osteopaths and has been trained on Osteopathic Manipulation and has considerable experience in Sports Medicine and Family Practice.

His hobbies include sports and building computers.

Carl believes the quality of care and compassion ALL patients should receive is paramount. He listens to his patients takes the time to provide 100% attention to Detail and Excellence in Health Care for all his patients everyday!

Paul H. Hutschenreuter

Paul H. Hutschenreuter. PA-C.

Paul Hutschenreuter was born in LaCrosse Wisconsin and enjoyed working on the family farm. He moved to Michigan for Undergraduate Education and finished his Medical Education at Kettering College of Medical Arts in Dayton, Ohio.

He has been practicing Medicine as a Physician Assistant for the past fifteen years and has experience in Family Practice, Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.

His hobbies include football, cycling, golfing, playing the guitar and four wheeling.

Orlando Family Doctor

Thank you for choosing and recommending Orlando Family Doctor . David F. Cowan MD and all the staff at Primary Care Specialists Of Orlando, LLC.

Competence, Compassion, and Dedication to Excellence.

Orlando Family Doctor

Wi$eUp: Financial Planning for Generation X – Y Women #financial #planning #courses #online #free


Welcome to Wi$eUp!

With the price of a college education rapidly rising over the last decade, and in the current difficult economic times, students and families are relying on financial aid more heavily now than ever before. In 2010-11, for example, undergraduate students received an average of $12,455 per full-time equivalent student in financial aid, according to the College Board.

But how to get a share of those funds? Time to get to know FAFSA � Free Application for Federal Student Aid � the gateway through which students and their families can access the millions of dollars in grants, federal loans and tax breaks for which they may be eligible.

What does 2012 have in store for you? Alongside the anniversaries, birthdays, vacations and other big dates looming in the year ahead, here are 10 key dates that financial planning experts suggest you circle on your calendar (or in your smartphone calendar app). MORE

A person�s goals and aspirations, the choices they make everyday about how to spend, save, invest and share their money to get them where they want to go, these constitute a financial plan, said Beck. The real question is whether the choices a person is making about their financial life are steering them toward achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams, or leading them down a dead-end road. MORE

One of the most thoughtful and rewarding gifts you can give this season comes not from the mall, an e-tailer, or any store for that matter, but rather directly from your bank account or investment portfolio.

A financial gift, shares of stock, for example, or a contribution to a college savings plan is one that is likely to keep on giving, its value continuing to appreciate long after other gifts have been forgotten, discarded, digested or neglected.

When the holiday spirit moves you to entertain, don’t fight it, but don�t go overboard, either! Party costs can add up fast, leaving the host on the hook for a heaping helping of holiday debt. But don�t let that dampen your drive to party. With resourcefulness and some savvy social planning, it�s easy to host a truly memorable holiday event that won�t result in a pile of bills you�d just as soon forget. MORE

Instead of a grand gesture, total abstinence from sweets, for example, or quitting a bad habit cold turkey at the stroke of midnight Jan. 1 try making a resolution that�s ambitious yet eminently attainable: a financial resolution. MORE

The challenge many consumers face when holiday gift-giving season rolls around is making sure that in opening their hearts to show appreciation for the people they care about, they do not open their wallets beyond what is financially practical. The post-holiday bills that result from generous-to-a-fault holiday gift-buying habits can be harder to stomach than a stale holiday fruitcake.

All it takes to experience the joy of giving without the post-holiday debt hangover is a little advanced planning, creativity and control over your consumer impulses.

The golden rule for minimizing your tax burden and avoiding unpleasant surprises from the IRS can be summed up with two words: PLAN AHEAD!

Setting aside some time now for end-of-year tax planning (in consultation with a tax specialist if necessary) can pay off in a big way on your 2011 tax returns, according to tax experts from the Financial Planning Association in Denver, Colo.

The debt amount a person or entity owes to a creditor for funds borrowed is a four letter word capable of conjuring cold sweats in many Americans. Taking on certain kinds of debt may actually be a shrewd, financially sound move, according to experts at the Financial Planning Association� (FPA�), the largest membership organization for personal financial planners in the U.S. MORE

In the credit-based world we live in, there is no denying the impact, positive and negative, this complex mathematical formula has on our lives, from getting a loan to getting a credit card to getting a job. In fact, just about any entity with which you want to do business is apt to judge you, at least in part, on your credit score. So yours better be in top condition.

Here, courtesy of the Financial Planning Association in Denver, Colo. comes advice on keeping a healthy credit score.

Wilson Funeral Home Cornwall, Ontario (ON),,wilson #funeral #home,cornwall #funeral #homes,funeral, #funeral #homes,funeral #home,mortuary,cremation,crematory,funeral #planning,preplan,preneed,prearrange,arrangements,flowers,funeral #flowers,pre-plan,pre-need,pre-arrange,plan #ahead,grief,grief #resources, #cornwall, #ontario, #allan #wilson, #ronald #wilson, #bonnie #wilson, #claire #wilson, #denis #aube, #lahaie, #sullivan, #boulerice, #mcarthur, #macneil


Wilson Funeral Home
Cornwall Limited
& Boulerice Funeral Home

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As the testimonials listed below illustrate, Wilson Funeral Home continues to provide the widest variety of services and merchandise available in the area and is regarded by consumers as the “Best Value” for traditional, contemporary, memorial, alternative, and cremation services. Now entering their fourth decade of service to the community, Wilson Funeral Home has evolved quietly to become Cornwall’s largest family owned and operated funeral establishment. Having helped thousands of families, the Wilson family continues to provide what is considered to be the highest level of caring service in the funeral profession.

Strategically located where you need us at 822 Pitt Street, just south of Ninth, Wilson Funeral Home is readily and easily accessible from all points of the city, and offers the largest available visitation space in the area.

Allan Wilson
Owner/Funeral Director Tel. 613-938-3888

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Strategic Management #strategic #planning #mba


The Strategic Planning Process
An overview of the strategic planning process including mission statement, environmental scan, strategy formulation, implementation, and control.

Business Vision and Mission Statement
Uses a framework proposed by Collins and Porras to describe three components of business vision including core values, core purpose, and visionary goals.

Hierarchical Levels of Strategy
Describes the role of strategy at the corporate level, business unit level, and functional or department level of the firm.

PEST Analysis
How a PEST analysis fits into the environmental scan. Provides some examples of the political, economic, social, and technological factors of the external macroenvironment.

SWOT Analysis
The role of SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) in strategic planning, including an overview of the TOWS matrix.

Competitive Advantage
Explains the concept of competitive advantage, using a diagram to illustrate how distinctive competencies and positional advantages create superior value.

Porter’s Five Forces
Discusses the five forces, including rivalry, the threat of substitutes, buyer power, supplier power, and barriers to entry.

Porter’s Generic Strategies
Introduces the three generic strategies of cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. Discusses issues related to multiple strategies, and compares the three strategies with respect to their ability to defend against the five industry forces.

Value Chain Analysis
The value chain as proposed by Porter. Describes value-creating primary and support activities and how value chain analysis can be useful in developing a competitive advantage.

Vertical Integration
The benefits and drawbacks of vertical integration, situational factors influencing the decision, and alternatives to vertical integration.

Horizontal Integration
The concept of horizontal integration, its advantages, and pitfalls.

Ansoff Matrix
Igor Ansoff’s product-market matrix for corporate growth. Presents some considerations for selecting the optimal growth strategy.

BCG Growth-Share Matrix
Describes the portfolio planning matrix that classifies business units as Cash Cows, Stars, Question Marks, and Dogs.

GE / McKinsey Matrix
The GE / McKinsey portfolio matrix, including some factors that contribute to industry attractiveness and business unit strength.

Core Competencies
A summary of C.K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel’s concept of core competencies and implications for corporate management.

Global Strategic Management
Discusses the sources of competitive advantage, the nature of competitive advantage in global industries, types of international strategy, analysis of global cost structures, globalization of service businesses, emerging economies, global knowledge management, and country management.

Porter’s Diamond of National Advantage
Diagram of Michael Porter’s model of national advantage with explanations of the individual points of the diamond framework and the diamond as a system, concluding with an example from the Japanese fax machine industry.

Foreign Market Entry Modes
A summary and comparison of the four major modes of foreign market entry, including exporting, licensing, joint venture, and foreign direct investment.

The articles on this website are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced,
stored on a computer disk, republished on another website, or distributed in any
form without the prior express written permission of

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Knowledge Shelf

by Robert Barger, MBA, PMP May 25, 2017

As a project manager, you need meetings in order to increase collaboration and resolve obstacles, but you may be taking productive time from the team member’s workday. Recognizing this helps you understand that maximizing your time together is essential. Learn how to make your meetings efficient, purposeful and interesting.


by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA May 30, 2017

Question: Okay, I’m not proud of how this project ended, but management is blaming me…me! There were lots of moving people and parts to this one, and we knew from the beginning it would be a challenge. But how do I react to the accusations? I want to be sure no one goes away thinking it was my fault, because I don’t think it is. What do I say so that the proper culprits will be blamed and my reputation comes out unscathed?

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by Shawn Stratton

May 17, 2017 | 62:18 | Views: 1,537 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.65 / 7

Handling conflicts in the workplace is a challenging, but necessary, reality for a Project Manager. How a leader deals with conflict either serves to better a team or contributes to its demise.

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from Voices on Project Management posted by Peter Tarhanidis on May 31, 2017

By Peter Tarhanidis Whenever I m in a leadership role I try to be sensitive to the level of influence I gain, retain and lose. Influence is a precious commodity for a leader. And it can be di.

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from Project Management Central posted by Pamela Dickerman on May 31, 2017

It has been over 4 weeks now and per the PDU docs, we should have them. Any news or has anyone else gotten theirs? Note that I did reload the sessions often as we kept having the voice problems. I’.

from Project Management Central posted by Tam Nguyen on May 31, 2017

Can someone explain what is the meaning of Risk neutral.

from Project Management Central posted by Tam Nguyen on May 31, 2017

Can someone explain why Enterprise Environment Factor is the input of Communication Project Management Plan.

from Game Theory in Management posted by MICHAEL HATFIELD on May 29, 2017

Aristotle s ingredients for persuasion, or appeals, the basis for creating an argument, were as follows: Pathos, from where we get the modern term pathet.

from An Influential Project Manager posted by Colin Gautrey on May 31, 2017

Think about your strategy in terms of the key things you need to influence to achieve your goal. These may be stepping stones of influence achieve this, and then achieve that. Alternatively, y.

from Project Management Central posted by Alexandre Leprevost on May 17, 2017

Hello As a member of a pm/consultants team, i am looking for a tool or an excel template to track.all projects progression (start and dtop date, progression) and not as detailed as a Gant chart. My.

from Risk Insights from The Risk Doctor posted by David Hillson on May 30, 2017

The word risk is a common and widely-used part of today s vocabulary, relating to personal circumstances (health, pensions, insurance, investments etc.), society (terrorism, econom.

from Project Management Central posted by Stephen Grey on May 31, 2017

This is not a question but I want to draw the attention of the community to draft guidelines for cost contingency estimation that have been released for comment by the Australian Department of Infrast.

by Jakub Marciniak May 30, 2017

Spending decisions in a PMO can foster or impede the organization. The process is volatile by the nature of its political implications. To allocate budget and resources in a smart way—and to achieve organizational goals—a measurable approach needs to take the following dimensions into consideration…

by Michael Wood May 25, 2017

For CIOs in 2017, the issues and challenges are not getting any easier. What should CIOs—especially in smaller to mid-sized organizations—focus on to improve their job life expectancy?

by Kevin Coleman May 25, 2017

With so much projected to take place technologically in the next several years, organizations must be ready to respond. Those that fail to consider several forces into their strategy development will likely suffer slow global economic growth, diminishing market share and business failure. With so much going on, the pressure on program and project managers will be substantial.

by Paul Baumgartner, PMP May 24, 2017

Why do you have to make things so complicated? Using buzzwords and bafflement as a tactic to gain approval is diminishing in practice, and PMs lead the way with their ability to analyze, educate and prioritize to get approvals right.

by Andy Jordan May 24, 2017

Complex projects are often feared as an inevitable drain on resources, a source of never-ending problems and a cause of immense frustration. They can be all those things, but they can also be an organizational springboard to tremendous success.

by Mike Donoghue May 24, 2017

When you make the effort to determine if a project is actually complex, you can often figure it out pretty quickly based on a combination of the following criteria…

by Aaron Smith May 24, 2017

Many companies are incorporating personality assessments into the hiring process to gauge cultural fit, leadership potential and other elusive factors. Here an organizational development expert discusses the value of these tests, a tip for weeding out unreliable ones, and a 10-point checklist (plus three questions) that can help identify promising project managers and team members.

by Rajakumar Ramakrishnan May 24, 2017

Do project managers really need to plan for project activities? Is it really worth the effort? What do we lose if we simply execute the project? When a PM practices agile and DevOps, do they still need to plan, or do these discourage it? Here, the author reinforces the power of planning.

by Patrick McBane

May 03, 2017 | 62:21 | Views: 3,129 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.82 / 7

If you have influence with at least one person – that makes you a leader. Becoming the leader you want to be is part of what we will look at during this session. We’ll supply the tools to establish, elevate, and sustain your leadership strategy as the #1 business priority and make it the #1 employee benefit in your organization. A culture of leadership does both.

by Luis Alberto Caceres Villota

May 03, 2017 | 60:35 | Views: 1,891 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.83 / 7

In this webinar, the author applies concepts of strategic planning, change management and soft skills development, to provide a practical approach to increase PMO’s value, helping to change perceptions such as “being a process cop”, to create a culture where the stakeholders understand the value of the project management and become evangelists of the best practices.