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Personal injury claim process

If you have sustained a personal injury due to the negligence of someone else then you may be able to claim compensation. This is a step by step process which rests upon the issue of blame : who is responsible for your injury and could they have taken action to prevent this from happening.

Note: personal injury includes psychological as well as physical injuries.

Types of compensation

There are two types of compensation payable in a personal injury case. These include:

General damages refer to payment for the actual injury itself. This means a payment for the pain and suffering caused or a loss of earnings.

Special damages refer to recompense for any financial losses occurred as a result of the injury, for example, damage to clothing, taxi fares to hospital and costs of a replacement car if it has been damaged in a road traffic accident.

If your case goes to court and they decide that your injury was partly your fault then this may affect the amount of compensation you receive.

How much will you receive? Personal injury awards are discussed further in our compensation payout section.


It is important to obtain as much evidence as you can when making a claim. This evidence is used to support a claim for compensation and is there to demonstrate that a lack of duty of care resulted in your injury.

Examples of evidence include:

  • Accident book: if your accident happened at work or in a public place then record it in an accident book.
  • Photographs: if possible, take photographs of what caused your accident as well as your injury/injuries.
  • Witness details: if anyone witnessed your accident then obtain names and addresses from them.
  • Medical report: report your accident to your GP as this will be requested if your case goes to court.
  • Employer report: if you have had to change jobs or take time off work then obtain a signed report from your employer. This is used to support a claim for loss of earnings.

A lack of evidence will hinder your chances of obtaining compensation.

Step by step claims process

The claims process involves a series of steps which will be explained to you by your lawyer or solicitor. These are:

  • Initial meeting with a lawyer, solicitor or claims assessor
  • Solicitor/lawyer/claims assessor proceeds with your claim
  • Claim is accepted OR
  • *Claim is disputed

Initial meeting with lawyer/solicitor/claims assessor

He or she will assess your claim and discuss all aspects with you. If he/she thinks you have sufficient grounds for compensation then he/she will proceed with your claim.

Solicitor/lawyer/claims assessor proceeds with claim

He or she will contact the responsible party (person who caused your injury) by sending a letter of claim which informs them of your intention to claim compensation.

He/she will ask a medical expert to examine you and assess the severity of your injury/injuries.

He/she will discuss a schedule of losses with you which is a document listing all the expenses you wish to claim for.

He/she will send this to the responsible party asking them pay for these losses.

Claim is accepted

If the responsible party admits liability then they will enter into negotiations about an appropriate level of compensation.

If this is agreed then a settlement will be reached and you will receive your compensation. Your solicitor s/lawyer s/claims assessor s costs will be met.

Claim is disputed

If the responsible party disputes your claim then efforts will be made to reach an out of court settlement. If this fails then your case will go to court.

If you win your case and are awarded compensation then the amount will be agreed by the court. This also includes your solicitor s/lawyer s/claims assessor s costs.

This deduction from your compensation to pay your lawyer or solicitor is known as a statutory charge .

*If you lose your case then there will not be any costs to pay.

*Note: the issue of no win no fee is discussed in a separate section.

Time limit for personal injury claims

There are strict time limits for personal injury claims. This means that a claim must be made within 3 years of the date of an accident, injury or initial diagnosis of an illness.

So, it is important that you find a lawyer/solicitor or claims assessor as soon as possible.

How do you find a personal injury lawyer or solicitor? For more information on finding suitable legal representation, visit our taking legal action section.

Issue of fault in a personal injury claim

The issue of fault lies at the heart of a compensation claim. There are two concepts involved with this which include:

Duty of care

This term refers to a universal responsibility by all of us to ensure that we do not cause harm to anyone else by our actions or otherwise.

This applies equally to individuals and organisations.

For example, a supermarket has a duty of care to its employees and customers to ensure that they are reasonably protected against an accident or injury. This means that they have taken steps to ensure that both employees and customers can use the supermarket easily and safely.

If this duty of care fails due to an individual person s actions and causes an injury to another person then they are said to be negligent.


If a duty of care has been breached which has resulted in an injury to an innocent party then this is classed as negligence.

For example, if someone leaves an item in a place where it is likely to cause an accident and this happens then that person is said to have demonstrated negligent behaviour.

In other words: they could have foreseen that their actions would result in an accident, causing an injury to another person. They have failed in their duty of care.

Contributory negligence

What happens if you are partly at fault for your injury?

This is known as contributory negligence . A claim can still be made but there may be reduction in the amount of compensation paid to you.

If the court feels that you were partly responsible for your injury then it will decide upon an amount which reflects this degree of responsibility. The amount you receive will depend upon the degree of negligence by both you and the responsible party.

Two forms of liability

The main issue in a compensation claim is liability . There are two forms of liability which are:

Strict liability

This type of liability usually refers to product liability claims. It means that a person or manufacturer is automatically responsible for an injury without actually being at fault.

An example of this is a company that manufactures a product which causes an injury to the person who uses it. As long as that person has used it for its intended purpose but has sustained an injury which is not their fault then the manufacturer is liable for this.

Negligence does not have to be proved. What is important is that an injury has occurred and the manufacturer is responsible for that injury.

What this does is to ensure that the manufactures of a product take every precaution before they sell it to customers.

Vicarious liability

This means being liable for the actions of another person, e.g. an employee.

For example: an employer is responsible for some but not all actions of their employees. If an accident occurs it may not be the fault of the employer but they may have, inadvertently, allowed an employee to carry out a series of actions (or action) which has resulted in an accident or injury.

Claims for vicarious liability are complex and time consuming.

What will it cost you to make a claim?

The financial aspects of making a claim are a major concern for many people. There are organisations which can help with this or you can choose the no win no fee route.

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Case Studies

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Air Duct Cleaning Equipment At Home Depot Rental Useful Guide part 2

Nearly all information (whether about Air Duct Cleaning Equipment At Home Depot Rental or any other such as cleaning heating ducts, stanley steamer cleaning, carpet, Duck Cleaning, Cleaning Carpet or even Surface Steam Cleaners) can be located with ease online. Because of the internet, we as a society, are becoming better informed about things like Air Duct Cleaning Equipment At Home Depot Rental.

What is Air Duct Cleaning and What do I Need to Know?

Even though their ad claims they will clean all the air duct work, some air duct cleaning companies will fail to mention that they do not clean the cold and hot air returns. Generally, the dirtiest part of your air duct system is in fact the cold air return. If even one of the HVAC component is not cleaned, it is indeed possible to re-contaminate the entire heating and cooling system.

To remove the dirt and other debris found inside your ductwork, a professional air duct cleaner will vacuum them out with a high-powered, truck-mounted vacuum, often using brushes and various specialized tools to dislodge it. A portable, high powered vacuum which is assembled by the technician while in the home, is a system other air duct cleaners use. Designed to kill microbiological contaminants, the technician may suggest applying chemical biocides to the inside of your air duct work and to other components within your heating/cooling system.

MEANWHILE — I hope you have been able to get a good handle on some of the main points related to Air Duct Cleaning Equipment At Home Depot Rental or other closely related themes like tile cleaning, window cleaning, heating repair, Steam Cleaner For Cleaning, Air Valve and Karcher Steam Cleaners in the first half of this article. Whether you answer Yes or No, keep reading as there is a lot more to uncover in this article that will excite you.

The EPA has this to say regarding the application of chemical treatments, �Some service providers may also suggest applying chemical treatments (sealants or other encapsulants) to seal or cover the inside surfaces of the air ducts and equipment housings because they believe the sealant will control mold growth or prevent the release of dirt particles or fibers from ducts. These practices have yet to be fully researched and you should be fully informed before deciding to permit the use of biocides or sealants in your air ducts. They should only be applied, if at all, after the system has been properly cleaned of all visible dust or debris”. Even though these chemicals have been given the FDA seal of approval, when applied to your air duct work, may not be your best choice.

You should weigh the cost against the service when hiring an air duct cleaning company. One family might want a quick and low priced service, while the next family might want to watch the air duct cleaning process on their TV, with the service technician using a wireless camera. Knowing the types of chemical applicants they have available beforehand will enable you to research and decide which chemicals you are comfortable with and which ones you are not.

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Why Six Eleven?

  • Six Eleven Global Services has been successfully delivering Inbound and Outbound outsourced Services ranging from Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Sales, Inbound Customer Support and Retention using voice or chat since 2005.
    We provide simple yet accurate and reliable solutions to all BPO needs.

Our Core

  • We believe that the year over year growth of our organization is a testament to the quality or work we do and our commitment towards work excellence!
    The graph represents our growth pattern from day 1 at 10 seats to currently 1000 seats capacity and the different verticals we currently work on.

Redundancy and Business Continuity

Welcome To Six Eleven Global Teleservices

Quality the first time, Everytime.

We understand the importance of delivering the basic: attention to instructions accompanied by an accurate and timely response to the problem. We provide simple yet accurate and reliable solutions to all your BPO needs. As a strategic partner, SixEleven provides a 24/7 inbound and outbound support enterprise than can improve your company’s position in today’s very competitive and highly technologically involved market.

Reliable solutions to all your BPO needs.

You can depend on us and the service we provide to help your business succeed. Our Team is backed by more than 10 years or real world BPO and call center experience. We infuse our ideas and insights to help elevate each and every program we undertake.

Your Trusted Outsourced Partner.

We value your business as our own. We will make sure that the program succeeds, we will work to make sure that the goals and expectations are met. Service with a Smile!

Service Delivery Centers




Why choose Six Eleven?

Operational Excellence

Clients with sales and lead generation programs were among our very first clients over 9 years ago and are the very programs that built our company. After such we have diversified into other verticals such as inbound customer support, tech support and billing via voice and chat support. We also have transcription and back office projects.

We help our clients grow and manage their business by providing real and tangible results. With more than 1000 people working in our various service delivery centers, we have a ready and able workforce ready to serve any business needs. We have a proven track record that we can make projects work.


We were one of the first call centers in Davao City, Philippines way back in year 2005. We started our office with a 20 seat capacity upon its inception and have grown to over 1000 seats in terms of capacity at the present. We have an experience team that is prepared for any challenge that is presented. We have a stable and reliable workforce ready to meet demands and requirements of clients. Out infrastructure is redundant, from having an industrial size UPS (uniterupted power source) for all our equipment to having an onsite generator and also multiple ISP (internet service provider) lines in each of our offices.

Ability to Scale

Presently we have a capacity of over 1000 seats and plans to grow to over 1,500 seats by 2016. We carefully plan and forecast client behavior and demand to be able to meet the needs of our clients now and in the future. We can scale up quickly when the need arises.

Innovation and Analytics Utilized

Our team is equipped with different performance monitoriting tools such as call reports, disposition reports, agent reports and so on. Upon request, we can create custom variable based reports depending on the desire of our customers to track and manage production of our workforce. We use these tools to optimize and maximize the performance of each agent in their respective projects.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that for us to be relevant to our clients, we need to produce the results they desire, not only that but to build upon what was given to us and improve in totality. We want to bring our own experience to the table to contribute towards client goals. We want our clients to value the services we provide. This is a must. Thus, we strive to continuously work with our clients and offer suggestions based on our previous experiences to help improve performance for the program.

Loyal Customers

We don’t just work for clients, we partner with them and treat their business as our own. From 20 workstations during 2005 to currently 1000, we are very thankful towards our loyal customer base.

Our clients grew their business and we were able to grow along the way with them. With some clients, we started with a single facet of their business to multiple facets at the moment.

We believe that the year over year growth of our organization is a testament to the quality or work we do and our commitment towards work excellence! And we will continue with such in the years to come.


Company Summary

PCI and HIPAA accredited

Keep in touch

Quality the First Time, Everytime.

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Submit a Life Insurance Claim or Annuity Death Benefit Claim

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Introduction to PCI protocol

Today’s computer systems, with their emphasis on high resolution graphics, full motion video, high bandwidth networking, and so on, go far beyond the capabilities of the architecture that ushered in the age of the personal computer in 1982. Modern PC systems demand high performance interconnects that also allow devices to be changed or upgraded with a minimum of effort by the end user.

In response to this need, PCI (peripheral component interconnect ) has emerged as the dominant mechanism for interconnecting the elements of modern, high performance computer systems. It is a well thought out standard with a number of forward looking features that should keep it relevant well into the next century. Originally conceived as a mechanism for interconnecting peripheral components on a motherboard, PCI has evolved into at least a half dozen different physical implementations directed at specific market segments yet all using the same basic bus protocol. In the form known as Compact PCI, it is having a major impact in the rapidly growing telecommunications market.

PCI offers a number of significant performance and architectural advantages over previous busses:

Speed: The basic PCI protocol can transfer up to 132 Mbytes per second, well over an order of magnitude faster than ISA. Even so, the demand for bandwidth is insatiable. Extensions to the basic protocol yield bandwidths as high as 512 Mbytes per second and development currently under way will push it to a gigabyte.

Start exploring endless computing possibilities with your own Raspberry Pi computer and accessories. Perfect for beginners and students.

Configurability: PCI offers the ability to configure a system automatically, relieving the user of the task of system configuration. It could be argued that PCI’s success owes much to the very fact that users need not be aware of it.

Multiple Masters: Prior to PCI, most busses supported only one “master,” the processor. High bandwidth devices could have direct access to memory through a mechanism called DMA (direct memory access) but devices, in general, could not talk to each other. In PCI, any device has the potential to take control of the bus and initiate transactions with any other device.

Reliability: “Hot Plug” and “Hot Swap,” defined respectively for PCI and Compact PCI, offer the ability to replace modules without disrupting a system’s operation. This substantially reduces MTTR (mean time to repair) to yield the necessary degree of up-time required of mission-critical systems such as the telephone network.

PCI is a synchronous bus architecture with all data transfers being performed relative to a system clock (CLK). The initial PCI specification permitted a maximum clock rate of 33 MHz allowing one bus transfer to be performed every 30 nanoseconds. Later, PCI specification extended the bus definition to support operation at 66 MHz, but the vast majority of today s personal computers continue to implement a PCI bus that runs at a maximum speed of 33 MHz.

PCI implements a 32-bit multiplexed Address and Data bus (AD[31:0]). It architects a means of supporting a 64-bit data bus through a longer connector slot, but most of today s personal computers support only 32-bit data transfers through the base 32-bit PCI connector. At 33 MHz, a 32-bit slot supports a maximum data transfer rate of 132 MBytes/sec, and a 64-bit slot supports 264 MBytes/sec.

The multiplexed Address and Data bus allows a reduced pin count on the PCI connector that enables lower cost and smaller package size for PCI components. Typical 32-bit PCI add-in boards use only about 50 signals pins on the PCI connector of which 32 are the multiplexed Address and Data bus. PCI bus cycles are initiated by driving an address onto the AD[31:0] signals during the first clock edge called the address phase. The address phase is signaled by the activation of the FRAME# signal. The next clock edge begins the first of one or more data phases in which data is transferred over the AD[31:0] signals.

In PCI terminology, data is transferred between an initiator which is the bus master, and a target which is the bus slave. The initiator drives the C/BE[3:0]# signals during the address phase to signal the type of transfer (memory read, memory write, I/O read, I/O write, etc.). During data phases the C/BE[3:0]# signals serve as byte enable to indicate which data bytes are valid. Both the initiator and target may insert wait states into the data transfer by deasserting the IRDY# and TRDY# signals. Valid data transfers occur on each clock edge in which both IRDY# and TRDY# are asserted.

A PCI bus transfer consists of one address phase and any number of data phases. I/O operations that access registers within PCI targets typically have only a single data phase. Memory transfers that move blocks of data consist of multiple data phases that read or write multiple consecutive memory locations. Both the initiator and target may terminate a bus transfer sequence at any time. The initiator signals completion of the bus transfer by deasserting the FRAME# signal during the last data phase. A target may terminate a bus transfer by asserting the STOP# signal. When the initiator detects an active STOP# signal, it must terminate the current bus transfer and re-arbitrate for the bus before continuing. If STOP# is asserted without any data phases completing, the target has issued a retry. If STOP# is asserted after one or more data phases have successfully completed, the target has issued a disconnect.

Initiators arbitrate for ownership of the bus by asserting a REQ# signal to a central arbiter. The arbiter grants ownership of the bus by asserting the GNT# signal. REQ# and GNT# are unique on a per slot basis allowing the arbiter to implement a bus fairness algorithm. Arbitration in PCI is hidden in the sense that it does not consume clock cycles. The current initiator s bus transfers are overlapped with the arbitration process that determines the next owner of the bus.

PCI supports a rigorous auto configuration mechanism. Each PCI device includes a set of configuration registers that allow identification of the type of device (SCSI, video, Ethernet, etc.) and the company that produced it. Other registers allow configuration of the device s I/O addresses, memory addresses, interrupt levels, etc.

Although it is not widely implemented, PCI supports 64-bit addressing. Unlike the 64-bit data bus option which requires a longer connector with additional 32-bits of data signals, 64-bit addressing can be supported through the base 32-bit connector. Dual Address Cycles are issued in which the low order 32-bits of the address are driven onto the AD[31:0] signals during the first address phase, and the high order 32-bits of the address (if non-zero) are driven onto the AD[31:0] signals during a second address phase. The remainder of the transfer continues like a normal bus transfer.

PCI defines support for both 5 Volt and 3.3 Volt signaling levels. The PCI connector defines pin locations for both the 5 Volt and 3.3 Volt levels. However, most early PCI systems were 5 Volt only, and did not provide active power on the 3.3 Volt connector pins. Over time more use of the 3.3 Volt interface is expected, but add-in boards which must work in older legacy systems are restricted to using only the 5 Volt supply. A keying scheme is implemented in the PCI connectors to prevent inserting an add-in board into a system with incompatible supply voltage.

Although used most extensively in PC compatible systems, the PCI bus architecture is processor independent. PCI signal definitions are generic allowing the bus to be used in systems based on other processor families. PCI includes strict specifications to ensure the signal quality required for operation at 33 and 66 MHz. Components and add-in boards must include unique bus drivers that are specifically designed for use in a PCI bus environment. Typical TTL devices used in previous bus implementations such as ISA and EISA are not compliant with the requirements of PCI. This restriction along with the high bus speed dictates that most PCI devices are implemented as custom ASICs.

The higher speed of PCI limits the number of expansion slots on a single bus to no more than 3 or 4, as compared to 6 or 7 for earlier bus architectures. To permit expansion buses with more than 3 or 4 slots, the PCI SIG has defined a PCI-to-PCI Bridge mechanism. PCI-to-PCI Bridges are ASICs that electrically isolate two PCI buses while allowing bus transfers to be forwarded from one bus to another. Each bridge device has a primary PCI bus and a secondary PCI bus. Multiple bridge devices may be cascaded to create a system with many PCI buses.

  1. PCI Tutorial by Xilinx
  2. PCI Bus Demystified by Doug Abbott

Submitted by. Rovin and Sagar

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Effective Communication 101

Lesson 1: Recognizing and Understanding Communication Styles

This lesson will help recognize four of the major communication styles. Each style serves a different purpose, and you will be able to identify those and understand which is the most effective.

  • Lesson 2: Verbal Communication

    This lesson will break down verbal communication into various subcategories. It will help to find key areas for improvement when misunderstandings arise.

  • Lesson 3: Nonverbal Communication

    This lesson will help you learn to use nonverbal cues to better understand others. Likewise, you can hone these skills to be sure you are effectively communicating your ideas.

  • Lesson 4: Communicating in Writing

    This lesson will address the different components of written communication. It will enable individuals to use writing to maximize their ability to communicate for personal and business reasons.

  • Lesson 5: Cultivating Conversational Skills

    This lesson teaches the most important skills required to use conversation as an effective form of communication. Mastering conversational skills makes you more interesting, and more likely to truly experience two-sided communication.

  • Lesson 6: Group Communication

    In this lesson, you will learn more about group dynamics and how to use them to your advantage. Groups have very specific ways of interacting, and anticipating this can be invaluable in making sure the group actually is effective.

  • Lesson 7: Communications Technology

    In this lesson, you will learn more about the technology currently available to make communication faster and easier. You will also learn what kinds of repercussions this access to instant communication has on business and personal relationships.

  • Lesson 8: Barriers to Communication

    The goal of this lesson is to learn to recognize where there might be breakdowns in communication. By knowing what problems you are facing, you are more prepared to avoid them altogether.

  • Lesson 9: Cultural Aspects of Communication

    In this lesson, you will learn about the field of cross-cultural communication. You will discover what types of barriers to expect, and what you can do to overcome them.

  • Lesson 10: Disagreements and Conflicts

    In this lesson, you will learn how to handle disagreements before and after they occur.

  • Lesson 11: Negotiation

    In this lesson, you will learn the basics of negotiation. It will also pull together some of the skills you have learned throughout this course and show you how to utilize them to reach a specific goal.

  • Lesson 12: Constructive Criticism

    In this lesson, you will learn how to offer and receive constructive criticism. You will also learn the dynamics of the critical relationship.

  • Additional Course Information

    • Document Your Lifelong Learning Achievements
    • Earn an Official Certificate Documenting Course Hours and CEUs
    • Verify Your Certificate with a Unique Serial Number Online
    • View and Share Your Certificate Online or Download/Print as PDF
    • Display Your Certificate on Your Resume and Promote Your Achievements Using Social Media

    Course Title: Effective Communication 101

    Course Number: 7550121

    Learning Outcomes

    By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

    • Recognize and describe various communication styles.
    • Define verbal communication.
    • Define nonverbal communication.
    • Demonstrate proper techniques when communicating in writing.
    • Demonstrate techniques for improving conversational skills.
    • Demonstrate techniques for improving group communication.
    • Describe techniques for improving communications with technology.
    • Define barriers to communication.
    • Compare and contrast cultural aspects of communication.
    • Describe communication strategies to resolve disagreements and conflicts.
    • Describe negotiation strategies.
    • Describe how to receive and deliver constructive criticism, and
    • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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    Windows process – What is it? #dsaccessservice.exe, #dsaccessservice, #dsaccessservice.exe #process, #remove #dsaccessservice.exe #error, #disable #dsaccessservice.exe, #dsaccessservice.exe #high #cpu, #dsaccessservice.exe #virus


    What is dsAccessService.exe?

    The genuine dsAccessService.exe file is a software component of Juniper Universal Network Service by Juniper Networks .
    A background process from Juniper Networks, this application controls remote access through the Juniper security platform. If a machine is on a network that utilizes Juniper’s security software, this application is required to moderate access. Juniper Networks was founded in 1996 and produces network hardware and software.

    The .exe extension on a filename indicates an exe cutable file. Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer. Therefore, please read below to decide for yourself whether the dsAccessService.exe on your computer is a Trojan that you should remove, or whether it is a file belonging to the Windows operating system or to a trusted application.

    DsAccessService.exe file information

    Description: DsAccessService.exe is not essential for the Windows OS and causes relatively few problems. DsAccessService.exe is located in a subfolder of “C:\Program Files\Common Files”. Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 166,232 bytes (20% of all occurrences), 198,000 bytes and 7 more variants.
    The program has no visible window. DsAccessService.exe is a Verisign signed file. The file is digitally signed. The dsAccessService.exe file is not a Windows core file. DsAccessService.exe is able to monitor applications. Therefore the technical security rating is 21% dangerous. however you should also read the user reviews.

    Uninstalling this variant: It is possible to remove the entire program Junos Pulse or Juniper Installer Service using Windows Control Panel.

    Important: Some malware camouflages itself as dsAccessService.exe, particularly when located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder. Therefore, you should check the dsAccessService.exe process on your PC to see if it is a threat. We recommend Security Task Manager for verifying your computer’s security. This was one of the Top Download Picks of The Washington Post and PC World.


    User Comments

    Wird für sicheren und verschlüsselten Zugriff auf (Firmen-)Netzwerke benötigt.

    Summary: Average user rating of dsAccessService.exe. based on 1 vote with 1 user comment. One user thinks it’s probably harmless.

    Best practices for resolving dsAccessService issues

    A clean and tidy computer is the key requirement for avoiding problems with dsAccessService. This means running a scan for malware, cleaning your hard drive using 1 cleanmgr and 2 sfc /scannow. 3 uninstalling programs that you no longer need, checking for Autostart programs (using 4 msconfig ) and enabling Windows’ 5 Automatic Update. Always remember to perform periodic backups, or at least to set restore points.

    Should you experience an actual problem, try to recall the last thing you did, or the last thing you installed before the problem appeared for the first time. Use the 6 resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem. Even for serious problems, rather than reinstalling Windows, you are better off repairing of your installation or, for Windows 8 and later versions, executing the 7 DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command. This allows you to repair the operating system without losing data.

    To help you analyze the dsAccessService.exe process on your computer, the following programs have proven to be helpful: A Security Task Manager displays all running Windows tasks, including embedded hidden processes, such as keyboard and browser monitoring or Autostart entries. A unique security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware or a Trojan. B Malwarebytes Anti-Malware detects and removes sleeping spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, malware and trackers from your hard drive.

    Other processes

    Egypt launches air raids on Libya after Christians killed #egypt,germany,iraq,libya,syria,united #states,egypt,iraq,libya,syria,united #states,abdel #fattah #al,sisi,ahmed #al,tayeb,donald #trump,essam #al,bedaiwy,francis,abdel #fattah #al,sisi,ahmed #al,tayeb,donald #trump,francis,mohamed #al,mansouri,us,egypt,security,crime #/ #law #/ #justice,christianity,lawmaking,islam,judicial #process #/ #court #cases #/ #court #decisions,picture #available,military #conflicts,crime,transportation #(trbc),africa,libya,video,major #news,middle #east,pictures,conflicts #/ #war #/ #peace,egypt,society #/ #social #issues,diplomacy #/ #foreign #policy,government #/ #politics,corporate #events,general #news,graphics,religion #/ #belief,international #/ #national #security,bombing #(non,military),emerging #market #countries,civil #unrest,insurgencies


    Egypt launches air raids on Libya after Christians killed

    MINYA, Egypt (Reuters) – Egyptian fighter jets carried out strikes on Friday directed at camps in Libya which Cairo says have been training militants who killed dozens of Christians earlier in the day.

    President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said he had ordered strikes against what he called terrorist camps, declaring in a televised address that states that sponsored terrorism would be punished.

    Egyptian military sources said six strikes took place near Derna in eastern Libya at around sundown, hours after masked gunmen attacked a group of Coptic Christians traveling to a monastery in southern Egypt, killing 29 and wounding 24.

    The Egyptian military said the operation was ongoing and had been undertaken once it had been ascertained that the camps had produced the gunmen behind the attack on the Coptic Christians in Minya, southern Egypt, on Friday morning.

    “The terrorist incident that took place today will not pass unnoticed,” Sisi said. “We are currently targeting the camps where the terrorists are trained.”

    He said Egypt would not hesitate to carry out further strikes against camps that trained people to carry out operations against Egypt, whether those camps were inside or outside the country.

    Egyptian military footage of pilots being briefed and war planes taking off was shown on state television.

    East Libyan forces said they participated in the air strikes, which had targeted forces linked to al-Qaeda at a number of sites, and would be followed by a ground operation.

    A resident in Derna heard four powerful explosions, and told Reuters that the strikes had targeted camps used by fighters belonging to the Majlis al-Shura militant group.

    Majlis al-Shura spokesman Mohamed al-Mansouri said in a video posted online that the Egyptian air strikes did not hit any of the group’s camps, but instead hit civilian areas.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack on the Christians, which followed a series of church bombings claimed by Islamic State in a campaign of violence against the Copts.

    Islamic State supporters reposted videos from earlier this year urging violence against the Copts in Egypt.

    At a nearby village, thousands later attended a funeral service that turned into an angry protest against the authorities’ failure to protect Christians.

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    Grief, rage in Egyptian church after Copts attacked by gunmen

    Florida Board of Nursing – Nursing Education Programs FAQs – Licensing, Renewals & Information #florida #board #of #nursing, #florida, #board #of #nursing, #license, #licensing, #licensure, #renew, #renewal, #renewing, #applicant, #application #status, #apply #online, #renew #online, #requirements, #process, #fees, #continuing #education, #statutes, #laws, #rules, #codes, #certified #nursing #assistants, #cna, #licensed #practical #nurses, #lpn, #registered #nurses, #rn, #clinical #nurse #specialists, #cns, #advanced #registered #nurse #practitioners, #arnp, #training, #education #programs, #look #up, #verify, #complaints, #professionals, #consumer


    Excelsior College is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, (formerly NLNAC). Excelsior College is based in Albany, New York and is therefore not included in the list of Florida pre-licensure nursing education programs on our website. You may view the accreditation status of ACEN accredited programs at .

    Graduates of Excelsior s ACEN (formerly NLNAC) accredited nursing education programs are eligible to apply to the Florida Board of Nursing for licensure by examination pursuant to section 464.008, Florida Statutes. Excelsior nursing graduates who meet the requirements for licensure in Florida are granted full licenses without limitations or conditions.

    A list of all the approved and accredited pre-licensure nursing education programs in Florida are available on website entitled “Compare Florida Prelicensure Nursing Education Programs ”.

    An approved nursing education program is a program for the prelicensure education of professional or practical nurses that is conducted in Florida at an educational institution that is approved and regulated under s.464.019, Florida Statutes. Approved nursing education programs are not required to be accredited; however, many programs are regionally or nationally accredited through educational or vocational accrediting agencies.

    An accredited nursing education program, as defined by s. 464.003, Florida Statutes, is a program for the prelicensure education of professional or practical nurses that is conducted in the United States at an educational institution, whether in Florida, another state, or the District of Columbia, and that is accredited by a specialized nursing accrediting agency that is nationally recognized by the United States Secretary of Education to accredit nursing education programs Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)).

    Graduates of both approved and accredited nursing education programs are eligible to apply to the Florida Board of Nursing for licensure by examination.

    Accredited programs included on the Florida Board of Nursing s comparative website are programs that have a physical presence in the state of Florida. Program status of out-of-state nursing education programs may be verified through the specific Board of Nursing that issued approval or through a national nursing accrediting body (ACEN or CCNE).

    The NCLEX or National Council Licensure Examination is the national licensing examination for practical and registered nurses. Quarterly and cumulative passage rates for first time test takers are calculated and published by a contracted testing service and are made available to the Florida Board of Nursing and are posted on the website.

    The NCLEX National Average passage rate is the average number of all member first time test takers for a reporting period, calculated by the National Testing Service using the test takers scores during the reporting period, to determine the average of the conglomerate scores.

    Pursuant to s.464.019, F.S. the Florida Board of Nursing monitors these passage rates to ensure the achievement of Florida approved nursing education program graduates. Approved nursing education programs must achieve a graduate passage rate that is not lower than 10 percentage points less than the average passage rate for graduates of comparable degree programs who are United States educated, first-time test takers on the NCLEX during a calendar year. An approved nursing education program shall be placed on Approved/probationary status by the Florida Board of Nursing pursuant to s. 464.019 for failure to meet the required passage rates on the NCLEX for two consecutive calendar years.

    For more information on NCLEX passage rates or to view individual Florida nursing education program NCLEX passage rates on our interactive website entitled “Compare Florida Prelicensure Nursing Education Programs ”, please visit our Education and Training Programs page .

    Yes. Graduates of nursing education programs with Approved/probationary status are eligible to apply to the Florida Board Nursing for licensure by examination.

    The Accrediting Body category identifies the specific accrediting agency. The Accreditation category indicates the status applied to each nursing education program by the Florida Board of Nursing to indicate whether the program has specialized nursing accreditation, other national or regional educational accreditation, or no accreditation. Nursing education programs may have multiple listings under both categories.

    The percentage of the number of students tracked from program entry to graduation.

    Both types of these professional nursing educational programs prepare the graduate for eligibility for licensure as a Registered Nurse. A.D.N. or Associate Degree in Nursing programs are usually two year programs. B.S.N. or Bachelor s of Science in Nursing degree programs are usually four year programs.

    To view an application for an approved nursing education program submitted after July 1, 2009 please visit

    To view an approved nursing education program s annual summary of compliance with s. 464.019, Florida Statutes, please visit

    Nursing education programs may deliver course content through several venues. Please contact the nursing education program directly for this information.

    The Florida Board of Nursing does not regulate admission criteria for nursing programs. Please contact the nursing program directly for information on advanced placement opportunities

    The Florida Board of Nursing does not regulate post-licensure nursing education programs, for example RN-BSN or other advanced nursing degrees. Please contact the Florida Department of Education for this information. .

    Please send your complaint by email or letter giving the details of your complaint to:

    You may view the Chapter 464, Nurse Practice Act, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 64B9, Rules of the Florida Board of Nursing, Florida Administrative Code, please visit (insert link here)

    The application for a new nursing education program is available on our Practical Registered Nurse Education Program renewal page.

    Beginning in 2012, approved nursing education programs that performed below the minimum standard for NCLEX passage rates for two consecutive calendar years will be placed on probation pursuant to section 464.019(5), Florida Statutes. NCLEX scores for the previous calendar year are released in January of each year.

    A program on probation has one year to meet the minimum standard for NCLEX passage rates. If a program meets the minimum standard, the program will be removed from probation. A program on probation that fails to meet the minimum standard will be terminated by the Board of Nursing.

    Pursuant to Florida law, the Board of Nursing is authorized to extend a program’s probationary status for one (1) additional year if the program demonstrates “adequate progress” towards the “graduate passage rate goal”. Nursing education programs that are placed on probation are required to disclose their probationary status in writing to the program’s students and applicants

    Pursuant to Florida law the board shall deny a program application for a new prelicensure nursing education program submitted by an educational institution if the institution has an existing program that is already on probationary status.

    The NCLEX or National Council Licensure Examination is the national licensing examination for practical and registered nurses. Quarterly and cumulative passage rates for first time test takers are calculated and published by a contracted testing service and are made available to the Florida Board of Nursing and are posted on the website.

    The NCLEX National Average passage rate is the average number of all member first time test takers for a reporting period, calculated by the National Testing Service using the test takers’ scores during the reporting period, to determine the average of the conglomerate scores.

    Pursuant to s.464.019, F.S. the Florida Board of Nursing monitors these passage rates to ensure the achievement of Florida approved nursing education program graduates. Approved nursing education programs must achieve a graduate passage rate that is not lower than 10 percentage points less than the average passage rate for graduates of comparable degree programs who are United States educated. An approved nursing education program shall be placed on Approved/probationary status by the Florida Board of Nursing pursuant to s. 464.019 for failure to meet the required passage rates on the NCLEX for two consecutive calendar years ( ).

    For more information on NCLEX passage rates or to view individual Florida nursing education program NCLEX passage rates on our interactive website entitled “Compare Florida Prelicensure Nursing Education Programs”, please visit our Education and Training Programs page.