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The Best Carpet-Cleaning Pros

How We Tested

To find out which services are best, undercover consumer testers made appointments with four leading firms to have two rooms of carpet cleaned, with added stain-protection treatment (which GHRI recommends, since cleaning can strip the manufacturer’s original finish). Testers evaluated:

  • Customer service when making the appointment
  • In-home experience with the technicians
  • How clean the pros got the carpets

And the Winners Are.

With tying overall scores, Stanley Steemer and Sears Carpet Upholstery Care cleaning services came out tops in our tests. Stanley Steemer did the most thorough job overall, clinching the highest combined score for completing the most tasks and leaving our testers most satisfied with the results. Sears came in a close second and had particularly good customer service, earning top marks in appointment setup and interactions with the in-home technicians. The two were also the most cost-effective, at 22 cents per square foot and 27 cents per square foot, respectively, for cleaning and stain-protection treatment roughly 45 percent cheaper, on average, than the other two firms, ServiceMaster and Home Depot’s Chem-Dry.

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What Clean Really Means

Whether you go with a national or a local company, there are a few basics to expect. Services may require a two-room reservation or a minimum dollar amount, and costs can vary based on floor size and extras like stain-protection application or odor treatments. During the in-home session, the technicians should offer to move furniture (small stuff for sure; larger or delicate pieces, like a china cabinet, won’t be moved) or at least put protectors under furniture legs. They should also pretreat stains, tell you how long before you can walk on the carpet (often immediately or within an hour or two), and explain what to do if stains reappear (which can happen if the pad or backing is also stained and the unremoved matter wicks up as the carpet dries). If your carpets are very dirty, are matted down, or haven’t been cleaned in ages, don’t expect miracles. The technicians should say what results are realistic before they start. To keep carpets looking their best, GHRI recommends deep cleaning every 12 months, or more often in homes with kids or pets.

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Why Six Eleven?

  • Six Eleven Global Services has been successfully delivering Inbound and Outbound outsourced Services ranging from Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Sales, Inbound Customer Support and Retention using voice or chat since 2005.
    We provide simple yet accurate and reliable solutions to all BPO needs.

Our Core

  • We believe that the year over year growth of our organization is a testament to the quality or work we do and our commitment towards work excellence!
    The graph represents our growth pattern from day 1 at 10 seats to currently 1000 seats capacity and the different verticals we currently work on.

Redundancy and Business Continuity

Welcome To Six Eleven Global Teleservices

Quality the first time, Everytime.

We understand the importance of delivering the basic: attention to instructions accompanied by an accurate and timely response to the problem. We provide simple yet accurate and reliable solutions to all your BPO needs. As a strategic partner, SixEleven provides a 24/7 inbound and outbound support enterprise than can improve your company’s position in today’s very competitive and highly technologically involved market.

Reliable solutions to all your BPO needs.

You can depend on us and the service we provide to help your business succeed. Our Team is backed by more than 10 years or real world BPO and call center experience. We infuse our ideas and insights to help elevate each and every program we undertake.

Your Trusted Outsourced Partner.

We value your business as our own. We will make sure that the program succeeds, we will work to make sure that the goals and expectations are met. Service with a Smile!

Service Delivery Centers




Why choose Six Eleven?

Operational Excellence

Clients with sales and lead generation programs were among our very first clients over 9 years ago and are the very programs that built our company. After such we have diversified into other verticals such as inbound customer support, tech support and billing via voice and chat support. We also have transcription and back office projects.

We help our clients grow and manage their business by providing real and tangible results. With more than 1000 people working in our various service delivery centers, we have a ready and able workforce ready to serve any business needs. We have a proven track record that we can make projects work.


We were one of the first call centers in Davao City, Philippines way back in year 2005. We started our office with a 20 seat capacity upon its inception and have grown to over 1000 seats in terms of capacity at the present. We have an experience team that is prepared for any challenge that is presented. We have a stable and reliable workforce ready to meet demands and requirements of clients. Out infrastructure is redundant, from having an industrial size UPS (uniterupted power source) for all our equipment to having an onsite generator and also multiple ISP (internet service provider) lines in each of our offices.

Ability to Scale

Presently we have a capacity of over 1000 seats and plans to grow to over 1,500 seats by 2016. We carefully plan and forecast client behavior and demand to be able to meet the needs of our clients now and in the future. We can scale up quickly when the need arises.

Innovation and Analytics Utilized

Our team is equipped with different performance monitoriting tools such as call reports, disposition reports, agent reports and so on. Upon request, we can create custom variable based reports depending on the desire of our customers to track and manage production of our workforce. We use these tools to optimize and maximize the performance of each agent in their respective projects.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that for us to be relevant to our clients, we need to produce the results they desire, not only that but to build upon what was given to us and improve in totality. We want to bring our own experience to the table to contribute towards client goals. We want our clients to value the services we provide. This is a must. Thus, we strive to continuously work with our clients and offer suggestions based on our previous experiences to help improve performance for the program.

Loyal Customers

We don’t just work for clients, we partner with them and treat their business as our own. From 20 workstations during 2005 to currently 1000, we are very thankful towards our loyal customer base.

Our clients grew their business and we were able to grow along the way with them. With some clients, we started with a single facet of their business to multiple facets at the moment.

We believe that the year over year growth of our organization is a testament to the quality or work we do and our commitment towards work excellence! And we will continue with such in the years to come.


Company Summary

PCI and HIPAA accredited

Keep in touch

Quality the First Time, Everytime.

Online Dating for Young and Single Professionals #dating #date

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The Best Online Dating Site for Professionals – Dedicated to Matching Quality Singles

Online Dating for Professionals

How to overcome the challenges of dating as a young professional

As a young professional building your career, you are likely facing a unique set of dating challenges. During your college days you probably found it much easier to meet and date because you were surrounded by singles of the opposite sex with similar interests, lifestyles and ages. Now as a young professional the game has changed and it can be much harder to meet the right people. You are investing the vast majority of your time developing your career and, when you’re not at work, meeting someone for a nerve-wracking first date is not the first thing you want to do. You want to find someone who understands your ambitions and lifestyle but when and where is a big question mark. At Catch22 we understand where you’re coming from and have a few words of advice that may be helpful:

1) Enlist the help of friends

  • There’s no reason to be shy with your friends about the fact that you’re looking. They know you well and can be strategic in who they introduce you to. Friends of friends can be great sources for potentials dates because not only can your friend facilitate the introduction, he or she can also give you the inside scoop on what your date is really like.

2) Pursue your interests outside of work but be strategic

  • We know you’re busy but even if you can find an outside activity to participate in once or twice a month it’s worth it. Find something you enjoy but that will also allow you meet singles of the opposite setting in a relaxed setting. For example, join a local sports league, sign up to learn a new language or take photography lessons. Not only are you likely to meet some good potential dates, you’ll have fun in the process as well.

3) Be open to joining an online dating site

  • Joining an online dating site makes a lot of sense for busy professionals. Firstly, you get instant access to numerous eligible girls or guys. Second, matches tailored to your needs are delivered straight to your inbox on an ongoing basis without having to lift a finger. Third, online dating profiles can let you quickly and efficiently filter down to what you are looking for.
  • Catch22Dating is an ideal site for graduate students looking for other high-quality singles. At Catch22, you know that every match is educated, high-caliber and verified. Further, Catch22 allows you to customize your privacy settings including hiding your profile from classmates or specific people if you choose to do so.

When is the right time for a young professional to try online dating?

There are many different ways to meet potential dates and each has its pros and cons but, how do you know which way is best for you at a given time? When is the right time for a young professional to give online dating a try? At Catch22Dating, we see a few key times when trying online dating makes a lot of sense for young professionals to try:

1) You want to get access to a greater pool of potential dates

  • There are so many times in our lives when, for whatever reason, we just aren’t meeting a ton of new people who would make high-quality dates. We get immersed in other things with our limited time like hanging out with friends, spending time with family or advancing our careers. All of these things are wonderful but at the end of the day, we may not be meeting a steady flow of new, date-worthy singles. That’s where online dating can come in very handy – you get instant access to a broad pool of high-quality singles with matches tailored to specifically to you delivered to your inbox.

2) You’re interested in finding dates with specific traits

  • Oftentimes, when we meet people out at bars or through acquaintances, it can be hard to tell if that person meets specific criteria you had in mind. For example, it can be awkward to ask someone upfront, what are you looking for in a relationship or how religious are you or do you smoke or do you want to have kids? If you know upfront what you are looking for then online dating makes this process so much more efficient. Instead of having to piece together this information from 3 or 4 separate dates, you can take one look at someone’s profile and know right away. This aspect of online dating can save you significant amounts time, money and heartbreak.

3) You need to separate your career from your dating life

  • Most of us have been here, we meet a good number of interesting, educated and single potential dates. However, we are meeting these people through work, clients or potential customers. Dating these people can be very risky for your job and career. Some of these relationships will work out but many of them will end in break-ups that can leave both parties feeling miserable and awkward at work. If you are finding that a lot of your potential dates are from work-related sources we highly recommend online dating to expand and diversify your network of potential dates.

Finance for HR Professionals – Lynchpin Training #training #for #hr #professionals


Finance for HR Professionals

We all know that finance is what really drives business. In order to be a well-rounded HR professional, we need to understand the financial drivers in the business.

Finance for HR Professionals course will provide valuable insights into the corporate financial structure, key financial responsibilities and financial statements. Components of the balance sheet and income statement will be described and analyzed to gain insight into company performance. With an understanding of the financial side of business, you can gain valuable insight into your own company’s strategy and can make your HR department an indispensable component of your organization.
In addition, this course will show how HR can use financial measures in building the HR business case and be comfortable talking about the financial impact of HR with key decision makers.
Finance is an art not a science and you will learn how to make the most of the financials for the benefit of the business. A combination of regional and international case studies and examples will be incorporated into the course.

Who Should Attend

Mid-level HR professionals with three to seven years of HR experience

HR professionals who need a greater understanding of the drivers of business performance

HR professionals who want to communicate with business leaders around financial metrics

HR professionals who support business leaders

HR managers, directors and vice presidents responsible for working with business leaders

Key Take Aways

Understand the financial value of HR and demonstrate how HR positively impacts corporate performance

Develop a business case using financial data efficiently

Understand financial ratios to analyze HR costs and build an HR budget

Use financial data to make business decisions within HR

Understand the link between financial measures and shareholder value Delegates

Course Outline

Day One

Overview of Finance Accounting Terms from HR Perspective

Accounting Rule

Introduction to Financial Statements

Why knowing Finance is much needed for HR Executives

Demystifying Income Statements

Income Statement Analysis

Understanding the key line items and their significance

Sales Revenue Recognition

Cost of Sales

Selling and general expenses

Depreciation and amortization

Interest expense

Profit measurement at various levels

Gross Profit

Operating Profit (EBITDA)

Net Profit

Justifying HR costs in line with Income statement trends

Understanding Balance Sheet

Why Items are classified under Assets, Liabilities and Equity?

Account Receivables


Prepaid Expenses

Non-Current Assets

Intangible Assets

Current Non-Current Liabilities

Impact of Sound HR practices on balance sheet

Working capital – understanding and management

Day Two

Cash Flow Statement

Identifying the Cash Flow items

Cash flow from:

Operating Activities

Investing Activities

Financing Activities

Where do HR costs appear in cash flow statement

Financial Budgeting for HR

Budgeting Methodologies

Types of budgeting

Participative budgeting practices for HR

Monitoring of Budgets

Supporting HR Budgets with business case

Optimal HR Budget Allocation

Capital Budgeting Discounted Cash Flows – HR Project Appraisal Techniques

Present Value Concept

Relevant cash flows

Various methods of project appraisals

Financial Analysis for HR – Measuring the Performance

Understanding Common Size Financial Statements

Key Financial Ratios

Earning ratios

Liquidity ratios

Turnover ratios

Financial ratios HR Specific

HR Value Addition to Financial Bottom Line

Value Creation

Maximizing the ROI

Gaining Financial Support for HR initiatives

Course Director

Mirza Farrukh Baig, FCA

Certified in Entrepreneurship

Farrukh is the Managing Director of Lynchpin Consulting. leading bank in Dubai. He has also successfully launched a Corporate He spearheads Lynchpin’s commitment to deliver- ing the best output for client results in the management consulting services. Over the course of 20 years of practical experience, he has served in a variety of leadership roles, including banking, manufacturing and service sectors.
Based in Dubai, Farrukh has a track record of helping clients with strategy and other general management challenges. He has particular depth working with matters of financial planning, business advisory, accounting and corporate finance, but draws upon a variety of cross- industry experience as well. Prior to founding Lynchpin Consulting, Farrukh served at senior positions in Credit Risk Management of a Training business in Dubai which now operates from three different lo- cations. He has served Crow Horwath (Pakistan) from 1999 to 2002. At Crow Horwath, he specialized in Auditing Management Consulting.

Farrukh qualified his Chartered Accountancy (CA) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). He has been awarded Gold Medal by ICAP for his outstanding performance in CA fi- nal examinations. He also holds certificate in executive education from Harvard Business School focusing on Entrepreneurship and launching new ventures.

Florida Board of Nursing – Nursing Education Programs FAQs – Licensing, Renewals & Information #florida #board #of #nursing, #florida, #board #of #nursing, #license, #licensing, #licensure, #renew, #renewal, #renewing, #applicant, #application #status, #apply #online, #renew #online, #requirements, #process, #fees, #continuing #education, #statutes, #laws, #rules, #codes, #certified #nursing #assistants, #cna, #licensed #practical #nurses, #lpn, #registered #nurses, #rn, #clinical #nurse #specialists, #cns, #advanced #registered #nurse #practitioners, #arnp, #training, #education #programs, #look #up, #verify, #complaints, #professionals, #consumer


Excelsior College is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, (formerly NLNAC). Excelsior College is based in Albany, New York and is therefore not included in the list of Florida pre-licensure nursing education programs on our website. You may view the accreditation status of ACEN accredited programs at .

Graduates of Excelsior s ACEN (formerly NLNAC) accredited nursing education programs are eligible to apply to the Florida Board of Nursing for licensure by examination pursuant to section 464.008, Florida Statutes. Excelsior nursing graduates who meet the requirements for licensure in Florida are granted full licenses without limitations or conditions.

A list of all the approved and accredited pre-licensure nursing education programs in Florida are available on website entitled “Compare Florida Prelicensure Nursing Education Programs ”.

An approved nursing education program is a program for the prelicensure education of professional or practical nurses that is conducted in Florida at an educational institution that is approved and regulated under s.464.019, Florida Statutes. Approved nursing education programs are not required to be accredited; however, many programs are regionally or nationally accredited through educational or vocational accrediting agencies.

An accredited nursing education program, as defined by s. 464.003, Florida Statutes, is a program for the prelicensure education of professional or practical nurses that is conducted in the United States at an educational institution, whether in Florida, another state, or the District of Columbia, and that is accredited by a specialized nursing accrediting agency that is nationally recognized by the United States Secretary of Education to accredit nursing education programs Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)).

Graduates of both approved and accredited nursing education programs are eligible to apply to the Florida Board of Nursing for licensure by examination.

Accredited programs included on the Florida Board of Nursing s comparative website are programs that have a physical presence in the state of Florida. Program status of out-of-state nursing education programs may be verified through the specific Board of Nursing that issued approval or through a national nursing accrediting body (ACEN or CCNE).

The NCLEX or National Council Licensure Examination is the national licensing examination for practical and registered nurses. Quarterly and cumulative passage rates for first time test takers are calculated and published by a contracted testing service and are made available to the Florida Board of Nursing and are posted on the website.

The NCLEX National Average passage rate is the average number of all member first time test takers for a reporting period, calculated by the National Testing Service using the test takers scores during the reporting period, to determine the average of the conglomerate scores.

Pursuant to s.464.019, F.S. the Florida Board of Nursing monitors these passage rates to ensure the achievement of Florida approved nursing education program graduates. Approved nursing education programs must achieve a graduate passage rate that is not lower than 10 percentage points less than the average passage rate for graduates of comparable degree programs who are United States educated, first-time test takers on the NCLEX during a calendar year. An approved nursing education program shall be placed on Approved/probationary status by the Florida Board of Nursing pursuant to s. 464.019 for failure to meet the required passage rates on the NCLEX for two consecutive calendar years.

For more information on NCLEX passage rates or to view individual Florida nursing education program NCLEX passage rates on our interactive website entitled “Compare Florida Prelicensure Nursing Education Programs ”, please visit our Education and Training Programs page .

Yes. Graduates of nursing education programs with Approved/probationary status are eligible to apply to the Florida Board Nursing for licensure by examination.

The Accrediting Body category identifies the specific accrediting agency. The Accreditation category indicates the status applied to each nursing education program by the Florida Board of Nursing to indicate whether the program has specialized nursing accreditation, other national or regional educational accreditation, or no accreditation. Nursing education programs may have multiple listings under both categories.

The percentage of the number of students tracked from program entry to graduation.

Both types of these professional nursing educational programs prepare the graduate for eligibility for licensure as a Registered Nurse. A.D.N. or Associate Degree in Nursing programs are usually two year programs. B.S.N. or Bachelor s of Science in Nursing degree programs are usually four year programs.

To view an application for an approved nursing education program submitted after July 1, 2009 please visit

To view an approved nursing education program s annual summary of compliance with s. 464.019, Florida Statutes, please visit

Nursing education programs may deliver course content through several venues. Please contact the nursing education program directly for this information.

The Florida Board of Nursing does not regulate admission criteria for nursing programs. Please contact the nursing program directly for information on advanced placement opportunities

The Florida Board of Nursing does not regulate post-licensure nursing education programs, for example RN-BSN or other advanced nursing degrees. Please contact the Florida Department of Education for this information. .

Please send your complaint by email or letter giving the details of your complaint to:

You may view the Chapter 464, Nurse Practice Act, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 64B9, Rules of the Florida Board of Nursing, Florida Administrative Code, please visit (insert link here)

The application for a new nursing education program is available on our Practical Registered Nurse Education Program renewal page.

Beginning in 2012, approved nursing education programs that performed below the minimum standard for NCLEX passage rates for two consecutive calendar years will be placed on probation pursuant to section 464.019(5), Florida Statutes. NCLEX scores for the previous calendar year are released in January of each year.

A program on probation has one year to meet the minimum standard for NCLEX passage rates. If a program meets the minimum standard, the program will be removed from probation. A program on probation that fails to meet the minimum standard will be terminated by the Board of Nursing.

Pursuant to Florida law, the Board of Nursing is authorized to extend a program’s probationary status for one (1) additional year if the program demonstrates “adequate progress” towards the “graduate passage rate goal”. Nursing education programs that are placed on probation are required to disclose their probationary status in writing to the program’s students and applicants

Pursuant to Florida law the board shall deny a program application for a new prelicensure nursing education program submitted by an educational institution if the institution has an existing program that is already on probationary status.

The NCLEX or National Council Licensure Examination is the national licensing examination for practical and registered nurses. Quarterly and cumulative passage rates for first time test takers are calculated and published by a contracted testing service and are made available to the Florida Board of Nursing and are posted on the website.

The NCLEX National Average passage rate is the average number of all member first time test takers for a reporting period, calculated by the National Testing Service using the test takers’ scores during the reporting period, to determine the average of the conglomerate scores.

Pursuant to s.464.019, F.S. the Florida Board of Nursing monitors these passage rates to ensure the achievement of Florida approved nursing education program graduates. Approved nursing education programs must achieve a graduate passage rate that is not lower than 10 percentage points less than the average passage rate for graduates of comparable degree programs who are United States educated. An approved nursing education program shall be placed on Approved/probationary status by the Florida Board of Nursing pursuant to s. 464.019 for failure to meet the required passage rates on the NCLEX for two consecutive calendar years ( ).

For more information on NCLEX passage rates or to view individual Florida nursing education program NCLEX passage rates on our interactive website entitled “Compare Florida Prelicensure Nursing Education Programs”, please visit our Education and Training Programs page.

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Are you ready for the new ICD-10 codes, which take effect on October 1, 2014?

Medisoft v19 is only version of Medisoft that is ICD-10 READY!

ICD-10 Readiness and More The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will significantly impact your practice’s workflow, and Medisoft can help you manage the changes. With Medisoft v19, you can take advantage of several features that are designed to reduce manual entry and minimize the complexity of ICD-9 to ICD-10 mapping. With this release, you will be able to: Enter ICD-10 codes on your diagnosis list Set the code version by insurance carrier so you can continue to use ICD-9 codes for carriers who will not have transitioned by October 1, 2014 Receive a notification if the wrong code is used for a carrier Use a mapping tool based on CMS’s General Equivalent Mappings (GEM) to translate some ICD-9 codes to ICD-10

In addition to ICD-10 readiness, when you purchase today you get all the billing, scheduling and patient accounting enhancements currently available in Medisoft v19. With Medisoft v19 network pro you be Medisoft Mobile – this no-fee application for the iPad� and iPhone�, you can use your phone or tablet to view your schedule and to transmit charges, diagnosis codes and notes to your front desk or biller.

Call SLC Software Services for more information special offers, at (513) 922-4303

Click on orders for order form and pricing.

SLC Software Services offers McKesson’sMedisoft Clinical EHR Software, training and support.Training is one of the Most Important parts of your Medisoft Software system.Trained and skilled personnel can get insurance claims paid inas little as 15 days rather than a few months.Let SLC Software Services help train your staff.We offer a wide range of reasonably priced training option’s.Internet based training with hands on help and support,On-site training, telephone training support, interactive training CD’s.===============================================Medisoft Clinical EMR/EHR Software and Medisoft Patient Accounting softwareis affordable and meets the needs of small to medium size practices.===============================================Medisoft Practice Choice EHR (Software as a Services) Cloud based EHR

SLC Software Services is a Cincinnati, Ohio based consulting firm that has served our clients since 1985 and as a Medisoft Preferred Dealer since 1991. SLC Software Services was a Medisoft 5 Star Dealer/Reseller from 1995 through 2000. In November of 2000 SLC Software Services was one of the first ten dealers/Resellers to be Certified as Medisoft Certified Platinum Dealer MCPD. NDC Health purchased the Medisoft company and its products. SLC Software Services is now approved as an NDC Health Platinum Certified Reseller. In 2006 SLC Software was Certified by Per-Se technology’s as Gold Reseller. In 2007 SLC Software Services became a PerSe Certified Platinum VAR/Reseller. SLC Software Services is a Certified McKesson/Medisoft VAR Mar. 2009.

As a Medisoft Certified Reseller/VAR, we are committed to providing viable, cost conscious solutions for Practice Management Systems. SLC Software Services sells, services and support the full line of Medisoft Software. SLC Software Services has programmers than can offer our customers custom report development and addition program development when needed.

Our business is rooted in service – our customers are our business. SLC Software Services has provided our customers with support on Medisoft products for many years. Our service area consist of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and many other parts of the US. We can provide telephone support, Web base support via WebEx and/or on-site training and support.

We have chosen to support, train and sell Medisoft products for the following reasons:

  • Medisoft offers our customers the best value in practice management solutions.
  • Medisoft is everything you need to manage your physician practice more effectively
  • Medisoft is one of the easiest to use medical billing systems around

Check out our Order from Page for COMPLETE DETAILS AND SPECIALS ON Medisoft version 16 Pricing specials.If you need a quote call 513-922-4303.We will offer all the same special pricing as McKesson (Medisoft) Corp. Special.Call us to check on NON-PROFIT PRICING 501 3c – proof of 501 3c required in order to receive quote.

For support click here

McKesson determines pricing, trade-in policies and values for all McKesson Medisoft Products. McKesson requires a valid Medisoft Serial Number at time of trade-in in order to receive Trade-in credit. Serial numbers are retired at time of trade-in. (Retired Serial DOS Serial numbers are not valid for trade-in promotions.) Price is subject to change with out notice. The software is usually upgraded once a year. New version come out normally at the end of March, or beginning of April each year, but this to is controlled by the Manufacture who is McKesson. All Brands and product names are registered trademarks of their respective companies. McKesson is the manufacturer of the Medisoft product lines and is solely responsible for all the software s content and performance, of their products. McKesson controls when and if upgrades and updates will be offered and released.

All Software Sales are Final. Returns of software are NOT accepted. In keeping with industry standards, we will not accept returns on software. However, if your product is damaged, we will replace it at no charge. Contact SLC Software Services for more information.


* Advantage user Licenses are required for Medisoft Network Professional – New or Upgraded

McKesson completed acquisition of Per-Se Technologies who completed Acquisition of NDCHealth Corporation who completed acquisition of Medisoft corp.

Find a Medisoft Dealer who is Certified. Medisoft Patient Account software the best value for your dollar. SLC Software Services Medisoft Certified Dealer \ VAR – best prices on Medisoft – Local support training – Cincinnati Medisoft Dealer – Kentucky Medisoft Dealer – Indiana Medisoft Dealer – NDC Health Medisoft Certified Reseller. Ohio Medisoft Dealer – Great prices on Medisoft – Discounts On special services.

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#dating professionals


Welcome to the world’s most exclusive dating club for elite professionals.

If you re an established professional looking to meet someone special, let us help you find your perfect romantic partner. Here at SEI Club, we connect you with the most financially and intellectually elite singles across the globe. your most compatible, elite matches as you define them.

Catering only to the most sophisticated, refined educated, and successful professional singles, SEI Club is by far the most elite professional dating club available. We cater to gentlemen and women members who have and interest in dating and meeting only the highest quality, elite, relationship-minded singles.

As an elite, professional dating club, SEI Club members are established professionals looking to meet and date each other with the ultimate aim of creating a beautiful, lasting relationship. a safe loving partnership based on compatibility, mutual trust, enjoyment, and respect.

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Another High-Five Moment at AnastasiaDate as More Affluent and Successful Professionals Sign Up #dating #dating #sites

#international dating service


Another High-Five Moment at AnastasiaDate as More Affluent and Successful Professionals Sign Up

(PRWEB) November 14, 2013

AnastasiaDate. the popular and reliable international online dating portal has reported a huge increase in subscriptions from successful professionals in recent months. The international dating site is a perpetual favorite of gentlemen looking for companionship or love online, either in their own country or across geographical borders.

The trendy international dating service has implemented a range of new measures to improve member experience. AnastasiaDate is known for using the latest technology available in the industry. The company continues to come up with the newest improvements to their online services, so that members can enjoy a smooth, hassle-free dating experience every time they log on to the site.

“We are committed to using the latest technology to make life easy for our valued members when they are looking for the world’s most beautiful and charming ladies,” says the Chief Communications Officer at AnastasiaDate, Lawrence Cervantes. “We have met the demand of our members and added the newest version of the mobile app 3.1 which now includes Correspondence. The new version is designed to complement high-value features such as CamShare, Live Chat, Search and others.”

The new features allow members to view all ladies present online easily, browse profiles, photos and interviews effortlessly, and exchange real time messages through Live Chat. They can also have a live visual of their favorite lady through video using CamShare. The advanced Correspondence feature lets members send text messages and get replies fast.

By remaining sharply focused on delivering the highest quality service using cutting-edge technology, AnastasiaDate give members an exclusive, high-end, online dating experience. Consequently, the website has been attracting the most successful people. High profile entrepreneurs, media professionals and executives occupying top positions in major organizations all want to be a part of this leading online international dating site.

AnastasiaDate has an enviable track record of bringing together men and women from across the globe on a common platform so that they can get to know each other better and decide their compatibility factor. The site’s ability to keep up with emerging technology has been a key factor for their runaway success in this highly competitive niche.

The testimonials posted online by members across diverse sections of society and professional background clearly proves that AnastasiaDate is the undisputed numero uno in the business of international online dating.

AnastasiaDate is the leading international dating website that facilitates exciting and romantic companionship online with beautiful and interesting women from all over the world. Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate has over 4 million international users and more than 100 million online visitors annually. Additionally, over 1.5 million conversations are exchanged onsite daily. AnastasiaDate is committed to member safety, customer satisfaction, and the on-going pursuit of innovation and with offices in Moscow and New York, AnastasiaDate users are able to communicate across a variety of top-notch multimedia platforms, including video chat and a mobile app for Android devices available in the Google Play store.

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Executive Dating – dating site for UK Professionals #free #dating #personals

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At we understand how difficult it is for busy professionals to meet like-minded people. When your time is precious it is important that making new friends, companionship and dating are quality experiences.

This site is designed for such people, where intelligent, polite conversation is pretty much a given, and where good company can take people away from busy work schedules, even if for just a short while. Whatever your profession, we hope you enjoy meeting new friends with

Dining Clubs and Group Activities

If you are interested in meeting single people through group activities, we will be introducing a series of executive dining clubs and singles’ events where professional singles in your area can meet and enjoy good company on a regular basis. Events as varied as trips to the races, hill walking, weekend theatre trips and city breaks will be organised throughout the year. Many events will be local with some core events organised on a national scale. If you might be interested in such activities, please take a minute or so to register your interest in our ‘Meet for Dinner’ service .

Serious or Not-So-Serious?

Finally, please do not use this site improperly – it is designed for those seeking to make new friends and widen social circles. For those with a more casual approach to dating, our sister site may prove more appropriate.

Whatever you are looking for we hope you find it with, Meet for Dinner or

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Speed Dating London Professionals – Dating For Free #dating #and #personals

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Speed dating london professionals These sites have high security to ensure that you can enjoy the best hassle free service.

Like minds think like spirits through the website online dating is beneficial both for use online dating site because they smooth progress of the meeting of people on the same wavelength.

speed dating london professionals

Many local Christian singles groups do not do any marketing or advertising to promote themselves and depend on word of mouth by singles or church members to recruit new members.

Dating women through an Asian dating site is real fun if you decide to be Asian.

speed dating london professionals

Free dating sites are an easy way to engage in sex without being worried about how you look, or if you have bad breath or not.
Most paid dating services allow you to configure a profile for free, and you can sometimes find that the people you call can not reply because they have not purchased a subscription; this may waste a lot of your time.

speed dating london professionals