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Sites built on cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure can now automatically and transparently redirect user traffic from their bare domain name to the www version of their sites. Simply add a http redirection record in the edgedirector control panel and all further record maintenance is automatic. The edgedirector http redirection service is geodns enabled and hosted on multiple distributed redundant edgedirector servers

Affiliate marketers and traffic aggregators can use chained redirects crossing domains as a means of referral masking to protect the source of their user traffic.

dns services for geo-targetted global load balancing
dns services for automatic distributed failover

server health is constantly monitored in parallel from multiple data centers, when a server fails or the server requests a pause, the dns records are dynamically altered to point to other balanced servers or hot spare standby servers

dns records are dynamically selected to respond to queries with the server address configured for the geographic location as determined by the address of the incoming query

global load balancing, failover and hot spare features can be combined to achieve the best result possible for high availability and lowest network latency

global load balancing can be configured on CNAME records for third party cloud and cdn traffic management

a customer webcast

read and watch the blog and webcast to find out how one happy customer dramatically improved their site uptime and availability.

$15 per million queries
no minimum
no contract

wildcard records
instant record updates
server controlled traffic management
email and sms alerts
daily usage reports
administrative zone change alerts
browser based control panel
courtesy standby server
dynamic load management api
http management api
bulk text file input
free setup support
free technical support
http redirection service

content delivery networks
global load balancing
automatic server failover
global disaster recovery
performance optimisation
distributed high availability
content regionalisation
cloud services management

DNS is a core internet protocol that enables your web presence by translating human readable domain names to network routable addresses. DNS availability is critical to delivering your audience to your site on demand around the clock.

Our managed authoritative dns hosting services deliver the DNS uptime and availability that are crucial to your success.

The authoritative dns server platform is scalable, flexible, and responsive. It delivers accurate dns responses quickly and propagates dns zone record changes immediately to all dns servers. No more waiting for dns updates. It is authoritative dns service at its best.

The service is further enhanced with an advanced dns feature set to help you stay at the front of the internet pack.

automated maintenance failover
When your servers are unavailable, your visitors are pointed to a information page hosted on servers. The pointing mechanism is specially designed to inform and reassure human users while also avoiding search engine penalties. Even if all of your servers in every data center are unavailable, your users will still receive some reassurance that you will be back.

wildcard dns record support
Users can be directed to a default server when the hostname does not exist in your dns zone. No more lost users from typing errors like ww

global dns load balancing
Use dynamic geoip mapped dns records to point your users to the closest healthy server to improve server response latency. Turn your existing servers into a custom content delivery network with an international footprint.

geoip content delivery mapping
A content delivery network can also be geolocation aware. Dynamic dns answers are used to point your users at the geolocation designated server for their geographic place of origin. You can easily deliver geotargeted content from single or multiple content distribution servers.

monitored server failover monitors your servers and tailors dns answers automatically to include only servers that are currently available in the defined set. Designated subscriber administrators are automatically notified of outages for corrective action. Once the server is back online, it will again be included in the server pool.

hardware load balancing compatible
You may designate any ip address as the published endpoint in your dns records. This includes the public interfaces of single or redundant hardware load balancers and caching appliances in your data center. Combine global load balancing with local load balancing for the best server response time and greatest resilience to service interruptions.

These advanced dns based capabilities work together to provide your users with the best service possible. A set of globally distributed geolocation aware servers becomes as easy to manage as a single server and as powerful as any CDN. Imagine a no-compromise CDN custom built for your unique requirements with complete control in your hands.

more on managed dns services.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the experience is worth a million words. Try the 10 second geolocation demo.

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2017-2022 Degree and Certificate Programs – Catalog Information – Lansing Community College #lansing #community #college, #lcc, #students, #academics, #admissions, #certificates, #associate #degree, #student #services, #college #courses, #on-line #registration, #business #and #community #institute, #lansing, #community #college, #virtual #college, #transfer #opportunities, #course #offerings, #telecourse, #skills #assessment, #star #card


2017-2018 Degree and Certificate Programs

If you started your coursework in the academic year 2017-2018, in most cases you can refer to the degree and certificate programs below or any degree or certificate program available after the 2017-2018 academic year. Effective dates are listed on each individual guide/map. Unsure of what program you are interested in following? Click here .

Associate in Arts/Associate in Science Degrees

The Associate in Arts (AA) and the Associate in Science (AS) degrees are primarily transfer degrees designed for students who intend to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a baccalaureate degree. Students completing these degrees will also satisfy the Michigan Transfer Agreement between the majority of two-year and four-year institutions in Michigan.

General education and subject area requirements vary from one college or university to another. Students should contact the school to which they may transfer for specific transfer institution requirements (See Transfer Information for a list of institutions for which transfer guides are available.)

Applied Degrees and Certificates

The associate degree in applied arts, associate degree in applied science, associate degree in business, and certificates are designed primarily for students who seek education and the acquisition of skills needed to enter the job market or to advance their current careers. Not all courses in these programs transfer to all colleges. Students planning to transfer should see an academic advisor before enrolling in any course.

Curriculum guides/program maps for the 2017-2018 degree and certificate programs are listed alphabetically below. To view the curriculum requirements for each degree/certificate click on the title of the degree.

For 2017 curricula onward, the following CANNOT be used for any certificate or degree requirements:
1) courses in Mathematics or Statistics that are not listed on the LCC General Education Core or the Michigan Transfer Agreement .
2) courses whose prerequisites do not include college-level reading (Reading Level 5), except Physical Fitness activity courses, career or technical courses, and courses in business, arts, music, and theater.

AA – Associate Arts

Florida Driving Record #license #history, #florida, #fl, #dmv, #drivers #license, #title, #registration, #driving #record, #traffic #school, #defensive #driving, #auto #insurance, #new #cars, #used #cars


Florida Driving Record

Florida Driving Records

These driving records are delivered instantly via email as an attached PDF file

Florida Drivers are permitted to complete a driver improvement course (traffic school) five (5) times in their life and once in a twelve (12) month period. If you receive a traffic ticket and are considering traffic school you should be certain you meet the eligibility requirements.

By checking your Driving Record you will know exactly what is in the official Florida record and avoid surprises.

How to Get Your Florida Driving Record Quickly

The fastest way to get a copy of your drivers license record is online from a state approved provider. Below are links to order your driving records from our recommended provider:

Delivered via email instantly

If you are applying for employment that requires driving a company vehicle then the hiring company will likely check your driving record. If you are applying for new auto insurance the insurance company will get a copy of your driving record to evaluate your history.

Get your Driving Record via Mail

Another option is to order your driving history from the Florida DMV by mail by submitting a written request as follows:

Please submit your written request with the individual’s full name, birth date, social security number, Florida Drivers License Number, and an address to send the record to:

2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS 90

Tallahassee, Florida 32314-5775

Allow 30 days to receive your driving records via mail.

The Cost for Driving Records from the State Are:

You can pay by personal check or money order made payable to the Division of Driver Licenses.

Correcting Errors on Your Drivers License Record

If you feel there is an error on your Florida drivers license record contact the DMV customer service center at (850) 922-9000. is an independent organization not affiliated with the state of Florida. the Florida DMV, the Department of Motor Vehicles, or DHSMV
Copyright, all rights reserved

Introduction – Computer Info Tech Networking & Information Security – Computer Information Technologies – Lansing Community College #lansing #community #college, #lcc, #students, #academics, #admissions, #certificates, #associate #degree, #student #services, #college #courses, #on-line #registration, #business #and #community #institute, #lansing, #community #college, #virtual #college, #transfer #opportunities, #course #offerings, #telecourse, #skills #assessment, #star #card


Computer Info Tech Networking Cybersecurity Program

In today s interconnected world, organizations are putting a priority on implementation and maintenance of network infrastructure and the protection of digital information. Students in our Networking and Cybersecurity program will receive hands-on training for careers in Information Assurance, Networking and Cybersecurity Administration.

What does a Network Administrator do?

The Network Administrator s role is to ensure the stable operation of the in-house computer network. This includes planning, developing, installing, configuring, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing all network hardware, software, and communication links. The person will also analyze and resolve problems in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide end user training where required.

What does a Cybersecurity Administrator do?

The Cybersecurity Administrator s role is to ensure the secure operation of the in-house computer systems, servers, and network connections. This includes checking server and firewall logs, scrutinizing network traffic, establishing and updating virus scans, and troubleshooting. This person will also analyze and resolve security breaches and vulnerability issues in a timely and accurate fashion, and conduct user activity audits where required.

Student Resources

Cisco Networking Academy: Getting Started – Student Resource Site
Learn about Cisco courses and get materials to help you prepare for certification tests. Connect with a global community of employers and explore other career resources.

Cisco Learning Networks – IT Job Portal
Search within thousands of IT positions around the globe, including jobs with Cisco and Cisco partners.

Cisco LinkedIN Certifications Group
Receive Cisco training and certification updates, notifications and invitations. Connect and engage with peers on career development and certification preparation topics.

Who do you contact for more information?

Register Your Perfect Domain Name #vidahost, #domain #names, #domain #registration, #register #a #domain, #buy #domain #names, #domain #transfer, #low #prices, #domain #search, #find #domains, #dns #management, #privacy #protection


Domain Name Registration :
Where Your Adventure Starts

Protect your identity with Vidahost Privacy Protection

When you register a Domain Name you’re required to provide your name, telephone number, email and home address. These details are then published on the public ‘WHOIS’ database. With Vidahost Privacy Protection, your registration details remain private – protecting you from spammers and scammers.

Frequently asked questions FAQs

What’s a Domain Name? A Domain Name is a unique, user-friendly web address. Users are directed to your website when they type your Domain Name into a browser. Our Domain Name is

What’s a domain extension? A Domain Name ( is made up of a section between the two dots called the domain (Vidahost), and a section after the second dot called the extension (.com). There are hundreds of read on. different domain extensions to choose from. Named after a wide variety of geographical areas, professions, hobbies and more, you’ll find one perfectly suited to your needs.

What can I do with a Domain Name? You can do a number of different things with your domain. Point your domain to your website – so web users can visit your site with ease. Create personalised email addresses. Build a potentially valuable portfolio of read on. domains to auction off in the future. If you don’t intend to build a website, it’s still a good idea to register your brand’s Domain Name. This protects from domain squatters or competitors who could use it to send traffic to their own site.

Can I use my Domain Name with a hosting package bought elsewhere? Yes. You can update your Domain Name’s nameservers to point to a different web host. Or, consolidate your hosting and domain management on our platform. Moving your website is simple: when you sign up to a hosting read on. plan, our migration specialist will move your site to our platform at no extra cost. Learn more about our free migration service here .

Can I hide my personal details from the WHOIS database? Yes. Our Vidahost Privacy Protection addon replaces your personal details with our details in the WHOIS database.

How much can I earn as a Vidahost reseller? There’s no limit to what you can earn through our Reseller Program. Our reliable cloud hosting is a firm favourite amongst bloggers and businesses alike. Once you’re signed up to our Reseller Program, the time you’ll read on. need to invest is minimal. And we’re here to support you with any issues or questions you and your customers may have.

Happy customers

How to update your San Francisco Business Address #business #registration #certificate #san #francisco


How To Update Your San Francisco Business Address

Published on 10/21/13 4/20/17 by Doug Bend

If you change your business address in San Francisco, the following checklist is a good starting point for most businesses to make sure you update all of the necessary government agencies and service providers.

1. California Secretary Of State Office .

You will need to file an updated Statement Of Information with the California Secretary Of State s Office. There is no filing fee if the Statement of Information is being filed to change any information on a previously filed statement, and it is being filed within a calendar month from which the Articles of Organization, or Incorporation were filed. If you fall out side of this window, the filing fee for an LLC is $20 and for a corporation is $25. You can access the forms to do so here .

You will also need to update the IRS by filing Form 8822-B or by calling the IRS business hotline at 1-800-829-4933. There is no filing fee.

3. California Franchise Tax Board .

You will need to update the California Franchise Tax Board of your company s new address, which you can do here. There is no filing fee.

4. San Francisco Business Registration Certificate .

In addition, you need to update your business account with the city of San Francisco by clicking here. There is no filing fee.

5. Fictitious Business Name Statement .

6. Board Of Equalization .

If your business has a seller s permit, you will need to update the Board Of Equalization of your company s new address by filing BOE Form 345, which you can access here. If you do not have a seller s permit, you can read about why you might need one here .

7. Employment Development Department .

You will also need to update the Employment Development Department by logging into your account online or asking your payroll service provider to do so. There is no filing fee.

8. Business Service Providers .

You should update all of the service providers for your business, such as your bank, insurance carrier, credit card companies, payment processing and other service providers.

9. Business Listings .

You should update all of the online business listings for your business, such as Yelp, Facebook business page and any other applicable listings. Once you think you have covered them all, Google the name of your business to make sure you have not missed any.

Does your business subscribe to any professional journals, magazine or other subscription services? If so, be sure to update those as well.

11. U.S. Postal Service.

Last but not least, you should file a change of address form with the United State s Postal Service, which you can find here .

Disclaimer: This article discusses general legal issues, but it does not constitute legal advice in any respect. No reader should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information presented herein without seeking the advice of counsel in the relevant jurisdiction. Bend Law Group, PC expressly disclaims all liability in respect of any actions taken or not taken based on any contents of this article.

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Free SSL Certificate & Website Builder Fast Australian Web Hosting #domain #registration,domain #name #registration,website #hosting.


CPanel Control Panel is standard with all Web Hosting packages for fast, easy
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PM Laptop Scheme 2017 Eligibility Criteria Online Forms Registration #laptob, #pm #laptop #scheme #2017 #eligibility #criteria #online #forms #registration


PM Laptop Scheme 2017 Eligibility Criteria Online Forms Registration

Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif announced a new scheme for students that read in Colleges and Universities of Pakistan. The name of sachem is PM Laptop Scheme 2017. The eligible criteria and online form detail is given on this page so those students want to know about the PM Laptop Scheme 2017 eligibility criteria online forms registration and keep in touch with this page. The laptop will give to those students that have great academic record in his colleges and Universities. This scheme is by Federal Government and announces that we will distribute the Laptop across the Pakistan. Federal Government will give out about 1, 30,000 laptop in every year to the hardworking students in Pakistan. PM Laptop Scheme 2017 is one of the main projects of Government. The Government Issue the laptop to those students that have 3.30 CGPA in recognizes University under HEC or 60% marks in annual system. Our Government distributes the laptops to the Master degree students and M.Phill students. Undergraduate students also get laptops on the base of merit. The Minister of Education Rana Mashood Khan says that laptop will give out free 1, 30, 000 laptop across the Pakistan. Higher Education makes lists of students that will fulfill the required merit and will be able to get free laptop from Federal Government of Pakistan.

Federal Government designed a new Hardware assembling Plant in Sunder Industry where external companies come and will investment. South Korea, China and Taiwan show its presence. Those companies will work to gather and make a new design of laptop. The one laptop price will be equal to Rs. 40,000. These laptops will better than previous laptop scheme. The students will get all services of laptops in his cities. If the students have any kind of problem then they can fix the problems.

PM Laptop Scheme 2017 Eligibility Criteria


PM Laptop Scheme enhances the encouragement of students that are intelligent and future of Pakistan. Students use the new kind of technology from which he will be able to know the fashion and modern World. Students will get help through laptop and solve the educational problems. PM Laptop Scheme is all about students whose work hard and prove him selves by the educational record. here is the PM Laptop Scheme 2017 Eligibility Criteria Online Forms Registration

PM Laptop Scheme 2017 form will be uploaded here when the Federal Government will issue and you can download PM Laptop Scheme 2017 form in this page. So those students that have good educational record and fulfill the requirement of CGPA 3.30 and Percentage 60% should to keep in touch with this page.