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FEATURING: Cold Lasers for Natural Pain Relief, Anti-Aging Rejuvenation:
Healing Lasers, Cold Lasers, AVANT LZ30 Power Packed Portable Lasers, PowerMedic Handheld Lasers, TerraQuant Elite Professional Cold Laser, the NEWEST and Most Powerful LZR7 ZX2 6.1 WATT Desktop Cold Laser for busy practitioners, and we offer the #1 Selling Cold Laser Worldwide, the TQ Solo for the lowest permitted price.
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TerraQuant Laser Packages
FDA Cleared!
Super-pulsed laser technology
Used in over 30 countries
TerraQuant – BEST LASER for busy practitioners.

Quasar Skin Care
The ultimate in affordable, natural, quality skin care phototherapy equipment.
Quaser MD Plus MORE

RED IR = 2400mW

AVANT LZ Cold Laser Therapy Systems
A true 21st Century Laser

Portable, powerful, digital cold laser in small convenient size

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Pain Relief Products Healing Lasers.

Low Level Lasers Therapy Low Level Lasers: rapid healing, pain management, carpal tunnel, skin and wrinkle care, weight control, smoking cessation and much more. Cold lasers are completely safe, have been used around the world for over 40 years with no reports of injury and are easy to use. Healing Lasers are super safe, common for home use and compatible for use by most health practitioners as a valuable adjunct to compliment your existing practice and current healing modalities). Often referred to as Cold Lazer.

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We are committed to providing cutting-edge technologies and health supplies with courteous service at competitive prices. We pledge to always offer the most advanced products in the areas of cold lasers and health supplies to enhance thesuccess and performance of professionals, individuals, businesses and Corporations.

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Healing Lasers, Terraquant Laser, TQ Solo, Cold Lazer, AVANT Laser, LZR7, PowerLaser, Cold Lasers, Health Supplies

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Phoenix Dragon Bookstore is located at 5531 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta, GA. 30342. Serving the Atlanta area for close to 30 years, we are proud to be Atlanta’s premiere independent book and gift store. If you need directions or have a question about services, products or classes, please call 404-255-5207.

We are open Monday – Saturday: 10:00am – 8:00pm and Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

From the moment you enter the foyer of our Roswell Road location, you are entering another world. The melodic tinkling of chimes merges with the gurgling of fountains and the soothing sounds of new age or world music. Facing the entrance is a magnificent mantle, beautifully painted with natural imagery; colorful displays of greeting cards beckon you deeper into a wondrous world of statues, candles, incense, crystals, books, music and gifts. All of our merchandise serves the common purpose of nurturing the mind, body and soul.

JUNE 9: Full Moon Ceremony with Maxine Taylor

Join us each month when the moon is full, for a simple and powerful ceremony in the Phoenix and Dragon Garden (weather permitting). Bring a list of intentions on how and where you would like your efforts to bear fruit in the next two weeks. For more information click here to view the calendar.

JUNE 10: Astrology Readings with Marilyn DuMont

Talk with Marilyn about the importance of new beginnings in 2017. This year is sure to be transformational for all in ways that we will not understand until we look back on this coming year. For more information click here to view the calendar.

JUNE 10: Reiki Level One with Susan Rushing

Learn the art of energy healing in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho and Essential Reiki methods with Traditional and Essential Reiki Master Susan Rushing. For more information click here to view the calendar.

JUNE 10: Juicy Goddess Workshop with Annika Ford

Juicy… It means several things; succulent, spicy, profitable, and provocatively interesting. As a Modern-Day Goddess, these words only describe a portion of who you are. For more information click here to view the calendar.

JUNE 11: Astrology Boot Camp: Now Where Do I Go! with Marilyn Dumont

How are you doing in this time of endings and beginnings that are eminent for a new world? Everyone and every structure certainly feels the surge of excitement and anticipation. For more information click here to view the calendar.

JUNE 13: Witch’s Brew: Making Your Own Spells is Fun to Do! with Damaris

Do you ever think of someone and the next day they call you? Do you have to be careful what you think because it may happen? Do you feel like you have a hidden power? If you answered yes, this class is definitely for you! For more information click here to view the calendar.

JUNE 15: Shamanic Healing Circle with Bart Smyth

Bart Smyth direct from Sweden will offer this popular, powerful transformative program which is extremely potent and can bring forth very profound shifts in your vitality and well-being on many levels. For more information click here to view the calendar.

JUNE 15: Enhancing Energy Ecstasy in Ritual with Jason Augustus Newcomb

In this introductory class using movement, breath, visualization and magick, participants will learn to vastly increase the amount of magical energy that is produced and experienced in ritual practice. For more information click here to view the calendar.

JUNE 16: Readings with Jason Augustus Newcomb

People the world over seek out readings with Jason Augustus Newcomb, a caring and gentle soul who offers guidance to those seeking relationship and career advice, and other topics, large or small. For more information click here to view the calendar.

JUNE 16: Opening to Visionary Magick with Jason Augustus Newcomb

In this class we will actively and practically explore opening up to the visionary state, seeing nature spirits and other intelligences, as well as learning to experience shared and group visions. For more information click here to view the calendar.

Phoenix Dragon BOOKSTORE is proud to PARTNER with these important organizations