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13 Signs You Need To Visit A Marriage Counselor

We believe we’re getting the fairytale when we get married. You know — meet “the one,” have a whirlwind courtship, get married and live happily ever after. What the fairytales don’t tell you is that relationships take work.

Often times, we don’t go into a relationship with the tools to manage the challenges, which is where the pros come in. And by pros, I mean a counselor or therapist who can help you learn new ways of relating to your partner.

The question is: when do you know it’s time to consider marriage counseling. Here are some trigger points and behaviors that are signs you may need help.

1. When you aren’t talking. In all honesty, many relationship challenges are simply challenges in communication. A therapist can help facilitate new ways to communicate with each other. Once communication has deteriorated, often it is hard to get it going back in the right direction.

2. When you’re talking, but it’s always negative. Negative communication can include anything that leaves one partner feeling judged, shamed, disregarded, insecure or wanting to withdraw from the conversation. Negative communication also includes the tone of conversation because it’s not always what you say, but how you say it. Negative communication can escalate into emotional abuse as well as non-verbal communication.

3. When you’re afraid to talk. When it’s just too frightening to even bring issues up. This can be anything from sex to money, or even annoying little habits that are being blown out of proportion. A therapist’s job is to help a couple become clear about their issues and to help them understand what they are truly talking about.

4. When affection is withheld as punishment. My client Ann’s ex-husband would get angry over small things and then withhold affection (including giving her the silent treatment). If one partner starts to act as a “parent” or “punisher,” there is a lack of balance in the relationship.

5. When you see your partner as an antagonist. You and your partner are not adversaries; you are on the same team. If it begins to feel as if you are on different sides, then it’s time to seek help.

6. When you keep secrets. Each person in a relationship has a right to privacy, but when you keep secrets from each other, something isn’t right

7. When you contemplate (or are having) an affair. Fantasizing about an affair is a signal that you desire something different from what you currently have. While it is possible for a relationship to survive after one partner has had an affair, it’s prudent to get some help before that happens. If both of you are committed to the therapy process and are being honest, the marriage may be salvaged. At the very least, you may both come to realize that it is healthier for both of you to move on.

8. When you are financially unfaithful. Financial infidelity can be just as -– if not more -– damaging to a relationship than a sexual affair. If one partner keeps his or her spouse in the dark about spending or needs to control everything related to money, then the other should bring up the topic of family finances. It’s not unreasonable to say, “I want to better understand our monthly bills and budget, our debt, how many savings/checking/retirement accounts we have, etc.” If your spouse objects, consult a professional to help work out the conflict.

9. When you feel everything would be OK if he would just change. The only person you can change is yourself, so if you’re waiting for him to change, you’re going to be waiting a long time. This is often when I recommend hiring a coach or therapist to better understand who you are and what you want. Then, if challenges continue to persist, reach out to a couple’s therapist to learn better tools for relating to each other.

10. When you’re living separate lives. When couples become more like roommates than a married couple, this may indicate a need for counseling. This does not mean a couple is in trouble just because they don’t do everything together. Rather, if there is a lack of communication, conversation, intimacy or if they feel they just “co-exist,” this may indicate that it’s time to bring in a skilled clinician who can help sort out what is missing and how to get it back.

11. When your sex life has shifted significantly. It’s not unusual for sex to taper off a little after you’ve been together for a while. However, significant changes in the bedroom signal something is not right. An increase in sex, by the way, is also a sign of challenges, as it can signal one partner trying to make up for something they’re doing that they feel is wrong.

12. When you argue over the same little things over and over again. Every individual has trigger behaviors — specific things that drive them crazy that wouldn’t bother the majority of other people. This can include issues like laundry, how the dishwasher is loaded and having the same thing for dinner too often. The other partner often doesn’t understand why these fights keep happening and what he or she can do about it. A therapist can help a couple discuss these issues and figure out what the real root of the issue is.

13. When there are ongoing relationship issues. Every relationship has sticking points or those big-ticket arguments that carry over for months without any kind of resolution in sight. This includes differing views on family finances, incompatible sex drives and child rearing philosophies. These challenges feel impossible, but they can be worked out and both partners can reach a reasonable resolution. Therapists help if both parties are committed to understanding the other’s point of view and are willing to find common ground.

Most couples wait too long before seeking help. In truth, you are best served if you seek help sooner rather than later.


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Religion: Christian (Roman) Catholic,

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player, someone i can trust and grow old with. will be good if he is built not
too muscular though, good teeth, nice eyes and welcoming warming smile.

Disabled Dating: Meet People for Love and a true relationship #catholic #online #dating

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Best Online Community for Disabled People

Dating for Disabled People. The Internet is filled with dating and social networking websites customized to fit the needs of virtually any community on Earth. If you have a favorite hobby or sports team, if you collect stamps or coins or even something obscure such as aardvark figurines, chances are excellent that you will find an active group of your peers on the web. Until now, however, there wasn’t a place where people with physical, mental or cognitive disabilities could go if they were interested in finding a relationship. They had to settle for run-of-the-mill services that may have even discriminated against them. Even if the sites themselves did not do so, customers often had unsettling and frustrating experiences with other members. In the end, a quest for love would turn into a stressful, often even hurtful experience that ended in failure.

Introducing disabled-dating.net, the new social and dating choice for the disabled community

Why choose a dating site specifically designed for people with physical or mental challenges? While there is nothing preventing you from using traditional relationship sites, they do not specifically cater to the unique needs of our community. That’s why it is time to become part of a dating website that bears your disability in mind without any prejudice or misconceptions.

What is the disabled-dating.net difference? When you seek a new relationship on disabled-dating.net, you will be interacting with other members who have physical or mental challenges, just as you do. Because your life experiences are similar in that respect, you will quickly be able to communicate at a level of understanding that surpasses what you would find in a general dating forum. Of course, you will have total say in how you present your disability and to what extent you discuss it with other members, but you will not have the discomfort of explaining the details of your disability to people who have never experience challenges themselves.

With disabled-dating.net, you also won’t have to agonize about whether to let people know you have a disability or if it would be better to hide that important part of yourself. You will be part of a community that is already well aware of the effects of physical and mental limitations and will not judge you harshly because of them. Instead of worrying about how to paint your limitation in the best possible light, your time can be spent focusing on your talents and attributes and communicating them to your prospective partners. Isn’t that a much better way to get to know someone?

Are you tired of anonymous dating sites that don’t take your disability into consideration? Do you want to find like-minded people who neither dismiss the importance of your limitation nor focus on it solely, to the exclusion of the rest of your personality, experiences and abilities? We have great news: disabled-dating.net has been carefully and thoughtfully designed just for you. We understand that meeting new people can often be particularly challenging for a person with a disability, but not at disabled-dating.net. Within our community are men and women of all ages and challenges. Take the time to fill out our comprehensive application form and, before you know it, you’ll be chatting with people who want to get to know you better and who understand exactly where you’re coming from.

Our registration process is simple and free. Why not dedicate some time today to setting up a profile? Our diverse community is full of people who are also looking for love and dating partners. You’ll be amazed how quickly your e-mail box will become filled with communications from interested people whose talents, desires and goals match yours. We can’t wait to meet you!

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The Difference Between A Mature Relationship And An Immature Relationship

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Mature couples don’t “fall in love,” they step into it. Love isn’t something you fall for; it’s something you rise for.

Falling denotes lowering oneself, dropping down and being stuck somewhere lower than where you started. You have to get up from falling.

Love isn’t like that — at least not with people who are doing it right. Immature couples fall; mature couples coast. Because love is either a passing game, or it’s forever. Love is either wrong, or it’s right. A couple is either mature or immature.

How do you know? How can you tell if your relationship is in it for the long haul or the two-month plummet everyone predicted behind your love-obsessed back?

First, it should be easy, from the beginning to end. There are no passionate fights with passionate make-up sex. There’s no obsessive calling, texting or worrying.

There’s no real drama. Because drama is for kids. Drama is for people who don’t know how to have a relationship — who live by idealistic, preconceived notions that love must be wild and obsessive.

Love is easy. It’s the easiest thing you’ve ever done. It’s the calmest place in your life, the safest blanket you’ve ever worn. It’s something that happens naturally; it doesn’t need to be fought for day in and day out.

When you love someone, and he or she loves you, and there’s no doubt to his or her feelings and no doubt to yours, that’s peace of mind. A peace of mind you’ve never had before. the kind that humbles and revives you.

A mature relationship lives by this peace of mind; immature ones drown in it.

Immature relationships ask questions; mature relationships answer them

Immature relationships are all about doubts. Does he love me? Is she cheating on me? Will we be together in two months?

Mature couples don’t need to ask questions. They already know the answers, and they don’t need reassurance from their partners.

They are comfortable and secure and free of doubt because mature love isn’t about all those small questions, but a comfort in knowing the big one is answered.

Immature relationships leave you wanting something; mature relationships give you what you need

There’s a void in immature relationships, an apparent absence and incessant worry that something’s missing.

It eats away at you when you go to sleep or leave each other for just a few hours. It burns dimly when you’re together, but you wave it off with sex and constant chatter.

Mature relationships have no void. There are no empty spaces or tiny cracks. There is never a feeling that something has been taken away or is leaving with the other person.

The love between the two mature people fills every crack in the fiber of their being they didn’t know they had.

Immature relationships are striving to be one complete person; mature relationships are okay being two

Immature relationships are formed by two incomplete people. They are two halves trying to make one whole.

They are two people looking for something that can’t be found in another person. They dominate each other, force themselves together and make one flawed mesh of a human.

Mature couples never strive to be one. They are two individual people looking to make two better people. The love between the two of them isn’t about making both of them whole again, but more individual.

It’s about pushing each other to pursue their passions, interests and become the best person possible.

Immature relationships lose their drive; mature relationships make you more motivated

We all get wrapped up in love. It’s easy to spend days in bed and weekends in the hazy world of blankets and kisses.

But eventually, that smothering love is replaced with motivated love — a type of love that comes when you want to make a life with someone and work hard to get that life. Immature couples never get to this.

They never feel that motivation to leave each other only to come back more successful and more determined to make a life for the two of them.

Immature relationships fight over text messages; mature relationships are always face-to-face

Fighting is natural; texting is not. Mature couples do not spend their days bickering over a screen.

When they have something to work out, they do it face to face — where the meanings can’t be misconstrued by emojis and auto correct. Immature couples fuel their relationship with incessant bickering and lengthy messages.

Immature couples see long texts as evidence of their “relationship” and find comfort in spending hours hiding behind their phones. They argue just to argue; mature couples fight for their future.

Immature relationships are about trying to find yourself; mature relationships already know themselves

Relationships are only for two complete people looking for companionship, yet many incomplete people look for it to complete them. This is when mature relationships and immature ones split.

You can’t have a healthy relationship with two unhealthy people. When you’re trying to use someone to complete you, you’re creating an incomplete relationship.

Immature relationships are threatened by everyone else; mature relationships enjoy meeting other people

There are always going to be people in your life, pasts to each person and surprises behind closed doors.

Mature couples, however, do not feel threatened by strangers and past lovers. They are confident in their love and their partner’s love.

Immature couples find threats in everyone. They’re delusional and paranoid because their love is superficial. They do not have a strong enough foundation to effortlessly glide past all the distractions and threats.

Immature relationships live by preconceived timelines; mature relationships let everything happen naturally

There’s no right or wrong time to move in together. There’s no specific year to get married and definitely not a timeline for your life together.

When you’re in love, things happen at their own pace. You feel things, and you follow your heart.

Immature couples, however, don’t have those feelings, those instincts and those effortless moments. They make up rules and guidelines and assume time is the only thing that makes or breaks their relationship.

Immature relationships judge you on your past; mature relationships help you carry it

We all have a past, and in many cases, one we’re not proud of. We can’t help what happened to people before we knew them. All that matters is how they are now. Immature couples, however, refuse to see beyond the past.

Mature couples don’t just accept one another’s pasts but want to help heal the wounds. They look beyond the mistakes and the flaws toward the beauty in the future together.

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African Singles – Discover The Next Relationship #date #dating #site

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This happened especially when one member of a couple belongs to a culture where women are free to make their decision while the other member belongs to a culture where women are corseted by their family members mail.

african singles

Dating games? These two words have made a breakthrough in the field of dating.

It can be difficult to be objective when you are dating someone attraction or pride can replace the simple logic, so it is sometimes very useful to listen to your friends and family.

african singles

african singles

Join these totally free online dating sites by creating a good profile is the first step to finding your dream mate.

Another avenue of research would be to search the Internet on site names you are considering – and see what people are saying about these sites in blogs or forums.

Online dating has become very popular and with so many members now interested in these sites of social interaction on the Internet is increased by an impressive amount.

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There are 0 members. 0 invisible members and 16 guests visiting this board. [Administrator] [Moderator]

Our users have posted a total of 2565 messages inside 643 topics .
Most users ever online was 8275 on Tue, 21 June 2011 14:23
We have 2689 registered users.
The newest registered user is davidjohnson
Last message on the forum: Re: How To Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Welcome to Dating Forums

Every person used dating forums at least once in life. Even if the person didn’t use forums, he will tell you that he did, because some years ago it was really popular. Today we want to rehabilitate the popularity of dating forums, because as practice shows, it is useful anyway.

Benefits you will get by joining LiveDating.me forum

1. Networking opportunities

No matter how long these relationships are in your life, everything comes to the end, eventually. So here you are at home and you don’t know what to do next with your problem and how to deal with it. You search the Internet, you find some blogs and articles, send emails to follow them up but when they don’t reply, you’re back to square. And there is no appropriate way out, you are single again.

But there is! Online dating forums provide an opportunity of networking 24/7. Being active in the forum you have chosen and interacting with subscribers is all that you need to get you name out here.

Guys who read you replies will remember your name and later will be more susceptible to your replies. Perhaps, guys, who have found your ideas and viewpoints helpful and interesting, might try to contact you.

Dating forum helps you to keep an open eye according any issues that people ask. Moreover, fervent disputes and anything else that will give a good piece of experience for you. Shall you have any questions or issues related to online dating, love or relationship, feel free to start a topic and ask our online dating experts. The real professionals will help you with advise, focusing on achieving your goals and making this in polite and respectful way.

Regardless of whatever situation you’re in, there is a solution. Always! The most important is to start. As you know, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so go ahead and let you achieve your goals.

Forum is the best place, if you want to verify you own ideas and you want to gain some new ideas. The more people are discussing in the forum, the more potential ideas you will get.

3. Increase knowledge

Imagine that you just started your relationship and you’re a newbie. Instead of making sense of everything, you feel like you’re slapping like a fish without water.

Then you join a LiveDating.me forum and suddenly you find out that people bothering with the same problems as you are. Better still, there are people who got this experience and share it with you! You’ve just hit jackpot: you avoid general pitfalls and learn fast at the same time!

4. Build relationships

As time has proven, forums are a splendid source for building both love relationship and friendship. The best thing about is that you doesn’t take the extra effort to build the relationship. Just being an active member of a forum, engaging and networking with other users, giving a helping hand, you automatically build these relationships.

5. Making the most of online forums

The last but not the least advice is Be a sponge and soak in everything . If it doesn’t concern and relate to you, it doesn’t mean that it’s unimportant. Pay attention, it might me useful! Don’t neglect something just because it wasn’t meant for you. Active discussions are encouraged. Remember, the more you contribute to the Forum, the more your Rank increases and the more replies you will get to your own posts.

Finally, keep in mind some online forums golden rules: be active and respectful, helpful and engaging, give value and what is the most important – don’t spam. Enjoy LiveDating.me forum and be aware!

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CRM Software – Tigerpaw 11 Revamped for Usability #crm #software, #customer #relationship #management, #crm, #contact #management, #sales #force #automation, #marketing #automation, #customer #service #automation, #customer #support, #hosted #crm, #mobile #crm


CRM Software

Tigerpaw Software. developer of the business building software for technology providers, unveiled Tigerpaw 11, with added usability enhancements and new features that help technology providers better organize their business, optimize the customer experience and fuel revenues, company officials said in a press release.

The application is designed with IT, telephony, security, and audio/video businesses end users in mind.

A new user interface that stresses usability. Tabs let you open multiple documents like accounts, quotes, service orders, and invoices at the same time just like in Internet Explorer.

Simplified filtering and mining data lists. Tigerpaw 11 provides in-line filtering to dynamically create filter criteria right in the list. You can search by multiple items using Boolean logic, and a new column chooser lets you hide the columns that aren’t important to you. Badging has also been implemented to help you make better business decisions.

More efficient management of service tickets. Canned work requested, work performed, and internal comments can be created and inserted on a ticket with minimal effort, allowing for fast ticket updates and consistent data for reporting. Some of the new items that go into the service order notes automatically include rep assignments, status changes, priority changes, updates to work performed, and changes to contracts.

Improved workflow engine. Workflow is handled by a Windows service that runs 24/7. New time based workflows allow you to configure a set-it and forget-it trigger for a pre-determined number of days before a contract, warranty, subscription license, battery replacement or preventative maintenance date expires.

Overhauled dashboards. Tigerpaw 11’s dashboards have been redesigned from the ground up. You can choose from 85 different dashboard panels — many on the recommendation of the Tigerpaw Client Advisory Group. Users can drill-down on any dashboard panel to get a list of the documents (tickets, quotes, accounts, etc.) that make up a chart element; you can click pie slices, bars, data points, and sales funnel slices to view the underlying data.

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of David s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for TMCnet here .

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Relationship Rules: Text Messaging #dating #script

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Relationship Rules: Text Messaging

At first, we scoffed at this short message service, famously known as SMS. This new fad of text messaging was too impersonal, too informal, too slow, and not long after, too popular to ignore any longer. What was once a quick way to pass on short messages (remember our old, boxy Nokia phones with selectable options like Lunch later? or Be home after work ?) has now become a forum for the infinite: Formal communication with our bosses, daring late-night messaging with that girl we met at spin class or even a quick hello to grandma, who also somehow has learned what predictive text is.

Especially concerning has been the role of SMS within the wide, wide walls of dating. Sure, we can make plans with our buddies or even avoid meetings with our coworkers. but when text messaging begins to dictate the finicky boundaries of love and lust, certain rules apply. A new sort of dialogue is beginning to emerge, so get it right before a text to her phone becomes a slap in the face.

The first date

She completes your sentences and you open up about your fear of flying. Things begin to spark, and your first night together is a success. If you were lucky enough to pass the first relationship test the dreaded first date then congratulations. Now, don t mess it up.

After parting ways from your first date, we once advised to give some time before calling her back and to be patient in making your second move. With the advent of text messaging this protocol has blurred, but don t be fooled.

The best usage of the post-first-date text is its perceived innocence. Acceptable messages would be: Hey, I had a great night with you. I can t wait to do it again, or, Just heard someone laugh exactly like that woman we sat next to the other night, except this time she was 60 and had a German accent. Little tidbits are reminders that you haven t lost sight of the time you spent together, but avoid formalities that should be settled in person.

Under no circumstances should a man plan his second date with a woman through text. Things like, Hey, can I pick you up at eight o clock on Tuesday for a follow-up? can be detrimental to an early couple s dynamic. Leave second date plans, or any follow-up plans for that matter, for the traditional phone conversations we all know and love though increasingly try to avoid.

The follow-up date(s)

You ve made it this far, so now it s time to focus. The worst downfalls in text communication come with people that you know well enough to speak with but not well enough to pick up the phone and chat with. This dangerous median between comfort and the unknown seems to be the best opportunity for text messaging to get that message across without seeming too intrusive. However, even when you re in the first stages of dating, certain rules still apply.

True-feeling texting: Maybe you had one too many at happy hour or just want to get your point across, but we all have a tendency to grab our phones and start thumbing at our keyboard when we want her to know exactly how we feel maybe we re head over heels in love and never felt like this before, or maybe you can t deal with the way she talks about her ex boyfriends.

We ve got a few more relationship rules that apply to text messaging.

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Tagged Dating – Find The Relationship #asian #dating #site

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Tagged dating The limitation with online dating is that it removes these essential subtleties that you can observe in a conversation face to face. If people ask their Chinese dating partners why dust and waste are not scanned on the threshold, they are informed about it being considered related to the sweep of a family member.

tagged dating

One of the best dating tips you could ever take to heart is the fact that not every person that you are going on a date with will be good for you no matter what your intentions. Here we come to the forefront fifth and very practical about selecting the best dating site to work with: whether the site you want to work with has a free trial subscription and go with it, even if it offers some limited profile options.

tagged dating

tagged dating

When you go to cancel, they tell you that you are registered for another 20 days so you might as well not cancel again and enjoy the site. You can learn more about their religion, their way of dressing and even their language.

Dating Advice For Men – The Top Ten Dating Mistakes Revealed In New Report By Relationship Guru #nyc #dating

#dating advice for men


Dating Advice For Men – The Top Ten Dating Mistakes Revealed In New Report By Relationship Guru

Carlos Xuma – Dating Advice For Men

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2011

There are so many ways for men to blow it on that first date. Too many times all the hopes and expectations for that first meeting fly out the door when it becomes apparent that something went horribly wrong.

Dating Expert Carlos Xuma teaches dating advice for men to thousands of guys on the dating scene, and has learned that while there are many mistakes men can make during that first date, at least 10 of these major errors can easily be avoided. He recently released a special report outlining them in detail.

For instance, one easy thing to avoid is talking too much, he says. It is especially erroneous for men talk too much about themselves. And it is even worse if the talk is bragging.

“Guys need to focus at least 70% of the conversation on her,” Xuma tells men. “Her experience is that the man who listens to her will understand her, and she believes that the man who understands her will be a good lover. The reverse is doubly true – if he yammers on and on, she’ll nod and smile, but she’ll be thinking about what a bore he is, and how unlikely it is he’ll give her the love she desires. Take a lesson from the great talk show hosts. Watch them as they ask questions and get everyone laughing along the way.”

This is just one of the of dating tips for men that Carlos Xuma shares in his work as a dating and relationship expert – and in his recent report.

Another big mistake men make is letting the date drag on way too long. He has to end it while it’s going good, Xuma says.

“You have to have the self-discipline to end things on a good note. Again, many guys keep her out too long when they’ve found that she’s interested, and turn a good date into boredom. Unless she’s asking him back to her place, he has to pack it in politely. Don’t overstay the welcome.”

Plus, this leaves the woman wanting for more, he says in the dating advice for men report. If a man wants to get a girlfriend. he has to know this first rule of attraction.

Carlos Xuma teaches men how to improve and excel in these three areas so that women will actually flock to the men instead of the other way around. For years, he has been giving dating advice for men that has helped men improve their seduction techniques. learn how to attract women, and build self-confidence to a higher level than ever before.

Carlos Xuma has been a dating expert and attraction adviser for more than 10 years and has appeared on ABC and CBS television, as well as Playboy radio. He’s the author of The Bad Boy Formula, Secrets of the Alpha Male, the Girlfriend Training Program, and numerous other books and articles. He has also been recognized for his work sharing dating advice for men and helps them learn the Three S’s: self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor.

For more information, visit Carlos Xuma’s website at http://www.datingdynamics.com .

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