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2013 Southern Security of Arkansas – Residential and Commercial Security Systems Lic. E2013-0044

1611 Nelson Road Little Rock, Arkansas 72206

Southern Security of Arkansas is an industry-leading home and business security technology company dedicated to ensuring the safety, convenience and control of your home and business security systems using wireless, web and mobile technology. Southern Security of Arkansas provides innovative and affordable solutions that deliver greater safety, awareness, control, convenience and efficiency inside the home and business from wherever you are. We install leading technology that provide services like Interactive Security, Video Monitoring, Energy Management and Home Automation through a connected platform and accessed through easy to use mobile apps. for any cell phone operating system.

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Whizz Overhead Garage Door Greenwich CT #garage, #doors, #repair, #installation, #track, #roller, #repairs, #opener, #broken, #fix, #residential, #md, #emergency, #broke, #off #track, #overhead #repair, #overhead #garage #door, #overhead #doors, #sensors, #remotes, #springs, #torsion #spring, #extension #spring #repair, #broken #spring #replacement, #replace, #lube, #install.


Professionals at Whizz Garage Door Repair Greenwich CT offer 24-hour emergency garage door repair Greenwich CT services for residential and commercial garage doors. all our technicians are fully trained, knowledgeable and experienced in handling many types of overhead garage door problems including broken cables replacement, tracing cables that require adjustment and pulley replacement. In addition to proper training, all our technicians are up to date with the newest repair techniques and products in the market. We have stocked our trucks with the best replacement parts and specialty tools.

If you are currently in the market searching for the best commercial garage door, you should consider some things. First, you have to ask yourself why you need the garage door. Is the garage for loading equipment into and out of the building? Is it for handling larger groups of people? Do you need it for storing vehicles? Knowing why you need the garage door will help you determine the best type of door you require and the features it should have.

A garage door does more than allowing for a passageway. The door should aid in air ventilation, allow for more sunlight, and provide greater protection when not in use. Commercial garage doors are available in several sizes, shapes and manufacturers use various materials to construct them depending on the intended use. The commonest commercial garage doors include overhead doors, fire rated doors, rollup doors and scissor gates. Each of the available types has its unique advantage and functions in a different way from the others. The following will help you decide on the best type of garage door to select.

Did you know that your garage door dictates the overall look of your home? The design, style, type and the material you select for the garage door plays a crucial part in enhancing or detracting from the home s curb appeal. Whizz Door Repair Greenwich CT offers unmatched garage door installation and services. We have served the entire Greenwich CT region for many years and we, therefore, understand what our customers expect.

-The types of garage door services that we provide
Greenwich Garage Door Repair companies use higher quality construction and materials to make garage door openers and doors. However, you should realize that with any system, there are things that can easily go wrong. If the garage door opener happens to go wrong, you can engage our technicians to investigate and find the underlying cause of the entire problem. Whether it is a transmitter signal problem, a broken part, or interference with the door s opener frequency, they are always ready to solve the problem.

-Broken garage door spring repair

Fixing a spring on your garage door can be hard and difficult. Incorrectly repaired springs can damage the door opener or the door in the end and most likely injury the repair person. Therefore, you should allow our properly trained technicians to do the repair work and save you the potentially dangerous hassle.

Tel: (203) 826-8070
Whizz Overhead Garage Door Greenwich CT | Expert Garage Door’s

California Marijuana Rehab #residential #drug #treatment #california


Treatment in California

Treatment in California

Most people are aware that marijuana has been approved for medical use in the state of California. This does not mean, of course, that anyone can claim to have a medical condition and request marijuana for treatment, however. Under California state law, only certain conditions warrant the legal prescription of medical marijuana. Furthermore, not everyone who has a certain condition will automatically be given a prescription for the drug; decisions about who can and who cannot use medical marijuana are made on a case-by-case basis.

It’s important to note, however, that marijuana usage. including illegal marijuana usage has been severely decriminalized in the state of California. This means that possession of marijuana is rarely regarded as a serious offense, and severe penalties are not frequently enforced.

The Problem with Decriminalization

While some people might consider decriminalization of marijuana usage a good thing, many others believe that it’s actually doing more harm than good. When marijuana is decriminalized, as it has been in California, people often begin to think of it as not being bad and fail to recognize the serious and negative consequences that marijuana usage can have. While this poses a real danger to all people who use marijuana without being aware of its potential drawbacks, the effects can be particularly devastating to young adults. Young people are naturally curious and are more likely to experiment with drugs than those who are more mature; this is especially true if they are regularly exposed to drugs or if their peers or others in their environment use drugs, even for medical purposes. Those who use marijuana are more likely to be involved in:

  • Driving under the influence incidents
  • Other harmful, sometimes even fatal, behaviors

The Effects of Marijuana

While marijuana might seem harmless due to popular propaganda, it is actually anything but safe. There are many consequences and negative effects associated with marijuana use. They include:

  • Decreased overall life satisfaction
  • Higher risk of mental health problems
  • Higher risk of physical health problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Difficulties with work or school
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Coughing
  • Chest illnesses
  • Lung infections
  • Increased risk of certain types of cancer
  • Addiction

Marijuana Is Addictive

Some people claim that marijuana is not addictive, but this is actually not the case. While marijuana may not be physically addictive in the same way that other drugs, such as heroin or methamphetamine. are, it is important to note that a person can become reliant on any behavior. Shopping addiction and food addiction are common examples of addictions that occur without the person being physically dependent. Plus, there are some studies that conclude that marijuana is physically addictive, demonstrating that users of the drug experience significant physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the drug.

The fact remains, however, that whether a marijuana addiction is physical, mental or both, it can be detrimental to the person experiencing it and to those around him or her. For this reason, it is important that you encourage your loved one to get help if he or she is regularly abusing marijuana .

Getting Help in California

Because many California residents view marijuana as innocuous, finding a local treatment facility that offers treatment for marijuana addiction may appear challenging. Here at Michael’s House in Southern California, we offer comprehensive care for marijuana dependence. Call now for more information.

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High-Speed Internet

Surf the web, check your email, play games and download movies and music faster than ever with our high-speed home Internet service. ExpressNet Extreme provides access to unlimited high-speed Internet, allowing your family to stay connected anywhere in your home from their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles, and streaming devices. With speeds up to 1 Gbps, ExpressNet is the only Internet service you need.

Call for availability.

Our technicians will install wires and equipment for no charge!

Speeds up to 1 Gbps

15 email addresses

Available in areas outside our high-speed Internet area. Learn more ›

Affordable prices

Starts at

Protect Your Privacy

When you use the Internet, your information becomes vulnerable to the online world. That’s why HTC offers SecureIT Web Security software that offers world-class security, personal data backup, and keeps your personal info private.

for only $5.99/mo.

Protection Package Features

  • Password keeper
  • SecureIT Web security
  • Safe surfing
  • Anti-theft for phone or tablet
  • Covers One Computer
    One Mobile Device
  • Parental controls
  • Unlimited virus removals
  • 5 GB file backup

Internet for Your Home

We provide high-speed Internet to all the devices in your home. HTC Internet gets your whole family online to keep everyone connected.

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Better in a Bundle

Our bundles give you the best Phone, TV, and Internet rates available. By combining dependable Phone service, all-digital Television, and high-speed Internet services, you’ll get the lowest prices along with the most personal service in Southern Illinois. If you’ve been looking for the best Phone, TV, and Internet deals, you can stop here.

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Television + Internet + Phone

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Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools, Michigan Residential & Commercial Pool Builder, Viking Pools & Spas, Illinois Pool Distributor #inground #swimming #pools, #fiberglass #swimming #pools, #viking #fiberglass #pools, #fiberglass #pools, #fiber #glass #pool, #inground #pools, #inground #fiberglass #pools, #viking #pools, #swimming #pool #builders, #midwest #fiberglass #pools #distributors, #michigan #pools, #michigan #pool #builder, #residential #swimming #pools, #inground #fiberglass #swimming #pools, #fiberglass #pool #illinois, #illinois #fiberglass #swimming #pools, #fiberglass #pool #il, #pool #builders, #illinois #pool #builders, #pool #distributors, #swimming #pool #distributors, #residential #pools, #commercial #swimming #pools, #commercial #pools, #viking #fiberglass #swimming #pools, #midwest #pools #distributors, #midwest #pools #and #spa, #midwest #pools, #michigan #swimming #pools, #swimming #pools, #commercial #spas, #large #viking #pools, #medium #viking #pools, #small #viking #pools, #endless #pools.


Swimming is one of the most popular recreation activities in the world. Our inground swimming pools can provide families with hours of entertainment and the opportunity for healthy recreation. Inground Pools offer a permanent home improvement that adds to the value of your home. If you are thinking about installing a swimming pool in your backyard, you can find a number of different fiberglass pool designs to choose from at Midwestpools.com.

Inground fiberglass pools are built using molded fiberglass and last for many years. Midwest Pools offer different types of Residential Pools and Commercial Pools you can select from. Advantages of fiberglass also include a smooth, non-abrasive finish — no more scrapes, cuts or snagged bathing suits — and an inert composition that helps inhibit algae formation, lowering chemical and maintenance costs.

For Creating a Unique Salt Water Pool Experience – Contact Your No. 1 Pool Builders — Midwestpools.com

There is nothing as refreshing as taking a dip in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. With a fiberglass pool, you can create an engaging recreational setting in your own backyard.

Are you looking to install a Fiberglass Pool in the greater Midwest area including Canada?

From the basic backyard Fiberglass Swimming Pools of your dream, Midwest Pools can accomplish the entire project from concept to landscaping. We can create any kind of pool, with any specifications that you can possibly conceive! Experience the ultimate revitalizing effect of warm swirling water with Midwest Pools and Spa in your own backyard. Our Spa Pools deliver the most advanced hydrotherapy available.

Midwest pools is an authorized Pool Distributor for industry leaders Leading Edge Fiberglass Pools of Michigan and Viking Fiberglass Pools. Check-out our exclusive new range of finely crafted above-ground spa pools. We have a model suitable for almost any location and budget. We are a worldwide pool builder for residential homes and aquatic facilities, including commercial and institutional pools, splash pads, spas and water-parks. We can install it for you or you can do-it-yourself. With our friendly and professional staff, we offer personalized service from concept to completion with unique and innovative designs.

Browse through our many different Michigan Swimming Pool products to find the one that best suits your home and sense of style.

Solar Systems USA #solar #panels, #buy #solar #panels, #solar #panels #online, #buy #solar #panels #online, #cheap #solar #panels, #solar #energy #systems, #solar #power #systems, #solar #products, #solar #inverters, #residential #solar #panels, #commercial #solar #panels, #wholesale #solar #panels


Welcome to one of America’s trusted sources for buying solar panels online.

Here at Solar Systems USA we are dedicated to making solar technology absolutely affordable for you. We guarantee wholesale prices on pv modules, solar panel kits, inverters and all other solar products! Whether you are interested in a grid tie system an off grid system, or a water heating system, we have truly bottom dollar prices on products to complete your solar project.

Other than our discounted prices for pv modules and related solar energy products, we have often been told that Solar Systems USA offers the most comprehensive and accessible customer support for any online solar company. You can easily order a few solar panels for your home or a complete system all with a few clicks of a button.

We value our customers, so we will continue to be a resource and a guide for you long after your purchase and installation.

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Garage Doors Katy TX – Panel And Cable Repair #garage #door, #katy #texas, #garage #repairs, #opener #repair, #spring #repair, #emergency #repair, #broken #cable, #cable #replacement, #rolling #residential, #spring #installation


Garage Doors Katy TX

When it comes time to do garage door repair, it might catch you unawares because this is a part that most people don t think about or plan for. It is also possible that when you need this work done, it will be an emergency because all of a sudden you can t close your door and secure your home. This is not the time to panic; it is time to call Garage Doors Katy TX.

Low Installation Maintenance Cost

Your overhead garage door repair, which is our specialty, should be done by a skilled professional who can also warranty parts and the work, giving you a peace of mind. Reliably, this is something we do for all our customers and you can bet on the fact that our job is always number one.

Part of having an appealing home is having a good house exterior. If you have gone through a hurricane and your paneling on your door is badly damaged, call us for garage door panel repair. Garage Doors Katy Texas can save you plenty of money since you don t have to buy another door. We can install attractive fiberglass or steel panels that match the rest of the paneling. Garage Doors Katy TX is fully equipped to do the job and do so quickly.

Customizable Doors Just For You

If you want to Replace Garage Door because yours is beyond repair, you should call us and let us handle the work, which we will do in a matter of hours. We can find the right one for you from special suppliers that we work with and you don t have to do a thing. Our guys will then install one safely and securely.

We also do garage door cable repair when yours is broken, weak or is unable to hold the heavy weight of the door. You can t do this work on your own if you don t have the experience to do so; just leave it to our guys and we will get it done in a matter of hours.

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Santa Barbara Manufactured Home Sales #meta #name=google-site-verification #content=k91kyujjxitldg0o1rv1kojzltvos9rhmnnfe7efwii #/,mobile #home #park,manufactured,realtor #santa #barbara,agent,real #estate #santa #barbara,for #sale #santa #barbara,goleta,santa #barbara,agents,summerland, #carpiteria,buying,selling,residential,professional,manufactured #homes #goleta,manufactured #homes #santa #barbara


Santa Barbara Manufactured Home Sales

Looking for a Manufactured Home?
We are Santa Barbara’s manufactured home experts. No one understands manufactured homes better than we do, because we just don’t sell them, WE BUILD THEM TOO!

This site will show you EVERY manufactured home for sale in the greater Santa Barbara area. If you see something you like, give us a call and we can arrange a tour of the property.

Manufactured Home Resales
We are a full service Real Estate brokerage, specializing in manufactured homes only .

Santa Barbara Manufactured Home Sales is the only new manufactured home dealer located in Santa Barbara. If you are looking to replace your existing home with a new one give us a call. You can also visit our web site by clicking on the link below, or the tab above.

We will be happy to assist you in finding your dream home with daily updates on the Santa Barbara Real Estate market. If you wish to investigate the market on your own, our website will allow you to search the Santa Barbara Multiple Listing Service (MLS) like a pro.

Call us and we’ll put together a free market analysis for you. Should you select Santa Barbara Manufactured Home Sales to represent you we will:

– Your property will be published within the Santa Barbara Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Santa Barbara Harbor

Santa Barbara Manufactured Home Sales does not guarantee the accuracy of information obtained from public records or other sources and the buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information through personal inspection and with the appropriate professional.

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Inpatient Rehabilitation #st. #peter’s #hospital, #st. #peter’s #addiction #recovery #center, #albany #ny #rehab, #sparc, #inpatient #rehab, #drug #rehab, #alcohol #abuse, #drug #abuse, #drug #and #alcohol #problems, #residential #rehab #services, #inpatient #rehabilitation, #relapse #prevention


Inpatient Rehabilitation

SPARC offers inpatient rehabilitation at a 40-bed facility at 3 Mercycare Lane, Guilderland, NY. It is open 24 hours/day, seven days/week and specializes in treating adults with alcoholism and chemical dependency problems.

A team of physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, social workers, nurses and chemical dependency counselors provide a wide array of services. These include:

  • medical, psychiatric and psychosocial evaluation
  • medical treatment
  • medication monitoring
  • individual and group counseling
  • spirituality and 12-step meetings
  • educational groups
  • dual diagnosis services (for persons with co-occurring disorders)
  • relapse prevention
  • family programming and support
  • case management
  • discharge planning
  • HIV testing
  • tobacco recovery services
  • Shelter Plus Care program
  • services for pregnant women
  • alumni program
  • variable length of stay

Admission to SPARC’s inpatient rehab facility is available in advance by phoning the admission department (M-F 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at 518-452-6791. SPARC’s inpatient rehab may be reached at any time by phoning 518-452-6700.


From Thruway:

Thruway to Exit 24, off onto Western Avenue. Take Western Ave. to intersection of Routes 155 20. CVS will be on your left. Proceed straight (toward Schenectady) about mile. You will see the sign for GUILDERLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY. Take the left at the library onto Mercycare Lane. We are behind the library on the left.

Northway (I-87):

Take the Northway to the end (WESTERN AVENUE/Route 20). Take Western Ave. right to intersection of Routes 155 20. CVS will be on your left. Proceed straight (toward Schenectady) about mile. You will see the sign for GUILDERLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY. Take the left at the library onto Mercycare Lane. We are behind the library on the left.

Olympus car #garage #doors, #residential #garage #doors, #commercial #garage #doors, #wood, #steel, #composite, #specialty #doors


Amarr Olympus

Comments about Olympus :

We have a new double car garage door since late April. It replaced a wooden one we had had since 1980. The new door has a belt driven door opener which provides somewhat faster and quieter opening and closing. The installation crew of two was able to adjust the door to deal with a two inch drop across one side of the garage floor so that there is a complete seal across the entire bottom edge of the door. There is also a seal around the two sides and top edge of the door.

We got the window panel in stalled below the top panel, as we previously had with the old door, so that we could easily observe weather conditions outside the garage. The improved door insulation should keep the garage cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

  • What is your purchasing role? I am a purchasing.
  • Homeowner
  • How would you rate the appearance of the product?:
  • How would you rate the quality of this product?:
  • How would you rate the value of the product?:
  • Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    ( 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)

    Comments about Olympus :

    Great garage door. It is so solid I can pound on it with my fist and it doesn’t move. Our old door would move with high winds. Not much, but it was paper thin compared to the Olympus. The windows let in a great amount of light and this door should save a ton on heating/cooling. not to mention how much safer it is.

    • What is your purchasing role? I am a purchasing.
    • Homeowner
    • How would you rate the appearance of the product?:
  • How would you rate the quality of this product?:
  • How would you rate the value of the product?:
  • Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    ( 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)

    Comments about Olympus :

    Good value for a standard garage door.

    • What is your purchasing role? I am a purchasing.
    • Homeowner
    • How would you rate the appearance of the product?:
  • How would you rate the quality of this product?:
  • How would you rate the value of the product?:
  • Comments about Olympus :

    Although our research indicated that the Olympus Door was a good quality product as indicated by the positive reviews one never knows until you make a decision to purchase that same product. We were not disappointed. The installers were professional and the quality of the door is exceptional. There is no question it has added to the curb appeal of our home. The one feature we are very happy with is how quietly the door opens and closes.

    • What is your purchasing role? I am a purchasing.
    • Homeowner
    • How would you rate the appearance of the product?:
  • How would you rate the quality of this product?:
  • How would you rate the value of the product?:
  • Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    Great look and insulation

    Comments about Olympus :

    Our new home was built in the 1970s and had the original door. My husband is setting up his shop in the garage space and insulation was key. This door provides that along with a great look and at a very affordable price. We are very happy with the purchase

    • What is your purchasing role? I am a purchasing.
    • Homeowner
    • How would you rate the appearance of the product?:
  • How would you rate the quality of this product?:
  • How would you rate the value of the product?: