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Why Six Eleven?

  • Six Eleven Global Services has been successfully delivering Inbound and Outbound outsourced Services ranging from Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Sales, Inbound Customer Support and Retention using voice or chat since 2005.
    We provide simple yet accurate and reliable solutions to all BPO needs.

Our Core

  • We believe that the year over year growth of our organization is a testament to the quality or work we do and our commitment towards work excellence!
    The graph represents our growth pattern from day 1 at 10 seats to currently 1000 seats capacity and the different verticals we currently work on.

Redundancy and Business Continuity

Welcome To Six Eleven Global Teleservices

Quality the first time, Everytime.

We understand the importance of delivering the basic: attention to instructions accompanied by an accurate and timely response to the problem. We provide simple yet accurate and reliable solutions to all your BPO needs. As a strategic partner, SixEleven provides a 24/7 inbound and outbound support enterprise than can improve your company’s position in today’s very competitive and highly technologically involved market.

Reliable solutions to all your BPO needs.

You can depend on us and the service we provide to help your business succeed. Our Team is backed by more than 10 years or real world BPO and call center experience. We infuse our ideas and insights to help elevate each and every program we undertake.

Your Trusted Outsourced Partner.

We value your business as our own. We will make sure that the program succeeds, we will work to make sure that the goals and expectations are met. Service with a Smile!

Service Delivery Centers




Why choose Six Eleven?

Operational Excellence

Clients with sales and lead generation programs were among our very first clients over 9 years ago and are the very programs that built our company. After such we have diversified into other verticals such as inbound customer support, tech support and billing via voice and chat support. We also have transcription and back office projects.

We help our clients grow and manage their business by providing real and tangible results. With more than 1000 people working in our various service delivery centers, we have a ready and able workforce ready to serve any business needs. We have a proven track record that we can make projects work.


We were one of the first call centers in Davao City, Philippines way back in year 2005. We started our office with a 20 seat capacity upon its inception and have grown to over 1000 seats in terms of capacity at the present. We have an experience team that is prepared for any challenge that is presented. We have a stable and reliable workforce ready to meet demands and requirements of clients. Out infrastructure is redundant, from having an industrial size UPS (uniterupted power source) for all our equipment to having an onsite generator and also multiple ISP (internet service provider) lines in each of our offices.

Ability to Scale

Presently we have a capacity of over 1000 seats and plans to grow to over 1,500 seats by 2016. We carefully plan and forecast client behavior and demand to be able to meet the needs of our clients now and in the future. We can scale up quickly when the need arises.

Innovation and Analytics Utilized

Our team is equipped with different performance monitoriting tools such as call reports, disposition reports, agent reports and so on. Upon request, we can create custom variable based reports depending on the desire of our customers to track and manage production of our workforce. We use these tools to optimize and maximize the performance of each agent in their respective projects.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that for us to be relevant to our clients, we need to produce the results they desire, not only that but to build upon what was given to us and improve in totality. We want to bring our own experience to the table to contribute towards client goals. We want our clients to value the services we provide. This is a must. Thus, we strive to continuously work with our clients and offer suggestions based on our previous experiences to help improve performance for the program.

Loyal Customers

We don’t just work for clients, we partner with them and treat their business as our own. From 20 workstations during 2005 to currently 1000, we are very thankful towards our loyal customer base.

Our clients grew their business and we were able to grow along the way with them. With some clients, we started with a single facet of their business to multiple facets at the moment.

We believe that the year over year growth of our organization is a testament to the quality or work we do and our commitment towards work excellence! And we will continue with such in the years to come.


Company Summary

PCI and HIPAA accredited

Keep in touch

Quality the First Time, Everytime.

Smart-School Mobile Print Solution #smart-school #mobile #print #solution, #printing #solutions, #samsung


Industry Solution Smart-School Mobile Print Solution

As technology continues to evolve, teaching and learning environments are also changing fast. New, innovative instructional aids, such as smart phones and tablets, make the learning experience more efficient and interactive engagement for teachers and students. With the need for anytime access to information, educational institutions are trying to evolve quickly by adopting mobile devices as the preferred way to share information.

One key area that educational institutions are lacking in mobile communication is printing. Much time and attention in teaching and learning is devoted to preparing and processing class materials, which are mostly paperwork. In addition, emailing files or connecting to a desktop PC to print or scan documents is a tedious and time-consuming task for teachers and students.

Convenient mobile printing without a PC for smarter education environme

Samsung Smart-School Mobile Print solution consists of a mobile printing app, SecuThru™ Lite and SyncThru™ Admin, enabling both instructors and students to conveniently share documents, pictures, and web pages directly to their mobile devices.

They can also send and scan the files to printers for output directly without any security concerns.

1. Teachers and students can directly print from a mobile device with the Mobile Print application
2. Increase document security with authentication with SecuThru™ Lite
3. IT Administrators can easily manage permissions and print costs for each job and compile individual usage reports stored with SyncThru™ Admin

• Teachers and Students can focus more on teaching and learning while consuming less time and attention in preparing and processing class materials.
• IT Administrator can efficiently control over multiple printers at central location.

Secure documents via email, 17 things you should know #esp, #email #service #providers, #list #of #email #service #providers, #email #marketing, #rfp, #email #software,emailtools, #email #solution #service


17 things to know about sending email with secure documents

I don’t need to preach the advantages of email, but it seems many of its clear advantages are not being utilised when it comes to communicating with customers on confidential matters – such as sending them a statement or insurance contract document.

The confidential nature of these documents has prevented them from being emailed over the “public” internet.

The basics of document security and why you should care
The result? These documents are housed on a secure website and a transactional email notification is sent to customers to login (or even register first) to retrieve them. This is not a great experience for customers who then quickly opt to receive paper documents again.

The solution to this problem is to protect the confidential information by encrypting the document and applying a password to open it, before attaching this secure document to an email.

This immediately takes the pain away from the customer, allowing them to replace the opening of an envelope with clicking on an attachment directly from the email so much easier than having to visit a website and login. It also plays to the strengths of email.

Benefits of an email secure document include:

1. Customer adoption
Due to the nature of email, it’s so much easier to get customers to opt-in to receive documents via email, compared to asking them to register and then visit a portal. This requires the customer to remember yet another username and password which is a barrier.
2. Reduce phishing concerns
Since you’re not asking customers to visit a website from an email, the phishing concerns are reduced significantly. The document is attached and the email contains authentication information on each customer.
3. Ease of use
It’s easy for the customer to open and save these documents. No registration is required, instead the document password is a “Shared Secret” which is a mixture of known information about the customer (birth date and postal code as an example).
4. Reduce payment time
Email bills arrive quickly and most often sooner than the paper. In our experience we’ve found that more than 50% of customers pay within two days of receiving the email bill, which is a significant improvement on paper processes.
5. Increase self service
Advanced functionality can be included in the attachment, such as payment calculators, change of address forms, call-back request forms, cross-selling tools and basic dispute resolution.
6. Archiving Control
The customer can quickly and easily save their document to their own PC and back up those documents without reliance on third parties.
7. Reduce operations costs
The solution significantly reduces paper, printing and postage costs by substituting email for paper delivery.
8. Security
An email bill is totally secure, using the latest encryption technology and remains encrypted when not in use, protecting confidentiality.
9. Marketing
Personalised and relevant marketing can be included to cross sell and up sell customers, a touch-point that is often missed in a notification.

Finding the right ESP to help you with secure email documents

Partnering with the right supplier is crucial when it comes to data security and privacy of sensitive information sent over email. The vendor you choose should have the following abilities:
1. Accept multiple data formats and feeds and create different document formats
2. Encrypt the document (ask for the encryption method and strength. It should be at least 128bit encryption, but 256bit is of course better, depending on your requirements).
3. Add password protection to the document
4. Provide 2 factor authentication
5. Ensure the data used to create the document is encrypted when it is at rest on the email platform
6. Able to provide Proof of Delivery of the document
7. Digitally sign the email
8. Automatically notify the customer if the message is not delivered

And specifically for financial institutions ask if:
• the data centre is PCI compliant
• the software can be deployed within the company’s data centre into the future?

Deliverability is a key factor, as these documents must reach the end recipient, therefore the supplier should have the ability to set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Automated processes back to the printer should be available when an email bounces, so that there is never an instance when a customer doesn’t receive their information.

Evaluating Email Service Providers

While you’re evaluating your options, think about the user experience and whether all the benefits of using email as a medium have been explored (automated triggers, relevant marketing included, etc). Then look at the various types of documents that you want to convert to email and establish what level of security needs to be applied to each one, as they won’t all carry the same amount of confidential information.

And last, but not least, partner with a company that has the experience in sending secure documents over email. Just as in email marketing, there are specialists in this field. It’s too important to get wrong.

About Mia Papanicolaou

I work in and with email and I love what I do. I am constantly inspired by cool new ideas and new thinking, as well as new ways in which we can adapt to help our clients wow their customers. I am passionate about ensuring that my customers get great strategy advice and consultation. As the COO for Striata in the US, I get to steer the team to do just that! Among the customers Striata serves are the biggest and most innovative across a wide range of vertical sectors. If you’re looking for more innovative and efficient ways to reach your customers, contact me.

GeSI home: thought leadership on social and environmental ICT sustainability #global #e-sustainability #initiative, #ict #sustainability, #sustainability #social, #sustainability #environmental, #sustainable #development, #sustainability #community, #sustainability #solution, #green #server, #environmentally-friendly, #data #centre


Building a sustainable world through responsible, ICT-enabled transformation

Developing key tools, resources and best practices to be part of the sustainability solution

Providing a unified voice for communicating with ICT companies, policymakers and the greater sustainability community worldwide

UNFCCC / Momentum for Change

How digital solutions will drive progress towards the sustainable development goals

SMARTer2030 Action Coalition


Project Portfolio

Thought Leadership

News Events

Interview with Carmen Hualda, CSR Manager at Atlinks Holding Atlinks Holding is the winner of this year’s Leadership Index in the Manufacture & Assembly of ICT Equipment sector (SMEs). We speak to their CSR-QHSE Manager, Carmen Hualda. Read More Big Data for big impact: Let’s accelerate sustainability progress We now live in an era of exponential growth for data flows driven by the proliferation of connected objects in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Read More Innovation our way to the SDGs – a forum summary report The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Verizon recently hosted a multi-stakeholder forum to identify the potential for information and communications technology (ICT) to catalyze progress towards the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Leaders from the ICT industry, other industry sectors, the technology startup sector, financial community, sustainability NGOs, academia, multilateral organizations, government, and media convened at the Verizon Innovation Center in San Francisco to spend a day focusing on the potential for innovative technology to address four priority solutions core to advancing the SDGs: (1) Food and agriculture; (2) Energy and climate; (3) Smart, sustainable communities; (4) Public health. Read More

To practise what we preach the GeSI website is hosted on an environmentally-friendly data centre located in Toronto, Canada. Green methods were employed wherever possible in the construction and for the ongoing and future operation of the data centre.

Become a Member

Each of us has the opportunity to help change the world. Join GeSI to work directly with members of the ICT sector and the greater sustainability community worldwide to alter the direction of how technology influences sustainability.

Payroll service online #pay,payroll,bureau,jamaica,jamaica #payroll,bizpay,service,mcs #jamaica,mcsystems,finance,salary,business #solution,deductions


W elcome to, Jamaica’s premier Internet based Payroll processing service and another first for Management Control Systems (MCS). one of the Caribbean’s leading technology companies renowned for its innovative, cutting edge business solutions. is a secure Internet based payroll processing service that allows you to enter all relevant data for your employees, process your periodic payrolls and also to view and print your pay-slips and reports all via your Internet web browser. is part of a suite of payroll solutions offered by MCS which includes BizPay Premium, aimed at medium sized companies who have their own network infrastructure; the soon to be released BizPay Desktop will replace our current desk top application Power Pay. BizPay Desktop is ideal for small companies and not to be forgotten is the Bureau Service where all payroll requirements are handled by a very capable and dedicated team of payroll professionals. This is a favorite of many international companies doing business on the island. It would be remiss of us not to mention that MCS provides the Government of Jamaica with its online payroll service BizPay Gov.

We invite you to explore the site, view our frequently asked questions and answers, apply for a free trial of our online payroll at or call our offices at (876) 929-8661 to talk with one of our professionals. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you!

Payments / Subscription upgrades

Need to renew your subscription to our service? Click here to generate your invoice to pay at one of our authorized payment outlets.

View our Online Demo

And all of this is done over the internet. All you need is internet access, and a PC with the minimum configuration .

New Tax Threshold – Effective April 1, 2017

Dear Valued Customers, Tax Administration Jamaica has announced a new Tax Threshold of $1,500,096 to take effect on April 1, 2017. We have made the necessary changes to The changes will be reflected after you have run the payroll. The changes effected as of April 1, 2017 are:

  1. The new Non-Pensioner’s Tax Credit (threshold) is $1,500,096
  2. The new Pensioner’s Tax Credit is $1,580,096

Windows Monitoring #server #monitoring #solution, #nagios #windows #monitoring


Windows Monitoring With Nagios.

Nagios for Windows Performance Monitoring: Capabilities

Use Nagios as your for Windows network monitor and receive complete monitoring of Microsoft Windows desktop (Windows 7 and Windows 8 and more) and server operating systems including system metrics, service states, process states, performance counters, event logs, applications (IIS, Exchange, etc), services (Active Directory, DHCP, etc) and more.

Nagios provides a powerful network monitor tool for Windows 7, Windows 8 and other versions of Windows.


Implementing effective Windows monitoring with Nagios offers the following benefits:

  • Increased server, services, and application availability
  • Fast detection of network outages and protocol failures
  • Fast detection of failed services, processes and batch jobs


These Nagios solutions provide Windows monitoring capabilities and benefits:

See Also

Recommended Software: Nagios XI

Nagios XI is the most powerful and trusted infrastructure monitoring tool on the market. Millions of users and thousands of companies – ranging from Fortune 500s to small business owners – trust Nagios XI to get the job done.

Designed for scalability and flexibility, XI makes problematic IT management tasks simple. With XI, you can monitor performance of anything from the satellites that bring the Internet to your global user base to an individual server.

Take the work out of monitoring with Nagios XI.
Download Free Today.

Best Online Meeting Tools – 2017 Reviews, Pricing & Demos #online #meeting #solution


Online Meeting Tools

There are a number of different software products on the market for online conference calling and video conferencing. In this guide, we ll explain how online meeting software can facilitate a variety of business processes, including:

  • Internal collaboration
  • Remote work
  • Webinars
  • New employee training
  • Broadcasting presentations to large audiences

Here s what we ll cover:

What Is Online Meeting Software?

Conference calling and video conferencing are two of the most important technologies in contemporary workplace collaboration. In fact, Software Advice research found that one in four employees in the U.S. uses audio or video conferencing at work.

Online meetings enabled by conferencing software can take a variety of forms, from simple collaboration between employees to complex presentations for potential investors. Generally, screen-sharing and audio and video conferencing applications are all that is needed for one-on-one meetings.

Larger meetings, on the other hand, require specialized Web conferencing products, which offer audio and video conferencing functionality along with special features for hosting webinars.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

The market for conferencing solutions is vast, and there are different solutions available for different business needs. To find the solution that best meets your needs, you need to consider how you plan to use the software. Most businesses use conferencing solutions for one of the following activities:

Internal collaboration. Online meeting software for employee collaboration includes basic applications, such as audio conferencing, video calling and screen-sharing. These applications are also found in many VoIP phone systems. Unified communications (UC) clients, such as Microsoft Lync and IBM Sametime are the most complete internal collaboration tools, as they integrate conferencing and other communication channels (e.g. instant messaging, presence, voice calling) within a single user interface. However, many UC solutions are designed (and priced) for enterprise-level rather than small businesses.

Webcasts. Webcasts are streaming broadcasts of content over the Internet. While webcasts usually deliver pre-recorded content, businesses can also webcast live events to reach a greater audience. Some Web conferencing platforms offer special functionality for webcasting, such as streaming slideshows combined with audio conferencing (where participants can view a slideshow and discuss it with others in real time).

Webinars. Webinars are online seminars that allow for more participants than webcasts. They also allow participants to interact with the presenter by asking questions and making comments. Webinars can be used to build brand awareness by presenting information on trending topics, to educate users about a product or to provide updates to customers and investors, among many other purposes.

Web training. Some Web conferencing vendors offer solutions with dedicated functionality for training employees. For instance, presenters can split participants into breakout session groups for closer, more interactive collaboration. Reporting functionality also allows administrators to see how well employees are performing on tests and to track if employees are attending sessions, and for how long.

Common Features of Online Meeting Software

Conference calling and video conferencing can be supported by private branch exchange (PBX) systems, which are the basic components of business phone systems. Using a PBX system designed for use with VoIP service (known as an Internet Protocol PBX, or IP PBX), businesses can make and receive conference calls via hardware conference phones and video phones, or through software applications that have been configured as extensions of the phone system.

Software applications are also used in some stand-alone Web and video conferencing products, such as Skype.

An emerging technology known as Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) promises to make it possible to use standard Web browsers to make and receive audio and video calls and participate in online meetings. This technology wouldn t require client applications or even browser plug-ins to be downloaded. While some vendors already offer plugin-free Web conferencing with WebRTC, other Web conferencing products depend on plug-ins and extensions, and some require users to navigate to Web portals in their browsers in order to join conference calls and video meetings.

The table below lists the most fundamental online conferencing applications:

Allows users to make calls between more than two participants. Some phone systems limit users to three-way calling, while others offer true audio conferencing that can support thousands of participants.

Allows users to make calls and coordinate meetings involving streaming video and audio, and is offered as part of some phone systems. Stand-alone solutions may require installation of on-premise hardware (e.g. recording equipment and widescreen displays) to ensure high-quality video and audio for participants.

Allows a user to view another user s screen and activity in real time. Included in most stand-alone video conferencing solutions and some VoIP phone systems, this application is particularly valuable for remote workers.

Allows participants in a conference to record audio and video for later review. Web conferencing solutions also allow users to broadcast pre-recorded content.

Allows conference hosts to do things such as add, drop and mute participants.

Though Web conferencing products offer screen sharing, recording, moderation, audio and video conferencing functionality, they re used in different contexts than basic audio and video conferencing solutions. Thus, they also offer a number of specialized applications, such as:

Allows presenters to instantly administer polls to webinar participants and show the results in real-time.

Allow presenters to send emails with information on how to join the webinar, or with click-to-join links that allow participants to join directly from the email message.

Persistent conference rooms

Allow presenters to design a virtual conference room by uploading materials and recording content before the webinar.

Allow presenters to highlight/mark up slideshows, images and other materials used in presentations.

Most stand-alone Web conferencing products include some or all of the applications in the above table. Additionally, some enterprise UC systems offer Web conferencing within a broader integrated suite of communications applications.

Pricing Options

Pricing options for online meeting software vary according to solution type:

Stand-alone video and Web conferencing applications. Pricing for these products is on a per-user, per-month basis. Users have presenter privileges, so you only need to license employees who will be presenting webinars or regularly using video conferencing.

The price for a stand-alone video conferencing solution depends primarily on the number of employees you want to license. Pricing for Web conferencing software products, on the other hand, follows a tiered scheme that factors in both the number of hosts and the maximum number of participants allowed in the conference room.

Stand-alone audio conferencing services. Stand-alone audio conferencing services are priced somewhat differently, as they tend to follow a per-minute, per-line pricing model (businesses pay per-minute rates for each participant in the conference room).

Business phone systems including conferencing. Audio, video and Web conferencing functionality is also included as part of some on-premise and cloud-based phone systems designed for VoIP service. These systems are generally priced on a per-user, per-month basis.

Telepresence systems. High-end video conferencing systems (also known as telepresence systems, due to the fact that their advanced widescreen displays allow participants to appear virtually present ) generally involve custom, on-premise installation work. Pricing depends on factors such as how many physical conference rooms will be equipped for telepresence and how many screens are needed. These systems generally involve a steep, one-time investment in equipment and installation, though some vendors allow businesses to rent equipment on a monthly basis.

Cloud-based vs. on-premise. Most stand-alone audio, Web and video conferencing solutions are cloud-based. Maintenance, upgrades and support are provided by the software vendor (generally for an additional fee). Business VoIP systems that include conferencing applications can be deployed either as cloud-based or on-premise solutions.

Similar software categories

Document Storage – Business Document and Records Storage Solution Melbourne #document #storage, #business #records #storage, #business #document #storage, #storage #solution #melbourne


Advance Record Management

Document Storage

Records Management Solutions

Secure storage, fast retrieval, lower cost.

Never before have organisations been so reliant on ensuring their documents and data are securely stored, archived and retrievable. Tax, legal, privacy and financial requirements all demand that a business is able to rapidly access files and secure their information from prying eyes. To make matters worse, the cost of storing and administering those records is steadily climbing. Many organisations simply don’t have the physical space or personnel to handle the task. Advance Record Management’s document and records management solutions provide the simple, secure and cost-effective answer.

Advance Record Management’s primary storage facility is a purpose-built record management centre. It is secure, fire-protected and works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Documents enter the storage facility in secure containers, which are electronically tagged and catalogued for future retrieval and delivery. It is the only record management facility outside Melbourne with approval from the Victorian Office of Public Records to store and manage documents.

For any organisation, the knowledge that their records are stored and managed in a secure environment and can be retrieved at any time provides peace of mind against present and future needs. Best of all, Advance Record Management’s service has proven time and time again to be a more cost-effective way of storing and retrieving records.

Our document storage services include:

  • highly secure storage; burglary and natural disaster protection
  • easy access 24/7 – from instant retrieval and transmission to pre-arranged, regular pick-up and delivery
  • comprehensive cataloguing in our database
  • services tailored to suit the needs of your business
  • no interruption to the smooth management of records during times of staff turnover, or other internal changes
  • a solution to records management geared to helping you improve your bottom line.

Our Media Vaulting Services offer even further secure storage options.

This Months Special Offer

Receive bonus storage boxes when you order 500 or more! Request a quote for details.

Contact us today

We look forward to hearing from you!
P: 1300 132 241

You can rely on Advance

Be assured that your documents are in safe hands

Simply and securely manage your documents

Reduce risks, improve access protect data

Software Development Pty Ltd #brisbane, #software #development, #software #development, #website #design, #software #solution, #website #development, #web #development, #queensland, #programmers,, #net, #ajax, #vb, #sql



Software Development Pty Ltd

Customised Solutions

Todays Technology


About Us




Desktop Solution. February 2012-2016

Heilig and Partners came to Software Development to develop some geo referencing based packages that allowed monitoring of explosion and vibration data for construction sites in real time. This involved both a web interface and windows based desktop software. Software Development designed additional software allowing the calculation of explosive weights and other construction methods. The system outputs files in KML/DXF/DWG format. The solutions are used in construction of notable projects such as the Clem 7 Tunnel, the Airport Link Tunnel and many more.


  • Windows Desktop
  • Infragistics Framework
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Azure


  • C# Programming
  • ASP .NET, Web Services
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Web Design

Aerial analysis systems.


Desktop, Tablet, Cloud

Aeropower Software

Various. Over 15 years

Over 15 years we have worked closely with Aeropower Pty Ltd developing software. Including, helicopter safety systems using lasers to determine clearance distances. Vegetation scanning software which calculates and plots conductor clearances. A main data collection and management solution which collects photos and inspection data in the field using cameras, tablets and GPS referencing. The data is managed in an Asset-Management System allowing for reporting, integration and manipulation. A Cloud solution allows delivery to end users through web browsers. Companies in Australia and overseas utilise the solution, including Powerlink Queensland, Western Power, Transend and Tas Networks.


  • Windows Desktop
  • Windows Azure
  • Infragistics Framework
  • Bing Maps

Behaviour Management

We worked with The University of Queensland (School of Population and Health) and the Queensland University of Technology (Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation) in creating integrated solutions assisting with behavior modification via the use of SMS messaging. The work involved included designing websites, cloud based web services and core software managing the delivery, replying and scheduling of SMS to users based upon certain criteria. Our own internal work included the creation of systems such as MoodManager and developing advanced technologies including aritificial intelligence to help manage reactive emotional states and reduce depression and anxiety.



Together with Phil DeStoop we developed a system that allows for extensive Trust Account Auditing. One of the benefits of the system is the interactive nature that allows for complete custimisation of the trust account auditing processes. This featuers allows super administrators to create the required Trust Account Auditing processes necessary for different industries and jurisdictions. ATAME end users benefit from improving the quality of Trust Account Auditing while making trust account auditing more profitable.



  • C# Programming
  • Javascript, JQuery

Enterprise Business Management

oneFlow Pro

oneFlow Pro

In conjunction with Dental Depot Software Devlopment enhanced oneFlow making the system enterprise ready. The Pro version handles inventory management, service management, scheduling, and many advanced features on top of the standard oneFlow innovations. Coupled with a unique underlying programmable artificial intelligence system, oneFlow Pro aims to assist in business management procedures.


  • SQL Server
  • Visual Studio
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning


  • C# Programming
  • SQL
  • Programmable Logic Systems


What do our clients
think about us?

Take a look below.


Keeping an existing client is as important, if not more so, than gaining a new one.

A selection of testimonials

We have worked closely with Steve Goodwin of Software Development Pty Ltd for over ten years. He has written a number of software solutions for our company Aeropower during this time and continues to provide our company with a quality service. All work tasked to Software Development has been carried out in a totally professional manner with Steve not only completing set software requirements but guiding our company to create the best possible outcomes in our software for our clients and our company. We highly recommend Steve and Software Development to any company requiring his services.

Margaret Bell. Aeropower Pty Ltd

It has been many years in the thinking mode and three months in the doing mode working with Steve Goodwin, one of the best programmers in the business. His advice and expertise has been inspirational and he has understood my concept and ideas when even sometimes I didn’t understand it myself.

Eric Higgs. Locksmith Trader Pty Ltd

I have utilised Steve’s software development services for a numbers of years. Steve has consistently produced software that has met our specifications and has a strong customer focus.

Shane Brann. MCS (Qld) Pty Ltd

Steve Goodwin is an excellent software developer; he has become a vital part of Aeropower’s business, his ability to keep abreast of the latest software developments as proven valuable to Aeropower and our customers.

David Salmon. Aeropower Pty Ltd

For my 3rd software development project there was no precedent to follow so I needed a software programmer who thought differently from all the ones I had worked with both in Australia and overseas. So I started searching and found Steve Goodwin, and haven’t looked back since. From a technical perspective Steve’s ability to think laterally, see solutions and challenge my ideas has resulted in a result far better than I originally envisaged. Through this process Steve has enhanced my ability to do what I do even better. From a commercial perspective, it’s not only Steve’s understanding of deadlines and costs but it’s his commitment to take ownership of them that turned an idea into reality. If you want something done properly, on time and on budget speak to Steve. If you don’t, please don’t waste his time as I need him more than you do.

Phil de Stoop. ATAME

On the first visit to Steve, we had little knowledge or preparation of what we wanted. Having given Steve a brief outline of the e-learning program, he created a product suitable to all age ranges, interactive modules with the ability to populate the information at the end of the package. Fantastic. Exceeded expectations and above all, Steve has continued to provide support and advise that has been most welcome.

Donna Gooch. Intrepidity Pty Ltd

Steve is a great guy and a highly experienced skilled software developer. He delivers the highest quality product service at a reasonable cost and most importantly he gets the project from the drawing board to a commercial reality very quickly. As a satisfied client I can highly recommend his services.

Jared Mann. Trading Software Pty Ltd


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Small Business Ecommerce Solution

A reliable ecommerce solution is essential for those who offer products and services on the Internet. Are you involved in selling something online? Not yet? Would you like to go beyond traditional marketing methods and get your small business online making your products available 24/7 to prospective customers? Your first online sale is much closer than you may think – just find an appropriate small business ecommerce solution and launch your web store today.

When it comes to finding the best ecommerce software on the market, you may feel confused with the number of tools available. How do you know which one is the right choice for your ecommerce website? As a rule, the best ecommerce solution for small business should feature advanced functionality and options to improve and automate your operations while keeping your initial costs low. Is this what you are looking for? Welcome to!

CS-Cart Shopping Cart

CS-Cart is a turnkey small business ecommerce solution designed to be a perfect cost-effective platform for any ecommerce needs. Our engineers are working constantly on extending CS-Cart shopping cart functionality allowing our clients to get the most out of their online stores. By choosing this simple ecommerce solution, you get access to advanced features that allow you to add up to 10,000 products accepting payments via more than 50 integrated payment systems, secure electronic transactions, use marketing & promotional tools, personalize your web store design and more.

CS-Cart small business ecommerce solution is an excellent choice for both small web stores to virtual shopping malls with multiple departments and product suppliers. You pay only once and get the right to use your software with no time limitations.

No programming knowledge is required to install and setup our full-featured ecommerce solution – just follow simple installation steps and your store will be up and running in no time.

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