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Reclaimed PPI? Here are three more you can try

If, like most of us, you have been disturbed by flurries of calls urging you to reclaim mis-sold payment protection insurance (known universally as PPI), you may have realised that compensation is becoming big business. In fact, it is keeping the whole economy afloat, according to a recent survey by ING.

According to the internet bank, PPI refunds are playing a “significant role” in keeping the nation’s savings balances from disappearing, with millions of people receiving a “windfall” of an average £2,600.

If you never had PPI, it can be tempting to feel aggrieved that you don’t have this type of money coming to you. Times are tight, after all, and who wouldn’t appreciate an unexpected few thousand pounds. However, it is important to bear in mind that those thousands of pounds represent monthly payments that should never have been made in the first place.

There is no time limit for reclaiming PPI at present, but the banks are hoping to impose one. If you have even the most niggling doubt that you may have paid for this insurance then it is best to get a complaint in as soon as possible.

It may be the biggest financial mis-selling scandal in history, but PPI is far from the only compensation game in town. There are other products that have been mis-sold, and you could end up with some cash back. If you are one of those people who have been affected, it makes sense to find out how you could claim. It can be easier than you think.

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Financial product: PPI

What is it? PPI is fast becoming a byword for mis-selling. These insurance products were sold alongside nearly half of personal loans and a fifth of credit cards. The insurance was meant to cover repayments on the debt if you were ill or unemployed.

Why was it mis-sold? Many people could not claim on a policy because they were self-employed or for medical reasons. Some others did not even realise that they had been sold the insurance. You can also make a claim if you were not told that the cost of the policy would be added to your loan and would incur interest. Lloyds disclosed this week that it received 1.4 million complaints about PPI in 2012 and some analysts have predicted the eventual total bill for mis-selling could reach about £25bn.

What can I do to claim? There is more information in the Action Points (right). Which? has a complaints letter template on its website ( ) that you can use to write to the company that sold you PPI and an online tool to help claim compensation. If unsuccessful, try the Financial Ombudsman Service on 0800 023 4567.

Financial product: Packaged accounts

What are they? Packaged accounts are current accounts for which you pay a monthly fee in order to have extra benefits added. These often include travel and mobile phone insurance, as well as extra overdrafts. Fees for the perks can run to hundreds of pounds a year.

Why were they mis-sold? The City regulator is clamping down on these accounts amid fears that some people did not understand that they were being sold them, or that they are not eligible for the insurance because, for example, they are too old to be able to use it. The banks are being forced to send out eligibility letters to customers to warn them if the accounts’ benefits are not suited to them.

What can I do to claim? If you receive a letter saying that you are not eligible for the benefits on your accounts which will be sent out from next month you may be able to reclaim money. Start by informing the bank that you believe you were sold an unsuitable product and ask for fees to be refunded. If the bank does not react to your complaint positively you can inform the ombudsman.

Claims management companies are just getting into the packaged account reclaiming business. Christian Isaksen, sales and marketing director of iSmart Consumer Solutions, which is one of these companies, said: “We have already been able to claim back these fees on behalf of customers because they have been mis-sold and we believe there are many people out there who could claim.”

However, there is no need to use a claims management company. You are just as likely to be successful making a claim on your own and will be able to keep all the cash.

Product: Care home costs

What are they? While the news is full of the cost of going into a care home in later life, the NHS’s Continuing Healthcare scheme is not well publicised. Under this scheme those who are particularly ill as well as old should have their costs covered under the NHS, rather than having them means tested and often paying the lion’s share themselves.

Why can I claim money back? The Department of Health has acknowledged that many people who were eligible for continuing care have either not been assessed for it or been assessed incorrectly. The eligibility criteria are complicated, and different local authorities have different criteria. If you or a relative were incorrectly assessed you can claim the money back.

What can I do to claim? The Government has put deadlines on these claims so that you can now only claim back care fees paid since April 2011. However, given that the average care home in the South East costs more than £36,000 a year, this is still a lot of money. You can also claim for a deceased relative.

This is a complicated area, and one of the few where most experts will advise you to use a legal firm, whether on a no win, no fee basis or by hourly charges. To lodge an initial complaint with your primary care trust all you need is your relative’s name, the address of the care home and dates you are claiming for. Later on though, the process gets more complicated and you will need medical records and details of assessments carried out by a local authority.

If you want help from a lawyer, one of the places to start is Solicitors for the Elderly (0844 567 617;

Financial product: Identity theft insurance

What is it? CPP sells identity theft and card protection insurance.

Why was it mis-sold? CCP has agreed to pay back £14.5m after the regulator found it had been mis-selling products between January 2005 and March 2011. This is thought to have affected millions of people, some of whom could be owed hundreds of pounds.

What can I do to claim? CCP is still wrangling with the regulator over how to pay redress after its ruling. However, if you had a policy you can call CPP on 0808 156 0199. If you are unhappy with the response, you can go to the ombudsman.

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Need dating advice? eHarmony brings you online dating advice, tips, and insights from our dating and relationship experts. See the newest dating articles now.

Think dating is difficult? Try dating with a five-year-old or fourteen-year-old watching your every move. Suddenly your romantic life is immersed in the morals, values, and integrity you’ve established for your children. Can you hold fast to them or are you just talking out of the both sides of your mouth? Every single parent must [ ]

You’ve heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” That’s generally true, but there are also some phrases that reveal important information about the person who speaks them. Sometimes, the words that come out of an individual’s mouth demonstrate attitudes and beliefs that should cause you to tread carefully. These include: 1. “I won t ever talk [ ]

Modern dating has a lot of positives. We use the internet to meet people we would never be able to otherwise meet. (It’s how I met my husband!) It also creates complications we never had before, particularly with texting and dating. Texting and dating definitely isn’t just for 20 year olds anymore. As The Dating [ ]

You met at the right time and everything just fell into place. You’ve dated plenty of other people but it has never felt this right. You’re ready to move past casual dating and take the next step. A big, scary, exciting step. When you find someone you’re ready to take that leap with, it isn’t [ ]

With so many conflicting notions of what love is, it s no wonder that many people seek out incompatible relationships. Discover the 7 Fatal Flaws

If you find yourself tanking first dates too often, then try to avoid these habits that can derail the first-date train before it even gets going.

How do you know if you re passive-aggressive? Well, do people think you re difficult to be around? Do they not trust you or respect you the way you wish they would? Truth is you that you may be exhibiting passive-aggressive behaviors that totally confuse people — and turn them off to you. In order to make these [ ]

After a long drought, it s tempting to think it will never rain again. Here s why you should keep looking up.

Oh, yes, they’re watching! Teens may not always seem interested in what their parents are doing but when it comes to dating and love, they are watching every move. Here are some tips on how you can model healthy dating and help the next generation steer clear of some tough situations in their own relationships. [ ]

No one enjoys being lied to, which is why singles rank “honesty” as one of the most important traits they look for in a partner.

Top Dating Tips and Sites for People with Disabilities: Vantage Mobility International, Inc #senior #dating #service

#disabled dating


Trying to date when you have a disability can be a little scary and often intimidating, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have love or companionship. Luckily, with online communities available at the click of a button, dating for people with disabilities has become a bit easier.

By doing a quick search online, you can find a long list of dating sites for people with disabilities. These websites aren’t just for finding your perfect match, they also offer opportunities to meet people with similar interests so you can form not only romantic relationships, but lasting friendships. These sites are designed to help you network with others who have disabilities or those interested in dating those with disabilities.

If you have a disability and decide to give online dating a try, follow these basic tips:

  • Get to know the person before meeting. If you are dating in a wheelchair, getting around may not be the easiest thing to do. When you are meeting up with someone you are interested in dating, make sure you have done an appropriate screen so you don’t show up only to be disappointed.
  • Pick an accessible meet-up place. When it’s time to meet, pick a place you know can accommodate and where you feel comfortable. You want to focus on getting to know your date, not on whether the environment is appropriate.
  • Be honest about your disability up front. Not everyone may be interested in dating someone with a disability – and you probably don’t want to waste your time with someone who may not be open to it. Weed out those people up front so you don’t have to worry about disappointment after the relationship begins to develop.
  • Don’t focus on your disability. If your date is only interested in talking about your disability, that probably means they aren’t interested in you as a person. Likewise, if all you do is talk about your limitations, it can hinder your ability to really get to know the other person and keep them from discovering your personality.

Once you have decided to give online dating a try, you need to know where to start. When searching online for dating sites for people with disabilities, look at reviews first to help you avoid scams. To get started with your search, check out the websites below.

Dating4Disabled is a free, online dating site that allows users to meet, date and share resources with other people with disabilities. There are no contracts, everything is confidential and the website offers a range of tools, including forums, a messenger service and a smart search function.

Disabled Passions is a social networking community with more than just matchmaking services. It offers a variety of content related to disabilities and dating, including funny videos, games and collected resources. As with many other dating sites for those with disabilities, it also offers the opportunity to date or make friends through chat, secure email and message boards.

Disabled Singles Dating offers the ability to browse online profiles to find other people with disabilities or those interested in dating people with disabilities in your area. Creating a profile is free, but to actually interact with other singles, you have to purchase a membership.

Whispers4U has been around since 2002, and touts the ability to help “differently abled” people find love and support in a safe environment. It offers free and paid memberships that come with access to different features such as video tutorials, instant messenger, database search, 24/7 support, virtual flirting and email. Plus, Whispers4U regularly checks for scammers and removes fraudulent profiles so real singles are better protected.

While you can use any dating site you choose, picking one designed specifically for those with disabilities can remove a lot of the initial fear that comes with sharing your situation. When you don’t have to worry about whether your disability will be accepted, you can focus on getting to know someone and, ultimately, have a better chance of finding what you’re looking for.

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5 Tips For Creating Your Best Online Dating Profile Ever #free #dating #website

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5 Tips For Creating Your Best Online Dating Profile Ever

Online dating can feel intimidating. The initial setup of your profile can sometimes make you feel pressured to make it perfect. But here’s a secret: there is no such thing as a perfect profile. No matter what you put out there on the Internet, you’ve just got to stay true to yourself. That authenticity will shine through when the right person reads it.

However, I get asked a lot what a “good” profile looks like, so I wanted to supply some tips today that may help you when you’re getting started.

1. Choose your best, most current photo.

Choosing a picture of yourself that shows you at your thinnest, youngest and in your prime can be tempting, but DON’T. Just as you expect prospective love interests to be completely honest with you, you want to do the same for them. Don’t false advertise. Find a current picture (within the last six months) that makes you feel confident and attractive, and go with that.

2. Tell your story, but not every detail.

There is a perfect balance between not writing enough on your dating profile and writing too much; finding the space in-between the two is where you want to be. A minimal description of who you are is just as much of a turn-off as writing a small novel about your life. You want to leave your browsers with a good idea of who you are and what you’re looking for, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Share a few good details, but save most of the particulars for an in-person date!

3. Don’t post too many extra pictures.

A few different angles of yourself, including a full-body picture, will do just fine. Try not to give too much away with pictures of friends, pets, family members, etc. Again, the idea is to show what you’re all about without giving away the best parts before you meet someone face-to-face.

4. Create it yourself.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to who think it’s better for their friend or family member to create their profile for them. No matter how well your friend may know you, it’s not your voice and it needs to be your voice. After all, you know your story best, and you know exactly how you’d like the rest of the online dating pool to see you.

5. Be confident and have fun with it.

Of course, this is the most important tip I can give you. Online dating shouldn’t be something you dread — it should be an exciting, happy, fun part of your day! Always remember to have a good time with it, no matter what.

In addition to being a world-renowned comedian, talk show host, philanthropist, husband and father, Steve Harvey is the Chief Love Officer of online dating site He draws on his personal experiences and the stories that millions of people have shared with him over the years to help more people find and keep the love they deserve.

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16 Online Dating Tips From Readers

PMChamp – Tips, Tricks, Resources for the PMP Exam #pmp #resources, #pmp, #pmi, #pmp #tips, #pmp #exam #prep, #project #management #professional, #project #management, #online #pmp #training


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Yet, you need the PMP certification to advance your career, get ahead in your profession, and demonstrate the credibility required to manage large scale projects!

However, like most people, you dread exams. And you may have heard stories of how so many people fail the PMP exam in their first attempt.

And tell me, who likes to fail an exam? NO ONE!

It is a big blow to the ego…. After all, you have been a successful for years, handling large and small projects, dealing with difficult customers, handling all kinds of issues, and you have delivered many complex projects successfully.

Still, a Fail in the PMP exam can be very surprising, and a nerve shattering experience

How To Succeed in the PMP Exam?

Fortunately, it is not so difficult to ace the PMP exam in your first attempt.

All you need is a simple, step-by-step, structured coaching program. that will guide you in your PMP Exam preparation, without overwhelming you, and help you in getting the PMP Certification quickly. with timely study tips, insights, and guidance to pass in the first attempt.

Introducing PMCHAMP Online Coaching Program:

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A structured program with 40 unique topics. Each topic contains several videos and download-able PDF files for you to learn and understand the concepts in detail.

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The program is delivered completely online: This means that you can begin your preparation anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection. You could be sipping a coffee at Starbucks while watching the PMChamp videos, or sitting at your cozy home, studying for the PMP exam. You do not have to take leave to attend day classes in a remote location.

Direct Access to PMChamp Coach: In this program, you have direct Access to your PMP Exam Prep Coach (that’s me). This means that you can send me any questions or issues as you begin to prepare for the PMP Exam.

Private, Member s Only Forum: We have setup a Private, Member’s only Forum, where you can ask any question, and network with fellow PMP aspirants at any time. I personally reply to your messages and answer your concerns.

Short, Byte-sized Videos: We have divided the exam preparation material into small chunks – so you can watch one module or video even if you have only 30 minutes to an hour to spare each day. This means that just an hour a day will get you started to your journey of attaining the PMP certification.

Daily Review Questions: To ensure that you have understood the concept, and can apply it in the PMP Exam questions, we will give you a mini test. You can then see the progress you are making, and identify areas for improvement.

3 Month Access to the Videos, Forum, Tips and Question PDFs: This means that you can watch the video one more time, or any number of times. This continued and repeated access to the study material makes it easier to understand complex topics, and get the point permanently etched in your mind.

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5 Tips for Online Dating for Single Christians #dating #and #single

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5 Tips for Online Dating for Single Christians

Monday, March 25, 2013 | Written by Jessica Harris

Pro: There are great people online (I have found them, know them, and am one of them).

Pro: For someone immersed in a career or ministry, online dating can open up opportunities that normally would not exist.

Pro: There is intention. There is no “Well, I plan on dating someone for six years while I finish my Star Wars collection (sorry, guys), master the art of cooking Ramen, and move out of my mom’s basement; then, maybe I will consider marriage.” For the most part, the people on dating sites want to be married—soon. It is the next goal in their lives.

However, for every good, godly guy online, there is a bad one. This brings us to the biggest con of online anything:

The bad guys lie.

Extremes on Both Ends

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says that 1 in 5 children are sexually solicited online. According to, 1 in 5 relationships begin online. Connecting with people online has two sides. It could be your worst nightmare or a dream come true. Choosing to date online means navigating a world full of predators, knuckleheads, and potential marriage partners. The problem is, you cannot tell the difference at first.

If we caution our teenagers, children, and young women to stay away from strangers they meet on line, does it then make sense to turn around and encourage them to do just that—meet strangers online?

I have seen both extremes. I have read the news stories of girls going missing after meeting up with men they met online. These men lied about their ages, their locations, and their intentions. Then, I have friends who met their husbands online. They met, married, and had children with stellar men of God that honestly made me step back and ask, “How were these guys still single!?”

Still, it is the Internet. Still, people lie. Still, men prey on seemingly desperate women in order to get what they want.

Is It Worthy the Risk?

There is no background check verifying all members of Site A are top-quality men (or women for that matter). I would consider myself a decent Christian woman who loves the Lord, so surely there could be decent Christian men on there as well, but not all of them are. There is always the slight minority that could end up killing me. So, is it worth the risk?

Not to be coy, but it depends on the risk you are taking. No parent would encourage a child to play in the street, but we do teach children how to walk across the street. What makes the difference? Intent, direction, and caution.

It is not that streets are bad, cars are evil, and every car is out to run them over. The fact is streets can be dangerous and cars can kill you. Being cautious can go a long way in preventing injury.

Tips for Online Dating

For those considering online dating, I have this advice to help curb some of the risk. Think of it as Stop, wait for the walk sign, look both ways, make eye contact with drivers, listen’ for the cyber street.

1. Pray. Do not (I repeat: do not) go into this in some Jonah-like attempt to wiggle your way out of where God has you right now. It is much easier to make unwise decisions when you are making them rashly. Get God involved on the ground level. If you do not have peace or, if at any point this becomes an obsession, stop.

2. Do Not Run Into Traffic. Look around you first. A friend of mine shared a story from one of her previous churches. The church had a significant singles ministry and many were involved in online dating. One of the men was matched repeatedly with his friends in the singles group. He would e-mail them, “Well, that was awkward.” Then, he would block the profile. If you are in a zone with potential for marriage, look there first before searching online.

3. Be Yourself. If you are seriously considering marriage, it makes no point to lie. Lying about your likes, interests, goals, and passions might seem like a nice way to ‘bait’ someone, but no one likes being tricked. So, yes, close the Photoshop. It is better to have no marriage at all than a shell of a relationship built on a sand bar of lies.

4. Do Not Be You. Yes, be yourself, but do not be you. Do not freely give away personal information. Limit the number of pictures you use. Use a screen name that you do not use elsewhere (IM, Facebook, bank account, etc). Guard your personal contact information carefully. It’s not paranoia; it’s intelligence.

5. Date Smarter. Drive separately. Meet in a public place. Go with a group if you are more comfortable with that. Tell people where you are going and what your plans are. Give them whatever information you have just in case. The reality is, you are meeting a stranger, and as much as you hope this stranger has been as truthful as you have been, there is always that chance they have not. Put yourself in an environment that discourages things like rape or abduction.

The Internet presents us with many dangers. It is wise to be cautious. For the most part, the risks of online dating are avoidable. With prayer, intent, direction, and caution, a person can avoid the dangers and reap the benefits of great friendships and, perhaps, one day, marriage.

Picture credit:

About the author, Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris is the founder of Beggar’s Daughter. a ministry dedicated to walking with women who have an addiction to pornography. Telling her own story of porn addiction and struggle with lust, Jessica seeks to help other women find hope, healing, and grace. Jessica shares resources and insights from her own journey on the Beggar’s Daughter blog and occasionally travels and speaks on the topic of female lust addiction and how churches can minister to women who struggle. She resides just outside of Washington DC where she works as a teacher and serves on the Biblical counseling team in her church. She is the author of Love Done Right: Devos – A Journey From Lust into the Love of God .

5 thoughts on 5 Tips for Online Dating for Single Christians

Speaking for single Christian men around the world June 1, 2016 at 6:39 pm

Do you realize your published blog here is actually creating alot of stereotype and fear for women? Maybe instead of suggesting there are so many bad apples try to be more positive in terms of giving hope that most men dont have the intentions you are suggesting. I have experienced first hand how hard it can be to break these stereotypes partly because of irrational comments you are writing about men, why dont you share the horror stories of crazy women? This article goes to show that you need to take everything you read online with a grain of salt. Please be more accountable with your public blogs, maybe even talk to a few guys before you write again.

Women absolutely need to understand the world as it really is today. As a counselor, I see far too many young Christian women who were naive and believed all the best of every guy met, and ended up in terrible, terrible situations.

Young women need to know the truth about what s out there so they can make good judgments when the time comes. All too often in Christian culture, young women are told to be sweet and submissive, when in today s world, they actually need to be wise and discerning as never before, with strong, healthy boundaries and the capacity to say no to any and all relationships that they don t want.

Peace to you, Kay

You make it seem like there are a lot of men out to get women?

I think the author is taking a pretty logical, reasonable view on the subject matter. She doesn t sound extreme to me. She s not saying, lock yourself in a room and rely on superstitions to get married. She is also pro-online dating (safely of course), if she were real extreme she wouldn t even accept the internet as a place to meet men. She is simply stating that wisdom is necessary in a world full of evil and, precautions must be taken if one is to date safely. Plus, marriage is supposed to be taken VERY seriously and, it s important then to know who you are getting involved with. So, I think she s reasonable and logical. That s all.

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Christian Dating Tips for Finding a Spiritually Compatible Partner #gay #dating #services

#christian dating advice


Christian Dating Tips for Finding a Spiritually Compatible Partner

One of the most important decisions every person will make is choosing a life partner, a spouse who will be reliable, responsible and, yes, romantic over the long haul. No pressure!

But there’s even more pressure for people devoted to their Christian faith who want a spouse equally devoted to his or her Christian faith. If you’ve dated much, you know it’s not easy finding someone like-minded, well-matched, and in sync with your spiritual beliefs.

Let’s say you’ve started dating someone new, and the two of you are compatible in almost every way. You like the same food, music, and movies. Your career goals complement each other’s, and you laugh at the same things. Everything looks positive.

Except for one thing: You and your partner have different spiritual beliefs. Uh-oh. Now what?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to that question, and there’s no blanket solution for every situation. But for many single Christians. matters of spirituality and religion are extremely important. Their beliefs help define who they are and how they live their lives.

If you are deeply spiritual and the person you’re dating has little or no spiritual interest, the two of you are bound to encounter a barrier that separates you. If you do, you will frequently experience frustration. Whether you are currently in a relationship or hope to be in the future, this is a critical issue to clarify for yourself. Let us present four tips to help you think through your own circumstances:

Christian dating tip #1: Make spiritual compatibility a top priority. Two thousand years before eHarmony identified 29 dimensions of compatibility, St. Paul wrote about this very same principle. He said, “Don’t become partners with those who reject God. How can you make a partnership out of right and wrong? That’s not partnership; that’s war” (2 Corinthians 6:14). For people of faith, those are bold, plain-spoken words to live by.

Christian dating tip #2: Be honest with yourself. For many people, religious beliefs shape what they value, the way they relate to others, and how they respond to life’s challenges. What people believe in can’t help but influence their goals—and limit what they are willing to do to reach them. In other words, spirituality is a signpost at all the most important crossroads in life. For instance, if you plan to start a family, consider that the arrival of children prompts a whole host of faith-based decisions: the traditions you will pass down, the rituals you will observe, the values you will instill. It is wise to have your eyes wide open to the implications of facing all of life’s ups and downs with a partner who may not share your deepest beliefs.

Christian dating tip #3: Establish your boundaries—and hold them. There isn’t a single set of criteria for what it takes to be “spiritually compatible .” For some it is enough to know their partner believes in God. Others may feel it is necessary to be with someone from the same faith, or even within the same denomination. It will help to know clearly where you stand on the subject, as you size up the potential of a new relationship. Ask yourself: To what degree must my partner and I share similar beliefs? How much room for differences I am comfortable with?

Christian dating tip #4: Don’t be afraid to use your veto power. If you honestly conclude that the spiritual distance between you and your partner is too great to overcome, then say so now. It’s possible that your Christian beliefs could influence the other person over time—but don’t count on it. Keeping your faith sometimes means having the courage to say no to a compromise you can’t stand behind in the long run.

The purpose of all faith is to live with wisdom, honesty, and grace. Apply those qualities to your search for a lasting relationship—and have the courage to honor your deeply held convictions.


How To Meet Gay Men – Tips on Meeting Gay Men #christian #personals

#meet men


Meet Other Gay Men

By Ramon Johnson. Gay Life Expert

Tired of holding up the wall? Make a bold move and go from a lusting lurker to a dating machine with these tips on how to meet gay men:

Get out and meet people.

Gay men don t live in bars (well, most don t). There is queer opportunity in every place- if you re aware of your surroundings. Keep your eyes open for flirtatious looks, comments or gestures at the grocery store, laundry mat or book shop. Dating prospects are everywhere.

Continue Reading Below

Look for opportunity.

Once you ve identified your prospect, look for your window of opportunity. Need help fine tuning your preying skills? Watch a couple of hours of Discovery Channel and see how the patient tiger cruises the jungle before a kill.

In most cases (especially if alone ), your prospect will do or say something that gives you the opportunity to strike up a conversation. Lurk in the frozen food aisle until he turns the corner. Then ask if frozen peas are better than canned.

Or get in line behind him and laugh at the ridiculous magazine covers. Anything to get his attention and start a dialogue. I m not suggesting you stalk the man or follow him home, only that you position yourself for optimal opportunity.

Keep the momentum going.

Most gay novices don t fail at the approach, it s the continuation of dialogue that throws them for a loop. If he laughs at a comment you make and then turns around, make another one. Keep the dialogue going. Don t lose the opportunity. If the tiger misses his target on the first strike, he doesn t just say Oh, well. He continues the hunt until he gets what he wants.

Continue Reading Below

If the guy is truly not interested in you, he ll say something.

When your window of opportunity closes, seal the deal by asking him for his phone number or out for coffee. If you feel comfortable, give him your number. Let him know that you re interested in talking to him further. As they say in sales, never be afraid to ask for the sale.

Get more dating advice.

Dating Tips For Christian Men #singles #dating #sites #free

#christian dating advice


If you have grown up in a Christian home that believes in the Holy Bible, then most certainly, you have limited yourself to chaperoned dating until the age of 21. If you are truly saved, it is not until your 21st birthday, that the thought of dating someone without adult supervision would even enter your mind.

These tips are for Christian men, age 21 or older. If you are truly saved, you are looking for a woman who will serve you and who loves the Lord as much as you do. You are looking for a woman who has kept herself pure for her future husband and for the Lord Jesus Christ. You are looking for a woman who knows how to cook and sew, a woman who can keep house. You are looking for a woman who will not squander your income or lean toward gossip. You are looking for a woman who will submit and obey, for there is no other way for a marriage to honor God without following the strict Biblical principles that God has laid out for us in the Bible.

If you have found such a creature and she is not bobbed of hair, nor wont for excess in make-up or lewd attire, then you must prepare yourself for a first date. Here are a few tips to get you prepared for your first date.


Head lice are very common among Christian men, especially Pentecostals. Although it is a normal and natural blessing from God to have head lice, you should certainly wash your hair before your date if only for the reason to avoid the temptation of putting your arm around the young lady while lifting to scratch your head.

Spend the day before your date with at least 6-hours of solitary prayer in a prayer-closet or a confined area. Ask the Lord to guide your words and actions. Ask Jesus to help you control your lust and pray that you will have a nightly emission before the date, thus making it easier for your carnal mind to operate on a level that is strictly spiritual. Do not masturbate in your prayer-closet unless you are thinking about Jesus. Click here for more detailed spiritual guidance on masturbation.

Visit a jewelry store and purchase a diamond ring. For the Christian man, every date is a potential mate. If she is the right gal, you will want to pop the question as soon as possible. It is always handy to have the engagement ring available.

When you are on the date, use awkward moments of silence to quote scripture, or sing a favorite hymn. All women are impressed with such things. If she is not woo’d by this, it is a sign that she might be possessed by a demon. Take her to your church and drop her off by the back gate with a note to the pastor taped to her forehead. Be sure to secure her to a tree or post using chains or rope so that she won’t get away during the night.

Wear Christian cologne. The only Christian cologne available is “Betty Bowers’ The Essence Of Christian Men.” If you do not have any Christian cologne, rub your face in a Bible until you smell like the pages.

The best place for a first date is church. Oh, how impressed your sweetheart will be when she finds out you are taking her to Sunday evening services! Then, a romantic dinner at Denny’s!

Use the time at the restaurant to find out if your sweetheart is really saved. Question her salvation at least 15 times. Make sure she knows the exact day and hour (and preferably the exact minute) she met Jesus.

If you have not had a nightly emission before your date, make certain that you take extra precaution. Use an ace bandage or knitting yarn to tie your penis back against your stomach or underneath your hiney. If you tuck instead of tie, make sure that the tip of your penis does not curl back far enough to enter the hole in your hiney where you go poopy out of – otherwise you might accidentally sodomize yourself and inadvertently become a homosexual.

Some Christian phrases that will help you “woo” the lesser sex are, “I’m almost as crazy about you as I am about Jesus,” “Your long hair is the glory of your humility (I Corinthians 11: 11-15),” and “God broke the mold when he made your sweet face.”

If the bandage work on your penis fails in the slightest bit, excuse yourself for the men’s room and re-adjust the harnessing.

Make certain that there is no personal contact (PC) on this first date. Even if she has said “yes” to marriage, it is highly recommended that you refrain from even holding hands for at least two years until the courtship is over and you are whisked away on your honeymoon!

Follow these dating tips for Christian men and you are sure to find a life partner that is suitable, submissive, and steadfast.

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These tips might just get you an incredible spouse.

1. Don t Date Just To Date

Although dating can be seen as harmless and fun, dating for the sake of dating can really screw with someone s head. Not only is it unfair to the individuals you are seeing, but it s also unfair to yourself. Don t purposely put yourself into situations that will only mess with your emotions. There is a maturity and responsibility that comes along with the action of dating, and if your only reason for dating is just because, I would really encourage you to take a step back and not move forward in your pursuit. The motives of your heart play a big role in your dating life and will continue to play a role in any future relationship. Evaluate your motives.

2. You re Allowed To Have High Standards

Your standards need to be somewhat obtainable, but don t let anyone tell you that your standards are too high. The reality is that you re looking for the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, so inevitably you have every right to be as picky as you want to be. Don t settle for something mediocre when God has something exceptional for you.

3. Purity Paves The Way To Intimacy

I m not gonna go ultra-conservative on you and claim sex before marriage leads to death, but I will say the wait is worth it. Not only does purity show a sense of respect and honor to one another, but it will also show the depth in which your relationship with God stands. God intended sex to be for marriage, and as a follower of Christ it s our duty to protect this sacred gift. The world around us has turned sexual activity into a recreational sport, when in fact God intended it to be a spiritual joining of two people. Don t let the world poison your view on sex. God intended it for more.

4. Prayer Is The Key

This tip speaks for itself. And although it might be a no-brainer to most of you, you d be surprised to know how many people leave prayer and fasting out of their dating lives. When it comes to Christian dating, any relationship that hasn t been prayerfully considered is a relationship I d re-consider. I m not saying you can t find a wonderful person without praying, but why would you want to ignore the opportunity to seek wisdom and guidance from the creator of the universe? Don t make sense to me. Spend time in conversation with God, and allow him to guide you towards someone he sees fit. There is no such thing as a prayer-less Godly relationship.

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