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FCM Travel Solutions

Best corporate travel agency Best corporate travel agency

Transforming the business of corporate travel

Best corporate travel agency Best corporate travel agency

FCM s global business spans more than 90 countries around the world

Best corporate travel agency Best corporate travel agency

FCM embraces both advanced and emerging technologies to deliver the best travel solutions

Best corporate travel agency Best corporate travel agency

Making a difference to your business travel

Best corporate travel agency

FCM named World’s Leading Travel Management Company

FCM has been regularly recognized as the Leading Travel Management Company across most areas of the company’s regional network.

Best corporate travel agency

Your business travel partner all over the world

FCM’s network now covers more than 90 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Best corporate travel agency

Online Solutions

FCM Online offers a range of solutions that can be customized to suit the individual needs of your company.

Best corporate travel agency


Greater benefits, increased productivity and more value for your dollar with SmartSTAY

Best corporate travel agency


Complimentary benefits and inclusions to deliver more value for your car-hire and ground transportation spend

Best corporate travel agency

Reporting solutions

Exceptional data capabilities for procurement, consolidation, quality control and output, FCM ensures you have the critical intelligence to identify every possible travel saving.

Best corporate travel agency

Duty of care

FCM Secure provides a unique combination of service, support, technology and intelligence to help your business customize a travel risk management program.

Best corporate travel agency

Mobile solutions

Sam :] provides access to itinerary details, online check-in, and offers intelligent travel notifications.

Latest News

Best corporate travel agency

Flight Centre Travel Group Impressive Acquisition Trail

FCM’s parent company, Flight Centre Travel Group has announced an impressive acquisition trail of six travel businesses around the globe in under 6 weeks. The acquisitions strengthen Flight Centre’s.

Best corporate travel agency

The Buyers Guide To Exhibitions: Why Attend?

The Business Travel industry has an annually increasing volume of procurement/supplier centric and educational events for buyers and travel managers alike to attend throughout the year, ranging from.

Best corporate travel agency

Air Berlin files for insolvency

Air Berlin, Germany’s second-largest carrier, filed for insolvency on Tuesday after its main shareholder Etihad withdrew funding following years of losses and declared it would not be providing.

Best corporate travel agency

Managing travel disruptions during the eclipse with iJet

For a few brief minutes on Aug. 21, day will turn into night in 12 states in the continental US during a rare total solar eclipse. During this time, the earth’s moon will perfectly align with the sun.

About FCM

FCM Travel Solutions is one of the world’s leading corporate travel management providers. Our objective is simple: to provide you with better travel ideas for greater savings.

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Amadeus Help Desk Services

Amadeus Help Desk Service is dedicated in providing support to customers.

Amadeus e-Support Centre

The Amadeus e-Support Centre is an online support solution specifically developed for Travel Agencies. It keeps your Travel Agency up to speed with secure 24/7 access to a wide range of support information. Ensuring assistance in problem resolution, the Amadeus e-Support Centre helps your Travel Agency to make the most out of Amadeus reservation systems.

Browser-based knowledge search

The knowledge base contains a wide range of help and support information that you can capture at any time. Find an answer to queries through easy access to knowledge solutions using the latest information such as error messages, ‘how to’ procedures and guidelines. What about the search? The access to these solutions is facilitated by effective search methods such as matching keywords, area browsers, and step-by-step diagnostics.

Why not open and save your favourite support solutions in a PDF-format, allowing you to store them offline, send to a friend or print as required. Keyword highlighting allows you to easily see on the screen the keywords you have searched for and also their synonyms, making it quicker for you to find what you are looking for.

Simplify your support experience

You can access the Amadeus e-Support Centre easily via a click on the Smart Tab in Amadeus Selling Platform. If you have previously registered yourself as an Amadeus e-Support Centre user you will be directed from Amadeus Selling Platform straight to the homepage without having to login – no need to remember a username and password! If you haven’t previously registered you will be presented with a simple and instant self-registration form which you will only need to fill in once.

Amadeus Help Desk Service is dedicated in providing support to customers

  • First level help desk support
  • Highly qualified support professionals
  • Internal procedures processes in place resulting to..
  • Quick. Effective problem resolution
  • First Contact Resolution – 80% of problems resolved on first call ( Reservations Ticketing Functionality related)
  • Customised service to different type of accounts

Services offered by the help desk

  • Functional Support
  • Fares Support
  • Ticketing Support
  • Phone Training
  • PNR consultancy services
  • Priority in handling AIR/CAR/HTL Norecs
  • Online hardware troubleshooting
  • PNR analysis problem identification
  • System Enhancement Advisory (SEA)
  • Security setting management
  • Priority in problem escalation (if technical support needed)
  • PNR servicing
  • On site helpdesk support
  • Fast update of ticket quota CIP table
  • Call logging tools

Monday to Friday: 0830 – 1830H
Saturday: 0900 – 1300H

Helpdesk Number: +63 2 581 9930
Fax Number: +63 2 857 7198

Queue Address: QE/MNL1A0980/97

Amadeus e-Support Centre Sales Sheet

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David F. Cowan. M.D.

Dr. Cowan practices Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and is Board Certified in both specialists. As such, he brings exceptional training and experience to Orlando Family Doctor, Family Medicine Services for all age groups from newborn to Medicare since 1984.

He graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine and served internships and residencies at USF and UF. Dr. Cowan has served in numerous leadership roles in medical groups and at the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. He volunteers at local clinic’s for the indigent.

He enjoys golf, flying and family time.

Allison Barnes. M.D.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Barnes is a native of the Southwest. She moved to Oklahoma, graduating high school from the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics. She received her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering with high honors from the University of Oklahoma. After working briefly as an engineer in Washington, D.C. she decided to enter medical school and graduated in 2008 from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

Dr. Barnes completed her internship in Pediatrics, and loves seeing children learn and grow. It was here where the concept of the Patient Centered Medical Home began to emerge as the model for the care she provided. With an emphasis in coordinated, accessible, preventive care where the patient is a member of the medical team, this model has consistently demonstrated both improved patient satisfaction and health outcomes. She trained in ophthalmology at the University of Texas in Houston, but decided to focus on preventive family care. While working as a physician, she earned her Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in Policy and Management. Her interests are in preventive medicine, community health, and accountable care.

Teri Stapleton. M.D.

Dr. Stapleton was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of North Florida in 2002. Dr. Stapleton graduated from Ross University School of Medicine in 2008. She completed her Family Medicine residency at Southwest Georgia Family Medicine Residency in Albany, Georgia in 2012. Dr. Stapleton moved to Kissimmee, Florida and began practicing medicine in September 2012. She and her husband had their first child, a little boy, in March 2016. They enjoy going to the Disney parks and cruising. Dr. Stapleton joined Primary Care Specialists in September 2016. She feels that for optimum health, the patient and health care provider need to work as a team. Dr. Stapleton looks forward to partnering in your care and providing you with the best health care she possibly can.

Carl L. Sellers. MS, PS-C.

Carl was born in Nashville, Tennessee where he lived the first ten years of his life. From an early age, Carl was bright and an extremely inquisitive young man. A trait that would serve him well all his life. He always wanted to know everything about the things around him and in the world as he saw it. Carl graduated in 1985 from KCMA with an Associates Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.

Carl would then go on to receive a Bachelors Degree in Biology at The University of Dayton Ohio in 1987 and in 1990 got a Master of Science Degree in Microbiology and Immunology. He then became full-time facility at KCMA ultimately achieving Assistant Professor status before deciding to become a Physicians Assistant, completing that training in 1997.

He has been working with Dr. David F. Cowan at Primary Care Specialists since June of 2006. Before that, he worked with several Osteopaths and has been trained on Osteopathic Manipulation and has considerable experience in Sports Medicine and Family Practice.

His hobbies include sports and building computers.

Carl believes the quality of care and compassion ALL patients should receive is paramount. He listens to his patients takes the time to provide 100% attention to Detail and Excellence in Health Care for all his patients everyday!

Paul H. Hutschenreuter

Paul H. Hutschenreuter. PA-C.

Paul Hutschenreuter was born in LaCrosse Wisconsin and enjoyed working on the family farm. He moved to Michigan for Undergraduate Education and finished his Medical Education at Kettering College of Medical Arts in Dayton, Ohio.

He has been practicing Medicine as a Physician Assistant for the past fifteen years and has experience in Family Practice, Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.

His hobbies include football, cycling, golfing, playing the guitar and four wheeling.

Orlando Family Doctor

Thank you for choosing and recommending Orlando Family Doctor . David F. Cowan MD and all the staff at Primary Care Specialists Of Orlando, LLC.

Competence, Compassion, and Dedication to Excellence.

Orlando Family Doctor

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Mathura, Uttar Pradesh #travel #to #mathura, #how #to #reach #mathura, #travel #destinations #of #mathura.




Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna, is located in Uttar Pradesh on the west of the river Yamuna. Besides being a Hindu pilgrimage, this north-Indian city is the centre for administration of the Mathura District. Mathura encompasses a total area of 3,800 sq. km. Mathura is popularly known as the “Brajbhoomi”, the sacred land of Lord Krishna. The city lies 145 km to the south east of Delhi and 58 km to the north west of Agra, Uttar pradesh. Mathura attracts many tourists and pilgrims through out the year. Every nook and corner of the city reverberates with the music of flute that was played by Lord Krishna in his youth. Mathura has many legendary and historical stories attached to it which makes the place all the more special.


The city of Mathura has a rich history. According to the historians, the place was ruled by the Solar and Lunar dynasties. In the traditional times, Mathura was an important point of cultural civilization. The city reflects a combined culture of India, Indo- Scythian and Hellenistic traditions. The Mathura School of Art is one of the important school that was famous for its own style and creativity.

Places of Tourist Interest

Mathura is a famous tourist destination that takes the tourists far away from the materialistic world to the world of faith and devotion. Some of the important places of tourist interests are:

  • Shri Krishana Janma Bhoomi- This sacred place is thronged by tourists from all religions all through the year
  • Vishram Ghat- This is the place where Lord Krishna took rest after killing his maternal uncle, Kansa
  • Gita Mandir- This temple represents the creativity of Mathura School of Art
  • Dwarkadheesh Temple- This Temple is the main center of attraction
  • Government Museum- The museum has the rare collection of artifacts of the Gupta and the Kushan period

Love and devotion rules the city of Mathura which gives the place a colorful and vibrant look.

Travel to Mathura

Mathura, the place of Krishna devotees, houses a number of temples, ghats and ancient Kunds, which depicts the diverse episodes of Lord Krishna’s life. The spectacular view of the daily evening aarti and oil lamps floating over Yamuna is something one need not miss while staying in Mathura. The tourist attractions reflecting the religious importance of Mathura are:

  • Krishnajanmabhoomi
  • Dwarikadheesh Temple
  • Jai Gurudev Ashram
  • Durvasa Rishi Ashram
  • Vishram Ghat (Mathura’s main ghat)
  • Kans Tila
  • Bhooteshwar Mahadev Mandir
  • Rangeshwar Mahadev Mandir

Besides these, some of the famous Krishna festivals are held in Mathura with great joy and enthusiasm. The most popular among them is the Krishna Janmashtami held in August or September depending upon the yearly calendar. The other festivals in Mathura include:

  • Holi in March-April
  • Latha Mar Holi in March-April
  • Radhaastami in September
  • Yam Dwitiya in October-November

Some of the other festivals include:

  • Nandotsav
  • Akshaya Tritiya
  • Ram Navami
  • Ful Dol
  • Devi Sita Appearance

How to reach Mathura

Mathura, being one of the seven holiest Hindu cities in India, is well-connected to all the neighboring and other metropolitan cities. The city is directly connected to the different national locations by road and railways.

By Road
Mathura is inter-linked to other districts of Uttar Pradesh by its state transport service. Proximity to several National Highways and Yamuna Expressway keeps the place connected to the different Indian cities. National Highways connecting Mathura to other cities are:

  • NH 3 connects to Mumbai
  • NH 11 connects to Ajmer
  • NH 93 connects to Moradabad (Agra)

Besides this, the state transport system from the nearby states like Rajasthan, Chandigrah, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana serves Mathura. Apart from the 120 buses run from the Mathura bus depot, numerous direct buses are run to Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Udaipur, Jaipur, Lucknow, Delhi, Kanpur, Haridwar, Meerut etc. Intercity bus facility has been made available by JnNurm. Private taxi services are even available there.

By Rail
Mathura, with its four railway stations, smoothly connects to the rest of the state and country by railways. Mathura Junction is the busiest railway station there, which connects the place to the north, south and western India. Local trains for Agra, Alwar and Delhi are available from Bhooteshwar station. Mathura Cantt. serves the eastern Uttar Pradesh whereas, Krishnajanmabhoomi station connects Mathura to Vrindavan. Trains plying in from the city are:

  • Bhopal Shatabdi
  • Grand Trunk Express
  • Jhelum Express
  • Karnataka Express
  • Punjab Mail

By Air
Though Mathura does not have its own airport yet but is connected to the major Indian cities by the Delhi International Airport. Located at 147 km drive from Mathura, it is the nearest airport to the city. It takes around 9 hrs to reach Mathura by road from this airport. Mathura’s own airport, which is presently under construction, will soon start operating.

Last Updated on. July 04, 2013

The straight A student who dropped out of university – BBC News #student #travel #blogs


BBC Trending

Billy Willson received a 4.0 grade point average, the equivalent to straight As, for his first semester at Kansas State University. He decided that it would also be his last.

In a strongly worded Facebook post, Willson uploaded a photograph of himself standing outside the university’s sign, holding his middle finger up to it. In the accompanying text he wrote:

“YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED. You may not see it today or tomorrow, but you will see it some day,” he wrote.

“You are being put thousands into debt to learn things you will never even use. Wasting 4 years of your life to be stuck at a paycheck that grows slower than the rate of inflation. Paying $200 for a $6 textbook.”

Image copyright Billy Willson Image caption Billy and his girlfriend Brittany Quinn at a Kansas State University football game

His post, which has been shared more than 10,000 times in little more than a fortnight and has provoked a vigorous debate in the comments, appears to have struck a chord with other young adults who are wondering if pursuing higher education is worth the time and money.

Willson, who was on an Architectural Engineering undergraduate course told BBC Trending that the “cost of inflation is relatively small compared to the cost of college over the last 30 or so years. I mean, it really is ridiculous how the cost of college has gone up.”

He’s backed up by data. According to the US Department of Education the average annual increase in college tuition in the United States, between 1980-2014, grew by nearly 260% compared to the nearly 120% increase in all consumer items.

In 1980, the average cost of tuition, room and board, and fees for a four-year course was over $9,000. That cost now is more than $23,000 for state colleges. If you want to go private it’s more than $30,000.

Image copyright Getty Images

A similar hike in tuition fees has also been seen in England. In 2012, the government backed initiatives from some universities to charge more than the £9,000 tuition fee limit.

In the post Willson also cited higher education debt as a reason to leave university and enter the work place. Students in the United States are estimated to be in around over $1.2 trillion of loan debt with 7 million borrowers in default.

Willson says that when he first told his parents that he was leaving university, they were “very upset” but are now supportive of his decision. So were dozens of others of people who commented on Facebook.

Trey Foshee wrote: “Years and money wasted. Very much agree. I have two degrees that I would sell back right now if they’d let me.”

Others, like Blair Brown, agreed with Willson also pointed out that some professions do require a university degree.

“Being an engineer, scientist, or computer technician could be learned rather quickly through apprenticeships, independent study, and hands-on experience. Human nature is to learn by doing, not learning to do. As for more professional careers such as medical doctors and lawyers, university study is admittedly necessary,” Brown commented.

Not everyone was supportive however, a comment on The Collegian. Kansas State’s student newspaper accused Willson of adding to stereotypes about his generation:

“First of all, thanks for continuing to destroy the millennial reputation with your entitled, everything-should-be-easy, get-me-rich-fast mentality. You have completely just destroyed your reputation. When you fall hard and fast. you are going to need a real, big kid job and guess what? Something called Google exists and even my grandma can dig up dirt on you.”

Willson, who told Trending that he is currently employed for a trade show sales team and his employers did Google him and they saw the funny side. He adds that he hopes enough work experience will allow him to be employed by an architectural engineering team in the future.

He doesn’t think university will play any part in that future.

“They would have to make a massive change to the system before I would consider that and I don’t think they’ll do that while I’m still young enough to want to go”

Image copyright Getty Images

A shocking, graphic video showing torture and racial abuse led far-right activists to link the perpetrators to the Black Lives Matter movement. READ MORE

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Single Friends who love travel, food quirky activities

Single Friends who love travel, food quirky activities

Welcome to London’s largest Singles Meetup Group.
We have hosted over 2,000 events, and have a fabulous community of gorgeous singles who are all warm and friendly.
The key to happiness is new experiences and sharing them with new friends. As a group we feel that the best way t

Welcome to London’s largest Singles Meetup Group.

We have hosted over 2,000 events, and have a fabulous community of gorgeous singles who are all warm and friendly.

The key to happiness is new experiences and sharing them with new friends. As a group we feel that the best way to meet your life partner is to share a common interest and build a strong friendship by seeing each other regularly at our events.

We host many different styles of events so that you take part in various hobbies with likeminded people, and who knows, you may even have that special spark with one of them. The best part is being able to see people again and again at our events, so that relationships form naturally.

One of the things I’ve noticed is what makes our events different is when you walk into a room, everyone is smiles at those entering the room and keen to chat to everyone. The host is always on hand to make introductions, if you need one or two.

Type of events we host:

Unique experiences and casual get togethers, to help you meet people that have the same interest. Theatre, coffee, drinks, walks, days out. there’s something for everyone and variety means that you can come to different events, and usually see the same people.

Our experiences will not only help you make new friends, but help you form bonds and memories that last a life time.

We look forward to welcoming into our family!

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Volvo Car Insurance

Volvo is a Swedish multinational manufacturing company which came into existence in the year 1915 however it rolled it out first car in the year 1927. The Volvo group’s core activity included production, and sales of trucks, buses and machinery equipment. Volvo Cars is a separate entity since it was sold off in 1999. The company has its head quarters at Gothenburg and produces wide variety of luxury cars. It manufactures models ranging from SUVs, station wagons and luxury sedans. In India, Volvo has its head quarters in Gurgaon with its first dealership in Chandigarh. The company now has offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Pune as well.

Cars in the Indian market

  • VOLVO V40: Volvo V40 hatchback has total length measuring at 4369mm and a width stretching about 1857mm (excluding the outside mirrors). Its overall height stands at 1420mm, which is quite low. This vehicle has a very long wheelbase of 2647mm.
  • VOLVO S60: The car is available in two fuel options with three engine configurations. Volvo S60 is a Sweden made compact car of executive edition and has been selling in the market since 2000.
  • VOLVO V40 CROSS COUNTRY: Volvo V40 Cross country is a luxury car with compactness of a hatch and comfort of a sedan. It was launched in India in April 2015. The car is available in Raw Copper metallic, Black sapphire, passion red, electric silver metallic, misty blue and crystal white pearl color variants.

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You can easily end up overspending on your vacation. Taking a break and going on a vacation is all about fun. You don’t want to think about money and spending at this juncture. This can lead to an empty wallet or a huge debt when you return back from your trip. If not checked, you can easily bust your budget, especially when it comes to finding the right hotel. So, in case you are planning your next trip and don’t want to repeat the mistakes, just go through these tips and plan a stress-free holiday. Plan a budget, stick to it First of all, see how much you can spend on the hotels. Look out for the things you expect from the hotel like comfort, room size, extras, etc. If you are not the kind of the person who spends more time in the room, better don’t spend much on them. Again, dining at expensive restaurants, going for different activities and others are on your wish list then better make sure to spend less on hotel rooms. Be time flexible It is recommended to travel during the off-season or shoulder season. Shoulder season can be best as you will be able to enjoy lesser charges during the favourable weather conditions. If you are lucky, you will be able to grab 50% discount on your rooms. Again the best thing about the off-season is that you can enjoy the attractions on your pace without dealing with the crowd. Hotels are costlier during the weekends, so if you can manage to stay mid-week you will be able to make a good deal. Get the right location Staying at the heart of a tourist spot means you will end up paying twice or more for your rooms compared to the ones miles away from the location. So it would be better to search for hotels a bit far from the place. You can make use of hotel search provider sites like and easily grab discount codes from DelslandsUKto enjoy discounts. Still, you need to be sure about the transportation charges from your hotel to attractions to make sure you are still on budget. Book the same hotel from your previous vacation Staying at the same hotel or the ones from the same hotel chain will make you acquainted with the managers and the staff. They will even provide you with a better deal this time to encourage your booking. So next time when you visit a hotel again just let them know that you are a returning customer as it can definitely get you a better deal. Find a package When you book a holiday package you will be able to save hundreds of pounds on your flight, hotels, car rentals and other services. Some even have reward system which will help you gain some points for your next booking. Find an alternative ² If you are very low on your budget then you can better go for cheap hostel options. ² If you are looking for some adventure then you can better go camping. A number of camping grounds provide basic amenities like pools, showers, etc. for a fraction of the cost. ² In case you want to stay at the place for a long time, then it would be better to rent a vacation home. You can easily find a furnished home with fully-functional kitchen. This will eventually save your money on food too. ² House swapping is another option if you are looking for a free accommodation. You can easily find such homes on a number of websites. Check out the amenities Always check the facilities you get when you book a room at the hotel. Many of the hotels provide a complmentary breakfast which saves you the money ion your breakfast and coffee. Some even provide shuttle services or a free day at the spa or even some complimentary drinks at the bar. So look out for the options that fit your needs. Look for hidden charges Many of the hotels charge the customers for even the smallest thing they add to their booking. It can be anything like a bottle of water in your room, car parking, internet, phones, etc. So make sure you are not charged before you use them. Call the hotel directly If you happen to find a better offer on the internet then you can call the hotel directly and talk to the person for a special deal. Most of the time it works and people manage to find one. Final world Many a time it may feel like hectic to plan a trip, but right planning beforehand will pay off in the end. Do proper research and be flexible about your hotel booking and facilities. Using right deals and discounts along with your planning strategy will reward you for sure. So next time when you plan out your vacation, just keep these above things in mind.

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Spain is one of the most beautiful places in Southern Europe, which always welcomes with hot air, perfect beaches, friendly people, siestas and amazing architecture. However, if you really want to capture the essence of this country and if you do dream of visiting Spain to get inspired, it might get difficult to plan your trip there. Simply because this country is so full of amazing things! Today you are lucky. Bellow we are going to share a short list of just four places in Spain which you just have to visit if you travel there. Moreover, no matter if you are traveling alone or with a family, all of these destinations are just perfect and full of memories you will never forget. 1. Cordoba’s Cathedral. It might be that some kids or adults don’t like to visit churches, and that is totally understandable, but this place is special. You will feel like you are walking in one of One Thousand and One Nights tales and the maze at the same time. It is truly impressive, and it also perfectly captures Cordoba’s history. Fun fact: knew it or not, but hundreds of years ago, in this exact place, the largest in Europe and one of the worlds’ biggest mosques used to stand, which later was turned into a Christian cathedral we can observe today. 2. The Alhambra (Granada). This is – one of the ancient Spanish miracles, but to really see it, you should spend a whole day here. However, we must warn you, that it is difficult to get into the Alhambra because during the day only a limited number of people are allowed in here. So it is recommended to book tickets online far in advance, or to get here at 6 AM in the morning and try to get a ticket there. Alhambra is a massive Moorish palace complex, which was continually being built and expanded until it finally reached its today’s size and became huge. If you don’t want to stand in huge crowds waiting for tickets, you can walk through the oldest part of the palace and gardens without a ticket, while tickets will take you to the most beautiful art inside of the palace and gardens surrounding it. 3. Juzcar AKA the Smurf village. If you ever got a chance to see the movie “The Smurfs,” or your kids just love these amazing and cute characters, you just have to visit Juzcar, because this film was shot in this Spanish town. In fact, the filmmakers asked to paint the entire village in blue on the condition that later they will remove it and paint the settlement in their desired color. After filming ended, the city was flooded with tourists and the government decided to leave all the buildings in blue. So now, this small village is a real Mecca for all Smurf fans. Here you can get all kinds of Smurf merchandise: Smurfs statues, Smurf figurines, Smurf images, Smurf blue hats, classes, or even blue lemonade. To be fair, if you want to come to this village, you will have to use serpentine, so plan your time, because you might stay without entertainment! 4. The town with rocky walls – Setenil de las Bodegas. You can be sure of one thing here – your children will be breathless once they see this city. And adults will open up their jaws too as soon as they see how the mountain is used as a roof or a wall, or as a tiny white Spanish house is naturally enclosed between two huge rocks. The tour here won’t be long – just one hour will be enough unless you will want to walk around and enjoy numerous souvenir shops and cafés for tourists. The article was created in collaboration with the best hotel booking reservation experts – Travel Ticker!

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Taj Mahal – World Heritage Site – National Geographic #taj #mahal, #world #heritage #site, #facts, #photos, #india, #national #geographic, #world #heritage #sites, #travel, #architecture, #castles, #tāj #mahal


Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is widely considered one of the most beautiful buildings ever created. The exquisite marble structure in Agra, India, is a mausoleum, an enduring monument to the love of a husband for his favorite wife. It’s also an eternal testament to the artistic and scientific accomplishments of a wealthy empire.

Shah Jahan, “the King of the World,” took control of the Mughal Empire throne in 1628 very much in love with the queen he dubbed Mumtaz Mahal or “Chosen One of the Palace.” The poets at Agra’s Mughal court said her beauty was such that the moon hid its face in shame before her.

The Mughals were at the peak of their power and wealth during Shah Jahan’s reign, and India’s rich lode of precious gems yielded him much wealth and power. But he was powerless to stop Mumtaz Mahal’s death during childbirth in 1631. Legend has it that she bound him with a deathbed promise to build her the most beautiful tomb ever known.

Promise or no, Shah Jahan poured his passion and wealth into the creation of just such a monument. It is said that 20,000 stone carvers, masons, and artists from across India and as far as Turkey and Iraq were employed under a team of architects to build the Taj Mahal in the lush gardens on the banks of Agra’s Jamuna River. They completed the epic task between 1631 and 1648.

While the arch-and-dome profile of clean white marble has become iconic, other beauties lie in the Taj Mahal’s painstaking details: inlaid semiprecious stones and carvings and Koranic verse in calligraphy create an enchanting interior space where Shah Jahan came to visit his wife’s remains before he was eventually interred at her side.

The Taj Mahal’s familiar marble domes are framed by four minarets from which Muslims are called to prayer. Each is designed with a slight outward lean, presumably to protect the main mausoleum in case one of them should collapse.

Two red sandstone buildings also flank the main mausoleum on either side. One, to the west, is a mosque. The other is a former guesthouse.

These buildings are set within lush gardens, complete with an enormous reflecting pool that regularly does what no human has ever been able to accomplish—duplicate the beauty of the Taj Mahal.

Shah Jahan himself gazed upon that beautiful image until the end of his days—but as a prisoner, not a ruler. His son Aurangzeb seized the Mughal throne and imprisoned his father in Agra’s Red Fort (itself a World Heritage site and popular tourist attraction). Whether as consolation or torture, Shah Jahan commanded a view of the Taj Mahal from his window.

How to Get There

Agra is a major city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and well accustomed to visitors—some three million people visit the Taj Mahal each year. The city is accessible by bus, train, and (limited) air service and has a wide range of tourist amenities. Access to the Taj Mahal complex is on foot.

The Taj Mahal is a year-round attraction and often busy, though new ticketing systems have thinned crowds at peak times. Visitors in search of more solitude might try coming early or late in the day. One time NOT to visit is on Friday, when the Taj Mahal is closed.

The mausoleum’s interior is a striking (if smallish) space that begs some leisurely exploration. But a good part of any visit to the Taj Mahal will be spent looking at the building from the outside. The mausoleum’s clean white marble shifts in color and tone to match the mood of the world outside—a transformation so enchanting that it’s worth lingering to gaze at the building in different conditions, such as the rosy glow of dawn or the magical light of a full moon.